Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 15, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 15, 1952
Page 8
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FrM«y, Avfwl IS, IfSl Truman Defends Tah Proposal To Eisenhower Foreign Policy In i Post Decode Termed Mostly Si-Partisan Washington - (VPl - Prcsldcn Truman told a White House news conference yesterday he endorses a 1151 Senate document which Mid ''the conduct of American foreign policy In the pact decade has. In f*n«ral, been bi-partisan In its aspects." · The president cited this In discussing the rejection by Dwlghl D. Datenhower, the Republican nominee, of an Invitation to come to Washington for a briefing on the world situation. Eisenhower said he did not believe there should be any exchange between him and Truman that the American people did not know about. - Truman commented tartly that ihe general will be at liberty to quote anything he has to say to him. In fact, Truman said, Elsen- hower already has quoted a great many things he told the general. The president added that some ·f the** came out in garbled form, but he didn't elaborate. IprMallM Cimills! : Republiceni criticized the White Hods* Invitation to Elsenhower as an "after-thought gesture," but Truman told reporters he had de- eidM about 10 days ago that the Central Intelligence A g e n c y should keep the presidential candidate* Informed of what was «o- int on In the world. He said CIA officials suggested a briefing for Men candidate, such as Stevenson got, supplemented by weekly reports to them. ·Although he rejected the briefing session Idea. Eisenhower said he would be glad to receive weekly reports from the CIA. - While he hadn'i sent an Invlta. tlon lo Eiwsnhower until Tuesday, Truman sal* the general had been Informed previously by the Defense Department he could get any Information he wanted from that agency. ·rMter «HMM« UP However, It developed there had been * slip-up. Gen, Dinar Brad- Jey, chairman of (he Joint Chiefs of Staff, acknowledged In a rueful statement that Truman had asked him · week ago to convey this ward to Elsenhower but he hid not done so. Bradley said he had talked It over with Secretary of Defense Robert A, Lovett and Secretary William C. BRITISH PULL SLEEPER PLAY ON BERLIN RED RADIO TRUM* in the Berlin war of nerves, a small Britlnh trailer Is rolled in front of gate of the Red radio studio In West Berlin to block entranc* and force Russian vehicles to halt for a search. British Commandant Maj, C. F, C, Colcman pulled tha aleeuer play because, he said, Russian cars were smuggling! unauthorized .Germans Into t«» building. ([ntcrnatwnal Soundyhato) \ Russians Hit Sour Note In Hymn Of Hate Against U.S. Tester and they decided the mat-' Mr couM wait until Elsenhower tame East later this month. , "Belnir unfamiliar with political matters," Bradley laid, "it never I occurred to me that the timing of ' notification might become an lime, or I would have gotten In i touch with General Elsenhower ' Immediately after my con vena- j tion with the president," ' Chrim Reed W'nncr Of : State Senate Contest Paris, Ark. - (/P) - One of the closer races for state senator de- 1 veloptd In the Fifth district where , Chlsm Heed of Paris defeated Sam \ P. Ford of Scranton, (.lit to 6,097. At on* time before the count of 120 boxes was completed Reed was ahead by only four votes. The district, which comprises ' Montgomery, Yell, Scott and Lo- · gan Counties, had 120 boxes. Reed Is president of the Arkan- tii Raiorback Clubs. BOWL FOR PLEASURE An Bcnton Bowling Thanes--Adv. % GALLON VnUi ki Cream 6k By JOHN M. HICHTOWER Washington-f/Pl-S t a t c Depart mcnt officials believe that thi Russians, In their h j m n of hate against the United States, have hi sour note which their propa landa directors are suddenly try- ng to soft pedal. The situation created an opening 'or a U. S. propaganda counterattack which the Voice of America )as been pressing for some weeks luisian reaction indicates, officials say, that the counter-attack is worrying the.Kremlin. Here Is what happened: The Soviet Union has always rlcd to present Itself to the world is a friend of all peoples and an :ncmy only of small groups ol 'warmongers," "enemies of peace,' Wall Street imperialists" and the For many months and partlcu- arly since the beginning of then harges that American forces were using germ warfare in Korea, how- vcr, the Soviet propagandist; avc attacked the whole American Army as «n army of "monsters" nd "cannibals" guilty of commit- Ing the most violent atrocities. They also have assailed many aspects of American life such as sports, politics, business and nodal activities. "Vefce" Icora4 Cimpilln Taking all these elements together; the Voice of America began telling the world that the lovlet Union was conducting i 'hate America" campaign, black enihg the reputation of a whole people for the first t l m j in Soviet history. In recent days two Soviet publication?:, "News" and "New Times," have carried articles disavowing any such campaign, nnd re-stating the familiar line that the Russians love everybody. Similar denials and protests have been voiced by Russian radio commentators, usually in English or some other non-Russian language. One ot the interesting things about the denials, authorities said today, is that they have been directed toward the world outflde of Russia while the hate campaign has been heaviest In publications and radio broadcasts in the Russian language, directed lo the Russian people. Experts Debate Reasons Why the Soviets should have stepped up their propaganda against the united States has been a subject of intensive discussion in the State Department and other interested government agencies. One obvious conclusion is that since the United Stales is the lead- Ing power In the Western defense alliance it is the logical target for Soviet vituperation. Another idea advanced by the experts Is lhat the Russian i-ulcrs may be whipping up their propa- ;anda to try to overcome the )awson, N. M., have lomc after spending With relatives here. youve if tasted todays SCHENLEY know it's the best tasting whiskey in ages! ·UMtPWHISKCYMMOOF. .iH«Mlll N t U T X A l SfUITJ. KMNLcr Dimiiurom, INC., NEW YOIK, NCW YORK weariness and Indifference of the people they control. Still another speculation has been that they might be trying to create a war psychology In Russia. But the experts generally discount this on the ground t h a t there are nn other signs that the fiussians are deliberately preparing for war in the predictable future. Illinois Association To Meet At Wedington · Rowrs-(Special)-Thc Wlns- tow-West Fork unit of (he Northwest Arkansas Illinois Association will hold fen all day picnic Thursday, August 21, at Lake Wcding- ':on. All families who formerly lived n - I l l i n o i s and arc now living in Northwest Arkansas are invited to I jrint; a basket and Invite a friend, ·Yank White, chairman of the district unit, said In making the announcement. Boating, dancing, ishlng and horseshoe playing will be features ol the afternoon and evening. Oakland and Zion Mr. and Mrs. Bill Plumlce and children of Springdale were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Piumlee. Mr. and Mrs. George Weeks and children of Tiilsa, Okla., vcre weekend guests of Mrs. Weeks' parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. r . Mahan. Other guests of the riahans were Mr. and Mrs. ohnnlc Mahan and children of Fayeltevillc. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Warner of rving, Texas, visited Mr. and flr.t. J. Ti. Savage Sunday night. Mrs. Clarence Lxnvrr, who has ieen » patient at Faycttevillc City lospital, has been returned to her Home and Is reported improving. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cullender of Hoffman Called Info McCarfhy-Benlon Suit Washington - (VP) - Paul G. Hoffman, a lop Eisenhower campaign strategist, was listed today as a witness in Senator Benton's defense against a two-million-dollar libel-slander suit filed by Senator McCarthy. Lawyers for the embattled senators squared off (or a court fight Tuesday before U. S. District JudRC Burnita S. Matthews. The hearing will determine whether H o f f m a n should be permitted to j»ive his testimony the same day at a deposition hearing. The suit is on outgrowth of Benton's efforts to have McCarthy expelled from the Senate. McCarthy contends that, i\\ this move, Bcnton w r o n g f u l l y d e f a m ed him with baseless accusations of f r a u d , perjury and calculated deceit. returned few days Sulphur City Mr. and Mrs. Dale Frost of Lawrence, Kan., spent the weekend with Mr. Frost's parents. Mv. and Mrs. G. M. Frost. Mr. Frost went to Little Rock Monday for his pro-induction physical examination. Mrs. Jack Cook and daughters. Barbara and Phyllis, and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Vaught, attended a reunion at Sheppherd Springs Sun- clay. Mr. and Mrs. Evcrette Price. Jr., and daughter, Anne, and Mrs. Nell McKinnon visited Mr. and Mrs. Dan McKinnon of Carthage, Mo.. Tuesday and Wednesday. Miss Wanda Sue Rcod entertained a group of friends with a lawn party Monday night. AttertiM In Uw TIMES--It MTt. ·raikr ktWM tn* ·rae» "A" Dairr ·arm Paint, Kjlfi R«p«ln HO MOHIV DOWN law MMtklj Paymiiti DYKE LUMBER CO. M* Is. Ckulea BIG OZARK CORN SHOW * * A Barrel Full Loffs * * Tonitt Saturday 7:45 - 9:45 JOIN M LAUSH PAKADf IN THf MARCH W m POLLS... AND CAST YOUR VOTISINFAVOKOFFUN! m *jXUc° l '?uf. SUCW* H . ,,, trll^ **»*$"«' Cttor CcrtMH t Kids 4 Ms It * ADDED FUR PM* .4. Miniatur. RidM X Grif Kiddws Boyle's Column ·7 IIAI. BOYLE New York-(.'P, 1 -Oh, for the : V of a nudist! Everybody is born a i.udist, but most people outgrow il. Nudists are having their woes these days. A group in England plagued by a nude stranger vho pops in and out. And another group, the American Sunbathing Association, meeting at M a.V s, :nding, N. J., are acting' more il:c .Texas Republicans as they quarrel over the selection of of- icers. Two factions are competing n a naked group for power. Television is missing c bet by not training its cameras on this mconvcntional convention, attend, cd by delegates from 30 states. "t should be more interesting than he recent antics in Chicago. You can imagine the announcer saying: "We now bring you an interview with Delegate Zilch. He's Ihe one wilh the mole in his right shoulder." As a matter of fact the national scene is ripe now for a nudist candidate for president. He could | certainly prove he had nothing up lis sleeve or wasn't trying to hide anything from the voters. He could campaign (everywhere j except in Boston) on the platform j 'the people are entitled to Ihe are facts." But his nudist fol- owers would be under one handiip: Nudism is an old cult that has vaned and flourished for centuries n many different countries. But Is practitioners have had little real 'effect in their effort to get civilized man lo face life wear- nothing b u t . a suntan and a guilty look. A naked savage is a fairly [raceful h u m a n a n i m a l , because has gone wJthout clothes since )irth. In lands where mixed nude bathing is customary, such as Ja- »n, one also quickly accepts the inadorncd body as a normal sight. Not In America But nudists in America strike he average citizen as neither [raceful nor particularly daring. They arc either depressing or mildly amusing. The real argument against nudism isn't t h a t it is immoral or u n n a t u r a l . It is that it simply isn't iractical anymore. For one thing, civilization would probably collapse except for pock- t-ls. That is one of the soundest reasons for clothing. It gives a man something in which lo carry his small change, his keys, his cigarcls, his matches, and h i s driver's license. People wear clothing also because they like il. It brings variety into their life. They don't have to look alike every day. What does a nudist see? Only the same old freckles. But the deepest reason why most people dont doff their raiment and go about their work and play like woodland faws is h u m a n vanity. The truth is that 95 out of 100 people look better with t h e i r clothes on than off. Who wants to unveil nature's errors? Everybody probably f l o n e time or, another wonders whether it wouldn't be fun to be a nudist. Whenever you feel that way tl\-e is a simple remedy. Just imagine, if you were a nudist, what a strange rear view you would provide spectators when you got up after sitting for half an hour in a cane-bottomed chair. Who wants to look like a walking game of tiL-k-iatk-lue? Zion Oak Grange Has Open House Meeting Seventy-five members a n d guests of 'he Zion Oak Grange attended an open house at the Zion School last night for a. cooperative dinner. Worthy Master Ralph Morrison opened the meeting and turned it over to Mrs. Eugene Eddy, lecturer. A musical and dance program was presented by Mr. and Mrs B. B. "Pat" Patrick and daughter, Rosemary, and Mrs. Shirley Zachary of Springdale. Mrs. Nora Bee Lingelbach read a scries of h u m o r o u s items concerning Grange members. The guest speaker was Mrs. Chloa Sunnier of Gentry, state lecturer. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rammage and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Ed David and daughter, and Miss Beth David, all of Huntley, Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Morrison of Bcntonvillc. HOW-- ·^^-*^~^^^"--^^^^^^^^^^TM --AM YOU KMNO TO VOTET may Be Uie question u GOP presidential nominee General Eisenhower Is greeted by N»v»jo Indiana In Gallup, · N. It., on his viilt to witness their annual inter-tribal ceremonial council. Indiana can vott for first time in next election. Sum Akeaft, head of council, which represents 60.000 Navajoa, ia at left, r/xtenutwnal/ TELEVISION U VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP ATTENTION Dairymen and Fanners Let us solve your Feeding Problem by filling your silo, using a new Ensilage Cutter For Full Information Call 68-L, Huntsville or 1689, Fayerteville MOVIES--Hie best way to enjoy o Summer evening! COOL U A R K · LAST TIMES FRIDAY · "SHADOW IN THE SKY" Starts Saturday The Life She Wanted Was Labeled "FOR MEN ONLY"! She broke down the bars of prejudice and made men lite il -- and won Ine heart ol Ihe man she loved! IKT KENNEDY ""MERRILL THE GIRL UN WHITE * COOL PALACE Today Saturday IS Adults 25c 'till 1:00 P.M. SatunUy! fr fr fr ' fr fr fr ·fr fr fr fr ·fr fr fr fr fr fr fr fr. ·fr T/ie Greofejf Reception Ever Accorded A film I "True 'to form. Thi Greatest Show on Earth" Mrs. Thad Rowden, Jr. "It was a wonderful picture" Mrs. R. L. Brown "The Bast Shew I hare «r«r seen" Mrs. Anna Jackson "Very fine for eyeryone" Mr. Mrs. Price Steele "Excillenl--rery ·nltriaining lor adults and children" John McNalr ·fr a fr fr fr ·fr ·fr ·fr ·fr -tr Color by TECHNICOLOR iiiri.jl- lfTTY CORNE1 CHAtUTON HUJTON-WIIDE'HESII BOTOTHT GiTOU ·"» IAMOUR-GRAHAME .«JAMB . i STEWART -. Mm(iiiliiRMk)CE(lll.((Mtll£ ntton* litt Ml MSMtJH if hjkij Int.-lnai i Mq tmt A PARAMOUNT PICTURE ROYAL Tofiiflht A S.t. Adult* 25c KMMiM lOe Th. IhriWnt Mry «f UN HOOAN Otonn FOKO * Ann. IAXTH "FOLLOW THE SUN" A N D WNQSGQB TOME MCES ·Ml CairMM

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