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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 7
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Giants, Indians Apply Pressure On League Leaders Dodgers Lose PRIDE OF THE FAMItYTM By Mm Mov* Perfect Gome To Phils; Lead Cut Half Game Tribe Sweeps Pair From White Sox To Gain On Yankees By JOE KEIOHLER AaeweUted Preti Sperts Writer Cleveland's Indians and New York's Giants continued to apply the pressure on the league leaders but the spotlight was lifted off the pennant races and shifted to the two St. Louis clubt Sunday. In St. Louis, rookie Stu Miller was deprived of a chance to join seven other rookies who have hurled a pair of shutout! in their first two major league starts. Shortstoo Solly Hemus made a double error, with two out in the ninth inning to let in the lone Cincinnati run in. the Cardinals' 2-1 triumph. 'The Culumbus, Ohio. grad had Ditched » 1-0 shutout win over the Chicago Cubs in his first start last week. Bentate, Browna Split Tn Detroit, the Tigers and Browns »ot a standoff in their bin "waiver" swap of a week ago. Ned Carver pitched Detroit to a 4-2 v'ctory over his old Brownie mates after outfielder Vic Werlz had whipped his ex-Tiger mates with a two-run homer for a 4-2 trl- umoh in the first same. Wert7 a'so homered and hit two singles in the recond eamf. Trihe Gains Ground Cleveland closed to within a flame and a half of the American League-leading New York Yankees. sweeoine a oair from Chirac's White Sox, 6-2 anrt 2-1. behind B+b Feller and Mike Garcia. The Yanks, meanwhile, nioped t^e Fed Sox in Boston. 3-2. on v igi Berra's double and Gene Woodling's single in the ninth in- !"'·"!. F* )? « S^de Bums The Giants missed a fine on- Dortunity to cut deep into Brook- Ivn's hu?e flrst-nlace lead in the rational hy snlittine with the Boston Braves while Philadelphia's Phillies were shading the Arkansas SPORTS NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Fayelteville, Arkamai, } Monday, August IS, 1952 National Loop Box Scores , ·MttM T, N*w Twk I I ri|t|T ·*·» American Loop Box Scores ·OITON | ab r h HIW TONK ab r M«W Yrrh ] BAttM NtW TMK 1 *b r h Muriln, 2b i n a D.Muii . n, 5 ,c SPORTS ROUNDUP i -Talbot Seconds Motion To Place Paige In Baseball Hall Of Fame Dittmer. 2h Surkont. p ' learn, p 1 ".uinedy. p I llgney. 2b 37 7 10 ?otala By CAYLE TALBOT New York-ftfVA movement afooi to vote Satchel Paige, a-Oround b--Hit inh Sth. Boston New York C--bockmi Thompson. Gfr-drm 3. fv --Gordon. Dick Marlowe, Buffalo Bisons righthander, pitched a perfect baseball game against the Baltimore Orioles for a 2-0 victory in Baltimore. The 23-year-old native of Hickory, N. C., prevented a single enemy batsman from reaching first base as he became the first pitcher to toss a no-hit, no-walk, no-run game in the International League since 1910. ' «,-.!--nanirls. Surkonl. I- :i 2. Vrk. Cooper. 2B about him in Ih. dugout,, and i ? 0 ^on^FS"CSlTM "\ exTg'g«a" n r "" *" """' *"! S£i*±nN?feiS?taT HO-Hear?, They said he was into baseball's HM1 of Fame, and Diz7 - v Dcan or Lc ."-' after considerable thought we have decided it is the thing to do. H yeu want 16 «o by Paige's I storming country. We recall one rather brief record in the big | we n known hatter of the period-- itaguss, then he doe« not, of course | possibly it was Paul Wancr--say- b«long amang_ tlie _ilatuary ' j j i n s earnestly, "I'm glad he ain'l "" ' ""' this league." practically ageless Negro pitcher. ll's HM1 of Fame, and is Koorl a? Grove ami would iell remarkable talcs of duels between him anrl reiqnins in R 'n 4 ' i Jnnin?*; Kennedy 1 ,', ··" "·ornccr I In 2- Wl'helm 0 In 1: Gre«« 2 In 7. R /U F.R-SMrknnl 3-1. "--- Fnfnr S rr'Tl",MnV WP-Spe"rer Surkonl m-101. I,--Hcsrn in-.Si tod?ers. 2-1. Dave Jtos'o otit- p'tched Warren Snahn. .4-2, In the p'»Mcap after the Bravei, led by Sid Gordon's three-run homer, Md won the noener. 6-3. Nf V. A'l Divide Pair Washington clung to fourth place in th» American, dividing a nair with PhUidelnhia. Bob For- terfleld -won his 10th with t 7-} Prst-Mme trlump for the Nats | *. hut the Athletics overcame a 5-0 de'icit to take the second. 15-5. Ralph Kiner heloed Pittsbvr;! Burke Tie For LeadAlK.C. Kansas Cltv-W-Cary 1 Middlecoff breezed into his second tournament Dlayoff within a week today, meeting Jack Burke Jr. of i Houston, Texas, for the Kansas ! City Open golf title. | The Memohis. Tenn., pro and Burke tied at 276 strokes, 12 un- Coopcritown, N. Y. But when all the factori ol nil imating career are cocisidtred. there can exist little doubt thai the ilim- ilow- lalkin' master of control deaerTei to be the first of hit rac: to win the game'l higheil honor. Here, by all the evidence, is one of the great pitchers, one who almost certainly would have ranked with the Mathewsons and Alexanders and Johnsons but for the /act that he cams along too soon, before Jackie Robinson broke down the racial barrier in 1946 with Montreal. But Icr all that. Satchmo remained a sort of llring fabla^ a dusky Paul Bunvan of the bnicbal! world, until Bill V%eck Tin him down between one-night tlandl in 1948 and ilqned him to a Cl«reland contract. Tha raoit anisiinq Ihinj of all is that Paige, though by then almost certainly in hii high 49'i, jllll retained enough of hit ability to meke men marvel at what he must hare been in his prim?. The tin?! proof, it it were needed, camp in that 12-inning shutou- Satch pitched against the Detroit Ho on. cm «IT for certain what' Tigers recently. I5y any yardstick Paiqt't record would have been if it rank? amonc tho outstanding ht hed cem» to thi big show in teals of baseball history-- a reliefer his prim., bul it is poisiblt toi of 50 years, more or less, showing make a mighir good quess. F i f - ' t h e youngsters how. Aftgr that, tt«n and 20 7.111 ago, big l?3quer* who had run afoul of his last ball on some winter lour would talk who can doubt what the man would have none 20-25 years ago if he had had the opportunity. der par. at the end of the regula- Fain a split in the double bill with the Cub's, hitting his 26th homer of th» year to lead the Pirates to s 5-2 rUnMcan win. That was the score of the Cubs' first game tri- umoh as Bob Rush drove 'n three' | rrns In registering his 12th tri- i umph. tion 72 holes in the $15,000 tournament. The IB-hole medal plav match for the S2.400 first prize was scheduled to begin at 2:30 p. m. over the 6.208-vard. par-72 Milburn Country Club course. Just a week aeo todav Middle- eof f lost a playoff to Julius ^oror. Mid Pines, N. C., In the $25.000 World" Golf Tournament at Chi- In yesterday's c o m p e t i t i o n , Burke turned in a sizzling unrier-par 67 after missing a 30- inch putt on the last hole. He blamed the bark nf a dog. which How Thev Stand W L Pet. New York 69 48 .590 Cleveland 67 49 .578 Boston 61 51 .545 Washington 61 56 .521 Chicago ,. 60 58 .503 Philadelphia 57 58 .501 St. Louis 50 69 .420 Detroit 39 77 .336 Sundij'i KeitUto New York 3 Boston 2 Cleveland 6-2, Chicago 2-1 Washington 7-5 Philadelphia 2-12 I,,. , rt w i t h St. Louis 4-Z Delroit 2-4 NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. Breoklyn -- 73 37 .644 New York 66 45 .595 St. Louis 67 49 .578 Philadelphia 61 53 .535 Chicago 57 58 .496 Boston 49 64 .434 Cincinnati 49 67 .422 Pittsburgh 35 84 .294 Sunday's Results Philadelphia 2 Brooklyn 1 Boston 8-2 New York 3-4 second game called 7'.4 innings, darkness St. Louis 2 Cincinnati 1 Chicago S-2 Pittsburgh 2-S came just as he started his putt, for the miss. Middlecoff played his last two u iles in a driving rain and got a i 69. ' Burke, who won four consecutive tournaments earlier this summer, n'ayed eight rounds of sub- par goK in the Tam-O'Shanter ! and "World" Golf Tournaments at Chirago and was well under par in four rounds here. Boros, who took the lead in money winnings by virtue of his big erah at Chicago, had to set- le for *50 here after shooting 74 fo- i ?92 tot?!. "It just goes lo prove I can shoot poor golf as easily as T can "hoot bad eolf." the good-natured Boros explained. Ed "Porky" Oliver. Lemont, 711.. who started the final round in 204 strokes, and Dave Douplas of Newark. Del., who was in second place one stroke behind, settled for a second | and third nlace tie at 277, good for $1,200 each. Aussie Stars Top-Seeded In U.S. Doubles Walcottr Marciano To Sign For Title Scrap Wednesday ,, l a n f a n t . T--*M2. IICOND BM'.on nOO 003 IW-J NC'v York .. . "03 100 Ox--4 Koslo [\"P »nrt Yvara: Spahn Cole and Burria. I, p«»-h«r*li ) . . « « PITTHUROH i eme«eo · b r h' «o ' \ Koshor'k, 3b 5 1 V Brown. M 4 0 0 4 0 0 Addb. rt . 1 1 0 4 1 pjeffcoat. cf 0 0 0 4 0 2 1 B'mh'17. cf-rl 4 0 3 0 o'Snuer. If PRO r/ne, THE P. a. A. ? 5 S ?.","»· Collins. Left- Ion I BB--Parnell 2. Lopat E. fcO-- Ptrnell 6, [jiput 4. Gor . Gorman (4-1 1; Loier-- Parnell t»-7i. t!~ : Btrry. Paparella. D u f f y and Komm^l I T-- !:4«. A-- 30.S3I. . T#O or M HAP PREVIOUSLY REACttfP T#e RG.A. FMAi ofltY ToiO-if- He TO 9fteA / Joe TO TO fiOGArltr ut lor Spen'rer'ln Tlh. r rC ou, lor Wl.h«.n, In Oront. Dnvi*. cf Kincr. If Bell rl ,, . _ -- - - M'tkVch, Ih 4 n I ' A l w e l l . c . bBarlT'ome WHkv p cWolls Totals 4 0 2'Fondy. Ih n 0 OSer^nn. 2h 4 0 1 1 lackson. 3 b 1 o o Rush, p 1 0 0 0 0 0 ' o o n 1 34 J 9 Tolull 4 1 2 J 1 1 4 (I ?. 3 I 0 ? 1 1 4 0 I 31 ! 7 a--Popped out for Wansh In 7th. b--Han for Garagioia In 9th. c-walked for Wllks In'"!- ,,,,, , Pittsburgh - ooin 101)0_0-2 rhlrnffo 100 102 10X--3 TM-Kn«lior e V."RBI-S.uer 2. Melko- vlch 3, K ,^Jj s ;JJ- A | s " Bl! llXddi" D .I»cTM TM n S--Waiiih. FsrVnr L e f t -- P j t f - burnh «. Chicago 7. BB--WauRh 4. Rii"h 1. sO-Wrurh I. Wllkl 2. mi«h 10 HO --Wau"h B In B Innings: Wllks 1 In 2. n it F.I? -- Wau5h 4-4: Wllkl 1-1: Tlil!li · · HBP--Rush (Pirll). Wlnnc r -Ull'h i t - N i l ) t'.or-r--'Vauih 11-1'. U--Ducoli. Warneke s"d n"e'*. T--1:M. Plll.burgh i ^.?'.S l ft'jjJ = » 71. C ¥rfe£l "(WprViid'TilMcralfl: Killy (LP), Leonnrd unrt Chlti. LOOIt ah r h ab r h Marsh, f a 5 1 3 Groin, c f 4 0 1 Gold'bry. Ih 4 I 2 Berrv u 4 0 0 Nleman. I/ 3 I 1'Hatfleld 3h 1 0 1 4 1 1 Drnpo. Ih 4 0 2 4 0 0 Soufhock, rf 3 I I 3 n r OeL'lni. If 4 1 3 4 0 I BatU. c . 1 0 0 4 0 1 [tMllllin 1 0 f l 3 n 1'Federnff. *2b .1 o I 1 0 0 ''MiiMj I fl I I fewhpuwr. 0 2 0 0 cGlniberg l 0 0 i -- - · -· 5 in I . Courtney, Porter, cf Younff. -b Brarden. o Harrlat. p Tola la » 4 IliTolala J4 2 10 n«rv*r (WPt MM O^-s-rB; (LP). Pail« iinrl rnurtmy. Ckrla*4 I. ckklfi 1 siuar jYnnks Win Second Game Of Little World Series J 5-9 Yuooslavs Seek Refuge Outside Iron Curtain · -- Poppcri fnr Hsl'i In llh. r-- Sin fled for Kedtrftff in 1th. c -- Hit In'o · doubit piny for New- hotucr In tth. St. LouU ,. ........... ooo no O2fl-- 4 Detrr'J .. 000 001 000--2 E-- ,"~one. RBI-- Por'er. Go!(liberry. i _,, ., , , , , Wc-rtJ ?. Snucbnck. D-Wnir. 5B-- Miir'li. The YankeP.*: took a cnrnmanrl- HR-Wtrtz. r-'iichorh. ncivn^ s-- MriR Icati In Faycttflvilla's "Mttlc ?±; nP n,c'oTd h r"v: .r^Vn'r. 1 ;-! World Series" Salurday by dump- und Gn'tiahftrrv: Sourhock nnd Dronn ! ing the Glnnts, IS-fl, In the s^c- . 1. Harriet i, Nc^-tiowor 7. Ho-- ' 'i ve series. The Yanks won the Bearder, · In 7 I n n l n j j Inone out In ! opener, and nmu n«nrf bUl one win ., to' win (7-3V Lo*er-- Kfwhoincr (R-»i u-- Pn»- ; a 2 .r,.ll.. Hurley. Napp and Fro«e. T- ·ICON* AAMI St. Louli . . . . ooi iwi ono_2 » » " ' " * ~ " ;!»· 1 ·R«4)KI Brooklinc, . - - . _. _ r ..-._..·.-__, I M,ii»«i,m« l stars Frank Sedgman and Ktn! : PHILADILPHIA McGregor--the world's top doubles j Philadelphla-WPj-A crown rest-| ^ 'Vi rcox. sb players--are heavy favorites to. ing uneasy on his brow, ageless | cab'e'ro. ;b l 0 o.Reeie. «a LTN ah r h 4 0 9 fl n n retain tfceir . tandem title . in. the National Doubles Tennis Championships opening today at Long-, wood. i The men's division is packed, posing teams seem likely to be a serious threat to the Aussie duo which yesterday added the Newport, R. I., Casino Invitation Crown to ils U. S. and Wimblsdon Icntt will nut his Aahburn." cf 5 I 2iRobln»on. 2b 3 0 0 W .X. 1 ! 1 P ut . ls 1 Wyro'k. rt . 2 0 l.Camp'n. f 4 1 1 ght championship j Knnl^lf ^ J o , ; |.-ub.. if l » ' .Jersey Joe._Wai world heavyweight nn the line here September against undefeated Rocky Marcl- "in. a swamiipq. club-fisted This nrrks only the second time in more thnn a year that the 38- year-old Cinderella man of boxing jfrnm Camdcn, N. J., has ventured to nince at stake 'the title be wrested from F,7.7.ard Charles with in titles. Their chief competition probably ]., seventh-round knockout will come from the entry of Mcr- Pittsburgh last year, vyn Rose of Australia and Vio' Seixas of Philadelphia, second- SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W Pet. L Chattanooga 72 56 .563 Atlanta 71 60 .542 New Orleani 67 63 .515 Memphis ,, - 67 63 .515 Todoy's Market- on the foreign list. A mixed n n*rv such as theirs can be seeded in either domestic or foreign ratings., but thft Longwood officials put them in foreign classification for better balance in the play. Sedgman and McGregor whipped' Seixas and Bill Talbert of New York at Newport yesterday in a! 5-7. 9-7, 3-6. 9-7. MarcMno, undefeated in Jonej, Lopnta. c Waltkiu. Ib Drewa, p Totals 3 0 0' Snider, cf .1 c 0 HodXM. Ih 4 0 o'Eraklne-. p 4 0 0'aNclaon .1 Black, p 33 2 CiTolala i 0 0 4 0 n Z O O 1 0 0 fl n n M I 4 j-Groimdtd out (or Er«£ne In i 7th, Philadelphia ........... JM OOJ OJJ-f Brnr.klyn 01" "O 0 ?^-. 1 E-- Cox, .lone« 3. Roblnaon, Cabel- Icro. Hod«r,, HBI-HodKCJ. Aahburn. Enni». !B-- Wyroitck. Alhburn ,Z rank SB-- Robinson, s-- Ilewe DP-Cox. Robinson and Hoil«««: B y a n. Ilamni-r and Waltkua: Jonta. Icro 4.1 and 41 i Brooklyn . . Cabnl- Sonata and Hamner: Robinson Hodgrs. l.ffl-Phlladtlnbl. «. bouts, aoprar^ confident h^'ll rue- j 5. so--Di rred whrre Charles failed \ .Tune. And indirnlions arc the New England clubber would £0 into t^c rin* at Municioal Stadium an approximate 2 to 1 favorite. Wnlcoit will ?rt 40 nr-r ccnl nf televised only to t ; *rstprs nnd 6-3. In" the sin'gles iinal,' Sedgman! backed out even for cinema-view. ,,!_.,:., ;.ie .nrm which ,-anksl ""='" ""iHadclphia a"H New F.n- him atop the world's singles p l a y - . j land. Marciano gels 20 per ccnl. crs by defeating McGregor, 6-3, Jersey Joe has a 90-riny clause B-2. 12-14, 6-3. assuring him of a return enpacc-. Top-seeded in the domestic listl mC nt if beaten and a 30-30 split of | p are a pair of veterans who have| ^e gate I . BB-Drewa 4. 2. Ersklnp 4. HO-- Er- · kine « In 7 Innlnw: Black 0 In 2. R S, ER-orevj 1-0; Ersklnj V2: Black 0-0. W-Drewa Ill-ID. I--Er- fklne (11-SI. U-- Stcorv. pmelll and Enneln. T-2:4I. A-- 1I.MJ. *l. L.ul, J. elmlllMtl 1 CIHC1HMATI I IT. LOU It ab r h 1 ah r h Ahrams. c( 3 0 HHemiis. «s 3 z z Ad»m». 3b 4 (I 2:Sc'nd'nat, 2b 4 0 2 Marahall. r( 3 0 OlMu.lal cf 3 0 2 Kluai'ikl. Ib 5 n 2!siau«hter. rl 4 0 1 ' Adcock. If 4 1 z H. Rice. If Halton. 2b 4 0 o'Lowrey. If Semlnlrk. c 3 0 H'Sensen, .^b M'Mlllan. u « 00'Staler. Ib Hlller. n z 0 n p. Rice, c Edwards 1 0 0 Miller. Hi r h . . Rodrle'*. :ih 4 I r M H f h e l l . U 5 n 1 F ox, zb 4 1 1 Avlla. Ztj 3 Z 1 Mlnoao. H . i o n Doby. c f I C O Robinson, Ib ·* 0 o'Wtitlake. cf n I 0 Mele. rf 4 0 0 '.aster, Ib 4 1 J Rivera, c.t 4 A rflonen. .Ih 3 1 0 I.o!lar. c 2 n o'Slmnmn. rf 4 1 ? Mhnaon. e 1 n 0 Boone. si 4 0 0 Miranda, aa a n I ' H e a r n . c 4 0 n r-Ktewart 1 n 0 Feller, p 3 0 0 Krellnw, p i o n Dobinn. 0 0 0 hWrltht i o l Totals M I S To'.a't Jl « 7 a--Struck out for Miranda In fth. b--Slnffltd for Dnbann In tin. Chlcajto 100 010 add--2 Cleveland .. 091 010 40x--« ' E-- Rohinaon. RD1--Melr. Easter Z. Rivera. RMen, Simn^on 3. ZB--\vlla. HR--S'mpaon. S--Kretlow. Mlnoao, Wutlakt. DI 1 --Avlla. BOOM and Eait- er. Left--Chloaao I. Cleveland «. BB-Kretlow «. feller fi. Sf^--K-ellO"- 4 Dob!on I. Teller 4. HO--Knl'ou- .1 In B (none on! In 7!M Innln/r; ")rh-in r hi 7. R «, Ol--Krellnw ,1-' n.ih-on '.-'.: Feller 2-2. W--Ftller n-n. 1^ Kreflow ta-."!. U--Summer-. McKlnley. Soar and ^"»v*n-. T--':fJ*. ·ION* QAMI Chlcaao noo Oil 001--1 It 11 Cleveland 001) 0*0 On\--- 7 11 Onrcli (WP) and Tebbf-.: Slobb* 'LP:, Aloma. Kennedy, Dorl.ih and I^ollar. ! In the next three giimcs ! the chainpinnrhip. ! ! Jim Estes wns the winning ·· I nitfh«f Ruturdnv. uld«d hy a h e a - j ! vy-hitlinu aitnck on lh« '" , | (joorge Lev/la and Dorsey Jones.! ! John Stcelc nnd liua iVio,,-!., ».,j.ii collected four hits in four trips to i h p p'ntc for the winnerF, Harold Hohanan hit three for four jnd David Ruahip.ji ccnlributsd s home run In the fifth with a man on. Lewis was the loser, dropping behind curly In the content. He who W«hl*it*n T. PH!IM*MI I relieved by Jones, p.ror | lly gave up eight runs. B!.. Myers made four hits for ihe losers. The third game Is slated for Wednesday. r.ueise'.shclm, G e r m a n y-WrV El«hl husky young men from Yugoslav's Olympic rowing t«m disclosed here today that trwy ire not foini to return. to thtlr Communl«t homeland evm If Pr«- mler Manhil Tito don My nil brand of communism lan't likt Stalln'i. Tht team's nunifer, Slivko Jankovlc, old he and tcvtn ntheri ire inking uylum of th* Wtst and want to (o to Clnid*. Seeking refuge with him art tlx inembers of the YugoiUv cifht- oir crew, *nd the stroke oar frwn the Iwo-msn iqiuad with eoxiwiln v;hlch-compet»d it Helsinki. "We hear (hat there in «loo four other Yugoiliv rowtrt new In Bochum, Gtrminy, who rt i»t going back, hut wt art not turt about that," Jankpvic llld. noitcrs. Ark. - (Special) - Foot-! Tllc " lhcr «'«" with J"*»vie ball practice bcRlns here We . n r i - j d l d not want to give their narm* day. in prc^rntlon rw- "-b Hwcause nil had relitlyt* and on* Matthews Issued suits lo 17 letter-! "a" » wire , in Yuioriavli. Thtir CS range from 1\ to M -ytars. The rov/ers slopped her* Nounliineer, Tiger Lelrcrnun Receive Foolbill Equipment men returning from the iUi)l 1001- ball squari last Friday. At ihc same time Coach J. I). Yarbrough of the Dcnlonvillc Tigers Issued equipment lo 10 Icttermcn. The first Kime of the season will match the Mountaineer* and n u n 4 0 2 o D o 4 n l j n t! 4 n o j 4 0 0 : 12. VAIHINOTOH I PHILADILrHIa, ab r til ab r h Tigers ; at Bentonvllle, bcptcmbci Vo«t, M 4 l o; Slider, u ·-- ·- Hoderl'n. 2b S 0 2!Fain. Ib Jensen, rf 4 2 l.Valo. rf Runnela. aa Wood, If Vernon. Ib Busby, cf Kluti. c Portfrf'd, i i a 2 5 o i 4 0 1 3 I 0;Zcrnlal, If 4 a o 3 2 rPlllllcy, ef . 1 1 1 4 I Z-, Mlchrt's, 2b 4 n l 3 0 O'HItche'k, tti 4 0 1 4 0 0! Murray, c I 0 1'Zoldik, p i'owler. p IsClark IKucah. p on often succumbed to the Sedgman- McGregor skill. Gardner Mulloy of Miami and Talbert. Second-seeded are Herbie Flam, Davis Cupper, and Frank Guernsey, a recenl star eager for a comeback. The formal signing of the pact j will take place Wednesday on rH^c li ficd° U o Marclano's return from P i i l s - } n i e i an in 9th burgh, where he is scheduled fnr i Cincinnati .. an exhibition encounter tonight. Sl i. sSonsnc Annual Pigskin Opener St. Louii Lircilock National Stockyards, lll.-WV USDA--Hogs 11.000, fairly active:] weights under 225 Ibs steady to I weak with Friday's average;! heavier weights steady to 10, higher; sows 25 higher; bulk choice 190-230 Ibs unsorted for grade 22.75-21.00, latter paid rather freely by shippers and butchers mostly for choice numbers 1 and t 200-225 Ibs; 240-270 Ibs 21.75-22.85; 280-300 Ibs 21.00 · 50; 170-180 Ibs 21.50-22.25; 150 170 Ibs 20.00-21.50; 120-140 Ibs; Schoennlfrut nninit. Odd 000 001 -- 1 000 010 10X--2 ..·nal. Hemus 2. RBI -2. ZB--Slsler. Schoeiv dlenst. 3K-- Hemm 2. S--Marshall. DP .,,, --Schocndlenat nnd Slsler; g u l e r » , n ( 1 r ,j n Totals .14 7 I Totals a-- Doubled for Fowler In 7th. b--Walked for Kucab In 1th. Washington . . . . their way from Helsinki to compete in a regatta on the MalA River. Jankovic laid they want** tn quit YUfOilavIa for politldl re a son j and also becaute "IK* there Is difficult and «xp«n«ivi." "Canada Is a land whin on* ran work nnd live In freedom anal i earn enough lo live aa an honor* i able man," he added. I Jankovlc said they have alreadr | applied (or asylum to Gerataa «u- ! Ihofltlei, who lold them "It mlsjhl | Le difficult because Germany haa friendly relations \vltb Yufbalavia Wichila, Kan. - l/!'i - The Los , -but they said they thoufht it " Booneville Renuins In National Semi-Pro Heel Mobile «3 65 Nashville «1 67 Ltttte Rock «1 «9 Birmingham _ - 56 75 Sunday'! ReiulU Chattanooga 5-1 Atlanta 4-2 Nashville 6-8 Birmingham 5-5 Little Rock 5 Mobile 4 Mewphia 5-7 New Orleans 1-5 K«e ·» with UH Tinnwr ~ .492! .469 .427 down 15.75- boars CHICK SPECIAL 8c ·och marr MIZD ARKANSAS 17.75-19.25; sows 400 Ibs .,, i 17.75-18.25; heavier sows · 4 7 ? i 17.25; stags 13.50-15.50; 11.50-15.00. Cutlle 8,000, calves 1,600: opening slrong to 50 higher on steers, heifers and cows; bulls mostly 50 nigher: vealcrs steady; several loads i and lots good and choice steers 31.00-33.00; small lots high choice to prime 33.25-34.00; high choice find prime heifers 34.00; utility «nd commercial cows 18.0021.00; canners and cutlers 13.0017.50; ullHly and commercial bulls 19.00-23.00; cutter bulli 16.0018.00; good and choice vealers 27.00-32.00. sorted prime to 14.00; utility and commercial vealers 20.011-26.00. Sheep 2,000; run predominantly native iprlnj Iambi, hut includes ·liable sprinkling yearling* and ihetp; few early "let nirlni lamb* 90.00 dewn with iteady quality contldered; sorted Inu choice and prime iprlnjeri generally held around 30.50 and above; f.l«u«hter *we« iteady; cull to gnnd ewe* 4.50-l.MI. KM* ·» UM TtMM ·p wHii HM All Star Back Ollie MatMit (23), reacho up lo bat flown the ball intended for I.o« An»ele« Ram* beck Jerry William*, tlurinj the second ouarlor of th* gam*, at Solrtltr': Field In Chicago. The riln-»oak«l 119Ui annual All-Star fame wat won by the Ramt, 10 lo 7. fiinasaialedi. Left--Cincinnati ». St. Ixiuls 10 BB--Hitler 2. Podbielan 1. Miller 3'SO--Miller f, HO--Miller 10 In 7 Innings; Podbielan 1 in I: R «f K.R--Miller ".·.: PndWelan 0-0; Miller 1-0 Winner--Miller 12-01. !X"er-Hlll'a (S-7 U--Stewart. Quirll''.-io a n d Gore. T--2il3. A --1MJ7 l , . i l H ) . Major Icigw Leaders (By The Associaied Press) NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING -- M t l f l a l . Si. Louis, HUNS --Hcnius. St. Loul». M; j Lnckm^n, Now York, 79; Robinson. Brooklyn and, St.' Louis, 77. HITS--Adams, Cincinnati, H3; Schoendicnst, St. Louis, 142; M.u- sial, St. Lnuis, Ml. HOME RUNS--Saner, Chicago, 31; Hodpes, nrtioklyn, and Kiner, Pittsburgh, 26. PITCH ING--Roe, Brooklyn. »-l, .RR!; Wilhelm, New York, 10-2, ,B33; ninck, Brooklyn, 9-2, .»!«. AMERICAN LKAC.VR BATTING--Kaln, Philadelphia, .»»3; Mitchell, Cleveland, .325] Woodling, New York, .Ml. RUNS -Rerra, New York, and Jnost, Philadelphia, 79; Mlnoto. Chirago, and Rosen, Tlevel.ind, 75. HITS--Fox, Chicago. 149; Rob- Inscn, Chicago, 138; Jensen, Washington, 136. HOME RUNS--Daby. Clf vtisr.i!, 26; Berra, New York, 24; Zernlal, Philadelphia, 22. PITCHING--Connuafra, Wash. Infton, n-n. 1,000; Shanti, Phlla- dflphln, 21-4.. 140; RttcM, New York, 1.1-3, .«13. Fnur-firthi nf thi world's datM are grown In Iraq, 4 i z o o o ; 2 o o i i n i : o o o o o o , 3 f 2 io Alamitos N a v a l Air Station l a k e s , would go through all rlfhV h* Ils second test Monr'-- -i- 1 · ; n added. National Non-Profession?! liase- 1 If they fall to win asyluni In Jjtl! lull Tournament, playing Ft. A.y-1 Germany, Jankovie Mid tiny E-rlunneia 2. Fain. ftBi-Riinnen'. ! er«, Va. I might try Switzerland, to any Vernon 2. wood .1. Porieriicirt. M u r - 1 the California club blanked. eient, they want lo remain In Wood s-iiusby DP-Runn".. HoiT i Camp Ruckor, Ala.. 5-0. In the Europe only lonj enough to *»m erieln and Vernon; Yoai and Vernon:' opening Hay of the annual meet j money and get permission to eni» Yost. ^Hoderleln and Vernon: Suder : i. ,, ip-i^.,' rt Mv , r , gf) , ,, [| r5l J grite to Canada. round bye. The Los Alamitos ros- i . Left--WuhlnCon 4. l(!lphli 9. BB--Porlerlield 2, ZoH«k ?· ° w! iv, '·SO-Porierneid 2. row- tcr includes Dale Coogan, former] The handsome pony that r"vi.r s I VJ°' d KV,b'rin 7 R'JITR ' · lUsour*,. Pirntw player. ' q w n t y e«corts a Oreentrt* StaW. -Porterfleirl 2-2; Zoioak 1-3; F o w t e r j ohly Iwo games were played: entry to the post belong* to n'oijii U MMr^7"'diik nn ifl-«T ti--nobh 1 · Sunday. n a « n washed oul threej George Poole, John Gaver'a «- Grieve. Honnchick and Mi-Gowan. T -- j scheduler! night rames. In t h e n f - i ' l s l a n l trainer. The pony is a'full 2: oi. ! ternoon compelition Roonrville,' brother to One Hitttr, by Shut Out w M Wnaion" a °" D 2i",?'»- s 7 » . A r k - bfal Cam P Ru 'k » r . 3 n - Th.'oiit of Bold Anni by Bold) V«n- Phlianelphia ix» iw 47»--n 14 M I loss eliminated Cami) Rncker. lure. . n »°°A"S r , '. P T^'ii b -,, N o, w '?-'"» "::," Tn ' North Miami, Fla., police Moreno consueVra and BradWw. walloped Smithfield, Utah, 9-3,. Sufficient parking span te ac- ousllng Ihe Utah club from tht commodate 12,000 automobllit la double elimination tournamen:. i available at Delawara Park raw Monday night's schedule: i track. The parking areas totaU 5:S p. rf -- Pcrrv. Okla., Oil- i more than 65 acres. ers vs. Anchorage, Alaska. i * ~ 2 p. m. Kl. "·· vs. Los A l a - ' Vrrnon (Lefty) Gom«, fentMr mllos. necon-J round, ' ace southpaw hurler for th« Ya»- 10 p. m. -- Ki. ...earle. Md., vs. | kees, claims that Sal Maglit la lh« Brooke Army Medical Center, Ssp.. best pitcher in the big iMfUM IB Antonio. ' hr last 15 years. Seattle - UP) - The U. S. Golf Association l i f t s the curtains on its 52nd annual National Amateur Gold snow Monday, with a cast of 2(10 selected performers ready to begin the week long competition for the championship. ] veteran observers of the event I think the title fight I* wide open, | and few expert the defending · champion, young Billy Maxwell ol i Odeua, Texas., to hang on to the ; crown he won at Bethlehem, Pa., : a year Biro. : Thli prediction Is hardly of the . bold variety, for no champion In the U. S. amateur blue ribbon fixture hat scored twice In lurcei- ilon ilnre Lawion Little tubdued ths field In 1034-35. Seventy-two makhei were on Monday'i ichextuK. and S« play- en drew a diy'i re*plt« via kyei : In the blind draw. A* hat been: the eutlom the *a*t few year, i there li no on-lhe-ipot qualify- | I n f . The boy* limply Mart Mm- mcrlnf nwiy at eecll other In match play on the lint day. ¥3 off Golf Clubs Sp*ci«l lumnwr eUaroneo Golf Clubt. luy that n«w Mt now. ··* oort MOIOII it yit to com*, loth lo«Jio»' m«J mon'i Mts in itock. Alio Itft SNCUL-WlbM .Lewis Bros. Ca

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