Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 8
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·XHTHWBT AiKANIAI TIMIS. Middle Of The Road Policy Followed By Presidential Candidates, Nominated By Parties As Conservative Gentlemen ·j JAMES MAKf.OW |Cd radical promiics from cither of making. So far both have been very cautious. But the fact that Eisenhower and Stevenson claim the center as , a men an t e r o l o w - ·some policy or projam of the ! crs to start the actual campaign- . . . . -- --·- -- . «*« '"·*= mot Tuesday morning at] try should keep social security i th e home of Mrs. Arch Maycs on ! S °lhc Dei^o mCa .' U j M P. asscd ] Hifihway 68 wesl with Mrs. Ger- A n n a B. Cool led the'devotional! Mrs. Carl Watson was in charge For example: nol whether , ing for hath men and their follow- 1 of ' i . Waihingston - (/T; - The middle ! l h r n ) . I n«m/J .n " j '. V" " --- ,....,..ft th, ro,d i, C c,l,n £ crowded And a, ,his pom, In American ! ^hT^Wom'whe'S, TM1'%A^£ ^* ^ w · W i t h presidential candidates.: lmlol - v " w o u l d n ' t be politically; well-handled. ! ronslruclivc - a n d " .Within a f r w hours of each e t h e r i wl " ' or a TMididalc lo express; w h c n ,, t |f . : (i f , . General Eisenhower and Cove, no,· » » ? ' h m * but a philosophy o f . the voters arcTot eiwn a ThoiLe --^---i-'- Bt.venson both claimed It n - . t h e i r I nlollc ' al ' 0 "' " s '"« m °° rf ·" t h c ' b e t w e e n a Tolto or D r o « r « r n h u ? ' lMtur.1 h a b i t a t . It's not s u r n r i s - ! f TM TM ? : , '" '"" l h " '"'""" l l n " ' ' ' P ro * r » m . but 3n|. Roth were considered f a i r l y conservative at the t i m e of t h e i r nomination. It's onr of the reasons i were chosen. No one expect the -^^·^^^^^^~^^ The c o u n t r y Is prosperous, there ; There Is no rtoub) jucginz from is plenly of food, the people arc his fast denials, that Stvecnson is I = :,till undergoing a r e f k against Communism and Commu- icnsiiivc to Ihc fiepublican charge he is u n d e r Trumans 1 t h u m b ' . .. Refreshments re served by the hostess, "he K d i t h M a r t i n Circle of the S. C. S. of Ihc Kirsl Methodist ·"o- Church met Tuesday morning al j the, home of .Mrs. F. F. Hazel on A l i e n Slrcel. A f l c r a short business meeting and program refreshments were served by the hostess A r t h u r Seals, who lives ! north of Springdale, has gone to ' Lamar, Colo., where he will enter i The! , - -- - n """v, 11 uiiifiii.t inumo. ineiU^B... I| A _ msts, and war doesn'l teem too; latest to hit him with ii was Eis-1 (13VV nODDr close, all of which encourage con- enhowcr himself who said yesler-I ' "*·"" icrvatism. day Stevenson was "handpicked" Nevertheless, n e i t h e i c a n d i d a t e : by Trunia.".. Five Oil Firms Are Accused In Report By MSA Price Discrimination On World Wide Scale Charged [ ^ Washington - l/p\ - The Mutual . Agency, in a new report ! EENN A L W A Y S F I R S T Q U A L I T Y ! can convince e\'eryonc he mirkllc-nf-the - roadcr. Sic., ,, ,, , himself said yesterday t h e ' m i d d l e ' Wai people. Any differences between; s the two men should appear \vhen they begin t h e i r campaign speech- Stevenson has cone out of his ! "er son-in-law and daushtcr, Mr. Dale Greenwood, son of Mr. and I and Mrs. Rob Cooper and dauzh- ·s. O. T. Greenwood of Fayettc- | ler, Connl" of Springdale. of F o r t ; heaping "an undue burden on the if | American taxpayer" for their own vil]c, who has been TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED ·uy Youn From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP ATTENTION Dairymen and Farmers Let us solve your Feeding Problem by filling your silo, using a new Ensilage Cutter For Full Information Coll 68-L, Huntsville or 1689, Foyetteville Ihc country can get new management with a clean broom without changing parlies at all. I n lurn, Ihc Republicans have lender ears when the Democrats hoot "me, toolsin," at them. The implication is play: They have nc quarel with Democralic progams f and policies, so why change the management of an old business which the Republicans seem to l t h i n k is all right? I Stevenson must have been ach- I in(t for a chance to f l i n E this iu ui; McCoy truly l i g h t i n g d the U.S.S. --I-. ."AHTM".. Airs. L. \v. Searcy was elected ..... , .. Springdale Li- president of the ' es- brary Hoard Monday al a meeting receive ; letter of commendation wilh ribbon from the Navy. The letter of roco'incndation, filed by Greenwood'. 1 ; c o m m a n d i n g officer Mrs. Liearcy was . j . iCarcy w a s elected due lo Ihe resignation of lo the commander of Ihe Seventh election of officers Fleet, reads: "As the only q u a l i f i e d rangefinder operator, Greenwood was , required to be constantly al his I rangcfinder .during daylight hours | except short periods necessary for hjs personal needs, from J u n e 22, lo July If). 1902. Although his sla- lion was f u l l y exposed to enemy fire and the elements. Greenwood ...* J u , n ,,,.1111.1: iu i i i n g mis nit; Him me elements, urcenwood U P ' V°° * J ~ TM n n c e Aly Khan charge *\ Elsenhower, whom the j consistently displayed outstanding I f , way ° C . hica l5o today R f n i l M l r a n e ninL-arl « / ( - - i U _ . . I !,,",,!,,,,,.1,:., , . . , _ i : i ; _ _ i . j i . . " i ollCr a V.'CCk-1 OH 17 V l S l f M ' i t h l i i r l.»mar Junior College in Septem- I to -nvc^n*'senators'! has i -Mrs. L. I, Overs,TM, nf r,,,, ! S.L";f. U : S :,° il , c TP ani « °' I Smith is profit. It named the five as Standard Oil of New Jersey, Standard Oi of California, Gulf Oil Companj Socony-Varuum Oil Company an the Texas Company. The report, requested by Hi Senate Small Business Commit LovclJ i tee's Monoooly Subcommittee an on the made public last night, accuse the five of "price discriminate on a world-wide scale." It said I they inflatsd the price of oil ship| ped from the Middle East to Euro- I nean nations receiving Marshal Plan aid. The Justice Department. ,, MSA's request, has filed suit to recover 50 'million dollars from the five companies on grounds of SATURDAY'S SUPER BARGAINS was library Rill poinle board to serve until the in Januarv. Prince Aly Khan Ends '· Visit In Hollywood Republicans picked after they themselves this year had put the "me. too," label on their own 1948 . , candidate, Gov. Thomas E. Dewcy. EVERYTHING flUMiINO FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMMT AVt MOVIES in (.0-04 COMFORT This Week-End! I Todir fc Siturdiy ,lll . lill . Ii» . 7;jj . |;3j COOL Tenili k PALACE ··«"»r · Double Feature · -- and -- TWO£AI$ arwJarSC/X ^ · KLOK · MICE urn GlEASON BARGAIN MATINEE Sat. 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Adults 30C After 1:00 p.m. 35c Tanilt It Stlurdir COOL ROYAL · 2 FEATURES · PRINCF who w a s ·',"/$ a T H I E F * ' 1 TonTanmS-ryrUUlUE -- and -- "Rocky" Stampedes Killers with Hot Lead! leadership q u a l i t i e s and attcnlion j to^ duty; on many occasions he was the first to detect targets of opportunity. His performance under fire was cool and efficient. He is highly deserving of credit . . . The award is for merilorious achicvemcnl in actual combat as defined in reference and the Com week-long visit with his Hay worth. W i f c ' the b a t . Distinguished recommended." The U.S.S. McCoy has been on patrol and shore bombardment missions in Korea. Springdale Mrs. Gene Satlerficld and daughier, Debora, of Tulsa, Okla., and Mrs. W i l l i a m G r e c n h a w and children Bobby Jean and Billy Carroll, of Muskogee, Okla.. r,rc in Springdale visiting their mother, Mrs. Lctha Brogdon, t h i s week. Lee C and their daughter. Yasmin was not at the airport when plane took off. A l t h o u g h Hollywood rumors had it t h a i the prince's visit was an altempt lo patch up differences Aly and R i t a refused commenl on | D e v i c e i s ! 3ny r TMTM"a.ion. overcharges on bills paid with foreign aid funds. The companies, the report said, charged the Europeans "exorbitant prices" for oil. far higher than they charged for deliveries to the United States from the same Middle Eastern fields. "Because of this two-price system and the abnormally high price charged in European markets, an undue burden was placed on the American tarpaye'r, who was footing t h e bill for Marshall Plan aid." the committee said in a prepared statement quoting the report. Train Hits Car In Wisconsin, One Killed , Racine, Wis. - (/pi-A high-speed electric Chicago - to - Milwaukee j t r a i n hit a car and jumped the! rails near here late yesterday. The I Tn e Lions Club met at Vinson's molonsi was k i l l e d and 65 train | Ca 'e Tuesday night for supper At passengers were injured. j the business session, presided over ,i, H ',I? m M ' Br - vant of Waukegan, 'y Ray Cornwell. plans were dis- | North Shore and Mil- cussed for raising money /or the Prairie Grove week ' ·-"""""".·r irain was traveling Lee Cale was taken from his f,! TM miles an h o u r w h c n '' hit home on Cleveland A v e n u e lo the j ' ?TM'' City Hospital Wcdncsda- morning .,, . T , ° "'."" l " c h a n c c f °r me n » Callison-Sisco ambulance. ...,,"v. °, h " lhc orak «." he said. Cpl. Dean Hnrorr Infi s n t n r r t a v . . e .. mt hlm a second after I caw Cpl. Dean Harger left S a t i n - d a y , , , ,, 'or forl Sam Houston, San Anonio, Texas, after spending a 30- day furlough with his parents. ilr. and Mrs. Fred Harser, and his sister. Mrs. Duanc Stcele. Mr. and Mrs. Dale W i l l i a m s and daughters, A n i c e and Margaret of Blackwell. Okla.. left Tuesday ·ill el Junfrl. No. 12 Color Clrloon "Woodmin Spirt Thai Tr««" AIR CONDITIONED U A R K YOUR PASSPORT TO A WONDERFUL TIME! nomine a f t e r spending a few days vilh Mr. W i l l i a m s ' parents. Dr. ind Mrs. S. E. W i l l i a m s . Dale Wiliams is band director in the Blarkwcll schools and had been ( t e n d i n g school this summer at ""hillips University. Enid, n i t i a . , orking on his masters degree. Guests over the weekend in the ome of Mr. and Mrs. N a t h a n licltford were (heir son-in-lau' nd riaushter, Mr. and Mrs. R a l p h owry. Mi.,; A v i s Johnson, and Irs. Robert R u t h , all of Wichita Kan. Mr. and Mrs. Loyri Caress and - w a u k e c motorman. said his five- j club. Dr. Herbert Buchanan, mmuter train was travelinz I K u est speaker, discussed "The j m " es an n o u r "'hen it hit j System of Numbers." Eighteen i members and one visitor, Dr. Ken Porter, were present. Darwin Delap, who has been the I S^t of his father, Joe Delap, haj j returned to his home in Kansas I City, Mo., Mr. anrt Mrs. Owen Delap and son, Dick, have returned to Washington, D. C., after a two- week vacation spent with Joe Delap and Mrs. DelapY parents Mr and Mrs. J. A. Geiger. Carolyn Nelson is back from a j visit of several days with Diane i Marriages Archie McLemnrc and Mrs Ruth Matthews, both of Greenfield. Mo., were married August 'M by Ihe Res'. .1. Robert Moffctt. Phillip Lawrence Evans and Miss Florence Tcters. both of Springdale, were married Augusl 20 by R. M. Baker, juslice of the peace. Glenn Ii. Eastman and Mrs. Carol J. E a s t m a n , both of Lawrence, Kan., were married August 19 by County Judge Witt Carter. Wanda Rae Graves, both of Fav- Strickler of Fayetteville. , Helen Louise Winn, who spent i the summer with her grandpar- ' cnt-, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Fidler, I and her a u n t , Mrs. Jack Cook! l leaves Thursday for her home in ! Snuthgate, Calif. Miss Kale Sue! Helm was hostess at a cooperative j hamburger fry at her home Wed- i nesday n i g h t in honor of Miss Winn. Guests were Nancy and Frances Garrett, Coretta and Sue clleville. were married August 19 j Wlson. Camilla and Kathryne . . by the Kev. John M. Asbell. Bidwell. Mary Nell Geiger, La- "" i ' .in.-., ijuyn caress a n d ' j ... ' three sons of H o l l a n d , Colo and i y A Mlt ' Lydlil A n n Mrs. Mary Priddy and three , cpl ' msdalc ' wc '' e m a v r i daughters of l.emar r-nin h-,,-*! 15 b - v lhc Rcv - Tommy Joe Wilson, Fayeieville, Vonno p h i l i PS. Charelene Br'ewe , Mis.-. Lydia Ann Hhinehart, ied August daughters of l.emar, Colo., h a v e . r been visiting relatives this week I ,.., near SprinRdale. They are Mr and 1 c ~ "" Mrs. Robert Bowers, and Mr.' and i ,,"'* J 1 ^'^ A " S Mrs. Henry Tabor I Rov ' H ' M - Lcwls The Lucy C l a i k Circle of t h e 1 Paul O l c l h a m and Women's Society of Christian . Gibbs E. M i l l e r and Mrs. recton. both of Gentry, August n by the , l , lhy ,. Miss - r h l f c r ' hoth of Fayetlevillc. j were married August 20 by the BUILDING AND REPA'R Whilt Aiblttoi Siding No. 1 A Complela Job $16.95 Per So Cabinet and Millworlt. LOY KINZER 558 Wall St. Phone 2019 Rcv. Garland W. Morrison. Jack Perry. Springdale. and I Miss Joan Hobson. Huntsville, were married August 9 by the Rev. Robert W. Jones. BOWL FOR PLEASURE Jim Bcnton Bowling Lanes--Adv. »Fim-«i-lfc«.|tai Story if 7v« Gvys fnni DAitmt lo We fo Mm Mki ..(airing Ywrtw Ctni gf Tonite Saturday 7:45-10:00 Barbara Patrick, Anita Tunnel and Marilyn Wilson. Billy Bamsey. Sue Vinson. Ronney Allen, and Coretta Wilson drove to Fort Smith Tuesday night to see the "Ice Vogues of 1952" presented at the Harper Stactium. Chairman of committees for P. T. A. met at the home of Mrs. Jack Cook Monday afternoon to choose committees and make p l a n s for Ihe year. At the close of the ' meeting Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Vm- ] cil Bell served an iced drink and I cookies. ' The Rev. and Mrs. Alt Eason ! and sons, Joe Del and Bill, who I are vacationing at Fayetteville. were dinner guests of Mr. a n d ' Mrs. J. H. Carnahan Sunday, and dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Cunningham Monday. Tuesday night they were guests of honor at , a picnic at the Fayetteville city I park given by the Couples Class, i Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ken M a r v i n and son, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Vincil Bell and children, Mr. and Mrs. n. E. Cunningham and children, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cox and children. Mr. Eason,is fl former pastor of the Prairie Grove. Methodist Church. OUR SERVICES Include Repairing Electric Shavers Hearing Aids Radio Television Electrical Appliances locksmith- Combinations (hanged; Keys Fitted DIXIE RADIO 421 W. Dicfcton I DOOR-BUSTER PRICES me Stay Awake Alarm Clock! or All Night! BUT BE HERE EARLY! SUMMER D R E S S E S Out goes eerrything! Nothing held bock! Prices cut to lets than cost! Be here early! GROUP I GROUP II 3 WOMEN'S BLOUSES Over 100 units to be sacrificed here. Many sold for 3 times this price. Sizes 32 to 40. Your choice I SUMMER MILLINERY Dainty summter hots at give away prices. Better buy several. Wear 'em next year. GIRLS' DRESSES One rbek of these better dresses. Regardless of original price, your choice Womtn'i. Children'! S H O E S Compl.t. lummir stock al a rapid lellout price. Not all IJIM, but yours may bt htrt. I CHENILLE BEDSPREADS Wavy lin* chtnill« tpreadi, double btd lizt. White, grttn, ytllow. 4 BOYS' SHORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS Washable rayoniand cettont. Idtal for school wear. Size 4, 6, I. » I Men's Long Sleeve, Regular Style DRESS SHIRTS Stock up for school and drt» wtar. Sanforized cotton broadcloth in telid colon and fanciei. 14 to 17. Boys' and Women's STRAW HATS · J ^ e Hurry for tht»! Th«y won't latt long. WOMEN' LINGERIE All summer ' merchandise m u s t go Choose from shorty P.J.'s, shorty gowns or regular full-length gowns. Batiste Print, p '"'»*e Solids $177 1 Cushion Dot PRISCILLA CURTAINS 98 Dr.ti up thot* txtra windowi with rtitto wonderful valuM. Sin 45x90. Men's Summer T I E S Your Choice 50' Women's Summer PURSES Your Choice $ 1 DON'T MISS THIS TABLE! BARGAIN TABLE Odds and ends from every deport. _ . -- ment dumped her* for you to select 31 from. . ·

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