Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 23, 1974 ツキ Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1974
Page 16
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18 Northwwt Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Oct. 23, 1974 FAYITTIVILLE, ARKANSAS iiMiiiMrffl THE WEATHER Elsewhere, ' ' Weather Forecast Showers and rain are forecast . Wednesday for he Southwest Thunderstorms Scattered Over The Southwest テつキ By. The Associated Press テつキ; Thunderstorms were scattered across much of the Southwest today and rain spotted other sections of the nation. The National Weather Service said a high flash flood potential existed in Arizona. The rain extended from Southern California into several Plains states. ': Showers and thunderstorms also stretched from the Texas Panhandle into Northeast Kansas. . テつキ In El Paso, Tex., hail the size of small oranges-TSome -at:. it 3Vi inchesJiri diameter--damaged homes and'Automobiles. No injuries were reported. Parts of New York" and the Southeast,;-;, including . -''Florida '1 soaked by scatterec and Plains. Clear to partly- cloudy skies with milder wea- ther Is expected for most of (he nation. (AP Wtrepholo) cloudy over the ' also ; storms. Skies .were .Great Lakes region arid'; New England. The rest of the nation generally had clear skies. 'テつキ Temperatures before dawn ranged fnjm 22 at Kalispell, ack up and follow manufac- urers to the sunshine and open paces of the -South and West, ccording to the latest esti- nates of state population's. The figures released Tuesday y the Census Bureau showed hat the South and West ac- ounted for virtually all of the ation's population growth last -ear. .The North .Central "section icld steady with a one-tenth of per cent growth in population, he. Northeast: quadrant lost rapulation for the second year n a row, and the Northern and Vestern'.states grew by 1.5 per Wont., Tex., Miami, Beach, Flテつォ. at Corpus Christ! Fla, and Vero | Cancer Test Reports High Accuracy Rate RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A test still in experimental stage has been 87 per cent accurat !n detecting cancer in humans scientists at the Medical Col lege of Virginia say. テつキ. The test requires a patient t swajlow a capsule of fat con talning radioactive carbon-14 Twenty hours later, an in strument measures the amoun Of radioactive carbon dioxide air exhaled. The test is based on the fad known for years, that cance reduces the body's stores of fa Dr. Giovanni G. Costa sai テつキ Tuesday. He said the presenc of radioactive carbon dioxid above certain levels seems t テつキ indicate the presence of tumor テつキ in the body because it indicate the fat in the capsule has bee: broken down. Fat is composed of carbon hydrogen and oxygen. II breakdown produces waler an carbon dioxide. Making Ihe car bon in the fat capsule radio active makes it possible t traテつォ what happened to it. Costa said the test has bee given over the past SO month to about 160 people -- health. v o l u n t e e r s , known cance' patienls, patients with disease other than cancer, and patient with disorders not yet diag nosed. ' . Costa said in those alread., known to have cancer the tes , was 90 per cent accurate, an ' over-all it was 87 per cent accu rate. He said some tumors un covered "were very tiny." ; Player Dealings 'テつキ-, ST. liOUIS (AP) - The Spir its of St. Louis obtained on player f and released anpthe Tuesday^ thテつォ. American Basket . テつ」al! Association team an nounc^d.v テつキ'.' For*jrd Gene "Goo*' iKenne dy. テつサ three-year veteran 'signed j|lhe Spirits as , a jgent 'ftllowiirg a contract dis テつァ "ute .,ypth the San Antonio pursv'-.ff ;. * The-; Spirits placed forward テつキiテつォil McGrtgor.on waivers. Ken- .Jfedy pitted'Vtwo years テつキ with ..jfcltaiffcM-'lhfe" 1973-74 (Season テつサiUi S*n Antonio, Factories And People Moving To Sparsely Populated Areas By The Associated Press ., Wednesday H I L O P R C O t l k Albany Albu'que Amai'illo Asheville Atlanta Jirminghain Jismarck 3oise Boston Brownsville Buffalo Charleston Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Denver DCS Moines De-troit Dululli Fort Worth Green Bay Helena Honolulu Houston Ind'anolis Jacks'vilte Kansas City Las Vegas Little Hock Los Angeler Louisville Marquette Memphis . Miami Milwaukee Mpls-St.P. New Orleans New York Okla. City Omaha Orlando Phjlad'piu'a 3 hoenix ittsburgh "tland, Ore. P'tiand, Me. lapici City ieno lichmond it. Louis Salt Lake Jan Diego San Fran Seattle Spokane Tampa Washington WASHINGTON "' '(AP) mericans are continuing to . Specialists generally テつキ attributed : the shift to several factors, a primary one being the move- nent of factories to less dense- y populated states in search of cheaper-land and labor. Since the fastest growing states include Florida' and Arizona, two states with a sizeable lumber of retired people, the low of-retired persons also was considered an important factor. An earlier report' from the Census Bureau outlined the re- urn of blacks to the a particular factor in the} resurgence of that area. Cutting across all of the changes! however, was the nation's falling birth -. rate. "' Air though total population grew an average of 1.1 per cent a year a the first three years after the 1970 census, the growth slowed to seven-tenths of 1 per cent as of July 1 last year. That left total population at 211,390,000. Even the growth rate in the South and West dropped -from an average annual increase of 1.8 per cent in both regions for the three previous years to 1.5.per.cent last year., Florida/ with" a .415 per cent [rowth rate, surpassed Arizona is the nation's fastest-growing slate. The. growth in Arizona slipped to' : a 3.9; per cent rate Nevada :;moyed into second place with a 4 per cent growth rale. 'テつキ ' : ''テつキテつキテつキ '*'テつキ . テつキ Colorado, formerly one of the nation's テつキfastest-growing states, fell from a 3.9 per cent average annual growth rate to a 1.1 per cent rate. . The population declined in six states and the District of Columbia, 'y .. I.-'': テつキ' ''.;テつキ'.';'.テつキ. New York continued a'slide that has'been:going on since the last census,, .falling' six- tenths of 1 per cent in the most recent year. : Pennsylvania Ohio and' Illinois continued de clines started two 'years ago. R h o d e;: Island's population dropped for the first time. Cen sus blamed it almost entirely on Navy cutbacks in the state. CO 35 64 49 61 55 68 28 64 36 6V 41' 54 24 52, 36 63 .47. 84 67 57 51 65 33 62 32 68 57 63 39 62 45 54 35 75 52 67 51 54 30 78 59 63 39 49 25 88 77 78 66 65 43 71 54 72 56 76 58 73 45 72 63 64 38 54 36 72 44 75 70 65 50 62 41 76 59 63 48 69 53 76 45 77 62 63 38 72 64 .64 42 72 42 59 39 51 31 59 22 67 28 73 52 54 46 68 63 62 55 59 36 58 33 77 61 65 37 *.. cdy .47 rn .59 rn '..,clr .. clr .. clr .."clr .. cdy .. clr .. cdy .12 cdy .. clr .. clr .. rn .. cdy .02 cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. clr .. ody .. cdy ..cdy .. clr .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .10 cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .11 clr .. clr .02 cdy .. cdy .. clr .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. clr .44 rn .. cdy .. clr .. cdy . . c d y .. clr .. clr .. cdy .06 rn .. cdy .. cdy .. cdy .. .clr cdy Hail In Texas El Paso was hit by dark and windy skies late Tuesday. The wind and rain were first to come and then the hall. Lo- cal residents said it was the size of golf halls which may be an exaggeration, hut the hail gave the city a winter wonderland effect. (AP Wlre- plioto) clr TVA Takes Over Surface Mining Operation KNOXV1LLE, Tram. (AP) The Tennessee Valley Authority las assumed the operation of M'o surface mines that supply approximately five per cent of ;he agency's annual coal burn. TVA is . operating the Fobius Mine in Jackson County, Ala., and the Eads Mine at Belle Hive, HI., both wholly owned subsidiaries .of Arch Miner Corp; of-St."Louts. 1 ';"テつキ.'テつキ'テつキテつキ" テつキテつキ**テつキ-' TVA assumed the operations after テつキ the 'operators テつキ. defaulted u n d e r contract .provisions signed in ,1970. .. " Lee Sheppearfl :-.'of TVA's -information staffs-said, the coal will cost the ' agency approximately $10 a ton: TVA burns between 35 million and 40 million tons of coal yearly and,;the two : mines "are contracted ;:-to produce about five per,Vcent of that figure, Sheppeard said. . '-.:''-:~'\ .The Fahius Mine sup'piies coal to Widows Creek plant 1 in North Alabama and the Eads Mine ships fuel to the Shawhee facility near Paducah, Ky.- テつキテつキテつキ Arch Miner Corp'; -had テつキ told TVA a little more than._a. year ago it was losing money oh the operations . and needed 'some new arrangment. TVA then underwrote the operations for awhile and ^.finally decided.;to assume "operation. 'テつキテつキ'' 'テつキ-''-テつキ-'テつキ テつキ'テつキ"'テつキ テつキ' County Jail Is Ordered To Refuse Other Prisoners LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Sheriff Monroe Love of Pulaski County Jail ordered the county's chief jailer Tuesday to turn back prisoners from other-law enforcement agencies in the county unlil space became available. Love said the county jail was overcrowded. "We haven't refused to. : cept any prisoners when have room for them," Love said, "but we've got all we can take care".of. This is only temporary. It's oh a' day-to-day basis." ' テつキ ' ' , ' Love said the county jail hac 126 prisons -- 25 over capacity -- Tuesday. The decision to refuse prisons From other agencies temporarily was the only alternative to prisoners "sleeping on the floor," Love said. The closing of the Pulask County Penal Farm on Jan. 4 by Judge J. Smith Henley of U.S. District Court has aggravated the crowding situation in [hat misdemeanor prisoners who could not pay their fines are now kept in the county jai when they used to be sent to the county farm, Love said Police Chief Gale Weeks oi the Little Rock Police Depart inent expressed concern tha the city jail^rmght'5 becoms overcrowded; if the county - di not accept prisoners bound over by a municipal court to circui court. Legally, these prisoner* become:county prisoners. ;テつキ Wceks : -said the city was ':jus not in a position to house county's prisoners." . . - / : Open Daily 9-9 Closed Sunday WED.JHURS,' FRI..SAT. 395K SHOTGUN* MODEL 94 RIFLE* 870 SHU - c. 4997,0,, 75.97 FEDERAL .22 CART. 4 Days 4 Oays $109 12-ga.3" magnum or reg- Winchester 8 lever action Feeds shells and sheds ufar size shells. C-lect 30/30 carbine, hooded empties last. 5 shotcapacl- choko. Grooved rear sight, from sight. Hall-cock safe- ty. 12-or20-gauge. Positive safely on top. ty. Slraight-line styling. Carton of 500 .22 tong Rifle Ammo SAVE ON RIFLE AMMO* 27 4 Days On// 4 Box In 150 Gr.-and 180 Gr. " 30-30 Cal 3.31 Hwy. 71 B North at Roiling Hills Drive in Fayetteville, Arkansas Turn West on HiVay 170 at West Fork, Arkansas Drive Out -- And Save! - Open 8 a.m- to 9 p.m. Daily Sunday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. OPEN DAILY 9-9; CLOSED SUNDAY WED.,THURS.,FRI.,SAT. PRE-STYLED MODACRYLIC WIGS Our Reg. TO . . ,, - . . Want to change your hair style fronrsfiort to fong? Our beautiful SSS! J hテつ」 n テつォ? f , EIU , ra ! aJnd other modacrylic fiber wigs can make it- possible. Natural shades of washable w?ves never need setting. InFaihTonAcctMoryDtpflrtmtnt CrwgテつォHOfUMiOurCMWテつォnlテつォirtUyテつォwY. Hwy. 7T B North at Rolling Hills Drive in Foycttcvlllc, Arkansas WEST FORK WAREHOUSE MARKET We Give SH Green Stamps-Double Stamps On Wednesday Fresh Lean GROUND BEEF Lb. Rus^ef Potatoes TO-lb. Bag 79 Red Delicious APPLES 6-Ib. Bag 99 C Golden Ripe Bananas 2129 Red ruit 8: $ 1 Yellow ONIONS 12 Baby Beef ROUND STEAK--. Lb. 85 Baby Beef Blade Cut ROAST... Lb. 59 Slab BACON.. Lb. 75 Swift's Premium FRANKS, 69 GROUND CHUCK.. 89' Prices In This Ad Effective thru October 29th

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