Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 26, 1952
Page 13
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Second No-Hitter Of The Season Pitched By Trucks By JOE RE1CHLER · (AP Sport. Writer) | , he , hr( , e r e n i d i m n g Innlllg5 . | Virgil Trucks was riding nn the : Cards Lose Two clouds Tuesday but if tht double I The Brooklyn Dodgers lutt no-hit pitcher of the Detroit j about killed Ihe C'aidinalr,' thm , Tigers was going around in rir- ' pennant chance:- f^ening both ' cles, who could blame him? | ends of a day-night St. Louis '. The 33-year-old righthander, j doubleheadcr. 3-1 and 9-1. to · suffering his poorest season in the majors, suddenly finds himself in the pitchers' mythical Hall of Fame, joining Johnny Vander Meer and Allie Reynolds on a special pedestal reserved for those who achieve two no-hitters in the same season. Trucks held the New York Yankees hitless Monday at the Yankee Stadium and won. 1-0. in Cafeteria At The New High SehooS | their N a t i o n ! League loud to , 10'-. games. The New York G i a n t s : clipped past the Cardinals into ' second plane despite a 3-0 103s to .' a sensational, thrill-packed performance that cut t he world champions' American League lead to one game over Ihp Cleveland Indians, who defeated Washington. 7-2. The classic came jURt. three I A five-run n i n t h inning, cli- ' ! muxed by Roy Campanella's home j run with two on alter Pee Wee j ! Reese had singled in the lying . j and winning runs, finished off · j the Cards in the nightcap. The j I Dodders snapped a 1-1 first-came : ! tie in (he .seventh, .scoring twice ; on singles by George Shuba, Gil | 1 Hodges and Andy P a f k n and a ' long foul fly by Cdiup^neHa. : Koukie John R u t h e r f o r d limited i the Bedbirds lo two hits. ! Nashville Beats Pebs, Constable Wins His Fifth Chattanooga Pushes League Lead To Three Games JJorttytt""* ., ^^^^ ^^ SPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, foyelleville, Arkaniai,- Tuesday, August 26, 1952 months and 10 days a f t e r he handcuffed the Washington Senator.- j without a hit or a run on May . 15. ' | The Birmingham firehaller also j 4ias pitched a one-hitter, a twn- | hitter, a four-hitter, a five-hitter j and two six-hitlers. Yet he has only five victories to show for his efforts as against 15 defeats. Only Art Houtteman, a teammate, has lost more. ·Gets News In Seventh It was not until the Yankees were going to bat in the seventh j n n i n g that Trucks learned he had 'a no-hitter going. "Until then he, along with everyone else, was under the assumption that he had allowed a hit in the third. In t h a t inning, Phil Riz?.uto chopped a simple grounder tn short. Pesky fielded Ihe ball clea.uv ,,,,,, ;) BB _ Truck , ,. M1Mcr 2 .then hobbled it in his glove as he j R. m i n e r '- no--Mi'icr 4 'tried to pick it out for the throw AMERICAN LOOP BOX SCORES DETROIT I HEW YORK ah r h ah firnlh. r £ J 0 0 M a n t l e , cf P p - h v . v 4 n 0 C n l l i n ? . I b Hn!!ic!c! ^h :i n ! Batirr, rf Diopo. l h 4 1 2 B t r r n . r- Souc-hock. rf 4 n 1 Wnocllme. If Delsinc. If 4 0 (i Babe. 2h Baits, c 2 0 1 2h F c d c i o f f . 2b ."· i n Riizuto, s s Truck.*, p 2 0 0 p.Mize 'Br'-de'i. .ss ' M i l l r r . p - hNnrcn 'Scarh'gh. p TolaU 30 1 5 Totals (n- TV Associated Press) Ynunc Jim ConslahJp. Nash- v i l i r ' s pri'p r o n k i n , inadp I h p j u m n ; f r o m Class B tn pniihlc A h^I! without break inp his y t r i d n . anri his arrival srcmrd to put nrw prp ! in thf VolE. The Ifl-ycar-oH I southpaw wnn his f i f t h straight I Southern AFFOcialinji cnme against ! no H p f p j i t s wr-en Nar.hvillo cdeed j Link' Rock, 1-n. InM. n i R h t . His ! iii^t t w u victories also were shul- | our?. Sinrp Constable mad* 3 In is first sl;irt Aucust 10. the Vols havn Huntsville To Field Light Team; Six Letterrnen Lost By A L L A N GILBERT, J K . (TIMES Sports Editor) H u n i F v i l l r ' s En21 PS lace H .1. 1, P a t r i c k , a 170-pmjtid j u n i n r : nvl. u hn rktublcs ,is a s t n i on ! l i ^ | K a f i r s ' h H . - k c t h n l l t r / i n i , and .1. U". : qame schedule this ( n i l w i l h .some i i^ 1 "^'TM; P!^TM"!',""'" 1 ' ha ".hope of proving l n . back. P a t r i c k js rated by his i-rur h PS n n ? of the f i n r M rnd prui-pprt:- | in ihe district, MrLrnrinn, who I showed proinii-e o[ real stai'dom ' ,1 year, u i 1 ! be t h e h.'ickhnni: ol \ J J J : i o it won H nf I D camp?. In the 19 3 0 0 previous qames, the Vols won ·i n n only seven. f art or ii: I h r District One Class A ram. Head 1 Coach J i m m y W i l l i a m s confesses hopes f n r only twn victories tr. IIP points out c x r p p t i o n u t n\ c r a l l . slrrn=lh in t h e riistnct, bul H u n l s - i l h f i H u n l s M : l n r u n n i n p *WA. v i l l o followers w i l l be surprised j Other I c l l e r i n r n and n-lc;m !» and rtisnppninlFrt if I h r Kaylcs! tcrnicn irountPd nn lo h e l p uut tl rlon't do some belter t h a n t h a t . ; f « H incliHM 1 : Cone f r n m Jast vcnr's team a r c ! Jamcr Hiirris. I l.Vpuund j u n i . six l o t t r r m c n . all starters. But hack nn hand nmon^ the -10 players tryiny out j n r s t a r t i n g positions are Ifi "A" squad letter w i n - ners and 13 "B' 1 team Icttermen. Tin 1 f e a m w i l l he a lifiht nnc and f a s t e r than. H u n l s v i l l e has Ml'plerin nf Ihr new K n y c t i o v i l l o H i n h .School, n u n of the mo:·! r f i t n r i m r n t . The r j i f c t r r i n l v n u n t r r ,'mcf n («.-w of the l.'ihk-j. iiir dom in the Southwest, utt here. (Pu.'.ka TIMESFOTO) n n ( i o n 16 0 (t Thp youngster, properly of ihr N r e\v York Giants, allowed only Iwo scratch singles in the seven | fielded in some time. Coiich Wit- Innlngs he pitched last night. j liams looks for n pretty good rle- C h n l l a n o n p n strefche.-] its league ' fcnive alignment, hut adinilr, his and tlaylnn L i c h l u p r . 1 4 0 - p o u n d . ( h f i m sophomoie ;il quartpibir.-k; H i c h - l ard K d m i s t r n . 150-pound snpho-1 I j « l u i j l l f i llim ' 1S a more. Glen Ledbr.He-r, i l.Vpnunci- experience and age. sophomore, a n d K o n n i e Minor 1-iD-i ound sophomore, f u l l b a c k s ; Char Irs North eras:., 11Ti-pound j u n i o r , ,f. I). G a r r r t . H 5-pound seninr, i i^lit h a l f harks; dene Lewi?, 135-pound j u n i n r . (". H a r p , Arkansas Boys In East, West AH-Amcrica a-- Fouied out fnr R i z z u t o in 8th. b--Filed out for Miller in fith Detroit non mo i n n -- j New York . nno non ooo-- n V.--Ball.*. rr.*ky n n i -- Sniirhork. 'Jfi J o h n n y j -Dropo. S--Miller, n p -- B a b v M a r i i n a n l v and * nri Collins L e f t -- n r ' r o i t b. :--c\v vorit grabbed it but the toss was low ,and late and Rinzuto was. safe. John Drehinger. official scorer j and veteran baseball w r i t e r of the . New York Times, called it an j error and the "E" was flashed on 'the Scoreboard in centorfield. Then, a f t e r a moment's reflection, he reversed himself. Under (he im- · prcssion that the ball had stuck in I t h e webbing of Pesky's clove, i Drebinger changed it to a hit. j Still not satisfied. Drebinger telephoned Pesky in the visitors' dugout as the Tigers came to bat in the seventh and the shortstop readily took the blame. - "It was my f a u l t . 1 hoofed thn hall," he explained. "I had it in my plove but it squirted loose just as I reached to t a k e it out." . Drebinger then reversed himself again, ruled it an error and had the public address system announce it to the customers. The rrowd greeted the announcement with a roar of approval and Trucks worked all the harder in M i l t p r 1.1-51 U -- P n h b . Gri chick and Pays; 412. T-- 2:03. A--13,- fo three f u l l Barnes w i t h an ! i n a b i l i t y to tell w h n t kind of an j iSr.-pnunri .junior, and B i l l y Star- R-5 virtnry over Memphis. A l l a n - j offensive punch will develop as nr.«. 150-pound sophomore, left ta and ISTew Orleans nre tied f o r ' drills progress, second. Each dropned its game by i A great number of problems i d e n t i c a l three-run margins. : faring the Eagles w i l l probably have a bicgrr bpsrinp on the team's successes t h i s f a l l t h n n the actual material and coachir.o. For one t h i n g t h e St.'ite Vocational School will i n s t i t u t e a j u n i o r high athletic program which \vi!i re- The Memnhis loss, coupled w i t h Mobile's 5-2 ripfcal nf A t l a n t a , dropped the Chirks to f i f t h plnce and moved Mobile back into the firs* D i v i s i o n . Wade Brrjwniiic scafJprerl cicht Hlh for t h e ! c,uire much of the t i m e and attcn- Wesilakc. A v i l a . 2b Doby. cf Easier. ]ti G l y n n . l h Hoion. ,'it Simpson. Tiplon. c Sirick'nrt. ab r h If fl\ n Vn s i n co s i r.Tci ..or. of t h e coaches this year. ! A n n t h e r t h i n g t h a t w i l l cut i n t o . nrl? , Totals n 1 n Vcrnnn. !b .s ft 1 Baker. 2h ri 5 1 2 Busby, cf 5 1 1 Grasso, c ss .1 n o a R a p p 4 1 2 M a r r c r u . 5 40 7 IL J Totals 4 t 1 4 n i 4 1 1 '_ RP?IP. One of them was a homer ; by Dick Sinovic. Birminsham did all its «srnrinp j l h s effectiveness of lhc leam's play in nnr i n n l n c -- t h e si;th--fo t u r n ' is the fart (hat the members nf the i b a c k the Pels, fi-3. j squad arp patl'ered from a radius ' of 25 miles and m a n y of I h e m Only three m e m b f r s of the , ... . . i l u r m p n i s - ' y t ' ) - i wn A I K;ih:-.ins uiuad top t h e loO-pounr. mm'k · , |r( , t n ( % | l l h r i . s nf 1hr ,. ; . iv[ .,,,,, Wc . t and two nf thow are jiophomnre. s t ; i r l i i u ; lineup-; for the- A H - A m r : i -. 'i hr prr-p f l c n e l f j c k l c s - T n a t shalllr| m f l k p H u n l . s - . i r f i h l R h school f o o t i . i i i l K - H ; ville the lightest team in the rii.«i- j ** 33 2 S j NATIONAL LOOP BOX SCORES a--Grnundcrl out for Grassn in nth Cleveland n -"id OOd 004- 7 W a s h i n g t o n . .. noo nn! 001-2 E-~Vcrnon, A Vila. RB'--Lcmnn 2. A v i l a . Jonscn. Hoscn 2. Doby, Sinin- .nn. Baker. 28--Milch-ll. Lemon, Avila. Rosen. 3B--Coan. SB--VcVtnon DP--Lemon. S t r i c k l a n d and EaMrr; A'vila. Strickland and Easter: Slrick- Ifinri. A vi I a and Glynn. Left--Cleveland 9. Washington 6. BR--Lemon 2. Marrcrn 2 SO · Marrcro 4. Loinon l. I? ff. ER--Marroro 7-S; Lrmon 2-1. HBP --By Marrcro t ^ a s t c n . Winner--t.cmrjn O5-9). Loser--Marrpro '10-fii U--Pana- rrlia, M r G o n a n , D u f f y . Rommel T-- 2:1S. A--19.495. nn nth the time*--read TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Brooklyn 3, St. tnuii 1 FIRST CAME BROOKLYN i ab r h Amoros. rf Cox. 3h . must gel in t h e i r practice U c k s j Cliristian. prior to 3:30 o'clock each afl3r- noon. Adding to Ihese tangihln d i f f i - culties are such thinss as the job nf rebuilding an interest in the h a l f b a c k s ; Mellon Canmn, 15(1-pound senior, .lack Boone, l.'iO-pmmd .ninicii", Jeruld Jackson. MJ-pound .sophomore, and A. Bnlinper, ISO-iJotuid snphnnioie, end*; James Dfnley, l^. 1 )-pound senior. Rotrer M c L o u d . j i t s cla:, 115-pound sophomnrp. Del mar and A l l Moore. 113-pound sophomore. Jock Park:-, MO-pound and \ V a \ n e I luii!, 13") - pound sophomore, gunrdr; E u g e n n Ciriggj:. 170-pnund j u n - ior. Jerry SHndrrp, 170 - pound snphnmnre. John A i i s h u n , 1T).")- pmmd sophomoip, Wayne Mc] nil-pound sophomore, and B i l l y Perkins, 150-pound sophomore, tackles; and James Archer. H3-pound senior. K. A. fosterling, 150-pound sophomore, ST. LOUIft ab r h 4 n O.Hrmus. us . 1 1 0 - -Crm. game and in losing boys wl-o droii oniorc. centers. Doyle Van Hook, US-pound soph- out of school through the fall 0 0 n Sch'nd St. 2b 2 n 1 4 0 l . M u s i a l . cf 3 0 0 Hohinson. 2b 3 0 1 Slaughter, rf .'1 II 0 Shiihn. If 4 1 TH. Rirc, If . T O O Ftirillo, rf 0 0 0 Bensnn. ^li 3 0 J Snirirr. cf 4 0 0 Sislrr. lh ,T n n Pafko. ;Sb. II 4 1 I D . Rirr. r - T O O lloctEes, ]b 4 1 2 Stalry. p 2 o U Walker, c 2 0 0 aLowrey I 0 0 Camp'cHa. c 1 0 0 R u t h p r l ' d . p 3 0 0 Totals 33 3 fi TolaU Twn key men in the lineup nre Light Team Two things are apparent from :i quick rundown of the Ka(clc iors on the squad--a f a c t lh;U may ( indicate belfer t h i n g s in t h e f u - j lurp. but srfirrcly Innrls itself t o . bright proEjrcct.s for the current year. ; C'oHi'h W i l l i a m s picks H a r r i s o n : ar. the fop t r a m in the dislricl in , and figures BenUinvilln ar, almost as .strung. Si- j l o n r n Springs, he feels, is the sleeper--the. team w i t h the rlark- ruling; t h a t could become the t(.uphes) in t h e I r n ^ u e before slate p l a y o f f t i m e in November. Thr H u n l s v i l l e schednlr: Sept, !'.!, Berryvillc, honift. Sept. 19, Harrison, there. Sept. 2fi, open. j Oct. 3, A l m a , home Oct. JO, Rogers, home (Homecoming). Oct. 17, open. Oct. 24, Bentonville, home. Oct. 31, Siloam Springs, home. Nov. 7, Van fiuren. there. Nov. 14, Clarksville, there. Nov. 21, Sprinfidnle, there. hC-:! ·chonl p l f i y r r ? west nf t h e 1 s l p p i R i v e r .ij;;nnrt thoRO ti'.e F,ifi, w i l l h* held * S t . i r ' i u n i hert- Knday night. ,"rt The Wor.t rre\v averages 210" in (i e linn a n d ISn" in the bade hold. The East weighs in at iff- .iM-i.-iM 1 u j j f r o n t and 183 in trw? Tiie \\Vit tp«m Includes Ertrf W.iiron V/einherg, 178. from Osce- ol;i. Ark., and Quarterback Buddy Hrnson. 17fl, DR Queen, Ark. 'BASEBALL TONIGHT 8:15 Fayetteviile Chicks vs. Siloam Springs Fairgrounds Park 26 1 2 3th in- FISHING TACKLE Select now from our complete assortment for yo'ur Labor Day week-end Fishing and Hunting Licenses Many Items !4 Off LEWIS BROS. CO. SPORTS HEADQUARTERS a--Lined out !or Staley nins Brooklyn oin ODD 2CO--3 St Louis ... . 1 0 0 000 000 1 E-- SchoendiEnM. Sislcr 2. Benson. R B I -- M u s i j l . Pafko. Campanella ZB --Srhnenriionst. Hodge.s. DP--Snider. Hodge* and Pafko: Rohirmnn. perse and Hodees 2: licmus. Srhnendirnst · and SUtpr. Lefl--Brooklyn 4. St. Louis ; o BB--Rutherford j. Staley 1. SO - j : Slaley 5 R fc E R -- H u l h e r f o r d 1-1; Sialey .1-2 HBP--Rutherford (Hemus). i Winner--Rutherford i5-4i. Loser-, · S i a l r y U4-12) U--Goetz. Daicolf. Sc- cory and Warnrkc. T-- 1:S?. A--23.894. | SECOND GAME ! ! Brooklyn .. 020 000 113--9 12 10 : I St. LouiJ! . 000 220 100--5 12 H ; i Moore WFi, Loes. Wade. Bl?ck I ! and Campanclla: Brazle (LPj, Haddix. ! j Yuhas and D. Rice. Cincinnati 3. New York 0 ! NEW YORK I CINCINNATI : ah r h 1 ah r h ! . Williams. 2b -1 0 1 Abr'mv cf. If 4 I '.! · Dark. s 3 0 li Adams. 3h 4 l .1 . Lockman. Ib 4 0 ]i Marshall, rf 4 o n l ' I r v i m If 4 0 21 Klusz'ski. !b 4 0 1 ; Thomson, cf 4 0 0'Kdwards. If 2 0 1 [ W r x t r u m . c 4 0 OIRnrko'ski. cf ^ 0 0 ! Thnmp'n. 3b 2 0 0 H a t t o n . 2b . 1 0 0 ' ' Kigney, 3h 1 0 I 1 S r m l n i r k , r 2 0 0 ' H a r t u n g . ' r£ 3 0 0 M c M i l l a n . AS 3 I I j Jensen, p 1 0 0 Rafien'br. p 2 0 0 j Koslo. p 1 0 0 I n W l l t o l t 1 0 0 ' I Kennpdy. p 0 0 0' i TolaU 32 0 6 Totals 30 3 8 · a--Filed out for Ko*!n in 8th : New York 00i 00" 000--o ; Cincinnati 000 120 OOx-- 3 · E--None. KBI--Abrams, Adams. Ed- M'arrts 2B--Williams .^B--Adams S-- · R a f f e n E h e r c r r . DP~Thoninnn. Dark aid Lorkman. Lt.fl--New York fi, Cm- i c i n n a l i 6. BB--Jaaten 1. Koslo 1 R a f - · ; K r n n r r i y 1. ' n a f f e n ^ h n r q r r ' fi 'HO-- i Jf-nsrn 7 in 4'i innings; Kosln 1 in ; 1 -V. K e n n e d y 0 in 1. R A;ER- .latisrii ' 3-?,: KoMo n-0. K e n n e d y 0-0 W -- R a f - i 1 fsnhrrjzer i H - l l ) . L--Junscn (11-10. U j · --Guglielmn. Corr. Conlan and Sle- · ! wart. T--2:07. A-S.878. : Advertise !n TTWTS -- ft Mellow as Moonlight BOURBON Cuicwli l« o*whl«ky...a truly srwi «»utbon ftom Ktn), light, ai«d by natur.'i polinnl hand, m ihn poak of olH-faihitn.d . Th.n i no lln.r B.vrtion il any prl». «f«OM TM» t I F i A N D V J O O « O f TMI O U A I N " l f ( . « . » l t « l l I t S I I t U I I I ! f « « ' « « T , i . t u i u t i r * M MO or · im W H I U V i t Y U M O I P / CAPPS / F mi* mis an Clothes for Young Men MANHATTAN SHIRTS White, colored and .striped w i t h both b u l - lon sty IP and French c u f f . * 2.95 lo 5,00 PI/TX PHOENIX SOCKS .75 lo 2.9S NECKTIES by Cavalier Wembley Manhattan A l l Ihp latest pattern*; for Fall in the mn?l wanted fabrics-. 1,50 fo 2,50 PAJAMAS by MonhaHar and Jason K!on*. hrnadrlftlh-. r.ivnns in tuttli s'th.-j and frfiicy piiltern*. 3.95 to 10.95 .. .Take your oick of lans, browns, greys and blues in a wide voriely of styles ond pallcrns. Those Capps Fu Measure soils arc gonor- ously cut o( high quality domestic and imported fabrics. Slop in today, while our selection of these unusual suit values is large. Remombor, thoros no skimping in a Capps Full*Moo:ure suit or topcoat. .NOW $5 to $10 UNDER IM.U YeAR'S PRICK $50 to $65 Only Exclusive Men's Store on the San

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