Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 22, 1974 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 22, 1974
Page 13
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About Ford Economic Policies DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketcham Bumpers: 'Really Concerned' ROGERS, Ark. (AP) -- Gov. Dale Bumpers ' ' "" ic policies. w; -- uov. said Monday ally concerned Cord's cconom- s ore we going substantial re- c e s s i o n , 1 1 Bumpers said. ' We're already in a slight one...." Bumpers is the Democratic nominee (or the U.S. Senate. He 'was attending' a Benton County Democratic Women's Club di Pryor, rial cat the pa grcss fi "I do (Ford) Club dinner along with David Pryor, Ihc party's gubernatorial candidate, and Bill Clinton, nominee for Con- the 3rd District. "I don't think the policies he (Ford) has laid out so far are really designed to, as he says, bullet," 1 Bumpers heard it described Weather Forecast Wind areas of showers arc forecast for the Southwest am! western' Plains wilh mostly sunny skies and milder tem- peratures expected for t h e cast of the Mississippi. Colder weather is expected for t h e Great Lakes and showers arc forecast for Florida. Fair and milder weather is expected in the Pacific coastal area. (AP Wlrephoto) Which May Discredit Witnesses Prosecution Said Endangered By FBI Reports ''.':'.. WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. attorneys are complaining that 'v the prosecution of criminal de''"". fendarits is endangered because i FBI investigative reports con- ·'"* tain information which may be lions that certain information I closed-door session between the i-- used to discredit witnesses. prosecution The FBI has rejected sugges- helpful to defense lawyers should be left out of the reports. But FBI officials have promised to consider other ways of making the reports more valuable to prosecutors. The dispute surfaced in a High Court To Study Rights For Servicemen, Prisoners WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court will hear arguments later this term on behalf of broader constitutional rights for servicemen, prisoners, men. tal patients and juvenile offenders. ' ' . ' The cases are among more than a dozen accepted for hear; ing by the court Monday. Also Monday, the court: : --Ended this year's gubernatorial hopes of Charles E. Rav' enel of South Carolina. Ravenel i-1 Castro Denies Allegiance Switch To Soviet Union ···.;. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Cu- '··-·i, ban Prime Minister Fidel Cas ;;!! tro says he rejects the notion 'j; that his revolution has simply ' · ^ r meant a switch from American ' ·:·!· to Soviet domination of the »·· island. In an interview with CB! Television scheduled lor broad cast tonight, Castro compared the pre-and post-revolution ar; situations in Cuba. "The United States owned our mines," he said. "The « United Stales was the owner o ·· our electric power plants, oui ,,' telephone companies, of thi · .,,·; main transportation companies - ;.; of the principal industries, o ,-;,'. the best lands . . . ··,,· "The Soviets do not own a single mine in Cuba, not a · single factory, .not a single sug . , ar mill, not one hectare of land .'-'"not a , single bank, not a singl ". '."utility." '.', Nonetheless, Castro indicate · ';'··: that the time may be ripe fo "· an improvement in Cuban American relations. In contras "*'"'- to former President Richard M ··'·'·'· Nixon, President Ford "is no ?"· involved with the Cuban counl ·'"' er-revolulionary ' elemenls/ Castro said. :·-;.-. "Nixon was personally ver · ' f t 1 much involved wilh them. An ^'We see in Ford a man who ··-.above this . . . if "In our opinion, we see For M! with a certain hope in Ihe sens a; that he may after all adopt -',--, different policy towards Cuba ,- and that at least he does no · '"have the personal involvcmen that Nixon had in this regard.' ,,- However, Ford fold a new !'. conference Monday in Tubac ,'T'Ariz., that Castro and his goy *" ernment have not changed the! attitude and "it was not es pected that our attitude towar Cuba should change" under th circumstances. The lone prerequisite for di. l".cussions of a more normal rela , "fionship is the lifting of the eco i nomic blockade against Cuba ",,. Castro said. '*£'. On other subjects, Caslr was that an "irony of m the Cuban exile --It tory" ..._ ·-'caught in the Watergate break ','*~-ln "were unable to destroy th '""'Cuban revolution but Ihey wer fable to destroy Nixon." '·"· --"I am certain of one thin ·'"*'·'... one day Ihe social system "'"of Cuba and the United Statr will meet -- when the U. ··^'changes Ks social regime. Th ^-capitalistic social regime is n '"telernal, and will not be . cte on the state's Democratic pri- ary, but the court ruled he d not meet the stale's five- ear residence requirement. · --Ruled that states may not e required to use public school uses to transport children to arbchial schools.- The court uled in 1947 that this is per- issible, but the new decision ays it is.not mandatory. The prison rights case arises New York Slate, where offi- als transferred a prisoner om a - medium security in- -itution to a maximum secur- y facility without notice or arning.-The U.S. Circuit Court a New York ruled they were Mrged to provide "minimum ue process including a hear- ng and in most cases notice, fficials say it is often neces- ary to transfer inmates sud- tederal proseculors and FBI legal counsel John Minlz during a Justice Department conference in New Orleans'last week. Mintz and some prosecutors discussed the issue in interviews since then. The U.S. attorneys asked not to be identified. The complaints involve the written reports FBI agents prepare after interviewing individuals summoned as prosecution witnesses. The courts increasingly are requiring prosecutors to allow defense lawyers to examine these reports. The prosecutors have complained that witnesses sometimes lie and often make mistakes in their answers to FBI agents during the first round of questioning and sometimes change their accounts later. The FBI reports include such conflicts and mistakes by witnesses. Defense lawyers may seize upon these discrepancies in an effort-to convince a jury that the witness is lying or unreliable, the prosecutors said. Some prosecutors asked that the FBI omit reports of the initial interviews and only pre- Bile the said. "I've is nibbling Ihc bullet, and some people said he was swallowing .he bullet." Bumpers, in an interview with radio station KAMO, .said le believed strong measures were necessary to cope with the nation's economic woes. Among such measures, he said, was the implementation of wage and price controls. Bumpers said such controls were a temporary solution. "Nobody wants wage and price controls as a permanent solution," he said, "but something has to be done rather dramatically and quickly. "Outside of wage and price controls, I think we need conservation of energy, probably through rationing, because if we are going to maintain a :ieallhy balance of payments and keep the dollar strong and, therefore, keep this nation strong, We are going to have to c o n s e r v e our energy consumption...." Bumpers said he was convinced that the country could reduce its energy consumption by as much as 30 per cent "without really affecting production. "I think we waste almost that much just by our wasteful habits," he said. Pryor, also in an interview with KAMO, said a debate with his Republican opponent, Ken of Conway, would be extremely unproductive. Pryor has rejected Coon's challenge for a debate. "Our Republican opponent has raised no substantive issues to debate. We're actually together on many issues. We are both backing the same amendments," Pryor said, referring to. p r o p o sed constitutional Amendments 54, 55 and 56. Pryor also noted that he was opposed to proposed Amendment 57, as Coon also is. That measure would allow the legislature to set ceilings on interest rales above 10 per cent' in Arkansas. 'He Diwfr EXACTLY##M£... HE JOST SWKKO EATIN' SJWETHIN6 KfOffi I COUtD LET GO OF JT.' Northwest Arkonwu Tirwti, lues., Oct. TO., 1974 V 13 FAYBTTIV1LLI, ARKANSAS DinniDiH^ HELEN HELP US ^Mf*l By HELEN AND SUE BOTTBL iBV^t 'Rid'ing Around' fe^tr A Scary Phrase VI* ffllllllllllllllllll^ Dear Helen and Sue: I'm 15. and my folks won't let me in cars wilh guys. I know a 17-year-old boy, but when he asks me to go for a ride, it's "No!" They like him okay, and let him come to see me. But on dates ,we walk! How can I convince them cars aren't fatal to teenage girls? -- 15-Year-Old Baby P.S. He's a careful driver. Dear 15: Maybe your parents would feel better if instead of "going for a ride," your boyfriend took you to a specific place -- and not too far away; "Riding around" is a scary phrase, but if they know you'll be on the road only a few minutes, they might change that "No" to "Yes." -- Sue Dear Parenls of "15": All teenage boys don't drive like maniacs or park like sex fiends. If you like your daughter's boyfriend, trust him to get her there and back. You'll have to lift that no-car rule sometime, and it might as well be with a careful driver. -- Helen Ran' I'm going with a 19-year-old guy who is real neat and treats me fairly decent, except he has a bad temper. If he gels mac he either gives me the silent treatment or whacks me. We were watching TV and 1 was cracking my gum. He tolc me to stop because I was acting like a little kid. I wasn't abou 1 to be bossed, so I cracked i' School Bombed As Textbook Protest Rages Rockefeller Takes Deduction For Stale Gifts CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) -- A Kanawha County school was bombed early this morning, less than a day after the While House said it was seeking a "constructive compromise" to prevent more violence in the .county's school book protest. A stick of dynamite was thrown through a window at Midway Elementary on Campbells Creek, southeast of Char- Darria'ge confined mostly to furniture and win dows in one classroom, and classes were to be held as usual today, a spokesman for the sheriff's department said. The same school was one of two damaged by bombings earlier this month. A fire bomb thrown through a window at Midway caused minor damage Oct. 9 and an explosive was placed against the door of West Branch Elementary in the Cabin Creek area. There was some light picket- brought to him and said he was very shocked and depressed by what he had seen. He said he would try to find the solution some way," said the Rev. Ezra Graley, a fundamentalist minister who s p e n t a total of 11 leston, police said, very light," NEW YORK (AP) Vice days in the Kanawha County jail for his anti-textbook activities. However, Graley told a reporter: "The protests will definitely continue -- until the books are out.' 1 ing early school bus said. today at county garages, deputies enly and without warning void disturbances. to pare written accounts witness's final version crime, according to some attorneys who attended the session. "There they go with the cover-up thing again," said one prosecutor suggestion. The court also agreed to re- iew a decision of the U.S. Cir- uit Court in New Orleans that atients involuntarily com- nitted to mental hospitals have constitutional right to receive reatment. Some states h a v e egislation providing such a Ight, usually with conditions Hached, but many states do lot. Hospital officials contend it s difficult for judges and juries ntrained in mental illness to etermine what constitutes adequate treatment. In the servicemen's case, the :ourt will consider whether de- endants in summary courts- martial have the right to a lawyer, and if so under what cir- lumstances. A federal appeals ourt, ruling on an appeal by enlisted men at the Marine "oips Air Station in Santa Ana, alif., has said they do when he case is complicated. who opposed the "We were about evenly divided on it. But Mintz, to his credit, said no and stood firm." This prosecutor acknowledged that providing the conflicting accounts to defense lawyers may weaken the government position. But he said, "This is a 'risk we have to take because if the public ever starts doubting that an FBI agent tells the whole truth, then we're in worse trouble." President-designate Nelson A. Rockefeller 'gave more than $650,000 in gifts to New York State, then reportedly deducted the cost of the gifts from his federal and stale income taxes. At the request of the New York Times, Rockefeller's Press Secretary Hugh Morrow Monday issued a breakdown of the $656,393 worth of gifts that the former New York governor gave to the state, which is clas : sified as a tax-empt organization. Rockefeller listed the gifts when he disclosed his tax returns to a congressional committee. In today's editions the Times said Rockefeller deducted the cost of the gifts from his taxes. Morrow said the largest item among the 'gifts to the state was $348,176 for improvements to the executive mansion in Albany, including extensive repairs after a fire in 1961. Rockefeller spent $274,704 more for his "Executive Cham- Monday, a group of the ministers and parents carried their protest over school textbook selection to Washington and the White House. Roger Senarad, special assistant to President Ford for education and labor, said he told them the White House would do "whatever we can to help forestall additional violence in Charleston." The parents, representing a group called Concerned Parents of Kanawha County, left the two-hour meeting with Senerad Monday expressing optimism that President Ford would help them in their battle to remove books they consider anti-Christian and obscene from Charles- Fulbright Sees Middle East Peace As Key To Economy WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark., says a global economic depression could occur unless the Middle East and its rich oil supplies are stabilized. Fulbright, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said a peace settlement in the Middle East is the key to solving tht United States "economic problems. In an interview, he said, "It seems to me that you have meeting after meeting on the economy, and everybody shies away from mentioning...the set- 41 Kilted As Violence Erupts In Mozambique LOURENCO MARQUES, Mozambique (AP) -- Forty-one persons were reported killet Monday evening, in racial battles ton-area schools. "He read the hooks we NEW YORK STOCKS · Opening Prlcti Furnished by A. G. Edwards Son Ark Best Corp . ,,.- ...... 7% Amer Tel Tel'..... ...... '4G'/a Ark La Gas ............. 19% Baldwin .......... No opening Campbell Soup ......... 26% Central S W ..... ...... 14% Light Showers May Fall Today LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The National Weather Service today issued this agricultural forecast series, which and aired by Rezoning Plea To Be Heard By Springdale Counc SPRINGDALE -- The City Council will consider an amendment to Sprirrgdale's rezoning code at tonight's 7:30 meeting n the City Administration Building. The rezoning amendment, with revisions recommended by .he city's Planning Commission, s concerned with more publicity for rczonings and consequently increased building permit fees. ' The council will also be asked o adopt a resolution authorizing the mayor and city clerk to sign a contract with the Frisco Railroad to undertake work at the Huntsville Avenue railroad crossing. Former Shiloh Museum board member D.D. Deaver will receive a resolution tonight commending .him for his past work on the board. Deaver's term on Ihe board expired last month. In other business, Bill Beck- hnm of the Northwest Arkansas Economic Development District office will discuss the economic development program with councilrnen. The program presently is training men to work heavy construction equipment. Actual road work is part of the training. for Arkansas: Precipitation: Chance of light showers Wednesday with rainfall amounts generally less lhan one-half inch. Drying conditions: Relative humidity will be less than 60 per cent from mid-morning until after sunset today and from late morning until after sunset Wednesday. Lowest readings will be near 40 per cent at mid- afternoon both days. Dew poings: Mostly in the 40s today and in the l o w 50s Wednesday. Sunshine: Around 60 per cent of possible sunshine today and 40 per cent Wednesday. Winds: Southeasterly eight to 14 miles per hour today and tonighl. Dew: Moderate to locally heavy dew this morning, drying off by mid-morning. Little or no dew Wednesday morning due to cloudiness and winds. ber" television was offered to ,, most of the television stations in the state during I9IM-65 and 1968. It dealt with such issues as the state budget, mental health, pollution and education. Morrow said other gifts included a $10,500 limousine used by Rockefeller and turned over to the state; $3,280 worth of streamers and battle flags for the state department of military and naval affairs; and $20,000 marked "miscellaneous unreimbursed expenses," for which the Times said no Immediate breakdown was available. . , Dillards .......... No opening Easco A G Edwards Emerson ................... 31 hrysler Del Monte ............... j.9',4 Exxon 69 Ford 33% Frontier Air 5'/s Gen Growth 12 3 /i Gen Mtrs 35% Gordon Jewelry .' 7% Intl Harv WA I-T-E Imperial 12% J C Penney 43% Lourenco Marques Strauss ............. Temco ............... 9% Medicare Programs Called 'Second Rale' NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Dr. Lorin Kerr of Washington, B.C., president of the American Public Health Association, describes the national Medicaid program as "second-rate medical care for (he economically deprived." "Many states do not have enough money to finance their Medicaid program and many slates have had to cut back on such programs," he said in an interview Monday. Kerr was here for the association's "202nd annual meeting. He is director of the department of occupational health for Levi Ling Marcor .· 16% Pan Am World Air ..". 3 Phillips Petro 4BV4 Pizza Hut 15V4 Ralston 38 Safeway 37 Sambo's 12 Sears 50?4 Scott Paper 12'4 Shakespeare No opening Sou Pac 2B% Texaco 2'HS Tri State Mtrs 8% United Air 29 Victor 6% Wai Mart No opening Ark West Gas 12%-13% Kearney Natl 4%-5'A Minute Man l%'-2 J / 3 touched off by an attack by de mobilized Portuguese troops on Dlack soldiers of the new ernment. About 40 of the Portuguese ex - servicemen, who w e r e scheduled to return to Lisbon Monday night, attacked foui black troops of the Mozambique Liberation Front -- Freh'mo -outside a crowded sidewall cafe. The Portuguese seized the Frelimo soldiers' guns ani drove off in an open truck shouting: "Let's go get ou guns and give these men a les on." They returned about 30 min tites later with machine gun and hand grenades and openei fire on Frelimo troops guardin the office of the newspaper No ticias. As rush hour crowds ran ii panic, the Frelimo men re turned the fire and killed a least four of the Portuguese. The gunfire and grenad blasts continued for almost hal an hour. Then. Portugues troops arrived in armored cars but the Portuguese attacker had scattered. Africans in the city, Mozarr bique's capital, retaliated wit attacks on buses, cars and pe destrians. Hospital authorities reported 41 deaths. . Portuguese authorities sai ,he Portuguese army and th 5~relimo troops were in full con trol of the city today, but go 1 ernment broadcasts appealed t the public to remain at home. It was the second major ou break of violence in Lourenc Marques since Portugal agree on Sept. 7 to grant indepem ence next June 25 to its big co ony in southeast Africa. H K Porter ........... 33-34 W Std Regis ............ I2V4-13 Tyson Foods .......... V%-7'/f Yellow Frt .... ....... 25'/4-26 Averages Inds ............ ....... "P 'I- 22 Trans ................ · "P 1-3 2 Utils Volume Meeting Planned TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- President Ford , and Soviet leader Leonid I. Brezhnev may have a [et-acquainted meeting, possi- )ly in the Siberian city of Vladivostok, a senior American official says. Plans for such a get-together arc under consideration and will be decided upon within 10 days, the official said. Ford and Secretary of State Henry A. Kissingev stopped here briefly on Monday. "It will be a very brief meet, if it takes place," said the icial. He added that more substantive talks will be held when Brezhnev visits the United Slates next summer. the ' United America. Mine Workers of ing, i offici He said the non - white a n d poor Americans constantly lace economic harriers in getting medical care. "They cannot afford the doctors' bill and hospitals' bills," Kerr said, "and they arc not interested in second class citizenship as far as health care is concerned." He said the nation badly needs a good national health program "and I am not talking about a national health insurance program--I. am speaking in terms of a national health program which would eliminate all of this business of deductions." Pioneer Foods 4%-4% Commodity Openings - 10 6,490,000 Dec corn 3.82V4 Nov soybeans 8.57 Dec eggs 65.00 Feb pork bellies 70.90 Dec wheat 5.22 ement of the war. They just nore the aspect of a settle- being significant." Fulbright said the overriding terest of the United States nd Europe should bi to settle "ie war and gain control of fuel rices. But, Fulbright said he ot optimistic about a Middle ast settlement because of Isael's reluctance to surrender srritory near Jerrusalem and cturn to its 1967 'aoundaries. Secretary of State Henry Kis- nger is doing everything he an to achieve peace, Fulbright aid. But, the senator said. Kis- nger had rejected his advice ) bring the matter before the nited Nations Security Coun- il. Fulbright said he had urged Kissinger several 'times to ask ie Security Conucil to estab sh and guarantee Arab-Israeli Borders. "This insures the future'Of Isael better than anything I can hink of," he said. "I think bet- than sitting on a pile' of veapons." Fulbright also said srael "is not well-situated to urvlve recurrent warfare." it one more time, and he spanked me, real hard. He has spanked me for biting my nails, not being ready for a date, and on my 16th birthday he gave me 20 slaps in front f my friends. Did you ever lear of a birthday 'spanking, Sue? Boy, was I sore! My friends say I should drop him as he'll become a wife- beater. Should 1? -- Likes Him But... LHB: Birthday spankings are traditional but. not much fun. He must have been carried away, giving you the four extras. Other whacks? If he insists on being your disciplinarian, I'd suggest: don't stay around for this type of unequal relationship. -- Sue Dear L.: It appears your b.f. "gets carried away" often! Tell- him either his temper goes, .or you do. (And be sure it hasn't just gone underground .temporarily.) -- Helen Rap: My girlfriends all wear pants to school, but I like short skirts. , . The guys stand at the bottom of the stairs and make dumb remarks. Haven't they ever seen legs before? How can I stop them? -- Leggy Leggy: If you really want to stop the stares, wear pants. -- H and Texas Firm Cuts Natural Gas Sales HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) -- The Texas Easlern Transmission Jorp. says it is slashing 'deliveries of natural gas to some of ts customers by one-fourth, but hat it has received permission 0 build pipelines to new sources of the fuel. The Houston-based firm said Monday that problems with supply have forced it to curtail deliveries to companies in the eastern United States by 20-22 per cent and to its Western cus- omers by 25 per cent. The Federal Power Commis- iion has granted Texas Eastern 1 certificale .for construction of ive lateral lines to connect new ·eserves to the company's offshore pipeline system at Cameron, La., the company said. One lateral is expected to be completed this year, the other !our next year. The company said it also jlans to apply jointly to the Power Commission with Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. to build and operate two other laterals to link other new offshore Louisiana gas reserves with pipeline systems owned individually by the two companies. Dies Wealthy VENICE, Italy (AP) -- Ermenegilda Urbano, a 18-year- old woman who had been begging on the streets of nearby Basiliano' for half a century, died suddenly on the street Monday. At her house the police found six sacks of paper currency and coin, including between J9.000 and $15,000 .vorlh of valid lire and many norc millions in prewar and .vartime lire that have been .vorthlcss for years. Burglary Charges Filed Against Two Charges of burglary and pet larceny were filed in Washington Circuit Court Tuesday against two Springdale youths in a break-in at the residence of Lloyd Blankenship, 747 W. 6th SI., Monday morning. The suspects are Rodney Lee Bonelli, 18. of the Hilltop Trailer Park and Phillip Lee Penny, 18, of 2108 Dogwood Place. City police arrested them afler receiving reports that two persons were inside Ihe mobile home at the D and C Trailer Court. Police said they found the two youths inside the trailer and a sack of money on the kitchen floor. The youths were being held by two men who noticed them Inside the residence. The sack, police said, contained $11.50 in rolled pennies, $12 in loose pennies and $2 in silver. Police said they also found $9.56 in change in Penny's left front pocket. Results Accepted LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) Lie detector tests helped free a man accused of possession of marijuana when a judge accepted polygraph results trial evidence for what the defense attorney says was the first time in California legal history. Superior Court Judge Ernest Kelly dismissed drug charges Monday against Max Richard son after allowing the tests as evidence and hearing testimony from a polygraph expert. The polygraph expert test! iied his tests showed the 4e fendant, his wife and an apart ment house manager were tel ing the truth when they insisted three Los Angeles County shcr ifl's narcotics officers had im properly gained entrance tc their Long Beach apartment. Curfew Set LORAIN, Ohio (AP) -- An 1 p.m. curfew on persons unde age 18 was imposed by the city council, with supporters citin; vandalism, drug traffic and re lated crimes as the reasons. The vote Monday was 11 to 1 The curfew takes effect imme diately. Under the ordinance, youth must be chaperoned .after 1 p.m. Sunday through Thursday The curfew is extended to I2;3 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, Strip Mining Said To Cause Air Pollution WASHINGTON CAP) _ Th« Interior Department warns that proposed massive strip - mining of western coal would undermine the quality of life in iha region and lead to unavoidable damage from air pollution to plants, animals and humans. The department's final environmental impact slalement on proposed strip-mining in Wyoming's Eastern Powder River Coal Basin said the adverse effects ' would change the largely ntouched area into something ke the overburdened industrial ommunities of the East. Some-of the problems may be hared with 10 other states if 'yoniing coal is dislrjbuled for ;e in distant power plants, the tudy said. "If coal is exported from the ludy area to such places as rkansas, Colorado, Illinois, In- iana, Iowa, 'Kansas, Louisiana, exas, impacts from energy onversion will occur in thoss areas," the study said. It warned that' the air pollu- on and land disturbance from le strip-mining would be so se- ere that even the local climata ould be harmed. A sudden influx of workers or the proposed project also ould cause social problems uch as inferior 1 housing, rowded schools, an increase in rime rates and a demand on ealth services that would re- ult in a decline in the quality f health care, the study added. The study was developed in esponse to proposals by pri- ate companies for develop- nent of leases of federally wned coal deposits near Gil- elte and Douglas, Wyo. The In- erior Department said the pro- losed developments would produce 296 million tons of coa! rom 10 mines by 1980 and 853 million tons from 12 mines by 1985. Nixon Poll SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- ormer President Richard M. Nixon would get only 12 per cent of the vote if he ran tor :he Senate against Democratic incumbent John V. Tunney, a Mervin Field poll shows. A survey of 1.089 California voters showed if Nixon were Dairod with Tunney in 1976, tho : ormer chief executive would lose by a 58-point margin, 70 per cent to 12 per cent with 18 per cent undecided. Tunney outpolled Nixon 43 per cent to 26 per cent among Republicans, with Ihe remainder of those polled undecided. ^^SHi------«^^-- McKesson-Bexe! F A L L S A L E '/2 Price thru Nov. 30 East Side of Square

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