Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 14, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 14, 1952
Page 13
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Player-Swap Rumored Between Browns And Tigers Carver Said To "~~ Be Key Figure In Big Deal I* ALLAH A. OILMM, I*. Bums Win, Then Lose To Giants, 5-4, 4-8 Detroit Reported Willing To Woive Wertz To St. Louis The football season is (ast ap-1 his present job .nd skip football. prnachmg. Dates which confirm . | this (act include: ( 1 ) August 1 -- (5). The smart money appears I »-e received the annual ''Football I to be on the Detroit Lions this Pictorial Yearbook (2) August 12 -- the University in the mail; year in what wagering we've ob-- j served around town. Sentiment atn.etic department issued its i goes with the Philadelphia Eagles Broukiyn-(/}'j-C'lint HartUnj-- Ihe Hondo (Texas) Horror--made a two-run error in ihe itcoud £ame of the Dodjer-Ciiant day- night double-heiuer jSjie'rjIjy. but c»mt back at the plan to lead the Dun, . ermen to in 8-4 victory over the ^ums. Brooklyn won Iht iirst tame. 5-4. Feett'ee Rr.ese's lint hjt \u\ 17 times at bat drove Gil Hodges home trom second base in tht eighth, frame of the '/irtl. fame A Great Battery Detroit-m-Boyish-faced t\- e d | foot,b»U boohlet.MS) August 15 -- j and Clyde Scott, but as one i-place St. .Louis Browns l Angeles Rams at Chicago; ( 4 ) A u - j timcnt is slick enough to «lop the Dodgers, gained the victory last ear may be shipped . t o . t ' l e y u s t 2 0 - M a l e high schools open i Doak Walker." There are still I Twice durins Ihe contest ihe Detrpit Tigers,-in exchange f o r , fall football practice; (5) .August' plenty of good seats available at i Giants came from behind ^w tie ! n i T i j Dcll ' nit -Lions and the | the stadium according to Allan · ihe score in the long firsi game I jniladclphia Eagles tangle in War Berry, manager. ' ·TMS*t" A"!* *««* « '· '', luemonal Stadium at Little Rock; Tiger home run hitter Vic~Wert Sources close, to the Tiger front office predict pitcher Carver, outfielder Wertz and others will hi 9nd (6) Sept. 1 -- Southwest Con- ie "··*· i Involved in the waiver deal. Thcv Iterance teams nuen fall practice, predict it will be announced to- | night; at the expiration of a n ! A few d-jsi agreed upon 72-hour waiting pe- i preceding items are'as follows: riod. Owner Browns and ;'. " ; ·'. · ' · ' 1 -.(n. Bill" Veeck . of Jhejgrid n H ridniir^i n,T-,Ul_r_.. I e f a n H c Street and Smith's annual , magazine 1 'is on Ihe newE Ma.nager stands. Iii their annual effort to (6). First casually of the fall frid season, with two and a half weeks yet lo jo before the opened, notes on ihe j ing workout, was Francis Long, highly-regarded Porker quarter- Charlie Gehrlnger ol t h e Tigers I Set their first they definitely didn't..... r - _.,,.,,,,.,,...,.,,,.., hare known for .nearly th'roe. days Set there with the most. Flem I St. Louis. The shooting occurred back ,who played with the B-teem last year. Long was shot throu|h the neck while drl\ ins home with his parents and three sisters from who the players are but ' they ! Hall, ihe dignified sports editor of i at Pocahonlas, and as "yet we've ·rent saying openly. " ~ ~ . The trading deadline' has 'long sincefpassed 'but the two clubs can negotiate'with each other at will via the waiver · route.- The Browns are seventh and the Tigers eighth--no other- - clubs. could get a crack it..a - ny7.p]ayera'!lhey Ihe Fort Worth ' Star-Telegram, doe? the honors for the Southwest Conference and follows the time- honored and disproven theory of *"# . ab r h . , Wllllanu. 2b 4 0 1 Cox, 3b Dark, u s o t Re«e u ' Lockinari. !b 3 0 l.Rohinion. 3b Tho'pson. 3b C 1 l.C'ninc!!.. c Rhod... It a i l Shuba. If ' Thomjira. cr I 2 /unifo. rr Hartunf. rf 3 l l:Snldei- -i/ - Weitrum. c 2 0 5 Palko.' rf-if heard no report concerning an investigation of the incident. Maybe, i as one observer suggested, the i . iWIUon Vvr«, · Hearn. p WllMm, i bMutiltr Gr.K. D Lamer, p clrvin aRilney l o o.Hodjei. ., I 0 0 Er.ikrne..p 1 0 T, 0 0 D 0 0 0 ' . 1 " r 0 » 0 35 4 » Totals . I I : t 0 1 I I 0 1 0 1 3 II (I! 4 1 1 ·3 2 3 i I'D 0! shot was fired by a T. C. U. man I picking them as.they stack up on who mistook Long for McHin. Second-casualty popped up yei- paper. In has genec*J. bbserviiiio;is on [terday when Tommy Britt was in. the loop'race he writes: ''Arkan-'f J urei ^ i^-ah iulSmobile accident I n e a r Jotiesboro," Hritt, a senior [from Hope, was a passenger in the car. He was cut about the face when the vehicle overturned. sas could take it all if the Porker potential is realized." We are happy he chose lo perpetuate that tradition. Those very wanted to deal 'each other. The Tigers already have- sent three players -- outfielder Don Lenhardt. pitcher Marlin Stuart ?h« B±TM t?* L "" eflrid ,- te word, hivrapparrt in even- Ihe deaT "P j football magazine since 1937 and in »t'nrn iv,. T' . , I n « v « become as much a part of i-^^rfasa^arr-j f-arver (i-niiM * h I 1 ommy "The Terr be Turk" uarver, ttoubled by a sore arm. Thn mcn ,, I has won only seven and lost ] 0 ' I n o m £ °"' i this year. . Wertz, who hit 27 honiers last year, has been sidelined by; a pulled muscle for three weeks. He hit 17 homers in 86 games this . year. It's also conceivable thst Tiger catcher Joe Ginsberg will yo in r e t u r n - f o r Brownie catcher Clint Courtney. Indians, Browns Divide Twin Cleveland -W)- The Cleveland Indians had to' stage a rally to gain a split with the pesky St. · Louis Browns here yesterday, winning the second game. 9-2, after the Brownies lud thumped Bobby Feller for a 5-2 triumph · in the opener.-The Tribe tv. o and a half games back letgue-leading New York Yan- ke«s who were held to a split by Washington. Bobby Young's three-run homer was the blow thai ruined Feller's ·I. Lnii i ,ci«v«land I FIR1T BflMI Flem picks Texas Christian as the loop's winner -- as almost everyone will -- and put Texas and Rice in the two-lhree hole. What that actually amounts to (since T. C. U.'s position was picked for Hall by the returning Frog lettermen and the SWC flag hanging · Amon Carter Stadium), is tha Hall has decided thst Texas an. Rice appear to be the most like], learns to win the conference ( M a k i n g T. C. U. the favorite i t h e Southwest' automatical], makes it an underdog in at leas three games.) , S. M. U. is rated fourth, Arkan sis fifth (which is a mark of res peel), and Baylor and Texas A and M. sixth and seventh. Braves Divide Twin-Bill 1:1 Phils, 0-3, H a--Grounded out for Wejlrum In 7lh b-- Grounded out for Wilnelrc in Ith c--Sinlled lor Lanier in 'fill, d--Ran for Irvin in Sth/ wow York 020/000 110--t Brooklyn , 000:021 llx--S RBI--Thomson 3, Hodiej t. Ersklnt. ! WillUmi. Turlllp. IlMM.'s»--Fho««l. Thonuon. 3S--Thomson.' HH--Thsm- «m. Hodfu. S--enklne'., Blarl: DP-. Cox Hod end . Hedj«, j , Brooklyn 10. BB-Hstrn^ Er|kin? 4. York 9 ? 4 Er- Black I. SO--He.rn 2. Jklne 5 HO--Hearn I In- sii Innlnpi- Wllhelm 0 In ',: Grejf 1 In fi: Lanltr 3 in )*,: Erikine 7 In 7?;: Black I In I'.,. R ER-Hearn 3-3. Wlthrlm (1-0. Gr*K l-l. Lanter l-l. Enkine 4-4 Black 0-n. HBP--Grew iRoblnsonl Winner--Black ll-2). Lc-Mr--Lanltr 10' B.rlick, Gorman and Donate^!. T--3:17. A--52.H4 (paid). Conniy Mack, 89-year-old onetime major i«rue c*tcher, huddlw with Bobty Shantz of the Athletics before the »'tfrl of i twin-bill with th« Washington Senators in Washington. Mack, no' loriwr »ctlv« in min- iigin* the affairs of the A's, h; followed th«ra-en"th«jlr clrfU XMTHWCST AjMANSAS TIMtl, Thurt4Jey, AHginl 14, 1*52 TWO-TOUCHtX)WN SPREAD Rams' Coach Can't See Why Pros Favored Over College All-Stars trip and was in the stands when Shaniz dropptd hit fourth ««BI* pf Ihe year, losing to Washington. The plnt-slzfd Philadelphia hurler ii the Iirst major leaguer lo win 20 games so fir thlt tenon. Connie wu -| nmnaging the leam when Shantz was signed levenl years ago. (21. Among other things included in the new Karorback sport: booklet is a list of (earns Arkan- ·T. LOUIt ,, »b r h. Mtrsh. !S 5 0 1 Milchell. ! Zanlla. ]( 3 ] 1'Avua. 2b N l t m a n , rf 4 0 1'Doby. rf ·Courtntj-. c 4 I l-Rosen. 3b Kryh ski. lb 4 1 2 Easter sas has played and the all-time ^ t a d results. Glancing through this lis of the i ncuca tes the Porkers \voufd do well to reschedule Drury (13-5) He'ndrix (15-0) Missouri Mines (12-4), and Fort Smith High School (7-0). Among the teams that.the Razorbacks might do well to avoid ir the future (if past history is any indicalion) are Baylor (11-18) (5-19). Southern Methodist CLIVILAND a b r h J R j c e f'jGlj-nn Harris, p 36 5 10 TotjM o ij: ('ii-16 1 ), Texas (6-27) and Louisi- 4 o o l ana State (11-18). Also making a ] black mark on the record is Little . ---- ..... =. ---- . ----- ------- , ------ f j J the. Tigers once and lost the same | number. And to make it doubly embarrassing the Porkers failed to score a single point in that ser ies. G'sberry. ih o o o Simnson. rf a o n I Rock High School. The Hogs met uycK. 3b 4 1 2 Boons. t " " " -- -- ' Joung. 2 b 4 1 1 T:e.;on. c noising, cf 4 n 1 aMcCosky PillMtf, p 4 0 0 Htfan. c 0 0 n 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 31 2 J a--Filed oul for Tlpton in sth. b-Flifd out for F.ll.r In Jtl). ·s . LouU '. 011 - (.3). If advance publicity means anything the College- All-Stars stand a chance of bestlnz the Rama. Listed as probable starting offensive center for the Stars will be Arkansas' Bob Griffin. That game will be televised over the Tulsa station. (4). Fayetteville High School figures to have a good team this fall, but may suffer an unexpected and serious loss if Larry Trammell fails to participate. Trammell, all-district and Honorable mention all state at end last campaign, was being counted on to lead the Bull. . dogs' defense and add consicterab- nflt swim, but others take reedily ly to offensive strength. However, to water. . " .- lit appears that-he miy stay with E-Brone 2. Avila. RBl-krVtoski" Easter 2. \oung 3. 2B--Mitchell HR-- Krynniiki Eaiter. Youne. S^Avila! Left--St. Louis S. Cleveland''3. BB- relltr 3. SO-Pilletl. 7. Feller S.'Harns 1. -HD-rcllrr 10 in 8 Innings: H " r " ,H in 1. R *- EB-Pillelt! 2-2, S, ,lf r *" 4 ' H rri3 0-0 Winner--Pillelt. · IS-lOi. Loaer-- Feller iS-lsi. u--N'app. Gummen, McKinlcy and Stevttu T-- SICOHD BAMt st Lnuis . . ooo oin noo--i 4 n Cleveland 400 320 COx--S 15 18 «ynn IWPi and He?an: Fannln ILPI. Harrlat. Madlion. HoKue and Courtney. Many mo'nkcys apparent/y caWi- Philadclphia-(XP)-A trio of long- hall h i t l i n s Boston Braves-- Ed Mathews, Sid Gordon and Sam Jelhroe-- halted the Philadelphia Phils in the second game of i double-header yesterday. 9-3. The Phillies won the first game, 3-0, behind Karl Drews. Jethroe slammed two homers and Mathews one in the second same and Gordon added a two- run triple to sew thines up. ram a*mi ·01YON ! «h T h: ib r h Jtthroe. cf 4 n 0 Ryan. 2b 3 1 ] Logan, aj 4 0 OlAshburn. rf . 1 0 0 TorgMon. lb 4 0 liWyroitek. rf 4 1 2 Cooper, c 4 0 OlEnnls. I f 3 1 1 Gordon, i f 3 0 0 Htmner. u 3 0 1 Thorpe, rf 3 0 1'Jonei. 36 3 0 1 Mathiws. 3b .T 0 2 Bur«ws. c 2 0 0 Dllliner. 2b 3 0 Ilw«ilkus. lb 2 0 1 Bickford 2 0 0. DTfVft. p 2 0 o Johnson, p 0 0 0 . aDinleli I 0 t) Chipman. p 0 n 0 Totals 31 0 Si Total! 25 3 T Kelly Hurls Cuts To 7-0 Win; Rods Take Opener, 11-3 Chicago-WPl-Bob Kelly, without A victory since June JJ. pitched the Chicago Cubs to A 7-0 victory over the Cincinnati Heds yesterday in the second a double-header after the Hedlegs had captured tht opener, 11-3. The 24-yejr-old Kelly allowed but six hilt and was,in no serious ---- j trouble. ' PHILAMLPHI* CiMlnmMi II. CHIcm I ·AMK Yonks Work Hard To Break Even With Nats, 4-12,10-9 CINCINNATI CHIC««e ' New York -I/P)- Billy M a r t i n » squeezed home Yogi Berra with ' me out and the bases loaded In the 13th i n n i n g last night to give Ihe New York Yankees an evrn break in their twi-nlghl doubleheader w i t h the Washington Senators. The Nats won Ihe first game easily. 12-4, hut the Yanks took the second l i l t , lfl-9. Martin's hunt climaxed a three- run rally that kept the Yanks from losing ground to second place Cleveland. The Senators had scored a pair of runs in the lop of ihe 13th on Mickey Vernon's homer. Bob Porterfield got an unex- sanne, Switzerland, th« itocky M- yfar-old Midwesterner will ceive the official key ol the -~ r h ' .b f h Abrams. c f 4 2 3 Brown, «· 4 1 3 M. t rah.ll* b rt 4 1 1 B^.hoU.' rf 5 I Z 1 7 - h i t « U a c k t h a t "Uted Vic RS- K'lewaki. ib 4 t liH'm'anikt. if , i 0 2 i chi. Porlerfield, who has the repu- '.',TM.: v ".-V " ! J ?'*»»?.». ?. H ' I lalion Camus' highest office from the out- solng president, J. Slgfrld. Ed- .strom of Sweden. The question now It whether Brundage will tttempl to carry his old load as U.S. Olympic chief with his new duties. At the recent games In Helsinki, where he w»s elected, Brund«ge announced he planned to «tep out when the U.S. Olympic Atsocli- tion meets next Jail. However, most of the Amerl- Chlrago-i/Pi-Much tn the du-»- tre«i of'C'oarh Joe Stydahar, his LDS Angeles Rams nave ( b*en in- IHlled » two touchdown T.vorite over the Tollese All-Slurs in lh» a n n u i l grid classic at Soldier Field Friday night, Joe cjn'l see the odds 4h«t way and has become the first coach nf the I9.S2 gridiron season to gel out ! the crying towel. I A f t e r predicting that the win- i;' nlng team will hive tq score a t ; ' ' , ,. , . , . -. . _ . least four touchdowns" the bo ?s - j f^"* '"' ^iJEL*L ** . """gu 0 .' c^zv'TA 1 hfr^i: ! "° ^%3s i «'n s«vlmr i '" rlt a * alnsl ' "»· Tigers ind list j 1 ! night's victory wif hit fifth df . "Ifi i ODt-«hot «tm« lor the ' the ie«!on over th» Detroit t«im. !, -SUM «nd eich boV on that [ Ati- »n - Indication nf hl« effte- ! ?9M"U* f*^ to P't- v his heart ! liveness ihe Tlgeri rninigid only i put. Tb«t five. th» All-SUrj i ' four hits nff the veteran fllnger. ! Dobson Hurls Chi sox Past ! Tigers, 7-1 | Detroit -uPi- Jo* Dobson, 35-: pfycholeglctl . »dv«ntiie. i. "A pro te«m can't get to high. ! A«TrrtlK hi '«· TtMn-- n Mfm. Although tr)««AII-St»r tftnt U big I ~ s t u f f , the height of the rro-seiwon Men- iihetfl -- the competition for the /;htmpjonshlp. " 3.' '."It's impossible for us to rench i peek In three week] .-.of drills rxouse the avenge ige «f our players Is much rhor* »n»n peeled surprise In the first fame can Olympic family contend the vhen the Mats came up with 17 - hit " Uack t h a t a--Mil into double play for Johnm in 8th. E=alon 000000000--0 Philadelphia .. ooo 101 Olx--3 E-Jcthroe, Drewa RBI--Jonei. En ». Ryan. MR-Ennll. Hyan. s--En- iiLi. Drewa. DP--Bickford. Lofan and Torfeson; Aahburn, Ryan and Walt- kus. !,?.»--Boston 4 .Philadelphia 4. BB --Bickford 3 l Johnson 1, SO--Chipm.n 7. HO--Htrkforrl fi in 6 in- ninf«: Drews In 9; Johnaon 0 In 1; Chipman 1 in J. R Ac ER--Bickford 2-1. Johnion 0-0. Chipman 1-1 Winner-- Drew* (7-111 Loier--Bickford 121. tl--Roueai. Pintlll. In«eln. T-6. A-9,500 (estimated) ·ICOHD CAMI ·MINI i. PHIIM.I.IIH i ·OtTON I PHILADII.PHIA ab r h' ab r h tLhroe. c f 3 4 3 : Ryan. 2 b 5 0 1 xie.n. M 4 1 1,Aahburn. ef 5 0 1 'orgeaon. lb 4 1 2;Wyroatek. rf 4 0 0 Gordon. If 5 0 2'Ennii. If s 0 0 Thorpe, rf S 0 II Hamner. M 5 2 2 n _ ^ [j i j once 3D Adcock. If Hatton. 2b Srmlnlck, i M'Mlll.n. . Church, p Tolali 4 2 1 Tondy., Ib 4 I 2:serena. ft 5 0 0 *B. £dk'.rd* I n 0 i Minvllle. p 0 0 0 1 ^Cavarretta t 1 I II I 4Totalj 35 3 11 4 o bein ? « hard-luck pitch- 4 j 1 1 cr, usually can depend on his Burr;!, c ·laUiews. 3b 4 2 2 ' L o p a t a . _ Diltmer. 2b 4 0 OlWalthui "urkont. p 4 1 0 Simmons. IHaruen. p IKldzik. oliU iKonitanty. bBurf es* H ttelmin. p 0 0 0 37 » 1!. Totals 37 3 10 3 I 1 3 0 2 4 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 a--Popped out for Kllnpslcin In 7lh b--Sinffled and acored for Mtnville in *th. Cincinnati .. 12n ooo (W3_ Chlciio - 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 - 3 E--Serena, Brown. (Jiclusn. RBI-- Kliuiewiki. BaumholU, Adimv Marshall. Artcock 1, Hatton. McMillan 2 Alwell. Brown. !B--Brown. McMillan. Ahramj. Hatton. SB--McMillan S~~ KlipDsttln. Adanu. DP--Kluazewakt McMillan and. Church: Fondv and Brown; Jackwn and rondy; Serena and Tondy. Left--Cinrlnmti 7. Chi- c»(ro R. BB--Kllpnatcln 4. Manavlllf 1. Church 2. SO--KlipfMttin 1. church 3. HO--Klipnateln 12' In 7 innlruis; Manvllle 2 In 2. n k BH-Kllnt«tein §·7. KanvlMt 2-0. Chufch 3-3. PB--Al- wll. Winner--Church; IS-«). Loaer-- KllpjMttln (7-»l. fj--aert. Conlan. Stewart and GutllelmV T--2:22. HCOMD O«Mt Cincinnati 090 finq ooo--0 « 1? Chlcaco ... 000 010 Sin--- 1Z 9 Kelley iWP) ind Chill; Podhiclan II.P). Smith «d Roiil. to get no more than or two. Yesterday he breezed home with a comfortable margin. R«schi's loss snapped an l l - R a m « win streak for I h n Bomber ace WnHlnllM 1J. No Y.rte 4 WAtHiNor'o" "HI?* YORK *b T h ah r h 4 .1 3 Bauer, rf 4 0 ] 5 1 0 Rizzuto M S 3 .1 M i l l t r p 1 2 4 aNoren 1 0 0 M a n t l e , c f 3 0 0 Bprra. c R 0 2 Woodtinr If « I ! Mite, lb 4 0 1 M'D'nald 3 b Porterfield. p 4 2 2 Marlin. 2h bois. a former Olympic decathlon competitor «nd once a heel-and- toe champion, will be persuaded to stay. If not, Ihe job Is almost bound lo fall on the shoulders of Wilson, vice president of the association and chief of mission of this year's foray to Helsinki. Yoit. 3b Cnan. If Jensen, rf Runnels. .«s Sn.vder, 55 Vernon. ih Bakpr. 2b 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 4 0 (I 3 1 1 5 I I 2 il 1 4 I 1 2 0 J ot.1. 4i .21,'?; 1 .:;:'"'-,!'; i a--Poppecl up for Miller In Bth Waahinflon . . . «l 104 015-12 Gene (Junior) Thompeoa, former National League pitcher, ha been named i scout lor the New Vork Giants. Klutt'r. « " E--Nont. HB1--Biker 3 Runnela Jriuen S. Vfrnon 2. Yost. Raichl Mln,' i- Berra. 28-Yosl. McDou^ Com DiMagglo is the only Player on the Red Son remainlnf from the pennant winning 1948 outfit. CHICK SPECIAL 8c , 4. ."W«!jr be hurt In a few key :imfe~Suur W/fct. Tank Younirr, BUT J-tnge und Charley TVwgiod won't he iible lo go »t i*o jp4|4d," 1 StydBhnr Isn't 30 sure hut whit the All-Stars might «top the Rams passing game, something that no pro ten* rnuld rto list year 1 , ' " With Bob Waterfleld and Norm Van' Brocklln doing the pHchlrrir" »nd ptrov Hirsch and; Tom Fears, the fatchlng; the Rums prefent probably the greatest air lift In fnorbull hlttory. ' ,,» ", ' ". The big gnme, stirilfic nt 7;3fl p. m. Cenlrol Standard Time, will he televijed over-·Duniont'* fi»t-« work of SJ stations to»st-tq-chast and broidcist through 400 stations on the Mutual Broadcasting tern chain. 1 . . Admiral jCerpor»Vlorfc tpciisor of the broadvst «nd'«|cjju« mitM thnl'Sl million Pf'soi b« tuned In, Upwards of ft ·re expected to attend' ' ATHLETES FOOT GERM. HOW TO KILL IT. ,, IN ONE HOUR, ?jaLj | *E 1 *' r*" ** »««'·· T? *"*·"· «mu«iii »r Mm to , IVM . fcri.^ To My Thank you for your ^utyport In primary. · . , , . , · , . · *-\ I tine«rtly apprtctahi HM h«r« ihown, in mt, ...... -· · · · · ' ' ' ,* 'i ; , ·'· Bruce Cridtr D*mocrarM Koinlim llvr Sheriff of WcthiHftoN County TfcfaofEwyferiyf A--W«lktd for Ridilk in 7th b--Sinfiled for KonaUnty in S!h oston .... 101 500 .110--» Philadelphia Old oon 020--3 E--Dittmer. Wyro»tlk RBI--Jethroe 4, LopaU. Gordon 3. Mtthews Bur- KCM 3B--Burrij. Gordan. Hamner Jelhroe. 3B--Cordon. HR--Je,'hroe 2. Mathews. SB--Je.hroe S--Jones DP --Ryin and Wa.tkui: Bym. Hainner and Wiitkue: Left--Boiton fi Philadelphia n. BB--Surkont .1. Simmons 3. Hanson 2. SO--Surkont «. Simmons 4. Ridiik 2. HO--Simmonj « in 4 in- | nings: Han»en 3 in 2ii; Rfdilk 0 in V Konstanly 2 In l; 1 in I ! R ER-- Surkont 3-2. Simmon* 5-5 Ha men 3-3. Ko totality I-]. PB--Rurrii Winner--Surkonl (R-10). Loser--Pi m- mons Ml)-«t. U--Plnctli, Enicln, Bof- Sf.u. T--3-31. A--I1.2M Boys Club Weekly Card Travelers Break Even With Barons Aug. l--'Practice).. Aug. IS--MI'ttt Lfj'fue All-Stars vs. r'rairie Grove at ~:no and Seniors vs. Prairir Grow at' 8:30, at Fair Grounds. Aug. 16--"Little World Series" Giants vs. Yankees, Fair p.m. Donald I. Miller 2 SO--Pnrtfrflili ^. Raschl 3. Miller T IfO--Rairhl 1 i i's innlnfs: MrDonald 1 tn I 1 '. Miller 6 In 2 R «, F.R-Porterfl-ld 4-4 Riachl «-fi MrDonfllrt n-f) Mill-jr fi-6 Winner-- PorlerfteM o-lli. Loier-- Raichl (1,1-ti tICOMD OAMI wa.hln^ton OOP 000 (ill 000 2-- ? 7i1 1 New York -MO ion Oil Qnn -,.. 10 ift ] Gorman (W). McDonald' Kimdv and Bnrra. Ferrlck |L*»'. Gumper 1 .'rhnr^n Cnnsuefra. Morena and Bradlhaw Wilson Slated To . Yankees. ** r- i n i unds at i:so bucceed brundage Fiqhts Lott Nioht As Olympic Head , (Bj- The Auoclmted Pre«») I j Cleveland--Danny Nsrdico, 17fi. : I Tiimpa, stopped Lain Sabnti,,, 175, | I Warren. Ohio, (5). Dfl Flanagan. : I 147, St. Paul s t o p p e d Danny Step«novirh, M6. t Pittsburgh, (6) : ' C*it t veto tor Early Timei, and awto your ptrty « succew. EARLY TIMES nwm«r ITMNHT mmw WMIHT . n -- Mtminr MMPMT . unrnui i, By The Anociited Preu New Orleans--a first division club since the beginning and the first place team much of that time --lost both games in a doubleheader to Nashville, 5-4. and 4-0. Chattanooga made it worse by winning from Mobile, «-0. Norman Morion, one of New j casn ns. Orleans' most reliable pitchers I walked in the winning run In the ' eighth inning of the first game. During Ihe fourth Inning of the ,'ccond game Nashville scored all four runs. Bam« Ray hit two- run homer during the outing. Sonny Dlxon pitched one of his n*:l games for Chattinoogi, jlv- ins four hit* ind finishing with i strikeout flourlih. Little Rock hit In * ttrong bid j for l first dlvlilon tpol but odds I against the Tr«v»l«r» goinl into ,' the flnt clisi are ilmott prohibitive List night tht Rocki divided · double-he«der with Birm- in|h»m, M and 8-7. Memphis U In fifth plac« and the Chlckt whipped llrrt Slice A t l a n t a , 7-1. I Dicklt Thompion of Llttli Rock I won for hli homKlub In th« New V o r k-i;Pi-Kenneth L. (Tug) Wilton, commission*r o! the Bi« Ten. is slated to surcferi Avery Brundate ae president of the U. S. Olympic Association if Brundage decides he can't handle his two big jobs at onrp. Brundage, a millionaire Chicago b u i l d i n g contractor who his been the dominant figure American amstcur athletics for a T ,, . . - - -, , quarter of a century, ofi ...if M t PPM A " i " lti ' i t a k " mfr T h"«day »s president »S»ln for Memphis--his eighth - - - opener by Rlvijig Birmingham j only five hits. In the second · game Birminghum scored four I times in the ninth. victory over the Crux In two of the Intcrnationiil Olympic Committee. At f o r m a l ceremonies in Lnu- I Appreciate... Tht support of my many fritndt in TUM- day'i primary, and txtind my congratulation.) to Mr. Clint Shook on nomination for County Trcaiuror. John Kirsch Odds and Ends Clearance 1 Group Short Sleeve Sport Shirts .. 2.50 ro 3.50 1 Group Short Sleeve Sport Shirts'*£. 3.95 2.79 1 Group Short Sleeve Sport Shirts 3 oo to 6.95 3.95 1 Group T-Shirts 1 Group T-Shirts W.rt 2.50 ro 2.95 to 3,95 1.95 2.50 1 Group Swim Trunks s ,...upto 44.. R. 3 .3.9jt.4.50 2.79 1 Group Summer Slacks'**, 7.9$ ,o 10.95 l Group Panamas and Straw Hott Suifs . . . 5.95 36, 36 Short, 40, 44 Long, Wool 38, 40 fUylon mn4 Orion 35, 36, 37, 42, 44 Rayon, Nylon Cord '· Reduced for Clearance Comt in end KM our new Pali mtrchadiM arrivtitf daily. Suitt, TvpcMti, Jicktri, Sports Coot*, tte. Use Our Convenient Layawty

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