Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 16, 1952
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10 PAGES 'TODAY Read by ow 25,000 Daily ortfjtoesft 10CAI KMKAST--~ r.ytl'.vlllf inrt rlclnltT c!««r In p«-:ly cinudy «nd warm tonight tM lomorrow Hlih trmp«ratu/t i' r ,,. d«r 17; tow 1.1: || r m lom, »| ·unrm »:». uiwl I:M, Tfct f »bfc luttrtsf ( Tfct Wrif CoMtra Ot Tfcii Ntwtpaptr VOIUME »1, NUMtit 21, 1952 Win FAYtTTiVIUi. MKANIM, SATUBPAY IVININC, AUGUST 14, ml If, Kir* .«4 NU CINTI Mine Work Stoppage Called Washington-OPj-John L. Lewis, in the midst of bargaining for a new coal wage contract, today ordered his miners out of the pits for a 10-day "memorial" w o r k stoppage at the end of this month. Nothing was said in the announcement to relate the move to the negotiations, but Lewis customarily uses the contract-permitted mourning period in connection with new contract talks. Officially the purpose is Commemoration of the casualties of mining disasters. The designated period, announce^. i fl the United Mine Workers Journal, is August 25 to September 1, inclusive. August 23 falls on a Saturday when the miners customarily do not work. September 1 is a Monday. Thus the stoppage will involve only six normal working days. Lewis has liven notice'that the present coal mine wage contract will expire September 30, j u s t under a month after the men will be L'oing back to work following the memorial holiday. While the selected dates put no direct pressure on the contract talks, they nevertheless will serve to emphasize what will happen if the negotiations do not produce agreement. EisenhowerTo Marines Force Reds Back Prince And Actress Meet Again Prince Aly Kahn leaves the home of his wife, Actress liita Hayworth, in Hollywood after visiting her following his arrival in Hollywood. He cccljned to say if a reconciliation is possible. Okinawa Hit Yasmin I I I , By Typhoon [Parents Rush To Bedside Tokyo--(P)-A typhoon headed toward the East China Sea tonight after ripping up installations and ' injuring four persons at the American military base on Okinawa. The U. S. Army and Air Force reported 105 mile-an-hour winds severely damaged warehouses Friday night and early this morning. The Air Force reported communications torn up and roofs and Hollywood-m-Aly his estranged 'wife, worth, rushed last Khan and Hita Hay- night to an doors blown away. More seven inches of rain fell. The Central Meteorological Observatory said the typhoon probably will miss Southern Japan. emergency hospital, where their daughter, Yasmin, two-and-one- half, was treated after swallowing sleeping pills. The prince and the actress arrived in separate cars. t h a n i The actress said (she did not know how the child, who has been ill with whooping cough, obtained the pills. After her stomach was pumped out, Yasmin ap- | pea red to be none the worse for her experience. She was in the ! hospital about IS minutes., I Aly has another d a t e to dine to- Izard Voting Nay Lead To Court Tests Losing Candidates Say They Will Take Legal Action Melbourne, Ark. - (/P) . Apparent illegal voting in Izar.-t County's runoff primary last Tuesday set off a recount of the votes yesterday in one race and a pos.sinle appeal to the Democratic Stale Committee. Two apparently defeated can-i didates said they would take their I cases to court, and a third indi-1 cated that legal action was a possibility. In a turbulent, three-hour session, the Izard County Democratic Committee canvassed the primary returns and rejected a request by state Sen. Y. M. Mack of Moorefield that it throw out all votes cast in the county in the 18th district senatorial nomination race. Mack's attorney said the decisior would be appealed to the Stale Committee. The County Committee ordered a recount of all votes cast for stale represenlative and sheriff, with a detailed check of the legality of each ballot. But the committee then decided that such an investigation was impossible and agreed to make only a routine recount, without testing the legality of the vote. Fred Beach, the losing candidate for sheriff, and the defeated representative candidate,' K. L. Blair, said suftj)' a recount would be unsatisfaclory. Hub of the dispute Is the fact that Izard County cast about 3,500 voles in the primary although it had issued fewer t h a n 2,400 poll tax receipts. The discrepancy is larger than the vctory margin of any of the winners in the three contesled races. Mack led Sen. Orvillc Cheney of j day with R i t a . He mpt her earlier ! this week for several hours. McMath Offers To Cooperate With Cherry uttie Rock-m-Gov. sid MC- Looked Like A uliltcd I Time Job At The i Math f o r m a l l y congratulated. Judge Francis Cherry yesterday for his victory in Tuesday's elcc- tion with a letter pledging "my support and cooperation," He invited the new nominee fnr governor to send his department heads, when they are named, to "sit in all board or commission meetings pertaining to their departments." The governor sent copies of the letter to state department heads, urging their cooperation in helping Cherry and his appointees. In letters to members of the State Highway Commission, McMath requested that the department "complete as many projects ai possible in the remaining time that we have." Make Bid For Labor Vote Hopskotch Speoking Tour Sketched By Stevenson Party (By the Associated Press) An Eisenhower bid fo£ the labor vote and a hopscotch speaking tour by Stevenson were sketched into presidential campaign strategy being drafted by Republicans and Democrats today. Gen. Dwighl D. Eisenhower, the GO." nominee, is now ticketed for t a l k before the Air.crican Fed* eration of Labor convention opening September 15 at New York City. 1 "General Eisenhower," s a i d Sen. Richard Nixon of California, the Republican nominee for vice president, "will welcome the opportunity to appear before labor organizations anytime he can." Nixon, at Denver, discounted the CIO's endorsement yesterday of Illinois' Gnv. Adlai E. Stevenson, the Democratic candidate for president. "While the leadership of the CIO has endorsed Governor Stevenson," Nixon said, "it will be a different thing as far as the rank and fiie is concerned. We are not going to wrjfe off the labor vote." Strategy Outlined At Springfield, 111., today, Stevenson met his campaign strategy board. This group may approve the whistle-stop campaign technique, used so effectively by President Truman in 1948, along with a hopscotch gimmick added by Stevenson for 1952. A reliable source said it would work this way: Stevenson would Whistle-stop, but only in the populous states, east of the Mississippi River and j Cherry rode in t r i u m p h down dec in the Pacific Coat states. He j orated Main Street of Joncsboro would orate from the back platform of his campaign train in the East, hop by plane to the West Coast and repeat the process there. This would revise the traditional And Hold At Bunker Hill lAmerkans Use Fists, Grenades In Close Fight Damaged Plane Taken From Carrier Boxer YUitosuka naval base near Tokyo to a barge bclo w. The fighler was badly damaged Car Presented To Cherry At Jonesboro .loncsboro, Ark. - (P) - Francis j lion and^ glory you heaped upon. Pauring often to rlear hi* throat, the city." Cherry was u n a b l e to delive tour: Campaigning in the East, a cross-country speaking j u n k e t via the Northern route, stumping on the Pacific Coast and a return east by way of the South. With top billinR Roinj? to Stevenson and Alabama's Sen. John Sparkman, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, President Truman and Vice President Al~ ben W. Barkley would play secondary role? in the campaign. "Solid West" At Boise, ladho, Gov. Len Jor- Calico Rock in Jackson and Independence Counties, but lost to Cheney in Izard County. Izard gave almost 90 per cent of its votes to Cheney, and the state senator won by 745 votes. Elmer Fudge was nominated for sheriff with a 370-votc lead over former State Trooper Fred Beach. Blair lost 'ny 36 votes to Rep. Ar- :hur Harris. When the Fayetteville City Council numbered Ihe streets and residences in August, J902, a Little Rock newspaper carried an item on the project which now seems to have been somewhat optimistic. The item, reprinted today in the i me Tciin Found Dead In Mountain Home Area dan talked about a solid ''.Vest for the Republican nominee to rival the Democrats' solid South. As he worked on arrangements for Eisenhower's visit to Boise next Wednesday, Jordan said: "Eisenhov/er v.-ill go East to open the campaign with the solid backing of at least JO of the 11 Western states. He will have the united and vigorous support of their great bloc as -a foundation upon which to build and win in November." yeslerday in his first trip home i ^^^^^^ '" the since he won the Democratic gubernatorial nomination last Tuesday. Accompanied hy his w i f e and their three children, Ihc Jonesbiro chancellor was overcome emotionally when the parade ended and he received a 1352 Oldsmobile automobile purchased through do. nations from Jonesboro residents. The presentation speech, made by Jim Sloan -- Cherry's Crilten- den County campaign manager ~ said the car was bought w i t h gifts wanted to do so victory celebration. The irift was presented lo Cher- after a parade down M a i n Cherry expressed his appreciation for the -welcoming celebration and S i f t : "Without your help, I eould never hjve been succeisfu] in thi« race. You people in Jonesboro Street where show windows dis- Mayed with me when everybody played "Cherry" red welcome] said I didn't have a chance/May- signs. In the parade were 163 dec- I be you didn't think 1 had a chance orated cars and a high school; cither, but you stayed with me Sabre let pilot* shot down one TM5~' « ntl kept on working. I jusl can'l Communist jet and probably de- The procession ended at Wood- make a speech today--all I can do ' Counter-Attack By Enemy Foils; Fresh Troops Turn Tide Seoul, Korca-(/n-U. S.. Marines battled Chinese Jteds with fists »nd grenades in prc-dawn dark- nets tidiiy to break up the sev- rnth Red counter-attack against I Bunker Hill on the Korea western ! front. The Leathernecks captured the once strongly fortified Red position five days ago. The Beds threw 4H! men against the pbjl- tic! in ii bid to regain the nel(ht. "We we're fist fighting and there were loads of hind grenades flying around," one sergeant related. Four hundred Chinese charged to within 3D yards o( Marine positions on the ridge hefore dawn. | Red arllllery and mortirs Wasted Allied positions. Fresh Marines were rushed forward *t -the height of the buttle. The Reds pulled baric less than a 'iiilf hour later. M Lew* Hearr TV seventh Communist assault on the h i l l nelied «arly Tuesday by the Marlnen be«n with · platoon charge shortly after midnight. Red los«« were placed officially nt more than 8,154 dear! and wounded for the fighting which began weei «*,, fmar Pari- rmmjom, site «f the Korean true* talk*. United Nations plane* attacker! a Red supply center at Chunghwa Friday n!ght. Civilian* had been warned by Radio Seoul to leave the nrea. ··Mian HIM Ttfwnrt The U. S. Fifth Air Force tald land Field, where city fathers, | Is say thanki, from' the bottom of union, church, school, .butlneia, my farm and bar representatives made welcoming addresses before a crowd of 4,000 persons. Cherry'* wife. Margaret, their three children, Sandy, Scuttle and I Charlotte and the chancellor'* who defeated I court reporter and secretary. Mis* utrovcd two more during; the natt week. For 1h« wcond straight w«k, no U. N.-planej wtr* loat (n air battle*, but Red anti-aircraft guna ahot down one F-.ll reconnaissance plane. An F-M Thun* derjet and a B-Z« bomber failed Judge Cherrv « n M l « '" U , L - J / " ' """ ] ·"'"'* '"I"" It, null n ^ L l t - l n l J , H I J A n l u l - l . l t l n u l l H n" t.\) UUInDCr IHIlen leopie who, third-term candidate Sid McMath Jean' McGregor, also received In- to return from missions over North .l. n ."?-" s iP. i "'", er t h s W(!ck ' sac * th; " " lhl! i* i Bribed gifts from the re.mknts Korea. , our appreciallon for the recoem-1 the happiest moment of mv life " ' o f Jonr^boro One Of "Most Wanted" Apprehended By FBI Say$ Stevenson Sun " ¥0rj ln w Where Companion Was Cooper Says "Passing Buck" » F '« **· w «*·" «« * Lic.Ather Franc - - * Licq-Athery, France -(/P)- Four*: survivors of an ill-fated cave ex-| I ploring expedition prepared today ! I foi the p a i n f u l ascent from the i W a s h . i n g t o . n . - ( / P ) - S 5 n . John | P '""' St ' M a r t i n chasm " f l e r I Bricker of Ohio said today Gov.! " ry ' n * me "' l h c i r Comrades Adlai E. Stevenson, was "passingi 1 - IM '"" below the surface, the buck" to the states when he! To hoist them, .twin hand i Bricker Hits At States Rights Views Draft Pool Running Dry With First Marine Division-^ A lucky-to-be-alive Marine ler- eeant said the battle today on Buniier Hill wai furious. Sit; Raymond F. Chenelte, J7, or Worcejter, Mas«., told of the battl; that darted ihortly after Washington - UP) - The nation's j midnight. Chenette wa* in charge draft chief says the .pool from : of « machine gun platoon. - __ said it was up to them to 'halt | winches and double roped were which he drawVma'npowVr is 'run- I "We held "our" fire? he gld. centralization of government in | readied by rescue workers above ning dry and. w i t n l n a year, mav i "«. ntl «we«««l out that mortar fire Billion For Farm Loans By Government Asked Little Bock - UP} - A National Farmers Union official says a billion dollar loan fund should be made available by the government for a program of soil conservation, water facilities and permanent pastures "which is now moving too slowly." James G. Pallor of Lamar, Colo., president of the national Kroup, told delegates to the stale Farmers Union annual convention here ycslcrday lhat credit facilities of the Farmer Homes Administralion should be "al least 10 times larger than they are now. 1 * Clarence J. McCormick. undersecretary of agriculture will address the delgatlon today. State Democratic Party Committee Session Set tittle Rock-t/TVThe Democratic State Committee is scheduled to meet here September 11-20 to certify and declare nominees named la Tuesday'* Democratic runoff election. Committee Secretary Frank Newell oT Little Rock nald yesterday that other matter* tft bf discussed at the meeting would he Announced later. "Other Days" column ofMhe Arkansas Gazette, read: "Faycttcville---The City Council has passed an ordinance numbering Ihe streets and residences preparatory to the inauguration of Ihe free mail delivery system. The numbering is to begin at the · square and extend north, east, j south, and west, so as to always have room for expansion without having to change numbers." Somehow it didn't work quite that well. There's been much expansion, and Ihc Cily Planning Commission has drawn up a plan for re-numbering as a resull. Paris(/P)-John H. Perrv, 72. wealthy American publisher, is in a serious condition in the American hospital here from complications growing out of fracture of his hip on a voyage to France Perry is owner of the Western Washington - iff 1 ) - The FBI to- Mountain Home, Ark.-MVA 32- i day announced the apprehension year-old Texan was found dead I "f onc of its "top 10 fugitives," near a mountain road east of h c r e j John Thomas Hil?, on charges of yesterday, and Sheriff J. D. Kins i flight to avoid prosecution, said he apparently took his own i Hill, arrested at Hamtramck, life. Sheriff King said Leffel Woods, employe of a Houston, Texas, oil firm, died from a knife wound in his heart. The sheriff said Woods and his wife had been vacationing at a resort on Lake Norfork near here. He said Mrs. Woods gave this version of her husband's death: She said Woods left the resort yesterday morning en route to j Mountain Home. He stopped t h e ; car and asked her to get out and i check the tires. When she alighted.! he drove off. Sheriff King said the death weapon, an eight-inch hunling knife, was found about six feet 'from Woods' body. He said he had been unable to determine a motive for the a p p a r e n t suicide. Mich., is wanted in Queen Anne's County, Md. der and on charges of mur- Fortsmouth. Va., charges of felonious assaull, the FBI said. Hill, 49, was taken into custody by FBI agents in the Detroit suburb early this morning. Appointment Of Negroes In Stale To Be Sought I.ittle Rock-Wl-A Negro organization is going lo petition the Arkansas governor's office for ap- . pointmcnl of Negroes lo admin I crnmcnt in Washington and , istrativc and executive positions ; eradication or stales' rights." I in stale government. The Arkan- ! ] sas Stale Conference of the N,i-; T WO BentOn fortune White House," Brlcker's statement said, Bricker said states couldn't do much wave" of centralization because the government takes about HO per cent of all tax money collected, "thus leaving state and local governments all but strapped." Bricker added: "Governor Stevenson's «udden interest in states' rights should be weighed against his record. He ha* been an ardent New Dealer and exact way in which the dangerous ascent should be marir. The argument may delay the start for sev- about halting the "tidal cral hours- Apparently the four] _. --.__!.·__-.;-- « survivors were reluctant to t r u s t ' themselves tp the same device lhal cost the life of Marcel Loubens. one of their expedition about everybody wll be in training unless they have a most cx- ccllenl reason for not. just i hand right In th- foxholes." mates. Loubcns, 33. a Paris industrial- i iM who made cave exploring a Chenette was credited with wiping out a Chinese mortar crew which slipped behind Bunker Hill ,,.,, . . . . snd w " s "ring a t t h e Marines We re going to havi- to hunt from the direction of the Am-ri- men because we're running out of can. HIM*. Later in the day, he.was men. The plain truth is that I'm | r.n top of his bunker when a big going to be shorter in less than a i Chinese shell exploded nearby year of men now than I probably '· and knocked him to the ground. | was at any time during the war." j A . lar * c fragment slammed against Hcrshey said draft calls w i l l be cratic Action is well known. They espouse a political philosophy ded- · . icatcd lo the centralization of gov- . s l o n e s "«P '" the chasm Newspaper Union and of Florida newspapers. ! tional Association for the Ad- Killed ! vancement of Colored People also Phoenix, Ariz. - f/P) - Delbcrl | resolved al the close of a two-day , Clayton, 32, Pclsor, Arl;., was j convention here yesterday lo o p - | Pol'O Lifted Bentonvillc-fSneciall-Thc Bcn- i n c conference with workers on the 'surface. It was decided that h a u l , ir.c the body to the surface might dislodge rocks from the chasm side, endangering the survivors below. his chest, hut his armored vest :ok most of the blow. Chenette escaped with only a bruise. Three Injured In Wreck Hear Rogers Carman Bank RobbH | . Frankfurt, Gcrmnny-f/Pi-T w n ' n °8CT»-(Special(-Three persons bank employes were shot d e a r t : w c " injured, none seriously, this hobby, died Thursday of Injuries ! b 'K? rr d u r i n g the fucal year suffered when a steel rcpe t h a t i w n i c n began in J u l y than in the was p u l l i n g hlrn to the surface preceding 12 month.-.. The draft snapped, plunging him 120 feet an( ^ enlistments will bring about to a narro.v ledge. His four mates 1,200,000 to the armed forces this a pile o f ' t i s c a l year, he estimated. number killed in a car-truck collision near pose racial segregation in public · ton Countv Health U n i t revealed I riorcnce Junction, Ariz., today. ! housing projects. ; mtcr(lay ·,,,,( , wo ch ,,drcn from i this coimty have been admitted to I ,' I..ittle Rock hospitals for treatment I of polio. i Danny O f f u t t . two, son of Mr. ! and Mrs. F.ugcne Light of Route Bomb Lets Go Four Days After Plane Crash! Seoul, Korea~(/P)-A delayed nc- tion bomb exploded today In the wreckage of an Allied fighter bomber where the body of a dead U.S. flier had lain for four days because of the imminent danger of explosion* The bomb-laden plane crashed soutli of Seoul Tuesday afler cnl- lidins with z Jet piano The Jet pilot parachuted lo «afety, but an unidentified major flying the second craft crashed wllh his plane. M. Sijt. Dcrral C. Watson of (ort to remove the major': Tuesday night hefore he ,, __ ._ _. several unexploded bombs were 1 Ihe homb"which exploded'todny '" "· '"·· ' w a s the one on which the pilot'* : bodv: Watson said there was no wa know of l e a r n i n g immediately whether in the wreckage. "I got lo the plane and found .'body had been lying. The plane carried about a down 250-pound bombs and two 1,000 pounders. Some have not found and three villages Ihc pilot dead," Watson said. "The plane was really a wreck. Tin' body was astride a bomb directly under the cockpll, like a man would be astride a hone, I tried to pull him out but found he couldn't be romeved without cut- tirfg torches. _ _ l(ll "Then I began looking around [ bombs dropped over North Korea "" a flashlight al all those! do nol explode for d»y«. Onr of- been evacuated explosions his I Some of the delayed action until danger of passed, Watson BenlMville, was Mricken August and was taken to St. V i n cent's Hospital Monday. B i l l i o Favc Tolly, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tolly nf Doutf 4 who was admitted July .11 lo University Hospilal, now is rrcupcr- bcenlallng In Children's Hospital. h a v o ' were shot riearl V / C I P and a third wounded today when Doming in the collision nf a pas- three masked bandits tabbed a : senger car and pickup truck three bank in suburban Bockonhilm of 1 miles south nf Rogen on Hich- .l.nno m,irks i$7Hi. j way 71. Injured Here Mrs. Paul Crosslin of F.nid, Okla., and her two children, Michael, and Carol, nine. Cro.sjlin, drivci of tht ear, was u n h u r t . The victims ar« patients at flojcrs Memorial Hospital, they were taken by a Burns ainbuUace. Jackson. Miss-(/IVA mllilanl I A key figure in any revival of Colic? v.ere Investigating the st.ilef l i g h t s grain thrust itself! a t h i r d party ticket is former Gov . acclrienl l*lc this r.-.orninf. No de- I n t o Mississippi's Slpvenson-i Fielding Wright, w h o wiis t h r - ' t n i l s w c i e available. Eisenhower DemociMIr f i g h t a n d j states righter-. 1 vice nr«sidintlal threatens today to broaden it into randidale In 1942. Wnghl has not .1 three-way free-for-all. : dcclsicd his mitimcnl. At a men- 1 U n t i l .yesterday th« squabble; Ing yesterday of delegates who 1 was bctwrcn Dcmocrnt.i foi K i n e n - l went to th- n a t i o n a l convention i ; h n w c r and Democrats for Steven-1 Wright made only guarded com States Rights Southerner May Get Into Fight For Governor In Mississippi » , . · , . nr o - Falrflcld, Inwa. who heads the bombs. I realized right away t h a i ' flclal has estimated that It will he heavy guard thrown around Ihc was no place for me. I got out of nr-xl Tuesday brforc the wreckage H A n t f f r ArAI tmtlt h* marlo k n ttt.i tKitr* " . · _ w . . . . _ ^ k . j - - · - , . . area, taid he made an ef- 1 there. , can he searched safely. Klnr SHI Traau* New York -UP)- Young King Faisal II nf Iraq files to Wa.«h- Inglnn today for a luncheon engagement w i l h President Truman. The 17-year-old monarch Is in : the U. S. on a five-week tour. c m . son. nut now there arc s t r o n r | m c n t . But he asked for the priv- hints of a third contender, a kUtcsi tlcjo of addressing the state ton- rights ^ou'.hcrner. vcntion meeting Monday after Several officials In the ' "--- ---- ...... " stutr party want the f t a t e Democratic convention, which holds a pout- Chicago meeting Monday, lo name Cov. Hugh Whit? nukes a report on the national convention. Tiadltlonnlly. M per cent ef Miisis.ilppl voteri arc Democrats Southerner as Its i and practically all were states ndldale. A m o n g t h r m «rr Walter; i Ighlcu In 1»48, when Strom Sillers, speaker nf the «tal- Home; Thurmond of South Carolina and of nfprii.fnt»llves and stale Hop., Wright carried this .tale and three Ruwll Fox. , others. Swarm To Edge Of Chicago, Thtn Leave Chicago - W) - An invadlnf army of crlcktls whieh twirmed In. to Chicijo's southern luburtx, begin dliappearinr lait nl«ht, al myjtcriouily as they arrived. The baby cricket*, of th* chirp- leu variety. ipp*«r*d in fore* Thursday. EntomolotliM a*ltf th* crlckeu did not eon* hm tar din- Unc«, but probntJc kttolMd In nmrb.v field*, anal b*tt«T

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