Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 16
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nwrstJey, Atjsjstf M, IMi 'Place Name Of Eisenhower Texas Denwcratk Ticket v AiMta, Tnuu-MVTexani had hit from their governor today t Ccn. Dwight D. Eltenhower's ·me might be placed on the state " netratic party's ticket as nominee. "Cov. Allan 'Shivers, indicated a pottiblllty in a'radio ad- i last night in which he said oil was not the only I on which he based a decision to vote personally for Gov, t d l a l Stevenson, Democratic ilnce. Shivers repeated previous at- i on what he called "Trumann." He uld he thought Stcvcn- i -"a better man than Truman" I would If elected give a better nlnistration. * "Yet his views on Texas tide- -tafids are an indication that he Jmuld continue to hold (he views and countenance the policies that ·WINK AND RtWt WMM Artmai SMtnt He. 1 A Cn».W*i Mi 111.1* Per ·* CstHH and MUlwork. IOY KMZM US Wan. Si. Phme 2011 Truman and people around Tru man have established," Shiver tald. . "Oscar Kwlng (federal social ft curlty administrator) and hi* views on socialized medicine are rolled up In the' tame package along with a continuation of a stalemated foreign policy, a continuation of the highest spending and highest taxation in the history of this nation and a continuation of central government powers concentrated In Washington,' Shivers said. "Those who have seized the great Democratic party," the governor continued, "have misused It, absorbed It and'changed its history, Its policies and its traditions." He asked Texans to tell him what they want to do as citizens "How do you want to vote?" he asked. State Atty, Gen. Price Daniel, Democratic nominee for U. S. Senatf to succeed Sen, Tom Connally, is among'many Texas Democrats who have recently written Shivers asking for.a double set of Democratic presidential electors. One group woumbe those pledged to Stevenson. Shivers predicted the state Democratic Convention in Amarlllo September 9 would "make lucli arrangements as you people of Texas desire to be made." He hinted that Eisenhower's name might be put on the Texas Democratic ticket with Stevenson's 'Ut'iGo II Little Kathy Blute, a ready traveler for sure, stands waiting at La- jUardia Field in New York for a plane to take her to her Danvers, Mali. home. Kathy, 18-monthi-old, returned from Alaska, where her Air Force soldier father was stationed, with her parents. Stevenson Soothes Truman Democrats, Tells Of Steps ' Forward Made By Party DANCE at the wood Club Country Club Road RATES PER COUPLE .50 Week Niahts 1.00 . . . . . . . . . . . F r i d a y s 1JO .. Saturdays' Br JAMES MARLOW Washington - UP) - Governor itevenson, reminded by President Truman to watch his steps, is try- ng to waltr. General Eisenhower nto a corner. When photographers were turn- ng him around to get a good shot of him during his visit here a few weeks ago, Stevenson quipped: "I haven't been so much trouble since I was In dancing school.' At least his political dancing teemed a little rusty, for he step- pad smack on Truman's toes. And Ilk* a man with bunions, Truman showed he didn't ilk* it. This is what had happened: Over a week ago, In a letter to an editor, Stevenson said . he would, if elected, clean up the 'men" in Washington. Asked about this at his news conference last Thursday, Truman snapped he knew of no mess. Then, asked it he felt he was a target, Truman said the Democratic party had to run on the record of the Roosevelt - Truman administrations -- that's all It could I'un on. Meanwhile, Elsenhower publicly approved some of the social legislation placed on the books under the .Democratic administrations of the past 20 years. This HUDSON TUN! \in OVIRHAUL? SH »OI HAH AT wmmivs NOW REOPENED UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL | gave Stevenson an opportunity to needle Eisenhower with a crack about being a "me tooer." One of the oddities of this campaign' is that the New Deal and the "Fair Deal"--at least under those names -- have hardly figured In this campaign although they were issues in previous presidential races. All Polished Up But late yesterday, at a Democratic rally in New Jcrs-jy, Stevenson showed that in a week's time he had jiolished up on hi: political dancing. He came out with lavish praise of Democratic doings for the past 20 years. Speaking of his party, he said: "There have been mistakes, there have been failures, there have been false starts. There may be more, but the blazing record of growth and change and progress we have written in these two memorable decades can never be drowned in oratory and epithet. The Republicans are split wide open on foreign policy. On domes- lie policy only now are they slowly and reluctantly accepting the .deas successfully sponsored by ,he Democratic party years ago. . . "As to their platform, well, nobody can stand on a bushel eels. So where will he (Eiscnhow er) stand? Well it looks more an more as though he were going t stand on our platform. .." Stevenson talked of the 20-yca Democratic administration, bu lot as a New Deal or a "Fair" one Since he's pretty nimble wit words, he may have had a reaso r maybe he just doesn't like slo ans. .Still, Stevenson tried, to mak this speech do double duty. 1 could serve to reassure Truma Democrats about him. And it wa a wide open taunt to Eisenhowe to show whether he was a "m tooer." Judgments Won By Landowners Against State Highway Property In Crawford County . Involved, In Suit Van Buuren, Ark -(IF). Settle^ ments totalling $46,500 w i r e awarded' two Alma, Ark., landowners yesterday in suits brought against the state Highway Department. A Crawford County Circuit Court jury granted the judgments '.i Ton Christello and W. B. Byars against Highway 64, Job 4,367. Property Involved in the suits included land north and east of Alma which was condemned for right-of-way on the new cut-off between Highways 71 and 64. Byars won $25,000 for 0.45' acres or land. He had asked $34,405. The jury granted Christello $21,500 of $59,887.60 Christello had asked for two plots of ground--one totaling 0.073 acres; the other 1.316 acres. Attorneys Phillip H. Loh, repre- senting; the Highway Department, ·aid he may file an appeal. The jury rectued until today a hearing on the case of H. G. Aldinger, who seeks $3,720 for two plotes, one of 1.633 acres and th: other of 1.4189 acres. Right-of-way costs the new four-lane road were investigated earlier this year by the Highway Audit Commission in its probe of Highway Department operations The HAC was told that as much FK $1,000 per acre was paid for the right-of-way. Eisenhower To Speak Al MicArttiur Park Little Rnck-(/P)-When ' G e n . Dwight D. Eisenhower brings his Republican presidential'campaign to Little Rock next Wednesday, he will speak at MacArthur Park. Eisenhower's time of arrival here has been set for 3 p. rh. He will leave at 5 p, m., and fly to New York. GOM To SM After Doctors Tell Him Death Is Near And Is Cured Bristol, England - (P) - Told bt had'only six months to live, retired British Naval Officer J. C. R. Griffin bought a boat a few weeks ago and went to sea to die. He sailed back to port here yesterday and announced he was "completely cured." Griffin, a former lieutenant commander, reported doctors had given him oniy.six months to live. He didn't disclose the nature of the disease. For the first three months he did little but wait. "Then," he said, "my wife and I agreed if I was under a death sentence, I might as well finish it at sea. We sold everything, bought a small ketch and set out to sea with our three daughters." Griffin said their boat, the West Winds, struck a gale and broke down twice, finally It went aground after a "nightmare voyage" along the west coast of Enj- land. "Now," said" Griffin, "I am completely cured." He said he and his family plan to make the West Winds their home. K*e o ««* tk« tlsaaa rtU tk* Tnas 4*0a. MUSH When European glassblowers | closed -down production during I World War II, supremacy in finr handblown glass shifted to Amer lean chores. About 2,500 species of lizard are known. Lost Showing Tonite 7:30-9:45 ALSO: COLOR CARTOON k HEWS HBK COMES IHE WN... ITS UUGH! AND GOKGfOUS GALS.' 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