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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 15, 1952
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O PAGES TODAY Rurf by over 25,000 Daily 10CAI KXKAST-- Tin fiblic tuftrtsf It Tfce «r»f Concern Of TfcJj Newspaper VOUJMf 91, NUMBER 20, 1952 WM MYlTTIVail. ARKANSAS, FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 15, 1952 AP, Kinfl and NEA Feature* BVf CMTi Broken Explorcr Hauled From ! ' 000 ' Foot Deep Cave ^^ ^^ Position On Security Hit CIO Endorses Stevenson For U.S. President Murray Attacks General's Views, Republican Party Washington-WVCIO President Philip Murray, attacking Dwight D. Eisenhower's expressions on s o c i a l security, said today he doubts "the average citizen can find any comlort or solace in his candidacy." Aly Sees Rita, No Decision On Reconciliation Hollywood --(/P) - Prince Aly Khan hurried to a five-hour visit with his estranged wife Rita Hayworth soon after he arrived here last night, but when the meeting broke up early today their»recon- ciliation question remained unanswered. j Appearing glum as he left the i red haired actress' home, the j prince said only. "I talked with | Rita and saw our daughter, who j is beautiful." ; I He said another visit Is planned i j later today, but "no comment" j I was his only reply when asked if ! Licq-Athcry, France - (/Pj i Rescue workers today began the I sad task of hauling the broken body of a young French underground explorer from the 1,000- foot deep Pyrenees mountain cave in which b,e fell to his death. The victim, Marcel Loubens, 33, died last night as a death-defying rescue team was about to try hoisting him by cable from a ledge where he had lain in a coma nearly 36 hours. Dr. Andrew Mairey, a fellow explorer of the earth's depths, had been lowered into the fissure -one of the world's deepest -- to try to bring the unconscious man to the surface. Working desperately on the nar- row shelf in the dark, wet hole, I Mairey managed to strap Loubens to a stretcher. But the explorer died shortly afterwards from his injuries and the bitter cold. Loubens had hurtled 120 feet to the ledge in the Pierre St. Martin fissure when a steel cable haulins him lo the surface snapped Wednesday morning. He was badly battered and his spine was fractured. Dr, Mairey, himself a survivor of a cave battle with death, went down a fifth of a mile below the earth's surface with the stretcher strapped on his back lo make the vain rescue attempt. It" took 21s hours to lower him by cable and winch. Then, just before midnight, the daring doctor told anxious watchers on the surface by telephone thiit the young explorer had died, Loubens. a Paris industrialist, shared with Mairey and others an . amateur enthusiasm for speleology | (cave exploration). On their c u r - j rent expedition, members of t h e ! party had penetrated a record 1,656 feet into the earth's crust. Dr. Msircy, 38, was the only survivor of seven explorers trapped in a nearby rave two years ago. Their escape route cut off by a flood of water, six drowned as they struggled to find a way out of the cavern, but Mairey held his head above thp icy water for 24 j hours unlil it cbberk a reconciliation was possible. Aly arrived by plane last night and a few hours later, shortly before midnight, went to visit Hita in her Beverly Hills home. Murray addressed a "xct-be- hind-Stevenson" rally of some 400 j leaders of the CIO and its polili- cal Action Committee. The CIO Executive Board endorsed Democratic Nominee Adlai Stevenson yesterday. Murray quoted from v. hat he said were past speeches and letters by Eisenhower, and declared the GOP candidate's views "counter to the expressed poses of the American people j j\T /y/ J.' r / f^tilt ihroughout the '-st 20-year pe- · * * Ml4/ljl' X^tl^l^ riod." , i Heavy sarcasm in his voice,; Mays Landing, N. J. - (A*) - The Murray said Eisenhower's 1948 i Rev. Ilsley Boone, 73, has been and 1949 speeches on social se- skinned of his unofficial title, curity introduced a 1'finc. states- "king of American nudists." Farmers Union Asks Overhaul Of Tax System Requests Cherry To Select Panel, Revise Structure Little Rock - (/P) - The Arkansas Farmers Union urged Dcmo- . " " -"·',.1' Old Man Buried With Wax Replica Of Girl He Loved Zephyi-hills. Fla.-(/P)-A romantic old man ( who believed his love for a young woman was stronger thar. dealh itself lay in a simple grave today near a lifesize replica of the girl. Even at 83 Karl Tanzler, who liked lo be called Dr. Karl Tanz- lcr von Cosel. did everything he could to keep alive his bve for the beautiful Elena Mesa. Officers searching the cluttered ,, . . . , - » little house where the old Ger- S?J^!^ X ' r a y technician was found a I dead Wednesday discovered a wax id a wax '^""1 Voted In By pur- · J manlike., broad America should vision of w h a t be." HP quoted In a hotly-contested election watched over by three fully-cloth- Tisenhower as saying this: | od Superior Court appointees at "We scrk the illusion called security. We \vant to wear fine shirts and have caviar and champagne when we should be eating hoidogs and drinking beer." Dislikes Philosophy Smiling broadly, Murray Commented: "Now there's a philosophy to be introduced into the American political scene." In a statement at Denver on August 9, Eisenhower called for expansion of the social security program to cover an additional 14 million persons, and Tor increased old age assistance grants. Murray marie a general attack, too, on the Republicn party. He said it has "stood against any legislation to control' inflation," Along with endorsing Stevenson yesterday, the CIO Executive Board slapped at the Republican platform as "empty of constructive ideas. 11 Truman Predicts Victory I President Truman told the CIO leaders the American voters will elect Adlai Stevenson president and make the Republicans like it. Stevenson, Truman told the unionists, is "an honorable man and a progressive man." The CIO men called on Truman at the White House, and the president spoke to them briefly in the rose garden. Union Carpenters Back lo Work In little Rock Liitle nock-yP)-Union carpen ters went back to work on construction jobs in Little Rock and North Little Rock today with a new wage agreement calling for a raise of 17V4 cents an hour. The ATL carpenters, members of Local 690. reached the agreement with the Labor Committee of the Associated General Contractors yesterday ending ;. four- day strike. The carpenters struck Monday in support ot demand! for a 25- eent-an-hour boost. Air Reserve To Open Shreveporr Offices Washington-yP)-The Air Force advised Representative Brooks (D-La) today that district headquarters for the Air Reserve will be opened at Shreveport, La., on November 1. Brooks said the headquarters will consist of 115 officers, airmen and civilians. It will serve Air force reservists in Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. nearby Sunshine Park, the spry, silvery-rnanect Baptist preacher's 20-year hold on the American Sunbathing Association was broken. An opposition slate headed by Mervin Mounce, 43, a Spokane, Wash., contractor, was swept into office by a l,457-lo-430 vote margin over Aloise S. Knapp of Chicago, Boone's candidate. In his acceptance speech, delivered in the nude, Mounce said: "Cefore you stands s humble man." The new president then promised what he called a more businesslike democratic association. Boone, who fought for a year to I retain control of the hareskin cull, took his defeat gracefully. Said the rotund, roundly - tanned preacher: "I have given 20 years of my ife to nudism and I shall welcome a brief period- of retirement before I kiss old mother earth goodbye." greatest need is complete overhauling of its revenue or tax system. We cannot have adequate ;.schools until this is done. Wecan- : not have adequate health units. | hospitals and medical facilities and other services unless additional revenue is provided." The Farmers Union also recommended a constitutional amendment to create ft one-house legislature, with half of the members elected each two years. The organization suggested establishment of an Arkansas Farm Development and Credit Institution which would provide public funds and insure private loans to farmers and to young people wishing to become farmers. Sneakers today included Clarence J, McCormick, undersecretary of agriculture; J. Albert Hopkins, Little Rock, president of the Arkansas Farmers Union; James G. ade and il reproductions of pictures of the frirl found in albums bearing such lilies as "The,Secret of the Tomb" and "Elena in the Baltic of Life." Not far from the house a handful of neighbors v/alched yesterday while Tanzler was buried beside his daughter, Crystal, who died in her leens. Tanzler's wife, Doris, a nurse in Hunlington oods, Mich., was unable to attend. The bearded, white-haired old Bomb, Germ Warfare Won't Give Up Weapons Unless Ban Effective man took \vilh him to ihc grave the secret of what really did happen to Elena's body. Tanzler fell in love with ihe girl while working in a hospital at Key West. When she died of tu- bcrculosift at 1H he cbtaincd permission J i o m her family lo build a v a u l t lor her in the city cemetery. Body Found Eight years later, in 1940, the body v/as found in Tangier's shack, dressed in a negligee, adorned with jewels, restiiiR in a canopied bed. hill this afternoon" Red Casualties Mount In Fight For Bunker Hill Marines Report 3,014 Dead And Hurt Within Week fiooul. Krtrrs - (£"*! - ^mT i ''an Marinrs t\vicc t o d w v rrushcH Chi- nr^p romiruniM attacks nn Bunker H i l l in t ^ o IMrrl of B scries of western 'ront battles wh'ch l l - p corns ?aid has cost tV fleets .1.014 in dead and wounded since Saiur- dav. Uniled Nations fishier homb^iv strafed *nd plastered ^e^ pi--'- \ lions with bombs, rockets, and I gasoline as 1h*» Leat |-i crnr''k^ i forced back 200 Chin**** who IrlH ·. to advance on ihc battle-scarred j There were ircsh flowers is her hair. Tanzlcr Inld deputies he sere- naddi her nightly v.'ilh a pipe organ he constructed and planned lo fly away w i t h her in an air- l.lane he was building when she returned to life. The romantic technician w a s tried for disturbing a sr^vc. He was acquitted and left town. As he drove away from Key West, an explosion destroyed the vaul which Elena had first been lerrcd. . A brief in? officer naijmated .1JJ Reds were killed in t h e one-hour battle, the .sixth f u t i l e Cominivi- ist attempt lo recapture Bunker HIM. Before down today. Marine* re- nulscd a 400-mun forcn which launched a sneak attack on the hill from two directions. Hardly Missed In Three-Year · Sojourn At Sea Los Anseles - u?i - Ralph S. i Mealy, 25, went to sea three years ! ago. He came home and told hi; ' neighbors abo it his trip. Thai's : when he learned they didn't know ; he'd been nway. ; Heal.v filed suit for divorce yes- '· tcrday chnrsin.' his Identical twin brother, Russell, had frequently visited his wife d u r i n g his absence. Hcaly'.i wife. Grace, sued for divorce recently, charginfi cruelty and tJepcriirm. Reds Locate Prison Camps Nam 11 Yields To Demand For Maps Tnk.vo-M'i-Unltcd Kalians Com- m.ind headquarters saitl today Ihe Communists have yielded to Allied demands lor maps showiuj (he . new locations of three Red pris- I oncr-of-v.'ar camps in North Ko- Thc U.N. seized Bunker Hill early Tuesday, the fourth dav nf f i g h t i n g in the area. The U. S. i n ! Eighth Army said 1.183 Chinese in- j have been wounded and f!97 counted or believed killed tn Red rca. MHJ. Gen. William Harrison, No one knew where Elena was j efforts trj rccsoture the hill, finally buried. Her family, now dead, kept it secret and Tangier never {old anyone. Something Lacking In His Performance New York - (/P) - A license i n - » spcctor, smiling sheepishly, did j . "bumps" and "grinds" yesterday LOQP ADD J before, a.^ictefing ludlenc*jt.a · » K K ' ' .public hearing. It was his version of what he \ respectively 1 ganization. of the national or- Rhee Inaugurated For Second Term In Korea Cuts Red Tape St. Louis-WVA man asked for a $1,200 loan, then held up the Household Finance Corporation office yesterday, fleeing w i t h $250. _ J Assistant Manager Frank Tay- grounds of staging sn rnmodest | lor , saW l n c m a n suddenly pulled I and immoral performance. Bom ben Come In Allied fighter bombers *uu- pnrled the fierce ground action with from 500 to 1,000 individual strikes asalnst enemy positions since Saturday. The Air Force said its pilots today destroyed 76 troop and supply buildings, fix suoply dumps. 11 supnly stp.cks, 17 gun positions, : 28 bunkers, four personnel shel l-tare, «nd.«cvqn.licld . piece,', .-, ing on whether the license of the "Tirza, the Wine Bath Girl" show should be pcrmanenlly lifted on Poultry Market -- The poultrj market today ai reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science »nj Technolony and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas market study, demand fair to good, offerings very light. Size factor Im- prwed most points, and more tridlnf reported on broilers or fry«rj weighing around 24 lb/. Prices paid f. o, b. farm up to 2 p. m., broilers or fryers all weights ( 2 H lo .1 Ibs.) 31-.12 cents lb,, mostly .12 with one small lot hrlnglnf 12 H cent*, lb. Department Store Sales Slightly Higher In Week St. Lou is-(^P)-Dcs pile uncertain weather that limited special sales promotions in many areas, department store sales in the Eighth Federal Reserve district last week were slightly higher than in the comparable week of 1951. Sales in seven of the smaller district cities were unchanged from last year. They were up six per cent in Little Rock, Ark., three per cent in Louisville, Ky., and one per cent in Memphis, Term., and jthe St. Louis area. For the four-week period which ended last Saturday and for the year to date, sales for the district arc slightly above those in the comparable periods of 1951. Passenger Killed As Auto Overturns Mammoth Springs, Ark.-(^Pj r Larry Drake, 20, St. Louis, was killed last night when a car in which he was a passenger overturned about 3 ! ,4 miles north of here. Elmer W. Cook, 19. Thayer, Mo., also a passenger, is being treated at a hospital in Springfield, Mo., for a fractured leg. Calls "Handicapped" Week \Vashington-(/Pj-Prcsident Truman today proclaimed the week of October S as "National Em- ploj the Physically andicappcd · Week." I out a gun as a discussion for 11' Supervising Inspector H u m b e r t , I, 0 "" h ' x ' n ' , Five "'f 1 " employes J. Satriano testified that thc i ^ r ' ^ at gunpoint while the show-girls made naughty move- ! £,," fo !' Ced Tay ° r . to , s t u f f TMTM mrnts bllls into one of the firm's bags j ^. j , [ already containing change. Seoul, Koroa-Wi-Thnusands In j Directed to demonstrate, h c i . ] this war-ruined capital cheered i arose from the witness stand and i wrinkled Syngman Rhee today r.s ! performed. ! he was inaugurated tn his second !lc dl ' ew a smile from Miss Lc- term as president of South Korea. ona Duval, operator of the show. He. promised "no rest" u n t i l the Sne told newsmen that the in- Communists are defeated. i specter's performance had "no Goes To Jail For Defying Senators New York-WVFrank Costello, underworld gambling k i n g p i n , sur- senior U. N. negotiator, received the i n f o r m a t i o n from North Korean Gen. N'am II. It also in- cludtri maps nhov.'injf the boundaries nf two o!her camos-- holding A l l i e d prisoners--which had been expanded. Cool Canadian Air In Midwest, Moving South · By The AiucUU4 rr*M A freak north-south torrid Tone bisected tn» nation yesterday. A ·taHL.()f .100-d«t«.J)e»t,»t«Uh«d almost from Mexico to Canada through parU of . Texm.. OK1«- homn, K»ns«3, Nebr»»k» and North and South Dakota. A fresh surge of cool Canadian air spread into the Northern Rockies and northwest sections of the Midwest today,' but forecasters said it probably would not move very deep into the South. The · cool n i r was expected to reach Chicago by laic today or early tomorrow srid than work Delegate Informs Malik Mere Paper Promise Not Enough United Nations, N. Y, - (,P) The United Statct warned today that it reserved the right to use Ihc A-bomb and germ warfare lo suppress «sgrossinn until iuch weapons are eliminated by j|n- Iron-clad system of International' safeguards. The warning was made by U. S. Delegate Bcnjajmln V. Cohen t»- ! fore the U. N. Disarmament Com- j mission, where Russia has repeat! cdly demanded that the U. N. ban ! atomic weapons and germ war- i fare. Cohen told Soviet Delegate Jacob A. Malik that the U. S. would never accept a mere paper declaration prohibiting the use o( these weapon.1. Cohen said: "We are Issuing no ultimatums. We are making no threats." W«n't Invite \tircttttn He went nn tn say that, until there is an effective international system of inspection to make sure agreements are not bclnj .violated, the United Slates does not intend "to invite airresslon by informing, or committing ourielvei to, would- be aggrcMori and charter-breakers that we will not une certain weapons to suppress agfrctcirn." "To do so In exchange tor nwre paper promises would be to five would-be aggressors their own choice of weapons. 1 ' he said. "For certainly there is no assurance that aggressors, which break their charter obligations, not to ga to war, v.'ill keep their paper promise* not to fight with certain weapon* if Urn* have them and need them to achieve their Passenger Killed By OR Streetcar Rhee, 77, was re-elected August 5 in South Korea's first popular presidential election. South Korea celebrated also the seventh anniversary of Korea's liberation from 40 years of Japanese occupation and the fourth birthday of the U.N.-sponsored republic. Russia's premier, Joseph Stalin. Two Charged In $2,325 Missouri Bank Holdup St. Louis-(.P)-Two men, charged with hank robbery in Tuesday's Satriano, who happened to ov- ' 32,325 holdup of the Farmers Sav- crhear this, declared to newsmen j '"S s Bank at Clifton Hill, Mo., are that in his 16 years in the depart- I being held in city jail here for ac- mcnt he had seen muchly 5.000 | lion by a federal Grand Jury. beauty" because it was ''exaggerated." Vlr- rendr-rcd loday to begin serving his f i r s t prison term in 37 years. Costello. \vho had been free in $5,000 bail, v.'as convicted of contempt nf the United States Senate U 0 mh and eastward (o Oklahoma, for refusing lo answer questions j Arkansas, Tennessee and ^interning his finances before t h e : gjnia. Senate Crime Committee's tele- j -T vised hearing in March 1 9 5 1 . A»fc»iifc»* C*IJi» Co.i.J As he entered the federal court i MIMllMS J0I9I6I fOUllfl house to begin an 18 month's sen- ' tencc. Costello, 62, was smiling and appeared undisturbed. It was his first lime in Jail since serving a short term on a gun-carrying charge in 1915. bumps and grinds and that he did not exaggerate. Satriano defined bumps as "a sudden sporadic thrust of the low- and Mao Tse-tung. boss of Red I er torso" and grinds as "a rhylh- China, wished the North Koreans success in the war, in anniversary messages. Quake Recorded On U. A. Seismograph 1 mic gyration of the lower torso." The hearing was adjourned to Monday. | AFL Asks Candidates To Speak At Meeting Atlantic City. N. J.-(/P)-Thc American Federation of Labor yesterday wired invitations to Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower Joe Gate, the operator, said the i f n d D«TM n "»' Arllai E. Stevenson ( l o speak ai the AFL national con- Trie operator of a government seisVnograph at the University said ' yesterday afternoon an earthquake was reported yesterday within a 220-mile radius of Kayctteville. earthquake, with half the intensity of a recent earth tremor in Okla- home, occurred in the Tennessee- Arkansas-Missouri area of Oklahoma. He said the tremor could have occurred deep in the earth without disturbing the, surface. Drouth Aid Sought For North Louisiana Baton Rouge. La. -WV T h e Louisiana Agriculture Mobilization Committee will ask the federal government to declare 21 North Louisiana parishes (counties) disaster area. vention. The convention will open September 15 in New York. Never · before has the AFL asked candidates for president to speak at its national meeting. Chairman To Suggest Television Debate Washington - (pj - Democratic Chairman Stephen · A. Mitchell said today he will put up to Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson the question of challenging Gen. Dwight D. I Eisenhower to a television debate. Joseph Thornton, agent in I charge of the FBI here, said Tilden E'jjcne Fisher. 26. Shclbins.! Mo., and George Lawrence Watson. Paris. Mo., wore arraigned before U S. Commissioner Walter H. Juett at Hannibal, Mo., yesterday. ! He said both men waived f i n a l j hearing and were remanded to j the custody of the federal mar; shal In default of $15,000 bonds. Pipe Fitters Return To Pine Bluff Jobs Pine B l u f f , Ark.-(^Pi-Some l.Con AFL pipe fitters, who struck the huge multi-million dollar federal construction project Wednesday, began returning to work here today. More than 500 workers had gone to work by 9 a. m. and a steady stream continued to check in. The strike evolved over an "inequity" on thi.night shift. Steel Strike Cost Auto ... ...... 544,000 Dctroit-i/Pi-Tho recent steel strike has cost the auto industry an estimated 544,000 units of pro- 1 1 .nta. Ga. Dead In Car In Germany Darmstadt, Germany-VPl-U. S. Army authorities loday officially identified an American soldier and his -..'ifq found dead in their' car in a wood near here last Saturday as M/Sgt. James K. and Mrs. Olenc H. Volger. The sergeant is survived by his ! f a t h e r . Archie Nelson Volger of i Bradford. Ark. Mrs. Volgcr's sis- fill Ru ter. Mrs. Roy E. Camp, lives at AI- ' * m "l Philadelphia - W") - A gunman who killed one woman and wounded another in a trolley car rrowded with rush-hour - commuters was being sought by police today. "Police said a Negro man flourished a revolver in the trolley late yesterday afternoon. . As passengers scrambled for the street, four shots rang out. A Negro woman, identified as Lovie Le nigby, 25, fell dc.d and a corr.- painion, Elizabeth Suggs, 24, suffered a neck wound. Forker chased the gunman for nearly a block but was outdistanced. tain Telephone Cable duction. Ward's Automotive Reports estimated today. Joplin, Mo.-t/p)-A main transcontinental cable of the American Investigation nn the couple's death caused by rarbon monoxide ,, , . . - , ,_ ,, The agency said the Uniled poisoning, has nnt yet been com- "'ephone and Telegraph Corn- Stales plants this week will pro- pletcd, authorities said pany was 5CV «« i and another duce only 22,575 cars and 11,035 -- was damaged today when a ditch- trucks. Last week 33,038 cars and VTAC Association MeeU digging r.,achlne plowed into the 8.836 trucks were b u i l t End in t h r DCS Moincs-(/P)-Women who ! underground lines four m i l e s l i k e 10S1 week 95,339 cars and I comprised the first contingent of 27.656 trucks were assembled. I Uncle Sam's "soldiers in skirts" Ward's eslimated Ihis week's in 1942 were converging here to- Canadian faclo/y output at .1,400 I day for the three-day convention cars and only 1)0 trucks last week. ' nf the National WAC Associate 1 , American Quits Channel Swim; 11 Struggle Ahead Folkestone, England - IJT) Freshening winds whipped up the swimmer-studded English Channel today, but at least 11 of this year's grease and glucose gang struggled on through stinging hall ·nd rain itorms. It wai a two-way traffic but the only American to try the difficult 21-mile crossing gave up last night In sight of his goal. Bob Paysour, 24. a lanky fireman from Oistonln, N, C , w»s drifted from th« calm but cold water about six miles short f,f the English coast 12 hours and 15 minutes after he plunged In at Cap Gris Net nn the French coast. His trainers said his left leg had become paralyzed as the result af a two-month-old Injury, He was pulled Into an accom- panyirvj rowboal and then whisked ashore in a motor launch. "I could have made It," he said, "but my left Ifg became paralyzed from my knee drvwn and .-·very time I took stroke ll almoit killed me." Six F.gyptian swimmers plunged into the channel on the French side early this morning In v/h«! looked like a mass assault on the walcrs dividing Frsr.ce and England. Miss .Ifnny James of South Wales, who started from England to France last night, gave up af- ler five hours because of seasick ness, A Danish school r.*.iAlrws, F.Ina Anderson, who dived in about SO j |hi R e p u b l i c a n N a t i o n a l Cnmmit- nlnutes after Mlsn ,J»mes, was s t i l l ! lee was announced hy Nutlnnul «oin« «lron» «fler midnight, ' Chairman Arthur Surn'mertiild. Hcot Wove Fatal To Three In Italy Romc-l/Pj-A heat wa-e t h a t scared much of continental Kuropc claimed four lives in llaly lo- day. The deaths were reported in Venice, Modcn. Bologna and Barl. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of I t a l i a n s fled the cities and towns in spend Italy's three-day August holiday In the country. Utah Woman To Lead Republican Efforts Washington-f/^i-Mis. Roy F. Priest of Bountiful. Utah got the job today of mobilizing women voters In the Republican driv» to put Dwlfht D. Eisenhower In the While House. Her appointment ». a««lil«nl In f h n r n e of the women's division of Louisiana Democrats Say State May Go Republican This Year, Back Eisenhower New Orleans - l/Pj - Two state [ mlttee, which must decide whe- norlh of Joplin. The accident knocked out 612 toll line telephone circuits and 180 telegraph wires, crippling service , r . fur several hours. Repairs were expected to be completed shortly. Calls were being re-routed. The ditch-digging machine was operated by a crew installing a Cities Service Gas Company pipeline. Democratic leaders predict a m a s s j l h e r lo list the Stevenson-Spaik-I Pncfnnnac migration across Louisiana parly I man ticket under the rooster -- I rt *'P° ne lines lo Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, j Louisiana's traditional Democratic the Republican presidential nomi- Highway Commission nee. Gov. Robert Kennon conceded t h a t the rtcpublicans.might carry this t r a d i t i o n a l l y Democratic stale In llje November 4 general election. Kennon is a strong Males symbol. The newspaper N'ew has been wide t a l k that the cen tral committee would attempt to hnve Democratic electors listed alphabetically on the ballot without Little Rock-WVThe scheduled rleans I Ausust 2 Hi «nway Commission righls Democrat and has nnt ex-! party symbols." prc.sscrt his choice of candidates. | This would give voters N. B. Carstarphen. Shrrvrport. lo surmoil chairman of the Democratic Stale Committee, said yesterday t h a t telegrams nnd trlcphcn: c."!ls he has received show a "great percentage of the Democrats want to vote for Elsenhower." Louisiana has more than a mil- linn Democrats and 3,000 registered Republicans. Gov. Thomai Dewey of New York polled 72,000 votes a* the GOP nominee In 1941, when Louisiana broke with President Truman. chance to sunpoi t Eisenhower without formally voting Republican. Uarslarphen had no comment on i'ullerlon announced today. He said that the bidding time on !h projects already advertised w i l l be extended to August 29 and t h a t jovernl more projects may be advertised for bidi. the story. He also called erroneous · States story yesterday quoting him as sayint; the central committee wnuld make It as easy as pos- lible for Democrat! lo cmt their ballots for the Republican presidential nominee. Few Republicani have gone »o far as to predict that Louisiana will rive EUenhower a majority vote. The ttale hai not tone Re- *M'i Dc*» AH. - I Tied, clnsely In the n»Mtlon of j publican In a presidential «!«otlnn Drmocratj voting Republican l · ulnce M7«, when R u l h r r f o r d « Ihe meeting Wednesday »t B a l n n , Hnves turned the trick In t con- Rouge of tht SUM Central Com-ltcittd election. Trrh Russcllville, AH. - I/Pi - Miss Maude Moore, assistant professor of mathematics at Arkansas T«h since 1946, has been appointed dean of women for the I»S2-S,1 school year. Th* WMttMf Arkansas -- Ctnf to (wrtly cloudy this afternoon, Vmllht and Saturday; widely KttUrtd thun- dtrshowsrt and a llttl* cooler n* tr*m« northwnt portion MM in north

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