Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 30, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1952
Page 2
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Saturday, Aufjtnr M, INI Church News National Council Issues Labor Sunday Message 24 Countries Represented At Lutheran World Meeting The recent meeting of the Luth- , phemous. It attumet for itself the Griggs Resigns ' New York -- An all-out effort alleviate the suffering of pov itrlcken people throughou world was waled today by the ional Council of the Churches in the U. S. A., in its an- riual 11)52 Labor Sunday Message .The message will be read In hun- .dfedi of churches throughout the 'ration on t,abor Sunday, tomor- or September 7. purpose is to help break ttie bond* of poverty that bind populations In many parts of the world," the message stated, "and five them an Incentive for a life in which they will be free from a never ending struggle for exist- ·.once and have tome leisure for Education and the development of * culture fully utilizing the values oTthelr heritage. '·For many years the churches lelvet, Thc Notional Council of Churchta Is ready to Join with the labor movement and other groups in a continuing effort to aid thc poverty-stricken to shed the burden of poverty." "We are gratified that Americtn I cran. World Federation at Han nover, Germany, wat according to a recent report, a tlgnificanl testimonial of Lutheran strenfth. Fifty-one million members of "Protestant Christianity's largest denomination" (Time, Augutt 11, 1952) were represented by 2,000 delegate! and visitor! from 24 countries. Approximately 5,000 representatives from the Soviet- zone were unable to attend because they were refuted travel permits. Included In the program of the . . . . | ···*·· -- «».*« u nit fyj i stjj milt vi m e abor unions also have taken steps: Lutherans Is the enlargement of to assist free unions In Europe,! their extensive world relief serv- Asia, and other areas to raise the Ice and the continuance of war- living standards of working peo- " pie and oppose communist efforts to gain control of workers In free democratic nations," The message was prepared by the National Council's Department of Church and Economic Life and was approved by Us General 3oard. It pointed out that there is "mounting evidence that men today have both the information and meant to adequately feed and Jawe been sending to other coun- |Ms men and women missionaries mined in education, medicine and agriculture to help people directly and teach them to help them- c l o t h e increasing populations around the world" and said that he problem of 19S2 is "to find the win and the way to apply our knowledge and resources." tempts by sub and Gc even w Karmen fare against world communiim. Bishop Berggrav, thc Norwegian anti-Nail resistance leader., called for last-ditch rcsiitance to all who violate God'i law. He assailed the welfare state as vehemently as he did Fascism. Said he: "Thc slogan is: The welfare state takes care of all problems arising in the life of all problems down to toothaches and bath water.' The state we see today attempts to take the place of God by substituting welfare for filth Here is a state that, even when it cloaks Itself In the garments of democracy, li bits- rights ol God and is therefore our mortal enemy. It nted not develop in this direction provided the church and Individual Christians exert a positive and helpful influence." Bishop Hans Lllje, who was imprisoned during the war for his defiance of Hitler, became the federation's new president. There are indications that the next meeting of the LWF will be held in the United States. Trimble Will Speak At koul Court Of Honor R o g e r s -(Special). The Hon. James W. Trimble of Berryvllle, J.S. congressman from this dis- rict, will be principal speaker at 1 Boy Scout Court of Honor Tues- ay night at I o'clock In the auditorium of the Central Methodist Church here. Five Seonts will receive the Eagle badge-Allen Ferrell, Jack Deason, Robert J Beavers and Don Whittaker of Troop 10», Rogers, and Delbert Springer of Troop 122, Rogers. Ferreli will also receive the Bronze Palm award for study and Hillside Adventures By PUD STARR director Church hat . educational First Baptist rcn for the past t\vo years resigned effective Monday, to 1°, lhe ?."* Place Baptist nm o 1» ----- f ous , ttB ' " r Rock, in 1930. Little ..Rock Baptist Texas, as - Griggs n Little I n o t . of :d Sfelect From This List the Church of Your Choice.. .Then Attend BAPTIST WALTER L JOHXSON. ... . I» · m Sundw School. · Mornini Wonhlp "Cuirdini One'. Bin BapUii Tnihlhi Unite . Kvtnlni Worihtp rmon: "O SIMdlut Fe" "j:W p :J:ia p. l. It CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN ; C EDWARD RXJBAJC1R. ~ : WUU.m E GIMon. Mini. ' denti !, I u . m. Church School '· !0:SS i. m. Mornlni Wn.-lhlp Sermon: Rtv. Edw.rd BrublKir Prelude: "Lirio"--Hindel Bololit: Miry Anni Middox Oriiniit: Ktnnith oiborni fllUT JIAME* * PRESBYTERIAN ''wilTTim E Olboon, 'MlniittftoHu- t u . m SuMly School 10.U «. m. Mornini Wonhlp Solo: "Tin Lord I Priyer"--Mllott Solout: Jerry Botird Sermon: "Worthy Motlti of Ubor Deieon. mi.tlnt. TutMiy nliht t I o'clock ST. PAUL* EPISCOPAL MARIUS l LUJDLorr. Met* lith Sunday alter Trinity i:w · m Holy commuuuM ' M O a m riajuy Strvlet U:M Mornlni Prtytr ud Sirmon * CENTRAI. METHODIST t:00 a. m. 'coll'iii Coll*. Hour I N a. m. Church School 10:U a. ni Mornlni Wonhlp Strv* TStrnon:-- Rev. D. L. (:n p. m. wuuy ' r t:oo p. m. Youth Oroupt . * :to p. n. Evtnlni Worihlp strvtct roiaeiit sver K"-" L. DykH. Jr. f'oundauon' an Jlni Wol KORH riMT CHnllTIAM ·OBEHT Morrtn. I it a. m. Sunday School 10:00 a. m. Sund.y School CUaHi IO:M ·- in. Mornini Wonhlp l:oa p. m. D. B. r. ·:* p. m. Chruuan Youth rIKw- ·kip and Cnl Rho rtllowihip ·T. JOMM'i LUTHEftAII _ .. _ ___ Sonool 1:40 . m ' · ' .10:30 t, ra lu:« « ...... .... Sermon: "The nouthlni rower ,,. Cod't Word." Piilm 111, 12 Choir Anthim: "Je.M Thy Blood and Rllhtiouinou"--Elviy m. Sunday m. Adult Blbli CltH Nuriery uptm _ Sundiy Wonhlp ' CHURCH Of CHRIST. SCIENTIST 1:10 a. m. Sundiy School 11:00 . m Sundiy Service . «:U p m. KQJIH Sundiy Radio rTOirlm Wedneidiy. 7:U p. m.. nuoUni Beading Room In church open eael day uctpt Sundiy ind houdtyi. ll:l} a. m. Sunday School lltft a. m. Worihlp Strvlet JiJJ p. m. Trtldlnl Union !.« *' J? 1 -..*?TM 11 !? S«rvl« let Wtdnitdiy Prtytr Sirv- W. M U. fourth Friday IEHOYAJTB W ·try . "undty, Study m Walcktoww . ,». Rido Proir m Sundiy Sehxi " J«»rnjiuj Wpniup . W. It. P. t. Prtytry.r MMt- 1^^ w TM «· ».· ·· ·»· ftmrmr BBIM ]:U P m N. Y. P. I. ProtriB jlpR^toSjia . 7:» p. m. Pr.yar Hwl- Thurtdiy, Ti«o p, m. Vlaluun ·*· Bsplbl Font C**munUr Church riril Sunday 11:00 a. m. Rev Own D. "-M «. m Rtv, n« i. · Rn, V. m lack swiday. suadiy Second Sunday li:to a. m. Rn. H. Laudtrhick 10:00 SlhMI METHODIST 0:M a m Sundar School 11:00 a. m. and 7:» p. m. Pra Strvlcu on Fourth .nd rutiTs 'retching "unayi WEST POflE BArrtST R H REID. p..tor ·:« · m Sunday School. ll:» a. · litrntni Wonhly. ·:· p. SL Baptl.! Tralnln/ Unln I:JO p. m. Kvonlnf Wortfcfp CTlttL 1APT1BT CHURCH 0V W. HIED, Pallor 111 Minion SIrMi ·:».«. aa. Sunday School I1:M *. m Hwnlni Wonhl Garland Htlfhti Btptlit MlitlM of Flrit Btplltt Church Ills Jtmei Strttt OLENtt STEELE. Putor Ho a. m. Jundiy School 10:45 a .m. Mornini Worihlii e.U p. m. Trtlnlnl Unl n 7:10 p m. Evening Worihlp CALVARY TABERNACLE H Eut South SttHt BERYL E.ISKTH, rule, 10:00 a. m. Mornmi Strviet 9:30 p m. Dtllvtranu Mtntit ud Prayer 7:30 p. m. Wtdnnliy. Ttrrycc . m. S.lurd.r, T.illinon. u WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUOLAP, HREWER, PatMr rim AM THIrd SmitWl · -ihool «:ioV m. SON'S CHAPEL SECOND M V DRAKti r _ ,·:«:».««!-.» is p. ni. In* ttSi, Trllnlni Unloi thi 4 %* M J H? ior cMSsT "nS me University He hat been serving as one of ths vice presidents'i.'f'J'TM'TM 1 " Hclp us lo a ° our of the State Sunday School Con-'« lhis da y and be content with ventlon and as Sunday School su- · «- J --·-·--·'-·- - - ffli^S 1 !' 0 ' Washington on- Madison County Baptist Associa- memb * r o£ thc eft* Mornlni Worihlp 1:30 .. Sunday School 10:M a m Ev.nlnt Worihlp !;» p. si WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OP COD BHANHAM ud STEEUt, P.ltan JAMER PLETCHER, Eldor "Student Union Slui MM a m. Sunday advancement above the Eagle Eli Leflar, chairman of the Advancement Committee, will have charge of the court. Storm Whaley Siloum Springs, will present the Eagle snd Bronze Palm awards and Clayton Little, Bentonville, will give awards and promotions to several other Scouts. Scoutt In other Northwest Arkansas communities hav« been invited to bring eligible Stouts to the event. . sasnjst nd.y-R,». virgli Erwln § - CARL TODLER, PMtor . ·::« p. J:» QBEENLAMO CHURCH OP CHHWT ORIS SAL»«, Mlnlllu «00 m. Chuich Knoel 11:00 · m StrmoA tl'4* a m Communion itorvloa. !·* p n Sent Strvic* and nibui Sway. ·T. JOSEPH-a CATHOLIC rATHIR COWARD It MALOY. F»IM Hnday MWMI 1:90 nd I:M I. m. tkuridiy. 7:M p m Novtni MMMI. Ojvvotion. WMkd«y u.u. Monday throuin 7 . titurdty M.ii 7:00 . Mm . frlday Uui, 1M .. nu rant Saturday Mm 7:00 · m Oonfonioni: 7:oo to 1:00 p m and b.[on u MUI.I CHURCH OF CHIUIT nup McCLU.NG. Mlnliler . WMI Ccniu .no Norm US a m Blbl. itudy. f:Sn p. ni Cliuei J-M p m Cvcnlni Strvic. . »:3U k. m.. Wtdnnday. Udlu Bib]. CltM 7:30 p m W.dnod.y. P r i y t l Hntlni and Bible Sludy lor .11 tin . m Hwnlni . m Tralnlni Union . Evinlna Sirvlec Prayw sVrvlo-Wn CENTRAL BAPTtlT AOK OEAN. Pallor · 41 a. m. Kund.y Sekool 11:111 a m Mornlni Wonhlp. 7:00 p m. Btpint Yr.lnlni Courx. 1:00 p m Evonlnl Wonhlp 1:00 p. «. Wtdniiday. Prayar wr. ULL OOBPEL TABERNACLE M. STOGNER, Pailor 10:H · nt Sunday School 11:00 a. m pnaehlni. 7:11 p. m. Evautuitlc wmn. Wodnoiday, 7:jJ p re MldWMk PYPA Strrf* ·:M t. m Junior C. A Stnle* »:3J p. m. Evannllitlc Sirvle* WMntuay t ;:S p. K--ptanr Mtcuni ind llbl. Itudy ^^ ·"TNTWOOD »:«0 p. a. lUprtit rui, onk p. * Onto* , ·y« Strvln. frtday. 7:11 p. BLACK OAK BAPTIST HOWARD PR1CHARU. Pulot 10:00 a m Sunday School ll:to I m Preichfru! Servlct 7:10 p m. Trllnlnl Union 1:00 p m PnichTni Stnio Thurldty 7:10 p m. prly.r mMI SIMPi-ON. Putor 'IM p · WEST FORK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBELL, MlllltMr -** '· .V «fe ·v.ry fin, UllM CHURCH HUCKTLBUm Putor 403 Will Rock Strut 2 t.43 i. m. Sundiy School . uw . m Blbl. Konooi , 11:00 «. m Wonhlp ftmcm { Communion ;*rmon i:« p m. Chlldnn'i Mount Touni p.opl.-. Chruu.n Enliav SrvlM · diy, I p. m., Priyir M.etlnt 7:U p. m., H«vfvtl Nliht ·f- W7 Doutl.i Sum *JJ I. m Sundiy School. ':!» ». ·. Evtnlni Worihlp. OOSHEN METHODIST OLli R. ttNDLEY, Putor 10:00 · m Sundiy wcnool. 11:00 i m Mornlni Wonhlp 7:00 p. m. Evenlni Wonnlp t AYETTEVILLE BIB-t MISSION MO BLOCK SOUTH CULLEUk Intord.nomtnaUoru! HOMER MOUTTET, P.ltor ·:!} · m Sundiy School. 11:00 a. m Murnlni Wonhlp !:! 0. m Youn| rcnplti s.rvlc« 7:00 p m. Svinf.ll.tlc Service. Junior Choir will mett Stturdly it t m Wednciday, 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet ni SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST K. E MOHOAN. PMIOI ARLlr: MOSTELLER. AllUt.m Plltor 10:OC . m Sundiy School 7:30 p m Ev.nlellitlc M.iiito Wedneld.y pr.yer mletlnt It 7:30 p m. HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:30 i m Sundiy Uchuoi. 11:11 ·. m Mornlnl Worihip. , 7:30 p m H Prayer ·ILL 10:00 a m. lbl. Study 'f:SS ! 5 £«»'?!? Kn-let WtdMidly, i:l C *****J "APTIBT CHURCH lf-00 * n If"" 1 *' ""'"··I Wonhip Mona.v, ini of W. J £ m.. Weekly MMI- + CHURCH Kelly Re-elected To Pentecostal Oftice North Little Rock-(P)-The Hev E. T. Kelley of North Little Rock, was re-elected superintendent of the Arkansas-South Missouri District of Pentecostal Church of God here Thursday. Elected as sectional Presbyters were: The Rev. Jack Dudash BlythevlJle; The Rev. J. T. Harmon, Rogers; The Rev. F. A. Braden, Jefferson City, Mo.; The Rev. Dow Booe, Joplln, Mo., and The Rev. C. Lawson, West Plains Mo. Sectional Presbyters roelected at the convention: The Rev A Snellgrove, Waldron; The Rev Tommy Glbbs, Ft. Smith; A. B. humming*, Hamburg, and The lev. W. W. Monday, Van Buren Mo. Announcements p. m., Friytr + FARMINQTON BAPTIST O M KRE1S, PaitoT !?'£ · m Sun.lli School 15! * m * or n!ni Wonhlp ! S t 5? 5'P«" Tralnln/ Un . Mornlnt Wonhlp $"*· Churrt '" ' Tr.lnln. Un,.,, » w *" ' Mm "^ Kln «- WldOMdiy, 7:* p. m.. Blhl. Study + FIRST ASSEMBLY OP OOO C. R ALBRITTOM, Paitor 7:30 p Sundiy W. S. month Pre.chlni on Mcond C. S. Second Thuridly tich S?"G T O H D" DI: SAMUEL E BIHJCE. P..tor 0:00 i. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Sfrrnon 7:30 p. m. tvini.lliilo IhrrlM ' 11:00 « m. Pruchlni. * w p m v. p. aS, IS » HI- , C. A. Mrrto. OAKLAND BAPTIST lf:«0 a. tnJundir School. . Wednetdir nlfht. N, luptrlnt.nd luporfnl.ndcnl undiy School LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSE C COLEMAN. Pl.lor 10:00 i m Sundiy School 11:00 . m Mornlni Worihlp «:30 t m. Tnlnlni Union 7:30 p m. Evenlni Worihlp ELKINB COMMUNITY CHURCH WADE BARRON, lUpeMnt.ndinl W.d. Blrron. .uperl 10:00 i. m Sundiy 11:00 a. m. Church WAI-NUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHurlCH Sund.y School 10:30 . m. PHMBYTE "'* 1 ' TOM WILSON. Pnior 1000 i m Sundiy School I!:" 1 · m Wor.hlp Service. ·nd Third Sundiyt Prayflr Service. 7 Ji p ... PARK8DALE BAPTIST ·IENNER DAVIi. pjnor kRLEN MOSTKLLAR. P.IIOr 10:00 m Sundiy School J; 3 ° P «· Ev.niellillc Muuie Widnnd»y. 7:M p. m. Prtytr Mttt- Frldiy. 7:30 mHtlnfl. m. Ptoplt JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH E M LOGUE. Pallor JO-OO « m Sundny School 11:00 i m Wonhlp StrvlcM 7:00 p m Tnlnlni Union 1:00 p m Ev.nlnt Strvln Wedneldiy. 7:30 p m.. Priyer Mltl- PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JE3SER. Pallor tH!|hwfty It Wtlll '0:00 t ra Sundiy School. 11:00 . m Mornini Worahlij. 7:30 p m Tnlnlnt Union S:1S p. m. Ev.nielliHc Service In?"" 1 **""'' ' " m " P " Jtr *··'· Monthly t p. m.. Third Frtdiy fel- W WI M' P H""^ "as. - ·roth.rhood .nd OREENLAND COMMUNITT ALTORD WHITTELIV. s "no«y Puor i 11:00 · m Mornlni Worahll, Blb V v"s,'!?J' y - I'i » I' l!ildw " k ··by study and Pnytr ftcrvlct SATURDAY: !f : S5 · m s «hhlth School 11:00 m Church Strvic* TuMday. 7:M p m Prtrtr tn*.Ua| Sl Mllrt narthwMt JOW I. m. aundny School 11:00 · m. Mornlnt Wonhlp ':M p. m Evtnlnf Worihlp *' '' 1M »' "- "· '·* School 'hln| Strvte* iltlfitlo Servlee ,.,, 71 South 1»:0« « m "-SJ · "l - -7:30 p m. Evanfel: e.JvIc!"**" 1 '' 7:30 p. .. + ST. JAMES BAPTIST R«V O. f. WRIGHT ,.JS '· m - ·"iKay Schtel *8 i s- * M( r« i WM *" ·:M p m tn*i ·«· Stnrlc* Plrtt ChrtiUan Cbirch Circles of the First Christian Church will meet as follows: Circle one, Mrs. Boyce Lansford 337 St. Charlet Avenue, 2 p m September 8; Circle two, in the church, Monday at 2 p. m.; Circle three, Mrs. Leroy Burris, 515 BUshnell Avenue, Monday at 7:30 p. m.; Circle four, Mrs. Dale Kent, corner of Duncan and Center streets, September 8, at 7:30 p. m. Wltfint Memorial Methodltt dmreh The Woman's Society of Chris lian Service of the Wlggans Mem orial Methodist Church will hav a monthly program meeting at th home of Mrt. Howtrd Hooker, 10 Welt Rock Street, it 2 p. m Wednesday. St. Paul's episcopal Church Young. Churchmen of St. Paul': Episcopal Church will have a Cor porate Communion tomorrow at i a. m., in the church. Breakfast wil follow In the Parish House. 936fh Reunion Planned For Lake Wedinglon Bentonville - (Special) - An unofficial reunion for members of the 936th Field Artillery Battalion of the Arkansas National Guard will be held at Lake Wedington tomorrow. All men with families will provide picnic lunches, which will be served together. Single men may invite a girl friend, but are not expected to bring lunches. C«pt. Elvln G. Buell. who Is in charge of the Bentonville unit of Ihe National Guard, announced Thursday that plans are under way to reactivate the unit. The tentative date for federal recognition has been set for Spetember 11. Captain Buell slid that all members whose enlistments have not expired, and who wish to make drills with the local National Guard, may contact him at his home at 203 West Central after 6 p. m. The parson preached Sunday on prayer. Shortly after listening to his sermon 1 ran across the book, "A Man Called Peter." On looking at the title me thinks such a one must concern that rather fiery little fellow who was a buddy of the man of Galilee. But the book concerns a modern day preacher who pastored the biggest church In Washington, and who also was called in .to do the praying for the U. S. senate In those troubled times following the Second World War. This charming bit of reading, which gives the reader an insight into what prayer did in Peter's family, was written by his wife. She says of his praying, "It's a.i if when he opens his mouth, there'! a connected line between you and God." It seems the kind of prayers Peter prayed would have caught the attention of the Almighty even thought He might appear deaf to many of us most of the time. For example, in the senate one morn: when the boys were having re than their.share of trouble, :er prayed, "Help us to do ou today's troubles, so that : we shall not borrow the troubles of tomorrow. Save us from the sin of worrying Jest stomach'ulcers be the badge of our lack of faith." On another day, when the sen- ale was squabbling over a resolution to investigate the appointment of postmasters, he prayed, "Since we strain at gnats and swallow camels, give us a new standard of values and the ability to know a trifle when we see it and to deal with it as such." He was not over careful-how he handled the stuffed shirts as you can see from the prayer where hi said in the presence of the law makers, "We confess, our Father that we know we need Thee, ye our swelled heads and our stubborn will keep us trying to do without Thee. Forgive us for making so many mountains out of molehills and for exaggerating both our own importance and the problems that Confront us. : All these prayers are right down the alley for most of us. We are all prone to borrow tomorrow's troubles when today's ar» often more than we can cope with What swallowcrs of camels we all be, after straining at gnats carefully. And then there's those of us who need protection from a feeling of our own importance and the bigness of our puny problems, and from making mountains out of every molehill we run afoul of. This molehill an* mountain thing is a common pasttime of most teachers and parents. If you haven't read this delightful story of a man who trusted a Higher Power in all his comings and going, you are in for a revelation. You can't read this account of what irayor can do without a feeling you must go give it a try. Here's a new story about the! tragedy of the drought in Texas.' It will break your heart as we are sure it has the ranchers involved It seems that at a filling station in a small Texas town a traveller remarked to an elderly man, who sat sadly watching the rars go by, "Everything looks very dry around here." "Yep," replied the old man. "When did it rain last?" the tourist wanted lo know. " 'Bout three years ago, I reckon." "That must be very hard on the ranchers around here," the stranger remarked sympathetically. "The old fellow tlowly and sadly ihook his head. ''Don't know what'i to become of us. We've rough. The ridges arounrj the craters of the moon may be at much as 20,000 feet in height. spent thousands of dollars drilling About 1,500 speciei of mosqul- for water, and what comes up? toes are known. Nothing but oil!" -: . All of which goes to show some A number of steam-driven auto- of those Texans have it plenty mobiles were built before 1(00. Go Thtt Out Wsy or Oriisr, Irthir on the Right HoRd, or on the Left Whither Thy Face is Set IZIKIIL 21:1« SIT YOUR FACE TOWARD JESUS LET HIM IE YOUR PERFECT GUIDE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter L Johnun, Pastor "GUARDING ONE'S BIRTHRIGHT" Morning Worship Hour 11:5$ (Broadcast orer Station KGRHI Sundar School 1:30 "0 STEADFAST FACE" Evening Worship Hour 7:30 Training Union I:1S . The Nursery is open ot oil service! ' WELCOME YOU ARE WELCOME Gospel Meeting CHURCH OF CHRIST GREENLAND, ARK. AUGUST 31st-SEPTEMBER 7th SERVICES Each Evening, 7:45 P.M. Evangelist Tommy Kellon COME Heir the Bible-ln Fullness-ln Jimplicify "We especially invite the people of Greenland and Community" "For The Gospel Is The Power of God Unto Salvation."... Rom. 1:16. COME and SEE The Lutheran Church Arkanioi and Olckton *«y. Hake Hunter and Party of Houtten, Toiot-Mtuiciont and Singers Conducted by W. C. (Bill) Shackleford Pastor-Evangelist Heard Daily on KGLC-910 k.c, Miami, Oklo. Salvation and Healing Campaign Conducted by W. C. "Bill" Shockleford Continues Next Week in (ha American Legion Hall on South College Avenue Everyone Invited To Attend Service 7:45 P.M* Sept. 1-5

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