Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 23, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1952
Page 5
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PRECISION-RYING JET GROUP OVER GERMANY NOtTHWtST AtKANSM TIMB, 'ary»t«.vill«, KGRH SATVKOAT EVENING 8:00 Lombards on the Air «:15 SUrlight Time 6:30 News 8:45 Dark Sports Review 7:00 Twenty Questions 7:30 MGM Theatre of the Air 8:00 MGM Theatre of the Air 1:30 Lombardo on the Air 9:00 Chicago Theatre of the Air »:30 Chicago Theatre of the Air 10:00 News 10:15 Dance Orch. Jfl:30 Dance Orch, 10:55 News William 11:00 Dance Orch. 11:30 Sign Off tN THIlt tAMOUl DIAMOND FORMATION, the "Skyblaitn" «y ever the Bavarian Alps In their Thundertets These precision-fixing Air Force let pilots have amazed, the peopl. of Seven Eto countries w«h their skillful maneuvers In the sky. They will be seen in the United Si'teVL the JtaeaHb. International Arfation Exposition to b* held in Detroit on Aug. 30. (/ntern,to' 1cl IDNDAT MOKNINO 7:00 Freedom Story 7:30 St. James Baptist Church 1:00 Church of Chrurt 1:30 Fayettevllle Baptist Ana. »:45 Central Baptist Church 900 Nazarene Chuicr" 8:15 "Central Christian Church »:30 Central Christian Chuch »:4S Music for Sunday 10!M Stored Heart Program " 10:16 TIMES Morning Newt Edition 10:30 Voice of Prophecy Story Of Rising Cost Of Living Means Take-Home Pay Will Continue To Melt Away ; Family Bills Still Going Up 11:00 First Baptist Church SUNDAt AFTBCNOON U:00 News with Vandevente.- ia:l» Piano Portraits 12:30 Show Tips and Show Tuiiei 1:00 BASEBALL Cleveland Indians Vs. Washington Senators 3:00 3:30 Green Hornet Under Arrest 4:00 · 4:30 The Shadow True Detective Mysterie 3:00 Sgt Preston of the Yukon 5:10 Sunday Down South ~~* StJNDA* MOHT «:00 Meet Your Congreas 0:30 Ngws - (:4C.Christian Science Program 7:00 7:10 Hawaii Calls Methodist Church · «:30 Dance Orch. *:00 1:15 .9:30 · 9:45 Top Ten Top Ten Top Ten Quiet Music By SAM DAWSON New York-«P)-You get a break In one direction. Then you fe slapped down from another. That' the story of the rising cost of living. And the assault on the pocket book may be stepped up in tht. future by sniping from several directions that have been quiet o late. The family shopper finds the price of some meats a little easier to pay. But eggs go Up, and so do fruits, vegetables arid dairy products. So the family food budget ends Up by being a more painful dinner-table topic than it was a while back. Sure, you get a break on clothing prices, which are lower than they were a year ago. But whatever you save there is more than Wiped out by rising costs in other lines. Rents continue their slow advance in many places. Doctor and hospital bills are higher. Auto drivers pay more for insurance. The price of coal, coke and fuel oil is higher In many places. And John L. Lewis' negotiations with the coal mine owners seems to forecast a further rise in the price of coal. All of these things add up, llt- tl« by little, to raise the over-a cost of living. M»r Ctaluc Some more of the same is it sight. For instance: Some 1,800 fabricators manufacturers have asked th Office of Price Administration fo higher celling prices because o the recent price hikes In stee: aluminum and copper. OPS plan to let users of metals pass alon; to consumers this increased'ma terlals cost. Some OPS official think that for the nation as whole the price tags might go up by nearly one billion dollars i year. The meal industry thinks tha this fall may see low«r prices on beef--but possibly higher on pork Eggs, fruit, vegetables and dairy produce may follow seasonal Upi and downs. Prospects are still good for a large grain harvest And the family pocketbook may get some help from that quarter. But chances are that services-the fees, fares and rates you pay --may go ttill higher. And riging costs -of materiali and labor may lend many manufactured goods lipher. One way or the other, that take- !0me pay jvlll continue to melt "iway. 10:00 News 10:15 Political Picture 10:30 Sign Off ''· MONttAt Mtnmt.SG 5:30 Rise N' Shine 5:50 RFD 1450 8:00 Rise N' Shine (.·3D Market Report and Weather .:35 Rise U' Shine 8:45 Stock Talk Time 7:00 Korfee Kup Kaptra J7:30 Morning News 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers ll-OO News 8:15 Morning Devotion 8:3» TIMES Morning Edition .8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns »:00 Morrtlng Melodies 9:13 Paula Stone Show 9:30 Take a Number Prairie Grove Rainbow Assembly Holds Banquet In Honor Of Grand Officials Prairie Grove-(Speciil)-Prairie ing was held at the Masonic Hall. Orove Rainbow members oserv- | Misa Sacrey was introduced and | cd grand officers' night Thursday given a present. The following | grand nature; Miss Pat Cartwright of Hussellvllle, grand love; and Miss Nina Jo Mullins of Russellville, captain of the grand pages. Miss Bobbie Curtslnger, past worthy advisor of Prairie Orove, was also introduced and given a corsage. Mrs. Joe Parks was Introduced as worthy matron of the Prairie Grove Order of Eaiterh Star and as acting mother advisor of the Prairie Grove Rainbow Assembly. Miss Sacrey made the following appointments for the Grand Assembly next June: Barbara Patrick and Camilla Bidwcll. grand pages and La Vonne Phillips and Sue Vinson. grand choir members. Guests at the meeting were Mrs. Sacrey of Russellville, Mrs. Tom Warren of Springdale, Mrs. G. C. Bldwell, and Walter E. Lark of Prairie Grove. Following the meeting punch md cookies were served in the lounge. Miss Mary Nell Ociger served at the punch bowl. GOP (ommiffw 1$ Sued By News Camenmin WashIngton-(#)-A news cam- iraman struck in a scuffle on the loor of the GOP convention in Chicago Is suing the Republican rttlonal Committee for $250000 Stanley Tretlck of United Press fewsplclurei complained he auf- ered physical pain and "mental uffcrlng" because he was humill- tcd before a television audience f 70 million who witnessed the ncldent.. The complaint said Tretick was clzed by a sergeant-at-arms while rying to photograph a delegate 'ho h»d collapsed, and then was fuck two or more blows by Chl- ago policemen and ejected from he hall despite credentials per- illing him to be there. OUT OUR WAY OH. I'M OUT A RiaslW HERE SO VOL) CAW USE ALL OF THEM THINGS AT TH' SAME TIME. IF ~XI EVER. WANWA.' ITS SUCH A LOUSV DAV-- WISH IT WAS NICEfc .WHY MOTHERS. PET(»AY Pre-School Enrollment Dates Set; Junior High To Operate Thb year, for the first time, he Fayettcvllle school system wl!l lave in operation a throe-year unior high school, consisting ot [rades seven, eight and nine. The unior high buildinj is the one which has been known In the past as Fayetteville High School .School and Center Streets. Pre-School enrollment for thos° students entering Fnyeltevllle Junior High School will he conducted on the following schedule: Crude !) onrollm vine s lent-- ·Wednes day, August 27, from 8:30 a.m.- 12 noon. Oracle 8 enrollment--Thursday. August 28, from 8:30 a.m.-12 noon. Grade 7 enrollment -- Friday August 29, from 8:30 a.m.-12 noon. All students are requested to be present for enrollment at the proper time. They will assemble In study hall on third floor and will be directed from there to designated rooms for enrollment. ,, The TIMES will carry, In It; School Edition on Aufust 2C Bourses 16 be offered thll year in gradej 7, 8, and 9, Including re quired and elective courata. Pre-School enrollment for those entering public schools will be held from Monday, September 1 through Friday, September 5. The pre-school enrollment for beginning first grade pupils and those pupils in grades 1-0 who were not in the Fayetteville schools at the close of last school t«rm will be held in the respective elementary buildings for"tK"*l'r«t"t7nw" this I beginning flnt grade .,, are required to have with them at the time of enrollment a certificate of small pox vaccination, and parentt art asked to take birth certificate* at the time of enrollment. Any pupil who will be six years or age on or before December 31 Is eligible to enroll for school. The elementary school attend- New Structure For Physics To Be Put In Use Most Economical Building On U. A. Campus In Years The new University Physli Bulldlnf, completed early th summer, will be put Into full in., with th; opening of the fall se mester on September 18. It Is the most economical build if of a permanent type con structed on the campus In man years, having cost just under 7 cents a cubic foot. While It wn milt to house the physlci depart nent and physical research, th luildini car. easily be converts, nrouin elimination or relocatlor of interior walls, which are no needed for support of weight. Buff brick fcntn the exterior o he building. Inside walls are o haydlte blocks, which have been eft unpalnted. All floors are concrete, and the ceilings are of fiber [lasi. Th* foundation Is of reln- orced cbnoreli!. Structural stce upports were used. Most windows are of opaque glass, blue on the outside but colorless on the in- Ide. They cut down glare, mak- ng shades unnecessary. Aoroas the front, which faces on Ickaoh Street, the building mea- ure» 149 feet. It has two wind, ne 185 feat long and the other 21 feet. Both wings are 43 feet 'idc. Immediately Inside the entry on North sld« id list of the nce areas tre: Washington School ' C ^ r S t r * ritoo Railroad. Jefrerion School-South side of enter Street E«st of Frisco Hall. joad, and east side of South Gregg Leveret! School-North Side of HaTlroad ' * n1 W " 1 °' rrlKO T. L. Bates School-- South tide «' C«nttr Street, West of Frisco Railroad, and west tide of South ureii street. the first floor Is a glass showcase": equipped with electric, gas, and water oullf-k. It will be used by the physics department for exhibits. The first floor hoiuet five of. flees of the physics department-a' departmental library for approximately 2,500 books and publications; three lecture rooms and several laboratories. Two of the lecture rooms, one seating 85 and the other 40 student*, have seaU arranged on raised tiers. Both rooms have projection booths at the rear, equipped with machines which can be operated from the teacher's desk Between these two lecture rooms is a storage and preparation 7oom With materials at hand In this room, teachers can prepare expcr- ments for demonstration on a mil- Ing table, then move it Into either lecture room. The third lecture room on the first floor will seat 40. Specialised Laba Besides seven main laboratories for students, the building has »lx ·' specialized laboratories used by the physics department, and a number of research laboritorics. The specialized laboratories In- :lude a lead-lined room for a high- voltage X-ray machine; an atomic nuclear laboratory; an electronics room; a sound laboratory with a cork floor and sound-absorbing walls and celling; and a laboratory with a spectroscope. Of the equipment used for eochlng purposes In .the physics department laboratories the Inventoried equipment la valued at '8S,OM. ilrti O* On taavoan Washington - (IP} - When *' for- \er inmate was denied entry to a tellnquent slrla* home here, po- ce said today, 20 of its occupants torn the place apart" and eight f them escaped. Three of the Ight were recaptured, officers aid, but the five others were atilt t large. Aa-vansa. tm m* TTMM--M mn. tt GALLON VMillf ki Cm* 63c Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMIERS PHI. CITT HOSPITAL Phono 1100 OAS. Phono I1M AMOVNTINO.-MOMRN 10:00 Food for Thought 10:18 Random Rhythms 10:30 Queen fo: a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Bauckage Commentary 11:25 News 11:30 Church of Christ 11:45 Musical Roundup 11:55 Market Report - MONDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 Jordannaires 12:15 Newi at Noon 12:30 Chuckwagon Jamboree 12:4S Riders of the Purple Sage 1:00 BASEBALL Philadelphia Phillies Vs. Chicago Cubs .·!:00 Swing Session 3:30 Tune Pick'n Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 The Merry Mailman 5:30 Songc of the B Bar B 5:55 Cecil Brown PLACE YOUR LOAN HERE AND GET THESE ADVANTAGES D*lar er R*d Tap. Brokaraiw or Commission Panalrf far Par Intneit Chart* la advane* Oul-oMewn lindtri Wo pay borrower Intorott an hit tax anal Inauraixo monoy. Tharo or* many other . ADVANTAGES In Htftnftf your Men cr iwnn with thh ·MINDIY INSTITUTION FAYETTEVILLE ·UILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION CMAVINt IUILDINO PHONE 111 with a banquet at the high school home economics building. M i s s Marlon Sacrey of Russellville, grand worthy alvisor, was present. Miss Barbara Patrick, worthy advisor of the local assembly, served as mistress of, ceremonies. The invocation was given by Walter E. Lark, Rainbow dad, following a welcome by Miss Camilla Bldwell, worthy associate advisor. A program of music, songs and skits was presented by members of (he host assembly. Following the banquet a mcet- Campus Favorite state officers were present: Miss Gaye Warren ot Springdale, grand fidelity; Miss Kaye Douglas of Rogers, grand religion; Miss Lois Mitchell of Fayetteville, Lemon trees are more easily injured by cold than arc grange trees. ·WIINIII OTf WATM PIANT. MM. 711 UOHT AND rOWft. MM. JJOO. 71 TRAM FOR CIVIL SMVKt JOBS SECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE RUSINESS COLLEGE ' rAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS PHONE « H O . DAVIS, PMS. \ ·WTO OLAai· ·» **· «·· !«*»*-»·» (He Ttmra dally. 'VERY STRONG SECOND CHOICE' AUTO GLASS t MIRROR SHOP Automobile Glut Installed Olais Tables -- Plata Qlass -- Mirrors Mirror R.iilr.rins, Olais Furnllun T*p* ALL WORK GUARANTEED 11* Wnt MfMidow. PK.M17M AUTO By Sue Burnett Here's « striking frock for the ampus-bound miss thai Is Just as rctty for dates as for classroom '""· Few pattern pieces and -a ell Illustrated chart guide a oung seamstress easily and ulckly. Pattern No. 8B4t h a aew-rlte perforated PMtern In sizes 10, 12, 14, 16. 18, 20. Size 12, 4 yards of 30-Inch. Tor this pattern, tend 30c for EACH, In COINS, your name, address, ilteii desired, and th» PATTERN NUMBER to Sue lurnett, Northwest Arkanui Tlmw, 11SO Ave. Am«rlcas, New York St. N, Y. Ready for you now -- Basic FASHION for '52, Fall and Win- tcr. This new Issue la filled with Ideas for smart, practical sewing ideas for a new season; Blft pattern printed inside the book, 25c. Ike talki with IdaJii/s O.t. LOT jardao. FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY II CAST MOUNTAIN FArEYTEVlLLt ARK, PHONE TT4 Crankshaft OriiMthtf MB!*)? R0iiWlUliM Parti For AN Can anet Tr*d» Wulilirgfofl Coanty Firmen MihMl Fin Inwrwce O¥gahizet 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance 20*. North Itock CARMEN'S NEWS STAND CPanMilr r*wl*r-s PraU wrf Neva StasWU 411 WEST DICUON PHONE M4 SINES BODY SHOP ·penalising In B«dr antf Ttlttn Work. Painting. Safttr Olau. UplMUt*rla|. 8«at Coreta. 227 W. Dkkaoo Phono 1H CLUMisn a, CITIZENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. W«tt Phon. 214« JOMttON PlUMSiO AND HUTM CONTRACT OR REPAIR CofBor Sprint « ·MIVKM «TAT IHIUO «TOm --.^··^^^a Complete Drug Store. Sorvlco. Froo Dollvory from 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency PtMP. 177 411 Dickaon St. Fa T *U*TlU*, Ark. ···CCKT hm tolka rltk tkra* KeaoMleH natloml «*mmllt«*- »o«aaiit lartko ». Aikloa, Sollstarjr, M*.! Alma, SrkMiaer, MVrttao, Cafe) Mn. p. Fnry H«**M«(er, Wajula, Mian. CONffmiN* WITH OOP presidential candidate Elsenhower In Dcnvtr Cols., (Maaqvartari, Idalto'a Co». Lee B. JorOin said nt told him that "whil* n* wasn't my flrat chelca, hi has becomi my very strong second choica." Jordan Mid hi waa -very pleased" with the Elacnhower-Nlxan Republican ticket. f/nlernaliona/«o«nrf r i O lo»/ UNO'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "tight en fh» H/woy--ftfgkf on MO N. COLLEOE PHONE 1111 JIWILNT ' Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNIROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIDI SQUARI WALKER AUTO SERVICE PMAMB AND AXLE 1TBAIQHTBN1NO I I I S. COtlMI, MYlTTIVtUI. AM. PHONE n» SAM'S LIQUOR STORE '* Moif MILK FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. PASTEURIZED - HOMOGENIZED WoM PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC ·IONS - NEON - ELECTRICAL WIRINO 1-DAY SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS FREE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WORK MI SOUTH.SCHOOC PHONI MO! TAXI onrvMt- ON W. DICKSON 0-K TAXI CO. Oar Cak* a» now *«ilito*d wttk !·»*? Radl* I* ftTi r*« MiK MfTte*. F*» Pr««ia4 Taxi tWrrk* MU TH« Ntw KOYAL Fimily CM Ms* Yw If MMN it typing ^ *^* ALEXANDER TYPEWRITER CO. PHONE W KMVIOI

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