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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 14, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 16 lUod by ov«r 25,000 Doily IOCAI FOWCAIT-- * r»\rt\rvt\l9 antf viclnltT p*r!l/ floiirt.y and warm l n n ; h t airl lorti^r- tr.oMtr? Tr»*·» o' r a t n Htnh 'fmj»r- fl-ur* j e t - ^ r i i « y j-a low 72 nonn today 91. Sunr.*t 4.38. *uiu«i 7.09. Tfct f ubJic Intel-tit Is The First Concern Of This Ntwsp«p«r VOLUME 91, NUMBH 19 IMU| Wire FAYimVIUI. AKANSAS, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 14, 1*52 Af, Kinfl mrf NCA MbCIWVf CINTJ Highway Setup Change Backed By Cherry Winner By Greatest Majority Ever, He Faces Big Job Little Rock-(/P)-Judge Francis · Coughs Up The Missing Jewel Yonkers, N. Y. - dpi - Clayton j Cuff of Baltimore coughed up the evidence to jin a jewel t h e f t j charge against him and a com-1 panlon. j Cuff, 20, «nd Clinton Allen, 18. both cf Baltimore, were arrested yesterday aboard a trolley car after a $425 diamond ring was stolen from a jewelry store. Police said Cuff answered questions in a coughing, stuttering fashion. When a detective told him Little Kock-l/H-Juagc Francis M O open his m o u t h , out popped the Cherry plans to head for his home | m j ssing diamond, in Jonesboro and a vacation before starting preparations to t a k e over the governor's job he won so convincingly from Sid McMath Tuesday. The 43-year-old chancellor, who rolled UD a 97,000 plus majority to win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination--tantamount to election in Arkansas--said he would so to Jonesboro tomorrow, but would return to Little Rock frequently. Cherry said that alter a vacation he first plans to bring affairs in his 12th District Chancery Court tip to date. Then, he said, he will t a k e on these four tasks: 1. Work out plans for the forthcoming Democratic state convention, which by tradition selects a state committee friendly to the gubernatorial nominee. 2. Plug for passage of the pro- President Talks With Potty Nominee; posed Mack-BlackwcU amendment lo reorganise the s^tate Highway Eisenhower Says No To Truman Invitation Chamber of Commerce-soonsored Commission and set up a five- Town Hall meetings and Civic i icmber agency to serve staggered I Club Idea Forums, terms. | I,. M. McGoodwin, chairman nf 3. Select and announce his pro- j t h e Community Development posed members for the commis- ; Committee of the Chamber of i Traffic Number One Problem, Residents Feel Suggestions Are Compiled After Public Meetings Traffic is the number one item in the minds of the people of Fay- ctteville, according to a comoila- tion nf suggestions made by Fay- _ ,,.. ,, ,, cttcville residents following t h r j Stevenson taTk at'the White'HouseTn Washington.' Three Arrested In Probe Of Easy Divorces , Wisconsin Hears ' l The Talkathon Mariijtm. v.-'is. - i.I'l - Leonard F. Schmiit concluded night his tirsl radio l;ilk,ith(n, the l.itcr.l · K'immick in political cainp.iiirning. j with a f i n a l s u m m a t i o n of hi.; i-rl- Micisni til Senator M r C a r l h y I B . W i s ) . ' S i h n u t t . a M e i n l l iiltornry v. ho : hopes t.) win the Hcpublifiin scn- ! A t o n a l n o m i n a t i o n o v e r McL'.u'.hy ! in the stale's September 9 p r i m - ary, v.js on the air almost continuously (or 2.1 hours. He hegan at ft p. m., Tuesday and wound up at B p. in . Wednesday, weary but re.-utleri in three arrcslj feelm;; "pretty good." He said he planned to set "a ij steak and a bottle n hcer and Other Coses Are Pend'ng, Chancellor Ar Blyrheville Says Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama leans over for a cujser look as 1'resldcnt Truman and Gov'.*AdIai sion, which would be created the amendment. by Commerce which sponsored the [ | Town Hall rneetinRs and the Civic 4. D r a f t a legislative program j Club Idea Fnrums, released the lor the 19.J5 General Assembly. | complete tabulation of suggestions The judge said his campaign manager. Little Rock attorney Leffe! Gentry, would play a leading role in his administration. Cherry said he intends to utilize the services of Gentry "for the rest of. his life," and said p l a n n i n K of the slate party convention would be handled by Gentry, a personal f.iend for some 20 years. Woman On Commisiion The nominee--who faces today. McGoodwin said more than 300 people were contacted by the Community Development Committee. "After the suggestions were compiled," McGoodwin said, "we found"we had 50 suggestions which were made by 312 people.* 1 . The number one suggestion which was mentioned 33 times was traffic control, and it was closely followed by a suggestion other opponent, Republican Jeff j t h a t Fayettevllle's traffic laws be enforced more rigidlv. This suggestion appeared 30 times. The Civic Club Idea Forum was taken to the Exchan«e. Ro- Speck, in the November general election--said he would name his highway commissions about two weeks before that election.. And he commented that his orfly" com- mittment, was to name a woman lo the commission. "I don't even know who it will be." said Cherry. Judge Cherry repeated L statement marie often during his campaign ih?t he would not lo d i c t a t e legislation to th al Assembly. "The members of the leeiMature , speak for the people," he said, i fwtions made and the number of "The Rovernor docs not. I will tlm . es , thue - v "PP««d by the four | civic clubs and the neople who a nded the Town Hall meeting: Traffic Control, .13 Enforce Traffic Laws. .10 Truck Route Bv-pass, 25 Farm Market, 23 Y.M.C.A., 20 Sewer Expansion. 18 Widen Streets, 15 Industrial Exnan Youth Program. 12 Chamber of Commerce team composed of McGoodwin, Clint Walden, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Roy Adams and .1. J. Pyeatt. Miss Suzanne Lighton was chairman of the subcommit- attempl i t e c wnicn nati charge of the Town e Gener- ' Ha " rneetin gs and Civic Club Idea 1 Forums. The following is the list of sug- Stevenson Calls For Good Government By The States To Halt Centralized Power ! New Drive-In Theater Slated Escapees Are Captured In Benton County Five escaped Oklahoma prisoners, the last of eight federal prisoners who escaped from the Rogers County jail at Claremore Tuesday nijht, were re-captured tary. Lions and Kifcrnth-GMnrtiH without resistance «t Siloam Plans Announced By Malco Firm * Springfield, 111.-{/Pi-Democratic Presidential Nominee A d l a i Sle- vcnson called on Ihe 48 states today to give such good government to their people t h a t they will h a l t the "tidal wave' 1 of centralized power sweeping toward Washington. In the firsl major speech since his n o m i n a t i o n , Stevenson warned . m o r n i n g t h r o u g h Loris that this d r i f t w i l l go on unless i local t h e a t e r manager, the states "perform those ncces- I sary Junctions of governinenl i which don'l have to be performed ' in Washington." Then he said.: "The people will | said lne ncw businc.-.s F a y e t t e v i l l e is goint; lo have a new $130.000 d r i v e - i n t h e a t e r . Malco Theaters, v.'hich operates f o u r m o v i n g picture houses here, made the a n n o u n c e m e n t this Stanton, Memphis - f ' T l - A r k a n s a s ' prnhn of its "quickie divorce rackel' yesterday on perjury charges here. II was ihe latest "get tough" move in the checkup on easy di- lncn *" lo nrl1 -" N r x t Monday he vorces granted out of stale people '' l " ' mkc i """. h " P cr ""'"""'"--many from New York and other Eastern poinls --- w h o claim to be Arkansas residents. W a r r a n t s charging perjury were · served on a man and two women, picked up in connection w i t h a divorce "ranted a year nno in Rly- I h e v i l l c . All three denied charges, waived e x t r a d i t i o n and were t a k en to B l y l h e v i l l c . 8'l miles north of here, by Sheriff W i l l i a m BCIT.V- man yesterday. Chancellor Leon Smith of Bly- t h e v i l l e . one of two chancellors i s e r v i n g the his 12lh dislrict. said j olher cases are pending as a re! suit of a checkup nn alleged f r a u d . in oivorcc leslimony. Law provides d i v o r c e applicants 'Feels Briefing At This Time Out Of Order Declares He Wants To Stay Free In Judging Policies Dwlzhf D. D o n viM--i.JV.Gen Elr.c-nhower, the GOP nominee, today r-jerted nn I n v i t a . lion from President Truman to go lo Wii'hington for * confidential "biic, 1 ,ng" ijn the i n t e r n a t i o n a l situation. ; The general -ml n t e l e u i a r n lo the president sa-. inn "it i* rny d u t v to remain free" to analyze Truman a d m i n i s t r a t i o n polici"^ publicly, ard t h a t it would Ix? "unwise and result in confusion in the. public mind" If he accepted tiv bid. Gov. A d l a i Stevenson or I l l i n o i * , · lhc Democratic c a n d i d a t e for the I presidency, received a b u c f t o g : on International a f f a i r s at the White House Tuesday. Stevenson : met w i t h Truman ind his cabinet, and w i t h dcfemc and Intelligence officials. The same day. Eisenhower sharply criticized the move. He said it dignified "the present administration is determined to nail down through it; hand-picherl successors every detail of the doc_ , , . . , . ! Irlne.i and policies t h a t hav« Republican opposition In the brought us to the present sltiia- winncrs of the Democratic nri- I t|on of bewilderment. Indecision Republkans In County May Run Candidates Convention Set To Meet Tuesdoy Night At Courthouse Location has not been d e f i n i t e l y j leave a f o r w a r d i n g addiess and ill accom- j n ".th, 32: and Carroll D. Springs at 12 o'clock noon today. Arkansas and Oklahoma officers i l u r n t n Uncle Sam. And the :·· joined forces In capture the five i 3re ' n e ' ; which we ran men after learning that t h e i r s t o l - i mrrc strongly against I h e build florid en automobile was headed toward i walers sweeping towaid the Di.s- Siloam Springs from Locusl : t r i l c "' Columbia." Grove, Okla. j Slevcnson gave his views in ,? Captured were Thomas G. Rob- ' sr " cch P"Pa''«l for delivery at must have lived in Arkansas Ihree : months prior lo the decree, and ' mnry T u e s d a y In Washington j and fear for the f u t u r e " " must micnd lo make lhc .late j Coimly may appear on Ihe gen- | [n his lelegram to Truman lo- Ilicn permanent home. j eral election ballot In November.'. day Eisenhower «aid' However, there h a v e been p u b - ! The Washington County Repub-1 .. A , vflll k n n w t h e prob , cni , lisncrt charges thai many o u t - o f - 1 l"'»n Convention, which has met i wh ich you nuggest for discussion te persons f i l e suit, rent a room, once Ihis year, will re-convene I are loose with which I have lived .... --- "'"I Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.. in ] for many years. In spite of this, determined, and Ihe of the j never set fool in Arkansas again, 'he courthouse Charles Atkinson, j I would instantly change this do- new t h e a t e r \ \ i l l he :selected alien Those arrested were Mrs. C. L. ·. r'nyellcvillr, tluirman of Ihe i ci.ilon (not to accept the presi- construclion is started. Slanton i TorW, 39; Mrs. Ada Belterson tlounly GOP Commillee, said l h c : dent's invilation in Ihe event muting was called "lo nominate i ln -''e «hould iri«« · grave national emergency. · - ' "There l» nothing in your mes- Mge In indicate that Ihli is prcs- ly the case." Rtc«fv« Rtporti Thp goner ii did accept an offer bv the piesidrnt to make avail- demand the services and iffficy fodate 600'cars.'and" will be t h c ' » H ' o ' f Vemohir.' Mrs. Todd 'w.t W«Hl»»WI r*rtn*-T«rtouifWmHy don t get them at home they will | i al . Rest ln | h i s v l c i l l l t y . u v ,, n hllVC | freed on $1,000 bond last night. section of the country and the · wife. Jamie, in March 1951 ,t M v 'he'her candidates will he ribml-, r n l '-· ' t h e hear- ncl « rt '"''all county officer | T» and ' one of lhc largest screens in t h i s | R u t h was divorced from his first sTctio lalcst projection e q u i p m e n t . A complete 1 pl^ysrri pnn idecl. S t a n t n n ami ;i m i n i a t u r e t r a i n to of/Ices'." Atkinson laid he does not know lighting .Blythcvillc. Officers said injr involved false lestimnny t h a t w i l l br he was a resident of the cit Normally Aikansas, the most counties Democratic nomi- Warrants were sworn ouV a f t e r ' n i j l i o " is lh " equivalent of elec-' able to Ihe GOP nominee secret l i - 1 n ---·- --- f i e - , weekly reports from the Central 14 governor recommend legislation but Ihe decision of its adoption is up to the J individual members of the General Assembly." To Name Successor j Cherry said he will name his o u n successor as chancellor. He | said he would not resign his term I --which expires December 31, 1954 j --until after he officially takes office as governor. If he WE; to resign before -that lime, retiring Governor M c M a t h could name ] j Cherry's successor. Redbud and Dogwood. 10 Worst Defeat j Boys Club Building 10 Cherry's victory over Mc.Malh j Complete Present Water Sys was the worst trouncing ever ' tcm 9 handed a gubernatorial candidate in Arkansas' history. W i t h unof- f i c i a l returns in from 2,277 of the state's 2,301 precincts. Cherry had I 2:;5,173 votes to 137,900 for McMath. | This represented a record ma- i n s t a l l e d · Mi*. .lamie R u t h f i l e d More Hotel Space, 12 Improve Highway Approaches. porily of 97,273, as compared lo Ihe previous peak of 91,559, established by McMath when he defeated former Gov. Ben Lsney in 1950 when Laney sought a third term. Jonesboro Plans Giant Welcome For Cherry Jonesboro -(/Pi- This Craighcad : County city--home nf Arkansas' ; ngxt governor, barring an upsel in November--is going to velcome ill favorite son home with all the j trimmings tomorrow. Jim Sloan, c h a i r m a n of the Craighcad County for Cherry Commitlcc, said lasl nlghl tentative plans call for a mammoth parade and a speech by Judge Francis Cl Better Park System. 8 Commercial Airline, 6 Cut Weeds, 5 Pedestrian walk lights square, 5 City manager, .1 Tourist information booth on square, 3 Beller Street lighting. 3 Larger police force. 2 Add fluorine lo drinking \vatcr, Post office courlcsy box. 2 Parallel Street to College. 2 Better oay for policemen and flu-men. 2 Swimming pool for Negroes, 2 Airport improvement, 2 T-mon, 1 Flying circle for gashoppers, 1 Real driving test. I Civic auditorium, 1 Reduce taxes, 1 Shorter route to Litllc Rock, 1 Renair sidewalks, 1 Ballpark. 1 Public golf course, 1 C with a pistol, but offered no re- i sislance when officers (rapped I Ihem on a dead-end street in Si- i loam Springs. Also found in the j stolen car was $200 taken w h e n ' the men overpowered a guard a n d ; escaped Tuesday night. I Of the two other men u h o es-i caped, one drowned yesterday I while a t t e m p t i n g lo swim a river : f o u r miles from Claremore. and · Ihe other surrendered lo Oklahn- \ ma police yesterday. All seven were held on federal charges. President Hcrbcrl ^ ea j Hoover, nnd also poked some sarcasm at GOP Presidential Komi- nee DwieiU D. Eisenhower. Lists Achievement Stevenson cave the hard · . M O of his speech in a few paragraphs in which he listed with pride the achievements of his a d m i n i s t i a - tion in Illinois and then went on to *-ay: "II has been MiH t h a t perhaps ate in nnr time lias done .so Taking part in the capture in ! m " rh ·«" f i u i c k l v . I don't know | addition to Black were Siloam ' wherhor you c a l l it a 'new richl' o n ! Springs Police C,.icf R i l l G a m - · f n r Illinois, J,, = ·:.-.:: nsj" -r .-: | mcll. Trooper Bill Struehin!; o f ' 'square deal.' but I know that it i Fayetleville. Deputy S h e r i f f s Earl llas l5c " n * no deal M a t e govern- on .' R i f e anri James Rag^rlt. nnd two I Rogers Counlv, Okla., deputy sheriffs. Tax Ithtt Reported mcnt. "It is i m p o r t a n t because I h r slates are i m p o r t a n t . We t a l k . about a n d deplore incessantly the I increasing centralisation nf pow- ' er over our lives in Washington Hollywood - I/Pi - Singer Die!: Bui t h a t t i d a l d r i f t low-aid lhc Haymes is behind in his income ; c a p i t a l w i l l en on and on unless lax payments and won't he a l l o w - ti mi c ncccysrry f u n c t i o n s of covert lo leave the United Stales for ' eriimcnt "-I,;,.'. HOI-) i*·..,.,, ;., i,,. a personal appearance tour in performed in Washington arc por- Fns;land. his press agent says. formed, and n m p c i ' y I . - T I ( I I ; H . » ! , " at Ihe stale or local Much Of Nation In Heat Zone Mercury Mounts Over Wide Area (By Thf Associated Prcm) ' AJRUS'L i i i r i i M i i p i'« burner/ t'ln.'-y o\ rr u idc arras of t h e n a - ' l i o n . Much of Trxss went i n t o lhc H!h co:i?f."iili\p day nf 100-! rlrerce pl'js heat v/a-.c. Thp m ^ r - ' i - M i y mounted t n u a r r i !hr high (Hi* u n t l 90.^ in t h e Northern and Southern Rockies and N o r t h e r n ; G r e a t Plains. ' P:irts of Kari5r-s also s"rltered · in inO-riPRroo heal yesterday, a n d r i r i n c tcmner.'.tuirs ".ere /orccasi · fni most of the Mi-lwc,t. I Tnrnftrior; rnpcd up jc-, rral f; nns in Em \frn NVbrasl..-) last n ; t h l . r\nmnp\nz f a r m homes and hi.ildm^.s and i n j u u n K a t Ir.u-1 .six Kasl Arkansas divorces were a healed issue in Ihe recent g o v e r nor's rare. The olher 12lh district chancellor is Francis Cherry of .Jonesboro. who won the Democratic g u b e r n a t o r i a l nominalion. Cherry granted, a divorce -- w h i c h drew j:harp attenlion lasl M a v -- lo Mrs. Igor Cassini. w i f e of the New York newspaper col- u m n i s t vhosp pen name is Cholly Knickerbocker. The Memphis Pross-Scimitar. In an editorial last week observed that Arkansas is a fine state, but surely I h e c h a n c e l l o r must h a v e had some doubl lhai Mrs. Cassini. as a .\Vw York society w o m a n , ; d i s t r i d , but it has been widely reported t h a t he w i l l w i t h d r a w and a n o t h e r ( a ' ^ - d a t e n-av be n,.mcd for this post. Stevenson Likely To Receive CIO Support Washington-iyP)-The CIO was primed loday lo give its o f f i c i a l Mipporl lo Adlai,Slevcnson. Democratic candidate for president. CIO President Philip M u r r a y said a meeting of the Executive Board will "in all likelihood" take reports ' Hveied by Write House couriers ' and will Include "briefs" from Waller Bedell Smith, head of - i i n Central Intelligence Agency: ~i:cre'.3ry nf St.ite Achcson. "and the other people consigned with the International and defense lit- uations." Eisenhower noted that T i u m n n and his top aides conferred with Stevenson before the president invited t h e general lo a similar conference. And the invitation was extended a f t e r the genera! had sharply crilicized the arirninislra- lion publicly for t a k i n g Stevenion into the innor circle. Eisenhower said the mcetln? raised "th" d i s t u r b i n g question herry, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee. "We w a n t Ihis lo be lhc biggest welcome ever accorded a man in Arkansas," said Sloan. "This is a great day for Jonesboro and Craig- h«td County." Poultry Market -- University scholarships for Fay- season, cttcville high school students. 1 Combined city and county library, I M a r k places of interest, 1 Tile ditches. 1 Health program, 1 Knlargc gym at U. of A . 1 Less noise from trucks, etc., 1 Stamp out Bang's disease. I Adequate street marking. I Prepare fo rvisitors d u r i n g nncnine nve to put Improve Fair Grounds. 1 Re-name streets. I . Juvenile drivers stopprH H.E. Rogers Loses Brooder House In Fire At Farm Home The f o r m a l Labor Da "f the D e m o c i a t i c l Stevenson in the W h i t e House finri the I l l i n o i - covcinor speak- ine at noon in Detroit wl.ilc Pre-;. ident T r u m a n appears at 9 p. in., in M i l w a u k e e on Ihe same f l a v Thr-ir Scnlcrihrr 1 speeches w i l l be sponsored by labor gioups in I those cities. Rcvond tiiis opening d a v V s t r a t - egy. Ihe Stevenfin command was renorted to have adopted nn f i r m c a m p a i g n p l a n s except the general asicement l h a t Stevenson w i l l r a r r y t h e m a i n h m d m o f t h e a t t a c k again.'.! I I Vole Discrepancy In Izard Brings Inquiry ( U . . . · a s l o whether t h e president a n d up the nuejlion m Us day-long . hi , ,. Mnft c a n p ossib i y ro ,Ucm- would leave her friends and f a m - i Cession. Hr lef small doubt lhat | plate using resources of the fed- ily to come and live here. ! a statement would be forthcom- j eral government to influence the Chancellor Smith last night at- j '"·! hcfoic n i g h t f a l l , lacked the editorial as one of ibc | M u r r a y also reported t h a t , so "most u n f a i r " he had ever read, i f a r »» hf knows, the CIO has re"The name Cas.-ini didn'l mean j "ived no bid for conferences or a t h i n ? to Judge Cherry and it i advice from Dwight D. Eiscnhow- wnuldn't h a v e meant a t h i n g lo [ "· Republican pi evidential candi- me." h" said. "\\'hv shouM we ^ a l c - h a v e consiriere-1 her any d i f f « i e n t ! Eisenhower reportedly has a l - frnm a n y o n e else?" j ready con|a'.".ed a l e a d i n g AKI, ol- -- · I licial. W i l l i a m C. Dohcrb. a n n asked him lo confer in Denver. The Wtothcr Bomber rail*. Crew Safe Spokane, Wash. - i/l'i - F i f t e e n crewmen bailed out oi a B-'J!I bomber near here e a r i v t o d a v the kanut Initltutt . T«ehnoloiry »nd tht Dniry" ind Poultry Market Newi Strvk* o* tht U. S. Department at A|rlful- lun. Korthwesl Arkantat market firm, demand good, tradln* light lo moderale, offerings continue light en all sizes. Heavy ilzej remain very scarce. Prices paid f. o. · h. f a r m up to 2 p. m.. on al! IDS.) .1I-.12 rents Ih.. F l f e riMl ' nved " chiclten brnoi - ' ·ally of A r - i e r house and nearby well-house: home and »!." t h r e a t e n e d t h f Roger- ?..' S «', nc * ·"*! nn lh(1 f a r m n( H ' K ' Rf«ers al ~ ' " M i n e r a l Springs t h i s morning, causini a loss of several thousand H itch-Hikers Frowned Upon dollars. The frame b u i l d i n g and the eeiuipmenl Inside were completely d«troyed by the blute, which apparently was caused by litter In n i l i n n from a defective brooder. There were no chickens In the a l u l l I.OOfl-gallon but a n e gas t a n k located between I h e , K i l c h h i i r g , Mass. - c/T'i - Paul J residence and the brooder house.' H u r t . 17. was fined SIS in D i s t i i i i A s h i f t In the w i n d prevented t h e ' C o u r t \ o M c i d s v on polite u.stl- ounper roller to "ll.v .12." was to have a r r i v e d today. The brooder house \vai . - j S l r u c i e d w i t h i n the last .m r a n d house «l Ihe time nf t h e f l r r . I hart a capacity of in.dfib r h u k * . Residents nf Ihe comumty were . The loo was p a r t i a l l y coveiert by lo exllnnuijh the fire, I I n s u i a n f f . f i r e from spreading, however. Rogers had removed the c h i c k - ens from the brooder house ^es- ..... , ,,,.., lerday. A new shipment of chicks | a big rise anrt Ihen leaped out he I fore it plunged downward on Ihe con- olher side. | ninny lhat he and two ; companions jumped inin j coaster cai as it neared Ihe top of A r k a n s a s - Parlly cloudy t h i s a f t e r n o o n , t o n i g h t and Friday with wiriely s c a t t e r e d a/lemoon t h u n M r l h n u r n e . A r k - i/P, - Sen Y. ' d c r ? howers mosllv in east and ! before It crashed and b u r n e d The M M a r k of Mooi.-fiel'!, A i k . . savs n n r lh portions; no important tern- , plane h a d developed engine he 1.1 i n v c.'tijalmg the possibility ' "crature i-hanges. 'iroublr lhat he los.t the Iflth disincl s e n - ! ~ - - - .- .- . . _ . alorial lace becau.'.e of illegal v o t - ing in karri County. Uard County voters c;,! 3,1fi-t v/jtes in 'rue:.d:r.'s e l c f t i o n , a l - IhouRh nnlv 2.r!7fi poll lax leceipls were ir..itied. A . k t . l rt 5».ul the 1.- OSa vn'e d i f f e r e n c e , Cousty Clerk S c H i t l e - i / P j - A young m o u n l a i n ( l i m i ) p r struck f i v e limes by l i g h t n i n g as he and a companion stood a:op Ml. S t u a r t in the Cascades s a v he considers himself "ihe l u t k i c t m a n there l.v to be a l i v e . " " A f t e r Ihe t h ; r d bell. I lhou«ht of Calico Rock w i t h a 74.1-voic' ' wsnled lo die," A l a n Roberl margin. 34:i votes less t h a n t h e ! G i a n t , Id. Seallle said sesterday. Gram's companion, Paul Bnk- Thcie w e r e iv.n more bolls, h e , off. 20, vai k i l l e d in thr slorm ! said, and Ihe f i f t h scored a direct i judgment nf the voters of thp United Slates during this campaign." Sen. R i i - h n i d M. N i x n n . Eisenhower's vice presidential r u n n i n g male, abn ha^ denounced the Stcveribcin mei-tmK with Truman a n y Key administration officials. N f x o n said it meant Sfevpmor, was "part and parcel of the Truman ( j a n p " and h« railed t h e «*svinn a f n t a l campaijin mistake \vhirh would riefr;it the Demo- cralic nominee. Hit Five Times By Lightning, Youth Lives To Tell About It; Companion Is Killed j II. I). Stuart said: !"vVe ve got a lo( of m a i d n n voters ; up here." "Maiden" \oters me LM- j y e a r - o l d r f ' i d r n t s who do nol ie- ! q u n e a poll tax to cast t h e i r f u s l b a l l o t . M u r k was defeated in the t h i e e I county d i s t i i c t hv O r v i l l e Chenev j - Living Cost Rise To Be Expected, Says Arnall 1 WasliinRton-f^t-Price Stabili- i Elli's A i n a l l today stuck to his | picdiction t h a t the country is in . for another round of price in' creases t h a t w i l l send living costs zooming to a new high this fall. The nation's price chief, who t h e m l;r.!h to t h e aiound. and a f t e r i p l a n ' lo t ' tljt September I, re- Ihe second holt hr found he could P*"' 1011 "" t h r "*"» P" lnt to '"- ' - - ·-" in the next | l.Oflfi \ o t e d i f f e r e n c e f'hene: .'.aid i lai.l n i g h t he knew nothing of any vole discrepancy. m o v e only one leg "The t h n c i b f j l t " a s the worst." hr said ' I t look ne u p a n d tossed me over a liO-lonl c l i f f and I ' n o t k r d .TIP oui " C i i a n l ?aid w h e n he ieg^.::;:d, conuiousness he could hear B n k - j off icreamine on the summit, t crcftsing m f l a l t o n Ihree months or *n. : A i - i a l l ' s fellows in prlc« policymaking. Sccrelary of Commerce Sawyer and Economic Stabilizer I Sojcr I.. Puinam. have discountel lhc likelihood of *ny bif push In prices, but Amall said ht belltvei . unable Poii, c snid I l i f ! i i n r«peated thr stunl several limr-« v. h i l e isnormg pleas of W h a l o m Park o f f i c i a l s lhal they come down. Awart Winner Name* Washinuton - i/»i - Manin K. Coylr. relirfd r x r c u t i v e v i c e pres- Ideni and direclor of Mn- l o r « , ha* been chosen for ihe an- I n u a l Cardinal ,N'tn'm«» AwartL lhal struck Jusl afier they reached i hit on Bnkofl's back. When Gram ! [ the s u m m i t of ihe 8,470-fooi peak j reached Brlkoffi side he found yeslerday. | him dead. G r a n t spent three d»ys on Ihe , G r a n t tald heal from Ihe ll«ht'! · m o u n t a i n a w a i t i n g rescue. He w a s ' nliit wai »o «re«l il melled cam r e m o v e d by a C.'oaKl G u a r d helicopter y e n t e r d a y end hroufhl to , th * sl "' pr '« "'"' n "*" ' Sp " r " t j 1lml ,"""« ' *' " " 1 " S e i l t l f . ('·tanl said the f i r s t boll knocked In ihe p.ick en his hack. Hnipllal auendanls said I h e 0 ' i t h Miffenrl iKond and third In Moscow, a.s'rilrectnr Af'tivt Piyi. rie«i ee burns. , cholof ical Strat»O ·Mri \V«shln«ton Truman lixUy tppelntcd A«m. Alan G. Kirk, former ImlMutriw

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