Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 24, 1974 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 24, 1974
Page 4
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Editorial-Opinion Page the Public Interest It The First Concern Oj This Newspaper 4 · THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1974 White House Ethics Quietly Overhauled '«?. Malloween Comes Knockiri Again a ' In a year (era, actually) of major po- .litical and economic disruptions it is hardly Surprising to note that there are still plenty 'of those "patriots" (or "cold warriors," defending on how one views the matter), who fere still devoted to attacking the United Nations Children's Fund. · Yet, just as regularly as fall comes a- found and plans are made for UNICEF Halloween and Greeting Card campaigns the Charges of "communist influence" on the Fund's assistance policies can be expected, t This newspaper generally gets a critique pr two, as letters to the editor, and most Clements of the news media can expect a pamphlet or flyer, denouncing the UNICEF jfl-ogram. Mostly, these attacks come from · John Birch Society members, whose real target is the United Nations. The "ideological war" on the United Nations knows neither surcease nor logic, sad to say. International politics aside, however, the need for food, clothes, medical care, educational opportunity, housing -- even a $ign that someone cares -- among the underprivileged and uncared for youngsters of this world is a continuing tragedy that will take a lot more than UNICEF to correct. ,?ut. the fact that UNICEF does recognize 'Jhe problem and sets itself up as a messen- ger'of better understanding among all men John I. Smith of this earth -- in the Biblical sense of peace on earth and good will toward mankind -is not only worthy of specific support, but merits symbolic endorsement as well. A probable focus of opposition to this Halloween's UNICEF drive is the plan to aid children in North Vietnam. The truth of this matter is that UN5CEF executive board is only extending an aid program to all of Indochina, in recognition of the distressed condition of that war-torn corner of the world. UNICEF, though an integral part of the United Nations, is not financed through regular budget sources, but rather through voluntary contributions. It seeks to operate throughout the world. Last accounting showed an income of about $64 million from 138 separate governments. An important part of the solicitation of private funds, which account for about a quarter of the total, comes from UNICEF cards, and the Halloween march. These campaigns are not obtrusively promoted hereabouts, we must note, but those who wish to contribute may do so, and those who don't, we would trust, will at least understand and approve. The world can use a sense of charity whenever it can find it. There is always an abundance of fear, hostility and suspicion. Area Farming By JOHN I. SMITH X'"Like Father, like Son," is ·n old time, oft repealed state- ihent, and for the most part is true. Henry Miller was a perfect- .lojiist. Whatever he did, he did rj^htj and the people liked him lor his behavior. He was, first Of all, a minister, and few words of criticism (and I have talked to his neighbors about him) have ever surfaced Against him. He lived on Round Mountain and was buried there about a quarter of a century ago. Like many ministers of his day. he was also a farmer, but his main hobby in life (not his profession) was working with stone. Not only did he build stone fences as beautiful as any {K.have only seen the pictures) \fj: Scotland, England, or on the main land of Europe, but he was a sculptor. He carved tieautiful gate stones, useful watering troughs that will last forever almost, if not broken, and ornamental objects. In this tfjprk, he was a perfectionist. Few people have seen belter stone work. In short, everything he did, he did well, and h» was a man of honor to be remembered. His son, Ray Miller, is like him, at least In behavioral characteristics. That is, whatever he does, he does well. He dees not work with stone; he works with wood and iron. Kay lives about a short mile south of Highway 16 east, on the east Middle Fork, which can best be described as just south of the Wallace Shofner place, now owned by Keith and Hal. It is easy to look from there north and see the top of Round Mountain where Henry lived, served, and died. Nor is Ray a minister, but he sets a good example to all people in honor and in faithful work. Anyone wishing to build a shop, shed, or barn, could afford to see how he braces them and how his braces are held with nuts and bolts, not nails. His fences are constructed as only a perfectionist could do, and should a wire become from Our Files; How Time Flies] If) YEARS AGO SEion Methodist Church noted Ip 108th anniversary Sunday. 'rift task force of 15 young Jfcthodists will visit the Congo § YEARS AGO Jffwenty cans of small mouth W^ck bass, a total of 300 fish Were received today by Mayor Allan M. Wilson and will be placed in the White River. Sflelics of early pioneer days iijArkansas are being collected £v l|o YEARS AGO ··November 3 has been set as ejection date to elect a mayor, recorder, marshal, treasurer afld five aldermen for Fayette- Vfije. The proclamation was sned by George A. Grace, Mftyor. during the summer of 1965. Springdalt will dedicate its new post office Sunday. by the United Daughters of the Confederacy together with the early history of each county. Mount Zion School House will sponsor the annual spelling bee Friday night. The reported discovery of rich gold mines in the Black Hills country has caused a number of bold spirits to venture out there and their presence has raised the ire of the gentle savage. loose, he has only ts tak'e a wrench to the almost unmove- able stretching ends, diagonally braced with metal, and turn some nuts a few rounds. The wires will be tight again. Since we do not use drawings in this column, we can not show how the wire being stretched would slide past the locust prts, but they do. If stapled, they would not slide, and words can not describe his method. Nevertheless, his method is a good one. Actually, Ray, in addition to cattle raising, is operating an old time blacksmith shop. It IS not under a chestnut tree as ' Longfellow immortalized it, but he does make a specialty of sharpening tools on the old style grindstones. He uses some machines in his grinding, and these too he makes, and they are made to perfection. Only unusual skill could make them, and he does other shop work for the public. Having once checked into the life of Henry Miller, no surprise was encountered in observing the successful work of Ray Miller in his shop and on his live stock farm. A number of things about his farming operations indicate that he, too, is a perfectionist. Bible Verse "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, a n d . i s worse than an Infidel." I Timothy 5:8 The Bible is full of strong language about a faith that loves and lives in word only. The world is looking for and God is calling for love in action. "Love one another." "Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him 'go into heaven." Acts 1:11 Jesus will return again personally and suddenly to receive a people who have prepared for the event by accepting why He came the first time. Receive Him today, be ready tomorrow. "In such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh." They'll Do It Every Time WHATCOJU 6I6PCM ANP POM THE HANCVMAW HAVE IM COMMON? 8UPPY-8UPPY ABOUT cHoice Of PALS-- 'MYHOKEWAS WALKW AWAY WITH IT wneu THE JOCK PDUSHIMUPANP THEYAU-G08Y UKE. HES STILL.-- THINS ON THEOLP KASASWELLAS HIS SEAT ON THe DESK-. 1HAI? AC-NOTE OM REP MIKE TO WW AflP LOSES BY A HOSE: SOSSOIS TAIKIN'AKW A NOSWOB! "Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate." I Timothy 6:17, 18 Some people use their riches, while others let their riches use them. Only what you give out and send up ahead will you really save . . . and only as you accept Christ can you really possess true wealth. "By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God h a d translated him; for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God." Hebrews 11:5. The greatest thing that can be said about a man is that he is obedient to his Maker, and considerate of mankind. "The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth wider- standing unto the simple." Psalms 119:130 This is just another way that the Lord is saying to us, "the best way to get out of the dark Is to -get Into my Word." "Thy word is a lamp unto my fett and · light unto my path." By JACK ANDERSON WASHINGTON -- In the aftermath of Watergate, President Ford has ordered a quiet tightening of ethical standards to keep the White House free of scandal. We have seen, some of the secret paperwork on the effort. The documents stress "a break with 'the past Administration." The President's advisers are eager "to highlight the fact that this is now the Ford White House staff" and that the New President has a "personal commitment to the highest standard of condust." Yet at the same time, they hesitate to advertise their new ethical campaign. "Some will see it," they fear, "as an event staged for public consumption-a sort of honest rally without balloons. However, if done with serious intent and minimal press fanfare, we think this danger can be minimized." Under the direction of the President'! new staff chief, Donald Rumsfeld, these moves are tentatively planned: -- There would be a "reviewing, upgrading and refreshing" of the "traditional procedures ·for preventing conflicts of interest." This isn't intended "to trap people but to create an ongoing sensitivity to these problems. -- Everyone who works in the While House, "from secretaries to counselors, whether on White House rolls or detailed, would be required to attend a staff conference" on ethical conduct. The Washington Merry-Go-Round The President tilmselt would open the conference "with cal conduct. Teh President himself ouen the conferece "with a few brief remarks along the line of being 'cleaner than Caesar's wife. The conference not only would be repeated annually but would be videotaped for the indoctrination of every new employe. -- Statements outlining "the importance of proper conduct" should be delivered to the "entire staff." This would be accompanied by "standard of conduct rules." / -- Financial statements fro.m everyone on the White House staff would be updated and filed. -- All White House personnel, both those now on the staff and those who are hired, svould be cleared by the special prosecutor's office. The purpose, according to our White House sources, is to insure that no one tainted with Watergate winds up on the President's payroll. -- A review is already "in process" of the proper disposition of gifts to the First Family and White House staff. The review even extends to "gift giving between White House personnel." Two presidential counselors, Don I,owitz and Don Murdoch, have prepared a tentative agenda for the staff conference on ethics. After the President's opening remarks, Rumsfeld w o u l d discuss "everyday ethics." · He would Instruct the staff members how to handle individuals and companies with problems before the regulatory agencies. His advice, as proposed by the two counselors, would be: "Consult with the counsel to the President in every such instance. Generally, don't touch It" Rumsfeld would also lay down the law on "politics and fund solicitation" and the use of "White House telephone and stationery." Finally, Rumsfeld would warn the staff members that their "conduct outside of the White House" also had to be exemplary. "Regrettably, you are always on duty in the eyes of others." SOCIAL SCANDAL: The only inexhaustible and non-polluting form of energy, heat from the sun, is being largely ignored because it holds no promise of giant profits for the nation's utility companies. This is the discouraging conclusion of a secret Federal Energy Agency study on solar energy, one of a. thick packet of draft documents we have obtained in every aspect of the energy crisis. "Potentially, solar energy could make a significant contribution to the goal of lotigterm "Notice The Handsome New Windshield Sticker" From The Readers Viewpoint Eye Tests To the Editor: I am one of the "other eye specialists" who was consulted by Sen. Morriss Henry, as mentioned in his recent column about driver's license renewal. As he requested, I have already written a letter to him with my views, but because my opinion in the matter is so very different from his, I am writing to you. Ninety per cent of all driving decisions are based on vision. Every license renewal should re-quire at least a - minimum vision screening such as is now done to obtain the first Arkansas license. How often does the description of a major or minor auto accident start with "I didn't see..."? Relatively few accidents are caused by mechanical failures, but we are required to have an annual auto inspection. Inspection of the driver should be much more important than inspection of the vehicle. Periodic vision screening could be a real public service fcr drivers, of any age. Vision deficiencies generally happen very gradually, without pain or discomfort, and many people are not even aware that they are operating with a visual handicap. These persons, when detected, can get professional help and enjoy not only safer driving but a better life both on the job and at leisure. I consider it a false assumption that the safety factor is a minor consideration with senior citizen drivers. Automobile Insurance rates clearly indicate the high risk in this age category. I do not share Dr. Henry's concern about the elderly drivers of A r k a n s a s. My experience w i t h the State Police, who administer tht tests, shows clearly t h a t they have been most understanding and accommodating with elderly drivers. Restricted licenses are often issued, and licenses withheld only on those who would pose a real threat to themselves and others if allowed to drive. i To put vision in the same frame of reference with other frailties of age is unrealistic when we consider driving licenses. There can be no comparison of the relative importance of physical impairments to vision impairments. And vision skills can he screened with present capabilities while physical health cannot. It would be my recommendation that Arkansas go to a 3- year license, made of plastic, with the drivers picture, similar to a Master Charge card. Vision screening and a written test should be required each renewal. John G. Sugg, O.D. Fayetteville Be Careful To the Editor: We the people of Arkansas must be careful. As you know thtre are several amendments being proposed to the state constitution, which will he on the ballot In November. We will find that a thorough study of these proposals reflects the involvement of strong "Special Interest" forces pushing for their passage. Can we afford Inflationary interest rates? Can we afford inflationary county government? Amendment 56 gives almost unlimited powers of taxation to the quorum court. Can we afford more taxes, especially taxes that we won't even have a chance to vote on? Are the proponents of these amendments telling us the whole story? What we need is a complete new constitution, not special interest amendments. Let's have better government for all the people. Blytheville Edwin L. Holstead You Judge To the Editor: You be the judge. As a citizen of Washington County I feel that it is high time we take a look at the candidates and attempt to select the best people for our county government. I observed the primary with interest and what I saw I didn't like, mainly speaking of the sheriff's race. Mr. Hoyt tried to bring out the truth and lost the race because of it. The truth is that Bill Murray did not tell the truth during the primary campaign 'about his training, education and business. 1. He only attended a very short course at Arkansas Training Academy, not the regular six-week course. 2. He says he has three years work at the University of Arkansas. I doubt, that he has three year's college credit. 3. He said he sold his private security business, but on the 7th of J u n e he obtained a loan on this business. He says he isn't a bondsman, but there are several people who have receipts from his showing he bonded them out of jail. It appears to me that our news media woujd look Into things of this nature and bring It to the attention of our citizens. I don't know Mr. Murray's opponent, hut I have checked his credentials and to date he hasn't made false presentations. If he does, I would be the first to complain, loo. Let's get concerned about honesty in our government. Mary Larson Faycttoville energy self sufficiency..," says the document. But Congress has authorized a piddling $75 million to study thi! question. And "only minimal research and small feasibility studies will be conducted by private Industry because the longrange 'markets are not competitive with other research and development investments," the report predicts. If the nation would get serious about solar energy, the face of America would change as the nation declared Independence from foreign oil. Giant 200-foot high windmills, one behind the other, would line the lanscape, says the report. Vast expanses of hot, arid desert land In the West would ba covered by mirrors. The 10,000 square miles of California-Arizona desert "could theoretically provide . . . twice the present generating capacity in all of the United States." Within a few years after the year 2000, says the report, "solar systems may he capable of supplying 15 to 30 per cent ol total U.S. energy require- menls" if the country ends its "business as usual" approach and accelerates sun energy. . "However, unless federal involvement increases substantially in the late 1970s," warns the FEA document, "it is unlikely that much development in solar energy will transpire even by 1390." At present, solar energy ii limited to about'25,000 solar hot water heaters and a few experimental houses and swimming pools. United Features Syndicate Bounce It, But Don't Breathe It WASHINGTON (ERR) -- The Rubber Manufacturers Association will hold an environmental conference and workshop Oct. 28-29 in Miami Beach, Fla.. for representatives of the rubber and plastic industries. THE ALPHABET SOUP of i n d u s t r i al and agricultural chemicals which gave us DDT and PCBs has served us two more potentially hazardous substances. They arc VC (vinyl chloride) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), both widely used in plastics. Like most of the approximately 500 new chemical compounds which are produced every year in this country, VC and PVC were never thoroughly tested to determine their effects on human beings. But last year a link was discovered between vinyl chloride exposure and an- giosarcoma. a rare but almost invariably fatal liver cancer. At least 25 U.S. and European workers who suffered prolonged exposure to VC are known to have died from the disease. Other angiosarcoma victims did not work In the manufacturing plants, but lived nearby and PVC is generally considered less dangerous, but scientists admit they don't know if it; is completely safe. TODAY AN international effort is under way to learn as much as possible about the two chemicals and to impose strict safety standards. The campaign is controversial because plastics manufacture is such big business. A study by the Arthur D. Little consulting firm found that some 2.2 million jobs and $90 billion in annual sales depend on PVC. Invented in 1937 by the B.F. Goodrich Co., VC is a cheap, chlorine and petrochemicals. It is the primary ingredient in PVC, a granular resin which is used in about half of all plastic products, including food wrappings, phonograph records, credit cards, automobile upholstery, plumbing pipes, floor coverings and thousands of other common items. VC was also used as a prop'ellant in some brands of spray paint, protective coatings and hair spray, 'but the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned these products from the market and -- in an unprecedented action -- required manufacturers to buy them back from the previous purchasers. The Environmental Protection Agency is drawing up air pollution control standards for the 52 VC and PVC plants which are responsible for more than 95 per cent of all airborne emissions. An EPA task force found that some 200 million pounds of VC and 50 million pounds of PVC escape into th» atmosphere each year. THE MOST vehement opposition has arisen to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recently imposed limits on exposure of workers, to VC. OSHA ruled that effective Jan. 1, 1975, workers may not be exposed to more than one part per million (p.p.m.) of VC in the air, averaged over eight hours (compared to the existing 50 p.p.m. limit), or to more than five p.p.m. for longer than 15 minutes. The Society of the Plastics Industry promptly sued the agency on the ground that the new standards were "unrealistic." However, the Dow Chemical Co. has successfully reduced exposure levels to under 5 p.p.-m. Dr. Irving J. Selikoff, director of the environmental science laboratory at New York's Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, calls the OSHA limits "logical, realistic and scientific," while warning that "the effects of toxic exposures are only beginning to appear." As chemicals proliferate it in the environment, workplace, home and diet, other lethal letter combinations seem certain to brand the nation's conscience in tha future.

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