Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 29, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 29, 1952
Page 8
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MKANIAS TMM. at, im Cower Production To Be Started Mondoy; Program Planned Mountain Home-Spnc!al-One indred sixty thousand kilowatts II be added to the Installed ipacity of electric power produc- facilltle* in Arkansas when McClellan throws John L. :O\t twitch it Bull Shoals Dam Tondk}- afternoon to start initial reduction of hydro-electric power icre. Senator McClellun will start power at the conclusion of a ram arranged by the Moun- Home Chamber of Commerce rit which he will be the principal 'Speaker. Several thousand persons are to. attend the ceremony to celebrate generation of the (In power it tht dam.T'he ceremony will be held at a p.m., In t shad, grove at the U. S Engineer Sub office overlooking- the dam, 1 miles northwest of here. Automo bile, will be parked In a new parking area within the enflnee office grounds. In addition to Senator McClel Ian, speaker- will be Col. Herbert D. Vogel, Dallas, Texas, division engineer, Southwestern division Corps of Engineers, and Earle W Johnson, president of the C. of C. who will give the welcome ad dress. Congressman James W Trimble of tbe Third Arkansas district will be mister of ceremonies The invocation will be given by the Rev. D. W. Stark. Prior to the program, the Moun lain Home High School band will give a concert under the direction of Frank Wallick. Bull Shoals Cum, rated as the eighth largest by volume concrete dam in the world, was started in June, 1947, and completed in November last year. The structure contains approximately 2,100.000 cubic yards of concrete. The power plant is expected to be completed within two months al- hough production of power will start early In September when the 'Irst of four 40,000-kUowatt gen- etators goee en the line. The other* will follow about-a month apart The Initial instillation of You generator! it Bull Shoals wi serve th* present power needs approximately 100,000 person With the aggregate ultimate in ·UlliUon of 120,000 kilowatts, th power Installation it Bull Shot: will. accommodate the need* about 600,000 persons. The dim, rising 211 feet ibov the river bed, it 2,298 feet Ion, slightly lew than · half mil' Along Its top is a 26-foot roadway open to the public, joining Bixte and Marion counties and prevld Ing · connecting link to bird surfaced roads between Mountai Home and the new town' of Bui Shoals. The total cost of the project I FLASH PENNEY' HAS JUST RECEIVED A HUGE SHIPMENT OF BETTER COTTON STREET DRESSES UR CHOI 2 A TABLE FULL -- YOUR CHOICE ·Sanforxsd for · Mrmanent fit ·Crisp Fresh Colors · Easy to Launder ·Sixes 12 to 20 1NNEY A Y 'j F I R S T YOU ALWAYS SAVE AT PENNIY'S FULL CUT IIG MAC'S or TIGHT FITTING WESTERNS BLUE JEANS S|59 Sanforiied Permanent Fit · Zipper Fly Front · Orange Stitchin ·Copper Riveti · l-oi. Weight ing · Double Stitched · Site* 6 to 16 Remnants 1 Your Choice of Thttc, ·oftor Fobrici for Only Yi Thtir Original Prict PRICE 250 OF THESE TO GO -- FAST 12x12 WASH CLOTHS 10! STOP-LOOK · Pink, Hue, Main ·Sturdy, Thick Tufting · Hurry for Your Share SHREDDED LATEX FOAM PILLOWS ONLY 40 THIS SPECIAL PRICE ··if SIM . . . 17x24 ·Sfcrorfded Latex Plumply Filled ·Muted Floral Ticking estimated at $76,300,000 and th iotal construction time was ibou five years and four months. Tax Settlement For Guzik Told $100,000 Accepted As Full Payment Washington - W) - The government, peeling the "secrecy" label from compromise tax settlement cases nid yesterday It accepted 1100,000 f r o m Jack "Greasy Thumb" Gutik as full payment for UOO.OOO it had claimed he owed in taxes and penalties. The 11-cents - o n - tHe dollar settlement by Guzik, once coi nected with A) Capone's organization in Chicago, was or e of several dticIcKd by the Burea i of Internal Revenue as it .put into effect a new "open boo'x" poiicy. Unojfr the new policy all cases fettled on or after August 20 with taxpayeri for less than the amount of taxes assessed will be made public. Those before that date will; be disclosed upon specific re- queii* naming the taxpayers in- volvtd. The bureau saH Guzik was granted a compromise for three reasons: douht as ia whether he owed the full amount; inability of Investigators to determine what he waa :l worth; and "reduced earning power." The Courts Chancery Court James E. Murphy vs Betty J Murphy: Decree of divorce t plaintiff, awarding custody c minor child to parties to plaintif Rogers Rotorions Will Aid Foreign Student Rogers-(SpeciaI)-For the aec ond year, the Rogers Rotary Clu will sponsor a foreign exchang student it the University of A kaniii. The club has given a tu tlon scholarship to Guenther Ja pert,, 21, of Dortmund, German through the University. Jaipert, the ion of a dentls will itudy political and social sc «ncH at the University in prepa ation for · career In governme service. He has just complet school in Dortmund and plans enter Munster university after year in the United States. Mr. and Mrs. R. c! Nease an grandson, Carl Hlmes of Pra Kan., visited Mr. and Mrs. Wi Ham A. Fahrenwald and Mrs. Ma Smith Tuesday and Wednesday. Captain K. E. Moss of the Sa vatlon Army was in Hlndsvll Monday on business. Miss Madelyn Sutton has r turned from Texas, where itv has. spent several weeks 'as tb guest of relatives and friends. The Hindaville school will ope Monday, September 1, with fir teachers, Mrs. Jasper Hawkins Mrs. Hill Everett, Mn. Snow, Mrs Stella E. Mason and Mrs. A. H Berry. The teachers and patron have been busy this week clean ing the building and getting everything in readiness · for the new school session. Devil's Den Rood Harold Keith Deaton, gunner's mate, has returned to Norfolk Va., after spending a 20-day leave with his. parents, Mr and Mrs, El Deaton. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dotson of Tulsa, Okla., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed McClellan. Mrs. Helen Goading and daughter, Pat, of Vallejo, Calif., are visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Gooding. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nelson and sons, Bobby and Ronny, and Mrs. Verna McMalns, all of Oklahoma City,'Okla., were weekend guests of Mr| and Mn. Aaron Sanders. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brannon and children of Stephenvllle, Texai, are visiting Mr. Brannon's brothers-in-law and sisters, Mr and Mrs. Aaron Sanders and Mr and Mrs. Bill Coles of Wlnslow. Friends of Aaron Sanders surprised him with an Ice cream supper at his home Tuesday night in honor of his birthday. Those present were Mrs. Maud Sanders, Mri BID Colei and. son, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Brannon and children, Mr. and Mn. Leroy Cansler and children, Mr. and Mrs. George Sny. der and children, Claude Courtney and daughter, Mr. and Mra L. S. Gooding, Mr. and Mrs. Austin McClellan, Mr. and Mm. Frank Ballard and children and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maylott. Mr. and Mrs. Orban Waterion have moved to the Doty place, near Friendship. Mikey Roberts, ion of Mr. and Mrs. Tex Roberts of FayettevUle, li (pending two weeks with hit grandparent! and uncle, Mr. and Mn. Let Smith and Ray Smith. Edwin Stevenson and MM have moved to tbe Mtdirt pile*. | Tydings Flays McCarthy, Nay Go To Wisconsin Asserts Senator Is Moral Coward; Renews Offer Baltimore - (/P) - Millard E. Tydings, former Democratic senator, last night branded Senator McCarthy (H-Wis) a.i a "cowardly patriot" and said he may go to Wisconsin to "expose the senator." It was the latest salvo in the long - standing feud, between the Marylander a n d t h e Republican seriator. Tydings h a s challenged M c C a r t h y t o prove his charges that Communists were working in the State Department, and renewed 'his offer of a $25,000 reward to McCarthy if he ean bring such evidence before a U S. grand jury. Earlier yesterday McCarthy turned down an offer to debate with Tydings on the same plat- orm In Wisconsin. "I wouldn't care to waste time lebating with the dead," McCar hy was quoted. Tydings said he had read in the lapers that McCarthy had invited ilm to come to Wisconsin so the *ople there could look him over. Vhen he learned that McCarthy urned down the irifer to debate, Tie retorted: "Think of a man who one day nvltes me to come Into his slate, nd when I accept and want to meet him there face to face he curries like a scared rabbit. !'Now you've got the true pic- Jre of McCarthy, the spurious ighting Marine' who never 'ought, the cowardly patriot who won't defend his public statement. "McCarthy now stands before the people of his state and the people of the nation for exactly what he Is -- a cringing, hit-run despicable political and moral coward. . ." McCarthy is running for reelection this year. McCarthy was quoted in the initial stages of his Communism - in- government charges as saying there were 205 Communists and S7 card-carrying Communists in the State Department. Tydings has offered the senator $25,000 if he produce such evidence before a Grand Jury. The .Tydings-McCarthy duel goes back to the 1050 Maryland senatorial election. McCarthy campaigned actively for Republican John Marshall Butler, who defeated the veteran Tydings. Pomona Grange To Meet At Zion School The Washington County Pomona Grange will hold its August meeting tomorrow at 8 p.m.. In the Zion School, northeast of Fayetteville. Plans for the state Grange meeting to be held at the University October 16-18 will be worked out. J. I. Smith of Fayetteville Is worthy master of the Pomona Grange, which is composed of five subordinate Granges--Salem, Sonora, Zion-Oak, Stecie, and Oak Grove. Mamas War Widow And Children Found Sleeping In Can New York Group Helps White Plains, N. Y-(P/-A young Arkansas war widow and her three small sons who were found sleeping in a ear hire yesterday are being cared for by the White Plains Shcltter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. , The 30-year-old World War II widow,' Mrs. Rose Buffington, told police she and her children had driven here from Conway, Ark., in search of living quarters in New York. Mrs. Buffing said she decided to stay in the car when she saw how crowded living conditions were here. She said her only income was from government death benefit checks and that shi was trying to save enough money to return to-Arkansas. Police said Mrs. Bufffhgton and her sons, Lionel, II; Daniel, nine and James, seven, had been sleeping in the car for several nights. The mother said she had "a few dollars" in her purse. Two Accused Of Setting Fire To Han's Overalls Bowling Green, Ky.-W)-A Negro was carried into court yesterday to testify at the arraignment of two white men accused of settinp fire to his gasoline-saturated overalls. . The incident occurred June 14 at 3 feed mill. where Joe Simmons. 39, said the men^Iames'Chaffin, 30, and James Cherry, 25--grabbed his arms and saturated his trouser legs with gasoline. Simmons said Chaffin then applied his lighter to the overalls: Burned severely about both legs, Simmons has spent almost Fix weeks in a hospital. He could give no reason for the incident. Chaffin.and Cherry told police it was only a prank and they didn't mean to hurt Simmons. Many Portuguese who settled on Cape Cod and New Bedford in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States came from the Azores Islands in the Atlantic. BUILDING AND REN' 1 * While Asbestos Siding No. 1 A Complete Job 116.9! Ptr Sq Cabinet and Millwork. LOY KINZER SS* Wall Si. Phone 2011 BOW1. FOR HEALTH Jim Benton Bowline !,ane«. Ad', EVERYTHING N nUMHNO and SUPHJB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVTONMOiT AVI. MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL TEUVISKW IS VERY COMPLICATED ·uy Youri From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Tonilc Saturday Sho-Time 7:30-9:47 OF YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON PALS Fun For Everyone 10 County Men Leave For Armed Services Ten Washington County men left Fayetteville yesterday for induction into the armed forces, Selective Service Board officials announced today. *The men are: Melville D. Cameron of Rogers, Route 4, William Dean Sinn of Sulphur City, Buel M. Wilson of Springdale Route 2, Holan L. Anderson of Springdale Route 4, Eual Odcll McCarty of Springdale Route 2. Gerald D e e n of Springdak Route 2, Gene H. Wallick of 357 North College, Fayetteville, Joe Allen Stiver of Springdale Route 1, Tryon C. Lewis of Fayetteville Route 5, and Charles C. Galcy of Fayetteville Route 5. NAarriages were married August 26 by the Rev. B. B. Jackson, Clarence L. Price and Mrs. Gertrude M. Henry, both of Topeka, Kan., were married August 27 by the Rev. John R. Stratum. Harold Debrell Langcton, Van Buren, and Miss Carlyn Gertrude Clark, Fayetteville, were married August 23 by the Rev. D. t. Dyke!, Jr. Bill C. Lewis, Tulsa, Okla., and Miss Earline Smith, Springdale, were married August 23 by the Rev. Guy H. Couch. CHICK SPECIAL 8c each HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery . . TiUjjUm PMlJVMlnMlJk CROWN THEATRE / Lincoln, Ark. Tu?s.-Wed.-Thurs. SEPTEMBER 2-3-4 Burlesque on the Screen NIDHIGHT FROLICS starring Sunny Knight (The Parisian Whirlwind) Mickey Ginger Jones (The Wham-Wham Girl) Riot of Mirth and Melody! Beautiful Girls! Gorgeous Tease Sltrsl ADULTS ONLY Admission 50c Incl- tax. Show Stilts 1:00 P.M. Harley W. Cover and Mrs. Waxine Neil, both of Springdale, HUDSON TUNE UP? COMPUTE OVERHAUL? SEE BOB HAU AT WHITEUEY'S GARAGE STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY IK umcM wnuw cMrur, «c. Thru Sat. The "Man of the Century" IK ALL HIS GOL-DARNED GREATNESS! iHiSlWOF: OPEN WILL ROGERS, If with nWltCANTM'JaiiiMGlHtMi ^ SHOWS CONTINUOUSLY ~7^~ PHONE 470 · JANE WYMAN HEY, KIDS! HERE IT IS! (/I/urn A Cartoon Carnival 6 CARTOONS - A TWO-REEL COMEDY PLUS 500 FREE COMIC BOOKS! FOR THOSE ATTENDING Out Ipproximaielv 11:1! WE'LL ALL HAVE FUNI SAT: 10:00 A.M. COOL PALACE ROW ROOKIES ON PARADE AND "Apache" Rose" DALE EVAN · TRIGGER Sat. AdulH 30c til 1:00 COOL ROYAL TONITE It SATURDAY CARTOON Meet Use Invisible Man! OPEN 12:S SATURDAY SERIAL ENDS TON1TE COOL U A R K STARTS SAT. Box Office Opens 12:45 Sol. t Sun. · '6:45 Week Day, + LATE NEWS , * CARTOON CANDID SHOT OF IHtVltW AUDIENCE RUCTIOHS * Sleeper in show butineaa i» known ai a murpriM smash hit! ...ANItHVOLTAfiEFrlM!-N.Y.Ti M * ..THE SUmiSE FILM OF THE YEU!N . r. D.H, «,,., ...EXFIODES WITH EXCITING E»EHTS!-N. r. I ..SUSPENSE WU HAVE VIEWER MOFNNfi FAC£!-N r. Ph. 09 A alary of such imptrt, so different, that the entire cut hid to be chosen cirttully from among Hollywood's meet talented, Unheralded players, whole star performances . you will ill soon locliiml STARS CENi BARRY Paramount proudly pretcntt LYDIA ClARKI ATOMIC CITY I Of TW TIM I jfjftffifr **"·''"

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