Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 27, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 10
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gijl *mmu AKAMAI ma, Stevemon Sets :|, Plane And Train | Trip Scheduled I, Early Next Month ' ' Springfield, Ill.-l/JVA 7,«00-mllc Jllane-traln campaign tour through salne Western states Is planned I*y Oov. Adlal E. Stevenson, the 'Democratic presidential nominee's jMadquarters announced last night. J The iwlng into tho West v :*pen at Denver on September sStevenson will give » tclcvls ·§pe«ch the night of September ··n*r meeting during the day wi r»upporUr« from 11 Western state iHe will return to the Midwest e '.September 6 for a major far ;we*ch at the National Plowii SConteit at Kasson, Minn. Gc ·DwightD. Eisenhower, Republic] .{Presidential nominee, is booked jipeak at Kasson the same day. J From Kasion, Stevenson will f · into Wyoming and Montana. Wi ··on Wyatt, Stevenson's campalg ^manager, said stops arc tent :Uv»ly booked for Cheyenne, BO Jlibly Casper, Wyo., and for Bll "Ings, Mont. i^Tht tentative schedule calls fi .Stevenson to make stops in For :Und, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., o |Stpt*nber I. On September 9, h ;ii booked to make a major speec Jin Sin Francisco. On the followin -jday he will board i train at 8a .Franolaco for a "whistle stop" trl ;down the San Joaquln Valley, Th -train li to arrive in Los Angele ;UM olght of September 10, bu sSttvmton'i speech' In Los An !f4e» li booked for September 11 * Leaving Los Anfelei on Scp jtember 12 by plane, the governo I«nd hli party plan itops durln Guards Af Koje Island Prisoner Of War Camps Meet Test Of Nerves Instigated By Reds With "Maximum Show Of Force" ·rthe day at Phoenix, Ariz., ant .|AlbUQU*rque, N. M, |' Wyatt ald after the Western flour Stevenson will swing east -ward on the second phase of hi vCftmpatfn trip. A trip into the "leuth will follow the Eastern trip ; Joyce Vice President ·Of Young Republicans · Jack Joyce, Fnycttovillo. Republican candidate for Congress .1nm thli district, returned ycs- :terday from Little Rock, whore ·he w«i elected vice president of !th* Vounf Republicans of Ar- ·kinrat. WftMK AND REP/.'R White AabettM BUInt No. \ A CM*4*I* Jib 111.11 Per Sq CtkbHt ud MUlwnk. IOT KINZM HI Wall St. Phoni 1011 Seoul, Korca-W-Dofiant Hod ir prisoners tested the nerves of U. N. guards in a icrle* of In cldcnts thlj month and guard "met every challenge," killing f o u r and injuring ««, the U. S Eighth Army said today. Most of the casualties occurred at the main U.. N. war prisoner :amp on Koje Island off South Korea. It was on Koje last June 0 that American paratrooper* iroke Red rule over prison pens n a battle in which one Ameri- ·an and 40 prisoners were killed and MO prisoners wounded. An Eighth Army spokesman summed up disturbances .in July and August this way: "In the last few weeks, prisoner! of war and civilian Internees In their new 500-mcn compounds have tried out the nervei of United Nations personnel, making trouble to see what force would be used ·gainst them. On every occasion we have used maximum force. We have met every challenge." The Army began yesterday to disclose tho prisoners incidents in piecemeal announceemnts after a Communist broadcast charged the U. .N. with mistreating prisoners In August a year ago. DtniH Bttrecr Atlimpl An Army spokesman said there lad been no intent to withhold in. 'ormalion and added that the de- «y was caused by a "reorganization of the camp command." The prisoner disorders occurred on two Islands and in camps on he South Korea mainland. Some ncldent« were put down without njury. Sonic prisoner* were hurt n free-for-all fights among the prison inmates. Fighting among risoners has been common as Communist and anti-Communist actions clash -- apparently lor lower within the stockades. Two prisoners were killed in Eisenhower To Visit Areas In South, Midwest First Journey Of Campaign To Open September 2 New York - (/P) - Gen. Dwighl D. Eisenhower announced hit first major campaign trip today, a double-circle route that will carry .nun through strategic voting aceaa in the South and the Middle West. Leaving New York September 2, he will make appearances in 14 STOPPED SIX BULLETS AT 20 FEET cltlei in 10 states. The alto includes speeches schedule in New escape attempts from mainland tockades. A third prisoner was dlled when he stoned a guard at Jqsptlal Camp No. 2 at Pusan. 'he fourth POw met death August 3 when an Allied Infantry corn- any barged Into K»jc'« Compound lo. 1.0 and forcibly halted a mass Inglng demonstration. Twelve ther prisoners were hurt in the Ight. Of the 64 prisoners Injured, 42 t thorn suffered gunshot wounds. he biggest single injury toll of he month occurred August 11 hen guards halted rioting, rock- hrowlng Reds on Koje wtlh «0 car gas grenades and 12 rounds blrdsliot from riot guns. hlrty-oicht Rod« were peppered y the shot. ngineering Faculty Appointments Mode Dean George F. Branlgan of the Diversity College of Englneor- g today announced appointment ' two new faculty members, ef- ictlve September 10. Dr. M. El-Melchy was named tlitant profeuor in the electri- 1 engineering department, where will teach and do research in ectronics and communications. ay E. Untrauer will be assistant ofcssor in the civil engineering York and Philadelphia. The itin erary: September. 1-- New York. September 2 -- Atlanta, Ga., and Jacksonville and Miami, Fla. September 3 -- T a m p a , Fla., Birmingham, All., Little Rock, Ark., and return New York. September 4-- Philadelphia, September S--Chicago. September 6-- Rochester, Kaston and Minneapolis, Minn. September 7 Sunday-- Minneapolis, no appointments. September 8 -- Indianapolis, Ind. September 10 -- Rc'.urn New York. One of of his aides said today the general will remain in New York for no more than two or three days before starting on an even longer cwing, via the traditional campaign train with numerous "whistle stop" appearances. The route has not been fixed. Tw« BeU Of Meeting! On the first swing, two sets of regional meetings with Republican .party leaders have been scheduled. In Chicago, Eisenhower. will confer with representatives from Illinois, Indiana and Forester, Art., Founded By Lumber Finn, To Fold Up As Company Ceases Operations I Forester, Ark.-(;P)-This Scott County hamlet, founded 21 years, ago to house the employes of a big lumber company, will fold up early next year. The 1,100 residents of Forester learned yesterday that the Dierks Lumber and Coal Company, which owns and operates everything in Forester, will discontinue its operations here. Resident Manager W. A. McKeown confirmed that operations would cease, and said depletion Of timber supplies in the area led to the decision by the company's directors last week in Kansas City. Some employes' will be absorbed in other operations of Dierks, said McKeown, but the remainder of the labor force will be cut loose. McKeown said the job of shutting down the plant's many divisions should be completed by the first of the year. The sawmill will discontinue opsrations next Tuesday, he said, while the planing shipping department will mill and operate until current stocks are exhausted. lumber AH machinery and the 275 company-owned homes . will be sold, the manager said. Senators Say Pro-Reds Use Radio, TV For Propaganda FECUND PRETTY IUCKY, no doubt, Pfc. William P. CaWll j r damage to hi. armored ve.t at the front ^ K o r e a ^ e r , [ u r t t «lx burp gun dugs fired by a Chinese Communist from 20 feet awav l h?.*.| V ,i ! * t n t T C , (1 "" ""*' "' dc leavlng Cahl " "K* onlv · Bruise on' hia aide. He la from Plymouth. Masa. international Sovadfhoton In Cleveland, confcr- scheduled with party ATTENTION Dairymen and Farmers Ut us solve your Feeding Problem by filling your silo, using o new Ensilage Cutter For Full Information Call 68-L, Huntsrille or 1689, Fayerreville Michigan. eces are chiefs from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Elsenhower's tpcech »t Convention Hall In Philadelphia will be a major effort, televised and broadcast by radio, his press secretary said. Some of the other speeches will be broadcast, but the secretary said it is not certain whether there will be other television coverage. At the National Plowing Contest at Kasson, Miss.. September 0, Elsenhower will cross the path of his Democratic opponent for the prnidency. Gov. Adlai Stevenson, who Is scheduled to speak the ·ante day, For a Republican presidential candidate to open hit campaign in the usually solid South is n somewhat unorthodox move. But Els- enhower's advisers say they believe he has a chance to carry some of the traditionally Democratic strongholds. Sen. Styles Bridges of. New Hampshire, who visited the general yesterday, said, "There is a fighting chance for film in three or four states." He named Texas, Florida, Virginia and "perhapn Tennessee." Tonire Thursday Pomona Grange To Convtne At Vaughn The Benton County Pomon; Grange will meet in the Vaughn High School auditorium Friday night at I p. m. The Benton County Pomona Grange youth degree team will center the fifth degree of qualified candidates. Resolutions to be presented through the Pomona Grange to the Arkansas State Grange at the annual session In Faycttcville, will be .considered at this meeting. Conned Fruits Said Not Likely To Go Higher Washington-(jip)-Tho Agriculture Department predicted today that retail prices of canned fruits will be no higher during the late summer and fall than a year ago despite prospects of imallcr production. Since the boiling point of oxygen is higher than that of nitrogen, the two gasses In the air may be separated by liquifying air and boiling off the^iltroten. Institute Reports On Slate Water Analyses A report on the chemical analyses of water from Arkansas' principal rivers and their tributaries for the year 1950. has just been published by the University Institute of Science and Technology, W, W. Glrgorieff, director of the institute, announced today. The chemical analyses were made jointly by the U. S. Geological Survey and the institute, and arc supplemental to a comprehensive, 181-page report on Arkansas surface-water resources published in June, 1950. The report generally Includes analyses for silica, iron, calcium, magnesium sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, and dissolved solids at 72 locations in the four major river basins--the St. Francis, the White, the Arkansas, and the Hed. It also includes information on the high, low, and annual flow of water. In addition, the daily water temperatures at several locations on major streams are reported. Copies of the report are available without .charge. Lubell took On U.S. Politics Wins Award Buffalo, N. Y.-Wi-Samuel Lu bell was awarded the Woodrow Wilson Foundation prize for hi book, "The Future of America! Politics," last night. The award, announced by the American Political Science Asso elation at its 48th annual meeting is given to the author of the bes publication in the field of government and democracy. Lubell was not present. George Kennan, U. S. ambassador to Russia, was honored with the Freedom House Willkic M»- morial Building Award for his book^'Amcrican Diplomacy, 19001950. in the biology department of Brookhaven 'National Laboratory since 1947. Wright is clinical psychologist at the Veterans Hospital, here. Two Join Faculty Of U. A. Arts College Appointment o[ two faculty members to,thc University College of Arts and Sciences was announced today by Dean G. D. Nichols. Dr. Jacob Sacks was named associate orofcssor of chemistry and Curl Sylvanus Wright 8 part-time instructor in psychology. Both will assume duties September 10. Dr. Sacks has been a scientist EVERYTHING M nUMMNO and SUPPUES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVUMMENT AVI MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL British Engineers Show New Telephone Wild TV London-(/P)-Thc "Sorry dear but^ I'm working late at the office" dodge may be on the way out. TV-telephone has arrived. The "I can see you" phone -latest invention of British radio engineers -- is a surprise exhibit at London's annual radio show which opened today. The callers' image is shown on a television screen at the other end of the circuit, and the caller can see the party on the other end on a television screen in front of him. A spokesman for the phone makers said it was hoped that TV- tolephonc would he installed on the New York-London trans- Atlantic line before long. But the TV-phone won't be invading the privacy of the home for a while yet-- the present model stands as high as a kitchen cabinet and costs around $2,800. Over Million Veterans Of War In Korea Washington - (yPl - The Veterans Administration reported today that the number of veterans with service since the start of the Korean war reached 1,021,000 on July 31. That was a gain of 100,000 during July, compared with 51,000 in June. As of July 31 the VA estimated there were 18,376,000 living veterans of all wars and peacetime service, compared with 19,288,000 Washington - (ff) . A Sena subcommittee report said toda that pro-Communist, script write are spreading "subtle" propaga da over the nation's radio an television airwaves. "The thing is subtle," the repo of the Senate internal securi subcommittee quoted Script Wri cr Ruth Adams Knight as testify ing at closed-door hearings. Miss Knight, denouncing Com muhists and Communism, sai pro-Communist scrip writers- sto short of "laying down the parl line'" in their program scripts, bu skillfully weave into them "a con slant derision of the capitalist! system." They aim, she said, at "th simple people who listen to th radio, who would turn off right Communist propaganda. 1 The subcommittee declared tha members of the Radio Write] Guild "write for the Voice i America and the United Nation radio section-," and that the guil "is controlled by the pro-Commu nisi faction." Guild Replies In New York, the Radio Writer Guild, part of the Authors LeagUi of America, issued a statcmcn saying it "has never aligned itsel with or supported any Communis or pro-Communist organization. The guild added that its officers in compliance with the Taft-Harl ley Act, signed non-Communis affidavits. The report said that "in 1943 pursuant to orders from Alexan der Trachtenberg, a Communis leader, there began a systematic infiltration of the field of radio.' This, it said, was done by getting Red sympathizers into trie Radio Writers Guild, whose 1,500 members, the report said, write "an estimated 80 per cent of the words heard over the national radio networks" and a big percentage of television entertainmeni scripts. "Although a large majority oi the membership of the Radio Writers Guild is anti-Communist,' the report said, "the council of the guild, which is the governing body, is controlled by the pro-Communist faction which has aligned thi guild in support of Communist organizations and causes.'* Writers Named The subcommittee named script writers Robert C. Lyon,' Jr., better known as Peter Lyon, and Milton Lampell, both prominent in the radio world, as "hard - core on June 30 and 18,898,000 on July I Communists" and 'leaders of the 31, 1951. I guild. TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP TNC VMPMSt MTION nCTNC OF 1152 LIAR If STARTS UAKIV SATURDAY Your and Dealer ATTENTION: FARMERS 1ST UStlElP YOU MAKE YOUR FAU WORK EASIER WITH SOME OF OUR GOOD USED IMPLEMENTS-AIL READY TO DO A GOOD JOi FOR YOU. 1 W9 FORD TRACTOR 1 194S FORD TRACTOR 1 1947 FORD TRACTOR 1 1946 FORD TRACTOR 1 1944 FORD TRACTOR 1 1943 FORD TRACTOR 1 BOIEN HUSKY-RIDEMASTER GARDEN TRACTOR 1 CUB FARMAU TRACTOR WITH MOWER A CULTIVATOR 1 R C AIMS CHALMERS TRACTOR 1 1950 MODEL VAC CASE TRACTOR WITH EAGLE HITCH A GOOD SUPPLY OF USED PLOWS, MOWERS, HAY RAKES, SULKY AND SIDE DELIVERY RAKES 1 GOOD,USED WAGON .WITH RUIIER TIRES 1 I-HOIE SUPERIOR GRAIN DRILL WITH FERTILIZER ATTACHMENT 1 194* J-Ton CHEVROLET TRUCK 1 1947 KM INTERNATIONAL PICKUP TRUCK 1 1917 DODGE COUPE SOME GOOD HAY IAIERS Nil TYPE DISC Hailcy Sales Company HIGHWAY 71 NORTH. PHOm IMt The report quoted testimony in which both men refused to say under oath whether they were or had been Communists, and in which Lyon refused to say whether he ever had uses the pen name "Peter Ivy," widely billed by Communists in 1943 as the pseudonym of a government worker helping their propaganda broadcast .activities. Lyon in 1943 was employed- by the Office" of War Information. ,J Composer-Convict Sent Bock To Jail Milwaukee -(£)- Frank Grandstaff, 50, composer-convict whose music once won him a pardon from a life prison term, was convicted of burglary yesterday and sentenced to on? to three yeari m Wisconsin State Prison '··*{ upun. : . ~- randstaff said he'd use the time to finish his autobiography. It is believed that Egypt had he first lighthouses where beacon 'ires were maintained by priests Obligations Of School Pointed OutByCaldwell U. A. President Is Speaker At Session Of Arkansas Co-Op Little Rock-W)-The president of the University of Arkansas says I there are three obligations which | a school must fulfil! "it it is to be ' « "people's university." Dr. John Tyler Caldwell told 400 members of the Arkansas. Farmers Association here yesterday that these obligations are: 1. Social--"To preserve the right of people'to seek security, order and opportunity;" 2. Intellectual--"To'search hon-4 estly for true answers to every question . . .;" 3. Spiritual--"To love our 'fellow man." * Caldwell told the association* that the American people are making a renewed search 'for security, order and opportunity. That drive, .he said, is one of 10 new: conditions that are controlling factors in the world today " Dr. CaldweU, stressed t h a t ' "we've got to do our own thinking' 1 in today's changing world. "And further, we've got an obligation to think things straight through--not " to be fooled by labels." All officers of the co-op were re-elected in the closing session of the one-day convention. The Board of, Directors voted to pay a six. percent dividend oh the $141,389; to preferred stock.. The U. Si Bureau of Mines' synthetic fuels demonstration plant near Louisiana, Mo., where ex-. periments are conducted- in producing gasoline from coal, employs nearly 500 persons. DANCE at the Rockwood Club Country Club Road RATES PER COUPLE Nighh Fridays 1-50 Saturdays NOW RE-OPENED UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT COOL HEY, KIDS! PALACE now I 0 * BROKE I m JOHNSON! fir.HTE.iHK I mm CARTOON ·"· i COOL U A R K "SLEEPER" OF THE YEART SUSPENSE THROUGHOUT! ABOUT A STRANGER YOU'LL SEE WHY HE WAS THE MAN OF THE CENTURY PM47»

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