Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 13
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Tribe Downs BOSOX, 18-8 As JGraham "Works" Bums Tr 'P Reds, 6-3; Cords, Phils Win; Giants Idfe Chisox Trims Yankees, 12-3 pajl Basilio ilnlO-Rounder By The Acsociilrd Pres,!i * Ever since Luke Easier became ' a regular on the Indians it has ] been sftid, "A* Easier goes so go ! the Indians." ; · His value to t^he Indians i s ' clearly demonstrated by his per- : formance this year. Big Luke is ; hot right now and so are (he Jr.: 'disns. : Cleveland, with Easter playing a Hading role, swamped the Bos- ion Red Sox-,., 18-8, Wednesday : ,ind pulled to within a game of the American League's front-running ; New York Yankees. The Y a n k s ' . were humiliated, 12-3, by the Chi- ', cago White Sox. Philadelphia j tripped Detroit. 4-3, in the cir- ' cuit's only night game. A n i g h t ; game between St. Louis and ! Washington was rained out. Could Take Over Lead . The Indians could take over (he lead today with the hc-lp of Chicago. A Cleveland victory over Boston and a Chicago win over New York would enable the' Indians to move out in front by one percentage point. Cleveland enters the crucial stage of its 12-game road 1rip Friday when it invades Yankee Sta- ' * dium for a two game series. Since July 15, when Easier re- AtkanaaB pt*«»**f*^ ~^^i^ ^^. SPORTS in loss I h f l i i fmir In- MORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, fpyelteville, Arkaniai,- Thursday, Augutt 21, 1952 -13 SPORTS ROUNDUP Dodgers Defy Old Adage That 87 Per Cent Of Baseball Is Hurling By GAYLE TALBOT 'joined the Indians after A short exile to Indianapolis of the American Association, the Tribe lias won 24 games and 13, a .615 ·pace. During this span Eabter has whacked out 26 hits In 78 times at bat, a .333 average, driven in 28 runs and 'clouted eight homers. Before he departed for Indianapolis he was hitting .208 Snd had driven _in 33 runs and connected for only : 11 homers in 63 games. ' . 10-Run UprMnt j The Indians spoiled the R e d ! New York-M'J-For many it was possible for a baseball man to win wide respect as a r-age by observing that pitching was 87',!! j per cent of the game, but t h a t was before Brooklyn set out to spoil the rackel. There probihl.v Isn't a fan in the country, outside Brooklyn, who could name Ihrcc Dodger pitchers if you save him Preacher Roc to start with. Ask him to name their see and chances are he would guess Don Newcombe, \vlm has been peeling Army spuds since away last surine. ChicHRo-'/Pi-At Ihe a?e rf 30. and a f t e r 113 professional f i g h t s . ] Irish Billy Graham is willing to ' admit that it's hard work being a · boxer. | "I always liked tn fight ami run ( remember when I'd r a t h e r firihl I Connie n.v.-in w.i; t h e h i e u'u-el j t h a n erit." he said. "Bui now i t ! in Philatlrlphi.r.x h i i i n . p h over just plain hard work. The only PittMnirRli. H \ » n rlni,h-l IMS I 2 t ! i thing that keeps me going is t h e ! homer. w.-illcH ii, r r c time-; mid chance at Gavilan's title." i stole two hu.sp., to h r l n R'i-.: Mev- Afler polishing off rugged C ' a r - i e r p-jst his i n t h mimuM. men'Basilio, t h e Upstate N e w ] H a i v c y (The K i t l e n i M » d d i x York former onion-grower, in HI l turned in a f i v e - I n n e r in hi." m.i- rounds at Chicago Stadium last j jnr le.ntie i l i - l u i i for t h e Cards night, Graham wasn't even breath- : lladdlx. a w a i l i n r : dlsi'liarre f n u n ing hard. , the A n n v , con^lc-l home ; i t i » r Ihe "I'm sning hack to New York , Cards j u m p e d on Lew IVlrrtf IN- fur and rest for five da.vs then go j six runs in il'e -ernnd i i u t l n n nn hack to work." he said. "I'll start , three H.-.tibles. three singles a i u l preparing for G a v i l a n b.v doing j two walks, roadwork al Greenwood Lake, j f\ 7 . V.. then move my t r a i n i n g ; quarters to Miami about Scptem- her 10 nr 12. I'll fa to Cuba 10 days before the fight." The powerfully-built Graham who, in his Chicago dehut, impressed rlngsiders as the sharpest and cleverest boxer since Ray Robinson, will shoot for Kid fi.iv- 1 Fayi ttsville's Chic! s t;ino|n Han's welterweight crown in H a - I w i l h the Jc;igiic-J«.dii,i; ruinc vana October 4. Grove Lions (..morrow night al Graham, who Insl in New York ! the County Fiiir Uioiiml.- in a Hi The AjiKarlatrd PreM Brooklyn moved re\'en games ahead of t h e N'rw York G i a n t s 1:1 the N a t i o n a l League ch)i.sp. down- , ins Cincinnati, (i-.l. The G i a n t s i and Chicago Cub* were ramed out. !n other giimes. P,'iil,-,d"lphi.t tarn- ' Seiiltle-i-l'i-Sixiren .survivor^ of* ed Pittsburgh. 3-1. and St. l...ui- ,,],,(.. nesded b.v former fhompion iif".ii;pr[i Moslem, jt-v. in j gamr Ci-ai l i e Cue and such --trnng dial- ralled in the eighth mniiu; hecau.M- Irncers as Walker Cup plaver "' "I" | . l i n i t i i v Mi'llale. sailor Gene Lllt- f u u n t l v e t e r a n s Ken lor and crooner Don Cherrv. heart fiaffensheraer for II hits and nil ' i n t o a n - i l h r r double' round of m.-itch piny today in the Men's N a t i o n a l A m a t e u r Golf Championship. . Coc. [lie 19 lit champion, and M r l l a l i 1 .ire f a m i l i a r mimes In the n a t i o n a l rlasjlr. L i t i l e r and C h e r r y OMned t h e i r Coe Paces Field Of 16 In U.S. Amateur Fayetteville Soldier- Runner-Up In Georgia Open Golf Tournament A F n j p l l P M l l e Lawrence Biir.i.n. !·:. P.ri M a r t h a SI reel a recent Gen T o u r n a m e n t . Anny ! Pherson. Cia. Rro'vn, H snlrner -- ( ] con /tl Mrs n. H N Scho-,i n i e r - u p hom.r.s in . ihe" : (i,m"i, n,r-i!i:iin!y ,,|:cr World \Var n H« " f ' i n w : i irt d u l y in the United Stale, .n I'll!). Little Rock Midgeli Gain Regional Finals State Open Golf i | mtf cle-iMi from T h i n l ; ll'rs. KOI I ,\Ir.. unle. (.( -Knyeilr- ; (hicks Sel To Tangle ' i j |H · LOOD start*, hut Btlll stood 1-0 in the victory column. j Then he really came unstuck. | He developed some back trouble ! to someone named ,Iocv Ginrdello and fnr lu-o months wasn't able to i two weeks ago, easily took a u a n i go nine innings. He went the | mous decision over the aggressive rnute Tuesday in blanking Cin-; Basllio in last night's nalionall.i cinnali. Remember Ralph Branca. vvheelhoreo who threw the b a l l ! gate of $5,913. Bobby Thomson hit? Well. Ralph j j couldn't heal anybody and got a I 'sore arm and was placed on the j disabled list, whence he is just I returning. Clyde King, who won M last year, comes in from the bullpen on rare occasions when game t h a t Ihe C h i i U s i!"»d to win in order to r e m a i n in seninrl place, j The Chicks t r a i l the Lions by two j and a h a l f lcii;lhs. hut hold o n l y i . a (,',-imc Imlxi' ovei the t h i r d place I Basilio': 146. Only 2.762 fans were j Gentry i Tew. and but a came find 1 so " 1 ' ! "" l% "'" the i at ringside, contributing In a cross i a half ove. l o m l l i p' Kiloar ''" "'""' way ln!-i i i r n m i n e n ' i e b.v prodllc- i ins the l \ - o most v r . ^ o t i n d i n K t n | i n n p s o f t h e f i f t h round yesterday a f t e t noon. L i t t l e r . 2 2 - i p n r - n U i f o r m e r v d i e i j t h Kchurl a n d fcu-mor j t l i . . M j n i n r -tar w i l h p.-i h a n s the mo«l ! H-nt al I h r U n i v e r s i t y wan lr- h n l l i a n t p l a y t h u s f a r In the rented in a playoff (hi- the' t i t l e »(- i i i i i r n a m e n l . d e f e a t e d t h e H n l i s h . ier f i n i s h i n g t h e r c g i i t o l i n n p l a v i i m a l e n r c h i i i n p i r i i i , H n r v i p Ward i .Jr., of Tinhorn. N C . -I and 2. ; | C h e r r y , 2R. f r o m G a r d e n C i t y . ' I N. Y . well k n n v v n in t h e K;«1 :n ' ' a p r o f e s s i o n a l singer m a d e i t n n | olhf year of sorrow for F r a n k ; S l t a n a h a n , t h e p e r e n n i a l c o n t e n d - er J i n m Toledo I Cherry. w!'n has p l a y e d \ i i t h o u t ai-c'l.ilm in t h r e e other n a - ! t i o n a l s . tie.'eatt-d tlie hancixoine ! Ohio strongboy. 3 and 1. i S t r a n a h a n . tv.'ice n r i i i ^ h e h a i n i jilon. has never won t h e A m e r i c a n . . crown · ; l.onj'.icvi-: T*x3.i - (/Fl - Little J!nf!t aij'l Hoti'ton adViinced to of ihe Fusion S*vtn igii'' Rasehall Tourna- nlaht. :'.vi'H iwr runs in the f i f t h Inninj. t J i p No-:iri. .Jhiirt · Mltle Rorlc 'pticher, gaineitl eriidlt for th« vic- ' t'ir-. :.slnng t h e rcgiil.'ilinn plav H u u d n n Portalel. .N. M., tn a deadlock for. In* lerd. j i p n IIMI siatoned ut Kort McPlier.^»n .amli L i i i i e Rock and Houston pUy is assir.ned t" the I'osi Spccldl'i ttmi^ht for the title and the right Services Section. to .play in the national Little Cnrpo,a| nrnivn MT.I-'| in G e i . Lesaue tournament at Wllliims- niiiny 17 month" d u r i n g and n n - ' p^rt. week. The to televised bout. He weiched 148 tn I Arnold Blum. Macon. Ga.. a hot · I h r e s l . cooled off before the c o i f ! of Ppiil .lohan.pon, Seattle, .lohan- ; f a tree, l i t e r a l l y . ! the n i n t h f a i r w a y -- t o halve . Sox a 3-0 lead in Uv'o i n n i n g s be-1 fore they lowered the boom w i t h i a ID-run uprising in the third ! Want to know who the Dodger:,'; Black needs rest. Clem Labine, against Maury MeDcrmnlt. Ray three leading winners arc'.' O k a y , ; like Branca, had arm trouble and Scarborough and Willard Nixon. ; 'heir names are Billy Loes, Ben ! was brought back fro;n the minors American Loop BoxScores I Springs and Jienlunvillc. i | W i t h Ihe .season almost over j j K a y e l l e v i l l t . Gentry. S i l o a m I i SpriliKs and B"nlonville arc in a ! I hot fighl (or Ihe second, t h i r d and | I f o u r t h positions which earn f h e i r : holders a spot in the pnsl-.;ea:.nn i playoll. Prairi-j Grove, wilh onlv nini- looses, i;. a ' M i r r d of H spnl. I h e hole--and Ro on lo win, 1 up. i Kay BIIlo\vr.. I'ouglikeepsie. N. ! Y., a three-Mine runner-up l i k e ; S t r a n a h a n . \ v i l l have, to w a ; t a \ e a r to I r v a r .'a'n. Johanson beat Ea5ter climaxed the rally w i t h a : Vv'adc and Qirl Krskine, and clon'l bases-loaded homer. Eyslcr and ! call me a li;jr. Know hcv,v many Boone.singled home a pair of r u n s '. games the bc.M of them. JT,ri.kiiic, aoiece in tho fi/th and the Tribe ! might win before !he .--eason ends closed out their scoring with four , ' i f he is real lucky? Maybe 16-17. more in the seventh on Doby's i homer and Boone's Ihree-run ' S" t h a t it won't come as i corn- blast. Bob Lemon Rave up 15 hits plete surprise in the World Series, in notching his. 15th victory, j \vould you relish the name of the Chicago also came up with a j Dodgers' brsl pitcher, who almost bis inning tc beat the Yanks. The I i n v a r i a b l y shows up a r o u n d 4 or While Sox scored six runs in the I " P- m. to rescue the third Dodder ttiird to wipe out a 2-1 deficit' pitcher? He's Joe Blac);, a Ncsro and that was more than Snul Ho- | I'ookic who wasn't on the club govin needed to hang up his l l t h 'roster in the spring, triumph. , IE you're curious about Hoc, · Carl Scheib drove home t w o ! vho was the thinr in runs and scored the winning run | Flannels a year ago, he had a in the A's triumph over Detroit, j season you wouldn't believe. He Scheib singled home two runs in | finished nrly six of his first the seventh to lie the score at .1-3 and then pranced over Ihe plate on one-baggers by Pete Suder and Ferris Fa!n. only a feu- d;iy.s ago. Thai pretty well a r r n u n t u for the old gang. Taking their places In the almost daily parade nf Brooklyn throwers have been, in addition to Wade, Erskine. LOCK and Black, such minor league hopefuls as Joe La;ulrum, John Ituthcrford. Ray Moore and Chris A'an Cuyk. What has proved, of course, is that the club is such :i sound one otherwise, both offensively and defensively, that it can pound the whey out of the weak sisters even when its own hurling is mediocre. V/hen the Dodgers ,iet a really v.'cil-jiitchcd game themselves, as [Ie j they do now and then, they're vir- 16 I l u a l i y unbeatable. O«tr«il 1 OtT-OIT ! PH LADILFHI* «h r h ah r 1 Groth. c ( 4 1 1 Kudcr. s« Posk.v. M .1 o I Fnin. I b Hatfietcl. ,"h 4 0 n Clnrlt. r f Dropo. I h 4 I I Valo. rf De-lump. I f 4 0 l / r r n i a l . If Rmichroc-k rf 4 0 2 Ptlillcv. cf CinKbcrR. r 2 0 0 MiL-harl.s. '2 Fcdcroff. 2h . 1 1 2 Hilchc'k. ni b M u l l i n 1 0 0!A«troih. c W i g h t , p . 1 0 2 aThomax Marlison. p n tl O i M u r r n y . c cMapei 1 0 0 Srhoib. p I Hoopsr p Totals 33 3 10 Tolall :· I 4 5 o r 4 0 1 : I 0 0 ' :i o o i :i o o i 4 n .T The [-.landings: Gcnlry Siloam Spring \v \R IS M M I't I I i* r pri Jr., W i l l i, Palm S p r i i i K K ^n p u t t s of lnn j hi ;in ot'irrwisn | fo..p in K d w a u l i i K ' i l i y . Ohin, I il 13 1 .'{ ' i:i i;; Seplrmbrr 1 1. n|- ( l i p rnmini; I m w h i i K sc;i- h n - w i l l he^in Thui.sdjiy, Business Bowlers To M 7,; ! Hold Annual Heeling 3 0 0 1 1 0 n o ft ; Births Mr. aril Mrs. James C'. Vauslit Mr. and Mr.',, .lames C. V a U R l i t o' M i c k r . Ark., a n n o i u i c e t h e birth i of a sou August -1 ia the City National Loop Box Scores ·rwktyn E. Cincinnati 3 ·ROOKLYN ! CINCINNATI ab r h ah r h Co.\. 3b 5 0 1 Abrami. rt 4 1 t Iwpse. s i 3 1 1 ' 4damx 3h 4 0 ! 2b .5 0 1 Marshall, rf 4 0 1 C panella. , Palko. cf I.OPS. p . , 5 1 l.Kl'zeiv.skl. i b 4 1 2 5 ? H feriwards If 3 0 fl ·V AtLAN A. (ULBfiftl. JK. The "Official Soulluvesl Ath- football for fhem as opposed to letic- Conference Football Hobter- ( A r k a n s a s ' 4n. And Arkansas isn't Records Book' 1 for 1952 arrived in mail yesterday. It is Ihe best yet, containing a wealth of material on league history and a complete run-down on the individual players ni Ihe conference for this fall. 4 i i Hatfon."i'h' i o o It is a compact volume, yet an e.x- 2 0 1 Semin'clt iM'Mlllan.' n h l c In t h e general piihhr? si i l) 5 I sl.OO a copy through thp SWC of. ; hBorkow.-ki 39 e is Totals' P p I o o i n n 3 4 3 8 letting many good ones get away these days. And if tha 4 t fact L'n't Impressive enough in showing how much deeper- is Texas' well of talent consider Ihe fact thai there are between 400 and 500 olher Texas hi,ch school praduates every year t h a t play brilliant font ball for the more t h a n 25 top colleges that are a -- W a i safe on error for Aslrolh The Business Btnvhnr I.eaque in Slh i u HI i ( . K . ,1. - m,,,. i . ,, i h--GrounriM nut tor Frdrrair In 9th. I w l " """ "···""»· i,iillix,iln)ii:il , c--Grounded out lor Marllaon In 9ln meeting tnnipht al 7:;ill, at Masun'v u , ,,;. ciroit 001 ooo H20-3 Camnus G r i l l H - m c k l l a l i n I,. i 110h|)u hiladctphla .. . . 100 000 03X-4 l - am l' us J-' 1 "!. H-HlUs I Mill, Ica- - - " · KM president, announc 3 d today. | ,,!,.,, H^H., ,,f l o n K -fiber On t h e agenda are Ihe e l e c t i o n , hchln|! wn .,, (tL , ( . rnTm j in of_officcrs and Ihe adoption p f ' r i n yurlipc In IB77. KtnttfVy'i fovtriti Cast « vote for Early TimcB, and make your phrty n success. fin EARLY TIMES DC: Philadclph E--Hatdeld. RBI--Port:, 03: Dropo 2, Fain Z. Sghcib 2. 2B--Sudcr. Souchock. 1IR--Hronn. SB--Michaels. S--Adrolh. IVlky. Glnahctf. D P -- H a t l i e l d . Frrt- eroll and Dropo n: Srhclh wnd Michael*; Michaels and Kaln. I.cfl-- Dctroif 6. Philadelphia II. BB W i g h t 2, Schclb I. SO--Wight 2, Scheib Z HO--Wi|ht 15 in 7i imiinw. Madlion 0 In 3 : Srheib B in fi; Hooper 1 In I R .. Kit-- W i g h t 4-1. Aladiaon 0-0. S c h e i b 3-3. Hooper 0-0. Winnsr-- Scheib (8-1). Lofier--Wighl (6-Ti. u-- Romniel, Paparella. McOowan a n d Dully. T--2:21. A--4.487. KENTUCKY STRMfiHT IDUftBON WHISKY * * PROOF EARLY TIMES DISTILLERY COMfANY · LOUISVILLE 1, KENTUCKY , G l v n n . I b Majeski. 3b V.'estlake, Boone. M T i p l n n . r Lemon, p membcrfi of the Texas Conference, Ihe Lone Star Conference, the a--Grounded out for PeHagi. tth _h--Grounded nut lor Podhicl Brooklyn C i n c i n n a t i E--Ppllagrini. RBI--HodRp* 7. Cfix, Campanrlla, Williams, A brains Raf- (cnshcrcer. Ecminirk. 2R -- FuriHo Pafko. Scminick 2. Kliiszcwski. HH-- 'ice at 1129 National City Building, Dallas I, Texas. In looking through it we came j Gulf Coast Conference, the Bor- --·--: across Ihe following items: t dcr Conference and the Missouri Snullnvest Conference teams | Valley Conference. ( A n d you can have played in 28 bowl on 3oo ono 6 . ese and Hodges: McMillan. Pfl- rini and K1 uM£ T^cft --Brook- I t . Cincinnati 5 BB--Hafremberc- I . Porlhielan 2 [,oc^ 1 SO--S Barnes : during the last 10 years, winning 161" oft;i 001--5J 'fi- losing nine and tieinp three. T. C. U.. wilh top participation (seven bowl games) is the. only member of the conference wilh n losing post-season record. The Frogs h a v e won three and lost adrt some more talent that Roes to the schools in the Texas Junior College Conference every year.) Cl«vrl»nrt II, Bmton 8 CLIVKLAHO | 3OTON · b r h. «b r h Mitchell. If ; 2 2 fciMnwio, cf 6 i : A v i l a . 2h 3 2 I Goudnun, 2b 6 0 H St'kland. 2b 1 0 0 Vollmcr. 11 a 1 0 nnly. cf . 1 4 3 (Irrnrrt. I h .1 (I I Himp.=on. t-f 0 n (i Evens. r( . 1 0 1 Easier. I b .1 3 3 8cJimccs. rf '1 \ U t o o Whit*, c 4 i i 5 2 4 Niarhos. c 1 tl 0 4 2 I Lepclo. 3b 5 I 1 4 2 3 ' Upon, s s 423 5 n o M U ' r m o t t , p l l n a i l 8 boroush. n 0 o 0 ( N i x o n , p l U 0 I Billion, p n 0 0 i aParnell j ft 0 ! ,"l!odru-.«ki. p 1 o n I hi hr'eberry 1 0 1 TolalB 4] 15 16 Totah 4* S 15 a--Struck out for Benton In Si.'i. 1--Singled for Brodo.vski in 9 l l i Cleveland . . . . . . MlIOiO-lO 4IH1-V Hrwitrm 21 0 040 001- o E--Majoskl Z. Tiplon 2. K B 1 -- U r r - ncrt, livers. Goodman 3. White. Upon. UlMaBgio, Majcflki. Boonc fi. Lemon ^. M i t c h e l l , IJoby 2. LakUr 6. ^B-M i l c h e l l . Majcikl. White HR--EaMcr. Uoliv. Boone S--AVI)R. Majeekl. Dp- While and Lipnn L r l l -- C l c v s l a n - I 7. rtoMon 1.1 BB~McUcrinolt 4. Scar- borciiKh 1. Nixon 1'. Brodowsld 2. Lemon 4. SO -McDernioll 2. Jn-ar- f/aff*" US, ROYAL If you are under the impression that t h d Univcrsilv of Texas! borouRh l, Nixon 2. Brodow».ki has dominated the "Soulhwest i S° n8 . z^HO-Mepcrmott Conference throughout its .history] 7 in i'' a i n a check of the Longhorns' nil- n -- t "" . . limlnfii: Scarborough 4 ff 1. Podbielan 2 [,oc^ 1 SO--Smith j Ttti'C is t h e best of the lot .vi"nWVr?^fci"r" S in r i!' r si,i,'!i! ille wtm tllrce """ Io6t or l i c d ilo«- t h c y w c n t l n (he mid '30's. i ' i n 2. n"i- ER--Riiffpnib'rrtrr r.-fi.' Mon( ' Arkiinsas and Ba.vlor l w \ c j ( T h c SW c handhoo Pndhieian fl-o. Smith o-o. i.^c^ ."-a.' ihe least number of appearances n-,,, vf ., ·Winnor-Loss !I?-(H. L n f c r - U a f f e n s - · I h e s c i hcrgcr (13-11). U--Bariit-k. Gorniaii to n I t el 1* and ~2:.10. A--5.78B Nixon bAttrri. in M M ) : Hrodowaki in 1 I time rcwird \;ill show just how I sca'rbo^o'uEifT:!! S N''i'xo'n'' I 7 e 7. n "Bcnfon 0-0. Brodowski 4-4. PB~Tip!on Win- ner--Lpinnn '13-91. t,nser--McDcrniotl 17-81. U -- P a » a r D l l « , Rolilj. Grieve, lion- ochigk. T--3:«. A -- H.409. ores of all the games played - _ by all members of the loop.I I ·»!«.«· n «--^Y Ballanfanl. T - Twenty yeai's ago this [all Tc.xas, CHICAGO A luok at the rosters of t h e U. football fortunes were .starting. » r 1} schools shows Arkansas w i t h t h e , on the decline. . .a decline t h a t · K^,""" jJJ' i o n most out-of-state players a n d ; «-;, s to take i: into one of the worbt j Fnx. _h' 4 2 . i n « c i r r . ;* .1. p;*ttburch 1 tA P1TT8BURCH Ryan. 2h 2 .1 . ftvnwiHi rf n n f'n.ivh' Vr Ennls. If ' 4 0 1 K'nc'r! 'f Kamncr. a t ^ n i Garpitloiii. Lojau.'e i f i O ^ ' n e r p W a . Waiting, ih n 0 t «'t ironic.' I.-t^r. p 1 B O ,?Jorne! r p '-TVII' otaia M 3 S TO! a to a-- FHrd nut (or Hogue In 9th. Philndelphln . i n o o n o o i l -- 3 PittsburRh . ndfl ono mo-- 1 E-Gsrafiiola. Ennls. Meyer. RBI-- "Vjroitek. Groat, EnniA. R y a n H R -Fyan SB-- Rvsn 2. S-- Me' rr. Hogue. Ashhurn. DP-- Hainncr. R y i n and .lone^. Lfft-- Plviinelp'iia p. Plfl*. Him! 1 . *« B v~1"*'i" n ! i' ll rn ',. S °,~ ."" Meyer I'o. p'S-Lopaia "TTM"*- 5 o ? i (you guessed it) Toxf»s Univer- j slumps in conference history. In 5 8 r sit w i l h t h n lens1 ' The porl:cil '- s ! W-U the Steers won f i v e " loop o n lisi 13 non-rpsident s t u d e n t s in Ramos and lost onlv one. But *,cv- X. I M l n Niw YOWK *h r h i M 2 n n Mole, rl nlvrrn. cf . U .'. 1 1 Mantle, f:f !h 3 2 1 Borrn. j jj T j their squad of 4(j men. Texas has j era I of Ihn .stars" of tiiariparn'ric- i c"""mf. ] |j 0 | o n e foreigner on a squad of 4 9 ; parted anrt replacements failed tn -·"--'·· 3 0 n ] men. Rice, a ' w e a l t h y and exclu- come t h r o u s h . In 1^:!.'! Ihe Steers 1 , ' J J j s i v e school lhal has always in- won two, last Ihrrc and lied one i o o j s i s t t d upon its athletes being top- in league play. I n Ifi.'H they houn- m i 9 1 notch students, comes in second lo ced back for n 4 - I - ] mark under Texas w i t h only two out of staters, new coach .lack Chpvisjny, a .N'otie Southern Methodist -- the most I Dame product, glamorous name in the confer- 1 Then Ihe hollom fell oul. In cnce--is second lo Arkansas in! IflilSTexas won me frame arid lre,t drawing talent from outside it;,! f u n to finish lai.t in the ctmfcr- I's borders. The Ponies have CHIT. In in.'lii Tc\as won one KSMIC · 1 2 2 Houh. c .1 2 2'WoiilllltlE. ·1 0 r n a n r r . rf 1 tl n Cnlhn.v Ih 1 1 (I MI7P. Ih .S tl I Sa'r. n ISrhar ( t r r , ! Mi D n n a M . 'O.'lrnwskl. .1 n 0 . 1 f o , n n | ! l n o : n n 1 . n n n | 1 t fi. i n n ! 0 n 0 \ \ 4 Now Millions More Can Own Them -at the Biggest Savings in Years! Th« original, genuln* Air Rid* tins that · g* «n America's finest new can! · hov« ntvtr b*en dupllcaltdl · abwrb Iho read In tiltnc* at any tp**dl · cuihien all road thock and vibralionl · run much e»ol«r-lait much longtrl · Imprevt it*«ring and control of any carl |lv* tafoty, miltoi* btyond prtvlout tUndardtt till HIT HICI NOW* S.M/1S H.IO 14.11 4t.40/tl J1H 13 M l(7f 41.70/11 7.10/1J 7.40/1 i I.M/11 1.10/15 tt.Ji 1110 lo.ta 12.90 II JO 1HJ EXCLUSIVE FEATURES AVAILABLE NOWHERE [LSE! M i t into (orfo play for Carrajiqiiel I id. ; \i\n\ nut fnr Oftlrou-kki in · 14 listed on On Ch:riij:n tho ' Womber, Chicajo, ;0, (welterweights). Mellow und light . . . j u s t riqht! lOfi 2M n'.'O - 1? ; 110 000 fill-- 3 E - - M r D n n n l ' l R f t l - M c t f .1 t ^ l l a r ? . i \ f ' » 2 Rfhin**!!. Mtivuft. Jlnrtr'-Bti'? i n a h t R n t E n v i n Woocllinji M«in"*. ) d i i r r . HR - M"l". Wonrllm* SH n*hf - F n x . H u w i t n . R o h i n o n n HP- -Hf.h- ! *nn ·unavt.lj.'Ml- l . r f l ~ r i i l r H n o 7. P - V V n r k 1 n n - Hojfovln 2 S r h n r ' t T O i ' r n u ^ k i .'! S O - R r r n v i n 1 S;nn i M i U r r :· HO - H u m 7 in 2 1 - I n n - n r * | ' a c f f r r n in 0 itnt-"* t\'-fi bi-'n-. m · rf 1 McDftnulrt 3 in ' , - O»'rnw!.k, .'. i n ! Mill!"- 0 In 1 R A- F.n-fl"*ii-:p ·-!. S-4. Mille Hn nnri lost f u e , remaining in .. _ .. . ^cllnr. In 1037 the Steers won .me Meytr 110-121. Lnsrr-Honip n-S' u -- | MusianR fnrees »ro ronrpntratin.;; i nd lost f i . e to end un laM ;ic-iii. Smo' T-?"! A-27S?'* """ i nn non-Texas players almost nf . Thai year Dana X. Rihle v as lur- j much as Arkansas. Hul in t h e ' eel to do f n m e i h i n n aboul the pill- Pnrthcnwl, Wales--Cliff Cin-vi.t,' handbook S. M. I,', lisb. ils rnln-e i f,,| I.\ : ,\ K ,,f a f fair.-.. Swansea, outpointed Danny "Bang i *qund. Arkansas does nol i n c l u d e | fi,blc rei-ruiled * Rnod fiooh 2(1 members of its rosier, of which ; learn and worked wilh il in '.Ti. In eight »re from nut of siale, in t h e | m3B Texas again managed only official listing. The Brand Mai ,il ore u i n in MX f-ames. V.'lth Bible's Arkansas is 23 non-ArkHnjan.s out n n f f l n a l crew juniors Ihe of 72 players. Sirer* managed a .1-3 year in Texas, Texas A. and M. .inft inM. iNow wnlch Ihe steady un- "" Arkansas do not include their en- pioven-.cnt.i In 1940 Texas w o n j « . lire rosters in the book for some · four nnd lo.'l two; in 1941 l h f ! *" unexplained r en ion. Space isn't | Longhorilr, won four, lost one and i the «n»wer because S. M. U. li.stk' tied one; In 1942 thn .Steers wen , (By The A»Klil*d Pre«) 74 m«n--the ltrge»t tquad in the . ( n o »nd iosi one. w i n n i n u Iho Chicago--B 1 1 1 y Grahsm. 118, loop. 'conference l i l l t ; and In 1043 Tex- New York, oulpomtcd Carmcti The irrmlnj thing -- »'nd * fact is won five and lot,i none to b e - ' Butllio. 148. Can»«tou, N v , in thai we have alwayt maintained) come the first conference champ! nukes Ihe difference b e t w e e n ' t o repeal us unduputed klnjpln. hoop. Bui for a .irrlch of four Texts football -- ahoul Ihe above F. 1 rr Hire the I.onjhorns huve · \ears Toxus U teami. v.on four figures Is thai Ihe HX Tfyff . fielded great learns -- h«\ i n j a B »mes oul of 24 in Ihe SU'C mid f s r h n n l s h a \ e .170 graduates of Ihe , f.inn«i»ni]y higher brand nf pl»y · (HUM tn heat Arkansnt » llm« in i Texas high school »y»lom playitiR , than any other member ol the that ilrelch. Nxpp and I . l..**r AmtrUa't Until Xtfutor PifHurt lift ttnulltnl Ntw 5of./r TI/* longtil Hn miltayt m ill clou f 95 Ntver iuc/1 p«rformancc ol n/ch 6 pric« l · ifhonM ill. «»/U Sill l.H.'ll (inl pki t)U|. NOW JW75 TOU OMLTI touc UST S T A T E S C O M P A N Y A m c r u a s 1 s t Dry Beer i: Price-Cobb Tire Mart, Inc. !_!· I ^« k. i . i ' I I * Highway 71 North Fayetreville, Ark.

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