Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 20, 1974 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1974
Page 12
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.£.·': " ArVan*., .' J8, · · · - ' " Made At Home Reveals Natural Aids .Bjf VIVIAN BROWN ;.. ApiNewsteatnres' Writer * Tier*. · are fashions in face ereamsi says long-time cosmel- ^.'chernist..^^^!!, L, Gold- embwg 1 who; " was 1 .- explaining ·erne-; of the -newer : ingredients i .;' formula tie ns.'ii'sed :. by,i his i : ife -in^her-.recenti book, "The Ccjrijplete. Book ,off ·Natural. Eos- . ' · ' ' ' · ' · ' - ' ,. . , . . . . . . . '.: "Crfain$ J . sreT'.rhuch lighter no«v.- : jn- trie .trade when . we ' ' . . talking^ iboiil v the '30s and ·«s; .£*-,;·,,; .. ... v · · - . .-? · The;- bpoS^-is' a second effort for' t^'ttvA.L' The :firit one, put toge'trifr = ^ncl^f-ese'arih l ed. by'.h'is wife; iHsinJE-, W?.i name. ^Beatrice Tra ven^-^vas - '*'Her-e!s "Egg .'· on You'r.'-FJacSj- · Bif: ; ri'my ; with. new-. er .in'greHtenls-. available la 'trie · verk',- -he agreed :to cooperate 'arid · provide the '"nat- uraT'/rfo'rhmlatioris^for -"trie sec' . - jft .l,,saijh)jb'solulel.v ,no wheri^shejaite'ii ."me,/ I though! it \tfcmld, : : he', impossible : 'la emulsifj'Hhe' ecearns. ,at, .home, but .thenV;!' thoug'ht-of- ordinari soap and such\thlngs'as:lario|itf and lecithin and 1 became in- t r i g u e d , " explained Goldemberg, a past president of-the Society Of Cosmetics Chemists* ! \ RESEARCHED ., in doin£ 'the' fesca"rch,' 'Mrs. 3otdemberg says r sh'e '.was surprised ''that-many - p f . ' t h e ingredients .had! be.en-iiiised for lealing. bleaching the, skin, -baldness; and so'on![or .hundreds of /.ears.''--She decided to include a'i glossary ot the many facts she had dug up:..--'.: · ···',; ':_· -.[Brewing, your own :beauty po- lions does'.give you the-satisfaction of knowing··. what is in them, agreed Goldemberg. who has Triads, some; popular forrn'u- lalions for the industry. But tfie trade,..has.- used,,many natural ingredients in -their' .products, he adds-;-'They -just- haven't wanted to reveal-' their formulas,. . r '- ... ' -And we may not know, muci m,ore...when the -industry com plies with the new;government I'tEuJations to reveal? all- - o n ihcji;. labels, Aluch-of it will not .be'.'understood although it" Wil" be; a great hflp · to doctors in reating ', allergies, he main- ains*- - - .,-'-,-'··· ,' / ' ReveaJing: tflej natural formulas will-not cut-into his live- ihood, insists the genial Gold- imberg, \vho has been in the business 1 for.. 24 years. "-.It is a different type of tiling." "A g^eat'tnany of the.BO'for- mulas:;in -the book couldn't be used by'trie, trade- anyway," he contin(iedi.'"They- must think-'in terms of 'shelf life. For example, : '» 'cucumber can go soiir^ but at home it can be used in v a formula that can be made in-.small quantities and used promptly," ';/';··::· ^FAVORITE ';TKe\6bldembergs'· own favor? ite ; : in the book is- a lemon efeam "which almost always luens out right'if directions are followed,'" says Mrs: Goldemberg. It is made in three phases. The first phase may be made .in a Jarge batch and" kepi on hand so that the cream rhay be r made .when it, is wanted. -Phase A -- "The Mother Batch:*" Gombin«',4 tablespoons of lanolin, 2 tablespoons of solid vegetable shortening and 3 la- jlespoons of'peanut-, oil and put t into a'wide-mouth jar or- 12 ounces or so. 'Melt ever -hot, water (in a double boiler or heavy san with 2 inches of water) un:il the'jar'can barely be touch- e d by'hand. · - ' Phase -B'-- Mix 2 tablespoons of corn syrufj, one : fourth cup plus 1 tablespoon 'of fresh strained -(or' reconstituted) lemon juice and 'VI teaspoon = of lemon extract. Add. "B" ingredients to "A" ingredients, slowly, 'stirring by' hand 'until "A" has taken up all of "B." Cap the jar, shake it bard as the contents cool- and 'a.-, smooth lotion should form. It can-. :be cooled under running -water from time to time as it is being shaken. ' . . . The lotion-must be at room temperature before the final step is taken: Add 3 lable^ spoons ot- water to .the jar, one tablespoon at a time, whipping it with the highest speed of : the electric--beater. A .rich, thick cream should result. If it sepa- forefather^; Witches, Goblins And Ghosts rates a Hit,.just pour otf^a few drops of the water. SECTPES VAUir Th'e re«ipes (or -tonics, /lp tions. face packs, shampoo creams, suntan. -oil, bdth .oil e v e cream soap and the like use a variety of fruits nuts seeds andi .honey 'and -can.'ibe formulated Busing ·.ordinary kitchen equipment Th*re is a reci p«". i or teen -a gers -that eon tains licorice a n d ' a bay rum shavingMotion for men'. Goldemberg does n't .'hold oil much : hope forvan anti-wrinkle cream in the near- futures 'Wrinkling, is a natural 'process where fat reservoirs are deple't ed." he points-out, but thetbook doe 51 include 'a-. "Beeswax Wrinkle.-Thing" that his wifi considers'a great- skin softener It contains mink ' o i 1 whicl Goldemberg says is being usei mere and more in : modern cos melic formulations because i is light and provides velvety richness. As for makeup, it -cah r t be ma da successfully, at home be cause it is difficult to remov impurities from, tricolors. : Bu the book .includes a . perfam formula. The Goldembergs' r mct »t party...Mrs. Goldemberg is. als a playwright under the riam Rose tinman .Goldemberg .an ier newest, .play, "Love 'Oh Another," is opening otf-Broad way in the near'future; · CHICAGO UP)' -:''-.'iThese i»ys .witches .are in the 'news generally only around Halloween. / B u t while witches,- goblins and'ghosts may not be.;taken ten' seriously in the .present 'sophisticated age, to our fore, fathers.they were real. . In fact, some people were even afraid to yawn because of them. ·in the Middle.Ages people believed evil spirits' made 'them yawn and then jumped down their- victims' throats while their mouths were' open, according to World Book Encyclopedia. So people covered their mouths more · for protection" than politeness. -Those \vho couldn't.: s t i f l e their yawrii and were invaded Sudgef Lessons Help Women · ' -JJEW HAVEN CAP) : '~ THe lection business by chance tak haled bill collector can win a « 0 ,,. r hpr hiuhanirc fein- debtor's apppreciatiori by giving * 'simple Jesson, in, .budgeting,: ·ays- one-' of-'the 'lop"women in the business. . · ./'The - average debtor' really wants to -pay bills,-, but he-mis-- manages · money,''' Hejyn,-_.Lap- (des said. in an interview'.'' "We really feel "that the average person who's in debt is happy if someone helps him out of it. I've encountered very few people : who have:;, been really obnoxious." Mrs. Lapides, who operates a collection agency with · her husband, Edward, said he instructs ier staff to help debtors set-up *-' schedule for paying- their bills. ' : '"If you can teach a child to play the'piano, you'can teach a person to pay a bill," she explained, drawing on her earlier occupation for the example. " ·"It's the same psychology You've got to make them like Hi" '. .Reason usually prevails. ·"You tell them. the doctoi jheuld be paid because- they may need him next month." ···Mrs. Lapides's efforts to im prove the hU! collector's imag recently resulted ifi her becom tog..the- first woman to Win tK "Key Award" of the America Collectors Assn., an inter cation ai. organization of. .bill co lectors.....-. - , ,, " . . . ' A pioneering female "execu tive in. .the field, she w a s - t h first president 'of., the Con , Becticut- Association of Colle tors Bureaus and the .rjorthea. Regional.,Collectors., Cohfercnc ' A woman seems to have spe eial assets for the job, "bein . more curious by nature, mor . disarming and much more di tail-conscious,", she said. Telephone manner is partici larly important' in ' convincin someone to pay debts and ther women .excel, she said . " -"The woman,is inclined to b Jainrh'y-ana-rnore''i t eJaxBd.'' ; Mrs. Lapides got into the co g over husband's Elm by the spirit -had to have thel pirits and ' the sickness they brought . exorcised, or driven out,- usually through a com- lination of commands, prayers ajid 'ceremonies. Throughout history, the mys- ique of magic, evil spirits and witchcraft led to the persecution of thousands of in- io«ent people, mostly women. Some historians estimate the put about death f o r witchcraft between 1400 and the late J700s. Many suffered ter- ·ible torture until they con- iessed to being avoid further torment. There were many tests to de- ermine "whether' a woman was a witch: Examiners sometimes Searched for "devil's marks." ty Credit Adjustment Bureau hen he entered' the " armed rces in 1943 - and staying-on hen he returned Because of the image of the 11 collector as an older, cigar lewing, gruff man, many eople are surprised to be con ·onted by a. 'small, ; friendly 'Oman asking for "They expect to see someone ith ! three 'heads,-I think-" aid. Ihristian Church 300,000 women to Fashion Tip ·Gub Scout Pack Receives Awards 'Awirds were presented at the Tuesday night meeting of C'ub Scout Pack 190 at Buttertield Trail School , , James' Rohrbacfc eubmaster presented the awards' assisted by members of "Den.;, Two Receiving bobcat awards wen Steve Ellis, Russell Morphis Bryc'e Morgan, Tony Cook Kevin Phillips, Keith ' Bloom Scott Kinc^id, Scott Herrington and Richard Skinner. · Chris B e l l and Kennetl Trantham received gold arrow points and a silver arrow poin tnd Aaron Rice .was the reci pient of a wolf badge. "'James: Barton, graduated ihl the Webelos den ahd. was w?l corned.; by the nesv...Webe]o; leader. Dr. William'Grainmair.- !^The "Cubby" award went k Pen Three which had the larg *xt number of members ant piirefiU present. JPrior to the awards presenla fien the Rev. C.A. Chamberlin dressed in an Indian chief cos turn*. andtold the pack "iHousehold Hint '·v ' -'Button the cuffs, . p f , - t shir fe-;the. : shirt front befire putting H in ihe, washing'machine. The ·f*«v«3 will 'not become tangled 'nrinf- thf washing:-.process, · ' Don't let your summer glow fade., "away into, winter -yellowness, A .rosier foundation over your tan will keep the healthy warmth of.'your skin tone until your natural tint is back. Then see if you don't find a pinker overtone more attrac five; especially if you're wear ing black again these days. Czech Satire Promises Men's N . · Liberation Is At Hand PRAGUE AP - "Men. ak« heart, your lifc*r*ttan is it hind" Menu to b* the message »f · new feature oublishejl in he Czechoslovak utite weekly, iliobr»« It is devoted entirely 0 the.downtrodden Czeth'male, The taatue-m-eheck pace Is .0 be a reguiir feature of the weekly and plant to offer ad vice on-, now to dealvwith' the burdens put upon men by their liberated women. In i poem entitled ' Plaint," a . wronged male .bemoans how as a bachelor he lived like tang witn -everything being brought to him right under his nose. And beer flowing like wa ter. Three months after marriage be had nothing left I can no longer attend sac cer, my pockets are empty, we are. saving, cigarettes;have forsaken my--lips;'" runs : a .stanza, and then came children dia pers and the voict of my wife iron your shirt, wash the floor and do the dishes ' This is what 1 hear day in day out natural ly living thus I wish for our page Let this page for men help all Czech males " A commission- has been' sel up to consider .introducing Men's Day as a counterpart o the widely celebrated-MDZ, thi International Women s Day Dikobraz said, . and publlshet several' Dreaders' "letters, woulr!.. tijte to heat:.about men wronged by women Perhaps we could bemoan our fate to- Ifther, get courage from each ither, perhaps even learn some men are worse o(f than we," reads pne Another proposed 'I hink it would »« a good idea if men .could exchange experiences from .domestic work on these pages -- especially about drip-dry shirts, household work, ·knitting, sewing and 'education of children." A third, was in- favor of i-serial ".'From the History -'of the Struggle -for the Emancipation and Social Recognition of Men" or "the Bole of Men -in the -Life of Famous Women. ' Forty-seven per cent oi Czechoslovakia's 1 i b § r a t e d women are employed and vis iiofs from abroad sometimes comment on the large number of men pushing baby carriages in a matter-of-fact manner. In the. elementary school boys' and , girls are given the same -education, little boys learn to sew buttons and embroider, while girls have to use the file, the saw and hammer like boys. While day-to-day cooking is still done mostly by women, an increasing number of Czech men have turned into culinary connoisseurs and, given half a chance,, w i l l , with their special dish. In quite a few tamilies, men have- graduated from unqual ified work.such as beating the carpets and picking up the kids, rom the nursery schools, touch highly skilled jobs as washing the laundry, especially''· n those families whicn have no; unliberated grandma to protect male pride. MORE Bridge Group Announces New Member STLOAM SPRINGS - Bylen» Rankin of Westville, Ohla.,' became a member of t h e Siloam Springs Bridge Association when that group, met for its October meeting, a day of- bridge with a noon luncheon. ' Cards were played from ten.v tables with high score prize*..' being awarded to Gloria McEn-'... roc, Siloam Springs; Evelyn'.'.' Brice, Siloam Springs; Virginia:; Seay, Denver; Fanna Cunning-;1 ham, Siloam Springs; Billio;Wilber, Maysville; and Dorothy R e e v e s , ' Siloam Springs, claimed the prize for low score.'.. . This group of bridge players; meets once a month at t h e : . Esquire Room of the Dawn Hill;Country Club: " - ' ' hese were-moles, scars or^oth- r bodily marks that could be tuck with a -pin' without caus- ng pain. These marks were an ndication ef -guilt. In another- test, the suspect's arms and legs were tied togeth er a n d . she was-, thrown into deep water. If she floated,- she was considered guilty of · being a witch. If -she- arown'ed,. s?h'e was innocent. -- During, the 1605s. ind" I7Ms deep fear of witchcraft swept most of Europe: Thousands sus reeled .of- being witches were xied and · executed.' Courts allowed gossip and rumor as evidence. :ln many cases, ac cording to World Book re searchers, children testified against their own parents. American colonists brought :he belief with them fronvEng and. Suspected witches suf fercd -persecution :in .Con necticut, Massachusetts and Vu-ginia. In. Massachusetts dor ng 1692,- the- colonists executed 20 persons as witches and im prisoned ISO-others-. - : During, the-mid.-19'OOs., a new interest iii witchcraft occurred in Europe and the Unitec States. As a result, witchcraft festivals called Witches' Sab baths take place four times a year: The'rribst 'important festi val occurs on Halloween. ·aim n' mill i.i'iji^ ^mi The young, pretty support bra that keeps its promise NEW BRA by Playtex At last... the pretty-support bra that you've . been waiting for. Smooth warni. a natural ~; · profile uriiterqliilging fashions;,,. - . ' · - . Support .'hidden; design for ' support ahct.sepafaliJi without bu[ky.s«arns.-'., ' Prttr/ delicate tricot windows-you'll look and feel more feminine. Playtex wifl r«^ace your old bra FREE when you buy a New"Support can be Beautjful".B.ra. Styl« 100/101 Fiber Con- l«nU: cup Facing and Linuii: 100% Nylon, Ells-tic Frame, Band and Back:. Nyion Spandex, Exclusive of other elastic. 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