Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 23, 1974 · Page 28
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 28

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1974
Page 28
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30 · NortriwuJ Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Oct. 23, 1974 rAYltTIVIttt, ARKANSAS _^^^^^^_^ Due To Nationwide Increase Repeat Abortions Viewed With Mixed Reactions By Doctors. " ri NEW YORK (AP) -- All "* though the national rate of re- .iipeat abortions is unknown, ..Tcmedical authorities are viewing the increasing number with ]; . mixed reactions. ; ii "Repeated abortion is a matter of concern," says Dr. Jean Pakler, director' of the New York City Health Department's Bureau of Maternity Services and Family Planning. "We'd like to see more women turn to contraceptives after their first abortion, rather than accidentally become pregnant all over again. We hope to renew and concentrate our efforts in fami-. ly planning attar we do further research into the character- t istics of abortion repeaters so '-'''·we. can pinpoint our informa- ·· 'lion directly to them. ';. "While we' are concerned ^'; about abortion repeaters,: we £ are not at the point where we -; 'are going to say, 'After two ;:r abortions, that's it. 1 " . ... v Another, less stringent view · ( '..comes from Dr:"- Christopher : Tietzez, senior consultant with ^ the: Population Council and director": of its abortion research activities, who says, "The number of women having repeat abortions is small compared to the.entire'population of women. The small'vperc'entage of abortion repealers corresponds fairly well, to the-high level of con trace'ptiye effectiveness." PILL -EFECTIVENESS After a recent analysis relating to the likelihood of repeat abortion, Dr. Tietze concludes that the number of repeat abor lions to be expected by young women in the year following their first legal abortion, am who are using the pill, can be estimated at between 1.8 and 5.3 per cent of these women The pill is 98 to 99 per cent ef fective. For those using less of fective methods, he concludes that 9 to 24 per cent of Ihe women will return for a secom abortion in the year following the first one. For his -projections covering a decade, which appear ii ' ' F a m i l y Planning P e r spectives," Dr. Tietze predicts an ever-increasing number o repeat abortions. "Within ten years," he writes, "approxi mating the remaining portion of their childbearing period, 2059 per cent of pill users and a substantial majority of users of other methods may be expected to experience at least one repeat abortion." In discussing the increasing need for skillful contraceptive ounseling, and greater avail- bility of voluntary sler- lization, Dr. Tietze also points ut, "It should be explained hat a highly effective method f contraception with occasion. al major side effects, such as he oral contraceptive and the UD, may constitute a greater isk to the woman's life, and possibly to her health, than less effective contraception backed up by repeat abortion in case of "ailure." SAID DISCOURAGING Dr. Milton Danon, administrator of Parkmed, a New York Sty .outpatient facility where he number of abortion repeaters has increased by, 10 per cent since last year, agrees with Dr. Tietzez but finds it discouraging that birth control el- ~icacy represents a health hazard, saying, "When abortion is performed during the first 12 ivceks of gestation, its medical safety is unquestioned. "During 1973, there were no first trimester abortion fatalities in New York City; Yet, for healthy young women under 35 who are taking the pill, the estimated death rate is 1 in 66,001 because of abnormal blooc clotting; the estimated death rate from abnormal blood clott ing in healthy women under 3 and not taking the pill is 1 ii. 500,000. IUD complications re ported to date .are also more numerous than .those arising from .the outpatient abortior procedure. So what shoulc healthy, .sexually active fe males do? Emphasis should b( placed on the development o an effective and safe method o contraception." ' The fact that abortion may be safer than using the pill oj the IUD is discounted by othe m e d i c a l authorities. Psy chiatrisl Robert E. Hall, of St Luke's Hospital and a forme obstetrician-gynecologist, states, "The type of woman who has repeated abortions ha a basic psychological problem and it was probably present be fore the first abortion. How ever, since the psycholcgica dynamics of the woman's prob lems were not treated, she con tinues to have abortion afte abortion. The problem may Ii with her views on her feminin ity; perhaps she is Irying to ge .even with somebody, or she may unconsciously wish to be come pregnant, even thougi consciously she does not. 1 women are using abortion as c birth control method, they ar either misinformed or thei viaws ara distorted." Democrats Hope To Score Election Wins In Midwest CHICAGO (AP) -- Democrats, both incumbents and challengers, are hoping to score big election victories in the Midwest, once the keystone of national Republican power. Throughout the Midwest, Democratic governors, senators and congressmen appear on the road to impressive election day triumphs with few exceptions. At the same time, Republicans in Kansas and North Dakota are seriously threatened with losing U.S. Senate seats. Only In the Indiana 'Senate race and In the gubernatorial battles in Ohio and Michigan do McGee Invited To Reunion Af While House SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A retired longshoreman, who played high school football 44 years 'ago with President Ford, says he's been invited to join the team's Thanksgiving reunion at the White House. "And if they don't send me a ticket, I'm gonna grab me an armful of freight train. That's my thing. I used to be a hobo," said Silas McGee, 61, who played halfback and left end with Ford, a center, on the South High team in Grand Rapids, Mich. "I'll ride east by way of the southern route. It's warmer And get off in Baltimore, so I can clean up at the bus station change my clothes, make myself presentable." McGee chuckled: "And when I go into the White House, IT be dressed as the ambassador from Timbuktu. Hellooo! IHere I am!' W h a t an unanticipated pleasure." At 5 foot 7 and 145 pounds, McGee was the smallest player on the team. He was also the only black on the team and one ·of about 10 blacks among the school's 1,200 pupils. McGee and Ford played their last game together Thanksgiv ing Day, 1930, against Union High, "a bunch of tough Polish kids," "It was freezing cold, w i t h six to eight inches.of snow on the : deck," recalled McGee "The game'ended in a score less tie." · McGee, who was located by the \Vhite House through the longshoremen's union here said everyone called the President ; "Junie, because he was Gerald Ford, Junior." "Junie was a sight to behold A big shock of blond hair, anc when he hollered at us, 'Come on, fellas!' it was like a--how do you say it?--a clarion call to battle."' LIFE AT FAULT To others, the quality of life at fault. "When a woman has abortion, we can say it is xiause of ignorance, lack of ucation, or cultural bar- ers," explains Dr. Don Sloan, -gyn specialist and assistant inical professor at New York edical College, "but after the first abortion, she should have a knowledge of birth control because of the counseling she received. So, we cannot say that repeated abortions are caused by ignorance." "The most important mechanism causing repeated abortions may lie with the cultural and emotional distortions of modern society. On OMB hand, the sexual qualities of the female are flaunted in advertisements; on the other, females are still being told by society, religion and their mothers that it is improper to be sexual. For this reason, many women cannot get up in the morning and take a pill every day, or get fitted for a diaphragm because then she would be saving, 'I'm going to have sex.' 'It is a foolish denial of her own sexuality which she cannot and will not adhere to, when a woman refuses birth control .counseling after-an abortion because she says, 'it will never happen again.'." All abortion repeaters, however, are not reluctant to use birth control. A study in 1973 on abortion repealers'in New York City by Dr. Edwin F. Daily, Dr. Pakter and statisticians Frieda Nelson and Nick Nicholas showed that abortion re- pealers had increased contraceptive : use by 20 per cent between the last and the repeat abortion; they also reported a higher proportion of method failure, improper use and carelessness. Fear of birth control side effects, rejection of birth control philosophically, and lack of supplies accounted for the 47 per cent who did not use anything. Republicans apear to: have op porturiities to stave off a Demc cratic sweep of the 12-stat Midwest region. Senate victories are expect o come easy for such we :nown Democratic incumbent js George MeGovern of Sou Dakota, Thomas Eagleton . Missouri, Adlal Stevenson of I inois and Gaylord Nelson Wisconsin. The Democrats al are favored to win . in Ohi where polls show former astr naut John Glenn is ·running whopping 50 per cent ahead the GOP candidate and in low where Rep. John Culver is f vored to replace retiring fello Democrat, Sen. Harold Hughe In Kansas, Democratic Re William Roy Is making a stron run to oust Sen. Robert Dol : ormer GOP national chairma The polls had shown Roy with wide lead but the latest sat pling taken by the Topeka Cap tal-Journal showed both can dates with.45 per cent. In North Dakota, Sen. Mi!t Young, a Republican, is i nip-and-tuck battle with for,., Gov. William Guy. Guy's cam said the former governor was running far ahead of Young in the spring but the gap has narrowed. Mayor Richard G. Lugar of Indianapolis is after the s e a t held for two terms by Democratic Sen. Birch Bayh of Indiana and the latest polls show Lugar is trailing by only 5 to 10 per cent. There are no Senate races in Nebraska, Michigan and Minnesota, In eight states with governors' races, Democratic incumbents Patrick Lucey of Wisconsin, Richard Kneip of South Dakota, J. James F,xon of Nebraska and Wendell Anderson of Minnesota are virtually conceded re-election Democratic Gov. Robert Dock- Ing stepped down in Kansas but Atty. Gen. Vernon Miller is a solid choice to retain the statehouse for the Democrats. Gov. Robert Ray of Iowa is the only Republican incumbent facing election in the Midwest and he is favored to turn back the challenge of State Sen James Schaben. The latest polls show Ray, seeking a fourth term, with 60 per cent backing. In Michigan, Republican Gov. William Mflliken faces a strong challenge from Sander Leven whoi lost by less than 1 per cent of the vote four years ago in an -'"-'-- that took three days to Gov. John Gilligan of Ohio is running narrowly ahead of former Gov. James A. Rhodes Republicans now control con- r f s ' OI «l delegations in 5 of e 12 Midwestern stales and Democrats have the edge in four witn divided delegations in Iowa, Minnesota and South Da- kola. 1922-1974 USE OUR CONVENIENT LAYAWAY! PRICES GOOD ALL WEEK EVELYN HILLS SHOPPING CENTER FAYETTEVILLE White Quantities Last We Reserve The Right; .To Limit Quantities Where Available 69c Gallon Size PUREX BLEACH 57' Has 14% more active to- Foe in My Roll Of 30 Vinyl Trash and Lawn Bags Oar Rag. 1.89 1 .53 ROLL 28x36" an easy tear-off rot, Wftn twtet Ctoswos. HoU ovw . 3buh«h. HMwy doty. 14-Ounce Can 39c Comet CLEANSER 21' Steadies out tough stains and disinfects as it deans. Anti- stain formula wttti Chforirmt. Reg. 1.88 Downy FABRIC SOFTENER 1 .33 64-Oz. 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