Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 18, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 18, 1952
Page 5
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Boyle's Column By HAL BOVLE New York-W)-Who enjoys life | struifle into the grim confines of mart--men or women? Often · |« »lrdle--expending as much en- womin sighs, "This is man's world. I vish I had been born i man." She p r o b a b l y doesn't really metn it. On ihe other hand, who ' ever heard a man wishing he would become a woman in his next resurrection? , His MX has its troubles but he wouldn't t r a d e them for the strange dim woes of womanhood, woes he can tense but never fully understand. Like the rooster, he ' feels he has more to crow about. Man--at least in his youth-- is · robust and romantic adventurer. He ii a creature of liberty. He * can go where he wants to and do what he wants to, and meets a minimum of criticism. Woman is a creature of duty, still hemmed in by old tradition's despite her new freedoms. All her ' gambles are quiet ones. And so ·re most of her pleasures. ergy as a man does in half a day's work--and spend an hour arranging her hair and rearranging her features. All day long this endless repair job goes on, and she is never free of a gnawing inner worry--"Am I putting my best face on?" This need of always looking her best makes her a lifelong prisoner of a mirror. And as. she grows older the mirror doesn't tell her any welcome news. That, as' I see it, is one of the | really tough things about being a ' woman. The ordinary man would lose his mind if he had to look at himself in a mirror so often and so long. Or am 1 just kidding myself? I have always regarded women "as wiser, more stable, and tougher-minded than men. But the p"-slral ordeal of their lives appalls me. A man can meet a new with a yawn, a shower and shave. But a woman is a Tot of trouble to herself. She ' must Quick Comfort for Hchtnf, burning mitery of Simple Piles wMt tMthinf, oH-rich* lUtinol ·Contain lanolin It seems to me that men have much more lun and variety in life than women. Their jobs may become boring at times, but no machine has been invented to rer move the monotony, oi most women's job--housework. How can they go on cheerfully washing the same dirty dishes, year after year? After marriage a man usually has room in his life for friends. But for most w'omen love takes the place of friendship; her family is her whole existence. And too often a woman finds her husband acls less and less like a lover and more and more like a problem child. If there is any kicking up of heels, he does it. Her world is full of little responsibilities she can never shirk or take » vacation from. She not only does the child bearing. She does most of the I child carin*. She not only has the problem of looking her best. She must spend a great dtal of her time pampering the oa( ihe is wedded to, tor He Ii niver quit* lure he ii the (rtat guy hi thinks he ii unltu in* keeps up the applause. Yes, there is no doubt about it. Men have it better than women. I telt this so strongly the other day that I told my wife I felt rather sorry for her. She just laughed and said I was mixed up. "Women don't need any pity," she said. "It feels nice to be a woman. If men enjoy life more than women, then why don't they live as long as women?" Well, fellows, why don't we? DOROTHY'DIX -- CO.NTINUID FROM PAOE FOUR is, in this case anyway, a somewhat confused conclusion. Why not invite the boys (singly, or in groups, whichever way your crowd travels) to the house for an evening of homey entertainment-television, piano playing,, singing, dancing, games, refreshments of cookies and lemonade ? if the boys see.that you are as good a companion oh a simple evening at home ii you are on a glamorous big date, they may revise their ideas about needing money to take you out. You might v/ax tactfully enthusiastic about the local movie or soda bar, the skating rink or perhaps just how pleasant walking is on these nice summer evenings. If they're smart, they'll c*tch on. Girls acquire the know-how of social development at a much earlier age than boys do; in fact, girls almost always have it to a greater extent than boys. Since It is not diplomatic to allow the dominant male 'to realize his deficiency in this respect, we womenfolk must gently take the reins of social i Sorting Combat Pay Claims To Require Time Payments Slated For Veterans Of Six Days At Front Washington - (A 1 ) - Military experts said today it will take them a long time to determine how many Americana have been under fire in Korea. They will soon start paying S45 to tens of thousands of veterans for every month in which they spent six days within ringc of I enemy guns. But the job of sorting out and deciding claims will involve mountain of paper work unc long time-lag, experts in both Congress and the Pentagon say. Congress approved this special combat pay shortly before adjourning in early July. The payment is retroactive to the start of the Korean campaign for those qualifying. Pentagon officials estimate it will cost between 250 million and 300 million dollars. The measure applies chiefly to ESCAPEE THINKS HVASTA ALIVE progcss Into our own hands and lead the men around. The boys you know will actually appreciate your efforts, as long as they aren't driven with a heavy hand. Obviously you have tact, and should be able to accomplish this delicate luck to you. task without much trouble. Good JJAROUAV 1UHIC, former dach newspaperman, pornta I* · nap In relating how he and John Hvasta, · aliKMnt from th* U. I., **caped a Communist prison In Czechoslovakia Jan. I. Burn believes Hvaate, In whose behalf tht U. 8. Kate department mad* strong representations, la alive and hiding. Bur*c la ahown In Munkk, Germany. B* was under !lrt sentence. HvaaU waa under a 10-year sentence, accused of espionage by tht CommunliU., (JH/ITMI|M«| IwrffAole,! infantrymen of the Army and Ma-1 quirements. rincs. Senator Moody (D-Mich), the sponsor, suid the main purpose is to give hazardous duty pay to men in the foxholes, thus put- iing them on equal footing in this respect with fliers, submariners and paratroopers. Critics said the bill would discriminate against many combut veterans uniblt: to meet As, it- r--^--^ w w--V--W^ ^r ^r ^r ^r ^r ^--^ ^r^ ^r ~ V - " - V - V - V T V ^ - » - » -- - * - - w - - ^ ~ - - . - - - - YOU ACTUALLY SAVE Vi REGULAR COST ON EVERY ROLL! 2 for I EVENT ALLTHIS WEEK! Buy one rod of any pattern, on display, it tin rip.* price if 22csr more and we wi give you a second ran of the same pattern at no MM cost. 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NO WASTE! eSTAm-nroof, SPOT-MOOT, WEA*. RESISTANT! · EASILY INSTALLED IN FEW NOMSI KMHttt) ASPHALT 9x9.Inch Till MM mm CMevs JC f '/."Tfckk J* levtlv Marilaiteo Deiiqni 7c, 9'/«, He LINOLEUM *x9.|nch Till 14 Wide Color Selection STANDARD WIIOHT PtaytM RUBBER 6"x6" TIUE Luxury COOK'S PAINT "BEST tOK WEAK AND WEATHEK" EAST SIDE SQUARE PHONE 526 Nobody knows yet how many servicemen »nd ex-servicemen are eligible. To qualify, they must have spent any six days In one month under conditions subjecting them to enemy fire. Officer Ortt/les Those now serving in Korea will get their July payments as part of their Aue«Bt cherkr P-n- tagon officials said. In each case, the commanding officer will have to certify that the individual was attached for the required time to a unit designated as hivln« been within enemy range. The problem becomes more Involved, the experts say, when they start reviewing the lonf lists of men who have gone through Korean combat in the past. They must check each claim against records showing the month-by-month location of all .mitj, then verify whether the Individual was attached to It for the combat period. Window Mr. nad Mrs. Paul Land of Baytown, Texas, and Mrs. Land's mother, Mrs. Price Vandervoort s»*nt port of last week with Mrs. Laura Land. Petra and Timathy West left Saturday night for New York City, where they will make their home with frlendt and attend achool this winter. The Women's Society ef Christian Service served refreshments Thursday night to members of the Lions Club who wert helping erect the new brick fire station. Mrs. Adam Reed was hostess Friday night at a utork shower honoring Mrs. Leonard Center and Mrs. Jack Plumtree. Decoration services and a dinner will be held at the Vaught cemetery Sunday, August 24. DEFENSE WOMBS 111,000 NATIONAL OUAID ,,.*« 01 usuvim JW - qgB STUDENTS 200,000 FARMERS I 100,000 MAY DRAFT PADS HUtUx Service Director Ma), - O*B. Lewis B. Hershcjf pradkU t »·- slble draft of fathers wtwn MM If draft demands ei««d ih« ttpplj of im-.y*ar-olda available each year Thli year's ne«d Is put at ·10,000 men by the Dtfcna* Dt- partment The Army atata that draft quotas wiU Mar th* M.OOO- a-menth mark by O c t o b e r . . Niwsehan above thowi current deferred group*, with fathers tor outauaabniiy aiy (than, IVY-DRY STOPS ITCHING POISON IVY Men SAFEWAY OUR PRICING POLICY Sdf«wey will meet the lowett price of tvny competitor, item-by-ctcm, sJay-by«Jay, towN-by-rown, quality »nd condition of merchandise considered. Prices Effective Today Thru Wednesday Sugar Milk Godchaux Pure Cone Pet or Carnation 89' 2s, 27* 10-lb. 1.9 Peaches Castle Crest Premium Quality. Sliced or Halves. Buy now And 2'/2 Save. Con 29' Juice Flour Bel-Air Kitchen Craft. ; 6-oz. Cons 25-lb. ·of 29' $1/9 Garden Hose 3% Plastic, Weather Resistant. Limited Supply. SO-Ft. Roll Soap Catsup Giant Size Fab. 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