Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 26, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1974
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

2 PRE- HALLOWE'EN l^WZ"' SHiVeRSHOVIi! B ll do you dare spend a night I with Vincent Price IL IIlll lfH3a»' VWlNS I '^yr.^ '««·«.»» °""WArs **WMt»1i 'I x'Kmu ,1 "« win I n«n,t WUEKJU $3®l HVK jm,^ ' .M« ^ ·Ste^on* ,«ai FRI..SAT.-ONLY HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Parents React Swiftly To Dope CRYPT; DRIVE-IN THEATRE fZ^Kwr. ri Noun v F»rn-rrini.i£ ·*· MAICO OPERATED THEATMES m mm run N.WL AftK .'PLAZA 5! 1-7005 ji nnd(ilarh(irs Trankcnsicin Next: "Tamarind Seed" Slnrts Friday MALL TWIN© Nfr.Mix.FluA siwoos Next: "The Longest Yard" HELD OVER 2nd WEEK . JAN MICHAEL VINCENT IN k "BUSTED and BILLIE'' " jui.ito» I Next: "Gone With the Wind" STARTS FRIDAY FET. 7:15-9:10 --SUN. MAT. 2 P. M. Ash Wednesday t'LOR HENRY FONDA / r ELIZABETH TAYLOR HENRY FONDA mmifti «M9» I Next: "Lords of Flatbush" Starts Friday '"WMREN BiEAITY THE PARALLAX VIEW iiimmi Next: "Conrack" High Country Adventure THEP ^ AGGY WALTIMSNEY DOG " the Bears and I Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sat., Oct. 26, 1974 FAVETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS AP: Jayn, Karen and I have been lends for five years. Karen extroverted, tries anything ncluding drugs), and I go a- ng witli the crowd, but Jayn unique/ She has kept her own ·ess styles and her own values nd she's comfortable with ieni. We love her For it. It's ind of like she's the rock and e're the sand. Jayn is a parents' dream -- STARTS SUNDAY 3 DAYS ONLY ALLIED MUSTS presents STEVE DUSTin mcQUEEn HOFHimn na FRANKLIN J.SCHAFFNER film PftHLLOn IPS PANAVISiON' TECHNICQlOlt"^ ..ALLIED ARTISTS. 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See (he Clay "Honey Wagon" the oldest and most trouble free spreader on the market and compare these features: -fc Heavy cpoxy coated steel tank with domed ends to withstand vacuum forces. if Exclusive pump has fiber glass vanes (hat restrict heat and moisture to assure longer service. A- Ceramic bearing seals for extra protection against bearing failure. if Ifeavy duty construction in 800, 1500, and 2230 gal. sizes for cither (ruck or tractor mounting. (i^ |i See both machines on display now and while you are here pick up your anii-freeze for $5-50 per gal. Limit 6 Liberal Financing Available for Up To 36 Months. SPRINGDALE TRACTOR 751-4770 Hwy. 71 South Your Massey Ferguson Dealer 751-4783 Springdale _r was. She told her folks everything, treated t h e m like riends, asked their advice, and even took it. But they blew it They let us give a big sum mer party at'her house. Karen and the heads split off from he rest of us, and pretty soot vent off to toke. They showe jp later, stoned out of their leads. And Jayn, in tears, wen upstairs to tell her parents hov vorried she was. Well, Karen got around HER 'oiks okay, but Jayn, who didn' do anything except confide ii people she thought she c o u 11 rust, has been grounded. She's not allowed to go anywhere vith us any · more, and sin doesn't tell her folks anythtaf now. I'm very glad she stoppec Kfore I started doing dope, o hey wouldn't even let me come over to her house. They're si suspicious of all her friend ,!iey won't let her even wall to the park. The irony of it kills me. Mi parents trust me absolutely and I abuse their trust horriblj Jayn is just what her parent always wanted her to be, an they don't trust her with inch of her life. Don't they knoi Jayn is strong .enough to tur down drugs--and we'd never in fluence her. What do they thin -- that we'!! slip acid in he drink? Can't they see that beyon the dope, we're all individua and just possibly nicer tha some straights? Can't they see Here's a girl who never con formed "just because ever t body else does it," and they'] iterally driving her to drin' ;\V'hen they shout that all hi 'riends are on drugs, she comt back, ".Well, all YOUR friend are on booze" -- and pours he self one.) Plese give me a bucket TRI-LAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New U«M AnlcnnM Color · Black Whil Towers 7S1-MM Boosters Free Estimates 751-7927 Id water to throw In Jayn's irents' faces.--JUDY UDY: Not a bucket -- only a few ops for Jayn's folks -- the st goes to you and Knrcn -e ones who REALLY blew It. vcrylhing was cool until you arted doing heavy dope. It's too bud her parents use ayn's honesty against her, but don't think they've cut her 'f from the heads because they link she'll become one. It's ist that many times a reputa- on can be built on the type of cople you hang out with -ml they're afraid she'll 'gel usled through association. Putting myself in Jayn's oiks' place I doubt they are rying to punish her, but only eep her. away from something lat in the long run she may ave to pay for -- heavily. -- ue P.S. There's always the hance thai Jayn may be us- ng her parents as an excuse. Vhen a girl decides her friends lave taken one road and she trefers the other, it's easier to ay "I'm grounded" than "I've outgrown you." Really, it isn't much f u n , siti- ng around watching people get toned when you're.the only st- aight. Think about it. RAP: I'm. only 12, but I look older. The choir director at our church made passes at me, and le isn't the only one. Men my ather's age try to get me to lave an affair with them. It's so bad that I'm scared to kiss Daddy, a n d when men stand behind me in line at a movie or bank or something, I practically die. W h y can't a young girl trust any kind of man? --CAN'T TRUST i.TV: · '· · Imagination can play strange -ricks, when you're scared. We :hink one bad experience may lave turned you fearful of ALL FH6 Homecoming Parade A cool, misty afternoon failed to dampen the enthusiasm of Fayetle'ville High School slu- denfs and fans in celebration of their 21st annual homecoming parade Friday. The parade hegan at Harmon Field and circled the square. (TIMESpholo by Chuck Cun- ningham) men, and if you don't talk this out with an expert, you may keep a complex that could twist up your life. Confide in your mother and let her help y o u . , -HELEN AND SUE lit was the Farmer's I Daughter-now it's the All .he fishermen dug her! CONTINUOUS FROM DARK Hcndrix Bound Over JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) -- ,arry Hendrix, 30, of Jories- ioro, was bound over Friday on 'edcral charges ol conspiring to rob the Indian Mall branch of the Citizens Bank of Jonesborb. U.S. Magistrate Marion Penix rulcd that there was probable cause to bind Hcndrix over for trial in U.S. District Court. She allowed him to remain free on $10,000 bond that was posted Oct. 18, the day following his arrest by FBI agents. No robbery look place. Taco Grande 2366 N. College Ave. DINE IN--CARRY OUT STacosfor'l Sale Good Only Oct. 22nd thru 28th 521-8560 DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel 2 (Channel 9 «n cable In Fayetteville) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburg, Channel V KTUL, Tulso, Channel 8 (Chunncl 4 en cable In Faytttevffle) KOED-TV (ETV), Tulso, Channel 11 r KODE, JopCn, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 IChinnel * on c*bM In PtyettevlUe) . WARNER CABLE of Fayetteville 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 521-7739 Complete Home Entertainment Cable Service All Area Television and . . . FM Radio Time-Weather-Special Events TODAY ON HEARING AIDS SALES SERVICE Kadioear, Electone and Acouslicon Cords, Batteries and Accessories M. WARD HEARING AID DEPT. Evelyn Hills Shopping Center Fayelteville; Ark. Phone 4434591 " Various people have been screwing u p 1113' name. It's a swell name. It belonged to a bartender, a minister, a classics scholar, and a burlesque queen. It's Conroy, not Conrack, but if you want to call me that, go ahead. JONV01GHT One beautiful man. His story is true. PAUL WINFIELDTM HUME CRONYN 8 MOVIES. . . . . .¥c,.yj Phone 521-7730 Beginning.November I MOVIES ON TV 1975 COLOR TV NOW AT ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound 2333 N. College ' 44Z-8575 Buy Your Carpel Direct From The Local People That Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Most. Lawrence Carpet Mills, Inc. SPRINGDAtE, ARK. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-7M1 GET OUT OF TOWN Drive out to Hickory Creek ftec. Ant ·lid dine at THE BARN 2M East OH Hwy. 71 Steaks and shrimp, homemade elnnamM roll!, relishes, and salads. Family style fish fry Friday. Bar BQ Rib. Saturdty. Open 5-10 p.m. Sat. and Sim. 12 noan-U pjn. Closed Mort. and T»£! Come ee us at beautiful B*»er Like. 7:00 7:30 10:30 10:30 10:30 10:30 10:30 10:30 10:30 Saturday Night p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "Hang 'Em High" (1968) Clint Eastwood, Inger Stevens, Ed Bealey p.m. Ch. 2-3-5-7 -- "The Parent Trap" (1961) Hayley Mills, Maureen O'Hara, Brian Keith p.m. Ch. 2 -- "The Lusty Men" (1952) Robert Mitchum, Susan Hayward, Arthur Kennedy p.m. Ch. 5 -- "Ail My Darling Daughters" (1972) Robert Young, Raymond Massey, Eve Arden p.m. Ch. 6 -7- "The Tender Trap" (1955) Frank Sinatra, Debbie Reynolds, David V/ayne p.m. Ch. 7-- 'The Last of the Powerseekers" (1969) Lana Turner, George Hamilton Heather Anglel, Valjerie Hobson, E. E. Clive p.m. Ch. 8 --· "The Pony Express" (1953) Charlton Heston, Forest Tucker, Michael Moore p.m. Ch. 12 -- "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" (1954) Frederic March, William Holden, Grace Kelly p.m. Ch. 16 -- "Nevada Smith" (1966) Steve McQueen, Karl Maiden, Brian Keith 12:00 p.m. Ch. 3 -- "The Harness" (1971) Lome Green, Julia Sommers 12:00 p.m. Ch. 5 -- 'Creature from the Black Lagoon" (1954) Richard Carlson, Julia Adams 12:00 p.m. Ch. 7 -- "Night Key" (1937) Boris Karloff, Warren Hull, Jean Rogers 1:30 a.m. Ch. 5 -- "The Mystery of Edwin Drood" (1935) Heather Angel, Valerie Hobson, E. E. Clive Sunday Might 8:00 p.m. Ch. 8-12 -- "The Poseidon Adventure" (1972) Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Shelley Winters 10:30 p.m. Ch. 2 -- "A Lovely Way to Die" (1968) Kirk Douglas, Sylva Koscina, Eli Wallach 10:30 p.m. Ch. 5 --"Playmates" (1972) Alan Alda, Doug McClure, Connie Stevens 11:00 p.m. Ch. 3 -- 'Magic Carpet' (1972) Susan St. James, Robert Pralt 11:00 p.m. Ch. 16 -- 'Mississippi' (1935) Bing Crosby, Gail Patrick, W. C. Fields SATURDAY EVENING * 6:00 - TM . . . . . . . . . AccEon Chfcano ............... 11 Lawrence Welk ................ 8 UFO ........................ ;,.. 16 Jimmy Dean ........ , ........... 7 ITec Haw ....... , ............. ... 6 * 6:30 - Mclc Hawaii ................... II Diajofcuc 74 ................ ; .... 5 Police Surgeon ............. '..... 3 That Good Ole Nashville Music 7 * 7:00 Mysteries of the Deep 2, 3, 5 7 Movie ........................ 8, IS Evening ftt Symphony '...-- ..... It AH In The Family .......... 6, 15 *7:ZO Movie ................. I, 3, 5, 7 * 7:30 -- EYIcnds and Lovers ....... ft, 1ft * 8:00 Drink, Drank, Drunk .......... 11 Mary Tyler Moore ............ 6. 16 * 8:30 Bob Newhart ............... *. 18 * 9:00 Carol Burnett Nakla . . . . . . . ,, · Alcoholism .,.. Caueht In the Act ............. * 10:09 News .......... 2, 3, 5, 6. 7, 8. 12. Video Visionaries .............. * 10:30 Movie .......... 2 5. 6. 7, 8, 12, George Segal ................. ... * 12:00 -Movie .................... 3, 5, News ............................ * 12:30 Soul Train ................. .'... Don KIrshner'j Rock Concert .. * 12:45 Classic CliCf Hanger .......... * 1:30 Movie . ......................... Wrestling ......... '. .............. SUNDAY MORNING * 6:00 Party Line .................... .. Acrosfl the Fcnca ....... ........ * 6:30 - · Across the Fence 6 Sacred .Heart 3 Today's World 3 if 6:45- Davey and Goliath 3 if 7:00 Faith for Today ...16 Music and the Spoken Word .... 2 Search 6 Amazing Grace 3 Voice of Victory 5 *7:15- Pastor's Study 8 Wilh This Hlnj! 12 *7:30 -Human Dimension 2 Goober and the Ghost Chaser* 12 Jabberwocky 10 Gospel Sing Jubilee Voice of Victory ,,· 8 Thy Kingdom Come 5 £ 7;45 -Hymns of Inspiration 7 * 8:00 -Make a Wish 12 My Favorite Marnani 16 Outreach Canclid Campos Revival Fires James Bohison Day of Discovery ., ^ 8:30*Bailey's Comets -., Oral Roberts Thy Kingdom Come Billy James Hargts ...... God Squad Herald of Truth ,. if 9:00 Ask an Attorney Boyce Evans Hex Humbacd Evangelistic Temple ..... Gospel of Christ Let The Bible Speak ... Herald Of Truth if 9:30 Look Up and Live Sportsman Lassie's Rescue Hangers Kathryn Kuhlman Day'Of Discovery Oral Roberts * 10:00 -Day ot Discovery ... S 2 .... 5 .... 7 .... 3 ... 16 5. . 8. 12 .... 2 .... 7 .... 3 ... 2 .. 12 =, 6 ... 8 .. 16 ... 3 ... 7 . . 1 6 ... 2 .. 12 ... 8 ... 7 ... 3 . 5. « Faith for Today .... Call the Doctor Oral Roberts Rex Humbard Encounter Jerry Falwelf 10:30 Good News Bookshelf Dialogue 1G Hour of Power Jimmy Swagfrart ..* 11:00 Meet The Press Church Service * 11:30 Church Service ...... t .'.'.'.'.'.' 7 12 16 3 .. 3, S 16 . 8 . 5 ... 2 7 .6, 12. 16 NFL Football: Denver vs. Cleveland NFL Football; Dallas vs. New York .. Directions Film .'.... * 12:30 - IASUC.I and Answers .,,_.,, NFL Prc-Gamc Show .... !, S, 7 8 a, 12 B

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