Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 22
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'·'*i2 · MMIMWKT ARKANSAS flMK, Tuttdar, August J«, IMZ Hit Lin." In 1952-53 West Fork School Has Come A Long Way B; nan STAHI · ; : TM 9 . "*££' "W °* '· r !"" rny ton. The jlfl.' wnior team wasi th« ra «lm. ' J, , , tat»rttt*d in holdmi the line in ,.,,,,.,,, , ·--.,,,. ..... .... ..... *· ..... ..._ ,. .. . , /~« . I - I A · I /~ I i th« If5?-53 school y**r," Buell! Woodi, ion. The girls' senior team was second in conference play l a s t ; Wfsl Fork \vas the fir.'t ichco seuon, and it expected, to b * : t o serve as a proving ground fo . . . . . ..... . to get enough money to operate a y«ir «_ superintendent at W«st mne . mcn(h ltrra . ,,, March u was Fork. This is a record for the ]c ,,. ered 3( . p j a n ( Hf county rural area. His patrons will ,,, k ,,,, Kh , . t«ll you the school has come a m o n t h s ,,,,, comlng ',,,,,'. long way In those years. ' It 'is one of only f.vo rural Waihington County schools hav Term Optr.s ieplfmber 1 This school e/.-tsnds over area of 96 square miles, has an I valuation of J507.781. anc Out of year, livi Presley 14 teachers from l » f t j ins a band They have » music de-, rK1 · d , ,, h h h ,, d IOP! | O a n Oklahoma school. Bay Reed, partment that ranks at the. In Northwest Arkansas. Last had en average d a i l y a'iendnce will be replaced. Mrs.! ln « u « r f d « 'V 2 '' ""V^ " sir.TM, p.noi'.h i.=^h.r ! is the only r u r a l a i e a . other t h a n Greenland, t h a t enjoyj, the bene- f i t $ derived f r c m ha'.mg a rail- read to pay a ta.x. Four buses are operated, two of w h i c h have been r e r p n t l y replaced with new ones. A lunchroom ir, operated in the new. modern home economics - study hall - library . , . J social science teacher, is n u i t t m t the Northwest Arkansas Musical ,,,,, ,,,,,.,,, proltwlan ,,,' s l u d j Festival was held mere. The hind I ,,, t h ( m i nislry . ol 50 pieces has made many public appearances, not only in the West i Couniellng Helpful Tork community, but at various I Another feature of this school places throughout Ihis section, system which has produced out- j combined building. Tom'Gray is band director. The standing results i.t a department I The board consists of Gus Clif- music department is under the I in counseling. Under the directions j ton, presided, Ted ,I. Baker, sec- lupervision of Mrs. Roy Simpson, j o t Mrs. Burll Woods, the pupils j relary, Mural Smith, E. L. Bar~--- Champion Twice | are given tetic to determine for West Fork's senior, boys basketball team has been district chjm- pion twice under Woods' cosch- Ing. Last year they were third in conference standing. Having lost "hat vocation they are best fitted. Through conference and the guidance ot the counselor, a large per- c'ntsgt of West Fork graduates continue then- education altsr tholomew and Frerl A. Doyle. School '.vill be opfncd f r r r e ? - i istration of pupils Ijeplember 1, with claEEes beginning on September 2. , In the United Stales there arc ounty Library Aids Schools And Serves Entire Citizenry By FRED STARR Would you JiKe to know how much it costs to move a moun- ain? What lo do until the doctor arm ei? Are you interesttd. in he cars of trees, flowers, or rabbits? Not only can the Washing- itn County Library loan you most ny book listed in the catalog, but t also serves as a clearing house or f a c t u a l information for which he people "of the county might ave need. This library was established in 940, when the Quorum Court cet I of lhe PTM3ram is taken care of side funds to buy books\and h i r e ! al t!ie Fayetleville branch. librarian. In the first year 3.725 | olher . branches in the countj ooks were purchased at a cost of!' l i n e been rcl U P at Springdale. 4,430.16. Of Ihis amount the! L l n c o l n ' a n d Prairie Grove. Sta- time a City Library, separate and apart from the county, but has been consolidated with the county systsm under the supervision cf Mrs. Deal. Until this consolidation took place, people outside the city who wanted to check out books went lo the office at the courthouse. Now this office keeps lhe records, buys and distributes the books to the branches and stations, and no longer serves as a place for the public to secure books. This part »nd regulations regarding the number ol hours t day the library is open tor service. That Is the reason there must be a board for each branch.-All branches are under the administration of Mrs. Deal, who buys the books and-' cources. supervises operation. Available To AH Library services are available to all citizens living in Washington, county. Anyone is eligible to use any branch or station in any sec- brarians it was secured titan the state Library Association. Mr^ Deal is proud of the service she and h?r staff is'able Is give, and urges residents to take advantage of these free - for : the-tskinj re- Few Radicals Among Japanese Students The County Library Board consists of six members, all appointed by the county judge. They J. R. Kennan, chairman, R.__. ( Alva Rush, Mrs. Lessie Read, Mrs. i The service of the County Li- Tokyo - . iff) - The - - - - - - . Ministry of Education says radical lion of the county at any time, i left-wing and Communist ele- Last year (he library loaned jments amount to less than two per Mrs. J. Frank Holmes, Hal Brogdon and Fred Starr. The Fayetleville branch has a nine-member board of which W. E. McWhorion is chairman The Springdale branch also has a brarian is as near as your telephone. It can supply you with information you do not have available, and will be glad to secure ves. Recently a sign painter called in to determine how many M's strations last spring in which dis- ' sident Koreans and some students played a prominent part. A ministry white paper urged 'he public, particularly employers,. to realize that a vast majority of for you any book not on its shel- some 120,000 university students ounty paid S2.447.91; the aid $1.640.80. stale · . h a v e bem established at Hil1 , Morrow, Winslow, only two regulars by graduation, | leaving hijrh ichool, and go i n t o , they will b« the te»tn to watch in positions without having to go | more than 5.000 companies opcr- "B" competition the coming sea- t h r o u g h the ordeal o f ^ flndlns : attng about P.000 coal miiv?s. lions Cane Ths'lnroms'fnr the library lasl Farmln Slon, Brush Creek, High- ear was $?25.U01.77. The people I ) a n d p ««'ul Valley, and at Lin- Washington County voted in! . n (colored) School in Fayette- The County voted in 1P43 to set aside one mill for up- ke»p of this institution, and from that t3r, 514,633.31 was realized la:.\ rear The elate supplied S2,- "as fresh as a field How would you like a wardrobe thot fairly sings of sum- i ' i 'ij hot '"** your spirif * with its fresh oir of e001 beauty, like a field of sparkling dailies? L«t us treat your summer clothes to our new, modern methods of dry cleaning that fairly lift the loot and grime out of each garment, that prolong the life of your clothes as they gently clean and freshen. You will be deliqhted with our service, and with your brlghf, crisp rejuvenated wardrobe. CITIZENS LAUNDRY PHONE Nd DRY CLEANERS PHONE 1246 326 N. West D76 J6. and from local funds -such ss community chests and those rais:3'l by the branches -- S6.291.83 was obtained. 50o Per Person According to Mrs. Ha:el Deal, county librarian, this m o n e w nmounts to rnly about 50 cents per person in the county. The American Library Association says the Manrlard for libraries thruughout difference between a branch and a station is t h a t the branch is much larger, is open to the public more hours, per day, and has a greater collection of oooks. S»rvice To Schools All public school districts in th« county receive service from this library. In fact. 54 per cent of its service goes to the schools. In addition to the public schools, service is offered to the University Trsinin; School, St. Joseph's nine members with Mrs. I to put in the word "Inflammable' I inmin J j^. 85 c h a i r m a n - At He did not have a dictionary ban- Lincoln, Frank Dixon is chairman dy, and would lose monev if be 01 a four-member board, and Mrs. I got the word wron. and 'had to hi, K^" m ?." ^. e _ a ./J line - mera - re - d ° tne s 'gn- Another man needed some information rsgarding the care of the trees in his yard. her !-,, v- u u , Pr! »TM Grove. nJn i , 11"" mUSt provide ' its is y a r , own building, employ its own H- The book w,-s not in the library, orarian, and make its own rules I but through the effort of the h- are hard-working and earnest. H added that 60 to 70 per cent, have to earn all or part of their livelihood. Charles Burton in JS43 made tht first baby carriage followed by protests from pedestrians because, people wheeling the contraptions ran into them. Burton moved to England and opened a factory- i the U. 5. call; for the expenditure i Catholic School, and the Lutheran ' o f Sl-.l'O p?f person. j schools. In the three years since the one- There are three thinjs a county mill ta.x has been in effect, the ' library must do each year to qual- ,.:,,,, :.. ,i._ t-...-. ...,i,circulation in .the Fayetteville branch has increased from 2.500 per month to 7.G30. In Springdale th? increase lus been from 800 In 3.044 pev month, while in t h e i county schools there has been an j pard-Iess nf race, color," or'creed; upward yearly circulation from (31 t h p people must vote a one; '6/63 to 117,115. From those fig- · urrs it is a simple matter to see 'i''hat the taxpayers are getting Icr their money. The total number of people who I bonus of S687.G7 from the state have registered for library ser-1 last jear. vire. net including children using books in school and in the stations, is 5,135 ackilts and 2.B14 juveniles. Mrs. Deal became head of the sjslsm three years ago. She was hired by the County Library Scord. She has a degree in library science from Louisiana State Uni- verrity. A f t e r snendin^ one year in Louisiana, she took over the . duties as librarian for Boone, Car- j rol, Newton, and Jlation counties, I with headquarters at Harrison. | She served thers six years before j corninj to Fayetteville.. Tv.o Assistants Assistants" in the office ot the the courthouse are jj y for a Epeclal bonus offered by the Slat; Library Commission: ( 1 ) 20 per cent of the tdlal budget must be sp«nt for books- (2) it must serve all the people re- mill tax for upkeep of the library. Because of compliance with these requirements the Washington County Library recfived a Lssl year the library served 54 unils. A unit may consist of a high school, sn elementary school, or a wing school. All units in the coun- j ty were served except isolated wings in the Springdale and coun- ' ty school districts. Summer Reading Programs Throughout the summer vacation months the libraries st Fayetteville and Springdale carry on a reading program for the youngsters. A special story teller is provided to entertain the children each Saturday morning. Prizes are given for the largest number of books read, and any child who Poll-Parrot Shoes reads 10 books during the summer is given a certificate at librarian Miss Mollie Vaughan and Mrs. Georpe L. Byroade. Miss Vaughan party"whTfh'cllmaxes'Vhe'summer has been in th? library seme? for ! program. One hundred and 70 children I are enrolled in the summer read- Every style of POLL-PARROT Shoes is rested in actual wear by real'boys and girls before it ever goes into production! Add that pre-tcsted dependability to growing room, age, conforming arches, a n d extra reinforcement ot vital ports, and the total is MORE VALUE for you, MORE PROTECTION for your child! | ing program at SpringcJale. Mrs. the past 12 years. .She has served a part of t h a t t i m e as librarian because of the changes in personnel. Mrs. Byroade has been with i Deal reports this method of "heip- I b - C o u n t y Library since January, ing t h e chi | dren with , heir sum . mer reading is also serving to get the parents wore interested in I books. They come to the library to 1952. Mrs. Art Psulsrtid is assistant librarian in the city branch of the County quarters in '"lion Building. This'was at one Library with head- the City Adminis- help the child in his selection of books, and end up by checking out books for themselves. Deftly Ocs/gnerf Perteef Pteymafes Ugfef 6 Right We Give SH Greet.'- Stamps Poll-Parrot Shoes for Active Young Feet They Are Pre-Tesrsd in Actual-Wear; Laner Bros. Shoe Shop SOUTH SIDE SQUARE FAYETTIVILLE, ARK. The generation being educated in our great school system contains the men.and women to whom we cast our torch tomorrow. Our hope is that by their training they shall be better equipped to govern themselves, to prosper, to maintain a peaceful would than we. Kelley Brothers Lumber Company "KelleyforKwalitf FAYETTEVILLE SPRINGDALE Phone 9 Phont 2173 City Lumber Co. FAYETTEVILLE Phone 2938

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