Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 28, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 28, 1952
Page 13
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Porker Athletics Enter Critical Period As NCA Sports Policy Goes Into Effect (This is Ik* fhnl In . ...:-- . iTkta I* Ik* first la i »ri H ·f *ftfckM «M*ntaf ikt "r" ' ..-. Ifjl AiMcitilon of HtfittSWJr *"~- 1 Hll»us ' " * ut*n Ik* UiirersUr «f Afkaksu ""* Omk Loon Playoff: To Open September 4 * : · [gaiUptn KHMMMmm w--- SPORTS 1 ·r ALLAN QILItRT, jj. Moit people knoy that the Uni tf**!! « a I/'Vw" V «· ·»*·»«'·· » a member « tht Eoutbwist Athletic Con- '««»*· Ftwer Snow the UnjvV lity afco.b* to tfte North Central AfsQcialion ot Collages *ud S*coiid,ary Schools And still fewer are awir* that the day may jopn come when (he University will b* forced to ibindon its membership in on*, or the other. To be sure that is the most ·raitit; .vontuaUty that might "'" '"" "" "-=---=· \ ,tbj«,ic ·V ALLAN 4l "·"». ai.^^,-«a»i*ci. i, IVCTlV* VII Inl ' !Mu*',^!*:! th W"jsfe" on Collages ^·iSSS^w*^ ..ja-srvisSw.^ Larry Tp«mnjtll, the backward Bulldoj, is out for football, thi ending the season's first big my: tery. Just why the all-district en hesitsted at the opening of prac tlce was a real puzzler to thos acquainted.-with Trammell's pla ' » A playoff game between Fav- irtteville and. Gentry, · to decide the second, place winner in the Otark Baseball League, will be Played at Gentry.Tuesday,. Sip- wnjber 1. .Th» game was deemed In order to fin out the - under the Influents NCA accrediting iftnoy. Little has (Men written concerh- - tag the new policy adepted by the NCA, and few-, people are ac, quainted with the nature of that orgjnitatlon. But it is a powerful one and is now extending iu influent* in 4 positive fashion over The NCA is compesed of ,368 * H nivwiiti « other 3,150 high schools last'year and. the nature ot'th game. . . By that vye mean that Trammel .'.·» I tt'sroj 1 , on dWerise, Jlammliii opposing players around wit: reckless abandon' and unnarvln his adversaries as" much as h bruised them. To play in such a manner would seem to indicate a love pf the game--because thps who do not love the gam* sjldvn have the stomach for' the iolni when it. get? real rough. , So why, the question was raised, did Tranirnell face indecision as football season rplled around? " " · - ' " " " i he's back in Bulldogs' AVhatever the.. v _. harness and tht 19 , stitei. lt$ purpose is to give a means, ind an authority for stan- . dardiung and mjintaining a high level In the etataentj of education The NCA governs and administrates over its members with the .power to remove accreditation (as s*nous a calamity as can befall an educational jnrtitutiAn) in case of violations of organization rules. Since th* NCA Is- the nation's .largest and. probably strongest accrediting agency, its powers are oroaa and no school desires risking disfavor of the body. .·. An i!Ul y ? ll '* u *' i)l "«· '«ct that «he NCA has always pursued a policy in which educational merits are of primary concern and has diligently kept it« members In lin«, ill aeereditation h highly valued »nd meected. In line with this tht erganln- tion in 1110 took cognizance of the frowing threat to educational Values that "big-time" athletic* was presenting. A special committee was appointed in 18S1 to investigate this condition as it ex-i -· j|ttd in ita numbers' institutions. · a half games. stronger for that fact. As a green interviewer, of big- shot football coaches we watched with Interest, as the old hands went ahout their business during the Southwest Conference press roundup last fall. One of the first questions asked the coaches by the visiting scribes was: "What is your n u m b e r one problem, coach?" With that .in "mind we mailed' out aQuestionnaire to some of the area hj(«;h school coaches the other day and included that query. Back came th« reply from Jimmy Williams, the redoubtable, head man at Huntsville's Stote Vocational School: "I hav? no number one problem, but hundreds of them." .Which uhowi which way the wind is blowing- over in Madison County. For no apparent reason Lite magazine forwarded us an ad vance of Ernest Hemingway'* n»\ novel, "The Old Min an* th Sea," list week. The entire nove s to be carried in the upcomln copy 0} that mauaiine, Just why Life picked'on us -among the distinguished |nd lit erate itafj that the TIMES affore --i« a mystery. But we, wfth th dog-like faith of the ignorjim, ae epted the responsibility and dut fully read the manuscript, W* ar Had we'did, fer it seemed to u he finest thing Hemingway h» one. · ' in language that Is as brillian a its simplicity as the sun shining irough ffeshly - washed glat lemingway tells the story of an Id Cuban fisherman, a giant fish nd a small bay. The story it trlg- c in conception with the author howing man doomed to failure in is struggle against nature. Bui emingway casts a mantle of dig- ty about the shoulders of the old Sherman, even .in defeat, and at simple dignity illuminates jbook as a classic it seems, to us. Bosox Blank Tigers,-5-0 Boston . (ff) . The Boston Red Sox defeated the Detroit Tigers, 50. here yesterday in an American League game. It' was the fifth victory in a row for the third place Red Sox, who trail the leading New York Yankees by three and This committee returned to the commission last fall with its findings and a group of recommendations tor the correction of such dangers as existed. These recommendations were adopted and go into effect September 1. They ar* 31!*! that are defined to curtail many of the functions that have come to b* considered a part ef th* "nermal" athletic program. Making Arkansas' p o s i t i o n doubly delicate Is the fact that President John Caldwel! is just now making hit entrance On the seen*. It is hit problem to resolve certainly doesn't want his H* Lefthanded Mel Parnell pitched for th* Bosox and allowed no runs. His teammatts assured him of the victory by scoring five runs in the third- inning off Dave Madison. Parnell permitted ix hit*. '·""a* r I NITON a i o o Go r b " ry ' ' "k 1 ° 3. lib 4 0 IjVollrner 'if 4 1 3 .i*.. J S i S?!TM"''. .·« ° o o Braves Blast Reds In 10 Fnmej, 12-7 Cincinnati - (*) - The Boston Braves downed the Cincinnati Reds, 12-7, in 10 Innings last night, It was Bostons' second straight win over the Reds in their battle for sixth place in the National League standings. The Braves now hold a two-game edge over tht seventh plice Redltgs. Home runs marked the batting ittacks of both teams. Walker Cooper, Sibbi Sliti and Ed Math- ew» homer** for the winners and Willard Marshall 'and 'Roy McMillan hit four-bate blows tor' I Cincinnati. M u. ehMiM*ii r MITM J CINCINNATI off* ·motif th* top four teams in the league. Prairie Grove, tht winner of the loop tltl* in regular 'season Way, occupies the top place in the four-team bracket and ' will b» paired with the loser of the fay- etteville-Gentr'y gam* In * best two-of-three series, opening it the loser's park on fhursdav, September 4. Thf fraye'tleville-Gentry game winner drops down opp'o'sit* fourth-place Behtonville, with Ilia series to open at the winner's park. S»cond gam*s in'the two series will shirt scenes and be played Friday, September 3. The third gam*, it needed, will eith* be held the following Simdiy at ternoen or the next Tuesday nigh' upon agreement of the teiriis managers. Survivors ef the first round o play meet in a best thr*e-of-flve series' for the "playoff championship which wil jet under way Thursday, September J i . Meariwhlle th* -fayittevlli* Chicki made plans to ke*p in trim for their gam* with Gentry and :h* playoffs by meeting Pralfle Grove at th* Lions' home diamond tomorrow night. MMIHWHT AMCANiAS TMUI, MytfMvIN,, Auiwt 21, Iff! II YANKS STirrCH L|A New York Downs $1, Texas Christian Favored To Repeat As Champion Of SWC By HAtOLD V. RATLIFf Fort Worth. Texas-WVTeka, Chnttlan is favored to win the Southwest Conference 'football championship for several very food reasons. The Horned Frogs in 1951 and the team looks eveo stronger this ytar. Coach Dutch Meyer has th« "Hos«ea" to make his dazzling spread formation click with tornadlc fury. »hjf Asiatics ril!l*«j ytittfday Ifftet the Cleveland Indians, l-|. AI** Xtllntr Wai th* w|nnl«g, survlvlajg « iljiky lUit I* tat Indlanf fu |ijk Garcia, Cl*v»l*»« i»p*ir«l w*l! m It's ,,,,, ^, TI ... tlr , - , , way «o th* win In tht first Inning I Ing htm fw tht IfMMlMtH *s (Miner walkotf lira* mtn In a Urr ? °*' «t «. »·»·«· * »* and tk*n wltertti) wb'll* his fc " ""- t centtrtloldti, Dtv* Phlll*y, eliy- H an oHiniry sln|lt into i four: M .HL^TMTM'L»»^P* 11-7 vlettty . lead *v*» UM full Mmw ·wrVwt Mlfct* Yogi Jethrot. ff school to loae it accreditation ai the outset of his tenure--nor does he desir* tither to weaken the Kizorback athletic prograrr completely to revise it. The president confesses he has not had; time fully to consider the »SP*ct» of the dilemma, and he confesses that h* as yet sees no ·Wre course for the University. That the six other members of the Southwell .Conf*renee belong to the less itringont Southern accrediting group is the. point that causes Arkansas' problem, according to the president. "Otherwise," he ·'»'»*. "w« would have no difficulty falling .into line with th« ne»r ttfluirementi."' (To be eentlnued) Fights Last Night ·T Tfc« AMMUIet Frew New York . Orl "Bobo" Olson, ITO, Hawaii, itopped Gene "Silent" "- "0, New York (8). H. White, p 0 0 01 , Totalt M 0 IIToUla 4 (! ! 4 0 0 3 I 1 4 1 2 II I ) at r hi i i 1'Abrinu, ef · 2 II Adknu. 3b ,, * .. . it I o 3- ,, * I o * i a b r h 1 1 112 Cardimls' Losing Streak Extended By Phillies. 7-2 St. Louis-MVThe ThUadelpMl 'hils pulled to within four and a lalf games of the third plac* St Louis Cardinals last night by beating th* Rjdbiids, 7-1. Fresh from four straight losses to Brooklyn the Cards »«w th*ir losing streak extended to five games--Ihe longest In two years-- »'nd rookie Vinegar Bend Mi«*ll, the losing pitcher, suffered his first low in his last eight decisions Curt aimmern was th* Winn*r. Giants Shade Pirates, 5-4 liX'imki; ib 11 -.,. 2b Mek. Cooper, « Gordon, ]f S 2 Malhtwi. ib it ..... D«nitl«. rf S 0 0 S« sisil. :h . I t 41 McMillan, as Surkont. p 2 0 *' Church; · chlpman, p 0 1 6'Smith, p Jonii. p i i r.Borkow.kl Nuxhtll, rf 4 1 X oll "»p Cemert 2. ZB-Vollnier J. G«rnart, Bropo. 3B-C«rnf 11. Of-- Oodflman.. Lipon and Gernarl: S. Goodman; Hatriela. Feil--.. ...^ ^ropo. Ltft--Detroit 7. Boa- Ion I. B»--Parnell 4. MadUon 4. bo-- BHKiLA "'"I 1 *".. 1 -HS.«t 4* So- coo T DKtters in H. Whit, i in i. . bAdcoek ' w»nm«ler, HilUf. p Totals 47 It II Totala . . J I I I ;:, 1 0 9 1 80 1 0 0 0 0 0 l t o p 0 0 0 !» U T It Httsburgh - r,p, . The 'NM York Glintu edr»d past 'Pids burfh's Plr*t*s, 5.4, yesterday t cut a -(am* off th} Brooklyn Dodgers' first place lead. Shortstop Alvin Dark'i thre «mal« and ,Monte. Irvin's,. firs hoth*r of the year paced, the Giants as they also moved a notcl farther ahead of St Louis. . l J l 5? u 5, n 5. '? * Jrd); Hoeft 3 In 5: : . , IR-M{4Uon 5-5. Hoef 3, T ,"" ! "·"· Wlnnjr-Pir "wci--m«auK,n tt.j;, u--c lay, Soar and Napp. 1--1 i m i H -- f · r . . . . . . , - , (4-3). V-Berry. iiur. 2:Jj. - (11-71. ,. Hur. A-10,. t LM!I r. pkiianiMi* i niiadeiphla iss oon 000--7 13 i ''- l*uii . _ ,, . . Ooo 001 100--2 jo j Simmon, tni Lenala: feliell. Pr«- Ko iji. Boyer (J), Chsrabers Hi. "recbeen 191 and D. Kice. Tuaielman Modern public libraries supported by taxes wer* scarcely known In the United Slates before a--riled out for Smith in 7th. n--Filed out for Nuxhall in Ith. c-ranned for HUler In l»th, ·»"«« 014 OM Ml 1-1! C1 5 cl l n all NO 001 012 0- 7 E-McMiUan. Sijtl. Torjiaaon, HBI -Cooper 2. Msthews S, *.(! i. Me- Mlllan 4. Marshall, Torit*slh 4 Klui- K«skl. Xdwarda. J«n«. IM--tutl 2 Bemtnick, Malhewi,. Torteion. HR-Goroon. CoolMf. Mathewt, McMillan Manhall. sAsurk«nl. Mf»hail Uf --w»l»n 7. Cincinnati 10. BB--Surk ?' W!!"*.' '· ^ICttah 1. iO^chu i. ImUJt. S. Surkont 3, Nuxhalt J6n«* I. HO--Church T in S inni tfacM one batter In 4thl: Smith I m 4: Nuxhall l In l: Surkont I lit I»i Chjpm.n 3 in i: Wehmtiir s |n 'l z'* Jones"!) b "n "lTM '" 10 "" : ~i!H r ' '' s-i; Smith o-O: riuxhaii o«0: Surkom J-4; Chlpman 2-2: Wehmeler 4-4: Hlfiar J-3; Jpnei 0-tl. Winner--Jon»a (1-3). T.o.«r--WehnnItT (6-111. u-iconl»n A^S'Sis' Ou " ltlm °' mnd ae **- T--2:51 Willlamj. 2b 5 I liDivls, ef 4 i * D«rf, «· 51 3 GrMt s« J } 1 Lock-man. Ib S 6 ?U»'ki)Vich. ib 3 l .aSai'i, j fev u; ^^'Sjijipfflst.^) f 3 1 I|l*»j!lt1, B 1 8 0 4 4 I aKofhorak 1 0 0 * I ft-Kllne. p 0 0 0 I « «l S'ttfbme. Ib o 1 0 How Thty Stand By Tht AMOcliM Preti AMERICA!* LEAGUE W L New York --------- 74 Cleveland _ ..... ___ 71 Bpston ...... ______ tg Philadelphia ....... 64 Chicago ----------- 66 Washington -------- 65 St. Louis .......... 52 Uf'r 0 " - ........... 42 Wednealay's Relulta New York 12, St. Louis 7. Philadelphia 6, Cleveland 3. Boston 5. Detroit 0. Chicago 4, Washington 1, night 53 54 54 99 61 61 77 83 Pet .583 .568 .557 .520 820 .Jli .403 .J3J hit The tuiytM it*r Cf (he mi was Riy B»i*4W«u«h, Bums Run Afoul OfEx-tMalesAs Cubs Win. 18-5 , A()«l| and p*. Fwtfy-all ei Dodgers w«|riu th* Ckl fornt-- fhar*4 ninine hits t»uted tk t*am, it-t. Brown I*) th* att«ek w|tk hlti ai th* cubi VV«K»D,* « - J«W with «v» (MM in the iewn4 tanlnj From ttxo *n tbf CuW klasted *way »t tbre* Plt«h*r» and man,g*d l* it Command. »ob Kuah. with b«l» teh Ltfntrj in th* ninth wihiMr, HBF--'M JjiTly |J. fKiia'il.' .wrnn'rr"A:e"n- --Folltt 11-141 U-- Jacktwatl. ~ Th« 151.000 bituminous coal miners in th* United States produced 912 million tons of coal in 1(90. RtMMky'i fmrltc itraiflr) IctrWul Cut · vot« for Etrly Tines, and mtbtyourputy · lucoeu. F* EARLY TIMES 57 «5 IfATlOHAL, LEAGUE W L Brooklyn _.._!.. u 40 New York 72 so St. Louis , 72 S4 Philadelphia «$ Chicago ej Boston ._ 54 Cincinnati . S4 Pittsburgh ... ;.'.. 37 WealMMair's Renll* Chicago 10, Brooklyn 9. New York S, Pittsburgh 4. Philadelphia 7, St. Louli night. Boston 12, Cincinnati 7, night, 19 innings. Pet .MB .990 .971 .SJ7 .4M .443 .429 .2*7 Hobart, the capital of Tasmnnia, is said to hive'one of the finest harbors in th* world. The flrit scientific expedition la Spitsbergen occurred in 1773 *n| w«s mad* by, the English. UO "DITTCH" MtTCB "At least two deep iri leftirmtn at every position, boasting Btrotil ·r passing and mor* spted and a better d«f*ns*. there Is no rcasun why TCU isn't placed at the top in this' always frantic gridiron campaign. ThcaHback Is the keyrnan In the Meyer spread. He passes, h* runs, h* do«s everything.' Meyer has flv* such^.l|ds. He has to many he is shifting one of them-- Malvln Fowler--to fullback. "It's a most wonderful situi- ion," laid M«yer in talking about lis tailbacks. "Just think: I have so many good ones I don't know which to play." ; But he indicated th'at he would Ide with Bay McKown. McKown the brash sophomore who topped in, last y t »r when the reg- lars were hurt and carried tfff Frogs to th* championship. He passed for 811 yards, ran for 419, kicked for an average of 37.J, kicked off and probably blew UD the footballs each week. Behind McKown are Gil B«r tosh, Danny Powell and a sopho more nimed Ronald Cllnkscal* one of the'fastest men ever to ** foot on a Texas Christian grid Iron. Seven of the 1951 offensive reg »l»rs and six defensive regulars return among the 21 Itttirmtn Meyer will have when hit squid o 70 reports Monday to atari f a n training. Texas Christian opens thi season September 20 with Kiniai it Lawrence. Kan., nlayi UCLA al Los Angeles' Septemb*r 17. then plunges into the confertnc* race against Arkansas it fort Worth October 4. Atlanta . "·""Phil Mobil* Naihvillt Jltl , the Yank* on wiivtfi Boston R«4 fox. Evtrr tMfl . Ib* i»ffu* Had a rh«iK« »lu4t4 m awl illou-ed 1*1 vfteraS ttM* before the Y finally Wist* hi I* f I H* r the b »-««'· th« k*m«r rt-Hw then on, hewtvtf, K»llii*r twill |nd Phllley c'f Mltlng a gami-iavln, cttek «4 Wfliy tistlik*', ««.fe! . 4r|v* 14 tb* eighth with i pair «f Cgnadion Meet Dominated By U.S. Amateurs . v *"««v»r, *. C.-(*)-A pom of ·tralght inoetinl rwmkrts from jwr*MW4]«4) Tkitrrifr n tbf last wrvtvon kit tk* lumrr trill th* MH,u-n*ili of tk* INI I* -..00 ·SIT*? ····Hi BIrmlnitian », AtHnta ». Chattanooga 4, Littlt Reek 1. Memphis 8, Nashville I J*"J 5 rlt *?! , 4 -«. Mobil* M, "*»«d tarn* 10 Innings. Campbell «n«l Klent Bflf _ l » W f f i h*r««bo«t* M th* -... Ttf* V.S. *««· kltitO Ji Win Ht*|wy threuih th* Wflr C»PU*M l»i' «irM WMneHiy ·M *»·/.( with buitrijtMM* '^u*ct»»ti»iS^iM^ r s l tk* *"t» f«r tkl* ·MrnliK'* ilxth TIO Ofir Hdnta N«w Birth* *.«·« MH. Ckjtla. CMk Mr. and Mrs. ck*rl*t c**k «f «*"». «"*·"« tfcekW* W i August ». at lk« c«u«5 *»»{* ^ft liy mtm IM *.fM mil , tt , «t tkm will *liy tk* ll-holt qmrter-flnals to par* th* Hit to few by nightfall. Jim Tom Blair. IM Of MliMnJrl's lIMttnant ajov. efnof was scheduled to »lsy C*m|**ll Tkursday. IB W*4ln«*day's pliy Blair beat J. Praetor, Vancouver, I tnt 4 *n«! 1. L. Mo»r*, V«M*uv*r, 4 ton ef K** Y*4* ta ·«utN (Hra«n UM ·jr.aau Ml*.|o*C ***** · . Fl m tMMiput tk« Mrtk «f ·*- Aitfutt JI, at tk* w vnnvwt vm^v* Mlhta «· tht kntf, r«iM MI ket* W« «M kW th* kl»m immnt t» hi*' «*«er. wto OhtM'i 4Mfe U fKW* MM n-mit 'Mtpiit tW» fl|kt co-M^ftli II H i{i2 m THtY'U THAT THE BEST FOR LESS WE DELIVER-PHONI 117 nmua mtttrn'mtm mm . « wm Mtnum NANMT . umtmu i. KMTNKT foil Ti*, wi» CI»H 5H SMW Crap OrjMn MCI Grlffli Wiffto Syni 2lfcf f 14ii,.. 3k Ci(fMtl likln (·nlbi||icM r ft. (Htl.iWii.iiHf GLENMORE MISSION STOIIT GROCIRY OlINMOII BIITIUUIU COMfANY

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