Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 23, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1974
Page 2
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2 · NorthWMt Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Oct. 73, 1974 FAYrrTCVILLE, ARKANSAS An area of ground about 225 feet in diameler collapsed Monday morning In an undeveloped area of southeast Earth Collapses Hutchlnson, Kansas, leaving said the crater was about 225 track from the Missouri Pa- by 200 feet in size and pos- citic Railroad hanging in mid- slbly several hundred feet air. A railroad spokesman deep. Exact depth could not be determined because of water at the bott6m of (he hole. (AP Wlrephoto) Committee Is Named To Study School Concerns : Dr. James Patrick has been named chairman of a steering committee to conduct a school study In specific areas of concern in Fayetteville. Dr. Patrick, a member of the Fayetleville School Board, will head a" committee composed of rl-George Tharel, Mrs. Sherry Price, Mrs. Beverly Melton, Jim McGuire and Harry Vandergriff. superintendent. Consultants for the study will include Jack Williamson, Glen Cochran, Dan Pilkinton, Milburn Adarns, Chuck Easley and Phil Taylor. Sub-committees appointed are John Lewis, also a school director, Pat iWaldren, Tom Mathias, and Mrs. Neva.Hanna, finance; Jim Bob Wheeler, school director, Mrs. Kathleen Meistrell, Glen Rig'gins and Mrs. Nancy Powell, transportation; Henry Shreve, president of the school board, James Murphy, Frank Sharp and Pat Watkins, west campus'of Fay etteville High School; Mrs Feriba McNair, school;director Mrs. Shirley May, Frank Ker. and Mrs. Bertha Daniels handicapped; Charles Oxford director, Roy Stanley, Mrs. Vir ginia Wilson, Jim Lindsey am Mrs. Ruthie Whitfield, organ! zation. The study is to be complete: and the steering committee wil make recommendations to th School Board in December. Clinton Claims NEA Endorsement Bill Clinton of Fayettevill said Tuesday that the Nationa Education Association's polit cal action committee has en dorsed his campaign for Con gress in the 3rd District. Clinton, a Democrat, oppose the re-election bid of Rep. Job Paul Hammerschmldt, R-Ark in the Nov. 5 general election. Clinton said he received a le ler from John Harris, the pres dent of the association, whic said the endorsement wa based on the recommendation of local education associatio leaders in the district. According to Clinton, Harr told him that teachers In II district would be urged to gi their total support to his ca: paign. Clinton said the political a tion committee interview: both candidates before makin its endorsement. Purse Stolen Miss Patricia A. Moore 2313 Wedington Drive told Fa etteville police Monday that h purse, containing about $80 cash, was either lost or slol from an apartment at 15 ' 6th St. early Monday morning M! M. East Are. FaretfeTilfe, Art. TTI01 Published dally and Sunday «xc#p January 1, July 4, second Clan Paid at Kayettevllle. Ark. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press In entitled ex clnslvely to the use for republlca tlon o( all local news printed In th! newspaper af well es all AP new dispatches. SCBSCTUPT10N' BATES EKertlvl October 1. 1S73 . · Ron* Delirerr Per month by carrier - . -- J3.2S Sntfe copy, dally lOc. Son day 25a In Washington, Benton, MadllOd Cooa* lies, Art.. Adalr CD., C*b.: t month* .. 8 months -----1 YEAR dry Box Section . f 8.H so.oo MOO Imontti . · monthj 1TXAR . I9.M . 140 34.D 4U HAH PATABLI IN ADVANCE Tuesday Meet Probes Scope OfllA Weed Science Research "Will the University of Ar-| insas' research chair of weed ience (established last spring) xplore natural as well as lemical ways of controlling ants?" was the question Tues- ay at a meeting between UA resident Dr. Charles Bishop nd 13 concerned citizens, The citizens, headed by riends of the Women's Center hich prepared briefs on t h e ubject, feared that the chair's iccupant, Dr. Robert Frans of e UA agronomy department, oil study only chemical ways " plant control. At the hour-long session in h e president's conference oom, the group said they were orried the Elms Companies of Itheimer that funded the chair ould also control it. Dr. Bishop responded empha- cally that "the University does t sell its soul to anyone ressing the independence of ic University, Dr. Bishop told he group he felt chemical leans of plant control should : studied as well as natural leans since it is the Univer- ty's job to discover knowledge nd pass it on to the people. Youth Arrested Following Police Chase A 19-year-old . Fayetteville outh was arrested late Tues lay night following a police :hase on the University of Ar :ansas campus, which ended vhen his car struck three parked vehicles in front of Delta Gamma Sorority House at 1002 W. Maple Street. The youth was identified by 'ayetteville police as James M King of 459 Razorback Road In was later released on pay ment of $375.25 bond on chapge of evading arrest and reckles driving, Police said King was bem pursued by a UA Departmen of Public Safety (DPS) officia when the 10:14 p.m. acciden occurred. The unidentified DPS otficia told police that King turne east on Maple Street from Gar [and Avenue at a high rate o speed, running the red light, f! then lost control of his car striking a vehicle owned b William T. Morris of 1737 Rea Drive. Police said King the continued on, hitting a ca owned by Johnnie A. Carlis of Route 8, which was ramme into the rear of a car owne by Jimmy Ray Baxter of 175 Shamblin Avenue. King, who was slightly jured in the accident, wa treated and released at Wasl ington Regional Medical Cente Benefit Gospel Sing Set Friday A benefit gospel singing be held at 7 p.m. Friday a t h e Wyman Communit Building. Proceeds from the music; will go lo help defray medic; expenses for heart surgery fo Joey Don Gibson. The five-yea old will undergo heart surger in Houston as soon as arrang ments can be made. The event is sponsored t Wyman 4-H Club and singei expected will include Frank Kelly, Ridgeview Quarlet, Rile Family, and the Gospel St wards. nd publicize ' herbicides irect effects. He also poinled out that the eed science chair is a esearch chair only and that o classes will be taught under He told the group he thought ey were misinformed about le scope of the chair's study, e planned to check into this Iso, noting that if the group ad told him of the purpose f the meeting ahead of time, e could have had more information as well as UA profes- MISSED YOUR PAPER WE'RE SORRY! If you cannot reach your TIMES; carrier PHONE 442-S242 Daily 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday 8 to 9:30 a.m. tie said -it is not the responsi- lity of the University to cide how the knowledge ould be used. He said that niversity uses imagination in ciding how to research a cer- in topic such as weed science quested by a foundation such s Altheimer. Several members of the group aid they did not believe agri- ulture students were hearing e pro side of natural chemical ontrol nor the con side of lemical weed control. Dr. Bishop, noting that the Dgative results of herbicides lould be publicized, said he ould check into this matter, e noted that the University as a responsibility to research the side effects as well as the Kendrick Pleads Guilty To Charge Carl M. Kendrick, Jr., 18, of 348 N. Washington Ave., No Substitute For Oil Seen WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tt:C Federal Energy Administration has tentatively concluded that the United Slates cannot be independent ot imported oil because no substitutes for oil are in sight, the Washington Post said in its Wednesday editions. The agency, in a draft of its Blueprint for Project Independence, contends that coal is no substitute for oil because it is :oo difficult to burn and mine and that atomic power is only a substitute for coal, not oil, the Post said. Synthetic fuels, solar energy and geothermal power provide no early relief from imported oil because they are at least 10 years away from making even the smallest impact on energy use, the Post quoted the draft as saying. Project Independence was announced by former President Richard M. Nixon as the overall plan designed to free the United Slates of its dependence on imported oil by 1985. Other government officials said later, however, that the actual goal was to reduce the amount of oil imports rather than end them entirely. The Post said the Project Independence blueprint, scheduled to be made public in its final form Nov. 7. concludes that even the oil produced by all-out drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Gulf of Alaska would free the nation from imports years' time. Deep-drilled Sawhill Still Presses For Conservation WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal Energy Administrator John Sawhill says he will continue to press a campaign for energy conservation despite "a Ittle concern" in the Ford administration that he is too outspoken on the issue. Sawhill said Tuesday he has iv£n up hopes for a gasoline lax "because the President has said there would not be a gasoline tax as long as he is in the White House." But he said he still favors a horsepower tax or similar measures to stimulate improvements in automobile fuel economy. In a vention of speech at a con- the American Gas for only a few domestic oil ors in attendance to answer uestions. Responding to a statement rom Kathy Okonski that by .udying herbicides the Univer- ity is promoting them, Dr. Bisop said he disagreed. Admitting that the term weed" is a difficult one to efine since plants are weeds epending upon their location. Dr. Bishop told the group that erhaps the chair's purpose night be stated in other words. He said he felt the chair would pleaded guilty Tuesday in Washington Circuit Court to charges of burglary and 'grand larceny. Judge Maupin Cummings sentenced Kendrick to spend one day in the state prison with his parents and thereafter to present a written report of his .mpressions of the prison to the court. C u m m i n g s also ordered Kendrick to go back to school or obtain steady employment. He kept the matter under advisement for two years. Kendrick was arrested Oct. 3, along with Otto H. Zinke HI, 18, of 817 N. Jackson Ave., after Fayetteville police received an early morning call concerning a break-in at the Economy Liquor Store at 1444 W. 6th St. Police found that a large plate glass window in the store had been smashed. The resident who had phoned police said that he had been awakened by the smashing glass and that he had seen someone leavirrg the store in a yellow car. The store owner told police that four half-gallon bottles of bourbon were missing from the store. would be even more expensive than foreign oil, the Post quoted the draft as saying. A car answering the Ford Associatio.i, he inserted a reaffirmation of his dedicatio nlo energy conservation. In his speech. Sawhill-repeated his support for moves to end federal regulation over the production prices of interstate natural gas. He also repeated his Apposition to proposals for establishment of a federal pro- grain to allocate natural gas. Speaking with newsmen later, he said the administration seemed to have "a little concern that I was a little too outspoken a'bout the need for energy conservation." But he denied that he is being pressured to quit his job. "I have felt no pressure to quit," Sawhill said when asked about a report in Newsweek magazine saying that President Ford, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Treasury Secretary William Simon and Interior Secretary Rogers C. B. Morton want Sawhill removed because of his advocacy of a gasoline tax and other tough energyrsav- ing measures. Funerals MiiiBiiiiiiiiitiBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Fr«d J. Edmonrtson; 2 p.m. Friday, Springdale First Baptist C h u r c h ; burial i n Bluff Cemetery. Boy Injured In Fire Chute Fall A 10-year-old Fayetteville boy was taken to Washington R e g i o n a l Medical Center Tuesday morning after falling down the chute which houses the emergency (ire pole at the Central Fire Station. Dennis Garrison of 55 E. 15th St. was released from the hospital ollowing treatment for minor njurles. . Fire Chief Charles McWhorler said the youth was among the 175 to 200 area youths attending a Junior Fire Marshall's School at the fire station. The program was sponsored by the various school districts in Northwest Arkansas. McWhorter said that the accident, which took place at about 10:30 a.m., apparently occurred after one of the other youths unlocked the door leading to the pole on the second floor. The Garrison boy said he opened the door thinking it was the door to a rest ro6m and fell through the hole to the first floor. He said he 'grabbed the pole to break his fall, but his hands began burning and he released his grip. Checks Stolen Saturday Are Turning Up SPRINGDALE--Three of seven checks stolen from (he Tyson's business office Saturday already have turned up at local banks, according to Springdalc police. The theft occurred Saturday when the checks left in a mailbox for Tyson employes were stolen. Seven checks made payable to various employes were taken, for a total value of $748.50. The been three checks that forged to dale have were cashed in Springdale. In another forgery incident, 29 personalized checks on the account of Marjorie Cox were stolen around the first of October. Miss Cox told police she did not know they were missing until the bank notified her this week that Ihey had been forged. The checks, written for a total value of about $500, hav« turned up in Springiliila, Fayelteville and Rogers. Police entered the investigation when the Gage Liquor Store on West Sunset Avenue reported cashing three of the forged checks. (CONTTNtTED FHOM PAGE 1) story instead." The President, who will be campaigning again Thursday in Iowa and Illinois, tried to raise red warning flags against the election of "additional extremists in the Democratic party" to the Senate and House in the Nov. 5 balloting. He argued that if the opposition party gains decisive control of oCn- gress it will embark on "wild spending programs." Ford appeared before some 300 Ohio Republicans who paid $500 each for the dinner. Dean (CONTINUED FHOM PAGE 1) ler told U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica in a motion: "It may be anticipated Orion Wins Chess Tourney Windows Broken S P R I N G D A L E -- Seven windows were broken with rocks and the door was torn from its hinges in a burglary of Sue Freeman's residence at F-17 Landmark Trailer Park Monday night. The screens vere also torn. Nothing, ap- jeared to be missing, according o Miss Freeman. tudy the plants. interrelationship of Asked if the University could ave an ecology chair, Dr. iishop said yes, if someone will und it. He said the legislature s already heing asked for money to fund several new chairs for next year. His personal feeling on the subject of herbicides is that the use of chemicals to protect crops cannot he altogether lanned because that would sharply cut down on the world 'ood supply. Miss Okonski expressed her hope that a third alternative existed -- that of Finding natural ways to control unwanted plants and pests that reduced agricultural yields. Tontilown Gets Government Loan WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Congressman John Paul Hamme- schmidt announced today a loan of $100,000 to Tontitown. The funds will be used to help finance the extension of the town's present water system under the Rural Development program. The loan is in addition to previously-authorized funds of $132.000 to Tontitown to build a central distribution system. Tonfitown plans to add 50,000 feet of pipeline to serve 61 additional customers, making a total of 171 homes and other establishments benefitting from the community project. Others serviced by the system will include two dairies, a restaurant, and a mobile home project. The loan was approved louay in Washington by the Farmers Home Administration. description of the one leaving the scene was soon after stopped by Fayetteville police on North West Street. Police said that they found four half-gallons of bourbon in the car occupied by the two youths, along with a machete, believed to have been used to break the window of -the store. Tiie store owner later estimated the value of the bourbon at $54.20. He said that replacement of the widow would cost $185. Zinke, held in Washington County jail, is scheduled to be tried Oct. 30. Aujos Collide At Intersection Mrs. Daisy M. Shackleford, 2, of 1826 Mitchell Ave., suffered minor injuries about 1:45 p.m. Tuesday in a two-car accident at Hwy. 62 and Beachwood Avenue. She did not require emergency treatment. Police said Mrs. Shackleford was injured when her car pulled into the path of a car driven by Richard P. Christie, 19. of 538 S. Hill Ave., which was westbound on Hwy. 62. Christie told police that he saw the Shackleford car pull partially onto the highway from Beachwood Avenue and then continue, driving in front of him. Mrs. Shacklcford said she stopped at the intersection and, thinking it was clear, pulled out onto the highway. Theft Reported An air impact wrench, valued at $75 was taken Monday night or Tuesday morning from Harp's Conoco service station, 1301 N. Garland Ave., according to owner Darrcll Harp. Harp told city police Tuesday afternoon that the wrench had been taken from a tool box. that he will be questioned in detail ahout events and conversations .extending back at least vk -years." Miller said the tapes will be part of the court record by the time Nixon testifies and that the request "represents a rea- s o n a b l e , simple accommodation, making it possible for Mr. Nixon to begin at once the necessary and helpful refreshing of his memory." In Tuesday's testimony, Wilson drew an admission from Dean that while the original Watergate burglars were being tried in January 1973, he shredded two notebooks, which came from the White House safe of E. Howard Hunt Jr. Hunt, then among the original seven Watergate defendants, had compiled names and addresses of men who had helped in the 1971 break-in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist, according to Dean's testimony. The former White House counsel said he shredded the notebooks because he had known of the Ellsberg break-in since May or April of 1972. Autos Collide At Hwy. 71 Intersection Mrs. Carol Finn, 25, of Bentonville was slightly Injured early Tuesday afternoon in a two vehicle accident on Hwy. Man Arrested On Firearms Charge Jack Mourning, 51, of the Western Hills Mobile Home Park, 2575 W. 6th St., was arrested by Fayetteville police late Tuesday morning on charges of destruction of p r i v a t e property a n d discharging a firearm inside the city limits.' Police said they -received a telephone call at about 10:55 a.m. from Mrs. Susie Winston, who Is also a resident at the trailer park, saying she had found a bullet hole in her trailer. Upon investigation, police discovered nine bullet holes in Mourning's trailer, next door to the Winston trailer. Police said that Mourning had. apparently been testing a rifle that had previously jammed by-shooting into a trash container insider his trailer. One of the shots fired entered Mrs. Winston's mobile home. Bond for Mourning was set at $750. · Chess Expert Bill Orton posted a perfect 5-0 score lo : fall University of Arkansas Open Chess tournament this weekend. Orton played all the top ranked players without a'draw or loss and his score was a full point and a half ahead of a four-way tie for through fifth place. Fred leville Haring High of the School second Fa yet- West Campus won the top high school prize with a 3.5-1.5 prefer- Area News Briefs Medicare book- million aged and Moils Booklets WASHINGTON (AP) -- At a cost of up to $4,2 million, the Social Security Administration is mailing nev lets to 23.5 r disabled beneficiaries. The new edition of "Your Medicare Handbook" is the first major revision since 1968. It reflects recent changes in the law extending Medicare to the disabled and persons requiring kidney dialysis or transplants. Carburetor Stolen SPRINGDALE--A carburetor ,vas stolen from a boat parked in the display area at Precision M o t o r s Marine on East Robinson Avenue last week, police said today. The carburetor was valued at $130.! Agency Funded WASHINGTON--The Office of E c o n o m i c Opportunity a n - nounced today approval of refunding grants for three months to the Econmic Opportunity Agency of Washington County, Inc. The grants, totalling $35,526, will fund operations of the agency another three months. The announcement was made locally through the office of Rep. John P a u l Hammerschmidt. Appliances Stolen SPRINGDALE--A television and window fan were stolen from the number four unit at the Ideal Motel Monday afternoon or night. The items, valued at $112.50, were stolen from a room registered to Leslie Arbairgh. Break-In Averted An attempted break-in at the lome of Kerry L. Schultz, 16C E. 26th Circle, was averted Tuesday when potential burglars failed in an attempt to cut through a. si id ing glass door using glass cutlers. Schultz told police the thickness of the glass apparently prevented success in the break- in. . Market Falls NEW YORK (AP) -- The stock market fell broadly in moderate trading today, led by auto stocks and glamor issues. The Dow Jones average of 30 .ndustrials was off 14.63 at 648.23 at noon, and issues falling in price outnumbered gainers by 3-1 on the New York Stock Exchange. New · · · Give Your FALSE TEETH Mere Biting Fewer A denture. tdhesiTe can help. J?AST£ETH» Powder does ill of thb: 1) Eetpfl bold uppers and low* en longer, firmer, ateedfer. 2) Holds them more wmlortsblg. S) Help* son ettmore natnraBy. Why worry? tr«o PASTEETH Denture Adhesive* Powder. 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The special week is in honor of the Fayetteville High School Bulldogs who will meet the Springdale team at Homecoming this Friday at Harmon Playfield. T h e proclamation w a s requested by the Fayetteville High School Booster Club and the downtown Fayetteville merchants. 71, near its north 'intersection with the Hwy. 71 bypass. Emergency treatment for Mrs. Finn was not required. Mrs. Finn told Fayetteville police that she was a passenger car driven by Mrs. Sue W. Bailey, 56, of Siloam Springs, when the 12:54 p.m. accident occurred. Mrs. Bailey said she was southbound on Hwy. 71 when a pickup truck, driven by Earl F. Ledbetter, 51, of Bentonville, struck the rear of her car. Ledbetter told police that he did not know what happened. JCPenney Mower Stolen Theft of a lawn mower from a carport at 1234 Ellis St. was reported to police Tuesday by Mrs. Hallie Eskridge. She said the mower was taken prior to 3:45 p.m. Tuesday. 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