Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 20, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR) ARKANSAS TIMij, FoycNtvilU, Arkanecv Wedneiu'ay, Augusl 20, 1752 I« IT TH»T tXI WVI AT UA6T FINP OUT MOW PAepONNY-Me, BUT/'KNOVYS A MfffOf FlfBNCM WOePi... Arm-MA iA Dewse, pes MO//V£S , P/E A it MOPE AN'\ Olympics-postered Romance Spans Red "Iron Curtain" --- rTCP THIS IN THE , 3aP£?AGE CANON XXJP ---, WAV OUT DEAf? 8 ONCE A BASKETBALL PLAYEP, ALWAYS A ·/ BASKETBALL PLAYEI? ) n- Wn «fci. V- ' t y ITS Goot TO sfr \ 'i ^rrr BACK TO CAW , jf-l AFTF.P TrtO WEEkS _ \: -\ o~ LIVING IN ,--· 3 '~ '·'. ;.V THE WOODS'/ 1 vou 4ID l~~ S~\.'·','- S-_ r _. ri~?(* /KXmiFU ; , « f t ··· ^xi^l/vSvVT SIP . : / I -3 'J ' r9f-^f^^ij^.- TIC "V" ucy WG TO Wr - ' EM UP jbch ! QJESS'TUE FIPST TWIWG iw iCrrv-^V..^ DO is CPEN UP /SEOSEANT WE MESS HALL/^_ 155 vaj R»GOT TL) LEAVE A worr 10 STOP THE MILK WHILE \-'t' WETf3E Budapest, H u n g a r y - (/Pj-Hun- garlnn o f f i c i a l s disclosed today that an Olympics - fostered romance had bridged the Iron Curtain. The marriage of Belgian newspaperman Pierre Gerard and Hun- ffflrian swimmer Eva Novak, who brought three medals home from Helsinki, was revealed here. The groom was identified as the editor nf Les Sports, published in Brussels. The announcement of the nuptials did not tell where or when the couple met. but said- that Ger- I ard came hack to Budapest w i t h : thn Hungarian Olympic team. j Since he was a foreigner, the couple had to ask Hungary's government for permission to marry. That, said friends, was grunted promptly. Piere, 38, and Eva, 22, were wed A u g u s t 1] and returned Monday from a brief honeymoon on Lake Balaton. Swimming associates said the bride, who is studying medicine, intends to complete her studies. The bridegroom plans to return in his newspaper work in Belgium but expects to \ i s i t his w i f e every month. Eva wants In krep her Hungarian citizenship and hopes to represent her country in the 1956 Olympics. She already is the world's record holder in the 200- meter breast stroke race for women, though she came second in the event at Helsinki. keep a package handy _lnjpur»e or pocket Great Lake cities like Chicago and D u l u t h get their water supply by extending pipes 2 to 8 miles offshore to bring in lake water from beyond the range of city- caused pollution. Want to Chew Wrigle/i Spearmint Gum! Gives you a n'Ct little lift. Helps time pass pleasantly. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WHAT WAS THAT AWFUL CRASH? T GUESS PA 11- RIHT ABOUT WOMEM OH i JDST MUPGEP TH' BACK A -- \ LITTLE.MA-- ,-, !B A LITTLE I ".Si'S.'!". ^ BORM THIRTV YEARS TOO SOON ~ Tf"l -' n '-- Miss Truman's Bodyguards Influencing Swedish Journals, Making No Friends .Stockholm. Sweden - ypj - Mar- | In Washington, the State Dc' yarrt Truman's three Ammcan · partment said the U. S, Embassy I bodyguards were makins no! i" Stockholm had denied there | f r i e n d s and i n f l u e n c i n g %=mc h , atj chcen an - v such ' nc ' dr ', nt;; ns I newspapers in Sweden today. The ' U * Sv L cdls . h . f"'" r " pr ' r '"'.' , ! papers don't like them. , 1 he Swedish f o r e i i r n Office al. . . , ! sn indicated t h a t one of the allcs- I Several papers charged t h e ' p d i n s i a n c c s ,,, mistreatment -: three U. S. Secret Service m e n . nC v/ S paper charjjes that the body. accompany.nK the president's | KUarc | s h a d k c pt reporters and d a u g h t e r nn he, European tour j photographers out of' Stockholm were armed and were pushing, Cilv Ha || whi|c Miss T , u m a n vjs . Swedish citizens around in bully- [ i t c j l h c r o _ w a s cxaB1{criil ed. inj; fashion. Th( , ForeiBn O f fk .,, said M i k s One paper wondered why Miss! Trutnan's guard, who reportedly Truman needed an American i stopped a reporter and a photOK- Runrd anyway. A f t e r all, .com- I rapher. had not acted offensively, mcntcd Aftonbladet, "We under- · He politely told the men, "No pir- stand t h a t she is not going to sing i tures. please." here." I Miss Truman has been fn Swe- Policc Chief Erik Ros said he I den since Sunday on a European had ordered an investigation of tour. Washington sources irienti- the newspaper complaints but fied her bodyguards as Secret Sor- added he would have no comment ! vice agents assigned by the Treason the case u n t i l a f u l l report v/ar ury Department to protect the :nade. I president and his family. Greeting Cards With Humor Source Of Income To Couple On The Radio By DOROTHY ROE * (Associated Press Women's Editor) T h r i f t notp tn young lovers: A 15-ccnt greeting card with just the right touch of sophisticated humor ran be more effective than a $5 hox of canny. Working on Ihis principle, Rosalind Wnlcher, who looks like a hockey-pbying teenager, b u t ! 8:30 Hol!yw~ood Music Box. wields a brush with the smooth rR ,- R n . n , w , sophistication of a Dali, has b u i l t ' ^ ' b KODeu y s " a x w o r K b , up a business which sells seven 7:3 ° Dn Christian; 8 Yours Truly. million cards a year, plus an im- Johnny Dollar, prcssive amount of note paper and j ABC * 6:30 The Lone Ranger; New York - (/P) - Listening tonight: NBC - 7:30 The Great Gildersleeve; 8 Groucho Marx Show; 7 Postmark, USA; 7:30 Valentino. MBS - 6 Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 7 napkins. Her cards, with their whimncal stylized a n i m a l Fkelches and their M usic"for a H a U H o u ^ ? ^ strictly Now Worker-type humor, j j-j a y cj nov . have hit an unsuspected jackpot i , of customers who never used to ' Comcts o f t e n movft at varia bl e send greeting cards, but now have j specd s, faster when they ar* near become rabid Welcher fans. | the sun, slower when they arc A California Scrooge w r i t e s ! farther away. , that his discovery of the Welcher . I Christmas cards has restored his I joy in Christmas, and a college ; girl in Ohio writes t h a t a series of . · Welcher "love" cards won h e r ' j heart and hand for the man o f ' ! her dreams whom she loves dear- j I ly because of his wonderful sense · j of humor. , j Rosalind and her husband, Fred Slavic, a former machinery de- · signer, have formed their own i company, called Panda Prints,! Inc., to distribute the cards. They ; got the idea of m a k i n g greeting cards shortly after their marriage, ! KGRH Hi E REP PLANES LANI ., LINE UP 5WAKTLY. / WE WERE ON OUR WAY / E'.SEWHERE, BUT 1? ^CuR AFRICAN FKIEW5 HAVE \ FAILED YOU, WE ARE \ HAPPY TO HELP ·O*OU OUT. I--/ '^ f VOirRE GOING TO fKV TO } SURE! WHY SHOULDN'T A i BRiNS THBM, RIDING A j MAfilC CARPITT FLY .ILKir MXM31C CARPET, KISHT / A.5 WELL H6RE.TOCW. A3 IT - HERE INTO THE *A. CTO BACK IN ARABIA 3OOO YEARS AGO: ] MY1AK!}.] NtlTHEK DO 1, ci.BHRi. /rojr r HSUK I OON'T t TO FINP OUT / AA! yKNOw;/! KKSin QUICKl/'l ( 0 ! ^ ^*~~~i r ~- ,--, r^i" I M ) i T rt - f *v: MM ARC BEALIV BACCED./ ft VlUAfitdAtL Of the Bapinji Afnci ISA FLOUR SACK SUSPENDED FROM A TALL POLE.' HAS WORM A RED CARNATION IN HIS LAPEL CVEW MY FORtOYEAtSf j t h i n k i n g it wns something they could do whenever they happened , to be, and that this would give them an opportunity to travel. ! But. rays Rosalind: | "We got so busy r i ^ h t a w a y that ive still haven't had a chance to travel." : ! Tt Is believed t h a t the real sur- I nf Jupiticr cannot be seen; from the earth, but that men look ' ! at clouds or vapors above the sur- I face. ; I ~ It Fits So Perfectly WEDNISDAT E VIN1N 1 6:00 Dinner Music 6:13 Starlight lim« 6:30 News 6:45 Ozark Sports Review 7:00 Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heater 7:30 Rythmic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 Bill Henry 8:05 Salute to the Nation 8:30 Family Theatre *#· p CARL F. HALE flco Ct'.r BECAME AN AUNT ON APRIL 5,1918 A MOTHER OH APRIL5.1970 AND A GRANDMOTHER ON APRIL 5,1943.' IAFF-A-DAY ' YOU DON'T SEEM TO UNDERTAMD/; - IT BECAME OUA EiAQV, EN SOU SlGWED iOfPOM M.PER LOOK/.'- NOW. ME AM' LI'L ABNER KN SUPPORT OUK ft*BV,r [M.11-ITWKRE IK THINNEST '??-ir "WAS ·^. · .^|A C^ (ork '.ui. I . I V . i 8:00 BASEBALL Boston Braves Vs. St Louis Cardinals 10:30 Platter Party 11:00 Platter Party 11:30 Sign Off THURSDAY MORNING 5:30 Risp N'Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N' Shine 8:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 Risu N' Shine 7:00 Koffce Kup Kaperi 7:30 Morning News 7:45 Koffee Kup Kapers 8:00 Robert Hurleigh--M 3:15 Morning Devotion 8:30 TIMES Morning Edition «:45 Holsiim Gospel Hymns ! 9:00 Morning Melodies i 9:15 Paula Stone Show I 9:30 Take s Number I 10:00 Food for Thought | 10:15 Random Rhythmi 10:30 Queen for a Day 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands 11:15 Bauckage Commentary 11:25 News 11:30 Chvrch of Christ 11:45 Musical R o u n d u p '· 11:55 Markets THURSDAY AI^TBRNOON 12:00 .lordanaires 12:15 News at Noon 12:30 Chuck Wagon Jamboree 12:45 Uiders of the Purple Sace , I - I 1:00 BASEBALL Cleveland Indians V:=. Boston Red Sox 8781 !5y Sue Burnett sh^cj'^uri'^a^^^e'^i ^^^rTvaTi^ lime drets especially desifined in h a l f sizes, with just two m a i n 1 patlrrn pieces. You can sew it I easily and quickly. i Pattern No. 8781 is a sow-rite! perforated p a t t e r n in sizes M 1-2,' I f i 1-2, 13 1-2. 20 1-2, 22 1-2.1 2l 1-2. Size 10 1-2, 4 yards of 39-inch. For this pattern, send 30c for 3:00 Swing Session 3:45 Tune Pick'n Time 4:00 Tune Pick'n Time 4:30 Tune Pick'n Time 5:00 The Merry Mailman 5:30 SonR;. of the B-Bar-B 5:50 News EACH, in COINS, your name, a d - 1 I (ires;, sizes di-iircd. and the PAT- I . TERN NUMBKlt to Sue Burnett, ' ' N o r t h w e s t Arkansas Times, 1150 Ave. Americas, New York 36, N. Y. Ready for you now -- Basie FASHION for '52, Fall and Winter. This new ISMIC is filled with irieas for smart, practical sewing ideas for a new season; R i f t pattern printed inside the book, 2oc. ,.0-ao "Hly«, Gorgeous! 1 ' V; GALLON Vanilia Ice Cream 63c firm, leckir Pt«rrt EVERYTHING M nUMIINO and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMINT AVI. MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL

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