Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 14, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 16
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i i. I --:J "."I.Ylit AlKANtAS TIMII, FeyeNevWe, *-··--TIL Thunder, AuajMl 14, 1W1 tevenson Termed "A Kind -* ©f Prairie Roosevel;" Sees f rblitics As A Noble Career j SWtor'l Note; This Is the f i n t . Democratic nomlnco for president, t/)^*nl« five-part series on the life of; T n ( ; writer is Hoccr ". Lane, As- · · ' * · -V; m^t w c-i , .,,. . 1 .sricintcri Press Klaff w r i t e r in dcntlal nomination on a man who many times said he didn't want It. Rarely has a national political i convention given iui top honor to a truly reluctant candidate. Thai this was deft in Chicago lends credence o n handful of prophets who all along have seen the balding, 52-year-old governor of Illinois as a kind of prairie Roosc- . veil, a man of destiny. old fashioned political fenclnf. he «ays, and don't care much about party labels, He contends they want "honest, sincere, courageous performance," and that If they don't gel it, they'll change managers Bclttves In Main Talk He tried to give substance to these expressions In organizing and directing the state adminl- He has statesmanlike qualities | istration in 1949. At the outset, he Lett Showing Tonite 7:45 . 10:03 STARTS FRIDAY -- an incisive mind, vision, courage, eloquence and treat powers of conciliation, He has political sex appeal, too, this man of the nth, intimate voice tinged with an Ivy League accent. It is primarily his radio personality--attractive on TV as well -that evokes comparison with the lalc FOB, His aristocratic background and personal charm other points of resemblance. Stevenson makes n pleasant but not a striking appearance. He is five feet nine inches t a l l , wciRh 180 pounds and bulges a bit at th middle despite occasional tcnnj and golf. His brown hair has thinned ani receded, heightening n freckle forehead. His nose is slightly bent Blue eyes lhat twinkle and broad, mobile mouth often broker in a smile are his most appealin, features. He dresses conservatively bu not stuffily. He likes to wear brown tweed sports Jacket, od trousers and striped shirts a t ' h i called /or a "government consecrated to plain talk, hard work and prairie horse sense." As a political novice, Slevonwjn had compartively few strong party tics and Installed Republicans in some key positions. The major achievements of his administration were voted by one legislature controlled by republicans in both branches, and a sec- a r c i ond under divided Republican- Democratic control. No .Stranger lu I'ollllcs Politics runs in Stevenson's family. His great-grandfather was Jesse W. Fell, Illinois pioneer, abolitionist and a close friend and backer of Abraham Lincoln for president. His paternal grandfather was vice president of the United States from 1993 to 1897 under Grovcr Cleveland. His father was an Illinois secretary of state. · This heritage also accounts for keen sense of public duty in Adlai whose given name comes Irom Ihe Old Testament anl is thought to mean "The Just." Adlai is pro- lai was nine. She read to her children from the* novels of Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray and Sir Walter Scott, and told stories from Greek mythology. This Instruction left a literary imprint that shows through today in the eloquence of his speeches. Stevenson's father was doinjc well, and took hjg family south in the winter and to Charlevoix, an informal Michigan resort on Lake Michigan, in the summer. In 1912, the family wenl abroad and Adlai attended classes in Lausannc ; Switzerland. Three years earlier he had bc- Iun formal schooling In Bloomington. Because Adlai, then nine, was out of step with youngsters bent to the routine sooner, frictions resulted. Adlai has a "glass" nose ._j -, a " d " , ,. ,. r !C ' . M , rn kid fights. It is still out of align- Repairs Made On Emergency Basis At Camp Fort Coulongc, Quc. - (/ft - A vacationing dentist from Erie, Pa., performed an emergency operation yesterday with a fishhook for a needle and fishing line for suture. He closed a deep gash in the arm of a fishing guide. Dr. Eugene Engeskireer repairer severed tendons and stitched up as eight - inch - long, bone - deep cut in the left arm of Ernie La- Douceur, 45, operator of a fish- Injr camp at Bix Moose Lake, 60 miles north of this Ottawa River town. . LaDoucer was flown out of the '" bush """wards to Fort CoulonRC, - West Fork mcnt. (To he Continued) EVERYTHING M nilMMNO ami SUmiK FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNNWNT AVI. some 70 miles northwest of Ottawa. The guide was hurt when a fan blade from a small gasoline engine broke off and hit him. TELEVISION IS VERY COMPLICATED Buy Yours From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Mr. and Mrs. Joe Evans «nd children of Buckeye, Ariz., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Stewart and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Emerson. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Garnelt arc leaving Thursday for Baton Rouge, La., where Mr. Garnett will work. They will be gone for an indefinite time. Mr. and Mrs. George Freeze had as guests Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Worgord of Fay- etleville. Cherry pic and ice crearn was served by tiie hostess on the lawn. Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Horton are building a new house on Highway 71, just touth tt their potteiy shop. Frank and Gordon Smith have- as guests their cousins, Janice and James Blaylock of Hamburg. Mrs. Jewel Karnes has opened her house and plans to etay there for a while. She has been living in Fayetteville for the past year. George Frceze's hobby shep is nearing completion. Brigham Young created, in 1868, the Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution, whj#h became the country's first department store. " The crawl stroke in awimminj? was not known prior to 1900 except in the South Pacific. · in ll» TIMF.8--It MTI ATTENTION Dairymen and Fanners Let us solve your Feeding Problem by filling your silo, using a new Ensilage Cutter For Full Information Call 68-L, Huntsrille or 1689, Fayetteville BIG OZARK CORN SHOW nounced "ad-lay," with the accent MOANIN' MOUNTAIN MUSIC AND MAD MOUNTAINEERS IN A MERRY SHOTGUN JAMKMEE! on the first syllable. Native Of California Although reared in the heart of On the hottest days, he remove his tie, peels off his coat and un buifons his collar. What, then, propelled this man Ihc Illinois corn country, Steven- of rather ordinary looks and hab Its to the threshhold of the hlghes office In the land? The biggest Jingle impetus wa son was born in California. The date was February 5, 1900. His birlh came during a brief stay of his family on the Pacific Coast. 1MM M Itw NtWS. ·* 730 AM. ever «MiM KGKH the smashing 1946 political victory His Barents had left the perma- OKLAHOMA TIKE A SUPPLY CO. nent ( a m i 1 - residence in the Mid- jrovernor's chair of the country's fourth largest state In his first bid Stevenson, tould bolster for elective office. He won b 572,000 votes, an Illinois record. BUrr*4 By W"i»K Pull managed Arizona gpld and copper mines for Phoebe Appcrson Hearst pressive trouble shooting in federal appointive posts and one George Hearst, had been of those significant Incidents that ington friend of the first Adlai loom large when history Is written. E. Stevenson when he was vice president. From this employment In 1943, Stevenson wa« in Italy Lewis Stevenson went to Los Angeles, young Adlai's birthplace, as mission by appointment of Presi- assistant business manager of the Examiner. The newspaper was a Don't fet M«f hf with · rftwrf tottery/ Car Batteries World War II, still raging, were property of the late William Randolph Hearst, famed publisher and Reading Stars and Stripes, the a son of the senator. U. S. Army newspaper, his feelings were stirred one day by * story about a nubile opinion poll In the United States. Seven of 10 parents polled said they didn't want their boys to en- Thejamily migrated back to Its scat, Bloomington, HI., within the' ·car. Sh»-n Serloisnesa As Boy While his father managed farms, ·oung Adlai grew to boyhood. He Save time, trouble and money. Get i new Long-life battery, built in the Southwest for ·outhMx driving. Tempered plates for lona life. Pluck cue. ZERO 10 it. Oscillating Fin . . . Gntn or Blick Bue. Owns* Blades. Reg. 410.95 ter public life. This Intrigued him had one tlslcr, Elizabeth, who and he referred to It often. He has called politics "the noblest c a r e e r anybody can choose." He mad* it clear he was not talking about shoddy, even corrupt ward practices on election day, or blind, vengeful partisanship. was two years older, and no brothers. During those years, Adlai acquired a reputation for good deportment. He developed into a wrious, sensitive lad. His mother, Helen Davis Stcv- inson, gave him lessons in their ** Phone 3103 ** ESKIMO F A N 10 in. Oscillating. Chrome Blades, lo«» typt (or luiclc. Olds, Packard Only guard. Oo-off twitch. Keg. J12.50. People are "sick and tired" of arge, comfortable home until Ad- G. E. 10 inch Oscillsting Fan. Cushioned Base Chrome Guua $|Q.95 SEE THE BEST MOVIES IN AIR-CONDITIONED COMFORT 24 MOUTH OUMfim! FKCf IniptKtionl BIG G. E. U in. PAN. Inclosed case, plastic !f«y guild tnd base. 2 speed when. Sealed motor. II A D If U M l\ t\ NOV/ 1 ' MIGHTIEST OF MOTION PICTURES lojra or Girls TROPHY BIKE The Heartbeat , .Story Of Circus \ People... All The\ Thrills They Bring You...The Thrills And Heartaches They Live! Reinforced with wrong cotj ply anl coveted with tough corrugated-lubber. Bright Cruiser Red with ivory trim. Beautiful . . . Smooth tiding, quick action Coaster Brake. Handy kickstand, big balloon titn . . . Spring action Kit ... Mat-proof enamel. 30 Feet . . . 5 Yeir Guarantee }|" Black mbbei, nyoa" coid. Reg «6.9) Compltta S*l*cti«n of 16" -20" and 24" IIKES 10 Ycu GlllHDtM . . . !0 Fwt H Red Rubbtr Hole, nudt with Riyon Cord. Reg. S7.9S 1! Ye«r Guaranteed Grwn Rubber Hote. RayM cord ... H in. Reg. «.SO 50 F«. An ouuiaod- CECIL B.DEMILLE ·IKE IASKET Rig. $1.29 CAP1TOOH e) LATE NEWS COOL PALACE ENDS r^kAWC TONITE 2 FEATURES - FRI. t SAT BUftDtcktr '/4 INCH Electric D R I L L 100% Part "Penn-Ottsco Saves hours in many building and repair jobs in the home, hobby shop. Drills up to U" holca in steel or nood. Rffintd to tht enacting specification! of the Pennsylvania Cruck .Oil Association. The iniignc ca thf can ii your ·siuranct of top quality. SOCKET WKtNCH SIT NICHT- KIDINC OUIUW ru»V! STOP 9UKNIN9 OIL! STOP WAI* tint Color by TECHNICOLOR Rebuilt MOTORS Same guarantee as a new motor, 90 days or 4,000 miles. Etvery motor tested and run-in before being instilled. Guaranteed by our rebuilder ... precision work by quilili«j mechanic! . . . Guaranteed by OTASCO »ith M years of proven cuwmer SATISFACTION. 16 pieces 13 ehromcsoclten, Flei h a n d l e . Reversible Rat- f h r t . M e t a l Case. 5 Blades-- 12" mitre. 15"pruning,l2"com- pasi, 10" keyhole and II!" panel. With interchangeable hindlr ,,.,,, I O X W R I N C H S I T S2.39 Pnrai IONG NOSI ·LUIS F« MM C A R S Al LOW AS U T I I I T T IOX THICKNESS AV6I MM i, CECH I. MKllE ,«...,,_,,a-a,^. ' 1 PERFORMANCES AT: . 1:00 -- 1:40 * 4:20-f:00 ADULTS SOc TIL S, THEN 7S« KIDDIES 2Sc ALL DAY -HOMi OF VALliM-

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