Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 3
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Matter Of Fact BY JOSEFH AND STEWART ALKW Washington -- The biggest ikel- _ ctons ihe next president will find in the White House cupboard can be summarily described in two sentences. The United States and the west are now growing stronger, but the Soviet empire is build. ing up its military power even more rapidly. There is no reason for immoidate alarm, but there are grave reasons to be alarmed · about the future. The best reason is the fact that (he atomic field is the most significant area of change. Soviet . output of atomic weapons is massive and increasing. The Soviets are rapidly expanding and improving their means of delivering ··these weapons to American targets. American air defenses are conspicuously weak. And the Soviet air defense in depth has already, by official admission, rendered the B-36 "obsolete," and a . being continuously and vigorously strengthened. By 1D55, in other words, the Soviets may be able to attack this .country with crippling effect, American tariff policy to permit Britain to export more to this country; and an Anglo-American Jtabiiiiation fund to maintain a better dollar : sterling relation. It Is hard to imagine two projects more likely to arouse Congress. By the same token, the spring and summer economic crisis has forced the Churchill government to take a new look st the British defense program. This has led into a new look at the plan for West European defense elaborated by General Eisenhower. Together with many Air Force planners here, the British now believe that the NATO program must be revised. They want more emphasis on air Power, more emphasis on new weapons, and a reduced call for naval power and ground divisions in the line. Forces so balanced, the British say, will be both better and cheaper. It is hard to imagine anything more likely to arouse the French, Germans and other continental allies than this "new concept," as Winston Churchill has called it. QUADRUPLE AMPUTEE AND BRIDE while we may be unable to launch an effective counter-attack. This Drlw from tnese (acts the obvj _ ous conclusion. If the next president 1s willing to tackle the British problem, he will also have to tacke both Congress and the other Atlantic allies, when he has hardly learned his way around the White House. If he is not willing, on the other hand, he will still be unable to prevent the British from raising the question of their "new concept" at the NATO Council. He must be ready to see Britain again gripped by her economic fever. When that happens, he must be prepared for the probable lall of the Churchill government and the return to power of a Labor party ; vhich Aneurin Bevan increasingly dominates. And he must also be prepared -- this unfortunate next president -- for Sevan's entirely likely decision to cancel our air base rights in Britain, and thus to cripple the retaliatory strength which is the heart of all western terrible situation need not arise. The technological advances of the last year can prevent it from arising. But what is needed is no mere _ounce of prevention. What needs to be done is likely to prove both drastic and unpleasant. So much has already been suggested in a previous report on the "real issues confronting the country, which are not being discussed in the current presidential campaign. But there are other issues not being mentioned, other vast problems which the next president must also solve. For instance, .when the new president enters the White House, he will be overwhelmed by a positive avalanche of skeletons from the cupboard -where they keep the problems of our allies. For these problems, the situation of our major ally, Britain, m serve as a convenient symbol. FIRST QUADRUPLE AMPUTEE of the Korea war, Robert L. Smith, who 1 · lost his limbs because of wounds and frostbite at the Changjin rescr- i voir in November, 1950, leaves chapel at Fort Lincoln cemetery Wasn- ,ington, with his bride, Uie former Barbara Borm, 17, Takoniu Park MJ. Smith'i home is Middlcburg, Pa. He waa discharged from Walter Reed hospital, where hla bride met him, July 4. While there he received! |120,OOOJn_donatlons. ( , H tcr,Mio n al Swndpfctol \ _ - - - - - . -* *\niL!i i: Very, few people in this country strength seem to have noticed it; but Britain has only narrowly avoided ^otal bankruptcy this summer. It was a very rlose shave. A final, disastrous run on sterling was barely averted,- with the assistance of heavy infusions of American- aid dollars. And this close shave has already produced certain truly rar'ica! results. On the one hand, the British policy makers and most of their American opposite numbers have just about abandoned hope of getting Britain on an even economic keel or. the present basis of affairs. The fever, they say, did not ^kill the patient this time, but the disease itself has not been cured and cannot bp cured without new remedies. Among the remedies being vaguely and rather nervously discussed are liberalization of This is only a sample, moveover. i The problem of France, which in turn involves the fate of Indo- China and through Indo-China, the fate of Free Asia, is almost as serious as the problem of Britain. Over all. this republic has now given strategic commitments of one sort of another to no less than 41 other nations, most of them on the periphery of Soviet power. And there is nowhere, .on this entire periphery, where there is no threat or slfrn of trouble. Perhaps the reasons that the pesidential candidates do not choose to discuss the realities of the task they aspire to, is because the subject hardly bears talking about. In the TIMES--It nan THIS SMACKS OF LOVE^ Emporla, Kans., gives her husband a great big welcome on 'his arrival in San Diego, Calif., after ««v*n months' duty in Korea Miller H a second-class aviation ordnanceman aboard the carrier USS Philippine Sea. ANNUAL ONLY TWO MORE DAYS-AUG. 22-23 Tontitown'i GRAPE For the 54th Year .TONTITOWI,, ARK. ^CARNIVAL [^CROWNING OF THE QUEEN Tonight at I o'clock. (*DANCING EVERY EVENING UMANY OTHER FEATURES |U AND DON'T FORGET THE FAMOUS -- PROGRAM FRIDAY, AUG. 22 Spaghetti Dinner 5-8 P.M. Crowning of Queen Concordia 8:00 P.M. Address, James J. Highfill, Supl. Water Department, Springdale Crowning of Quttn Virginia Franco by Cil Cortiana, Mayor ol Tonlilown Mailer of Cortmonlti__ Ftthtr Ktnnedy Dance ....9:00 P.M. to 12 P.M. Spaghetti Dinners No Friday, August 22 ... 5:00 to 8:00 P. M. 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