Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 16, 1952
Page 2
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I. feUjftfay, AwfwM It, 1H1 Church News West Fork Church Plans Week Of Fellowship · A week of Christian fellowship Brueggemann To Speak On Lutheran Program At the last of its three cummer luelt speakers, the Lutheran Hour, globe-girdling Gospel broad. cast, will present the Ilcv. Hubert ·Svlll begin at the We»t Fork Chris- | G. Brucggemnnn, pastor of Ml. 117:30 o'clock. : 'fan Church Sunday morning, cloi- "Ing Friday niKht. The naslor, /··' · JUbell, will lead the service! with ' $ sermon on "The Mm i -'Speaker for the Sunday evening service will be the Rev, j, Robert ·Moffett of the Flnt Christian Church, Fayettcvllle. The Rev. H. C. Palmer will be 'the evangelist for Monday and Tuesday nights and the Layman's Service will be held Wednesday night, in charge of the Christian Men's Fellowship of Fayetlevllle and Sprlngdale. Chaplain James Burris will close the week's meeting with an evangelistic sermon, Friday night. Melvil Neece will be song leader and there will be special music by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miller of Springdale. - The evening service! will begin Olive Lutheran Church, Mllwau- ' its regular program to. In iin address prepared for dp- over KGftH at IMS o'clock, by Dr. J. W. Butler, Jr., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. The program is presented Monday through Friday, Youth For Christ Meeting Scheduled Youth for Christ leaders from across the Midwest area will hold their sixth annual Regional Conference on the campus o f ' John Brown University, Siloam Springs, August 25 through the M. Young people from across the fodr states o. Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kanas will be meeting for a time of Christian fellowship and to discuss plans for the coming livery over the Mutual Network | v( . ar . The Conference will be and affiliated stations, the M i l w a u - kee clergyman will tell Ms International audience, "You may be an introvert or an extravert, you may be socially poised or socially awkward, you may be at case In a crowd or you may be clumsy and uncomfortable when surrounded by people, but you can slill have a personality that radiates kind- nesx, and compassion, and meekness, and love, and thankfulness." Dr. Butler To Give Radio Devotionals Tht radio devotions for thl« week will be given each morning under the leadership of Al Metsker, director ol Kansas City Youth for Christ and regional vice president. Nightly evangelistic meetings featuring outstanding speakers and leading Christian films will be open to the public. Speakers will include Darrel Handel of the Back to the Bible broadcast, Lincoln, Nebraska: Herb Tyler, staff evangelist for Youth for Christ International from Portland, Ore., and Al Mct.iker. On the opening night of the camp, Monday, August 25, the Billy Graham Christian Western film, "Mr. Texas," will shown. Baptist Group To Leave For Youth Encampment The Hev. A. D. Stuckey and family, w'lh a group of young people of Calvary Baptist Church, will attend the annual youth en- j campmtnt to be held at Siloam Springs, Monday through Friday. About 1,200 young people from the Associations! Baptiit churches of several states are expected to I attend. Mr. Stuckey Is one of the officers of the encampment. Baldwin Bible School To Open Next Week A vacation Bible School will open Monday morning at Baldwin Christian Church and will continue through Friday. The school, in its fourth year, will beRin each morning at 8 o'clock and close at noon. Class sessions and creative ac- ilyitiei will be offered to all children of the community from the ages of three through 18, and the school will use as its theme "Christ's Life and Ours." Thi) Bible School will be under the direction of Mrs. Pink VanHoose, superintendent, with Bob Hughey, Mrs. Cleon Gentry, Mrs. Wendell Hall and Mrs. 0. R. Hair- in charge of classes. Mrs. Fred Levl will be the music director ind assistant teachers will be Mrs. Marvin Sexson and Mrs MOVES 2 MILES TO GO 2 BLOCKS ...«4i. niui win «jcAauii « n u mi 5 be j Robert A. Stanberry. Mrs. Hughcv "·'" b e l n c h a r g e of refreshments. vSelect From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend fOKWAID, NIVER IACKWARD goes the Bethel Reformed church from Phoenix. III., to new foundation in Harvey, m distance of two Mocks. But beeauae of narrow pajtafewaya, it must go a roundabout dlatanca of nearly two milea. HilWde Adventures * B7 V*ID STAKE Guest At First Baptist BAPTIST .-· WALTDt L JOHNSON, l:»e ta Bund** let ' ' IfcU a m Morning wanhlp · * Sermon: "Tl«e Secret of lupplneaa" ,, --«r. Stanley t. Wllkee e:S* f m Beaniei tramma Unie* ' 7:*o p. m. EvcHlna Wonhip sermon: -My CM and I"--Dr. tun cBtnuu. .C CDWABD MIUaUKS*. Paatee ' WUIUat K QlMM. HMene* W M» ··*·· · , t tt a m. Church loeel I t H i. m, MornlM WerHlin union eervteee with rint PrMby ·erlan Church el Clntral Church fermorr "Mattrlallam of the llblt --Htv William t .Glbeon I M W.ilmliuHr felknnhlp. (Ju» per and Profram, Itudtflt Center PRESBYTERIAN w BUrLaa, JR.. paetw Wilttaa* ft Olkeom. Mniilti M Mo evas* ·:4t a- · twday tclwM . · 11:50 a. an. Union eervlca In IM Central Preabytarlan Church :W p. in. Wammi and Progra iMtor m, ftt reUowehlp tudant Cen. Woman M the church, Mofidiy. at 'Dr. Butler, Radio Dcvollon, KORII till a. M, Monatr through rridiy * IT. FAUL1 EPISCOPAL Mth Sundiy After Trinity a:w e · *»v cejaMMMHM I M a » TimUt lanlce UM Moralna Prayw and strmon METHODIST B L DYKtt, JR.. Ptaur t:M a. «. Collefe Student Coll*. ARtlieiri:/ylit For a CMotr Walk iSloliU: Vlie Mary Ann Orother aM Vn A. N. rUtkrock lolo: "The Lord'. Prefer"--Malolli --Joe Crabtree Sermon.-- Key. D. L Dykta. Jr 1:00 p, m. Welley foundation ·:00 p. m. Youth Oroupi . 7.N f. m. KVMUU Wonnlp Service Anthem: "Sun o l M r Soul" Hunky - ajololit: Or. A. U. Hathcock · Cola: Richard Oreer ' Sermon: 0. L. Drkea. Jr. , Broedcaet ovir KORM CHaUarrtAX ·oBcnr Momrr, t ' 1:41 a. m. Sundcjr School !»:·» a. m. Sunday School CIIIMI 19:90 a. a Mornlnf Worship . Ixrrnon: "Proteiti J:« p, m. D. (. r. «:JO ntUm Affirmed" , . . . . :JO p. «. Chrttliin youth fil aa4 Chi Rho rllowliip iT. JOmrt LUTKEitAJI , ·:» a. av DuMair Senool l:« a. m. Adult 110U CUM lt:M a, m. NurMry uptm 10:« a. m tundiy Monhlp Strmon: William BuaH. Luth«r«n ·tudtnt fl«14 Worktr Violin Solo: "He Shill reed HU '·flock"-- Ha«nd«l-- Carolyn Hoffmin ' CHURCH Of CHRIST. SCIENTIST -" I:M ·. m (under School K !!:» « at. iwiday Servlca , ! e:t · m. KOmt Sunday Raelo Wtdnotdiy, 7:U p. nv, meeting. lUadlni Rooaa In church open each elajr ncepl Sunday and hofldayt. ·f .GREENLAND CMUhCH OF 'CHRIST OBIS SAIYEB, Mlnlliex ' HOB a m Church school '. 11:00 a. · Seram : u u a. m Communion Service. 7:M p n Sons* Service end Bible n JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER EDWARD H MALOY. Pallor . Sunday Masses 7:M *nd 1:30 e m Thursday. 7:30 p. m Novena Misses. Dcvotlone Weekday Mm, Monday through 7 Saturday Male. 7:M i. m nm Friday MM. J u" a m. Pint Saturday Maes. 7.00 a. m Contteelons: 7:00 to I M p m end a»foro ell Maws M CHUHCH OF CHRIST ~ICD McCLUNG. Mlnlfler Weet Center end North Locint t u e m Bible etudy. 1:10 p. m. Clisees S:OQ p m. Evening Service 9:36 h. m.. Wednesday. Ladles Bible ·taaa . . 7:se p m Wedneidey. P r i y e r ·MUDS and Bible Study lor all a« ·r CHRIST? CHURCH JStD HUCKBJeURV. Paitor tK Weet Rock Street CVMBBKLMfO fRESITTtlUAJI SILL aURNts. Paim W7 Douf la Slraat (« a. · SuaJer School. t:a§ p. aa. Ivanlnf Wortklp -f- HIBDITILLE lAfTIiT CHURCH CMAHtM .DAY. " Paitor ielar Sch 10:00.0, f» Bunely School 11:00 a. m. Worehlp Service 7:90 p. m. Training Union l:ta p. m. Worihlp Service We*ne*Uy. 7:JO p. m., Priyer Serv W. M. U Pourth Prld.y cmmcH or m NAZAIUUE J O , CORDKU,. Paitor Soutk Lacwl Street KoSiuS " * : " * * ***'· '""" ·:«· a. ·. Sunday HehoM 11:M a. m Mernlne Wnrihip 1:10 p m. N. Y. P. I. PrayeV Heel IM p m. N. Y. P. S. Proiraai :» p m Adult Pr.yer Band 7:» p. m. CvenillUUc Serylge Wednaediy. 7:30 p. m., Pr.yer Mm nniraar. 7:01 p. m.. vteluiim ·ajatM rewt Connualrr Ckutck .tint Sunday 11:00 a. m Rev D*u Parlwr BtODM Sunday lliU a. M. rte», D N. Liuderbeck . T nlril _ llunil ' r " : 0« a, m Rev Alfred Whltohr/ c »"JJJth Siudvi 11:01 a. at. Rev. V »« a. · EMU Sunday. Sunday ·f METHODIST CHURCH IO:M a . ... Sundiy HchoDl 11:W a. m. and 7:M p m preichlna SenkM on fourth and Filth Sunday WEST rowE ·Arnn a H BUD. Paitor I:M a M Sunday school. ll*{ a. m- Mormlna Worihli. ·:»l p. ·. Boptlll - ' · · T:M p m Innini W' . Worthlp Worthlp ,-- a. m. Sunta. ·tea ·. m alible School ttm a. M Wonhip Stn osmiiMeaei ·MM f:ai p in. Chlldrrn'i Mrrtlna WpMbJ Pwple'a Chrlitlen Ender T:« p. m. PreMhlnf Service i _'. I p. :«· p.' Tvlce end M., Prayer Meetlnf ·ETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH BOY W. RCID. Piutor 111 Mlaelon Street 1:11 a. m. Sundey School 11:09 a. m Uornlnj Wonhle 0:JO p. m Trelnlna Union 7:M p at Ivrnlna Service Midweek Fray** Service-Wndnei- diy p. m. 7 CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DtAN. Paitor ·:ii a. Hi. ifunuiy 10:50 a m. Mornina Wornhlp. 7:00 p m Baptut Tralnlne Court*. 1.00 p m. Evenins Worihip S:00 p. en Wednesday. Prefer tor- vice. FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE M. ITOGNIR, Paitor 10:00 a. m Sunday Kclteol. 11:00 a. m Preaching. 7:11 p. m. Kvanatllitlc eervl:*. Wtdneeday. 7:N p m Midweek Priyer Strvlr*. rrUay. 7:» p. n PYPA Hervl-*. BLACK OAK BAPTIST HOWARD PRICHARD. Pallor 10:00 a m Sundiy School 11:00 a m Preaching Service 7:00 p m Trilnlna Union S;00 p m Preecmna Servloe Tliuredey 7:H p m. Preyer meetlna QOSHEN METHODIST OLI R. riNDLTY, Piltor 10:00 a. m Sunday sk-nool. 11:00 e m Mornina Worth!] 7:00 p m Evenln« '" ' ATETTEVILLE BIB..E MISSION MO BLOCK SOUTH LXILLSUa. Interdenominational HOMIR MOUTTET. Pulor 0:45 · m Sunday ±k-nool. 11:00 a. m Morntna Wonhip S:!5 o. m Young Peoples Services 7:00 p m. £vencellnlc Service., Junior Choir wl,l meet Saturday It D. m Wedneidiy. 7:M p m.. Pri-er Meet, na -t- SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST HE C MORUAN. Plttoi ARLtr: MOSTTLLER. Annum Pallor 10.00 e m Sundiy School 7:30 p m Evmsellstic Messise Wednesday prayer meeting at 7:30 m HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:30 ? m Sundey tichooi. 11:11 a. m Mornina Worship. Wedneedey night, 7:30 p m., Preyer LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSE C. COLEMAN Ptslnr 10:00 · m Sundiy School 11:00 · m Morn Inn Worship 6:30 p m Training Union 7:30 p nv Evening Worship CLK1NS COMMUNITY CHURCH WADE UARRON. tiipcrlntondent Wadr Barren, luperlnttndrnt lO'OO a. m. Sunday School 11:00 i. m. Church + WALNUT OROVK COMMUMITT CHURCH Sunday School 10:30 a m ·f HINDSV1LLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH TOM W11..SON. Pallor 11 IM H rn Siindiy School ..... Wnrihlp Serv'ct, Flrit fCHOVAH-S WTNK*SES Ird Floor Red Croit Orua Bldf. Wedneidey. 7:JO p m Book limy rridiy, 7:90 p m Service meeting . rrlday. a:tl p m.. TbaecratK A- mrr School Sunday. 7:10 p. m. Walchtowe Study Garland Htlfhtl Saplbl ·f First Bapllil Church I1» Jamei Street GLENN STEELt, Pwtor 1:30 e. m. Sundiy School 10:41 · .m. Morning Worihlti 6:11 p. m. Training Unl n 3;.1fl n m. Evening Worship CALVARY TABERNACLE 15 tail South Street BERYL t, BETtt. Paitor 10:00 a m. Morning Servlea Z;M p m Deliverance Menifft am Pnye.- 7:45 p. m. Evengellstlc Servlcee 7:30 p., m. Wedneidiy. Tirry'rg Service! 7:30 p m Saturday. Tettlinon. M Service WEST PORK PRESBYTERIAN UOUGLAT, HREWER. Piltor tun AIM ntir* a»«aiyi Sunda:* School 1:30 a m. Evenln* Worship 7 j 3 0 p . fn. Morning Worship 0:30 a m, Sundiy School 10:30 e m Evening Worihlp 7:30 p. m. WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF OOD BRANHAM aBjd 8TEELE, PUtan t:U · m. Sundiy School 11:00 Morning Worihlp *:M p. m. Christ Ambemdor Service «:30 r m Junior C. A ServlH 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service WednMdiy it 7:30 p m-Priyer Meeting end Bible study -f- BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH OTHA TACKETT, Pestor I0:oo a. m. aundiy School '1:00 a. m Sermon 7:30 p. m. Evening Servln 1:00 p. m. Friday nighl Bible itudy and preyer meetlni WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON. Palter South Church .nd Third Small 0.4S i. nt Church School 1100 a. m Morning Wonhip }:SO p. m. Youlh Fellowship 7:10 p. · Evening Wonhip WTjJT FORK CHRISTIAN JOHN A8BELL, Mlnlsltr 0:45 «. m churcn ochool 11:IU a. m Morning Worship and .·ummunlon Preaching every llni and third -t. JOHNSON CHURCH Of CHRIST BILL E SMITH. Minister . "*"*' 10:00 a m. Bible Study 10:50 a m Worihlp Servlee 7:00 p. m. Evening daises S:00 p. m. Wonl.lp WtoWeldiy, 1:00 p. m., Prayer M«l- na ARMINGTON BAPTIST D M. KRXIS, Pastor 10:00 a m Sundaj School 11:00 I. m Morning Worihip 0:30 p. m. Baptist Training Union 7:30 p. m.. Evangelistic Service Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Priyer Meet- ng. ARMINGTON METHODIST A. ,,. IUGU3. Pallor 11:00 i. m. Preechlng on llrsl. lecond nd fourth Sundays 7:30 p. m. Preichlng on Mcond undiy W. S. lonth C. S. Second Thuridey each NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD IAMUKL C BRUCE Petlor 10:00 t. m Sundiy School 11:00 e m Sermon 7:30 p. m. Evanicellitle Service Tuetdty. Vourf Peoplei C. A sar- icf«. 7:» o m Friday Pruir Service. I (J p a 'ARKSDALE BAPTIST IENNER DAVli;. pjilor MILEN MOSTKLLAR. Alllitant Pallor 10:0u «. m Sundty School 7:30 p m Evenfcliltlc Mettafe Wedneidey. 7:30 p m. Prayer Meal- tf rridiy. 7:30 p m Vai.nt People t icetmt. OHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH M LOGUE. Piutor 10.00 · m Sundey School 11.00 t m Worthlp Servtcee 7:00 p m TruinlnB Union H:oo p m Evenlnf Service Wedneiday. 7:30 p m.. Prayet Meet* SEVENTH DAY ADVENT1IT 17 SOUTH STRECt SATURDAY: 10:00 a m Sabbath Senool 11:00 a m Church Servica. Tuetdey. 7:M p m Prayer meellna SALSM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W R SHARP. Pallor Six Mllre nnrlhwett 10 00 a m. Sunday fichool 11 00 a m Mornlnf Worihlp 7.10 p m Kvenlnf Wonhip Weilnctday. 7:M p m., H r t y e Meeting tOITB CHAMtt I MILES EAST OK HIGHWAY 41 9:10 a n Sunday Sckooi Su^rlntendem--Turner Browm. Aunua-, trarr to^rU MondaT 199 SECOND BAPTIST N V DRAKE, Puv-, ·:» a m Sunday kcatool. 19:U a m Btcnilnf Wonhip ·'« P m. BapUil Tralnlnf Union 1:00 f. m. Evanlnf Worthlp . 7:31 p m., Prtyer Matt- ,,.. -----P fan cHAitT or LATTOI DAT lAmTt JAMM rLlTCHIR. Elder miMent union Blue Hooea 10:N a. D. Bund.y School, ·t- WTMAM COMMUHITY CHURCH 0:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 e m Mornina worship Third 8und°iy-«e*v. Virjli irwln ·*· CARL riZDLIK. Pattor 10:00 i. i,. Sundiy School. 11-00 a. m. Worihlp SerrlMe. 7:* p. m WonhU) tenlc«. ·t- SYCAMORE «Al»nST CHURCH Wheekr. Ark. 1DWARD SMITH. Paalor i«:oo a m. Sunday ucnoel IO:U · m. Mornina Wonhlp 7:00 p. m. Hipllil Tralnlna Unlo JSJUZ T5P? I 0 " 1 !!!!,-, CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF OOD 111 South Colllie « L BAYLtSS. '..tor ·:« · m Sunday School. lirja e. n Mornina Worthlp «:Jl p m Yount Peoplei nwetlne 7:W p m Ivanfellitlc service. 7: * » ·»· Tiuriday, Prayor ewe CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Corner of Meple and Wen streeu »Xp«R A. U. s'rUCKIY Pwtor ·:4S a. n. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Mornlnf Worihip 7:00 p. m. B. T. U. «:00 p. m. Ivenlna Worship Wedneidiy. s p. m., Prayer Serv i-t.i M riu oipie aiudy Monda nf of lay. R p. W. M. A. m., Weekly Meet MMANUEL BAPTIS1 CHURCH O W MORRISON. Paitor Corner Duncan .nd Slona 9.45 ft. m. Sundiy School . a. m. Mornlnf Worship on: "The Atonement" . 10:50 Sermo «:45 p. m. Baptist 'irainlnt Union end Preyer Service 1:00 p. m. Evenlni Worship Sermon: "Ood'ft Specttcultr Power' Wedneedly. 7:30 p. m.. Biolt study + · FIRST ASSEMBLY OF BOD C. R. ALBRITTON. Ptstor 9:43 ft m Sunuay Stnool. 1 1:00 a m Preachlns 9:00 p. m Y. P. date. J : 2 * m Jy-ansellttk service* ':» p m rrlday. Bible ttudy. 7:30 p nv Tueaday. C. A. atrvloa ·4- OAKLAND BAPTIST Six Mliat Nortneait) S. WHITELEY, Paitor 10:0u a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Mornlnf Wonhip 7:3a p m BYPTC 1:30 p m Evtnlnf Wonhip Wodnaaday. 7:30 p m Prayer J. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER. P.tlor (HlfhWky 11 Waal) 10:00 a. m Sunday School. 11:00 · m Mornini Wonhip. 7:30 p m Trtinlnf Union 8:13 p. m. Evanfellillc Service Wednetdiy, S p m., Prayer Meet- Monthly 7 p. m.. Third Friday Fel- nwihlp Supper. Brotherhood and w M. U. Meetlnft GREENLAND COMMUNITY BOH CORNELIUS, Pttlor f:4!i a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornlnf Wonhip Wcdnesdfiy 7:45. midweek Pible ludy and prayer Service APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH iEOLA MOORE, Pafor Hlfhway 71 South 10:00 a m Sunda.v School 11:01 a m Mornini Service 7:30 p m Evenfellltlc Servlee Wednetdiy, 7:30 p. m., Mid ween eervlce T. JAMES BAPTIST INoft*) :EV. O. E. WRIOHT 9:30 ft. m. dunday School 10:50 ft. m. Mornini WortMp 1:00 p. m R. T. U !·* p m Evaniailtlle Sarvlc*. ·f T. JAMES METHODIST IRipa) I. BUCHANAN Paelor 9:4h a m Sunday School 1199 a. m Mornlnf WorlnIB l:4 p m Youth reliowtnia rut p m Nifht Stnleaa. Kvlval Nlfkt ' and Third Sundiyi As A Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule ·Arkansas Western Gas Co. · Boston Store «Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbell-Bell ·Foyttteville Drug Store ·Hatfield Pontioc Co. ·Hunt's ·Ozork Cleaners ·Oxark Grocer Co. ·J. C. Penney Co. · W. G. Shipley Baking Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. ·Vicktr's, Inc. ·Wbirfreld Motor Co. Cumberland Church To Hear Rev. Estes The Rev. Loj. ce 3. Ester evangelist of Hampton, formerly of I.ongvi«w, Texas, will be|in a week's series of services at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, starting tomorrow at 11 o'clock. The 31 year old minister and his family came to Arkansas from Longview, where he was pastor of the First Cumberland Presbyterian church for three years. He was president of the Loncview Ministerial Aliianc;:. which included 33 Protestant churches and was active in the work of McAdow Presbytery and the Synod of Texas. Mr. .Estes has conducted revivals in nine out of the Synods of the denomination. Dt. Stanley E. Wilkcs will ruest sneaker at the First Baptist Church this Sunday. He will speak at the morning worship hour oh the subject, "The Secret of Happiness;" and at the evening service on (he subject, "My God and I." Dr. Wilkcs is a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Worth, Texas. He is a former pastor of Broadmore Baptist * Seminary Student ' Guest At St. John's Williaim Busse of Concordia Theological Seminary. St Louis Mo, will preach In the mornini service at St John's Lutheran Church at 10:45 o'clock. He is a urm of the Rev. William A. Busse Forbes, N. served this field worker in First Lutheran Church, Fort Smith. Dakota, and ha summer as studen Church of Shrevcport, La., has Mr. Busse will occupy thi K.iAniho,. n ,«io^,io. i. r ,,,,;.;._., Lutheran pulpit Sunday, in thi absence of the Rev. F. A. Gumz who will return to Fayetteville about August 20. held other pastorates in Louisiana At the present time Dr. Wilkes is pastor of the Baptist Temple Church of Houston, Texas - a r*urch of some 4000 members. Dr. Wilkes is well known to members of the First Baptist Church as he was evangelist 'during a revival latt October. Announcements First Btptlit Church Circles of the First Baptist "·ch will meet Monday as follows: two, Mrs. Don Varbcrry, Pump Station Road, 2 p. m.; Circle six, Mrs. Arlln Jones, 115 Virginia, 7:30 p. m.; Business Women's Circle, Miss Zctla Deavcr, 428 North W e s t Street, 7:JO p. m. St. Paul's Epiacopal Church Ste . Mary's Chapter of St. Paul's Episcopal Church will have a bazaar meeting, Monday at 10:00 m. In the Parish House. First Christian Church The Church Women'i Fellowship of the First Christian Church will hold a "general meeting for August at a luncheon in the church. Monday at noon. Each is West Fbrk Mrs. Lillian Woods left Thursday for Arkadelphia, to attend an Arkansas Educational Association Constitutional Committee meet- Ing. Two new school buses will be delivered the first of next week One of the buses will be equipped for night driving with special lights. One of the old buses will have a completely rebuilt engine pat in it. School wiii open September I. Mrs. Bert Brown and son o Kansas City, Mo., are guests 01 Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Walker this week. The First Christian Church revival will open Sunday. Services will begin at 8 p. m. The speakers will be announced later. Mr. and Mrs. Lon Thomas have as guests this week their daughter. Mrs. Francis Kenner of Visalia. Calif., and their xrand- daughtcr, Mrs. Adie Nichols and children of Bella Vista, Calif. A birthday dinner in honor of Mr Thomas, who is 83, was given Friday nighl. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Vess Gills of Winslow, _ . . asked to bring a dish and sand- Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Thomas and wich and table service. The business women of the church will be guests. A program will follow at 1 o'clock. Reef ·* vita n» tnrw--read ··- TtMKR Halt*. children, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Taylor and children, Mrs. Fred Rouse and Carl Mayhan, all of Fayetteville, and Mr. and Mrs. Troy Car. ver of West Fork. ._B. B. Woods left Friday for a visit with his brothcr-ln-law and ABOUT CHRIST · Soul-satisfying peace, freedom from the shackles o' sin, personal comfort, ond real love -- oil these ore* yours for the olkinj. ) CHRISrS LOVE SATISFIES^ FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Weiher L Jahman, Poetet Dr. Stanley E. Wilk«. Pallor, Bipllal TempU, Houiton, Taxti, will ip*ik *t the momirrt tat ertnlnf wenhli 'THE SECRET OF HAPPINESS" Morning Wenhl* Hout Hill {Broadcast orer Italian KORHI ·under SckMl 1:11 "MY GOD AND I" ttulAf Waraklp Hew ?:M TralHUf Unto* lilt The Nurte iry it open «t WELCOME m «t ell Mrricet This Wonder State has survive one · more primary election, bi its people had to swallow a li of swill before the candidate fo governor f ot to drink deep of th wine of victory. To the defeate one we would say, "Despair no The state will still need to saved 2 years hence. We are sur that is right for every since wc'v been a voter we have been urgec every two years to rush to th polls and help save it. Two year is not long to wait for anothc shot at saving a commonwealth Come to think of it, we are no so sure the people in the stat want It to be saved. If they did something would be done abou all the filth the candidates' wal low in and throw at each othei Just what, we wouldn't know, bu t happens every two years. If w could have an election once in tour years and make a governo neligible to run for a second term it might help. Juat so long as the people encourage a no-holds-barred cam- ·paign, that's how long they wil have them. Oh well, none of us will know the difference a hun dred years from now, so what ? We have come a goodly distance sincevthe beginning of the century in a lot of ways, but we 'have certainly slipper} back a fur piece in the conduct of a political campaign. Time was when the boys running for ofticeiall met at the schoolhouse and spent the day telling the crowds what they stood for. Everybody, their kinfolks, and their dogs same, brought a trunk or wajhtub full of (rub, and a good time was had by all, Then if one office aeeker made a false statment about another he waa right there to call him what he was. The boys didn't have a chance to spread malicious tales about each other. Somehow it just seems to us they were too sound and honest--had too much character--to resort to the underhand tactics they Mse nowadays. No doubt it would be out of order to go back to the kind of campaigns the boys used to put on. Most of the women are too busy helping make the living to furnish the grub. Them what could chip in to help would likely bring a few potted meat sandwiches wrapped In paper napkins. The boss wouldn't let the menfolks off to go unless they promised to vote the way he saw things. We just guess it would be a mess. So we might as well skip it. sister, Mr. and Mr«. Murry Mc- Klnley of Tort Smith. Miss Beverly Woods hs« been in Fort Smith vlnlting for the past two days, Mrs. Woods, who is attending a meeting, will join them Saturday. The Arkansas Western Gas Company is laying n gas line under the West l"ork Biver at West rork, while the river Is low. This it a preliminary ttep prior to piping gat to West Fork this fall. In the meantime, although we get sick enough to urp, we'll try t-i ,--·-.. a nd enioy it. It is but one of the penalties we must pay , iOi iiwnx in It c-emocracy, and who wants to live in any other set up? A reader commenting on last week's column tellt about the ' time he went to town with his kid brother. They each had a nickel. And if you think a nickel in those days wasn't bigger than a bicycle wheel, you just didn't , ,, .-..,, Of course the boyi wanted to get all they could for a pair of nickels. They saw a housewife . buying cranberries. They were a dime for a gallon, and they looked good. Having had no experience with cranberries, they bought a gallon and went o u t " Dack of the store and consumed them. But it was quite a chore. How*-v«r. in those days you 4 couldn't afford to waste all the ' rnonev there was in a pair of nickels. One optimistic sort of a person put in his two-bits worth on the drought. Says he, "We haven't had one since 1935. Somehow i t ' cfms we mi'jht stand one dry year out of 16 without too much omplaining." Springdale Mrs. R. G. Flagg of Kings Park, Calif., is a*guest in the home of i«r parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. . Lindley. Miss Nancy Inkpe'n, also of Kinss Park, is also visiting lere. Mrs Flagg plans to join her husband this fall in Casa Blanca, Africa, where he has been with a construction company for the last few years. The Iris Garden Club will meet fonday afternoon at 2 o'clock at he home of Mrs. J. M. McKinney n Holcomb Street. Mrs. Dorsey 'imley will serve as co-hostess. ' toll call is to be answered by tell- ng of "An Interesting Garden I have Seen." "Miniature Arrangements" will be the theme of the ' rogram. Each member Is asked to iring something for an auction. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Reynolds of Oklahoma City, Okla., are guests, sis week in the home of Mr. Reynold's cousin, A. B. Patrick nd Mrs. Patrick. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds are on vacation. . A good crowd turned out Frily night for an ice cream suo- per at the Lowell Community hurch. Lowell women furnished le cake, and homemade pies 'hich were served. Proceeds will 0 to the Salvation Army. Mrs. G. I). Lichlyter has re-- eived word that her youngest on, Tech Sgt. Lawrence Lee Lich- ·ter,-who is in the Marines, has ft Arlington, Va., and has gone, 1 Beirut, Lebanon where he will « stationed. The Business and Professional Women's Club will meet Monday, ·ening at 7:30 at the First Na- onal Bank and receive their in- . ructions there for a treasure unt which will be climated with, watermelon feast. All members re invited to attend. REVIVAL Beginning at Bethel Baptist Church 631 Mission Sunday, August 17 Rev. Roe Matthews Preaching Everyone Invited REVIVAL Beginning Sunday, August 17 loyct) S. Eitn, Evangtliit Po»tor and »oul winner !n nin« of eur t*n synods. Formerly of lonfjview, Texoi, now living In Hampton, Arkantai, will tptak each night. YOU hove a ipceial Invitation to comt help ut In thii *«ylval and Ood will htlp you In return. Corn* and bring tomeon* with you. Everybody welcome. Bill Barnes, Pastor. Cwnbedind Presbyterian Church COINM DOUOUS ANR OAKLAND Univ*nrty

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