Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 23, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 23, 1952
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10 PAGES TODAY Reod by over 25,000 Doily lOCAt Tfce F,V,f Concern Of Th/, Newspop. r fAYJTTiVllU. AtKANSAS SATUHDAY EVENING. AUGimlT^ The Winners, Queen AnTprin^sses At Grape Festival Bakersfield, Calif, Hit By Quake Damage Heavy Eisenhower's Attitude On McCarthy Draws Criticism OhioDemocral ' Hits Stand By GOP Candidate Marshall Declared By General To Be Greaf Patriot · · . Air Force In Korea Claimsjlig Victory Injured In Earth Shock Quake Sidelights .Seoul. Korea-i/I',.-me U. ,,. M I I l l A i r r o i c c a n n o u n c e d t o d a y t h a t U. N. Sabre jet pilols shut d o w n M Communist jets and damaged M, but losi only one plane in a i r b a l l l c s over .N'orlh Korea d u r m g too li,,t ·*, jays O l A u g u n . Grape Festival Near An End Queen Crowned By Mayor Cortiana Miss V i r g i n i a Franco wa crowned queen of the Grape Festival at Tontilown last night by Mayor Ccl Cortiana, in a ceremony held at St. Joseph's Catholic I - - ' !Grand Jury Recesses After jTuck Bishop Case Session Little Rpck-(/p)-The Grand Jury 1 reconvened for a one-day session I ; yesterday, and then recessed in- ; j definitely without handing down · 55-Denrees To Come Again Warmer Weather Is Predxted ; OOP Nominee Eisenhower; Senator McCarthy, seeking ncmiblican ''"nomination and reelection in Wisconsin, and Gco. George C Marshall, one-time secret.-.ry ol' state. Eisenhower's army benefactor and a target of McCa, crllicism. In separate statements yesterday Eisenhower and his viec-'presidcn- l i a l running mate-Sen. -Richard M. N i x o n of California-said thcv would back McCarthy if he Is re" nominated. Nixon reported in he and Eisenhower . "lake it easy:" he yelled The , Patrons, m a n y of , h c m H d u ] | , calmed down. The theater emptied in an orderly manner Js downed ihc pail week without loss of a S |n S l c jet. During the week ending Friday, nx flus- slan-built jots v c i c " damaged , m a k i n g a total of M MiGs ciip: PTM so f a r this month. inwi'ng yestertay^auake 1 ' , Th c u Air 01 ' cc ! "'" d ' however, .. Jinan shopper had been I , " f "" lrl ' s anr( 'our oiher U. N. killed there and rescuers feared I "- " cs fi " lcd lo l c t u r " '"»" mu- t m n h i i,« . 1 .,,._ . *ions the past week. Two propcl- ... .,.,...._ , ^ j the ! I Anns and legs in grotesque poses jutted from debris ' One i c f a c - 1 " lxa '"ore "nd rescuers feared I · ° i c t u r n iron, ,, rthy's i olhci ' 5 '"'Snt he tr.ppcd. W h a t BO- i f"" 1S lnc )asl w «''- Two prm. ! pcared to be severed limbs turned lo ''-" rlvc " planes were downed c r d a v . ' r f i '" u p '"' ls of rtl ' cs ' dummies i """-a'Krali fire. Loss of me .'.TM- v . dismembcrd by falling masonry.i "'"m ..-.-,., unexplained. This made Washington · by backing necessarily Clink, Owner uled ball game yesterday aflor- noon. Miss Franco was attended by two princesses, Miss Betty Lou Ceola and Miss M a r y Catherine Backford. Crowning ol the queen followed . Hie. grape j u d g i n g contest yesterday about noon, and a Solemn High Mass yesterday morning. A ^ spaghetti dinner was served last night as part of the a n n u a l celebration, and James Highfill, Spi-ingdalc water superintendent, gave au address. , Mass this morning began the fmsl clay of the fete, and a dance will be held tonight. - No Relief From Hot Weather In Texas (By the Associated Press) Northerly winds lowered temperatures in much of the Eastern half of the nation today, but the cold front, like its predecessors of the past month, .Mailed near the northern edge of heat-blistered Texas. The cool air extended from the upper Mississippi Valley to New England and southward to Northern Texas, Southern Arkansas and Northern Georgia. Fort Worth, Texas, had a high of 101 degrees Friday.' It marked the 21st day running and the 30th of the last 31 days that the mercury there has reached ihc 100- ricgrec mark or higher. The one day "break" in the high-bracket heat wave was August 1. when the temperature reached 19 cutor Tom Downie, ^d'hoard^c': ' *~' ' CS P °' ' t i C S | ports from Downie^and two of his ! Cleveland -(Al- The cops p u t 1 and j'o'hn W.^ailey'. T^rce'lVegro' i ^^ lh ° Cr °"' '" l n e d m k ' -employes of the Grady M a n n i n g ! °" ea(i a n d w a l c r a l t h at- ; Hotel also testified. · Tnc ' -'aid he was flying too low : Foreman* J°" ""^ E ' V C n b ' lui '- v ! imri " s "'° nsl ""K down on people." ; ' indcfhiTlo yn,'-«c C rndzcr for t l l c , Tnal makes him a public nui- c At -Denver later. Eise stafpm f H r Comm(;nl "" statcmcnl. He gave it: " The jury was empaneled lo hear ' ' evidence on a charge by Bishop I ! ii condemned killer, that he bought' 1 his freedom from a l i f e sentence m the Arkansas penitentiary for ·. '· SI,5(10. " j | The hotel employes heard by · , Ihc jury yesterday were Herbert, , Crosby. Emmett Hampton and Guy ' j Covington. There was no report , · on their testimony, and Foreman ·' i Schmelzer ordered strict secrecy ' i on the jury's deliberations. | Truck Overturns And i Burns In Collision I A Philadelphia, P a , man was | charged with improper passing .-yesterday afternoon in connection Reds Said To Plan Terror Raids In Japan ! ed. Sheriff Bruce Cridcr arrested ! Herman Rocder, 28, after Rocdcr ' admitted he was- passing another | automobile on a hill when the ac- ,cidcnt occurred. i The sheriff said Rocdcr's north; bound car met a truck driven by i Duard Langston of Cecil on a hill i j u s t north of Clear Creek on I Highway 71 north about 5:30 p. m. i He said Langston's ton and a half : truck turned over and caushl fire ' | when the driver swerved off the i I highway lo avoid the oncoming' I passenger car. j Langston and his passenger j Billy Casey. 16, also of Cecil, i jumped from the truck as it i caught fire and escaped with j minor bruises. Fayetteville firc- | men extinguished the burning , '.ruck. Tokyo-(/-P;-An authorilive Japanese expert on Communist lac- i ·. ... ~7~~" tics predicted today the Reds w i l l , ' "* Weather launch a series of guerrilla terror raids Ihi.-, fall, designed to discredit America and lure more Japanese to the Red camp. He expressed conviction thai such a plan is being worked out m Moscow during current slrat- tW talks w i t h a Chinese Communist delegation as part of the "hate : America campaign. Arkansas--Partly cloudy this afternoon, lonigh! and Sunday. Widely scattered Ihu.idorshowers. Slightly warmer Sunday. So Councilman Joseph S. Herman, Blackie's owner, got a l i t t l e peeved at Ihe mayor by Ihe time they let Blaekie out. "There's more to this l h a n meets the eye,'' he said. Herman's wife said she thinks her husband s enemies on the Council were behind it all. But M a y o r John Coyne of suburban Brooklyn just laughed and said llcr- | man's got no caws lo squawk. j Record Water Safely , Certificate! issued The Red Cross swimming p,o - 1 siam for the summer, will end this week. Herman A. Tuck, .(,- '.Vatcr Safely service c h a i r m a n ' !-said 258 certificates have been is-! termediatc swimming, advanced swimming, junior and senior life saving, and water safely instructors. This is the largest number of water safety certificates ever issued in one season's s w i m m i n g program Jjy^the local chapter. . Did Their Part For Public Syracuse. N. Y.-MVTho busy noroughfarc looked like speeders' territory. -The police set u, their electric timer and sat and waited i Lots of cars--all moving sedately within tl-e limits. Patrolman Nicholas Margiaso gunned his motorcycle and sncd around the block. His catch? Two youngsters w i t h a sign reading; "Danger. Slow down o-' lice ahead." The cooler weather experienced . in Fayctlevillc this morning won'l I last .long. Weather FVrccnslcr I Charles Ford predicted today. By ! ^morrow folks in this area will be having heat again, j he forecast. ; R u l , at least some rain has ,'alien to break the extended drouth. Ford said his instruments recorded 4.70 inches n f ,. ain in '·"·"n Friday morning, the hca--i- T'/TM i'"TM M "- V '"' ' 9301 v ' hcn : ""lure '"' A ' i o w ' o f A'",J' SS I ' Cmrdc ' 1 - I ^'"''atf Shows Anner A low of IJ3 this m o r n i n g was the lowest for August, Kord said. temblor a couple approached! .. County o f f i c i a l s who werel l l l l l " A « ! endorsing the antl - ' ' ' marn»« 0 license,", U N I "nk ' | "We. wan iclcrk^e'ra'G^n' 1 ,^ "jt^ .^« ·» """« 'he fmlu ,come In her home later and the: b n m h M l d s w c TM , would issue il. "'Pi Comm,,- 1 t c r r ' r l n i ! ' v l l h t Red stock- ^JSKS/T-sS-sS-SIs ...v p a r t of a stcppcd-up campaign, disclosed only t h i s week by the chief of the r a r East n a v a l forces, to h i t the Reds where it hurls- most. The Norlh Korean radio reaclcd two Will Be Returned For Trial in Kansas- « the n a t i H reporter put it. Marsha " of was a reference to Bernard Brown. 33 nf Fr(K1 : l'amy""To "weaken""^ I'rV"' ' burs. Md. and Aubrey' r.Un £: «"" and stie^then T,us^ ' "f B a x t e r Spring. Kr.n.. were a , - I A ' t h a t . Eisenh, ' ' rested yeslcrday by Stale Troop- " crs BH Slruebini! and Carl W h i t e on H i g h w a y 7] b e t w e e n Favcllc ville and Sprmedale v - h e n the of ficers noiiced Brown was h a v i n g nn j n o p a v e m e n t . Ihcir The men The U. S. Air force said, ho-.y- -cr, c i v i l i a n s were urged by leaf- els lo leave t a r g e t areas prior to - - - - - - ··· ^-... .'i-Huini: Mijjpipa one' ° J '^ A l l i r d r a i d s list of the four faces of t h e clock i n l o j 'hursd.i.y and F r i d a y ' ' if' hea^' n^eSS, °^C' C,^ ^' ""^ ^ «»* tell^ One_ w-all of ,|, c .^i ^ n "',.'?,« A TM""" -:;ccu,i,ner" e a r t h q u a k e : man ., Time f i n a l l y ran out yesterday , .or t h e city's 40-year-old clock i : lower, a historic m i d t o w n land- ,,,,,, ,, n /1)| ^p | . 'ne 0 raT" n "^ '"'" rioUils ' Thc as asked whether he in- r 1 , .i""..- n u u i o w n lanrl- to support McCarthy who. | TM t '* n J^.. 0 ? 1 '" 1 ? 1 "! 1 "; mppled one: !? had 5 '° PPCd ' h c d " ck ' l-'a Kasl ' butchers.'' "Tui- ' Store Of Emergency I Proclaimed After Temblor Strikes BAK-ERSFIELD, Calif. - I/P) - \ major earthquake jarred ' this . cny yesterday, kiiluiK two pcr- :j.ons m j u i m g 32 and shattering j b u i r i m s s . Another sharp jolt - r o c k e d Los Angeles early today ; b u t was not c* en felt here. Yesterday's temblor wa* ths second big one in 32 days "tfl hit Bakersfield. The 10-second quake .'·waded m:..-onrv and glass into h . c ^f" 1 -'- Some highv.y, buckled. Walln fell. ro of;i collapsed on-l parapets crumbled. Dust clouds boiled up. blottin, out the sun. iwcc i.i expected to run into million.-, of doltori. On the other hand, today's shock In Los An-jclcs. us miles'south of here, apparently caused no damage, although il was stron- enough to awaken hundreds nf resident.-. The -hock started at : 3 : i n a ,,,.. Pacific Daylight Tjme. . i « h i l c Bakersfield's business dis- j tncts were heavily damaged yn- | terday.. residential »ections for i the most part, escaped unscathed ! Police patrolled blocked off ov ntov.-n sections through the j miiht to p r e \ e n t looting of stores ! damaged by the two major quakes . and dozens of aftershocks. j Two Are. Tripped i The o*ad arc Mrs. tdna Led- betler. 26. of nearby McFarlan .·aught under t h e collapsing roof of a store in which she was shopping, 1 and George Patman Coiby, Ii". a Southern Pacific Railroad cnKlncman of Bakersfield. He v-n.t trapped in the wreckage of the Kern County Equipment Company. More lhan 100 clly blocks In the business districts of Bakcrsiielrt and Knst Bakcrsfield, hardest hit by the quake, were rnped off Hardly a business block in the cn- , lire city of 30,000 population cs- | raped damage. Kmergenry Proclilmed | City Manager c. Lcland Gunn declared Bakerifield a disaster «rca and proclaimed a state of emergency. The County Board of Supervisors put O n county departments on an emergency basis and arranged for couoty offices to be transferred from the court- ,,, , . . " "" l l l - I'.ivt-ineni. were 'an" 1 " ' ""' a " C '' " 10 mcn e x t r a d i t i o n . Tney w i l l he returned 10 Kansas io face ti-ial. Pearce To Succeed Faubus At Capitol feel ,-.nd. in anoarent antjer said- Noilr ln "k. General Marshall it : one of the p a t r i o t s of t h i s counlry . and anyone who has lived w i t h : him. worked w i t h him as I hive : kn "«' s '"at he is a man of real' selflessness. recording was made at 4:46 02 n m and showed Ihe temblor was' in area 1.500 miles from Fayette- and apparently near t h e i surface, Jim Case, scismo- obsr-rver. reported Eisenhower declined to elabor ale f u r t h e r or io n a m e nam eV mil aides said t h i s m e a n t he would "ive- onh- nominal backing to M'- f ; «rlhy if t h e Wisconsi,, S cna,or is i c n o m m a t e d . Senator Ki i villc. .' graph $67,300,000 Suit Filed Against Oil Companies N e w Vork -i/Pi- Four major A m c n c a n oil companies and six J" hs ' rl '" nM a r c bcinE sued for ,$67,000,000 by t h e government it-and the J. S. t a x - si e ftavy carrier-based planes. drP" ! h C , i : r o u n d - '-'· N. soldiers d',y and".od S "r ^ n '' 0i)CS *'"' Allied-held "Bunker ll'i'lV" 1 "* " "Real" Models Say Vice Probe Publicity New York - i/r, . Twn Sirls Picketed the M a n h a t t a n cl - ±LV?,:": y :'° f "« «««** to ! cign aid oil shipments'to Europe! Brick and metal cornices top! uleri from many business buildings, and Ihe walls of others crashed down into the streets or onto nearby structures. A l leasl four churches, some of . them a l r e a d y damaged in the J u l y ! quake, suffered from yesterday's i shock. One schoolhousc was so j badly damaged the School Board , ordered il closed. Thc board will : make a survey of possible damage ] to other school buildings before . t h e opening of classes September · Unlike last month's quake,. . nearby communities icportcd no ·casualties or serious damage from J yesterday's ; elsewhere, leccnll elfecli\c September I. Bodies Of Soldiers Drowned In Korea Found Two Booked For Questioning In Death Of 16-Year-Old California School Girl 10 charge t h a i Ancncan suppressing Ihe Japa- fhlcago Postmaster OiiiU ..S'Jf.^-.'f'-'^^-'Mcr.Jnhn was f o u n d near Palm Springs Calif., last Wednesday. Inspector Gcorme F. said Lawrence and his wif Smith , Mar. --'·n«itwii (i fli - I - ges t h a t at leasl ,18 employes paid fion, $.100 to $1,800 for job pro- · motions. · the slaying of K a t h r y n Knodcl. a n.cdlands, Calif., high school girl victim of a b r u t a l sex a.-^ault. At Riverside, Police Chief W V Slaughter said he had i n f o r m a t i o n hat Lawrence, m a t e r n a l uncle of he nil. left Forrest City Ark last Salurday by He'said he «-as coming to California. The Hedlands high school ( u| was not Seoul. K n , e a - i / I V T h e 1.'. S 4 V h ' U i v i M o n said iiod.i-s of t w o ' m o l e s o l d i e i s d r o w n e d when a p l a l o o n 1 M? V' 111 ' 10 ' 1 ly ;i ""·'' " 0 "d la:-I wionrl.iy \vr, r II.(-O\-PI r-fl lod.'ty ; N i n e t e e n bodies had been l e i - m ! , ered c a i l i e r and n i n e soldier.- . t i l l j weie mis.Mngj,nd_p,«H, m (,rt "^ Stalin Sees I r e n r h K n v o y : Moscow - 1/7^ - P i i m e M m . ' e ·Joseph S t a l m r c c e n e d French Ambassador Loins ,lo:,e last n i R h l - the I H M |, n i r ,,, ,,.,,,,, l n ; i M l m ( i ( i y e a r s t h a t Ihe So-, ict leader has m i a u l e d an inlerM(".v (,, an e n v o y a peculiars-ay to lead'a 'criisad Ii Polio Con. Douglas MacArlhu'r"' , . , · ,, · · ;; ··'""· "v::.crinccl the v-nnsiy, IS, a n d H r u n c t t e Airi-,, ··uits as a test of w h e t h e r t h e dc- ! Murray, 23 v ho de- cr^bed ih .My'ViS co ;111 ' 01 m " lhr sclv " as p"'£TM..m" il,, 111 TM: s h n n e l , aSl ""^ "" ncd si fms reading- s»isS£H;S3=-*^,~^';= is lio.:- menl lo proierl g o v e r n - ' lieartlinn r " J j ' ? ' i " ' flCW5 l"'P !r "· h " r; /r^rzr ^" : --; i^^X^'ss: Headline r " UDC Offers Battle Over Plon To F a s were having-"-,;-;.; ~ ' difficulty." La.-rence told h of- ·"'*,,'" t^' 8nhf " h(1B ' " I 1 '·" he hAd read In ne^papen ' alone TuV«l"v Vv/nm, "hr he WM wanted in connection w i t h | been raped She V.ikrs Itnlh Cimlon, X y -,/!'..|',e.videnl T r u m a n ' s M. in v,i..i, - h e hkci I k c · bill hopci Ad!:,.' M - i i i be ele-led Preside,,!. M,. S ,,,,,.. .,,,,,,. Tn( _ man said yei.lcrday " K i t h r r Coy [Mcvenson or Ocneial l-ii.'.enho".c, would m.ike a coo-l p i r : i d e n t be. . a u : e t h e y n , e both l i r e m e n R u t you kn,,w 1 an, .-, rie,ll.,rrH' " .. *-'MH.'ll- i .icy fired heavy verbal a r t i l l e r y today in a -rcond nalllc of Mobile nay. And their purpose is j u t t h e same as it was when Confed. ·lie guns aimed shot n n d shell ( « l _ a n i n v a d i n g Union fleet in 1804 i I h e y ,,. |,y,, 1R , 0 kc(1|) A,l,,,,,ai . M i j g i i i s f l a g s h i p , tbe H a i t f o i d Hoin enlenng bay w.-.teu A t n h i l n g the H a r t f o r d neip from Norfolk, Va.. Navy Yard drew prompt r.,unler-b»ltcrv fire I from Ihe UDC yesterday hv i hat might mean t h a t Farraguf, I n.ig'.lup would be »nrho,ed w i t h " M . V i , f i e i J i n j e nf (he s l a t u e and home of the great naval hero Adm. Raphael Scmme*. , l-an.'.gul became a n m i o n a l hero - w i t h his icikless a t t a c k o n M o b i l e . "»· Augun s. , 8B4 .. n . lmn p , torpedoes: f u l l speed ahead'" he j ' - i i c d . Semmcs eo m , nimi |e,| , h ( Conlederale I S ,der. A l a b a m a , ' I which dc,,lt heavy blow, to Union i shipping. One ,,,,le UDC member ex- |fl..imed t h a i Scnimcs' M a i n e al . t h e fool of Cloveinmcnt .Street I might w e l l f a l l off ,t, pedcUH I I' firragufs flagship is brourhi ' to Mobile". ' The Mobile American Legion P"»l and Kmshts of Columbus Counnl proposed Th,,r,rt»v l h a l the H a r t f o r d l, r relumed here an a historical shrine. Legionnaires -·aid t h e old warship is deteriorating and m danger of being MI,-,O- peri. W h i l e i n d i v i d u a l Daughters of nc Confederacy kept up a A t f a d v l i e i,t i,,rgeis of opportunity, a I'HC ,,ffi,-i;,l took the mailer up of the Mobile Bay' district',"^?,, ihe was c o n f e r r i n g with Mis Joe Cooper of Hunlsville, Ala., Male UDC preside,)!, and Mrs. Glen l-ang of Newton. N'. C., UDC president general. If they amee, there w i l l he anolhcr Confederate effort to torpedo the Hartford temblor. Thc July 11 deaths at Tchach- f m m here, an-: three - - - . w i t h toiai damage throughout the affected area es- ·imatcd at 40 million dollars. Autw "Bounce" · Jirn Day, managinir editor of the Bakcrslicld C a l i f o r n i a n . said that w-hen the q u a k e hit with a great rumbling s o u n d , automobiles "bounced up and down on the streets and people bounced as they walked along. Automobile t r a f f i c stopned almost immediately. People left their cars to stand In the. street ant look around them I saw no hysteria, I heard no : creams "People unearned from the side: w a l k s anrt from stores and other ' buildings and raced lo the center i "f t h e street. There they stopped ! and looked around them and wait, cd Bricks were falling and broken Slass w.i.i spraying from shattered stoic windows. "A lew seconds later, when the temblor had stopped and the rum- b l i n g was an echo. | saw injured "eo.ile;er into the street. By ihen the dusl had begun to rise. U was a p,-v]l of gray dusl--in itself, a t e r r i f y i n g thing. This had Fox Lake, III.-i/pi-A. L. Brodie, Cnok County (Chicago) teron«r difd of a heart ailment today «t his summer home near rox Laki 1 «0 miles northwest of Chlca«o. Hf was i DemocraUc ftitf ||M«r.

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