Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 7
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Will Support McCarthy If He Wins, Says Nixon Endorsement Not To Mean He Shares · Senator's Views Washington -(#)- Sen. Richard M. Nixon 0( California said today · both ht and Gen. Dwljht D. Elien- hower will support Sen. Joseph McCarthy at Wisconsin--if he is renominited--without endorsing ·McCarthy's views. Nixon, the GOP vice presidential nominee, declared he and Eisenhower, the presidential candidate, will back all Republican Senate and House nominees in an ·effort to gain GOP control of Congress in November, . . B u t Nixon addbu:',...:' " . . , : · · "I want'to tniikc it cl«*r'.tliat In Supporting any" particular caridi- daie neither I nor General Eisenhower will endorse the views or the methods of Republic^ candidates which happen to be different from our own. "We recognize that in both the ·Republican and Democratic parties there is and should be room lor individuals who have differing views on key issues." · Nixon said both he and Eisenhower had stated their views on what Nix-on described as "so-call«d McCarthyism." Democrats h a v e criticized McCarthy for making what they called irresponsible Communist - in - government ^charges. On the point of "so-called McCarthyism," Nixon laid he and Elsenhower favor a "fair, sane and .effective program of investigation of all the charges that have been made and removal from the government payroll of those who are a threat to national security. · "We believe that such an investigation must be conducted in such a way that the rights of innocent individuals will be recognized and adequately protected." The vice presidential candidate said neither he nor Eisenhower has had the opportunity to look into McCarthy's charges and therefore neither had criticized McCarthy's views and methods. HP said both he and Eisenhower believe it is essential to obtain a Republican controlled Congress if they are elected "to carry through the program of cleaning up the mess in Washington." He said he would not t a k e part in any primary contests "but once the Republican nominees have been selected by the people in primary elections, I intend to support those nominees in their contests against Democratic oppon- nents." NOtTHWtST AJKANSAS TUMS, hyMcvflb, Arkm prised mix** food and choice kinds from 25.00-31.50; scattered lots utility down to 22.00 and below; most feeders 18.00-22.00; buck throw-outs largely 15.00-17.00; straight culls down to 12.00, occasionally 10.00; cull to good ewes 4.SO-6.90 according to weight and quality. Cat* M TkMfci . Wt wuti !« think ill of »ar friend* and nilghberi for thtlr uncesjini klndnut tkro u| h tht nines. nd dutfi or our molntr. Mrs. Fr.nces l»ynt BMclUly do we v.flt 18 think Dr AUrml Hitheock. R«v. Shtrman. Rev Stuckey. the Goldenrod Club inn Ml Comlnrt Club and Waujon Mortutry Mr.. AasU Shuler Mti. D«IU Wtrren Mr.. Addle Kudolph SALESMEN WANTED WOULD like to hear from nvn with car who would like to itep Into a bustneM of nil own In North Waih- Infton County. No capital needed. Corwln Crowe. Arkansas, i-tassifvltifi about tlto weekly. Write RHwIcish i _ rHpl^KH^JQjZie/i Memph».Tnii. DOGS--CATS--PETS "OR SALE--MISCELI.AVf.nim 4'x8' bed a n d . r l d e - WE buy. tell, raise, board dogs rats If you need a doc or liave loo many vUlt Deaton's Kennel. West fork Highway 71. TWO wheel trallt boards. __I'h ne ONE wooden bed compfrte wi'lh"ma"l- UciJ and spring* Apartment 10-2 Terry VilliiHP. jiltcrnoon. BELLE of Georgia peachei""f6r'cah~ nlnx and Ireczinc. 2 miles east un CB H i g h w a y Dial 3227. John W dorr. NORTHWEST. ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS P«(* j e»»tr pir wor; limit l. eertlon. Tnr«c conHcutlvt tnatrtlou. T cents p«r word Minimum ordtr 4M. Clajslfi.d ads ci.h In d»tie*-«ol taken over ill. ultphont. Dcidllne for claiiifitd idt: lt» «. m dllly; t:3t i. m. Saturday Corrections and rerun ch«*rfull made after first Inwrtion. No corrie|Un* or rerun audt alter ad Has uNOTC: AdvirUiiiif atn (or tlMt B"«M Is diit it 12 noun tM da/ »r«- U*h; u BOO. iaturd., LEQAL NOTBCM Safety Record Sef In Liille Rock ' Little Bock-(/P)-A national record for consecutive days without a t r a f f i c fatality \vas established bj Little Rock yesterday. At midni/rht last night, Little Rock completed 260 days without » traffic death, passing the old record for cities of more than 100,000 population of 259 days set * 1948 b y ' H a r t f o r d , Conn. Jumpy police answered seven accident calls last night as Ih6 deadline for the record rieared. But only one involved an injury-Jerry V. Conatse, 19, fell off his mcvr scooter and suffered a minor leg injury. Capt. L. V. Witherspoon, hud of the Little Rock Traffic Bureau, said a more responsible attitude ·on the part of teen-age drivers deserved much of the credit for the record. PROPOHR CONlll'UTIONAL - *M«NOM(tN1 NO 4» 5. " HEHII.VEll W the Henate « me ftatt t4 Aftmeaa end bT ttl« Hnue» of RecrrimtanHt t Manrtr, of All the Member* tierted te Cart House Affreelnv rerete: That the fnllnwlne If Hereby pre nosed .f. .n emenffmem to the Con- 'tttntlon m fli« Male e* Arkinist and upon nemi submitted to Ihe electors of Ihe «tate fm mnmn or tnraim .1 (he nwrt fenpral election for Hnrt- lentetives and ffeniitcT*. It · m.lorlr* of Ihe elecfnr wtim thereon .1 sueh en elefftnn adocl wrh emend- «tnt. the «.me Man berime a oart of the Constitution of tht of ArMneei. towlt: SECTION I eamiflleiien Created-- Meihbeee*-s*owera. rti«r« i. hereby er«te«1 a Matt Klthwav ComrniMtm Milch that! ht vetted inlh III Ihe powtrf end dutltt new or nere.lter Imnnsea b» law lei the edmlnlsrra- Hem ot Iht Hlcftwae Department. lOfFthtr with ill Dfiweti nteftsary or Draper to enable Ihe CeimmlMiDn tr an» of ita officers or tmntniees to carry out fully and effectives 'he rjinilatlons- and lawi rti.Hnt to the State Hllhwiy Department SECTIOK J Qualification nd At. ·ointm.nt et MirnWrs--Terms ot mice of Fleet Commission. Within len d.T« .tier rht cnnvthlni of fht General Aseernnlt ef rht ol Arkansas In the fear IMS. ttit Governor, by .nd ylth the advice .nd consent ol Ihe Senate, shall .OBoinl flvt persons who ·rt nullified elector. «t Iht St.le to constitute iht State flithwav Commii- alnn for fermi nf two. four. »la. eiftit .nd ttn re.n reiotclirely nit lermi iht perewis so aenointn ih«M in determined b» lol Tht Commission. eri lo ht appointed from the at law: provided, nowtver. th.t no two Commfp.tnntra ah.ll ht appointed from any tmtti Conrrtnten.I DU- Irlrt. In tot mm 1 or rejection b? ttit* of · wrwm whose ntmc li« WANTED. r«lfJtered male dolmaiion for «ire. Phone 3109-J -71. li"51 J O H N UeePi- M tractor TOO liours. mower, two row mm plow. M a r v i n Miller. Phone 1658. Sprlni- ENGLISH setter pupa, cnro.letl in , American field. Dam apon* Peer- ! leJM Pat blood lints. Sire Beau Hi- I Klf's and Pecrleu Bloorf. Phone i AKC refistered 507-J-2. Pekl ne«. Phone | FESCUE seed e c r m i n a l i o n P6 1 ';.. "purity »9.2^. $40 K r a n k Garrclt. Prairie _iirovc, Ark. GRAPES." $1 93 buahcl. yau~^lTThein' 52.13 bushel, ready picked, b r i n g i comair.erE. Fred r. Lyon. Sprmg- niile wMt on 68. Wjnjlejoutli. . Phonei 1245. rURNISHED a p a r t i n e n t , Coljcge. Phone. M7. NICE iipartmem --low in wlih rtfrtjermor. Phone furnlihed U N r u R N I f l H K D « room modern du- TWO 3 room unfurnlVhfIT* Tparlmt nU _nearJMivej-,iiiy. ,''..jne 3031 3 ROOM unrurnUKed" Phone 2710-L-I. · p i r l m t n l LARGE bfdrooin, private entrance. HuilncM nnn or Huclenl preferred. Phone 798-J. FURNISHKD iipi,riment. ?gS W Church. Phone 3I3JW a f t a r fl AKC r*«Utered Cocker Spaniel pup- CIRCULATOR. r.O.OU( WANTED MEN for apple harvest In Washington State. Pickup truck Icavinn f i m of Septtmber. See or w r i t e Elvin C Faubus. Routej.. Springdnlc. jised. P_honc_l 293- J . LEWIS BRO'STUASEMENT lightly wanher CLOSE In furnuihed A p a r t m e n t Hardwood floors wish r e f r i R e r a t o r . very __nicc_AdultA only. Phone 1957. UNFURNISHED a p a r t m e n t , one-hall block of UnlTflrslty campus. Phone IT'S cooler . apartments are nice, ·ccnery li wonderful. You'll like Roekwood Apartments. Phon« 2BJ. MIDDLE and woman for companion, ttaiat with home work, able to drive car, five reference*. Box L-i4. BAjjg sj tier. Pho n e 1737-J. LOST AND FOUND LOST--While 150 Ib OIC and Hair _**!irg^hog. Phone 397-W-1. LOST, two wheeler Razorback Us a «l la Siaoi" m i x S ^ D I SERVICES UBed Magic Chci er r«n«* ' ":".;";""s4U ! ~~~ Used bicycle . .. , $29 used Bendi\ wsher . $73 Used G. E r e f n g r r a t o r . ... _ $R!i i J.te d Ke 1 v in a tor r P f r 1 ij er ;i tor 579 BOY'S double brcastcd"*Vuh7Tize~ ?Q- while drew -.hirw. *ize H\ t . 4 j o North_Wa^hinglpn A v e n u e BLOOMING potted mums varlcated ihiloderon. "' jjliiloderon. Phone 1933. Berry's QUA'ITfr Y~? nSiaeirpTpcT a IscTiT/ '"finT- anixed pipe; ·vhile a l d e w a l l tires i ack Road. Painted red. Grit- ^ cery Co. Phone 101'. Rogers M only 8:00 Kirestom _ -- ..res and tubes, used never b e e n f l a l . W. c. Mayfield.' Ark . - - _ . Chef atovc. _ 1'honc ^71 SADDLE honei for itle--fox t r o t t i n s mure 3 year* old. Tenneaace w a l k i n g j horse, 2 year*, old. These horses art- I nice, and are priced to sell -fL 0 " 1 !!! 1 !. 1 ', Arl:. 'GOOD Hampihlre Phone 2S58-J. SADDLE hor«. oeiutiful. Small boy's mare. 4 year« old. Perfectly gentle JPJL^Jdj^n^honelBas-J.' Joe weaning pigs. white 'esl Farm- REGISTERED iwo year old" face bull. S. Hatclif/out Wi _ing ion,. OW)D" Weatern breeding ewtu, twos tnreej »nd fours. Plenty Cprrie^ale Kt^assa. P MO CC " r " hL "· ° FOB BALE--HOME NEEDS VSfD furniture. Phont »4l-j~^~ 4 ROOM, excellent furniture 234 South Church. No dtalera please. 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Today's Market-- St. Louia Livestock National Stockyards, 111. - WP) - fUSDA) - Hogs «,000; lairly active; weights 190 Ibs up mostly steady with Thursday's average; lighter weights steady to 25 higher; spots more; sows steady lo 25 lower; bulk choice 190-230 Ibss unsorted for grade 22.00-25; 240270 Ibs mos,lly 21.00-85; few to 22.00; 280-300 Ibs in odd lots 20.25-50; 170-180 Ibs 20.75-21.50; 150170 Ibs 18.25-21.00; largely 20.75 down with few to 21.25: 120-140 fbs 16.50-19.73; sows 400 Ihs rlown ! 17.50-18.00; heavier sows 15.5017.00; hours 1I..10-1S.OO. . Cattle 850, calves 700; market Hcnerally active and f u l l y steady; few commercial and flood steer. 1 : and heifers 24.00-30.00; individual head high good yearling .steers 31.00; few good quality replacement steers 26.00-90; u t i l i t y and commercial cows 18.00-22.00; odd head to S3.00; cunncrs and cutters 13.00-18.00; utility nnd commercial Jnills 19.00-53.50; cuttcr'hulls ]«..- 00-18.00; good and choice vcalors 28.00-33.00; sorted prime lo 35.00; utility and commercial vealcn J2.oo-rr.oo. Sheep 450; spring lambs fully 50 lower, extremes more; all except feeders find culls show decline; few mostly prime sprlnmri JO.00; iev*rnl other lots choice and fcrlme Z9.00-50; bulk receipts com- -'en ·· RubfnlttM. the Governor shall within fiv* da.v* after receipt of written nolle* from Ihe Sfcrtlir? ol the Senate of «uch rejtctlon eurirritt the name nf another aoDnlhtee to till sncS vacancy. In the ·»«!! Iht Governor ihnuld within five 1lvi IntrMfltr fsll to aooolnt or fall to lubmlt to the Senate for confirmation the name ef any wrlon lo be atoointed the Senate ·hut prncHfi to mak* the appointment of UK own choice IECTION I Termi of Ortlti .1 . MemtMri. Upon th* expiration of the I farefolnr ternn of said comnilsiioheri. a sueeefsor shall Iw aupMnlrd b» Ike Governor In tha manner provided fnr tn Section J fur · term ef len vearj. which term of ten vean shall thereafter t« IM- eaeh memker ol Ihe Commission. SECTION 4. Removal M Memben --Heanni--fttvlew ana Aweal. A Cem- nilsaloner may Di removed bT the Governor only far the same causes as afplv to other constitutional officers after a heartnt which may be reviewed by the Chancery Court for Ine rirst District with Hint of appeal therefrom lo the Supreme Courl. such review and aoxat lo m without presumption (n favor ef «ny flnillnf br fhe Governor or the trie! court, ana providM further, m addition te the rlcht of confirmation htrelnabove re- tervel » Ihe senate, the Senate may upon rat written request of at teait rive rsi of itt members mat · member or members of the Commission mould be removed therefrom, proceed, when m session, to hear any and ali evidence pertinent to the reaioni ' removal, rhe member er members whoie removal n so mutated shall be entitled to be neerd in the matter ana to DC represented neter* the Senate bv legal Counsel rhese oroceed- ln« conducted by the Senate lhall be public end a transcript ot the testimony an neerd shall oe prepared ind ·reserved in Hie totirnal of the ienale. The UKme of evidence either oially er by deposition lhall not oe bound by the form*' rules of evidence. Uoon the conclusion ol the nearinr. the Senate, ilttlni at e Dody In executive seslion. mav remove tald member or members of the Commission bv a majority vote conducted by secret ballot. SECTION ( Vacancies-Filling. Va. canclci on the Commission due to reaiinatloni. death or removal lhall be filled Dy ·ppotntment ot the Governor for the unexpired term within thirty ears from the dale ot such vec-anty. Upon failure ot the Governor to fill the vacancy within thirty davs. the remaining: Oe-mmisMoners shall make the appointment for the unea- Dirtd term. SECTICJN a Hit Commission shall appoint t Director of Hlthwavf *no shall neve auch duties a« may PC prescribed ·*· the Commission ee br atatute APMOVID: Marc ». IH1. :ietarv of *Hlt G HAU ___ modefn~bcdroom suite foV coat of boxsprina. mattress. 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Plenty w » t « r a n d ' ·raxini On all route*, priced in '· ·ell. pnueuinn Owner I C»rl N u n n . Route 1. Pr«irl« Grove · 137 A C R E f i r m . ^TMocJiut(ir"*~few ' m i n u t e s d r i v e f r o m riy*t,Fvillr [00 ' «crti tlllibte. nice Ihrtt bedroom ' modern home. 2 well* u-lth pr»M- ' tmrt p u m p Yr*r a m u n r t « l r # « m ! border,, on nnc ildr Now l a y i n g · hoiue w i t h »iO hen* Juit alarttni in p r o d u c t i o n RUSSELL REALTY CO, ! N Block St. Phone 15 Evenings; L. r. Baker, 1MI-R W fi. Crow. Sr . 3020-W-2 FORSALE--»EAl BWAT1 NEW home. rooms, utility room and «ara»e. One lire, phone an. FOR SALE by owner: Four room home. !, acre, ill utilities. Com fonhle home or excellent rental properly. Tak. In good cir. See owner. 1378 llnidrlx street NEW larfe tttractlvt three bedroom ranch atylf hom« by builder At- lached ftiraiei, forced heatlnf hullllni galore. Compire price a ' GOOO used typcwrUerJ^hoiig IMS.W" FOUR or five cub:c~loo! "r77r'i"i7r7"- tor. Must be in good condhlon Phone 2864. _ _ 2 BEDROOM ho _ishcd._Phonc BY Sei);ember"' r apartmenTfurrT- 13--Modern two o"r HUTU mom f u r n b h r d n p n r i m c n t p r i v a t e b a t h , by s t u d e n t , wife balv f i R l U weeks old. W r i t e Mr« ' J K Cnlcotr. R o u t e .1. Box J20-A. Hot WANTED^TO RENT OR LEASE WANT lo rent or lease- ' y 1st of Se'p"- tctiibcr :i or 4 bedroom hoi In .-octlon. Will sign ^ year :n ; g E ^L'!J9:- p JJ one ^ 3 P 1 5 : M~' SOAP made on Jharea7"CaIJ foflT VAL1.1 Slmpion Homc7or"ased"invalid i n f i r m pcraon*. Day and night *erv- ice. L'n s Wright Street. Slloim bpringa. Ar;k_ R c p n l r i n B - n c n i o d c l i n B Siding A p p l i c a n t JJall :'44fl-M FREE IN5PE"CTION Any make rarilo repairs RADIO SERVICE CENTER Authorized Philco and G. E. Service Rear of Lewis Bro«. Inc., on Confer St. with option. Excellent rel'crenres if ^aesirrd. Phone 11622-R. FOR REN'T OR TRADE TWO 4 room homes, rcnTTu7nUhe~d or unfurnished. 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Phon*} 24, Wejt Fork LAWNS mowed, any «i«. any h«l|ht Excellent work, reasonable price* C a l l Don Emmoru. 71 between 6 And 5. This Good Farm HAS carried 41 head ot Hock this year. From front porch vou can look over 70 acres fertile. Muddy Fork l)0ltom The entire no acres la well steded lo tame «ra». A iood sprint Is piped to house and broiler home (rnvily pressure, and Has furnished ample wsler aupply Ihroujhout this dry year, for broilers and home The farm located 7 miles north of 1 rslnc- Grove, la a good farm to liuy T h e , b a r n and 3.JOO ca;»;lty hrolltr hotisd are (tooo. Ihe house Is only fair. A b e a u t i f u l place to live on all routes. This la really a mad' farm. See it. If you want a good NEWLIN REALTY WEST FORK. AUK $1500.00 DOWN ASSUME balance w i t h monthly nav- mrnui leu t h a n rent Covettd Hifh- w*.v 4S locution w l l h 403 fnol dfcp Int. Nicr five room home about four jran old Ixcollent rnrutruclion itir.-iing FHA reo'ttrcmenu. We *tl rtom «et an nticuni like thli. Belter hurry. The Ritter Agency NEAR UNIVERSITY N«w Schooli NEW ?.bui(ro(.m horns, conibinitlon l i v l n f - d l n l n g room. klU-hr n w i i h dSnlnf ipncc. u f i l l i y room 2 bed- roonui, tile bitti. forced «lr IIBJI!. x t t c l c»*em«nt s*ih. rock wool In- · u l n t l o n , v t n e l i a n bMnrlj rirport with jttorajrc room, paid p n v t m t t n . Prlrrd n t F\IA vtliiBtlon 0( J9.SOO.OO. H.154 down unrt S85.23 per month. UTLEY COMPANY, INC. KEAl/rORS [.INDERS IN8UROM Call J. J P y e n t i 2201 He* MS II. I.. J J t l y y ___?203. Jlff« Tjft? ^HE lit lie" futrrt In NortKwVT! A r k H n c u . 71 acre* well improved ·opt) Icncinf with S.-ipOM .ftnoei. All litid (Illabti, all In permtntnt ' - 1949 Old. 76 Dtlvx* Sedan, Conditioned air htaf*^ deluxe radio, hydrarnatK drive. On* owner. L'ovi' mileage. Guaran- l»»d I1J93 1945 P a c k a r d C o n - vertible $ ?93 1946 Oldj 78 Sedan $ 793 1939 Ford Coupe $ 393, 1948 Chevrolet Aero . . . J 393 1949 Ford 2-door $1193 TRIPLE-CHECKED V J / Trucks I 1947 GMC 430 Tractor. "Ai/l brakei, 270 enflne, 2-' ipeed axle, 5-ipeed trani^ mission, 900x20 tires and 24-foot Fruehauff Van Trailer. Complete. . $1793 1950 GMC long wheel b»e fem- m lru« ind inf with S.- Illabti, all I rrppt: 2 ' f wmtw,QHv . , c t l c v l l l r Volt will h»ye to *ct it to appreciate ill vllue'. RUSSELL REALTY CO. N o r t h Slock Plionf 1538 E v r n l n u I, E B s k n r IHl-R M H Melton 2240'W W B. Crowe. Sr. 30JO-W-I 1946 Ford 1-ton $ «95 1947 GMC 2-ton $ 795 1947 GMC Pickup $ 193 WHITFIELD MOTOR CO.. OLDS - GMC 15 North Ea»t *~ A Slop Dreaming! POULTRY FARM WE hHve Juit listed thU welt cqiilDp«d wtll located poultry f*rm only · few m i n u l u drive from thr iquare 3 broiler house* completely equipped, capacity approximately \ fm Conipletfly m o d e r n 3-h-drrom! finuic, tninll burn, gnrngr. excellent u-atrr ·uppty. 8,9 Here! food land priced at SI0.5IWOO. Ufley Company, Inc. REALTORS L E N D E R S I N S I ' l l O R S J Call II. L. Utley. 220.1. Rei IB07 I .'. J. Pyeatt 320J. R« «·« F.. Centtr Phone 193B-- 451- " nd Job *' F OR a paper hanger or painter, phonr HUN-TIL1 Venetian onnal and «lumi- num window screom antf awning* free esUmates. Gabe Cotpar. 441 South Lorust. Phonr 10)6 DITCH DIGG1N5 FOOTINGS--w a t e r, gas and aawtr dltchea. septic tana: holes. OlcgiNg a^nd^baca: (illln«. Call 2124. BrycJ EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING [·and clearing--saving your topsoil. Heavy duty discing. Bruih rako--ponds. H. H. JONES, Controclor 537 E. Lafayette. /Box U3 University station Phone KM Fayettevllle SMALL house, big yard. 1305 Norlh Levcrntt. Owner leaving to some f u r n i t u r i for sal ' H«u. . ol*o p i c k u p - _ _ _ ^ MODERN duploi -- Two bedroom apanmcnl. unfurnished One bedroom a p a r t m e n t f u r n i s h e d . Attractively decorated, plenty closets Across irom Lcvcrctt Srhool. two blocks from University. GSI Garland. porch, be v teniDcr. 229 IJ9J-W. id bath and ileeptnx icant the Jirsl of Scp- East Dickson. phons thone 1923-J. " CHEVROLET plckujT~c3icVlIcnt . w _od tirca. Mnrvin ^hpne 3658. ^prlngdale. Hint hauiinc. Miner. " NICE clean J or .1 room furnished __apariinent. i|2_Soulh Ci)I!c:jr U N F U R N I S H E D aparVmeiu lor "rcTir _ri.-ll_Ka.^ Mi.p'L-^ Monroe Laricr U N F U R N I S H E D " : b^licmmlmusc. l l f i N o r l h M o r c r . Also t u r i i i s h c d garaiee apartment. BULLDOZING EXCAVATING Roods, Ponds, Clearing OLIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSOrJ 3162W_ E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M. P A T T O N Phon* 249 3 ROOM upstairs furm.shrrj a p a r l n i c n t fil.i.ssrd in porch K u r n u h e d 3 room t i o u i ^ t i i i i A ap;ir:inrnt, 615 N o r t h 1* L ' H N I S H E I J guriige a p a r t men t. J326 _ !' V( '-'iL.?J5'?J* n . d N I C E u n f u r n l i i h e d a p a r t me"nt ivhrn s'T too appreciate. 107 Skyline 208 N o r t h Block : N i r K t . Y f u r n u h c i l 2 room BpiTrTmcirt ""- South .Schriol Slrret. R e l r l a p m t o r , r e n t r a n c e , b i l U p»ld. Phone PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phon* 646. FOK SALE-- MlSCELLANEOllS NONET TO LOAN CAIN PAID rail DEAD ANIMALS Jofilin Rtitilflrlnfl Ol. SO Ve 20 year /HA MOM« LOANS UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 220.1 HELP WANTBD ELEMENTAKY . . teachers and one commercial tiachcr. Phone Grav ettt 101, Glarm Dufly. supt. ol Schools. WANTED--MALI MAN. referane«s, op4r«te larm trac- ter. pruintl iprlnji, Okawvllle, Jjl. f.xt'ERUNCtD dozer optr. tor. Phone WAN wanltd for life iniurance Hllini In Northwest Arkatuai. Good salary. . Write Hoir ait^ ri. Smllh. Ark. RELF WANTED--FEMALE wni niit lady to kelp rk«nt 25K-W child alter whlla !:30. DTOtti, it* 21 to 40. IMUI So!ei and bath hoiuc. Orlilnal Sprlnca Okayivllle, 111. . fOULTtT tHAHLtV U6IIM CHtclH. U. S ipprtvtd. Piill«rum tauen ·Ai nar M ynur phoni." IM vir- (inn. Phont ill!. M TOOT semi-house I.ou of nice Improvemcntj. J U M , njhl lor colleje rouple or unnll family. O f l North Garlnncl See Ihu . ""' ' """""· Fh ""'i I ROOM u p s t a i r s a p a r t m e n t , stovi r r l n s e r a t o r l u r n i t h c d P r i v a t e h a t h and . .iath ties paid. Benrtix. Adulu. Phone K pale .10.1 _hull. V. P. Rader._crnclnn«ll ELBERTA PEACHES~ NICE *l?.c, bring hd.ikflji. ItiRlin Orchard. S mile* £«flt on H1«hway 4i \ mile north, turn Jit il(tn _ TQn (tale cheap^-lfairy' Vctrh~"«nd Kentucky Fescue iced, John H. Mor- rji. Routg 1. fREVENT"moth worrlo by u*\na ri.Tr" "ou. Odorlwa. atalnku, guaranteed for FIVE YEARS Lcwii Bro«. Co, - r I " c ; 5 N . J M t K f t . h a i TALK or trudc ·HOP tiic~eaVy~"w(iy for your week"end iupply of bt-tr. w l n t i and H* ·juori. Driv* in. air conditioned. Creactnt Dru§ Store. Inc. 390 West Mountain. 3-ni,WT,T, H floor unfurnUher.-p.-rT. 6 ROOM hfmsc. block of wVih'ingtrm School, $50 month. Phone C08 2 HOOM unfurnUliefl upitairA ftnarl- incnt. u t i l i t l c j i paid. Afliilu. Phftnc S ROOM nuidern houitc. ihnde tree*, clon-'d bark porch, close to tonare. -- rJ 125?_ 14 J ] - M :_ 1 rtOOM with mother and" JIS prr rmnih tftllttlr-A paid. Prl- _vAtr_pntr«ncp. Phone UM-M, MAHRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotlnn Maltreiiei Built Into Guaranteed Innorsprlnn Hnllywooa Hcdi Hade To Order ONI D*Y SERVlCE-PHONt 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. -wvuc ·uiLjLjJL^-^-'J.'-- -^*'^ St. FOR SALE--HEAL ESTATE 4 ROOM modern home--3 pnrchc* goort In!, levver and pavement pud r'sViV 01 ' 1718 $3 ' :!00 ' Addln « 1011 npjl1 DISTINCTIVE ranch" iy'pe home~VTtii modern efficiency nnd livable com- fnrt*. Located on large lol I03x^«( in NorthEMt arction on pnvcd a t i c c t I-one a t t r a c t i v e l l v l n f - d l n l n g ronm comblnatlnn with maaslve fire pl»te Three bertronm-i, iwo biUin n t t r n r - tivf woll /irranged kllchrn Hurrt wood f nnd at thlx NEAR UNIVERSITY WITHIN walklnt dUUnce of Campus senior and Junior high *chool«. FHA loan in force and U very corutructed. Newly redecortted Ground floor hu large kitchen dining room, livinf room, bjlh^'eint three bedroom*. Second floor hi three bedroom* and hath, nuuidt, entrance convenient for r«ntlni to ·tudenta. Income of |W.W p e r month. Small down payment i THE RITTER AGENCY l« E Ctnltr _ Phone Ull-- 4i»-J EXTRA SPECIAL VALUES LOVELY new « u b u r b a n home 3 rooms. b n l h . u t i l i t y rnoni. n*r»gi; anecial t j p c a u t o m a t i c f f a a heat, aparloux roomt, ronit ruction the heat ideal x e t l i n i . SI 2.500 BLOCK from Campu»-- 5 room hunia- inw. b a t h , a l e e p i n t porch, haipmeni. yarage. i n r ^ r room*, f i r e p l a c e , i d e a l for home and Income, mcr corner lot. lovely Bharie. A $10.000 v a l u e REDUCED TO SELL by September 1. "' EXTRA SPECIAL NEAR Campiu-- Now R room h u n f n low, bath, f u l l buement with («· rafe and room for ima)l a p B r t m r n t : utomatic gas furnace, extra q u a l i t y , p l u m b i n g fixture* bnth and .kitchen. lot 80 by 100. $8.250. GI-FItA loan monthly paymtnta $60. Il.iSO will handle. A REAL BUY CHOICE 5 «cr* tract city limits; 5 roonu. bnth. u t i l i t y room, ( n r a f e : g» heat. Inau.xted throughout. Ideol for rtrvelopment. J7.9SO u n t i l Scp- U-mbrr I. 2 CHOICE rcsidenre loli near Camnu« PRICED TO SELL. J. D. Eagle, Realtor. D U P L E X . BETWEEN Wsahlnllon Ichool a n d Campus plui cute ce-rteie, all on s biK beautiful lot with lovely view. All Thi» $12,500 Attractive Six Room Home NORTR OF CAMPUS SPACIOUS live room frame mid utility room. Tile h«th unrt hardwood flnori. ' j nctr* of level land that tin* been R r t l n M r a l l y planted vvilti *hruhhery «nd flowers Ne«r *torc ·nd btu lint on p«vrm*nt FHA- Ul loin. 152 month, Price }l,500 CRAVENS CO. r"* Iflg ' Phone 2THW TOURIST COURT mfurnLilied 8 iin'l U. 3 Illfhway 71 Juit o u t - j '" let ahead by buy- · of the NEW bu.iv ·Mi* Inr thi* court Hi th re»l cBlntc only anrt biutni*J Initcad of p«lnc prtmium (nr »n eitsh'Uhed inco A r«Ml b a r u a l n «L I27.WO. utley Company, Inc. . . ,n«i. Come to see us for financing the car -" of your choice ' Motors Finance Co. 17 E. Meadow Ph. 3101 lit y, MALTOKS Call H. I,. Wiley. I2p.l J. J. Fyeett-ean, t.. _ T . ONt.V a years old. { bedroornliijodern -- · · ' screened In aervlca or builtins, venetinn hcmas,' larce norch. lots blinds, laric shade trees. On torner lot, Price reduced to ffl flOO. Cajy payments. 10 ACRE*, close In. Just off West in 4 room home Large screened In hick R nrrb Well fenced. 2 chicken OIISCK. irr.ill Inrn. pond, sprint branch Total price J5.1:.0 00. 15 ACRFS Jml nul'lde city limits nn I East «. with old I m n r n v c n i f n t i 1' large iprlnii. food building-site!, All city utilities, si.ono.oo down. See ua for Isrie farmi recently lUled. The Iroidhunl Co, 11.11 N College Pbon* 2481 Evening K. w. o»v ziae-w Aulton Pairlck^^H-W-l FARMS AND RANCHES FOR Northwwt Arkaniti 1 bft»t lei ui ·how you our cholct group ol 1UI- inti covering alt tlze farnu ind UTLEY4 COMPANY, INC. H «*'-Jons LINDEBS INSURORS Call J J Pyeatl Z!01, Rt«, IIS H. L. Utlcy jgQ3. Res. 1M7 AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Beller Place to Buy "ttutpoint 11 H - Bloc * DEALER Ph. It! aT . IMI ODORLBM POtlTIYI 3-YCAH T E R M I T E ; CONTRO , HJUMLKM TO PLANTS Write tu er cell tu celled ARAB 400 Nwth "B 200 an of S«rv 20,000,000 PollcyhoJd.r. 20% Savingi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE : "Savlngi for preterrW rhlu* G«t th» The Ritter Agency 16 East C«nt«r On · corner lol wilh nil pair] $13,000 Suburban Homt C O N V E N I E N T In f f l d f «rhOol · n d Campuj. droomi, m o d t r n · nd kitrrrn. All nn « ipicioul - - ith nativf treca and pretty $7850 BATES-REALTOR 111- L'rhnn HolUnd 3108 Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory REALTOR O/firk Theater Bldi Phnnt 13S NT. 0 ' i '"K. 1 ?. ! r" 1 "" COLLEGE ADDITION )m f u r n l s h r d hrlck me. or.c-half block rouplc. Owner ?11 TWO M Inch beds mattreaaea, 714 JOM-J. __; _ it.«~DAVID fcradify car -- · · - - - · with sprints ~snr] Douilu. Phont Ion alTsleel aldts. P r I e t mom rork housi QUIff~thrcc~ a p a r t m e n t , c f r n n i l / ' n l v p n i ^^Nonii LOCUM 4 il(5c)M hoiMft on Hltriw'ay r 71 ~iau{h. iT6LMN"GSWOnfil~»parTfne'nlV 3 ~o"r~i room furnlshfrt or unfurnished, near _i:niviT»n.v Csll J3I17.W 4~nOoM modern houso' close"ln"Ph"one trailer, 2A Inch Ph»ne 1HH-.1. FAN nn i (dot aland uooo fxh7u"»( f a n J.Mnl). preuuri conker 1111 l ·IM foidlni chaira I I M each. Phone IIM-W, _ hnuse. sfujlh ol ~fireenland . . . _ _ . _ e "^""joom" f iVrniJihe'd ~ apart- l^tnenl 7ft South Rrhool. pjfione :4t NICK lar'ie"? rno"m~liirnlsh*d ~»"piri- meni. i hlftek from campus. Phone 219 ATTRACTIVE 4 room hunialow with allirhKt csrport and storan room This lovely little home Is only I years old and Is completely modern s i t u a t e d nn nice level lol (n friendly nellhborhood A bsrialn at less than SJ.OMOO Only t)SO M cash, halsnre on liberal lerml. CLOSE IN fOUR l»r«e rooms ind complete hath Plaileren interior, hardwood floors pirt hasemrnt. Isrie sloraie build- in! 1,01 7» 1 xJOO-. l.sre* fardln plot, p'-ultrv vsrrl and bufldlne I. esa Ihnn M M O n n ind part term! Let IU iflw ynil Phone 7H.1 Hammond Realty Co. fvf Phone J A Jarvla 1SMW floors Ihroujhout. brccjew.y j BKAUTf SHOFS llarhed f.r.,e. You will love MXTfTrlA^ Beauty Shop prM.n WHEELER REALTY CO. low prices. Phone 2.131. M3 Nor ...u ntw I^vtritt. ,-- -- llAUTV iHo ZM W. He.dow-fhene Wot Xachlneless t3 SO, Cold Vave » ao ·TAflw HLAUYt a)VOf ' m » PRlUKiff '8 BEAU. . UUAtLiTwniut ' :k CORIETIERE 8PRNCER foundation!, iurclc.1 fUD- i«ru Vlvi.n Orttn 21 »«.n ttr»- jci._Phnn« 7M-J. ?| N U.1 . J. W. HcdtU tii . IptMtr Corttiim , Kniirj Univyrii ty tit HOME LAUNDRY STOUTS Home l.aunlrr rrfulsr ·ppolnlmims to pick up and deliver your laundry with wrvlce \f.i suit j o u r desire *ei waih. 4amn drv . or dry Price, reuonable. Phone Beautiful Ranchtype Brick Home vj W« have iust listed for'sale ONE OF FAYETTEVIUE'S OUTSTANO-^' botfi ING HOMES, localed half way between th« Unlv»r»ity ond N»w^i High School. Has large living room with BEAUTIFUL WOODBUHN-" ING FIREPLACE, wilh latest type mantel, one of the bejt grid* forcod-air furnaces, HARDWOOD FLOORS, lorat dtn, THIEf LARGE BEDROOMS, lots of closets all cedarlintd, Iwo beautiful tilt bathi, NICE KITCHEN wilh disposal and diihwash«r, two-c«r Borage willi concrete drive, lot 131 feel fronlog* and 270 f«»t d««p, BEAUTIFUL SHADE TREES, native slont incinirotor, paving paid out. YES, THIS IS A LOVELY HOME and you must ·· Inildt of it lo enjoy the floor plan. Call us for a date ond will be glad lo lake you through it. A. L. SHAMBLIN, REALTOR Telephone 3X1 or 2654 No. 10 North College v§-- '' NOTICE i Old and New Customers 1 I no lonfjar operate the Esso Service Station : at College and Meadow streets. I now have a new modern station at my Ponflac-Cadil- lac Agency, 22 E. Meadow, where I pay no ; rent and give 3c per gallon discount when you fill your tank. I will be glad to serve you. HATFIELD PONTIAC COJ HERBERT HATFIELD, Owntr ··= Phone 1086 and 303

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