Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 26, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 26, 1952
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T /is* PAGES TODAY 32 Read by ovtr 25,000 Daily The Public interest Is The First Concern Of T/)is Newspaper VtdUME 91, NUMBER 29 Associated Press Ltasad Wire FAVETTEVIH.E. ARKANSAS. TUESDAY EVENING, AUGUST 26, 1952 AP, King and NEA Features tOCAl FORECAST-- an-! tomorrow Trace of ruin. frnri?'*'fjr; eifrri1ny At-' low n itn'.ny 76 Sunrise S.«;' Jun- PRICE ?m CENTS British Bomber In Round Trip Across Ocean · Completes Flight ·Jn Little More than 10 Hours Barrack;; Named For FsyeftevilSe CobncS All Records Smashed By Canberra Jet, Piloted By Hero i jCourse Change Is Necessitated Oshlrosh, Neb. -iff)- The s\\ im- mins C-IHSS at the Oshkosh |iool i has had to slii.u the lesson of saving a drowning person by grasping his h a i r ;.nd lowing him lo safety. Everyone in the class, i n - j .strut-tor James Cain included, li?.s a crew cut. iSchool Faculty Announced By Trial For w: Aldergfove Airfield, Northern Ireland-MVA British jet bomber Hashed .across the Atlantic ocean and back today in slightly over 10 hours. The double crossing in a single day was the first in bib- i tory. ; The Canberra also smashed all , previous records for a west lo east J passage as it streaked home from i . Gander, Newfoundland, western 1 terminus of the epic flight. j The whole trip of 4,144 miles! took 10 hours four minutes, in- \ eluding a two-hour stopover at Gander for refueling. j The plane fought 100-mile-an- ' hour headwinds on its cast to west j f flight, but was helped by them on i the trip home j The twin-jet bomber belongs to i the Royal Air Force and was pilot- I cd by Wing Commander Doland Beamont, 32. with a crew of two. The average speed on the home Jcg was just over 600 miles an j in ,p eralive "' lo three hours 26 minutes. The flight Society Faces "Imperatives, Caldwell Says U. A. President Is Speaker At Meeting Of Church Group By FRED COGEH Dr. John Tyler Caldwell. nc-.- ;c.sidcnt of the University, iolri Mr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Pond, I M S West Cleveland, cximii.c a volume of photographs rnvcrin;: dodii-.-ilion of Leroy Pond Barracks in Germany, named in honor of t h e i r ton, Ihe l a t e 'l I Col 1 c r n v Pond of Faycttelville. The volume was presented on behalf o. persiimn'l now occupyin- Ihe lyu-nrks In- Caul William J. Putnam ( r i g h t ) ri K a y e t t e v i l l o . who has j . i s l returned I ran d u l y ' m G e r m a n y Pond Bjn.-u'ks was named .n 1945. but fc-.nel d e d i c a t i o n i-crcinonies v.-ore d e l a y e d u n t i l .lime 27. The i n s t a l l a t i o n is now occupied by the Third Ballalion cf the Sivonrt A n n n i c - l C a v a l r y . Colonel POM-' fnr whom Cam-i I p roy Pond at the U n i v e r s i t y is also named, died in a n r i j i a i y hoipil.-il' in Fnjl.ind of w o u n d s rec-ivcd v,l,',| c . leadms his b a t t a l i o n in Europe flirainst I h r ( J e r n i i n i . in W o i M \V;ir I I . ( C a r l T I M K S K O T O I Republican George Jshnson lo Oppose Democrat Tom Gsnlry lace our society and the individuals in it. These, he said, are: U) The social imperative to --. "work out some k i n d of accom-, 3 on his f l y i n g tour of the South of security, 121 the "mak t , loi attorney genorai here yoster- ! | day. The st.ilo GOP commillcc nl- ' : so 'announced plans lor (Jcneral · Eircnhowpr's visit here Sept ember : ; modalion I opportunity;" . from Northern Ireland to Newfoundland required four hours 38 · minutes. Beamont, a "Royal Air hero of the Battle of Britain, shot down 10 German airplanes and 32 Vt flying bombs during World War TT. T^ast February 18 he flew a Canberra from London tn Tripoli at an average speed of 541.26^ ' miles an hour. ·-* The west-to "cast record fnr order, and intellectual certain we of the mind in its search for Irulh; and (3) the spiritual obligation to Christian our or ___ _ _ 'love man." Force ' Dr Ca l d *'ell spoke to'about 220 men at the club's dinner mcetin^ in Wesley Hall at the Central ^ 10 Jorccs w i,ie h hc said have cxcrted gl . cal influence during the past 2(1 vears on the yniteOi.^Stalgfet,and" th I world.' For ·soiving"*rW di/ficu .' Problems producoa by eight of 1. The depression of the 1930V l h e r c 1 "conditioned cur whole p o l i t i c a l . P^rly. i and economic uutlook in this coiin-i out thi; i try" and gave wider usage lo the term, "security. 1 ' WHK tabled u n t i l X o v r n i b e r n -- t h e ;ull of mechanization/ ur- oay a f t e r the cans H. T. Merrill and J. S. La in a Lockheed plane. U.S. Bomber Shot Down By Mistake ' Elgin Air Force Base, Fla.-WP'- Two survivors from ihe B-17 bomber that was shot down by a jet fighter were picked up in the · Gulf of Mexico today by r. Navy ; minesweeper. Both were in good result is t h a t Ihe"u"s7"bhed~"its, u s ,,,,.. physical condition. isolation and now is a committed L v i v ' n ," ; . " p t · 3 member of the family of nations. \ · , . , 1 5. The search lor security J llls d 3 t o h c i ' D u r i n g n morning executive .session described a~ i n c l u d m R ' H , grcHl deal of diversion nf o p j n - [ .'i|ion," George \V, Johnson, ^ Greun- wood attorney, was nanrjri- lo op- fcUow!P o s c Democrat Tom Gentry of ! L i t t l e Rock in the state attorney general's race 1 . .Inhnson's nomination was a n - nounced by P h i l i p Boycr of L i t - t l e Rock. coinmiUce secrrtarv 1 . Verne T i n d a l i of S t u t t g a r t . Hiscn- howcr's Arkan:ii!s caiiipiiijn manager, said: "There war a irrea{ deal of ci- \-crsion of opinion ;it this morning's session, but we all h-it in harmony. You may h n \ e licard vas some d i \ i.^i'in jn ;ho That v.a? ail .st:ji^hicncd ; moniina." 104 Persons A Day Killed By ; Autos In U.S. i C h i i a q n - i/j'i - A u l u - ' i i t j i f i l o s HIT !-:illin» ]; : :n-!c ;,t tn-.- ol n h u n t 10-} per dn.v r,n the nation'.- rircr 1 .: and hnrmay.-. I.a.'-t \f?.r, t h e l i s . ' f i " ihi\\\\ 1n!i was Sl,:,nij, U:K K a t m n a l K a f r t v Counul report;;. D u r i n g Ihf in-;-t six month., thi; ;. c,.;. Ifi.?)^!! f ; i - t«!ilies \vcie i-ci'iii-'Jccf, a ihrr.^ prr t h e h ; i ! f - \ c a r Succeeds A r n a l l In Price post WHshinpHon-i/Pi-PrcbMcnt Tni- n i a n today named Ti5hc E. Woods, now the nalion'.s mil cnnlrollcr. to ho hcarl of ( h p Office nf Price Stab i l i / . a ! m n . Wnwls w i l l Mireccrl K i l l s C. A m a l l j n the price post on September 1. yt^on. e f f e c t i v e on t n c n ^ i n Truman':; h.ind.s fur i.omc lime. Ro,7c;i- 1. P u t n a m , rliirf nf t h o Ki or KIM iir Stabili?.i'ition ATiu'irs. ci^tJf 1 f'-n a n n m m c e i n r m t of Wn:)rf-,' , p n i i i r . i n : p n t n f t o r ho. Wnnrts .-iiid A t n a l l h;i(i t'onfrrivri w i t h T i n - 12 Are Added To Staff; Many Hold Advanced Degrees Tho f . i , - i i | ! v nl t h e F.r.i'l' : p u b l i c school- for I'l.VJ-ll.i'i 1 announc'-rl Irrl.n- hv Sim I li-ndc-il T. nin;:,vn T\ n e w f a c u l t y mrmi-ii-r- h a v r ailde'l tn c.tre f u r I! ? i n r r r , cirnlhnc-nt a n ' l to l-v..-ci- p u p i l prr l--;-.-her of Ih- !i'! mi n i h - i - c ::chools i.icully hoM Kices f i o n i a t v r c " i i l f l and a l l n l h r r f . i c n l t hold colles- de-!i-r-r. Mi:.- S!c!h H a l l .vi!| MTV- ,-" c l r - m o n l a r v Mmervi: nr. and M.-.--. V i r p i l Pialter \vlll bo special service supri vi:nr. Schools w i l l open Svplcnih:-] fl The f a c u l l y : ravcllovillo Senior High School Mrs. Dun Rcll. p r i n c i p a l M i - : n n t h Bo-;xs, Mi... Chosl'-r Dixon. Mr. W i l l i a m M. Duncan, Mrs. l i c r 111:111 Kason; Mrs. G C. K i l l , Ui-uiqe Frooyc. Mr:. Ava G r a y . Mrs. H. W. Newell Miss Vc-lma H a l l ; Ml.-; flernire Karnos, Mi.-: March! Wayno Drown. Cecil MyciT. Mr.-. ,)uhn Rhode?, Roy Weare: n. .1. R a r l o w , G l e n n S'okon- b e r i y . R. W. Wilhr. Mrs. K. Eusehc Coo, Harry V a n c l c r a r l f f . Faycllcvilb J u n i o r High School M. U. Ramiiy. p i i n c i o a l : Mrs. Freda r.ri'lon.'-line. Mr.;. Lil-i Hankin;-. Mr:-. J a n e K. Ivev. Wil. Ham 1. B r a ; i Mrs. R u t h C. Alhcrtnil. W i l l i a m I D. T r c w h i l l . Mr.;. J o h n I. .Smith i Mrs. Mildred T. Burrow, Mrs.- I W i l b u r L. Bei'sci-nn; I Mi-,:. M a n e P l a k . Clayton ; Spencer, Mr.;. Marion C. Cone.. ' Mr:;. Grace L. H u n c h , Mrs. r J i l l i f . Harp. Mrs. Guy Berry; j 1 R. V/. Willi:;. G-orz,e I.cdb"!tci, . Cecil E. Myers. Miss Bertha Lewis. Mrs. Charles M. Evans. : Washington School ' " l a t f l E "»- R " Mis:; .luanita Caudle, principal, · l n a m Springs is ·Mr:.. Maiccll-i Perry, M i s . .leaunc! nrerident pro te i D'Ambrn::e. Miss M a r y F.llcn Hill.' kan.'.ir, Srnale Hirah Posf Would Be President Pro Tempore During Com'ng State Session ^Mgefnllfah Issues Ruling Saving Slayer Arkansas Grand J u r y May Make Reporf At Thursday Session virled m u r d c r r i . vho is the object of a Grand J u r y investigation in Ark.ini,ir, received nmtthcr chance lorfay. w h e n District Judge A l b e r t II. K l l i n u jrnmietf a motion for a new tri.'I f n r Tuck Bishop, who had been scheduled to hc executed at d a w n lomorrov/ for slaying t'.vo Ophic, U t a h , miners. Judge lilliott ; : a!d thst if the new t r i a l .--hould come before* his couit,- he would order a change nf \cnuc, sending the C.'IFC to Salt Lake C i t y f r o m Tcole, t':ah, where t h ? I'ir.'t t r i a l was hold, and ivljcro ;i j u r y found Bishop guilty of murdrr. "1 l?cl i h n t the j u r y was prcju- · dic'-d in not m a k i n g a rpjommen- datir.n of Ifincncy." Jud^e Elliott asrertcd. HP said without that [ t c r c n i m e n r l a U n n , under Utah lav/ · n judge miirt order the death sen- ' icnce in f i r s t degree murder con- "II Klrnd of Si- t a cjinriidate I n r i »nre of the Ar- rouhrnipd f n - ........ ........ j . . , . . Monrox-; Liner. Mr.". Clinl day Ihsl !io has v.nttrn to his fel- Joncs. M i . . C. I). Nswbeni: I low i:en»lors, :-r-ekiiiK t h e i r nledses Mrs. Cr::ce Travi!. Mrs. Gene' of I'inmtt The iv-'i-'e'it nrn . . Roma Ambrose. . . . i preside." i;i lllr-ulansnt x An unidentified spokesman said Ihe controversy concerned j "patronace resolution 1 *' introduced at ihe FCision. Questioned' about the resoliuion. Buyer s:nd t h a t it Stepping-up of the indus- j i ( r i a l revolution brought new in ! 1 vent ions and rapid social change.-. ! As a result of mechanization/ ur- ! banizatiDii and industrialization, I Other GUP r a i i u j d n t c s on t h ~ ! the U.S. now is nn longer a g r a r i a n , ' Arv-in-.-.- v'-v it.,,- f.,n' uYn in" l a n d since the l USD's both thp vnM , , ' " , · ; , ' , ' V I t M . A U ) M " l i n g pattern ana the issues h a v c - ^ » « J ^ f f bpet-k the subrniatnr- changed ' nominee. ,-md Lee Roynolrs of 4. Because of developments in communication and transportation, time and space have 1 Jos I some of their importance. One Clayton Spencsr Named Coach ! f o n i K i i l v The Air Force identif.ed the two S. Sgl. Charles D. Jones. 31, candidate for l i rut m a m . Speck has :»)id he w i l l open his en m resign at r! on Labor Da;.-. U. S. Rep. H u s h Srnit nf renn- he Ei.spnhov.'ci 1 ? Five Scienlisls Ac!?led Ml Fivp scicnli:' 1 ,? h.'A'r hpni «:ldrd M . i l i of tlio h i M i t i i l r nl S!'!- CIICP .-inrl Tcriinnlo.';y of tho U n i - ;·(-!' i!y in n l u r l h r i I : i - - : ! t u t f \ IT-'-;.! \V. V/. i;ro.-:i.ric!f. :30 p. m., iim"ti l h ! Gop prove tliat thest- terms are nut^' 01 ^ Ppr^ik e i t h e r at M j u - A r t h n mutually exelu.sive in our society,": P;n'k nr \\'nr Memorinl St.'iriium. Dr. Caldwell declared. Some security must be provided w i t h o u t ! initiative and oppor-i order must be maintained without damaging the othcri . , , . . - .. i "· lilv -' "^\ v hiiiius and strength i " H H " " " "'2" lomatically controlled jet fighter. I 0( organized labor is "one of the: The cr.ish scene was about 50 ' powerful and potent and i m p o r t a n t ''.le Rut-k -ii City. ! lacls of our political life today." ; pnrdoncd s!;iyer who w:i^ rclui 7. The-rise of the colored laces' lo jirisun t h i s ?pnn;- iy nsknr- i i i r everywhere-- "the revolution of S u p r e m e O.iui :i, r x - Second Class Peter R. Rosing, 22. of Inglcside. 111. The Air Force said it had hopes there were other survivors amonc; , -· -the eight crewmen of the B-17. j destroying The B-17 was sent spinning into i l u n i t y° a "" the gulf in flames yesterday by a rocket fired by mistake by an au- '"£ miles south of Panama The rocket was fired ! races in lll ^ L?' 5 - an[ ' South Africa. I 8. Expansion of the material · power at the disposal of man is on sentence. The p c ' . i t i u niccl by the Lir.cnln C i r c u i t f o u r C.'irpon jj.doled ijy (J,,\ ernor Mu.M.^h in A | ) i : l lor :.': l!):iB iliiyiiiK of a Ht.,:e i!o. int.i in pri.-ril vMcd o fu bv the i-ocj ii- A · t : · every wiiere -- me revouuion ot of an r86d, the Air f o r c e s colored people asainst the assumed . imin . ., ,,,..:, newest all-weather lighter, which superiority of the white nvm"-- is undergoing operational su.tabil- . presents problems such as th,:' corpus '·""^'·'""g h l s ' r TM" »' ·- jly tests at the air proving ground. I white man's unpopularity in the The Air Force said the pilot, Col. ! Orient and conllk-ts between Arthur R. Debolt, 39, ot Columbus, Ohio, apparently mistook the B-17 "mother" plane (or a r a d i o - , ' ; r ;"*"',' "Vu""" /"u""" controlled drone The drone was I at"mYc cn-rc? u n f o l d l n S " ' g u a r d . He was returned following about a mile and a half ! 9. The ""Rreatcst expansion o f i lasl 'V : '- v a ( l c r h c i " R '" behind. , ;'educational effort" of any such a;i!aul1 a n ( l i - a r r y i n ? Colonel Debolt a World War 11 i period is one of .the two forces veteran recalled lo a c t i v e duty, ] which offer hope of solutions to was overcome with grief at the ' society's problems. traffic error Up VT; n n a h l n I n 1 ' 10 - 1 "- Other hopeful force ^ r ,t"ha pencd"^ \^^^^^S the hit p l a i n l y on his radar screen i religion in the society of the west- and figured U as scored on the j crn world." Dr. Caldwell noted drone. l l h a t church membership and t.alej 'Tho first 1 k n e w it was a mis- i u l 1)0oks dcalinR with moral values ' a r c both rising, p o i n t i n g to a "discovery of the need" for religion. In dealing with these forces and Irying to solve the problems of society. Dr. Caldwell declared that individuals must do three things: "Insist on free minds . . . preserve Ihe Integrity of our own:,,,,, . , . . m i n d s . . . think straight and t h i n k 1 Vclcr ' 1ns A f l m m i M i a i . n n clearly" , Dr. Caldwoll stressed the need | (or clear t h i n k i n g and inlelligenl acting by I n d i v i d u a l s . "It is up to every Individual," he asserted. "Salvation is not in Ihe mass." Allen Hcynolds was m a s t e r of rereirionies. A. W. Blake i n t i o - H c i n a i d .-. :;i a i p p l i v s c a l iil F . K . -r a n a l y f i v ,-r.d in in t h a t lir'd. ir::.| . v-'alin;: I'-n r a d i n .! Hot Spring-, Na- thc abh'-'iicc of ihe . H^rjV,:ni77Tr^'' 7 prT, ) cTpal;p 10Ul ' · Mbs Kara Jordan, Mrs. Iren"! I'-lrnd .sccluotnc olfii-e 1-cM d u r - 1 While, Mi:,r. Lrone Moore, Mrs.. i»C Ihe In-I !:e.v ion h- .Sen. Ellis GPOI-KP n. I.eibctter. Mrs. Clay- Fas.-in of Lifile find:. The Siloam ton Spencer. Mr:'. Henry Sea;.; I Springs .senator, v.-lio ic:!rcj,ent.~ . Mrs. Hedonna Car::Urpli»n. Mr:.. Benlon and C a n o l l t'liiufr- 1-os Marjory M c C o n n H I M r . i . Grnvei ,, crvrr | fis ;,| y[ ,. (ls i n ,, Kc .' |1;i ,,, JTll^rki: ,,.""" C." 1 ;;. He *·"·" "-'»»»»"«'«' "' ^e i W. Sco',1. , s »» 1 » l f - r IVmocratic t ^ ^ . , w i t h o u t , Lcvnreli School ! i Mi-,.s .Ju;.nit.-i (J-mdlc 1 . piim-ipa! Mi-.s J c w r i l r Ciurilf. Mrs. \Vim:i- Two other ;;rn:itors lionrd bv ,i Little- Hnt\ primnrir; wtri 1 Morton. Mr:. SUF.-JM H. tnd;iy a.. pr..-.iblo- contender:: » Vfiun^, Mr.. .John H. \Voud, Mi:.. I h f po:.itio:i Birorl .sec!',:;. They a Kowricr. Mrr. Atmbn R a m ; t v . Mr:-,. j}] u ff A. .1. !VJnrti, Mrs. I.oiiiso Honnfr - ' , Mi-:.; Tr-rry McK.-.rlanrl. -, -, t .. . T. L. Ba-cs s =hooi Three waTlsr Members ?.ir.:i J u a n i t u Prutrr. pt inci|):d' Mi: : s Cioin.*va T h u r m i t n . Mr: ; . A i l i c ; AC I " ft F n i Bolt Mr, S.IH.ane Lynch. M, Of LlOflJ CM HOHQred .1. B. I l ' i i m a h . Mi:-:; F.llsiiheih Shipl-.y, Mr:.. Curti.; Crouch. j Johnson School i Mr.;. M a r t h a M c K i n i l u n , Mr:. , .... McC.nidlois. ; Lincoln School Mi:.- M i i i i H " n. O r f . ' . k i n - . pr::i cipal. M i . : U n i i s I'cm':iun. Mcanv.-hjlc. in LitUc Rock. Ark., Pulaski County Grand Jury Fore, iran J. J. Sehcmclzcr said last night the jury will reconvene Thurrrtay and rn.iy give a report on its i n v e s t i g a t i o n , of Bishop's , claim t h a i hc bought freedom ' ! from I/in ' Arkansas pcnitcnUary. Srhcmcizcr sa.d ''it is puatible"' the jury may conclude itit investigation Thursday and report Us findings. Birhop cljimeil In a notarized statement that he purchased a 90-day furlnujih from prison for 51,5011 last December. He was de- c l a r e d , a f u u t i v e a f l e r he failed tn return from a 10-day Christmas f u r l o u g h from Cummins Priori Farm, where he was serving two concurrent l i f e terms. He v.-a; convicted, on two counts ot m u r d e r gnvvins cut of the shoot- c f i n r i r r inr»r brr.s nf t h o '. i l l c I.jn,!: 1 . C'iiLi v.'Cic hmi- *..t^i-dav \;Hh l i f e member- , t h y or^ai-i/a'.ion. Prp.-fn- ''· f the uw:irr.:. w;-:; m i r e by ! Legion Gets Great Parade Under Way New ! 10:-. f,!',i i s.icri'-c r l t e \ i l l e Colleire ,rn ,.l l T i i o i i i i n i nl in j i t h l c t i c . in h', 1 :-C!K,CI| and college, l-'nr :l I year lie hi!'; hee" «. p h y i r - : · c.iiinn i i i s t i - i i ' - t o r n n d , r.:, u !h! K n i t Hood. Tr-:.:,,-. n hi, Troops May Be Sent By Red China I n t o Tibet Demonsiraiion Put Down i In Koje Island (amp V . r - i l T. )',!«· rn.-, t 1 . F. K. Root The three were an-,fn^ a fironp v.-hich ,,]f,-'ni/.cd i h e c l ' i b in !°-'!-24. .-M.-I a l l three v o n l i n u e ;ir, Jevsn Dis in Plane Crash Al Shrevsporl - The I ' . .S. wn-!:ly noon Ir.iicljc-in .'CtMon Armistice Negotiations In Korea Scheduled weapon c h a r Lo' s -1id the p n r d o n crivor^d j murder c h a i s e an'i 1h..t still owes l i m e o;; senli'i t\vn Fort S m i t h inbberie:-. Claimed the i n i i l i c r v .'·oi.X'iic'c: were v n i d r r l hv ;h" p;i-rln::. take 1 heard a voice on the radio from one of the other planes accompanying us saying, 'Watch lor , chutes. He got the wrons plane,' " Debolt told m i l i t a r y intcrview- frs, "I just can't believe 1 hit the wrong plane. 1 don't know how it . happened." Another B-17 "mother" plane guided the drone back to the base. An Air Force spokesman said (he F86d operates automatically lo Ihe extent lhal once a target comes " within range of its ranar the electronic equipment locks onto the target and snides the fighter in te the nll.ick. The pilot relains 'ntrol of the f i r i n g mechanism, , and can r e f r a i n from HrnV Ms rockets u n t i l he has positively i d e n t i f i e d Ihe t a r R c l , !hn spokesman Mid, VA Order Restricting taker Of Beds In Institutions Not To Affect Hospi'a! Here ::. Kniea-:/1 r -K,,,ie:m ;.l- :.ltei ,i f o u r t h s t r j i ^ l i ! -, ii---.... Tr.f 1,'nilecl .'.'.!'[ ('DI - l u ' n i . t t; net- rirlc- u p F i l t h A v f - u u e torlay in the AnieiiC-an Legion's ma:--sive display of the r.iitinr.'s pa?t and present mili'.ary mi^-ht. The pa-ade of m o r j ihan T.'i.AOl), expected to last .1*. lea^t 12 hi ur-:. stepped out from :tht Street at 0:0(1 a. m. Us terminus 4.') blocks n o r t h at 74th blrcet. A |i'Ii(.-e-c;im;itcd ciowd of L'.iico.c'i'j -, .e.'.-ed the parade in '.),· f u : i t - - 1 1 h d i a s . Police Com- M.;:::,i.:ur i;eti:-e P. Mnnaghan .*.uii !:ie rrtv.vii '-h^;, n n t ye', rcach- i-l it.: i".-..:-:" n-i:i t h a t a d d i t i o n a l lilton^:; ". n;;:ri MCV-- the j^roccssioa be';He it ended a l t e r d.i,k. For 7ii3::v r, i i ; a r f h : n s Lcgion- li.i::e :: v..,, :he i':not:rmal high p.j:::t of irio ;(4t-i a n n u a l Legion v-n:ivt'rr.i',:i li-re. u t i i . i : ^ wi:n m a r y n former k pr.i-.,:e v.,j a i;\e-s'.ar gen- l. n.M. : :r. D. Eisenhower. The j M M l i c . u ) pres,rle:-.t;al candidate !nc head n the Kansas The A..-KO i from W.i.shintitoi d Pi i r j i m led ' I t l i . i l t l n - , , f .i r shortly elimm.Ve u:e r.f :;.l;iH) r,f its hospital iirrls lincan.M' of ;i]^- propnalinii cuts. In F a v e t t e v i l l i Dr. l.r-she II. W r i g h t . iii;,n.-,i:ei of Ihe Velerans Hospital. :.nd hr- Mai, received no word of any i i i l m ' lion in Hie number of beds her". Fairly Steady Course Held In Stock Market 9,GOO Moslem Pilgrims Ride Air Force Planes To Holy Cities In Lebanon c:,-,:it.ngi-:i;. H.. ni:ir.::ij m . i l r . .N':.\'-:i. ' i v i i i h e f n i n i . i d.- \ ice-presidential en. Richard M. '.v;th the Cali- h.-.m his home c-l «.?rc four hnn- . .ill holders of the of Honor; T h n m a . J. Hudner. Lt. fL %A/_-,»l. me TTIOrnir Arkansas - Tartly cloudy Mlcrnoon, I n n i s h t and \\'edncsd,\ , no l e m p f r a l u i o chances. pllal, liresenlly opei.ilino. u i l l i ;'n l)rfla closed heraiise nf .·hnrl,n;e of doctors, w i l l put the 20 bed.-- li.-nk Ihls intn '.nvice Sepirmhci I w h e n , Jn \V,i:.hmcl.n the Al 1 w.u, tild 1 ; . S A . I F o u r t i . i r a i e .'.pr-cdili;: ('.mill :.! I i - i n i i l l u u n i . ! Mo LI and ^Ii '·ns ne plane'-. 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M .11 C.I ii' f. S S'..ite expected Ihf n i r h f w o u l d !i: .! the K'»I.I- o:'.i Tn: N . I . . C I. W . l l i . i m A. Shomn of the Air Korcc: A r m y Master Sgt. Homer I - \V: e. u n i t M . i r i n e Corps Master S-: l i a . - o l d K. Wilson. t J e n e r . i l F.i:.enho\ver starlet . h.n,7 ,t*. :;j);h Street in a gioup at ihe nf the Kansas riele- g.iti-i:: M f t t h i M i : w i t h Legion !'«:.', N'o. 4!i of Abilene, he rc.ich- e.l 'he r e v i e w i n g s'anrt at 64th Sirivi ,v, IO:J7 ;,. m. At his side ni.iri-hrj p,isl N a t i o n a l Commander H a i r v Colmery of Topeka, K a n . In the r e v i e w i n g stand were \V\v Yo.Vs Gov. Thomas E. rie"ey. M.iyor V i n c e n t R. Impel, l i i l e u and other civilian an4 mil- i i l a i y dicnatarief.

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