Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 19, 1952 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 19, 1952
Page 4
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t HOHTHrtttl KorthtcpBl Arkansas D.n T«»«l ubll«h«) d«Ur «xc«pt fundir kr FAYETTEV1LLE DEMOCRAT PUBLISHING COMPANY Rebirli Fulbrlnhl. Pf«ildont Founded Juni 14. 1110 Entered it the poll otfice at Fayetlevillt, Ark.. 19 Sfoond-Cla's M«U Mutltr. tun C. G,irh»rl. Vice Pr«».-Oen«i«J Minijn T»d R. Wyll«, EdIUr MEMBER OF~THE ASSOCIATED PHESS The Associated Press Is exclusively entltltu to the u«e for republicanTM ol all nc-wj dlip»tch*i credited to it or not otherwise credited in thii paper and »Uo the loc»l nev:s puUiihtd htrein. All right* o( republicrtion ot special dli- patche! herein are also icservcd SUBSCRIPTION RATES ~ b * r r l e r ) Mail r -:n in WjiininKlfln. Uenlon. M»du.n counties A i k nnri Adair fcun;?. Ofclt. One month "'«?·£ Tnrtc minlh, ·* TM Six monmi }JJ* One y*u · ' W»«u I*, cfuntiei other thin above: O»- month - · 'S T-ir*t raomhfc ' ;:·" Bl« momn »;·*· Onr ye«* - · · · ..r..,.. t« w All mnll payable In ndvinct Member Audi! Bureau of Cireulallon For I am persuaded, that neither death. nrr life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nnr things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall he able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ our Lord.--Romans 8:38,3!) It's The Law Washington, D. C., it seems, is completely solicitous where the renutatlon of automobiles is concerned. At least, that's the way the story comes to us. It fleems a veteran of 11 months of Korean fifrhtlnir returned to the United States determined to huy n car nnd become one of the screat mass of Americans who ride practically everywhere they co, even if t h e i r destination in but four blocks from t.heir Martin? place. He purchased t h e vo- /iiclo--a 1849 model sedan. Then, the tr.le continues, he found he had an expense on his hands that ho coul'ln't handle, for the car cost him $600 in SO days on renair bills. His dream rapidly became a nightmare. The ailing machii'C was decorated by the veteran with pictures of lemons and the word "lemon" spelled out in brtaht, gold letters. For this he was taken into court where the judge siiid he had vto- lated :i Washington regulation against dis- pln'T which "ridicule" the maker of an automobile. Why the provision in Washington laws against culling a car 'i l e m o n ? As one writer has pointed n u t . newspapers go « far as to pay men to w r i t e about new plays iind movies, and these more of I en t h a n not arc termed worn 1 I h a n lemons, yet nobody i!ncs HnyUiinj.' about t h a t . If you want to post signs on your r e f r i g e r a t o r n o t i f v i n g folks t h a t it isn't what it ia .sun- posfd to bn, prpsuin.'ibl'' nobody can do fl'iythin.f to stop vcm. If t h a i .-n'r '.-ondi- t i o n f n g t i n i ) vou hotiirhl ;'.iid paid for refused to condi'iou I he air. you can t a k e MTV ; lops you t h i n k r x n t ' d i c u t to let y n u r .friends know von .'iron'! happy w i t h it. Tint, awnr'iing to t h i s yloi-v. you can'l call vtmr car a "Inmon" in \V'Mshington and not hnvc to pay t h e price by ;:oinff t o court. Seems from her* '' t h e r e iu?t baa to be a law rotrardhi!,' t h i s k i n d of t h i n e , t h e s t ^ ' u t e rnitrht m a k e it m a n d a t o r y for a n y body t h u s brandin" :\ car n lemon to be forced to prove i t . If ho could show that in reality it was considerably less t h a n satisfactory, ho might l)o cleared. An Indiana m a n learned t h a t stealing one kiss ran load to a li'fe sentence. The girl married h i m . Sclf-drnial is u r a c l i c a l , and is not only polito to :il! I . n t is p l e a s a n t to those who practice i t . -- M a r y I laker Kddy When one associates w i t h vice, it is but one stcn from companionship to slavery.--Francis Quarlop N'n man can be provident of his t i m e , who rs not prudent in the choice of his company.--Jeremy Taylor -- *Y~ ---A M i c h i g a n man was fined $rn for t r y i n g t o k i r s h i s s t o i n i j r r a p h o r . I f n i l t h e jrirl: v.otild t e l l , wr- could pav off the nn- f t o n a l debt. /, August 19, l«2 1 THE WASHINGTON Merry- Go-Round By DREW PEARSON Washington--The du!;es a' a »pcci*l agent of Ihe United Stutcj; SeiTd Service, an ageni-y of the Treasury Department, may m j u i i e that on- ds.v he u-ill be f-nfiagod in undercover work, pcit- inf at a derelict r»r ihadv character in t k f d row; 9 -.v*ek l a t e r he may hs ju;,l at inconspicuou;;, dressed In w h i t e tie and tail:, at u i-ocinl rcnciKrn ·t Ihe W h i t e House. A Secict Service agent liyj to know the vehicular nf the crook and have the diplomacy of the btaletmfln. Secret Service ajents arc spr.cialiLU; in de- tectins counterfeit and forged government obligations and in protecting t h e chief fixcculivc of thr U n i t e d Slates. Their work hrinpr them into a variety of experience;:. Even in an average check ca^ft UMUMIH! cir- cumiliiMrei. m n y arif-c, ;t:i in a ra*.e in Smith Da- kola. The r.utipeclc.'l f«rper W;JK ;m I n d i a n woman, l i v i n g at Cherry Cic-r-k, near the- Cheyenne River. The nacnt '.tartfid fnr thr- Indi;m V i l - lage. At Plum Creek, he found -A bridge had hf-en washed a w a y ; nn bruit V/HS available. The fiRan'. removed hi:, ouln r l n t h l n g mvl rolled it up with his case f i l e ;rd r u n inside, then held the roll over hir head v/hil" swimming across t h r r i v e r lo the I n d i a n v i l l a p r . There he learner! the InrJi.'in woman had married and now lived 15 milt-i: down stream. Ho wont there and found the f a m i l y hud moved several miles into country 1.0 rough that It rould only hr- reached on .'ool nr horseback. With a borrowed ho traveled 10 th« new location nnr! obtained a confeiiMon from the woman. v * * * Aflfir World W;ir II. thr flow o; 1 counterfeit money increased nnt only in the U n i t e d Stale:., but also in Europe nnd othrr part.s n! Iho world. Protection of our currency became a world-wide necessity for the fir$l lime Snerliil nqcnt:; were sent lo Ihcse countrier,. Working w i t h police nf various nations, the Agents seized the counterfeiters and their plant;;. The last group arrcslrrt WHJ: in Hong Kong, when five Chinese were .soi/ed w i l h t h e i r nlntos and over $600,000 in counterfeit U n i t e d Stales $30 and $100 bills. Thrsr nole:: wrrr .-;o c n r r f u l l y reproduced they mulrl h;i\v d r r e i v r r l the average bank teller. Counterfeiters a i r (he cleverest nf c r i m - inals. They are c u n n i n g and cautious in t h e i r dealings. They wei-;h all ri. ks and guard ;tga)n. i .t them. Now and then one w i t h M cnn.srience 's L'flUHl'.l One such w;i; .\eiml In Chicago reccnl- ly. He was caught by a Secret Service a^cnt who had posed a;; * c r i m i n a l and purchased SlOd.fldO in counterfeit note.s lo hre"k UD one of thr biggest rings In t h e United State:;. The leader of the ring lold agents he had o.nsidcrrd o u i t t i n c many times and had made up hii m i n d t h a t this was lo have been the last deal. He yaid ton m a n y people Rot hurl f n m i hi:- opoiHlion;.--not only those who tried to pass phony bills, but also the Innocent victims who RO! stuck w i t h counterfeits. Counterfeiters. Inn. t a k e pride in t h e i r work. Afler one was arre.Med nn tiie \Vc-:t Coa;( for the f i f t h time, he remarked lo thr ajjrnls v.'hn had raided his plant Hint he dirl not rxocct lo see Secret Service for a potinlr of .vp«rs bernuse he thought his latest product wns so good as In be beyond detection. * * * A rountei f r i t or of coins made t h r reed i up (indentations on t h e rdscsl too deep. When at.k- cd why, he replied, "It is my mint and J like them thnt way." One of the mohl serious problems c o n f r o n t - ing (he Secret Service is the forgery 'if jjuvcrn- mcnt rhi-cks. W h i l e Ihe Secret Service i;; t r y i n p com.lantly to educate- Iho men-bant a u ^ i n s t this. lypc of crime, the In:.:; "f \vbicb in government checks nlcjup. to merchant.-, in 11)31 u a* over $2.2,10,000, i n v ; i i i a b l y business people w i l l c;uc- lessl.v .'iccepl K o v e r n m r r i t chock.-, from tot:il sh'EinRont w i t h o u t question For e.xninnlc: 1. Tbe grocer who r n ^ h r d .'4 y o v p r m r p n f check pin inly marked "old .'*;r and tuvvivo!·',·» insur.mcc" fnr a ll',-ycai-tiKl boy. 2, The drucgist who ti;ivp a strance m;'n c a - l i for a covcrnmcnt clipck p a y a b l e Jo n woman and w h i c h the man rnrior.vd in Ihe \vtnnan's name m t h p ^rirugfii.'.tV. pi'esencc. dent McKmley at B u f f a l o , '.he Secret Service has protected the pre.sidents of the United Sidles, Tndsy the law c«Ms for the protection of his f a m i l y , the president-elect, and tiie vice president a! his request. C o m p a r a t i v e l y few people a i e aware of the degree of c a r e f u l planning in tlif protective measures. The rntirc force of So- cvel Service atjpnts p.'irticipatr to :omc o.\trn! m the protective function.', ntnvrvor. a selected K i o u i i of agentr.. known as- the W h i t e H'-ui.e del i i i i , m assiflnprl tn stay w i t h t b e presidci^ at all times and u n d e r n i l condit:on^. In November. a f t e r tbe president-elect i.~ chosen, a s i m i l a r jzroup w i l l bo assigned to the successful candidate. In addition In t h e W h i t t d r t a i l , the While House police force is charged w i t h Ihe protection of the W h i t e House and grounds nnd the president when he is in residence. Members of the While House police are expert marksmen, f a m i l i a r wilh all kinds of firearms and have developed one nf the finest pistol team? in tbe country. The f a c t t h a t they are equal to any emergency \v«.s dramatically demonstrated on November 1. 1950, when two Puerto Ricmis tried in shoct t h e i r way into Ih B l a i r House in Washington, D C. Also u n d e r the .luriMh'-lton of tbe Secrel Serviro is the u n i f o r m e d K t i u r d force of the Trr*i;ajry D e p a r t m e n t , who:e d u t i e s HIT to protect the Treasury B u i l d i n g , Bureau of Knjntv- Well, Well, Fancy Meeting You Here! 'I hcv'll Do It livery Time By jimmy Hatlo f/ ·J T4»C£ A /M£jHO,/i1:SS WTMOOKS' 7 "1O ALL DERARTMEKTS; "WERE l£ 1 TCO //UCM LOITERN6 AT WATER A OOLEF?S-TMIS"/.VJ£T CEASE. 1 '^ '/ ^S'OTf-'ER MEMO TO 4LL _. _ _ .. . USTIW6S CF ALL CUSTOMERS CALLED 4 '^UST BE //ADE IN TRIPLICATE ^9 SISN^D SX SAiD CUSTOMERS' Ori/,'E5-MEMO TO BC ' ' " ISi ALL WASHROOMS'.'"DO NOT WASTE PAPER TOVEUS*--- PAPER TOWELS HE'S W O R R I E D ^ ABOUT. 1 WE COUfLD SAVE A TOSl I OF PAPER A WEEK IP HE'D -S GIVE UP MIS INTEROFFICE ) '. LITERARY CAREER! S AUO THE/ KJEVER TAKE 'Ett DOWN-- TWERES OME STILL UP THERE AYS TAKES TIME Off FOR PARADE! THE BULLETIN BOARD BOSWELL IS AT IT AGAIM.' XXJ COULD START A FACTORV WITH THE MEMOS HE'S OOT STUCX UP OOT ,, u _,_ . THERE"- -* HES A PROSTRATED AUTWOK- THIS WAV sioaooy CAN fCfJD SACK HIS STUFF WITH A REJECTION SLIP.' 4O.OOO A YEAR-- Ati.0 ALL US. COE.S IS TATE pnry BEEFS- TMAKlX AND A TIP Or IKt MAVU5 HAT TO PAMELA NOBEL, . ing and P r i n t i n g , and other buildings under TrcabUiy control. Each yeai the uniformed force .-·afesuards billions of d o l l a r s of money, bonds, stamps, and securities in production, storage, and transit. i Tbe uniformed guard force, the W h i t e House ; nolirr. and the Secret Seivice special agents arc j all i n t e n t upon protecting the people of the i United States against the counterfeiter and the j check forger, and upon protecting the chief ' executive of the nation--a combination of duties I which help insure yecurily for all. , riago, she received a bulky package. Inside it was an exact duplicate of the beautiful cake, with a bill enclosed that read, "One wedding cake. Received on account: eleven cents. Balance: Respects of the Campbell Baking company, for the sincerost compliment ever paid them.' 1 * * * Talking about a Hollywood w r i t e r IIP docs not exactly appreciate, Irving H o f f m a n observed, "His h a n d w r i t i n g is so terrible that even on the printed page it's unreadable." Bennett Cerf Gordon MacRac is showing friends a cartoon he clipped from an English weekly. It depicts a a couple of fellows playing darts in a London s;tloon. One of the darts has gone out of line and clipped a t a b l e s i t t e r in the back of the noggin. The t a b l e .sitter's girl friend is impatiently grum- bliiiK. "Oh, you and your stabbing pains in the head." * * * When the late Sir Harry Lauder. who was reported still lo have his f i r s t .shilling when he died, first appeared in New York, lie slopped at H fhahby hotel where the board was $8 a week, mraJ.s included. Laudor ate ;:o much the first two week*; t h a t the l a n d l a d y collared him at the door Hiid said, "Bcginnin.2 'mnnrrou-. I'm qoing ;o h;ive tn charge you $10 n week." Lauder cxpos- l u l a l r r l , "Madam, you k i n n a d - tiiot. I'm vcrra sick f r o m t r y i n 1 to eat rir^ht Hollars' worth now." * * + One of the pleasant en t memories of Mrs. Jnlm Minn.-od ol Findlay, Ohio. i:-. the bakery her mother patronised when she \vns a little girl. On her seventh birthday, the wrridins cake in the v.'indvr.v v.-.js ,^o b e a u t i f u l , l h a t i-he rushed i n t o the shoo, plnnkcd I I penr.ies on the counter, and told the startled proprietor. "This is all the monev 3 have. I'd l i k e to Rive il tu you as a de- on a cake oxactlv like the one in the w i n - dow for my o \ \ n wedding." The baker gravely tonk thr 11 pennies and gave her a receipt. Some S2 years l a t e r , on the eve of her m n r - Questions And Answers Q--Upon how many positions of the feet is ballet dancing based? A--Five. Q--How many light bulbs could be lighted from the electricity in a single flash of lightning a mile long? A--A m i l l i o n light bulbs. Q--When was the term "New World" used for the first time? A--Ey Amerigo Vespucci in his letters written about 1503. Q--What kinds of North American bears cannot climb trees? A--The grizzly, the Alaskan brown bear and the Kodiak bear. Q--]:i what direction do storms usually travel across the United States? A--Generally from the west toward the cast, but j;ometimp.s from northwest to southwest or from southwest to northeast. Q--What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her left arm? A--A tablet which bears the date of Ihe Declaration of Independence. Q--Is any part of the Yalu River entirely in Manchuria? A -Only nbout the first 30 miles lie in Manchuria. Q--When did lay education end in Argentina? A--The military group which brought dic- tator.ihip to Argentina in 1943 ordered that the Roman Catholic religion must be t a u g h t in all schools. ; T GUIS F R E N C H did not seem I surprised at his daughter's ab| rupl decision to return borne at mcc. "1 hate to see ycu cut your 'isit short, Lsuric, but I'm graic- ul you c a m e . I don't suppose herc'll ever -e another summer J :ke th;j, with just us two lo- i jelhur.'' I "No," Lairie answered. "There , von't ever I-,? another summer like i his." Bui the wasn't IhinkinR of i ler f a t h e r . She was t h i n k i n g nf Sieve, who wns fond of her, hut :i()( In love w i t h her. All the way up lo Capitol Cily \-\cr thmifihu flew in dismal circle?, U l o w could Steve have kissed her J h a l way if he didn't love her? And if he did love her how rould he lei her go like this, knowing he would never see her again? The thought of never seems him again was lik* a wound Inside her. "Laurie." her father said, "I hate '.* sec you go away feeling like ihis." "What do you mean?" He gave her a quick sympathetic look. "It's q u i t e obvious thnt t o m c t h i i i R t h i i p p r n o f ) between you ' nul Sieve. 1 was n i l alniiR · iu were qninj; to bo h u r t . I've u ; , t ( h r d f u tojjclhei ami seen It p - f i w i r i j ; · all M i m n i r r I m i R . Tin I P M V it b:-d to t u r n o u t l i k r I b i s " "H,.\v do ynn know how it iurnci out?" "Sti*\.)' d i d n ' t i-v( n cotr.c lo I h e litui.'r In ',-.y |;i-fv(py. Am; vou Innk r.s llunijili the whole world has f a l ' |rn to piercr." I "I t h i n k maybe It has," Laurie I Tuey pulled i n t o Hie .iirport, and I f.ilhor parked the car. lie rarried her liiRRacc in and cheated Mi found B r u n o in thf w.utinfi ronni nnrt hrr.unhl him back out. "1-Lvc a me? summer, Lnuric?" Thcrt was a e*tch in Laurie's voirr AS t h ^ nnswercd. "Wonder* tul, Bruno." "You certainly arc brown as a berry. Going lo get married t when you get home?" "I don't thin!: so," she said absently. "Laurie's kind of upset, Bruno," her father said. And then Laurie saw Steve coming down the walk from the parking lot She waved and he came through the crowd, bis big shoulder? swinging. She f,aw that his facf was taut and drawn, as he drew near. "I just couldn't stand to think of your fining away feeling so hurt. You don't h;ile me, do you, Liiuric?" She shook her head. The plane w;.s being called now and she siw Bruno nnd her f a t h e r motioning lo her. "I wi:.h there wr.c more time EO lhat I could make you see--" Sieve s..;d. "I'm going to mirs you, Laurie." He ki£.:cd her, a quick, awkward, impcrsonl kirs. · · · A I.L the way back to New York ^hc kepi going over the summer, chiy by tiay. and always she kept crming bark to those word? of .Steve's, "Our marriage would be w o n d e r f u l for n while, but then it would si.nit Roinfj to pieces." And w h e n be had said. "You said once you l i d n ' l wanl In make a m i M a k i * like your mother did. l l n n ' l yon i c a l i / o t h i s would be Ibr smne sort of n mil- She bad never before known how hoiiijj in love wl'* someone could h u r t . She had never droumcd t h a t she could ever be so "onfused and miserable. Mark nnd her mother net the plane in New York. Bruno had wired them. They knov the moment they saw Laurie th*t something wax wrong. Mark put hit arms ground her and kissed her, "You lool: wonderful, Ijmric!" h« Mid "lUyc ·.nlco summer?.** Boyle's Column By HAL BOYLE New Ybrl:-(/Pj-Can a man really j do anything about his u'.vn life? j Or is Us length--and the manner of his death--prescribed b;- higher | powers even before his birth? . The possibility ihal they a r e , merely pa'vns oi fate has interest- j ed fools and philosophers since j men first looked up at the stars and asked the eternal "Why?" The cthtt uay a transicn', sleep- , ing 30 feet from a road, was killed wnen a passing car v?as forced off the hignway and ran over him in the dark. Probably no man had napped at lhal exact spot since the beginning of lime . . . and no car wheel had passed over it. What brought man and vchi.le disastrously together at the xacl I moment--chance or destiny? Henry might have lashibned into a macab.-e tale. , Life is full oi such mishaps, and many people say, "Well, it was just In the cards" or "eveo'thing is a matter of odds." And lor .some reason it comforts them, perhaps because they don't have to blame themselves for what happens. War brings out this type of fatalism in many, "If a shell or a bullet has your number on it, well, brother, that's it," they say. Hov.-evor I never knev/ a felJow like t h a t who didn't duck like everybody else when a shell burst nearby. All of which is preamble for a true-life story thai has just come to our desk--an eerie little happening that De Maupassant or O. The setting is in that continent of darkness-- Africa. And the events were brought out at an in- quen court in Salisbury South Africa, -vhich was investigating the def leap ot a native fisherman into a river infested w i t h ing his sheath knife with his lef,t hand and slashing the crocodile's But hospital doctors had to amputate Mudungv/e's right arm. . The envied.fisherman in lime returned lo bis task, fishing the same river. Years later he again was seized by a crocodile. This time he was rescued by a companion who slabbed the crocodile \vith a spear. At Ihe hospital doc-'or s amputated Mudungwe's left arm. Reluming to his village, he re.- fuscd eat or talk and sat alone, brooding. One day he jumped up, muttering, "Crocodile calling me, crocodile calling me." He ran lo the river, leaped in, and was immediately dragged under and killed by a crocodile. A policeman, summoned by the villager?, shot the reptile to death. When the villagers hauled il out, they were awed to find il was blind in bclh eyes and bore Ihe scars-of spear wounds on its body. The duel between Mudungwe and his crotodil cwas over. What brought them together three times? Chance or destiny? "Yes. Mark, Just lovely." "I don't think she locks wonderful at all, Mark." Emmy said when they were in the car and driving toward the apartment. "I don't know how we'll ever ?.ct your skin in shape by October. Laurie. And what has happened to your hair? You look positively unkempt." "Don't badger her, Emmy. She looks fine to me," Mark interrupted. He changed the subject, '.or which Laurie was grateful. It hcd started to rain and the windshield wipers made little clacking noises above the murmur of Mark's voice as he talked to her mother in the front seat. Looking at herself in .he mirrored foyer of the apartment house as they waited for the elevator, Laurie aw that she was very pale. She did look different somehow. Older? Wiser? Or just sadder? · * · CHK wailed until M a i k had fixed *~^ them each n drink before she told them she had decided not to murry Fletcher. She knew it uould precipitate a scene. And it did. She did not tell them about Steve. And in th end her mother said, "It's all Louis's doing. I knew it was a mistake for Laurie lo go out there t b i p summer. He's responsible for Ibis. He did it to liu.t me! He waited all these years!" "N o .1 s e n s e, Emmy, L o u i s roulrln't hold a ^rurlgr 10 minutes id you k n o w il," M m k put in. "Dad hiid nothing to do w i t h it," nurie MI id. She flushed and ilped her d r i n k , Slu- R i n d when she could enpc nnd fin lr her m \ n room. She went in and shut the door nnd w r n l to the w i n d o w and sioml looking out. The rain had slopped now, but the trees were dripping. She watched the traffic go by, Ihc UfiMs of the cars sending long yellow pennants across the wet pavtmcnu. It wasn't peaceful like the country. She miiscd the sound of tree toad* in the woods, and water going over the riffle in the river. She misxed a 1M ol things, Moat of all she missed Steve. Dorothy Dlx Dear Miss Dix: My husband and I have hern married five years and have three small children. During this time he Mas gradually battered my love irito an unrecognizable pulp through his being ro totally selfish. He snems to delight in tormenting everyone who cares for him. For instance, he will suggest we go to the show and then, when I have everyone ready, no sits around not doing anything u n t i l we're so disgusted we don't care whether we go or not. At mea!I time, I call him when dinner is j ready, then he fiddles around un- i til the food is cold before ho I comes to the table. Now the chil- 1 dren and I go ahead and cat with' out waiting for h i m . He is the same outside the family and, while I have learned to live with him, 1 don't think it is a good home life for Ihp children. He has never helped me w i t h the youngsters. He is very hard on them. He beat the older boy once, and I have caught him squeezing their heads, pulling their h a i r , twisting their arms and things of that :-nrt. I keep t e l l i n g myself one marries fur better or worse, nnd no i marriage is perfect, hut is this carrying things to extremes? 1 .still love my hvsband, but fonl as if it will never'be a normal love. ?Irs. K. C. Answer: Vou have shown remarkable patience in dealing w i t h ·our husband, but I'm afraid hi? case is not one t h a t will vield in that sort of treatment. His petty. tyrannical treatment for yoii would be cause enough for concern but remedies might be found for it. However, his cruelty to his own children indicates an aberration so sadistic that skilled medical or psychiatric treatment is indicated. In his present condition, the youngsters aren't even safe with him. and serious physical i n j u r y ay rc-sitit if your household cnn- t:nues u n d e r thrsc oircumstanrcs. Youngsters Tn Pansrer Your sincere efforts to m a i n t a i n your hnync are commendnble, but a separation will certainly be necessary if your husband cmi- j-tinucs to mistreat the children.. ! Their physical danper is acute, : and the mental conflicts that can rrsull when babies of such tender i age are abused by their own fatlv er are not to be risked. Your husband is apparently a ; person of extreme possessiveness, | and has h?en irked by the fact j that three small children lake up 1 most of your time and attention, : leaving him with somewhat IOF.S i than the lion's share--to which he j feels ho is entitled. A normal husband and father, loving his wife and children, a c c n n t s these changes in domestic situations a's they come along, realizing that . his w i f e has enough love to cover . her entire family. A neurotic ' mind, such as your husband's, cfrn I never accept a situation in which I anyone UFUFDS to the least degree the homage lo which he has been accustomed. ' * j His tpinoeramental sulkiness ss j exhibited by failure to be ready . on time, or come to meals when ' railed, have boen handled admir*- | nbly. Vou could RO further along j those lines. A f t e r waitine a ronson- I al-1e time for him to take vou out, i co ahead without him; sit down to dinner with the children and : when you have finished, clear the i food and put it away. However, these arc minor matters compared fn thr cruelty towards the younjz- ' sters. This is your bic headache, and t h r onp t h a t should send you scurrying for expert personal an- · vice. A f a m i l y counselor, trusted | doctor or recommended osychia- | trist should be consulted. Even 1 though you h a t e to burden your i own family with these trouble. 1 ;, ! the situation is of surh seriousness i that their help should he invoked. if you fee! it will sid you in this I trouble. I do sincerly hone you can f i n d the assistance you need. i Henry Wells of Springfield, 1 M;i:; r .. d n v i n p a Duryca Motor \Vugon. collided with Evylyn : Thcnins, on bicycle, m Ne\v York ' City on May 30. 1896. It was th? first reported automobile accident. · Mi«s Thomas had a fractured le? ' and Wells spent the nijrhi In jail. P l"0f J. Answer to Previous Puizle HORIZONTAL I Cinema arlor Gregory .1 He portrays divers roles in -- films 8 He is ;i screen -- -12 n.icchannl;.' cry 13 River (Sp.) H Solicitude '15 Plexus : 16 Hostelry i 17 Fi uit peel '18 Scrutinize 20 Bashful VERTICAL 21 Before 122 Hasten .23 Diadem '2fiTrifoliolatc 30 Decay ·.11 Simple .12 n i v r r in England 33 Greek letter 31 Edible rontstork 35 A i l i n g .1C Oriental .18 Companions .40 Scottish shecpfold 41 Undent 42 Primp 45 Horses' gaits 49 Opera by Verdi 50 Entangle 51 Notlnn 52 Let It stand 53 Collection ol sayin«« 54 Harvott 55 Sailors 56 Babylonian deity 5? Coneludei ;. 1 Persian f?iry 2 Level 3 Folding beds 4 Retainer 5 Moment 6 Clue 7 Eternity 8 He is a star of stage nnd -9 Kite's end 10 Italian river 11 Interpret 10 Age :ORent 22 Demigod 2.1 Large plant 24 Jot 25 Indonesians nf Mindanao N E E L. S 1 -- A A O U P 15 T A T e 0 CJ f 0 w 1 V M S \ h4 U N A T H ^ T m B N P S u IM f S R N "T* R El O O T A, R C? O P A A »A U S K r A S, E S M K N\ -M H t. W W E ** E ^ P B S E H R S A rt R E A C M S t_ O G e T R A I O | l_ s S 0 sr p U E 1- S R A E R P E G O ME O N A G T 5 2 7 E n l r a n c e 41 Assessment to a mine amount, 28 Far off 42 Time gone by (comb, form) 'ISCosn-.ic order ' 29 Lampreys 44 German river 31 Female horse 45Walking stick 34 Year between -16 Paradise 12 and 20 47 Peruse 37 Handles 4fi Tree fluids 38 Male 50 Shakespearean 26 Gull-like bird 39 Dress queen 1 II ^s Si 2 Z1 J IS 4 « ... 5 Ii Ib il ii it fc a, '%': ^ 5M 7 ·J to W 6 » 17 it tl if I'l LiJ 9 17 ii 3i u ·» 10 ze 17 ··vi " 2 1 ) ,,

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