Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 7
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May Be 'Pegging" Effort ·Increased Supplies To Continue War Held Needed Wathington - (F) - Some Amer- icaa.diploinata view the-top-level Chines* - Russian conference in , MOKOW as mainly a "begging expedition" by the Chinese Reds. Thece officials speculate that the Chines* are dissatisfied with Ruc- tia't promises and would plead for: . 1. More financial aid to supplement the 300-million - dollar loan Moscow promised in February, 1950. 2. Bigger and faster shipments of Russian - made military sup- pliM for Hard-pressed Chinese Communist troops in Korea. 3. Removal of Russian troopt from Port Arthur and. return to Red China of the Changchun Rail* : way at promised by the end of this year. The State Department hat cau- "RMMT' IIAIIIiAlf N-Mt mil UH IHUIIKI DDK BADM tt MCKSON 1MI tlouily labeled the CWneae-So- vlet conference as "routine" and said tuch meetlnci by partner- na- oatloni are to be expected. 1 But experta oo 'Russian and CattMae attain here: feel the purpot* of the. huddle Is aimed at finding ways to continue the Korean war rather than at any policy change which mi*ht nean peace -in the Far East,., . .. ...... . : . : . - , ! The makeup of the 15-man Cbl- neae Communlat delegatioo, head- id by . premier-Foraiin Minuter Chou Bn-Ul, appeared to them to point to .war objeeti»M, with paralleling- attention to economic and ' . ..... ,..... .,,.. 'Most officials teemed to agree Chou and Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Vlshintky would review the friendthip and alliance treaty they signed February 14, 1950, along with separate agreements dealing with Port Arthur, the Chantrchun Railway and Dairen, ' ·· · ;., '4 All these properties are now at lost partly controlled and operated by the Russians. Under the 1950 agreements, Moscow promised to pull out of port" Arthur and nearby installations and return the Changchun Railway to Red China.- American officials believe that If Russia is to live up to theae promises, conferences of the type now going on in Moscow undoubtedly are necessary to .tattle details. ' ' The future of Dalren undoubtedly will come up for discussion although Russia made, no promises to return this port at any specific date. To back up their belief the Chinese Reda mJ:ht aik for a fatter Russian loan, officials pointed out that Russia hat devalued the ruble since the last credit was announced. cutting it* value by one- fourth. .The loan wat to be extended during a five-year period In installments of 60 million dollars each. Such small sums, thete officials reason, can hardly Mipport a nation the rite of China which has been Involved in a full-fledged war for more than a year. Recurring but unverified reports from Far East intelligence source! have pictured the Chinese Reds at disgruntled with the rate of Russian arms deliveries. Soveit weapons go to China via the Trans- Fayettevllle resident. IT'S A SUGGESTION WITH A M MM*. Dimoenot ·naMentiat candidate Oor. Adlal; Stevetuon dtapiaya a buttea ptnaed o* «·'· by Vlee Piadaun Albaal Barklejr (right) at miaou teat* fair in SpriaiaaM. Siberian Railway and by Poliah, Russian and other Communist ships, : ' John Wolloct Moy Heod Florida Dt«f School Uttle Rock-(*?)-J6ha M. Wai- luce, superintendent of the Arkansas School for the Drat, will be recommended today for appointment at new head of Florida's School for the Deaf and Blind at St. Augustine. Wallace is a native of Fort Smith and former M MM MtWS. Mfh WMketor, ·» T JO AM, ·»·» M*** KOtH A I t ONLY PHILCO HAS IT... Knelt 1MB in RADIOI P H I L C O RADIOS ... ml life Jiiam rf IK! ml illi',.Va» Jam *iticia» Ilioimnt Rceraoa inajllllis if **. «Hf_t» mat SPECIAL 5UV1CE iMil.. ,-S.mJraf M AaMmi, TIM in Mici CtlU... MU the Flua la ·* Alt. Heu kiiratr la *· ·**»·'· STBCIAL SERVICE BAND Tte only deck nafe that m can bar *ft *» fascawwg eant SUVKE BAND. tub. #700' ' Bstntic New ·« ia oWim doin · · · Wot Mofcra... 1«U! i« Aeriil, SHUICI- ·1 Chuibtr with impm-ri M" pek«; ttil COTok Tone in i Table Modtl kidia. All KinduJ brotdcut plui tlw ' eKhiog SfECML SERVICE BAND. ·50" A budioelr i)a!«Mi mO* w*U » iUumtn^.tboTt, with « Utgt tttf · ., md, tiicnfc dJtL SupcMtraitiTC cir cuit ddtott *ll tttfiduA bn*d(ll», plu SPECIAL SERVICE Biod ncep- £· Model t6l. DECORATOR Styli«fl...pJ« PHILCO QUALITY Housed ia I Jierincrirtlj moarm ebony cabinet. Ptrfocini like s coruolc model. Supn-Hiuiu'Tf nctption of Stsadard broaecaitt. MoM #560E. PWd ^WB^W ^^^^B ^rwlWWw HI 'MOM! Of 1ITTU VAlUil' Rogers Eighty-four plats of Wood were donated whan the -Ud Crosa bloodmobile made a alx-hour visit to Rogers Thunday of la* week, the e.uou was IN Pints. A tech. ntclan and four staff nuttes accompanied the unit from Springfield, Mo. Local nurses were Mra, Wilbur Harmon, Mrt. M a r y Hughes, and Mn. Mabel Matthews, who with Decton W. Jennings, Stewart M. Wilson, Guy Hodges and Adron M, Bradley, assisted. Seven Gray Ladies and two volunteer workers assisted In res- iiteririg the donors. Local home demonstration clubs furnished refreshments. Several eltitena who offered to donate ' bkMd were found not to be able to fill the requirements. Joyce Jones and Jimmy Chas- taln, members of the Oak Hill 4-H Club west of Rogers, repmented Beriton. County: at the 4-H Club conaervatlon camp tt Petit Jean State Park. The camp war conducted by the 1 Agricultural Extension Service. The Rev. Fred T. Cherry, evangelist from Okalhoma City, opened a 10-day revival Sunday night at the First baptist Church, There was a capacity audience, with many turned away for lack of room. C. D. tvey of Refers It song leader. Pete Green returned to Rogers Friday trom Casablanca, French Morocco, where he has been employed for the past year. He returned to the.states to attend the funeral MTvices for his mother, Mrs. Charles Green, who died recently, add to visit hit wit* and his daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Jackaoa of Rogers announce the birth of a daughter, Cynthia, Saturday, August If, at Rofth Memorial Hospital.--, The Rogers Quarterback Club organized here last year will hold Its first meeting of the tall, Tuesday night Frank Neal, 'chairman, taid new offktn will be elected and plans outlined tor the, 1952 games. Tha club furnishes transportation to members of teams and fans to out-of-town garnet. Last year a banquet was served to the Mountaineers and their friends, with .more than 200 persons attending. . Removal of both adrenal gland! from animals rar'it In death in about 41 hours. Travel His Weakness Redwood City, Calif. - (*) · Dkkto Love, a veteran atowaway at eight, att out agate yeaterday. His CaKtinatio* thK ttoe--Chtaa. The tireleaa tot of travel hop- pea a bus to Baa Francis** from his Redwood City hoax, about 30 milea away, and iaapected aome Orient-bound trdghten. He finally got aboard one of the cargo (hitx and deacendad into the hold. "The thtp looked pretty good, but It dint leave toon enough," Dktte t«M *ottca who picked htm eat tha freighter and turned him ovir t* his mother. Harassed Mn. Love added the lateat caper to Dickie'i growing IKt that includes: ·towing away oa a (hip that tailed trom New Orleans. Stowing away on an airliner from San FrencUco to Lai An- feiet'to "(*e the big earthquake 11 tea* month In Souther* Califor- "'».' ' ' i ' Twice traveling Ban Frandaco- oa Angeles (treamhaen. , Making innumerable free bus trips to San Frandtco trom Redwood Cliy. Bentonville Mr. tad Mn. R. D. tiatVty of Holly, Colo., (pent last week here ·Matting her patent*, Mr. and Mn. W.H. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Spencer, Jr., of Little Rock annouaee the birth of a MO, Jamea Stephen. .The Rev. Frank Lawler of Lltchtield, IlL, It vidtlng hit brother, Art Lawler, wait *at a patient la the Rogcra Memorial Hospital until M was brought home Wednetday. . , John Paulut left Saturday for. Tulsa,' Okie., where he wilt be employed (t the McKanon-Rob- bins warehouse. Wallace (Bob) Clark, U. SV «., hat returned to Long Beach, Calif, after a 15*day furlough with hit mother, Mn. Walter Clark of near Rogen. He It aerving aboard the UBS Lot Angeles. Mr. and Mri. Lewis F. Dunbar Of SomerviUe, Mas*., announce tha birth of a daughter, Patricia Annette.'Mr. Dunbar, a former sUi- dcnt of the Vaughn and Centerton schools, Is now serving aboard the USS Abbot in Meditarranea* waten. Mr. and Mn. H. R. Paului and ion, John, (pent Hveral dayi last week visiting friends in Tuba and Hot Springt. Mr. and Mn. Raymond Clark and ton, Steve, of Tulsa, (pant the weekend here vWtmg Mr; awl Mn. Otlt Corley. Mr. and Mn. John Jordan and daughter, Marilyn, of Weatherford, Okla., were gueitt thla week of Mr., and Mri. Claude Walker and family.. . ., Mr. and Mrs. Leonard MeClure and,daughter, Lucy, · Houetocv Texai, (pent the weekend here with Mri. McClun'i mother, Mn. Lucy Walker. Other guests of Mrt. Walker Included Mr. and Mrs. Roland Landers and Mr. and Mn. Howard Burdick, all of Hln- ton, Okla. . . Mr. and Mn. Earl Breedlove returned to their home in Long-view, Texts, Sunday following,a visit NATO AIM SflfrW J^OM. Warren ft. Carter, UIAF, wfll take over commend el the North Atlantic Treaty OrgcaluUMV .air lorcec In norther* Europe. He to a veteran ef N i · with Mn. Bret Mrs. 1 Craig. Mr. and Mn. Carl J faulty hart returned M MM Kutt, when they will agaia ntke their bam. Mr. (ad Mrs. Orvllle W. Griffith. It.; tad (ea, Faul, have returned to their home ta Klajaath Falli. Ore. They wire fueaU for tha part week at Tenacrea, the home of Mr. Ortfftth't perenti, Mr. and Mra. O. W. Grllftth) 8r. West Fork Mr. and Mn. 7 I. Keith and too of Fayettevllle, and Mr. and Mn, Allan ' Keith accompanied Min Derlt Jean Keith to Tulta Saturday. MM Keith hat been ·pending, her .vacation here with her parenta. . · \ - ' Mn. Oeortfe Hill returned home Monday after a two and ona-half moothi vacation. Mn. Hill (pent moet of the time In California, vltltlnf her daughter and brother. On her return trip the (topped In Denver, Colo., and vWted Mr. and Mn. Clint Kernel. Mn. Rebecca William* and Mn. Dameron had n Sunday tueati, Mr. and Mri. Bryon Steerni and ton. Biiiy Bab, of Little Reck; Mn. Robert Dameron ami daughter, Ann, of Greenland; Mr: and Mra. Charlet Dameron · of' Fort Smith, and Mn. Wllltimi daughter, Nancy, of Fort Smith. Ann Dameron, who hai been In nunej training at Rocklln State HoepHal In .New York, h»t returned to take a year of chemlitry at the Unl- venlty before continuing her training. Glnffea are .readily tan; I'., but like the mule, can kick out vicloui- ly With then- hoevei. For brilliantly whit* wood or ncUl btM font. ture, and other exterior surface*, UM Cook's Hw- Chalking White Enamel. It'i rcady-to-uie. Jmt «p«e) it.. stir it.. apply it. Oriet to a beautiful, liMtma, non-fadini finish juit overnifht AbioluUly wlU NOT rub of f on clothinf. AlJOAVAtAsU . (N I If AUnrU COUMB coert AI f Mileage Drive It Yourttff! There's eely ene way te really M the thrUof haaaltaj one oi tko MHt HtJCtKVlilf fjffattlMtt OM tllV rv*4, COM* In tcth^ »a* tfrlv* to yoy»rtf. Thta Htt«tH» w 4*\ io4 ·M Mrt iWW lAHMMMnf te ewa thet 11 i»«sifaiT*« No Mr tUtn yma man tar yt«r Money-- im pow*r, porfo ·tsd ·ceaooir-tkiM ttM t 1*42 Poottoc. Fontlic It tk« Iow«4f.*HM4 ttr*iht-*t*t to Ajnaria It the lowwt-ptkiid ctr lUttl* tranunitdoB that ptjtt miti 'Hitr thoutkt paMlMe. A»X tltX't (OM UIM tVfMisi thai fM «NT - ·- wkfcfAnv ^ . . . B ·lainB'viwifJtlow vv i Mj£ ·^£ ··- ·;. · HATWILO fONTUC CO. lAHMIAOOW

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