Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 22, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 22, 1952
Page 1
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TODAY *eod by or.r 25,000 Doily FAYtntVllU. AKKANSAS, FltlDAY"i^ii^7DSi^"^"^ Hook Calehes In Younj Fisherman's Thumb And Results In Saving His Lite IOCAI W«CAST-- mr i i Bishop Case Again Before Grand Jury Four Witnesses «ICI WVt CINTJ Expected To Be Heard Employe Of Hotel May Tell Story; Death Date Near Little Rock - (7P) . The Pulaski County Grand Jury tociay resumed its investigation or slayer Tuck Bishop's story that he, paid 51,500 I Sleeping Sickness was causht Creek near Russellville U'erinesi ca seized a floalms fish it a lus and dragged den was nea7-,h;-;'boy' w-'ner, 1 he ' in W» ih'umb! "^ "'"' ""**** ^:^.^^»£J^^^TM Young Chronister's body had Hacker Creek, revived artificial respiration. « i '"^_j»iu_jviinjii-|iiinal respiration Spreading Over , -,- , _ ,, California Area i Car " TrUck Collisions Fatal , SjTbTwo As Death Toll Mounts ! ^ a ^S, \?'"! Little nnr-k--/Jl_T,..n I..,.,,:- - _ f.. ll-iun., Cites Higher Costs Provide Test Of Harmony AncMJmty Within Parties Phone Company Files Request For Rate Hike San Francisco-A sleeping sickness epidemic is creeping northward up California's central val-1 ,.,,, ,, , _ linv'f !° °" lhc Win?s of thc cfrl B « k -'' pl -'rwo traffic a c - j t h e life of Robeil Eugene Bowers liny female mosquito. Alreadv the! L ' S and a ""road f a t a l i t v ' 21 of Snydci Ok = , ,, n v i rnr-rnlin \t1ir. U_'.. - 1 . . · · _ « . - _ . ' " ' h n u n U«- l-i . , · . . · ** * i w «-"IJ ULI , (JKId.. HCrM DC \ rills o s q u o . readv the : r a r o a encephalitis has claimed 30 "lives! havc brought Arkansas' - · - . -.. -. ^..JVIL-I, wiurt.. near uc VHIH violent; Bluff on Highway 70 this morn-' I.itlle Rock -,,Y,. ," i . "",."" "'""way 70 this morn- I.itlle Rock -l,T'j- Soulhu , k e ; w f f c v m ' ''· "''""· 2 1 ' anii his Br " TM'l"ion= Compa I k c . u i f c , Virginia, who were ,n ih» dm- mn, ,,,, ,,, i ' ,. ' /or a , , furlough from the Arkansas penitentiary. At least four witnesses were expected to be called. ---r-· «....., ,,aa LldluleU JU 11VCS i - - " u.,.in., v l dnd nearly 500 have been reported! death toll for this week t · r ""'""" Health Depart-lEcarly today a 21-year-old Lake''wiTe Vir.mia , . a wc.v. , ,, · , · i Cily J ' outh ' J ° n » Comer, w as kill: car wit Bo WO '' C "' 1hC '''' """ ° d ' j w c i v e died within the lal I ed when a car Stale Pni . - t , Bowers, were injured i sas rates bv week. Doctors arc powerless to he was dn'ti, O H P ° lcc , rcport Bruce and his wife arc Iron, Okl-,- lars vearlv check thc disease. There is no- IMed\tl? rf i , "-, " Ck TM'" ' homa Clly ' "".-ordin,. to informa The f -m known vac-cine for humans. no i TM« d » w o -" l d a '«" miles west of | tlon from his billfold '°" Ila ' '"'" lhc only hope is to kill off th« ^ °" Hl *TM''.v 18. A com- i An 87-vcar oM h=.,.i,.,i mosQuitos. Hundreds of m°n «.«! pamon ' Pa ' A - L - P"«. Jr.. also i killed yesterday no V- spravinc 27(i tn,,,n, i., ,u- .._."_ i of Lak- riiv ,,·,,. ;,,; i .._...: , . . JCiiciciay near Nor ,, olj|hwI!SI "n r "iica:o-..T,.pre.,. a ,,,p a i I!n ,,,,,,. I mcnls by both Uen. Dwighl n I Kiscnhower and (Jov. Adlai E , .Sleven.-on u-crc providing a test today of the harmonv anrl umtv ! wilhm the ranks of their two na,lies. ' Kbenhowrr. I h c Repuhlii-an prcHdcnlial nominee, talking w i t h OOP leaders of sen-en Western M..tis ycslrrfl.iy in Kan;..i.-.. City mode two remnrl,.-, which raised .1 ((iie.'tion whether he miRhl Kr t kickbacks within his own iiart- They were: 1. Although thr Korean con'Iicl " -· cau.-.od by · terrihl" bl'un- h.v t'-c present admimslra- he said, this country had ,11, ; e hut lo intervene. We mijhl ,' uch \vor.-.c off now if v.-c t a.-led as \ve did, hc added, l BankRecords AreFoundAt DierksHome del; Ford Foundation A s s e t s S e t A t Over A Billion IV..I...C. M,,., ...I-.-Th- IV,,,:M- frc.i .,.,, ; ..,,, ,.,,,., iT.un,,,,^,,, pinba'ujy ,.i the b,j^c.l p.iilsn- ir-'p.c venture ".' ,-,!! t, m - «,:', cuiicil! a'.-els of more lh;,,Va i,"l- · ..^ M u,i ua . nunoreos of men are' ' · ·" ··· "· ·"··-. o,., aiso i Killed spraying 276 towns in the valley I of , Lahc ci ^. was injured criti-I when lowlands and then layi ' ""·i'- =··!-- ·-- quarter - mile - wide b" he was hit b.v a Missouri lo put new it planned ales inlo eflect Sep ' around them. me valley I "°»i- ^-".j, u ying down! ca "J'- P'-'fe was home on cmcr-i Pacific Da Vsen'TM,. T,'' ·" u" , u .arriers of gency furlough. ' l irien fied as Alh t w' ^ was | lcmb(!r K ,,...,.,- Another car-truck collision took 1 of Arkana Groover! Warren E. Bra,. ,,,,, K ,, lcnll ' __ I man W in Arkansas, said lhc ncv.- rates would average about fiO cents I lo _M un home Iclephonc!; from -. .1.1 to 52^., on business service. He said if these rales had been collected for ,!,_, past | 2 months, (ion '! ! cmllrt »"'··'··= -'"''.I "'«ith onlv ».' "'."nms a major holdmi; in , ne of the largest companies in Amen- In Shortages Of JIW Checks And Deposit Tickets Turned Over To FBI Crowning Of Queen Scheduled Tonight; Dinners Served i Banker Optimistic i About Future In America Washington - I/Pi me firm wou:d" have earned an additional $-'..1 million. I Several Arkaiuas cities are ex- I f 00 ' 0 " 1 lo oppose the new inc,cic Government j ^'^ f 0 '""" oslern .... , . . ! "it" effect under I Deputy ProsVcutors John Bailey ; P °n° n M CS , idl f- ""° J ' and James N. Dowell Jr w c r c ! , r , M ?'TM lm Mcmll. acting dj. '_ present when the jury'went inlo ! ' a d the dlsetw'"!, ? cpartni » nl . prsra^^;fe-j^»«H their investigation of the case I hours. I0 * 8 Also on hand was a Negro cm- I · Ploye of the Little Rock hotel in : which Bishop was staying when he ' said he paid for a furlough. Bisop was under life sentence for murder after lour mcn were shot to death at Springd-ale, Ark J in 1.143. He was released from the penitentiary on a holiday leave last Christmas, and didn't return upon expiration of thc holiday leave. The next thing heard- of him · was when he was arrested in Utah on charges of murdering two miners. Bishop has been convicted on · the Utah charges and has been sentenced to die before a firing squad there next Wednesday. Earlier this summer Bishop; . I ft ali; . Bank in Dallas Tc signed an affidavit contending he j J . ontll °wn-fSpecial)-Enea Mor-1 sald -' Ihe closing meeting of paid for additional leave while on ' ? anl Tontitown -vvon five! «,.;·,,,, ninth .-inmia, n^i.,,,.. c - _ _ . - . his Christmas leave and that hp' ' n ti". 4 iu mai lie . .. r ,,v ~ ~ """S · "J i«uoj. ne p i e c i j c i - ' , , " "ujii.. win run out .- · «as not, therefore, a fugitive from L n lhe _ j4( h an """l Tontitown «1 great advancements through the : thcn ' lhesc "'"cials said This- onal costs including increased A L kansas ; , ' ' °' apc ^ es " v ?'. « judging went-l-use of atomic energy. " ° TMuld - as it has done before _ | Wares ' tax "' Prl«« and h,v e ,t? The Pulaski Grand Jury took up on desD '' c ««1- Thornton said he -docs not be ' P '' ecerie a slrikc P^viaing no mcnl p(r l"='«Phonc. He said Wgh the matter, but recessed its probe Second-place winner wa.s Joseph lieve there «v''be am- econom ^ · agroemcnl cn a nw contract""' "'""" ' ' ~ Rh August E. It planned to return Au- ^ a " a "'' f" d the third place was disturbance in the in metotTf ' """" ftust 28 - one day after Bishop's J on b - v "-.vear-old Franklin A r - i lure, because after the K ^ n u « ^ . . i . j .. . . ^ _ I r i f i m a mil -iiTM ~r fr-_... ·, ' . . "-'-au^L rtiiei me Kf)I Can Lewis Gives Notice Contracts GrapeContest ^M'leCMlNearAnEnd : Winner Named At Tontitown 2- An a t t a c k on Red China F.i n ,. ..enhower said, would mean slart- Bell general ing another war far more terrible »··""" ·"-·tn.m thc one nov, going ,,,,. On this point, he seem-d lo take issue with Gen. Douglas MacArlhur and many OOP members nf Congress who have hat-Iced MacAr ( , ^.i,n j u m v w - tburs proposal that the United j-.vr'u^n, IIICIL IMP unii Nations bomb Communist Chin The Democratic picture is this Governor Stevenson, the Demo^ - "·.=.-:. i cratic presidential candidate may would p u t ; havc irked President Tiumnn--an '"d O. D. I important wheel in parly machin- Wc arc living in an era of great opportunity, R. L. Thornton, chairman r .he board of the Mercantile NalK . Bank in Dallas, Texas, . ~ " ' - VJIMIMnmcnt officials said today that John I I, ' « Lewis has given formal notice.ha'.'! aL ""f Slrclh ' :"·· Litllc Rock city er.v-with his^com'me'm- "b^,' hu contracts with the coal indus- , ^ u 3^^. th:s "··«'' ^ ^ . ".ness" in WashinZn .n f^t "£^ho~ rcce - n g re und Cr C ''-\ nm ;' "'" , ^""^ yalcrd « f "^ " -vl- nr^HH^HH ; nHin : ?'^ a ^"- a ^ S4.« million increase in 1950. Scv- ! doesn't like .somc"of'' IO th7"th l ino« c,.le. l come.,t e d^he increase. Stevenson has said and done "" us- try will expire at the enrt of September. This set up the possihiliiv it a nationwide- coal strike at that lime. The Tail-Hartley labor act rc- quires that the Rovernmcnt be in. 30 days before the work contract expires. Lewis I The KuiinJaiion n · ns f.3 .", pe «nt «r the .Lii-'.n,,,, f har« nr : itrrk in the Ford flo'.or Compnnv ^·cordiiu lo Ihe p, 0 ,- (inning T h ? lot,-1 ford .-ock ha, a net wort-i o.' 5l.l'|.n.13.(i8l v h u h ····ould m.-Co Ihe foundation"s share I w o r t h Jl.OJl.Z: 1 .-!, M.I. I Annoi..ncc.1 aims of the founrla- . lion to pro.Tiol- "t;, c advan c- mcnt of peace, education the l-c haviorial scencr-. democratic j,,. Mllutloiu anrj Pcnnn , nil . ,,.,,,,,,[,. Brants totaling Ifl million were · m 1031 and - million in Dr. Logan Wilson New U. Of Texas President president of the United He gave a crisp "no .,,u; i ""- ""-' Krtht w n a h v.-as reduced bv ihe Publi Sfl'vif r- C' · IUUIK - - r-. *. lt .i (i nil '·( ... - · · - - · r ' "' '"= uniicci .!,,',, cc ""nmission and Ihe Ar- '» answer lo an inouirv as : Mine Workers Union, gave federal! ^ " a s S . U J«'"5 Court to a final whether he is sa.isfiod wi ,h i^n, ,,» T"\;.;-··--··""-'""-·« wior-1-·;·" -' ""= tiuMi, s mcciing of | n e , lalnrs tnp required notice that n '·'.'".000. way Stevenson and Virr ni-«,i i in the J a ° 1 \TM". fi " 1 Prize | "'"'h annual Bankers Seminar at ! , con ' racls with both the soft and! hj f. ray said lh = company needed ' "^lial Nominee John J Sn'u-k n the giapc contest this mornine i lh c University todav. H^ ,,,-,,,,;,,,_. hartl cnal induslrv will r,,n -.,, I hl « hcr "les to nit,,, ,.;,,.__ .... . TM n ., ,,, .,_,...... . " m ''' "H'""- ·omment" vers to new --(·"·-.· .IITV.-IH:II -- '-"MiiMt-c .unin ,, .Tnark ±', '" °, fS ' 1 '' isins "I'"-'. 1 ""! 1 nf Al ="«ima h»vc Marled off scheduled c.xcculion--b °' Sepem Tontitown. On " McMath was to start todav on , trip to Canada. One Report On panel discussion secutor Tom Downie. i anrt will continue through tornor- } factories an At the time the original date o f ' '""'·. i as it did August 28 was set. Grand Jury ! lss vil 'Kim'a Franco will be II. Me said Foreman Joe Schmelzei said Gov-' cl ' p ."' nrcl Olj een Concordia S4th ; that a poll "rnor McMalh or his executive I" 1 ' 8 * al " o'clock to reign over, year for b secretary and campaign manager. I festival. The coronation was .'this has no Henry Woods, might be asked t o 1 J^"'^ becn outdoors, but will ! last decade appear before the jury. There was I nr , obabl - v be held either in the no further word on this todav but i scno °' or 'he church because o f ' · ' ' ii t h e weather. The mavor nf Tonti- ' I town. Cil Cortiana," will L -rown I ine queen · - ·· ^ The Tontitnwn Junior Craoers '' t ' a ;' e ' tevlllt . t h ee banker., lost their baseball game vcster- ' ,,° f to ' vn ' anti lhrei ' ^1 day afternoon tn thc Junior I ions ! members took part. r . . _ ! lrom Prairie Grove. This a f t e r - ' * T Vina jQUCer i', 100 " thc Gra P cr s "ere to D lav / ly JUWV.CI l Lanagan. Mo., during the festival I but rain and mud threatened to . - on a | reached by the , ! ber. 1 The notice wa.s signed by the unions general counsel, Welly ' campaign Some said if he were satisfied and ·sed , - '"· .-tin ui me n ..nviiuii ,rj ^tevenson'.s rr- The riVr- Ar V nMS investmenl.,' TM** '""' resignations and in- The PbC.. could prevent Ihe new . ""' of lhc '' ""' "" '' Mcllon " - ·"' Proven Fa!se; ca " ccriaihp Snac . .. ,, *·".. in (,-.-iut-iii 01 the Southern Coal Producers -\s- this sociation. His ' ' ' is and Moodv did not . · . · ' ' JnM j.». i IIIIIM me DC- · r,-,-. . mnnmg of this mo , un Kjv ., v ri ' -Nat.onal Bank of ' noliec is required before the ex " h= " 1 '"" from . piling contracts between thc UMW nsion and the industry can he ended Lewis K ave his CO-dav notice tn Moses, who bargains for ·'. million tons of ropl a year on lul , -. .,, j j i c v c i i i me ncv increase from going into effect b' n:rn ne^otialing off ^"'^'J" 1 lo arre P i Ihe company's 'uly 24 with Harry ' , ° Kuaranlec refunds to sub- "tenl of the Ritum- - trlDC| s " the new schedule sub- erators Association,' quenu v v -'as denied. The corn- Moody, president of ' ^'o SJOn has refused a proposed -'oal Producers 4 c _ ' ? ' a million increase, applied for the firm last April idiclmenls have nrovrd therr , s .i-rmie and corruption in Wnshlnu- 7 in Vrtu"' 1 ' 1 ' cti ' inc Sc Plember profcRsor lo hu formc'r l 'dut"cs h '?5 " n° w'i "'"' '-""^Wrt scientist. Tcx'-in ii '" ',' ''"'· a '""' " " ;il 'vc Ihe job pays Sl.i.onn. ;,,irl wa.s named acllns-'preiidenl foV Januifrv and ^! ic " lber ' ""ouRh |iry of lhc president durind'tlTai New Dixie Downs Racing Petitions (irculaled Molorship, Steamship Collide, Nobody Hurl ! Lone Beach. Calif. - ,/Ti - The ·Swedish motorship Stratus and , the American steamship Coo., Bay i collided in fog off thc Southern California coast early today, but Although part nf the Coos Bay crew took lo liferafts. a Cherry And Family Off For A Vacation Little nock-l/I'j-The FBI an- iincrd today that it had found , . .ilunuiKiu.-. hank records al the ,. home of a trusted woman employe c.iarged in an estimated $lh.l(IUO ahoruec a: thc Bank of Dicrk' A r k . M W. McFaihn.a«enl in chares if th- Liuie K,, t k FBI rtutric:. ' i.ii(l Mrs. Simmmgton, 49, a, turned over tn his "Kent* - a largo quantity of checks Hnd deposit tickets she had in her home." McKarhn estimated that th e Uictki lolnled ahout 28.00D an'l Ine tickets about $a8,fiuo. 'Ine chief agent also reported that the FBI lounri -eight card- i-.urd boxes lull of checks, deposit tickc:s and Icdser jherls' m an 1'Ulbuilding at Mrs. Simminfjton'i home. Charred remains of other checks and bank records ivere dis- ' covered m a Iraih fire at the home, i iilcI'Dnin said. M". Simminslon, an assistant cashier employed by the bank for ·l- years, is charged with making '"lie entries over a period o[ ·n»ny years. The shortase origi- !-. Mc.n W ?* rc Ported lo be about »|-.WO but State Bank Commissioner M \. McKinley jaid last niRhi lhat further investigation had boosted the discrepancies lu an estimated $185,000. I .. MM. Slmmington, whose nolth- , bur, described her a, a woman M i. niodcsl| y a"d who was ^laofy respected, j.s free under *«..1on bond, pending Federal court action. She waived preliminary examination when arraigne-J ,e a ^- S- commissioner al Hot Springs earlier this week. Mcl-arlin «aid agents are "ac- ticly engaged j n an e((ort , 0 -ceuam -hat became of the missing money." , Spaghetti dinner wa.s served Worcester, Mass.-iyPl-The "flj- i lasl H'5 ht and was to he served er rc.s'i- : 'onijrit as part of the festival. of his ing saucer" many Worcester : lon i;rit as part of the dents reported seeing last night ' So 'cmn High Mass wa.s said th wasn't flying and il wasn't a sau- ' mom 'nE and mass is .scheduled in ?·' u" cer. lhc morning. . f 'shie, Scores of persons telephoned police and newspapers to report the "flying saucer." Police and newspapermen found, ,,, . ... "nVS'hS! 1 'hfred 3 T hu^ I * lM ^ ^^^' Appointment Talk Is her 22. His contract expiration no- I corporation °'sa!d' r "' ! '- SiHcnl "' ""' Sulhvan. ,nd,^,-B,-rd Squire ''^^^n^TM^ '' ^ '"* »'» 't,r? VodavThrough ^ wh po^r d ^.- ( ^ ---r £~r E-TM- TM-'-i^d-i I^-.-^-KX^ K^r^JS^i^Sr^ ~ rs m " I Brown, Sullivan news- ^SJ? Zg%» ^^ .' ?J$^^" ^^^^^^^^ siulUT'h 1 ",I'""" walchnd anill " M ' clnlheM -»"tS"S*iTMu""VUHfl^ r T ° f ' hr - -,or-j'--;v^. «-:r±^ -^ ^^re-;s£jS5H" lhei Joneiboro. Ark.-l/P)-Cnancellor francis Cherry, the Democratic nominee lor governor of Arkansas i rm wife and three c.iil-Jrrn lelt Joncrboro today for a vacation at an undisclosed spot. The ludic Llark-v,il T c}£r r -«»"= SOS-a* ^v^-xr^r^rsts-E-ES Neighbors And Singer Disagree Clarksvillc, Tcnn, scene reported neiiher ship in expected to be gone '"about" Iv'o was a I.Zl'ho^ tafh'o'Sir/S ^t,n ^ TM "^'^ "' lh " floodTd ""''' " S ' nK '"'' m ° m WaS M TM C ' hins ' ha-en't hxd much a cn of. Bluffs Bandit Out Of Shop Superintendent Reveals Two Prisoners Escape Squire, hoisling engineer for n '"?"' fund - hslcs Kefam or loriav as saving he ,' ~' ···"· J " 11 ^ VIIKM had f futed a possible appoint- , mnc - sa ^ s jl 's ^)'"I never lie to them. I feed them every time 1 call them." resi- - mcnt as nttorncy- K cncral of the Pine Bluff, Ark. - United States. " . . . Kcfauver .s rt ,ri he had rlis- cussed the possibility of his an- Pomtment. . with Democratic l "' esldcm ' al Candidate Adla, Stc- known that hc v as not interest- | - eri." said thc Times story from ' I Cummins slate prison farm here. Hn^i"'n L « ", e ^ ee Sairi Hw ' man ·'Washin^on'! Houston, 36. of Osccola was w o r k - - - - ._ _ ing near an Arkansas River levee : ,,-11 T on the farm yesterday when he' "V. 1 - T , ravcl By T " in . ,,,,,,,,, caught a horse and rode across u ash " lslon -" ?l - T ^ "'hue' droulh vcslcrda the river. Trusties, suards and ; 5ald loday PrL ' 5lr icnl Tru- least ' bloodhounds were scarchinc. f o r : - m a n ^ , "' avpl h - v *»xM tram A utility ,-orr him In thc vicinity of Rcydcl lo-' ! ns ., c , a , of ^ y pla " c " hcn hc Br ' cs : into a water ma day. lo Milwaukee for his Labor Day into a houlcva, "mpaiCT speech Scplember 1. | Neighborhood Dallas Battle Dry Weather The basic minimum riailv wa-e m soft coal ,s S16.3S. Anthracite miners gel slightly more. Volunteers For U.N. In Korea Leave France ; .Marseille, France - ,/P, _ Two _nal!a.s-l/?..Q uick . w j Uof| hr)u . c _ . They I Record Take By Revenue Bureau Is Reported j ""-Mn^K^^rrL,",;-;! Internal Revenue Bureau in taxes I n"lr^ S r year C which'en" ed June ,10. his was shout H 2 billion dol- I.1IS more than in ihe 'M mC 1, ba '" lil " id as b" entered Mrs. Virginia Mercer's dry cleaning shop yesterday. "Go ahead anrl shoot. I need the monci as much as you do," ihc · through lh -""II .11, uc -somclhing I ha-en't hxd ,nu Cily Building Damaged By Water During Rain j . The City Administration Build- mjr and city libiarv. ,,o toe second flonr of the bL tin , rnvrnvn were damaged by water Ust ni-hV iMl't Ku i i,''''u" . nw "' a i: ' ird «°oi- lodge hall had been lefl up k Waler f,- on , , nr lh ,, y| , |m| . ^ injunction obtained by t her ., (la med she practiced three to ' i ih K " mor "'n? snd two : to h:cc hours in the afternoon. , Mrs .Morns, who has ensazcd attorney, tn wtk rcm , "«« I restramrng order, said she p rac ! new only an hour anrt a half dailv Ue own our home and "i 'bought | had a ,ir;ht to sin" in home." she said "This " 32-vear-old woman replied II worked. The bandil fled Mighwoy Head e ,.,.,],,,,, , mo ,,,,,, , mo , orary. damaging the south | and a number of books ami «rTM " Two Of Quints Bern In Brazil Succumb i h r , )1 "'--- "«'· the firM floor, whcj-e several i were damaged. ,,-ew d , 'wTtc, nutch Ship Sink* , R ,. Buieau took ,n $2.361.500,000 for Henslee also disclosed tortav. that Doujlas Moore, Jr.. n He!- ' ena Nesro under l.Vyear sentence: for robbery, slipped away from a fruird last Tuesday. , - , - o r o o d h o ,, s , ,, J" 1 ?'". hlrn '" "Pportuni- ' 8 ,abbed broom and swenl ' or ""' S H''-"«P appearances from the street ont I ^LI!!' ' 'TMn. " Prl h hr " "' 0 " d °"" rV Poultry The poultry market today as reported by the University'of Arkansas Institute of Science and Technology and the Dairy and ·".-. «"re was so f,,- n ,ly in .Ws^rtSofe?! ir; o; k comn " - nrkr - -' i-- "Rricui had , 0 d! , k pfrmissinn , n (-)(r an Oul Ol ^^i\ f Chinese Businessman To Stay n o _ / i P i _ A r-ui.-i^. j i ._ · er .sank off the Dutch island of ' about eijcbellinc Indsy The Kairhe.ifl ·-id «he rescued all n memhcrs i t . . * "" * ' of the coaMer's crew. i Activity On StOck {Market Is Limited Hong Kong-OTVA Chinese owner who reached Kong horn Shanghai said today «"'"« ^ «,,,, K ,,, ,, U y more : m; his store was so firmly in t h e pp '" %s - Fvcn sn it look seveial ty. rl rii\ "I'h "' "^ nlrl " I m " m "'"!«. although he was ^^i:H^9 ; --'--=,^^ '1 l ' occlvr "" C X | 1 permit. I. Dlr '"' The pharmacist Is Car] Chang lure. Norlhwcst Arkansas area: Mar ket full steady,- liirht weights o f - . - -- .-. ,.-. ^ n l , ^ n ,ni f^red idequalcly for the fair d c - , who attended Ihe University of "mo'- Dr^ r '} Z 'nT Il f nC ' 1 ver ". w """»'" ""^ M^chuse'tts" !n- ·p, TV-n^-L^ % KrMTg.-ffir fryers M, we 1B h, S ,J4. 2H ,,,,,. prnsane, on ShU^ai'l^n oZi "' ""'*· l Avenue Jnffr? the profits did not and wants no m ism. He said his i ; i" "ins fiin pot no i a ? . . l n !hr v.n,kris Thft.v uoni m thr ami hut in* r - '· ' '" in Tf1fl "".. uiinij rnnip thrill h^H vlnuHv rtr of con-^;: i {O rrr.,r y ^ r *TM*, mwc ^j?TM^*^. New Yo, k.(/pi.p,i CM hovered .round,,., lod.y in S ^t"ik market. Verv few (,,,,,, moved as much as a m »,o, f,"" n o i H V H . v from I he prev,TMs, lose ! ^,l ty was llm "-t »H the way N'o' a Mngl- ma;or di-i'mn dirt anything mo,e than hold steadv or mov Speck's Charges Fail To Slir GOP Support ' """ " r I on his HlthH »y Bidi Alked rnunist parly, thev could gel control ,,f Chang's drug business af|r r ji The owner .said lhal while Mis More «-a. m.ikmi; hioncv hr out r, . w a s permilled lo take only mini-,,o,,!d. ··wnr,» A f l c r ,h», h named director of Arkansas high- M^r^n^r,^^^"^:: ( ,, L z.? ock v-r - c - nd ' dat " n » former member of ,he «±" , ^ ''"'.'" Arkansw continued ond of M,s. Mar,, Alhano's air!' : 'lU'itup'etf d,ed at the Sao Paulo ; M a t c i n i t v Hospital last night She , was io h a v e been named Maria , I ere-,, The five babies were born " -Mis Albann. 38, on Tuesday night and were placed in an incu- hal'ii. One ,hed yesterd-ly. ' " ' - A Republican n 'c announcement of Ihe second -r.nijie.s.s uKfs ,, ,le.,lh List ni;ht contained no in- ' of corruption mThMn^Tna;^?! ,"TM«TM "* "" C ° nditi ° n »' ^ iTonxo'T"""' 0 '"'·""" fl " ck ' ' ' Idiitc f'or th'e cong^Mon!'' U 'se!t ^ Orm CfjppleS, But 'H^^lt'^-irVii Do "n't Stop Fair %"^Z? f KZ a '\r? ^"'- --" ri - Th "' "'" «·'" over h,s i,,fo,m,,i,,M l i v ·'ec,.., C c visible, hut the iciahimnTM,;;': M '" iuucd " ."^"" sf: ''V' i " r T op ' rl!in « ··--- wh(1 ,,,,.,' ' . ''· alm ' 1 " ; f'il" biasi today In a re- « h o m . , d c i h e , h - , , : e ,n markable ,-omeh.ick from Thurs- i here d.iv s iorn.ido ddinage. ure r th '.close In f;u-t. memhers of the Cctlin ·he ,,me C ha;" ( :ome°" """" , X « n V°? f ^.f"'"' ""' had 7fl P' r (·pealed h - t niirhi il h midway concessions ma nroof'm ., h i '" tl " M "" s 'or Thursdav H prom m ,m h ,,.. , ,,, Rhl - 5 c . rf) . V(| ()f ; ^ U9 perjon ,| Today's program w.u moving slong as scheduled. The only cx- cepiion w,is ihc cancellation of Ihn ddre. Tuesd ' ,, "" I thin befo.c , repeated. -I w , Iwr I.liln F»p tn jei Little Rock . a u u j former member of the H^h , fu , . Commi,,on J H of m " °" " " m cost of i.j niillion dollars ,. "·· ."^ vrtui.L-ii«uon 01 me Orand Cirruii h.irne»s races because of ihe muddy track. Tht Wiothtr' elouflr with '"tiered lhunder.howers th" Afle,, noon, tonight and Saturday,

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