Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 27, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1952
Page 3
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Texans Entertain Western Style --McRoberts Photo. R. T. Short. T. A. Short. H. G. Short and C. R. Short Ranch Party Mark^ Reunion Of Four Short Brothers The. stock farm of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Short near Greathouse Springs became a "bit of Texas" when the Short brothers gathered over last weekend for a family re- ·union,- their first since ihe T. X. Shorts moved here about five years ago. The brothers and their families and guests lived the life of Westerners from Friday through Sunday with meals served ranch style from a chuck wagon. T. A. Short came here with his family from Sanderson, Texas, followed by his brother, H. G. Short, who moved here about two weeks ago from Comanche, Texas. Another brother, C. R., of Valentine, Texas, is planning to make this his future home. The oldest of the Short brothers, R.' T. Short, of Richland Springs, Texas, a retired 'rancher, hasn't as yet thought of leaving- his slate. All are interested in slock farming. , · Sons and daughters .of. the Short brothers -as well as other guests were among the-group attending the ranch party. They are.Mr. and Mrs. George Short and sons, Kenneth and Charlie, Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn Short, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Short and son, Donnie, all of Fayettevillc, Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Grisham of Breckenridge, Texas, and son, G. A. Grisham, and wife of Fort Worth, Texas, children of Mr. and Mrs.- T. A. Short; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ford and daughters, Karen and Judy Beth, 'I am deeply grateful -- "... the overwhelming endorsement of my candidacy is a real inspiration. VI will not fail thota who gave to libarally of their time, effort and votet in behalf of government responsible to the'people. "Together, we will work for the progress of our State." (Signed) FRANCIS CHERRY of Richland Springs, Texas, and Mrs. T. V. Bryson and children, Tommy Craig .and Patricia Ann, Df San Antonio, Texas, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Short of Richland Springs; Three sons and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Short, Mr. .and Mrs. Clifton Short of Menard, Texas and children, SammiO, Dorty, Pat and'Denny Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Short of Fayette- villc, and children Blendia Gayle, Ellis and Fayla; Mr. and Mrs. £. D. Bachman- and two ' dughters, Patsy and Jeanie Kay, of Comanche; Alton Short of Valentine, Texas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Short. Cousins of the brothers who joined the party were T. B. Short of Brownwood, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Short and family of Tulsa, Okla.; Mrs. Cassie Short of Tulsa; Mr. and Mrs.. L. E. "Huddleston, La Mesa, Texas;'Joe Short of Bartlesville, Okla.; Clay Short of Homona, Okla. Guests of the family included Mrs. Bettie Greathouse, Leonard Broyles, Bernard Dasek, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marinbni 'and children, and Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Curry and daughter, all of Fayetteville; Reba Joe Hughes and Juanita Farr of Pine Bluff; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Friday and son, Okmulgee.' Okla;;-Mrs. H. M. House of Des- derrionia, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. H. H. McCrow of Vinita,,Okla.; Mr. and :Mrs. Joe Reed of Springdale;.Mr. and Mrs. Garland Lierly and granddaughter; Joyce Beard of Tulsa. How They Stand (By The Associated Press) AMERICAN LEAGUE W New York 73 Cleveland ?___71 Boston _j- 67 Washington 65 Philadelphia 63 Chicago 65 Si. Louis 52 Detroit ;. 42 Tuttdar'i Rnulti New York 6, St. Louis 3. Cleveland 6, Philadelphia' 3, 11 innings.. Washington 1, Chicago 0. Boston 11,.Detroit 3. . · Pet. .579 .57.5 .554 .520 .516 .516 .406 .339 NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Brooklyn 81 -39 New York__ 71 50 5t. Louis : 72 53 Philadelphia 65 57 Chicago 61 65 Boston 53 68 Cincinnati 54 71 Pittsburgh 37 91 Tuesday » Rnulii Brooklyn 4, St. Louis 3, night. New York 14, Pittsburgh 7, night; Boston 2, Cincinnati 0, night. Chicago 3, Philadelphia 2, 13 innings. ; Pet. .675 .587 .576 .533 .484 .438 .432 .289 68 70 70 74 81 .555 .532 .529 .507 .500 .493 .464 .421 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. Chattanooga 7b 61 Atlanta 75 66 New Orleans --1* 66 Mobile 70 Memphis 70 Nashville 68 Little Rock 64 Birmingham 59 Tuesday's Resultt Atlanta 7, Birmingham 2. Chattanooga 5, Little Rock 0. Nashville 6, Memphis 0. - Mobile 9-4, New Orleans 4-6. Dallas' Negro Pitcher To Be Given "Night" 9)-Dave Hoskins, called by some "the savior of the Texas League," gets his "night" tomorrow night. The Dallas Negro pitcher, who has packed in 164,301 fans in 30 appearances, will be honored at Ft. Worth as he hurls the first game in a crucial series between the clubs leading the league. Negro citizens of Ft. Worth will hold the night lor. him. Hoskins, first Negro to play in NUTRI-TONIC GUARANTEES LOVELIEST PERMANENT EVER WAVES SAFCLY IN AS LITTLE AS 10 MINUTES Nutri-Tonic is so lavishly rich, your permanent is lovelier from the first day--without that new permanent look. Each Nutri-Tonic package includes neutralizer which gives you positive wave control. You create precisely the wave- tightness you want. You can stop the waving when you get the result you desire. A/most y$ is patented OIL Cram* base Nulri-Tonic's oij-rich creaminess permits safe, gentle wav- . ing'in little as 10 minutes. Clings to hair while waving. Applies easier. Tilt the bottle. Compare. The richness you see guarantee* your .loveliest permanent-or money back. MrMlern af Niitri-Teitic permanenti have baan given In benly talent, priced ta »IO end up ·UNO FOI UTTil OlKlt, rOO-Ngtr|.t««; nriy yit w tukMy iKtr eaii'f t«t (idj.l,. If ran hare ploitk curlari, buy ihe KFIU DELUXE «T with Jtluiiletlic curltn (2.35 IIMmiMtlTMflMlMU WKONMT1MUUY WAIANTftt r*K*w Nuiri-tMli't ttiielM el rflmt!*.., It Mf tor I«M«MI rumma, mt H !· M», IMrrweee 1 M, CaM., NUTRI-TONIC PERMANENT "SSSL*. the Texas League, will be seeking his 20th victory of the season. Not only has he been valuable as a (ate attraction but he has been * most important man in the Dallas pennant drive. He's the leading pitcher (19-10) and also the club's leading hitter, batting .327. To show his value ai an attraction, Hoskins has actually added 92,850 to the league attendance. Without him, the circuit would be far down; with him It is almost up to last season. The average attendance this year has been 2,381 per fame. His average for the 30 appearances has been 5,478--5,608 at home and 5,248 away. Nineteen of hii games have been pitched in Dallas. Jerry Doggett, publicity director of the Dallas club, also estimates that Hoskins has drawn 15,000 not included in the paid attendance, such as ladies nights and passes. v Dallas will give him his "night" Wednesday of next week. He will be showered with gifts. Airerliw to lk« TIMFS--It Not Much To Look Forward To At Notre Dame, Says Leahy South Bend, lnd.-(/P)-They used, to laugh when Frank Leahy sang 1 the blues. But this year he may be better in tune, 'coach, molder of Notre Dame foot- The perennially pessimistic ball giants, is in the middle of a rebuilding job. It may take a year or so longer before he uncages another monster to begin a reign of terror on the nation's gridirons. .' This 44th . birthday of Leahy finds the perfectionist in good spirits. "I am pleased that our team has pot been picked for the mythical national championship weeks in advance of the opening games," he said. "We do not have too much to look forward to this season and most football experts realize it." Does that mean you will lose all 10 of your games, Frank? "We could, you know," he chuckled. "Our schedule is the most difficult ever attempted by a Notre Dame squad." In order, the Irish will take on Pcnn, Texas, Pitt, Purdue, North Carolina, Navy, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Iowa and Southern California. Although the Notre Dame giant ·that until 1990 roamed through four undefeated seasons is presumably now under a sedative, It still is not dead. Leahy has 31 lettermen in his hair, the largest batch in the Midwest. Thirty or 40 more pent-up gladiators will J6in them next week to start preparations for Notre Dame's 84th season. "It could be that our team will /i GALLON Vaniili Ice Cream 63c BfOB. lOCttef ·bow a, .certain amount of Improvement defensively," Leahy allowed. "And John Lattner at halfback and Nell Worden, fullback, are pretty good college runners. .. "But for the most part, garnn are won on offense, not defense, and there are not any backflcld men who will appear to advantage without the support of a fast- charging, good-blocking offensive line. We do not have such a line." HUDSON TUMI** COMIUTt OVNNAMT Ml MM HAU AT WMTUTf OAlAOf CORRECTION GIRLS' SADDLE SHOES Reg. $4.25 ........ Now BUDDS 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 PRE-LABOR DAY SALE ALL THESE ITEMS GUT REG. 41.93 AUTO RADIO OO.V5 Pitt undar dash of most cars. 5 tubti, powerful 5'/i" speaker for clvar, rich tone. Sava now, S4.9S CUSTOM ._ rt _ AUTO RADIO 47.95 For '51 Ford, 'S1-'52 Chevy, '50-'52 Studebaker. Earliar modali prkad even lowar. _ 0 _ 7.88 REGULAR 8.95 BATTERY 12-mo. guaranteed Commander. Ample power for ordinary driving mads. Exchange. REG. 12.9SBAT- ,, . _ TERY 11.45 Wards "Standard." Equals most original-equipment batteries. Prices include exch. Type 1. 1.69 PLASTIC SEAT COVER 1.47 Genfilm plastic. Slips on in a jiffy-- protects car seats from wet bathing suits, road dust, etc. 4.95 CAR HAND , . . .SPOTLIGHT 4.44 For roodsida rapairs, spotting house numbers, ate. On-off twitch; 1 0' cord. Mugs in lighter. AUGUST GUN _ LAY-AWAY »2 Dow, $2 holds gun till Sept. 15. Complete line of Western Fiald and nationally-known guns. REGULAR 3.98 _ _ FOOTBALL 3.77 Bobby layne Boll-- split cowhide. PtbbU grain, while stripes. Official siza and weight. REGULAR 4-49 BASKETBALL Sun "44" -2-ply laminated rubbar. Pabbla grain leatherlike finish. Official siza, weight. 3.97 REGULAR 1.89 SWEATSHIRT 1.67 Heavyweight silver-gray knit cotton. Double-knit collar, cuffs. JM. SOCKS, 48c ea. 2 1.19 CLEANING . ,, XIT-.22 CAL. 1.88 3-pc. aluminum rod, twivel Sondle. 2 brushes, oil, tolvent, 100 flannel patches. Melal box. REGULAR 2,96 - ,,, GUN COVER 2.67 Irewn Army duck, wafer-repel, ant nnlsh. Leather-reinforced, fltf gum 31 to 52 inches long, SALE-FREE INSTALLATION OO QQ fleo. 24.95 Z / . O O Moil S.dau. 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