Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 11
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EDEN AND THE NEW MRS. EDEN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES I FOB SALE-- LIVESTOCK C L A S S I F I E D A D S Rnte: .1 ctnu per wqr? unfit !·· rertlon. Three conitcutive inter Uom. T cents per word. Minimum order 42c. CUitlJled ad. ca»h in advance-- not u k e n o v e l h t t e l e p h o n * . LEGAL NOTICES __ . __ HOTICK TO QUIKT TITLE NOTICE u hereby givsn mat there has been filed in my oliice ai clerk in the Chancery Court of \\astiinj:- ton County. Arkansas. * petition lor lrmmc ul me llllt: I l estate I REGISTERED ANGUS BULLS Burgois of River Ridge calved 7-24-'il Burgess of River Ridge 2nd colved ll-26-'il U) Itm "ioilowinff described real estate ! _, , i L n situated In Wuhinlion County. Ar- | These ore the o n l y b u l l s we i D A P P E R S 3 - Y E A R - O I D lir.!i:.(i ForplgT! Secretary A n t h o n y Eden and his j i'..'-yr.-,r-a»J rn.Jc, UM !w.:?r Clan.':a K p t - n c r r - C h n r r h t l l , pause for t h e r.inicn,33 Ihc-y Icni J::::lMi ha!!, l^ondori, follo-.vins a 10-ml.lute w e d - ' j.::ni: cenin-.i..-:;.-. II,c brio's iiii-rlc, I'r:me M i n i s t e r Winston Churchill,' (Itile-naLional Radwplinto karuas, io-w__ Itie East half of the Northeast quarter of the Southeast q u a r t e r ui *ec:ion seven (7) m Township t h i r t e e n (IS) North range 19 West, containing -0 acres more or lew. and a part of tht Southeast quar- ler of the Northeast quarter of ;M'?iior. seven (7) In township thirteen '.13) North, Hatigc Z9 Weal nnd being more p a r t i u u l a r l y d«_- criberi as follow.!: Beginning at ihe Soutn^jut corner of said lorty acre u a c t ana r u n n i n g l hence North 7U(J Jcet; thence Weal 313 itel; thence South 71*0 fett: thence East 315 tec*, to ihe plute ot be- Kimiinx, c o n t a i n i n g f i v e j.M acrus. more or less, and the q u i e t i n g nf the title lo the iam« m Roy C. j Anrirrscir.. pel)tinner t h e r e i n . j Ail persons c l a i m i n g said lands or · any in'^r^.m thert :i\. B.-C h e r e b y I 1 wartud to i.ppf^r 1:1 v h u court u-iih- ' in six w t e f i j M'.er iV.e date uf f i r s t ' , publication of ih.A nolice and B!IOW cause wliy said t j t i s lo said lands · should not be t.-or.flrmi'd in prlilioncr. Wl'.ness my found as Clerk of the Washington C h a n r r r y tTourt and thf seal tticrcof rm Lnb-. I G l h day ol Au; sail. :8M Ric-hard B. Crccr CMancrry Clerk By W i n l i e J d nroruon, D. C. 10-26 Sept. 2-9-li_-3:i-c WARNING ORDER In The Chanctry Court Of Waihingtan County, Arkansas · Luther B. Smith Plaintiff VI. i Bernice G. Smith Defendant · Thu D e f e n d a n t Bsrnice tj. Smith is w a r n e d to a p p e a r in this Court w i t h i n t h i r t y day* and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff in the above entilted WitiKw: my hand and seal of thii | Court this 4th day of A u g u s t . 195J. -SEAL. Rk-lisvd B Greer Chancery Clerk I have offered for sale this year. Dams may be seen here at the farm. Sire of both bulls is Burgess of R.K.-the $10,000 bull owned by Herbert Thomas of Fayetteville. This is exceptional breeding--reasonably priced. ·Dt LEWIS BROS. BABEMCNT G. E. wuhcr _ fit Miytai WMhtr ia Uied $43.00 mixer ._ 117 Used .Magic Chef nnfd l« Uied blcyclt $2» U«d Bendlx wuhcr |7I Used G. E. refrigerator |t9 Uifd Kelvln»tur refrigerator _ . . _ . . . 17 SMALL uprljM aleam boiler, · 11 o computing -counter icalM. Phoni 2307-W. FOWEH. mo wen, new, big · aavini Dixie Radio. AUTO radios. New and reconditlonei Dixie Radio. HENS and ducHa. Phone 184J. MOJ: COMPLETE lawmlll. truck, ch*ln »w mule team, 10 acrea, about 2,500 ft of lumber, household good*. On highway 16, Hi mllea west of Laki \Vedington, Clint Gabbard. ELECTRIC Singer machine, buffet antique lamp. Phone 746. 1IAGJC CHEF (i rinlF, Qlbion I Irlgenitor. Dixie Radio. R. EWING JACKSON RIVER RIDGE FARM 12 miles on Highway 16, W. payetteville, Ark. REGISTERED I wo year old while face hull. S. R a t c l i f l out West Farm- inglon. ·stern breeding twos ir*. Plenty Corrledalc GOOD Wi threes a y r a r l l n c rams Priced righi. M. G. Polk. Ca.ssvil!p. Mo. FOR SALE--AUTOMOTIVE 1911 PLYMOUTH 2 door , pai $225 no. Phone 23C2-M. cfeluxp. radio PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 North Block A NUMBER 1 milk f'oit for sale. Mr U. A. W. Brill, Weal Fork. Home 1 ONE Ml 6 ft. Warren meat box Phone 2754. SMALL grocery itore for **lc. Injtldi cityj|mlta. Box L-53. %Tlmti. PEACH "special--At cut price. S2.25 per bushel. Plenty of big full ripe top grade El her la*. Fine flavored not hitter. Our best *ize and besl buy. Bring basket*. Roglln Orchard 6 miles cast on highway 45, 3 ,i mile north turn at algn. GOOD quality hay.' Jl.OO per bale. W. H. Peterson, phone 2064. F»rm- Ington. THREE pool tables, completely equip- pgd. 35 North Block Street. GOOD General Electric wuh'lng machine with pump, $30. "U N o r t h _School ELLINGTON uprlghl pluno In ex- cPlicnt condition, beautiful tone. JB5.00. BlriR. 3 a f t e r 4. Terry VUlige. plume 2741-L-l. PRACTICALLY new P.n Amerlcin clarinet. ciriB hiryclo. Phone 220W, RABBITS-- Bucks, does, with hulchfj. Phone 2277-w or *ec at 1322 North f i a r l a n d Slrcel. 20 BANTAM size almond vending machines, never been used, ' 3 off. Call Wraley Morria. 1154. ; FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS KOLAGRAPH aound projector. Heavy duty type, for large auditorium*. Dwijiht MorrU Productions. 1154 or I'URMS HEAT DiRECTLY INTO POWER Now located at A 4 3 Norih L c v c r e t t e August special on cold wave. Phone 2331 MONTGOMERY WARD TIRE BARGAINS \L. USED Revere tape recorder. Dwight ' Morris Pro_duclipna. U54 or 1407. · NICE 2 hnno wajon with new box. or a one horse wajjon. One pood work or riding horac. Near Wheel- ?r, Arh. H ush_H£llii nd^ SERVEL rcfrlKcrator. Maytag wwiher, 5lnvcs. tab'r. chuirs. Terms. B e r t Crnwn. 1321-M. BELLE of (jcnrgta. S2.00 hiuhol. T Bring r n n t n i n f r i . John Cnrlry. 1 mile west - - - - ^_ _ _ ONE 000 gallon propane tank and space heaters, 14 ft. meat case. 1 Cni:a-Cola cooler (electric). 1 pair jsralra, 1 a d d i n g machine. 1 iff. box (holds T.i lha. ire). Inqutre Spring V a l l e y Store. _ (used) Good used tires or cars and Irucks, Come in t o d a y . . . choose from n wide aisoifmcnl , t ^ i ^ of popular size, tread designs |D[AL MATTRESS CO, ... all in good condition . . . "NOBILITY Silver?" Call ELIZABETH JANES 23? EVENINGS on» f n r j o u r f u r n j t u r ai:r'.iop5. Alv.ays n ROL'I ronii n;rri:h:mclisr. i.rj: i' You can hend you n nn.vtime for our S a i u r For truck or i n f o r m ; i t u ] Hilton Bros. Auction House t the amazingly low prices PASSENGER TIRES Size ! S i z e Size .Size I^MVKSS OPPORTUNITY "OPPORTUNITY . S l z e MAN OR LADY 5 ' 7 FOR LOCAL BUSINESS WITH n-t!:on.,;iv 600 x 16 52.00 up 670 x 1 5 . . 7 1 0 x 15. , 7 6 0 x 1 5 . . TRUCK TIRES 7 5 0 x 20 l O O O x 2 0 Quality new mattress and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 ^^LJy^L^S^^L^ l FOK SALE OR .53.00 Up j jg.^ stitbEDAKF.R" if Ann. Trtidf for S3 00 up ; In " h fow - J - B s h f l r c r South Wood j .53.00 u p ' a*« ilara, Uw m««ri . . . " NO EEVT--MlftCELLANEOCS 3 ROOM apartment, furntahtd, walking dlatance. Caa ranic and Scrvcl reirigerator. Private bath, iliu paid, private entrance. Employed couple So. W. Spring. . SLEEPING room, very dwinbk, /iril floor. Private entrtnc* and bath Walking dlslance. 203 W. Spring. OFFICE apace for rent oh Avenue, near aqutre. Call Jlflt or 999. 'UHNlSHED «partm«nt, 201 N o r t h Church Phone 31MW aft*r · ROOM modern houa*. iTiTfu vine Street. See owner. 111 Jaekaon Drive. CLOSE hi furnUned apartment. Hardwood floor* *lth refrigerator. Very nice. Adult*, only. Phone ItST. UNFURNISHED apartment, one-half block of UnlTcralty cimpua, Phone T'S cooler . apartmenta art nice, scenery la wonderful You'll like Rock wood A p a r t m e n U - P h o / i e Z M J . SERVICES OFTEtttP IRONING wanted. Phone 3WI-J-1. Re pa trine--RemodeUnc Stdlni Applicant Cftll i:4ft-M ""OR betttr lawn mowing 1 "^ itfter 4 FREE INSPECTION · Any make radio repairs RADIO SERVICE CENTER Aulhoriitd Philco and C. E. Strvic* Rear of LewU Bros. Inc., on Center St. : MODKRN homes. Sale broiler rancnc* and r trade. Carson, Route I .WILL" . $ 1 5 . 0 0 : F( ?. SALE OH LEASE . _ , SMALL htisincs.i house oh North Col, . $ 2 0 . 0 0 ! Jrce. I'honr H18-W. ii- ^.^ M a n y o t h e r b i z e s a v a i l a b l e 1 --'. WANTED TO BUV riiu I PICKUP truck. Pay caah. Phone 1242 ' w h i l e t h e y l a s t al our l : r e serv- ! "" 8GO-J-J. now L A I b ' j I i r : 1 ' c N l i C N ' · ' !'·!· l i r ·-'· '·':·· .--I. \ v h o jnvi'-n'.iid liic v a c u u m tube ^i) v;:,-.j ,·; r; . . . i ;,:(·-.-. .. .i'-!'.'.'.;. -.'- i P i r . i i;:nf io t u r n heat riircclly t n i o ···"!r:o: r, H- rv.- \-' '·,'.:·;:· :t i n I : : . K c h - r t M l l l i l u n ( r i f i h ! ) of Cali- l-;rr,i;i \ t:i-_\i\ .:[·.· · ( l\-. : · : · ; · ; : ; . . i n 1.'-s A n r . c l c s Trie- icie.i sonifwhat; rc.- f -i:~iti(:.- L h e '· a-. ·.:.:;! '".'.,?. l.T I v, 7! 1 , p u m p s air out of t h e 711 c* i l l ' ji 3. (!·. f l ' , : ii- ir :i !i .-."-. :i u:!: is he a Iff J to mcanrk'sccncc to t l i r o w ·· i\l eic-i'lri.;..-. i':it ;'.-i--i.'i;;bly r c f j u i r r s no out.side v o l t a g e lo ecrclcrs Lo t h f ! clcclroi:?. (International Sounil'.'iQto) ilifipcri^ni; w o r l d - f a m o u s H c - r s h f y n t tr.-.. ;i n ii n'.hrr me rr h a n d isc mnciiinr.-;. Tin.', is n ;;romirt-flonr o p p o r t u n i t y , a n d t h L ^ husmp.'..-; ;s to he rstabll.shrci for a IT liable p a r t y rjrsirou. 1 ; ': e a r n i n c from ffi.noo to S1L'.(J03 .vtnriy i n n n l h l . v Full l i t n f u r i l i m . t u d R a r n - mffs s l f i r ! f i r s t \\-pfk of opcr;«;ir.n S2.4V.'i a n d up. r.i5h r c q u i r r d l o r r.qu:pmcnt and i n v e n t o r y . Plcasf do not answr r th:a ad'.Trtiscmrnt unless \ t t u have the required a m o u n t of cash a v a i l a b l e , and are a person v.-ho make .'iiid Rivp ,T cl«fiiii(t: ctoriAon n f t c r you know ihp f a c t s For personal inlervicw w i t h company representative w i t h i n ten days. write fully about 3'ourseJf, I n c l u d i n R phone number to FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE BOX 211. Dallnv Te: ice stotion locafed af South Eos! S.'recN 1 161-2 | . ht. n f i c p in 13.'i! mode! -.JIJ K. He- HKT of 1 uon, nrirc i^.i (iU C^ll !li:o- r c f r i R p r f i i n r . A p p r a i s e d a _Sej[ f o r Si;.ion. 2239-W. C H I C K R R I K G "pia'r.o^rpri^M uphof- s t r r r d be nth, b e ; m t i f n l . i J S 5 0 J Uis- r r i u n t for (;isl! ?239-W. WANT TO RENT BY Siiplemhcr U--Modern two or t n r r e room · furnt-shed a p a r t m e n t , private h a t h , by fitudnnt. wife, baby fiBlU wccka old. Write Mra. J. K. Calcote, Rome 3, Box 120-A, Hot Sprint.'". Arkansas. t u n d j - i ." OR 6 room house. Phont 1475-R. jT-T-TmT: | FOR RENT--OR LEASE iJ.-jQ.ij-). ( jm^f n r leuae 9 months. Seven room furnishrd hoase, newly decorattd. Can be used as two apartments. I'hono Hi)C-W. all ellent lir IfRIVE IN FOR THIS BARGAIN '$%£ ABSHER-BRYAN friendly For4 de*ler» KCS. __ i ? 1 _ :-?! l _ :jl98 ' J PISTATE "Trip!**" "effect c i r c u l a t o r ",11 _ South School. DciN'T pay tri!)utL~o~"inutt,j.7"s"t o p moth dama^i'. w i t h litilou. Five y e a r cuiiri-inlf*. OdorJr.^5 ind s t a i n less. Lt-,v:.s Ilro."i. (V).. Inc. BED box springs, mattrcM. chesT. vanity and bench, w a l n u t venter. good, coiidjtign. S35.00. Phone li^jC-W. ELBERTA peachex 4 mile.s""e"a*t^tif Springdale on 68. ' j mile On Hab- hsrton road south. Will deliver Phone ,"55^. Rov E. Lowr. IMMEDIATE placement ]n gcophysi- j PHILCO f r e f r i f i r r a t o r A-l condition. . RKKT i ' Jt; . 2 bedroom home, Mc- j WANTED A GOOD home for male and female wire haire-d terrier, prefer country. Phone C035-W. HELP WANTED cal work, both Ptrmanrnt positions oprn for Grad- ua:e Electrical Engineers. Geoloc- Uts and Petroleum Engineftrs, Aleo positions open to men who had specialized radio or electronics training while in Service. Salary competitive. Health and life insurance carried.- Furnlih college transcript with first letter to Seismo- Braph Service Corp.. Box )b90. Tulsa. Oklahoma. HELP WANTED--FEMALE EXPERIENCED wmltres*. night shift. Apply in perxon, Wilson's Cafe. Phone 299. STENOGRAPHER-Clerk. Forty hour week. Experience necessary. Telephone 2425 durint office hours. SALESMEN WANTED BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESS-Sell nationally known cushioned «ole CHARLES CHESTER SHOES direct fro/n our factory established 1876. Complete line for entire family, full timt or ilde line. Advance cftmmis- aion up to $3.00 p«r pair plui generous monthly ca*h bonux. Samplei and equipment furniahed to producer*. CHARLES CHESTER SHOE COMPANY, 33 Cheater Bldg. Brock* DOOR-CATft-- PITS AKC rtclaUred MT-J-2. Peklneae. Phone TWO half cocker pupplea need food _homM, Phon« MO-W-I. JCC rajrUUrtd Cockir . JM- _ JBra- J^fc_ _ttoyt puo- 16M. LOST AND FOUND LOST while vlaiWnr hcrt, yellow Penfan cat. Reward. 1823-w. iTRAYEO-Jeney bull calf about JO day* afo In Son'i Chapel. Oakland TT ftntlc. Cell pr, * IHAfOPOtTAVOH fLVMA lor U Annie* and fen rtanciaco Aucirat n. TaKe 1 ahare ex^ i, C«J u, Wlnatow. , Air UOILCH cifiCKi, \J, *. AHTOvti, PulMryn M«Md. _"?. .. ifivir- poa Mta--«OMB Ntaiw sold for over 5100 new, $189.95. Phil- ro r e f r i g b r a t o r A-l conditi r ' n . toJd (or over S350 ni-w. $15395, Leonard refrigerator, repossessed, will tell for balance d u e , Kelvinator refrigerator. $3995; K.i3olinc washer, S24 9^: cic-ctnc washer $-·* 95: apartment gas ranire S34.95: Holpolnt electric range S249a: other gas ranges f r o m J5.00 up: 1 used cabinet radio $19.05. Oklahoma Tire Supply Phone 161 BLOOMING poited munis, varigatcd F hllodrron. Phone 2933, Berry'e lowfra, 43 South Gre_gtf. '49 MOTORCYCLE 125, HTriey~David"- son, excellent condition. Phone 829-W-2. 16 FOOT A-l condition, ready io roll, equipped, full bed, Gipay house trailer. Only $500.00. W a l t e r S. Wcech. Summtra, Arh. Phone Lincoln 2fin-F-M. QUALITY 2" black pipe, also 1'V cal- vanlzed pipe: 4 only 8:00 Firestone white efdewall tires and tubes, uaed. never b e e n flat. W. C. Mayfleld, Hlndavillc. Ark. 500 GALLON butane lank. $75. Phone r pup d. Da , enrolled in American field. Dam aporUt, Peer- leu Pal blood lines. Sire Beau EJS- xiiO and Peerless Blood. Phone 2762-M. MONTGOMERY WARD GUARANTEED WARDCAPS Prict exchange with your recappable carcass: 640x15 Exchange 600 x 16 Exchange 670 x IS Exchange 710 x If Exchange. 700 x 16 Exchange 760 x 15 Excfianje on a d d i t i o n , modern. S. I'T)R RENT-- MTSCELLAXEOU8 SLKKPING room, reasonable. 217 South School. Phone _K430tL-2. _ NICE cool light housekeeping room __^and 1 sleeping rooin.^hun^ 2220-M. PARTLY furnished 5 room modern country home, zix mllea Jrom Fay- cUevillc on paved highway. Free rent to lenaiil who will properly care for the place and. look nller three saddle honu*. Prefer couple, no objections lo children two years -JiL.^^^L^'Has^-.^^LJ^l: 11 ! 4 MODERN house, south of Greenland j _5n_ 71 - Mra - J - }y- Uarher - TI1HEE modern Bparlmcnls. furniahcif i Garbage dlspoxal. automatic washer, venttian bundjs. Good locations. J45.00 to $60.00. No dog-. Utllitlej paid^Evcrit E. Campbell. 1" Phone 160-J. children J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, Wujt Fork KUN-TIL1 ventllin bllndl tut lluml- num wfnJow icreens and ·wnlnli, Fred es'Jmrrtei. GrrM Corptr. Ml South Lrr-uit. Phoni- 1011 _ -- DITCH Diadiba - rOOTINGS-- w I · r. (i »id uw«r dltchn, xpllc tank holn Di«|im jtnd back fillinf. Call 2tx.- ·ryen ^Davlji. _ EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING Land clearing-- «ving your topsoil. Heavy duty discing. Brush rake -- ponds. H. H. JONES, Controctor 53? E. Lafayette, Box 143 . University SUtion _ Fayettevillt Phoni 14M VERY nice 3 "room turnUhed apart- m e n f . 70S South School.^phone 243. ^ "NICE large 2 room furniahed apartment, J block from cempiu. Pnone 249. __ _ BULLDOZING EXCAVATING Roads, Ponds, Clearing OLIN KARNES - ELLIS WILSON 3162W 2619J E X C A V A T I N G " B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M. P A T T O N Phorw 249 J BEDROOM unfurnlxhcd house, 5 blocks north of Univerily. Large lot, phone 198. 3 ROOM apartment. JS5.00. r-ifrlfera- tor and^blllji paid.^Phone 758-w. FURNISHED apartment, 207 North College. Phone 899. SHADY lawn, modern apartment, $30.00. 1272-W. _____________ MODERN rock veneer 2 bedroom house, Nice floon. Venetian blinds, basement, large yard, plenty ahade. Near U of A and L*verett School. Phong SSKh^llSK __ MODERN 2 room partly furnlahed home. Phone _ 2813-J-2. ~ _ S ROOM modern houiTT~7e77e;raon School dlatrlct. Phone 2813-J-2. _ LARGE furnijhed aleepinf room. private entrance, next lo oath. 20* North College, phcne 7tft. $ 7 . 6 5 $ 6.70 $ 9.10 ..$10.20 $ 9.95 »11.35 Patunger tirei Mud and Snow Full Capi 400 x 16 Exchange 670 x 15 Exchange 710 x 15 Exchange $ 8.90 $10.45 $11.70 Other tltti available at our tlr* tervlci station locattd at touth ItotV Street. an* matin lot houM . n o r t h It. ·rlcn, flrtt lof houM Mrth Mayo ·tiafc Umax, nor" " "An 999 Maritif TrullMT . . UI · WMI M ·* YM Mr* 2 KOOM furnished apartment. Private entrance. Ulllltlea paid. Pnon* ZM3J NICE 3 bidroom hom* Inatde city llmlta with 5 acres paature. ITS.pO Call 2767. NICE apartment clo*e ln^ furniahed with refrigerator. Phone im/. THREE room houae. aereened In back porch. Children under five or over IS. } mllea on K hlfhway eut. Cheater L. Perlman. SEPTKMBTR 1, 5 room apartment furniah«d or unfurniahtd, m North Colleie. Phone OH. and two and three roome. Phone ISIO-M-1. ruKNUHEO l a r a i e apartment,"1 block north I10-M-], Vnlreralty. r h o n e ple. Phone 14M. TWO I room unfurniahed aa«rtnit«ia near Unrnraltr. Phone Mil. apa'rtn-.enu." luti" after Phont nia-L-1. unfurniahed aiMiMmt. LAROIt be«fonm, private entrance. Buainew man or atutom pT(%im4. _Phon«_TJ|-J. KOOM fimileM*] apartment. eKw CWIM er worklrw lilri. MAHRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton MattraaaM Built Inta Cuaranutd Inntrtprlnfa Hollywood Btdi Matk To Order ON* DAY SrtVICt-?HON1 3TH Duggar-Brown MATTIiESS CO. 120 South Eaat St. Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory MAUTT SHOW FOR SALE WK hav* aem* ftwd buya io Z and btdrcwm horn**. L4t w ahow you tttforf you buy. WILSON REALTY CO. Phone 11*1 4 ROOM, ·xcalltnl furniture. 234 South Church, THREE SPECIAL VALUES BLOCK from camUui--IXTKA SPE- CIAI, VALUE In lovily homt S room*, bath, altcplng porch, bwc- mtnt, fartfa: apioioi^ r=±rrji, iifs- plact in Jlvlnf room idtal tot homt or Income, nice ahada. A llft.MO value REDUCED TO SELL. Detail* on requvat. NEW S room bunialow near Ward School; fu heat. Inau^a'.td throughout, i«rfe laundry and utility room, lot S3 by 150. (5,350. t CHOICE ruldanci lota near cxmpua: M by 200 each, pavement and aid*walk. VERY SPECIAL. J. D. Eagle. Realtor. SUBURBANITES VE have, an *uractlve nearly n*w home in Northeaat a»ction at cdce ot clly. Hardwood floor* throufh- oul, wood burning flra -place. iburtdance of clojeU and atoraft apact, baacmtnt (iratft and laria utility room, tarn ihidy lot 100x2» with (rd«n plot. Se* thU lodxy. WHEELER REALTY CO. REALTOR Otftrk Th««ttr Bldff. 'hone IM N'tM n»-J NORTH OF CAMPUS SPACIOUS five room frame and utility room. Tile bith and hardwood floor*. \'i acre- of level land that h* been artistically planted with ahrubbtry and flowers. Near ator* and bus line on pavement. FHA- GI loan, S2 month. Price ft,MO. CRAVENS CO. . Phon* IK Phant 2T3W HOME, 2 RENTALS""- PltlCE, JI.OOO. 19 lota, new 2 room houjt t 4 room hotae, acml-modtrn, with city water and natural gas, fine ahade. beautiful lawn, good garden apot. large 3 room home, chicken houae and amajl barn. TTM »rict ia reaaonabla iind you can buy It on tcrmi. JUST LISTED AT 13.000. 105 «cr«, 10 mini from ri'ittevlllc. 4 mile! from 71. U ·crcj open cruultnd. N«w S room hoiue. A tilrly Otctnt UtUi rVei for the money. NEWLIN.REALTY WIST FORK. ARK LOOK 112 ACKEB, alt fenced. avMttuiUr all new wire and locuaf poat. It acrea Umber, lu acre*, «··*, Mrtll* land, level, and cm nil be -with tractor, lit acre*'-' paature and meadow, If and tomatoea. Lou of att,_ , nice aprlnt fed lake, 3 nod wtlla. electric preafture pump, U mile W river frontage. EW ranch lyp* hotiae, living room, kitchen, dtnlnf room, 2 bedrooma. larie den I224 with fireplace, 1 balha, tub and thower. Mice tenant houat, 1 barna. ThU la NEW and well located, 4 mUea from Partite- vine--PRICED to aell, terma by owner. tatCLUVmc North cut r u i n a**' to iHmiau. ~ Parian*;. TWO CHOICE lUYt NO. 1. tavtl? Jwmt fim IHWM* within wtlkIM *KIMH M Ik* pui nd IHW ju floor hM UviOf. ·n tnd Out* Urii door hM «riu »U _. _. Tht Inconw iron UMM mmt t Unlvirdir itiutuli kw kw lo HO M m naMk. nn well built tni ui wrfeet Th. frlft hM k*n IM ih« finincln* u ruy ukml. it w«%t Imit ion*. . ~S NO. X It I arum k*M M mountain end iultiirb*ii to f rlllc. It U inodtrn CiHforiUi r itxlt with 'lou of fttm. LtTtnf U zoxM, iiclr · eampltttr eiud« Ih. i nrr nlu n»«tni itwrt 20 icru o( levfl !n4 art i Thi prlc« " llHER AGENCY l t. CtnUf Phont 11 B Y O W N * ! 3 Hi atorr tram*, aeven n***. One batna, On* ro*m and tot* mMdn. Uri* lot, tarai*. cloe* In. -large family or f*r nntlmg LOCATED m ROLUTMI Phone iota of com* by **y tj FOUR-BEDROOM HOME THlt ruatte reck renew bean* two complete batka. Lw»M a ncr* of eutoetll lerd inial 1 U a beauUfel lawn. · tartetr ahrubbenr and pUnUn*. atately grove »f o*k tn*i. leaa than one mil* tt UllvefMT eampua and aelllng *t )·· tMIl 1H Tnouaand Dvltani. NEAR NEW SCHOOLS ' TWO bedroom bvuatow yean old. an* lutkwa none other Dun Ik* n fin* fealuna. auch ft* floon. gaa floor it tauilUne. ate. Verjr ol HJM.H. Let ua ah*w yo*. . , ,, Hammond Realty Co. OHI ten ft«4 Iu4. duo ta MI N«w i-nwi mum ·II reMr I* nwv* lit*. wru. lociud imni» IB vlite M AC*I8 (H4 lurf. « nun houH-. ,· m*u«r MI ·*, hntohliu w«tr. t mUm «t H90RE REALTY Jtouilt for wie, MJ Douji.t~lri.oro'.' hardwood floora. faraijr. ut Mxiw. i Phone W5-J. ONUiuXlTbargaln In » acrea, un- flniahe*! hou*a. Good wall, a c f t water. Mall and aehoal bitt route, 7 m l l e a ii wtatr ft.OM. rjiooe 1U4LJ. · . . » · . all or part;' ) tuniMi, turn. If lou, good HM. Torn Harp, rarittt- J. Hou'.t WASHINGTON SCHOOL I BEDROOM STONE aurmundttl by beautiful lawn and maple trtu. Wwd' burntnf fireplace in Ilvtnf room; dlnlnf room; larftt (allty klt«IMn with hand'fubbed natural woodwork and butlMna and til* drain. tana breikfaat apaM. Tile bath with drawllerla. Near Clly Park. BtDROOMS AMD DKN m hUh !Mxl2« lot with tra«a. Ll»ln» room- dining room combination. U-tyi* kitchen. Tilt bath. Bl( .clotota. Attached (arait with utility «««c« Automatic cat heat. lUally a lovely homa In the beat nel«nborhac4. KINCAID COMPANY 1HI 1U4M L O O K 111 I « 1 1 Five ROOM HOME. 70 foot (rontafe by 140 fatt deep on Monti Colleie, LARGt LlVJNtj ROOM W I T H WOODBMtNlNG riRIPLACI. Ox I furnac*, Jota of larit btautiful ahade treu. homa la In toot cimdltlori, aurroundad b» goof homaa. THIS IS A KtAL BUY. can be financed for a amall down payment to the rliht »«rty. W£ WILL HIPIAT THE PRICE AGAIN M.IU.W! We would be flad t« ahow you' Mtroufh today aa th owner haa movad, THK PKOftlHT 1C VACANT. We hsvt the kaya and you can have Immediate poeMeafon. A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR Telephone 141 or MM No. ta M. Collate FR SALE I ACXEI of very fertile aell w i t h laylnf capacity of 7M nena or brooder capacity of 1JM. A lovely country home with a aettlni amen* plenty of ahade tree. Tfila pia*e lua · ail thr city eonvenlmeaa, c«mplat«- ly modern with woodkunitni (Ire- place, hardwood floon, plenty built- Ina. fruit cellar, amatl milk earn, Thla plaee will pey for tuell In a akort Ume. ^rtotV: M.M9.M. T o r your ln»eclj«n call MARTHA'S Beauty »hop preaenta new . H) North Levant!. | . Itne prlcaa. rhone lilt. COLVARDt BEAUTY IM W. M«dow-nwil m MathlneKaa HM. Old fart ·W oomtnaa JB. LAONMT Block K 'fr^ESTM'Efif CO. Sven4n|a: w. m. . none UM : b. I. Bclur. M1-K O*w, tt., M20-W-1 » uan. flaw himnn«it. Brick hual- 1 within half block of ApjmxlMtair .MO aq. ft. i. j«e*ll«ni condition. PKmrr br appoint- KINCAID AND COMPANY TUN (Hi (OBTIOl HUGHES MLY STATION 300 WIST MOUNTAIN VrOftninQf pOliinin^e Expert lutxlefltlem. .: JJ a drivot 'and auMnwttc ·tom Mrvictd. lrok«H Sporting geadi and halt. Shop open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. dally _ 200 Ti^ofi of '20,000,000 '' 20% MUTUAL FIM AND INSURANCI "Sovlngi for Get HM The Ritter Everybody Invited Washington Co. Republi Convention and Ral Court House, Tonight,, 1

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