Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 10
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·K S3'" "HOOTHWPT AOUMAS fMtfi, I A**** it, mt Chinese Appeal To Russia , Seen As Move To Gain Aid Waihintton-(^)-A 15 man Chi-1 may leak out, piece by piece. Or rieee government delegation his ] It may not be revealed until the ifrived in Moscow for talks with Communists, Chines or Russian _ . . , . . ,, i begin Romij new adventure, such Ruicliiu and undoubtedly, ,, w , s , r|ed ,,, Koreli wank help. It seems * salt mess felt they went there to cook up misery for someone. To ShrlM OR 71 b ScMM For Swday i party was headed Ek-lal, Chinese premier, and In Muded military, economic an diplomatic leaders. China, not be lof militarily self-sufficient, need fluttiin help if It wishes to prc |nd to real power . I- The specific reason for the visl FT. SMITH'S : First Big-Time ICE SHOW! CARPER STADIUM '? Aug. 19 thru 23 MM* At 1:15 _ X 1IWI While the Chinese need Russian help, the Russians need the Chi i nose. Particularly If they want to ' _ j expand Communism in Asia and fit the same time keep the United States busy on two fronts: Europe and Asia. Yet, if the Russians attempted to aid the Chinese militarily on a big scale, they'd be in a position somewhat similar to that of the United States: They'd be siphoning off supplies, as we do for our European allies. Must Keep Friendship The Russians can't afford to an Her the Chinese. If the latter brok with Russia and made peace witl the west, Moscow's world position would be badly shaken. Such a break seems unlikely The Chinese have their eyes on the rest of Asia. So long as Rus sla Is .it threat in the west, the strength of the west Is split two. So Is Its ability to stop the Me* -- law). Tai $150 · $2.00 - $2.50 few to Suti $3.00 U*ne*ne4 -- $1.00 MAIL ORDERS FIUID PROMPTLY MM check or money order with itaoiptd Klt-addrewed envelope to: ICC VOODC8 of ItU. % Atulta Orotto. Muon- Ic Temple. Ft. Smith, Ark. Make checks payable to: 1C! .voaoB. · woiura LABOEIT roKtuu ict nooKt ··unw vrAM rtoM nn COUNTRIES! Oe en lale Aeg. « al rf CMMwrr* Otflee 411 Camta!, Ft ft»IU ] Aawtta, GfetU f*c Cental Mar CMItre* al Jeetpk If. MT Meet. Fart Chinese. Vet, the Russians must have misgivings about the Chinese for .he future unless they can find some way to reduce China to nuppet as they have done with Poland. Czechoslovakia and the other satellites. With a population of ibout 390 illion, .the Chinese now outnumber the Russiins by about 13( million. But Chlni i.i backward economically, militarily, and in dustrlally. It will be years before China can produce for wir on the same scale as Russia. Until then him is not a full rival or threat o Russian survival. Adrian "Pop" Anson, star for he Chicago Cubs before the turn f the century, was a student at Jotre Dame and introduced the amc of baseball there in 1887. RUES Crane, new line coach at Vest Virginia U., was once a con- ert singer and professional wrest- Winslow-(Special)-The fourth*. annual pilgrimage to the Roman Catholic Shrine of Our Lady of the Otarks, on Highway 71 just south of here, is scheduled for | Sunday, August 14. Approximate ly 1,000 pilgrims from all parts o the United States are expected to take part in the ceremonies. Low Miss will be celebrated a A a, m , followed by High Mass a 10 a. m. The statue of Our Lad of the Ourks will be crowned b Bishop Albert Lewis Fletcher, an the congregation will make an ac of consecration to the Immaculat Heart of Mary. In addition t Bishop Fletcher, the Rev. Fathe Bede Mitchell, priest of St. Ed ward's Catholic Church of Littli Rock, and other churchmen wll attend: The pilgrimage, which falls on the 10th anniversary of the Shrine, was originated four years i ago by the present pastor, the Rev Father Joseph A. Costa, a member of the congregation of the Stlgmatlne Fathers. Since that time the number of pilgrims attending each pilgrimage has increased steadily. A sermon by Bishop Fletcher will be followed by the exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament. At 2:30 p. m. Father Mitchell will deliver a sermon followed by the procession of the Blessed Sacrament. Services ol the most Blessed Sacrament will close the benediction. Our Lady of the Ozarks, the only Shrlnp of the kind on Highway 71 between Canada and the Gulf of Mexico, was founded 10 years ago following a survey by Miss Clara Muxen and Mrs. W. E. Sublett of Winslow, who requested that the Shrine be established. It was first housed In a former service station owned by Miss Muxen. Later the present native stone building was erected. Grand Jury To Hear Charges In Vice Probe Dress Manufacturer Free On Bond After Arrest In New York New York - (/P) - Findings in 8 cafe society vice probe which has j latcd, "I went over the falls. I'd GAS-RUN RICKSHAW-OX.!*, will putt-putt Hong in comfort behind one of theie motoriud rickshaw* won if the MtMtnchmidt Co. of Frankfurt, Germany, has it* way. The one-time lamed aircraft maker hopes'to make them popular in America, Africa and Asia. The rickshaws are powered · with 64 horsepower engines and ilia 1M Ulometen on 2U liters of gas, with a top apeed of 32 miles per hour. Survives Seven Days In vlountaJns Using Know-How He Learned As A Boy Scout Sonora, Calif.--WP)--Brent Braderry, 13, today told a hair-raising lory of how he survived seven ays alone in the high Sierra us- ng Boy Scout know-how. The husky Lynwood, Calif nd bruises. Brent was to 'outh walked into a fishing camp iaturday, a week after he van- shed on a fishing trip. Doctors ere said Ms physical condition was perfect, except for sore feet join his father, Pentcl Bradberry, a Los Angeles tore executive, today. The father 'as en route here from a search or the boy in another section of le mountains Brent said he used his knowl- dgn of woodcraft as he followed mall Cherry creek downstream. Estimates of the distance he ramped, waded, swam and umbled ranged from 20 to 50 nlles. He said he frequently rossed his own palh in lookin or trails. I "The third day out." Brent rn- been working my way down the river, sometimes wading, sometimes swimming, when all of a sudden I was caught in a heavy swirl of water. I was draggec downstream two miles and wenl over a number of cascades and two waterfalls. One was 20 feet high. "There was a bend in the river and 1 managed to ban rock there and pi big out. ng ull onto a · myself I got out sopping wet. but found an old, rotten redwood tree, scooped out a nice bed and crawled in . it was warm and I slept all night." Young Bradberry said he'd eaten only some pine nuts, juicy dried apricots he found. He also dried apricots he found. He alos found two pairs of trousers at an abandoned camp to reinforce his own pants--worn through at the seat from sliding over rocks and underbrush. The area in which h« was missing in on the northwest frinje ol Vosemite National Park. MOORE S F U M E R A L CHAPEL ATTENTION Dairymen and Famten Let us solve your Feeding Problem by filling your silo, using a new Ensilage Cutter for Full Information Call 68-L, Hunrsville or 1689, Fayetteville | nessmen and in return receive the Officials said the Jelke and j sum of $500." The Hawkins wo- Chapman cases were not connected but that Information obtained in the Jelke probe led to the arrest of Chapman Saturday night. He and a beautiful woman companion were taken into custody at his apartment. The unidentified woman later was released. Assistant Dist. Atty. Robert R. Reynolds sad Chapman procured blonde Nancy Hawkins, 23, for prostitution purposes and sent her vt a Ritr. Tower Hotel suite on man is one of the three held as a material witnesses in the Jelke case. Lew Bostick, new head line coach «t Tulane University, is a former star gridder for the University of Alabama. Jack Dwyer, Washington Redskins' halfback from Loyola U. of Los Angeles, Is an accomplished cartoonist. mared a young heir and a weal- ,hy dress manufacture will be j as material witnesses. Jelke Is free | June H "to entertain three busi- presented today to a Grand Jury. | on $50,000 bail. Assistant Dist. Atty. Bert Robots said last night that the Grand Jury would deal with the aepar- tc vice charges against Mlnot F. I'elkc, socially registered heir to in oleomargarine fortune, and Jamuel H. Chapman, a dress manufacturer. Roberts said a number of witnesses would be called. But he named only one -- Pai Thompson, described as a young moaO, who was questioned for eight hours yesterday and then kept overnight at the prosecutor's office In the custody of a policewoman She was not charged. Chapman, 59, former husband of noted dress designer 'Cell Chap man, was freed on $9,000 ball yes terday after he pleaded innocen to a charge of procuring prcsti lutes without a fee for "his friend: and business relations and his cafe society associates." He also wa: charged with possessing a pornographic art collection of hundreds of pictures and statuettes. Jelke, 22, was arrested Friday on a charge of compulsory prostitution along with two other persons. Three young women, described as models and fledgling television actresses, has been hclc R.F.D. Seven . ly JACK CARtlSU That fine rain we had Tuesday night sure put a lot of new life in the folks along the route. Of Mail Carrier!' Aatociitlon, which was held at Stillwater, Oklahoma, last week, it is quite an event, and the dream of all good carriers is to someday be able to attend the "National. 1 J. W. C. Wood has added a few more sheep to his flock. The grass has been a little belter than he .. "·» t/wii · jiiuc ucuci mail jic course, there wasn't much to do| first thd'ufht it would be. I un- until the rain came. Usually Jolderstand that he has around Ann Mathis keeps those fine prize steers washed and scrubbed, but the water shortage delayed their baths for several weeks. However, Jo Ann was out there Wednesday morning getting ready to give them a good going-over. The steers were tied out on the frtnt lawn and she was carrying water. I think she even washes behind their ears. . . And Jack Hall must have started that tractor of his'as the last drop of water fell. When time, but he was still plowing. I think I have been findin more fruits and vegetables in th i Jenny Brown box than even I de I serve. Beans, cabbage, peaches etc. The cabbage was even jilt wrapped in a heavy lea* foil. . And J. E. Dockery has kept ou: table supplied with those fine to matoes he'has raised in spite o the drouth. He put in about three acres in new ground and they di( all right. Of course there have been a couple of rains out there that some of the folks elsewhere missed. The Claud Graham family was visiting in the Sulphur City-Hicks community last week and I got to meet them. The Grahams left here eirtt years ago and now make their home in Pittsburg, California, where Mr. Graham is employed by an oil company. The Grahams say that they never miss an issue of the Times and always look forward to "RFD jfEVEN." I like to hear people talk like that. The Reverend Buchanan and a group of colored singers from the Saint James Methodist Church n Fayetteville will put on the entire program (Tuesday) at tomorrow night the community building at Sulphur City. They recently appeared at the White, house Church, and I hear that :hey are worth going many miles .0 see and listen to. I have been leaving Huby Lolar's mail with her neighbor, Mr. Shaw, while she was away on vacation, but I see that she is back, haven't got to talk to Ruby so don't know where she has been. . But I'll bet that wherever she went or whatever she did she had good' time. Ruby is full of life a n d ' fun and always enjoys her- eli --and so do the people she's round. Those little tags that the VFW's send out each year arrived a little late this time. They are miniature car-license tags, corresponding to your own auto license number. You are supposed to attach the small tag to your key, 50 in case of loss the keys are traced back to you. These little tags are usually sent out about a month after you get your license, but we didn't get them, until last week. Lee Hughes, W. I. Cook, »nd Hugh Pond (retired), attended tho National. Convention of the Rural hundred now. But these synthetics hail surely knocked the bottom out of the wool market. It looks like wool suits ire going to be cheaper than those made out of that high-priced cotton. The Frank Pattersons' son, Don and wife, Beverly, have moved to Anderson, Indiana. The Pattersons who bought the Dexter place between Sulphur City and Hicks, came here from Indiana, about a year ago. · - . ' ' ' · When Mrs. Sheehan met me at the mail box a few days back with a rifle slung over her shoulder, I was glad to learn that she was after a hawk and not me. She shot the hawk out of a high tree ani it fell in the bushes, but the wan never able to find it-- but she did discover that there were plenty of ticks around. A. J. Miller, who rum the little store in the edge of Haiel Valley, has recenty undergone an operation, but 1 understand from the folks in the neighborhood that he is getting along all right. I belicvp that the operation was performed at Prairie Grove, and that an ambulance was not needed for transportation. Two rounds of sale catalogues * from the big mail order companies, announcing the beginning of their fall and winter salM came in today. A fall-winter catalog · seems a little out ol place in wea- :her like this, however, it is more ike fall after that fine rain last night and today. Three members of the championship West Virginia basketball earn of 1942 were killed in ao ion during World War II. TOEYUION IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From a Television Servict Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Tonire Tuesday 7:00-10:00 Mia TIE ILMK HAfi TREY NK! nss UIKRS CUtTOlMEl ilW dim · HCHn MB · tam INK · ME! Kit Color CiriooR News Tuesday Nitc 10:30 SNEAK PREVIEW Tht Title of the Picture t i t You Guess tV Win Free Passes See the regular thaw . . . Remain for preview at our gueit Pony X. Miniature Ridti * Golf KiddiM Playground HMHTCST OF MOTION PICTURES CECIL B.DI ON EARTH C COOL! U A R K IHOWINd CARTOON LATE NEWS _ . C , 00 . L __ EI » D » PALACE TONITE VENGEANCE VALLEY AFRICAN TREASURE TUES.-WED.-THURS. -- On. for Enrirt Family i Hi mi -.· mm MMtUtOH H U M . « COLORED CAN Just Arrived ANOTHER SHIPMENT N Y L O The Coolest Shirt on Earth 6.95 PUCKERED NYLON SPORT SHIRTS Expertly Tailored, Washable, Pre-Shrunk Jus) received another shipment of Puckered Nylon Shirts. We hove hod hundreds of colls doily for thii shirt, )0 don't delay if you want one. They are Preciiien Tailored and Expertly Styled, Permanent Fit become they can'! shrink. Slay neat and fresh longer. Easy la wash, dry in o jiffy. ·Maize ·Tan ·Copen Blue ·Short Sleeve · Ice Blue ·Gray · Lime Nationally Known Brands Pont Nylon Sizes S-M-ML-L · Fully Guaranteed Qt POPULftR PPlCCS

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