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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 13, 1952
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PAGES ,TODAY fttarf by ov.r 25,000 Doily VfftUMi 91, NUMIER 17 Auodotod Pran UM*| Wir* Tfc«fub/ic Mtnttlf Tfce fint Concern Of Tfcii Ntwspoptr IOCAI FAYtTTiyiLU. A1KANSAS, WIDNISDAY tVtNING, AUGUST 13, 1932 "TM---- m^^ji · n ....wiu^ ^^mnj^j, ncuncauAi EVENING, AUGUST 13, 1932 AP, King and NEA hatwrM rMni Cherry Nearing Lead Of TOO OOP I Aiintu Uftlnr :.'. . _7~ . \ " ~ ~ ~ ~, " ~--· ^_ . . . . . _ . . . * County Helps Put Chancellor In As Winner Barton Favored For Attorney General; Chambers Leads Washington County voted overwhelmingly for the winner, Chancellor Francis Cherry of Jonesboro, for governor in the state Democratic primary yesterday. Complete unofficial r e t u r n s showed today that Cherry received 6.065 votes in the county roughly 2,000 more than he received here two weeks ago in the preferential primary. Gov. Sid McMath. unsuccessful in his bid for a t h i r d term, received 2,235 votes. Cherry carried '.2 precincts and, McMath led in seven. (In the preferential primary two weeks ago, the county voted this way: Cherry 3.638, McMath 1,337, Jack Holt 1.223, Boyd Tacketl 687, and Ike Murry 361, The tolal vote in the governor's race then was 7,246: yesterday it was 8.300.) Kor attorney general, Washing- Ion County favored Clib Barton of J-'ort Smith, easting 4,204 votes for him and 3.411 for Tom Gentry of Little Rock. Chief Justice G r i f f i n Smith, seeking. reelection to the stale Friends Of Father And Daughter Killed In [Jolt Nominated Air Crash Near Garfield En Route Here p or j u j flfi i. Benton County Congratulations To Victor Rogers - 'Special) - Two close ' farm near Garfield after it appar- fnends of the William I. Martin j ently disintegrated while in the f a m i l y of lo\va were due bv air in Fayetteville today and were lo come to Rogers for the bodies of Mr. Martin and his daughter. rH el °h Ce 1""' ?'*' Wh ° WCre ki "' i Funel ' al Homc in Rojrers is in ed when the plane in which they charge of arrangement, anrt re- were riding crashed near Garfield ported the bodies probablv would yesterday morning. Mr. Martin, | be sent to Des Moines Fridav Mr : a i r . It was a complete wreck. Ted Keselbach and Lou Kelle- j ban of Des Moines ivere to a r r i v e I here this afternoon. The Burns ami Mrs. Cecil Bran n a n friends of '"e M a r t i n familv. were in Fav- etteville on vacation when they about 32, was an insurance The f a t h e r and daughter were en route from their home in Davenport, Iowa, to Corpus Christi, .,, ,,,, Texas, to visit Mrs. Martin's f a m - | Moines t h i s afternoon and ily and were scheduled to stop with f i n a l arrangements Fayetteville for lunch. Mrs. I In addition to his w i f e Coin Pat ton Named Treasurer; Cherry Defeafs Governor heard of the crash, and they were to meet the two men . . n a Martin had planned to leave Des M a r t i n Bentonville - ( S p e c i a l ) - Craig Holt dcicdli'd Gcorse Eldrcd, 4.- 1LS to .'I.OBO, for the D e m o c r a t i c 1 D CS . nomination for Benton C o u n i v nc| P juri^c yesterday, according to un- ollicial r e t u r n s from all 47 of the ! Mi- is survived bv his father n a n hV, . r \| sit - m °' h "-. D r . a n d Mrs. John J an'rt VJ* · ,, T hCr hus - Martin of Des Moines, and a bro- and and daughter ,n Texas. | ther, John J. Martin, Jr., of Pon- The two-place plane fell on a ' t i a c , Mich. . county's precincts. Rain Falls In North Arkansas More Showers In State Predicted Little Kock-l/Pl-Rain ,,._. ing across the northern parl of the stale loday and yesterday ap- Supreme Court, won ",he county's I parentl - v l c f t tne rr °P s in "Pretty | good shape' in t h a t area, the U. S. I Weather Bureau in Little Rock l said today. But the weatherman I pointed out that t h e showers were j not of a general nature. The Weather Bureau savs it will approval with 4.261 votes, com- vared to 2,816 cast for his opponent, Nciil Reed of Heber Springs. Paul Chambers received 4,931 W a s h i n g t o n County votes for Democratic nalional committee- i man. His opponenl, Noble Gil! got i ° P a '"- v doudy t h i s afternoon, 1o- 2,285. Cherry carried all the wards in both Fayetteville and Springdale. The vote by wards in those two . Coin Patton received 4.386 votes to oust Powell Henderson from the office of c o u n t y treasurer. Henderson got 2,604 voles 1 County Clerk R u t h Whailnn was rc-nominateri, securins '1.331 j votes. Her opponent, Clyde Dun- 1 can, received 2.890. ' ; i Assessor Rollins M a x w e l l w a s ! . also rc-nominatcd w i t h 4.238 votes i . d e f e a t i n g Jack A l l u m b a u g h who ': received 2,778 for assessor. | E. S. Glenn won the lace for j ! representative, d e f e a t i n g Claud i Coffclt 4,029 to 2 932 By FRED COGER ! In s t a t e races, Benton C o u n i v i i LI. Col. William L. "Bill" Bush ' handed Francis Cherry a sub- i ; piled up a lead of almost 2,000 '· s t a " t i a l majority over ' Gov Sid ! shower- votes yesterday to win the Demo: Hc.VIath-,4.816 for i h c chancellor i · · ' cratir nomination for Washjneion '·· anri 2 . 57(l 'or M c M a t h County jurise. defeatin K Counlj : T. J. G e n t r y receu rrl 3 737 Lerk Roy A. Scott. i votes for a t t o r n e y General , o m - | Bush, Taylor, Bronson And Shook Win I cities wa5 Fayetteville Ward 1: Cherry 410. M c M a t h 105; WarJ 2-A: Cherry 282, Ale- Math 90; Ward 2-B: Cherry, 327, night and Thursday w i t h scattered · mostly daytime thundershowers. I Miles McPeek. agricultural slat! istician, said, "For the state as a ' whole, a good general rain is still I needed to break the drouth." McMath 90; Ward Cherry yesterday receiving 2.77 idles of precipi; with Bcnlonv' ·inches. Eu ^r^Si^^^-s 1 ^^^: Cherry 180, M c M a t h 75: Ward 4B: Cherry '|71. M c M a t h 68; Prairie A: Cherry 272, McMath 89; Prairie B: Cherry 203, McMath 71. Springdale . I Ward I : Cherry 118, McMath 63; Ward 2: Cherry 107. McMath 53; Ward 3: Cherry 348, McMath HO; Ward 4: Cherry Complete unofficial relurns this afternoon gave: Bush 5,072. Scott 3,152, In the closest of four races. County Collector Ralph Taylor eked out a 187-vole l e a d : over Lloyd McConnell to win t h e . nomination for a f o u r t h term i i Taylor received 4,050 votes Mc- jConnel! 3,863. ! W. S. "Windy" Bronson. Fay. etteville abstractor, defeatist! , Jackson G. Byrd for the nomin- alion for circuit clerk, and County Treasurer Clint shook, waa.nom-j Judge Nominee For Governor By Big Margin Effect Of Loss On McMorh's Political Ambitions Uncertain Bv CARL Fin.I, . Little Rock. Ark-i/P)-Fr»ncu; , Chcnv. a country judge who was I v i r t u a l l y u n k n o w n at the start if - the canjpakn and who promised voters n o t h i n g but "honest fov- ernment" won the Arkansas Dem, ocrntic gubernatorial nomination : yesterday. The 4.1 - vear - oM Jone«u.-,rn chancery j u d g e scored a sweeoinn victory of more t h a n (15,000 votes over Gov. Sid McMath. who horn the endonement of President Truman in his bid for * third t«rm. M c M a t h himself did not emphasize the T r u m a n endorsemen' In Arkansas, the Democrat!: j n o m i n a t i o n always has be"l ; enuivalent or election, althoush Cherry will have to «o th-oiieh the f o r m a l i t y of running a j a l n r t GOP Nominee Jeff Sperk In the November general election. Unofficial returns from 2.IDS nf the «tale'« 2,289 voting precincts save: Cherry 225 104. M r M a t h 129.92.1. prem« Court chief justice'"".') "3 ' I";; 8 4 9 - p ""l Chambers 'sc'ore'd .' .f.nOO voles as compared lo 2 484 c o u n t y , for his opponent. N'oble Gill. i McMalh Winner i _ - -- --. . . om- |bprmgsand Newport recorded 1 . 4 u ' n a t e d ' or a fourth term over the · '"·' ' 5A ---- - · - · - · Aboard Ship In Pacific ^\«cMa,h' J .° c :xj e TM;^ n -r B1JwSi «' opposition of John Kirsch. i Bronson received 4,325 votes i and Byrd. got 3,079. A tolal of -1 ; "OS ballots were cast for Shook. ! w h i l e 2,964 persons voted for | Kirsch. Bush carried 41) precincts in his | first political race. A N a t i o n a l ! G u a r d veteran of Korea' and f a r 1 mer of near Lincoln, he is 35. I Scott, county clerk for 10 vears. o f f i c e ' . h a d su " cr «* two political defeats Womock, Nominee For Sheriff ^ Hunlsville - fSnccial) - Madison Jonosboro's Frauds Cherry, who whipped Gov. Slri M c M a t h in Tuesday's ou'i'rterT'm Twl^i f,"·,·" "," n ''»''°''-"" -'-^ '''"Wren I" .shake hands' with'an' admirer' 'at 'hls'head" ! wh '* '°'"««l Ihe'Jiliv'M'p'r'eN qu liters in l.utle flock. Jale J_ue:.d:iy nisht. Mrs. Chcriy stanrls smiling beside the nominee. i "entlal, in which MeMath led , ~ ~ --- - five-man field and Cherrv--the I man the experts didn't jive a i chance of gaining a spot in the ] runoff--was second by (,000 votes. Cherry, who rode a new cam- oaijn technique. Vhe talkathon, to t r i u m p h , made repeated references to Truman's support of McMath anil said the people of Ark a m n j resented it. U. S. Sen. John L. McClcIlan, who frequently has been at odds Chart Campaign Meeting Of Group Set For Saturday In Springfield ; Fire Damage Suffered By Milling Firm -- , ,,.. ; ,,,,,.. | An early morninn fire today ice-attracted »,3nn votes,.*Urentcjiod to le»Ue:.. the Wilkin- Mc.Math 83. Senior Bob Bailey Is Defeated, Junior Ahead Little Rock-(tf)-Former Lt. Gov. Bob Bailey of Russellville was defeated yeslerday in his attempt lo reenter public office. But his son, State Sen. Bob Bailey. Jr., also of Russellville was leading in a race of his own. ! The elder Bailey was beaten by ; George O. Patterson of Clarksville j for the nomination as N i n t h dis- I trict chancellor on the basis o( I nearly complete returns from the final Democratic primary. Bob Bailey. Jr., seeking nomination to another term in the Senate, was ahead of F. E. Acree of Perry in Ihe lOlh senatorial district. A brother learn was nominated i yesterday--but without opposi-' lion. Nathan Gordon of Morrillon received the nomination for an- i other term as lieutenant governor, and Ed Gordon, also of Morrilton, was nominated for prosecutor of the Fifth district. Courthouse And Banks To Close Tomorrow The Washington Counly courthouse will be closed tomorrow for observance of V-J day. Banks in the county will be closed also. I.eriMls On Kampaae Manila-lffVLocusts attacked the main rice granary of The Philip- · pines today, posing a serious threat i to lh« country's food resources. Poultry Market -Th* poultrj mirket todny u r»- ported by Ihe University ot Ar- kansnj Int'llnt. O f Scltnc* .nd Technology ind the D»iry in* Poultry Murket News Strv'at el tht U. S. Department at Agriculture. Northwest Arkinsis market »te»dy to firm, demand fair to good., best demand henvy sizes.] Trtding lijhi in moderate, offer - ,, - - by a radio-telephone I ' " nis c a r o p r but had been unrie- | hookup that allowed him to t a k e i i M l e d since he nccam e j the oath aboard the USS Dixie ; somewhere between Pearl Harbor (and San Diego. I Caillavet. 59. is a guest of the Navy aboard the vessel. The Navy arranged the hookup so his inauguration wouldn't be delaved bv nt here r l i i l K h i s the oath aboard the USS Dixie Scolt carr 'ed 10 precinct.' The vote on Ihe county races in Fayetteville and Springckle f o l lows: . Karetteville i Ward 1 -- Scott 190. Bush 326'. Taylor 215, MeConnell 2fM- Bronson 308. Byrd 172; Shook 243 I Kirsch 241. - - ,, .. e -. w "d 2-A -- Scott 174. Bush to allow the ship's crew a n d : 19:i: Taylor 217. McConnell 147: the mayor's new constituents to Bron5 on 264. Byrd 88; Shook :'24, hear the ceremony. ' Kirsrh 131. Ward 2-B -- Scott 21.1 -- | Rush 202; Taylor 252. McConnei 155; Bronson 294, Byrd 106; Shook "" Kirsch 152. . . ,, . ,, , · . . f- ·-·""· Springfield, I I I -Mi-Gov. A d l a i 2^"'V P ' X 'n fr0 TM'" 0 ' a n d Stevenson-barked bv :, b r a n d Tl, e f''T' S Cr ' T - : " CW ' ii: -" la - "' """'"I' '" "c m o r n i n r .f TM''' '' PnO '' led t h i s ' R e m "-TM^ hlRi. comm.,nd- ,.s,ued TMn afl 20 ""I."" 0 "'TM 1 t s l l i « , ' a call today lor ., .,pcci.,l n i n e n n m all ^o voting precincts, including the absentees. neptity Sheriff Erlnn Wnnwk received 1.280 vote:, to win the clerk, n o m i n a t i o n for s h e r i f f , d e f e a t i n g Tom Cohl,. who received 927 voles. The Madison vote in other slate races was not completely counted today. The county Democratic Central Committee is expected to complete the t a b u l a t i o n about ! Ihe Democratic p r i m a r y a p p a r c n t ! ly set a new high record for vot- I "15 in Washington County i n a | Democratic primary. The gov j ernor's ra ! and the light collector's race dre.. · 7.313 ballots. i In Fayetteville, a l o l u l of 3.30B voles were cast m ihe governor's race, and in Springdalc i,5ua bal- lols were marked in t h a t contest. . V.ilins was so heavy in one Springdale ward t h a t o f f i c i a l s there had to o h t a m mil a d d i t i o n a l : ballols from county p a r t y head( j u a r l e r s . The Associated Press said a new Friday. A public address system al both ends of the connection was rig- Guard Reinforced Singapore - (/Pi - Terrorist outbreaks in the North Borneo Bril- ish colony of Sarawak have caus- , Bronsoo 11 ed the government to reinforce its i «fi T police guard along trade routes ; no' K - £ into neighboring Indonesian Bor- ' =',,',, neo, Sarawak Chief Secretary Hugh Ellis said today. Stockyards At Joplin Burn Joplin, Mo. - (/Pi - Four b u i l d Ward 3-A --. Scott 2fi.i. Bush in S s were destroyed and about 100 271; Taylor 281. MeCnnnell 246. mules dieri in a fire which blazed I M ; Shook «· .i "" d 195. Rush 1.19; Taylor 203. McConnell 137; Bronson 193. Byrd CONTINtJF.D ON PAGK THRr.f.'at a b o u t $10,000. through the stockyards here last nisht. | Stevenson cave a : -N'o immediate estimate of dam- ",' '"T'mon.v In-twecn hinu.eif ,ii;e to the yards was a v a i l a b l e · f'rc.sidenl T r u m a n when he but loss of ihe animals v.-as placed n "' ncd here last n i g h t f i r . m ! n i r m u r r (.-ommittce · S a t u r d a y HOC! IK'^.JL ch; campaign :L,..;c;:y. The | v i ; as Slcveiiicn's Illinois partisan:. , v o t i n g peak was set In tlio's'lai won an i n t i a p a r i y row wi!h the:,e- ; r e l u r n s also, with m u t e t h a n lection of Lt. Go-,. Shcrwot.-l D i x o n 000 votes -asl. . to head the :.;,,te Demo:-,-.!',,,: ii-.h- . · et in the .\o\-cmbcr } elect,on. .Stevenson supported Dunn . . "the logical choice" to replace lui., as Democratic nominee fo.- nov- r r n o r of I l l i n o i s , a spol sun r c l i n q u i f h e d w h e n the Dcnri- cratic N a t i o n a l Convention n o m - inated him lor president. The 25-memher sidle Demu- i-ratic Central Committee ( h o s e Dixon by a slim margin over Sec- r e t a r y of SUilo Kri'.vard J. l l a r ret: to oppose Repuolic-an V.'ilh.-:m G. Stratlon in November. St,;,l- ton, st,ile treasurer, is a f o r m e r ngrcssman. Hatchery nnd Milling Com j pan.v building on Prairie Avenue before firemen were able to bring ! ihe liuhtnins-sot blaze under con. 1 irol. Two engine companies from Central station were able to confine i h e flames lo the grain elc- v.'Hor, reducing damage to the rest of the s t r u c t u r e to a m i n i m u m . The f i r e had broken out of the ' with T.ruman. auoporUrt .Cherry. H» took part in the campaign after McMafh called him 'Ihe bet Republican ever lo be elected on 1 the Democratle tickel" and "Cherry's back room running male." It wai not known whal effect McMath's defeal yeslerday would have pn his Indicated plan In run agalnsl McCleilan in Ihe 1934 Senate lace. But. like Cherry. McCIellan Issued a "victory stalement" after obvious last ;,; Building Of Atom Plant Gives Area Big Problems Waverly. Ohio-(/I',-P,ke Coun- ly. '.lino, s t i l l n u m b from the news a b i l l i o n - d o l l a r ,-itnm plant w i l l be b u i l t a m n n K its lulls, looked . around today for hnu:,inK and other needs foi some 35,noil work- top ol the elevator when lircmcn i the Irend became ·'"''·' lvcf| . i night. It rernnred In minutes lo bring i H.ld, I.ea* Fr«. Fint Chief Burl ikeh' C " n "' 0l ''V 1 K ' r c ' Chcr ^ h ' M "" *·"« "TM» the : te, Hn" i 7'""^" w "' m o m c n t retur '" «"rt«1 cominc in ' T h n nl^, 1 ''" r c l i l t l v H - v ] « h ', '-ft nigh:. A. 10:3R p. m., McM.lh h u h e l s i ? ^mamed 1 .Odd, issued a satement promi.lng to n v he ,n , " cnl!lrll ' d «»TMrt Cherry', administration. | on y ihe upper lew feet of the The Arkansas campaign director T h ' ^ for Gop "residential nominee There was no e.slmiate of the Dwight Eisenhower saw in Me- .dam.age M u l a h l e today, pending; Math's defeat "an indication that a complete survey of the b.ulriinsj General Eisenhower will -,r rv Ari h e low was p a n i a l l y eo\ered b y ' insurance. No Doubt What He Plans After Only Wreckage Left After Plane Crash ^^^^^^^^^^^^_^ I to t h e House. _ | cratic presidential , light all size... Prices i ,id » '« « nit Par I of the problem al..-n irm- f r n n t e d Sciiito Ctmnly, v. ln, 1( . i.-ounty seal. Portsmouth. , 22 miles smith nf the site of the p l a n t t h a t w i l l extract U r a n i u m 23.", from uranium ore. The Atomic Knergy Commi.«ion Wcthersficld. C o n n . - i/I'i - A in Washington announ.-ed y e . t e r - convict n.nnect .loe h,i. pierced Ilie ri-i.v t h a t the SI.20(i.tion.iiOfi p ! an! w a l l s lh,,t do his prison make and would be erected a few miles "finals arc proud ,f h i m houlh of here. _ | J o e - otherwise u n i d e n t i f i e d -| has l i m i t a lele'. i.-.,r.n set, m.-imiv li"rn salvaged p i n t s ,11,4 scia'p metal from i h e ma.-hine ihop al C o n n e r t i ' i i t state Prison. Some p a r t s he ho'iubl !iom h i ^ prison pay o( v-l.n.1 ,, m,,,,,!, i,-, s , m ,,(. f i e i a l s a i e pa:rd \. i t h how Joe has i c h i i b i l i l . i t e d him: elf hv working on his v. indnw nn the wrtrld. shn°M w ir' ^ i h n i l l y . [[IF p l j 'T'm s f t t i i i ^ :.;n-:. "Thn c'.s il." The' Uc, -- jucr h, l, i ^'d aside reported d i f f e r e n c e s " i l r u m ; , n ( a n i p a m n s l r a t . by saying T i n m a n is "just s ; . o p e r a t i v e as he ( H , i be" and i c a d y to do "whatever we -.'. him to do." Steven.M.n difi-losed in a f t a i e - .i-icnl t h a t he has chosen .'ishl men I and one won,:,,, ;., be Ins " b r a i n trust" in c h a r t i n g M i a t e z y a n d · w o r k i n g out spe,,:-:u,5 dales ,-,n-l .- places. I n v i t a t i o n ? to speak m Ml I l p a r t s of (he country a i e p i l i n g up | a t his special campaign n c a d q u n i - ters but no d e f i n i t e dcri: ion ha?; yet been marie on any of thorn. The C a m p a . g n Committee mem- 1-L-rs arc: K e n . l;.,ile C. Clemcnf. of K e n t u c k y ;,nd Sen. C l i n l n n P Anderson of New Me:i(o. rhair-' man and u r e chairii:,-,n, re.],"lively, of t h e Senate Ca.T.p.-,.^,, Committee; Ilcp. M i r h a e l .1. K n wan of f ) h , o , c - h a . r m a n of the House C a m p a i g n C o m m i t t e e ; M i s I n d i a F.d-.vaid:. ·, n e r h i n , a n of ^sr^ri-oj^r,:^':;:;' 1 ?;!.-; ^\^^^..,·,,,.,,«.,,,,,,,»,,,,.,.« car C h f p m a n ; f,i-a: x e P,;,ll U'.,,t,. ' lo I " 1I » o u t - o f - t o w n w '« compiled inglon. n. r. 1 .. :,':o,nrv icpie.'('-,,:- "" l: [" K l","n t h i i n do m r u h a n l s in ing iridependent nti/.eM ^io,,ji n . o ^ ( ; t K · ^ r , / r o i r i : . , , ,, ( , . ( . M ·· . , , s u p p o r t i n g Sleveiisrin. St,, M.l.e .-oid.iig !o ;, : ,,,,| v ,,,,, . . u b l r h e d Monroney of Oklahoma ,11.,-,,,,,,, iv ,,,,,,...: , ' of Ihe nemo,-,a,,,- X.i,,o,,al ( ", . ne - ,'d ,-'", n ,'m r"'"' '" ,"" ; - m i l t e e Speaker-, nu,r,-,u. W - - , , , , i'. , , ' , ! ; , ,, " , ' , ' ' 1 ''''' ri " 1 -' 11 ' «onai l ca^^^ h^^eil ?nn j .'^ ^,;° k «^«""«TM^ ·h. new n a t i o n a , Demo.,,,,,-ch;,,,- ^'^ TMTMTM"^ t * f ^ Bones Of Indian Found; About 1,500 Years Old K i l t if? CUM 'fni, Ont.-i/Ti-v.'fjrk- ( 1 I^ f i o i n t n r L ' n j v c r s i t v of Mi-.h- ;fi;in' an!hropn!r, R y m i i - c u m h ; i \ r ( di'S i i j ) tlif Ronr., /,.' 3 Po:r.l I V n i n s u l a I n d i a n h c l i r v H in lir ' 1.500 .vp«ir old. The find v.-;,-. m a d e »n 1 he n n r t h ylKiro of (iooi p;;in i R;iv. H If." i n i l r - , tw, of h t - i r Thr · hoijp^ w r i t - r x c f : | | ( - i i t l v mf.,orvf,'l rr kan^ai in November." The director. Verne T i n H a l i of StutiRurt i=aid the whooping majority for Cherry "is a cnrnnlcte repudiation nT the Truman administration.' 1 Cherry's ever-mounting margin fmrc out his prr-clcction prpfjfr- tion t h a t h$ wnulH v.*in b% 75,000 . to 100,000 votc5. H wa e a r l y t.»- p r j _ _ 'lav bfforc McMath^ ri»onnw! fn- r I I b U l l lal went past the 100.fl.S8 he polled in thf? first primary. -'" Cherry Statement "I recognize the rcipon5ibilitip«; placed on me. I deeply aporecia'e the wonderful support tfjven rr-* by the people of Arkansas. 7 shall try to be worthy of t h r confidence On the ba;is of incomplete return. 1 ; McMath was ahead in only six of the Mate's 75 rountiCT Cnr- roll, his n a t i v e county of Columbia. C'omvay, Madison. Scott and Izard. U]} f " naroir Cherry May Name t h e out.MffO? : ·lev iM'in," hr I J · C HI f,,tu,c m; His Successor Buying Habits" Survey Shows Cily Plea-ant Place To Shop till Little Rnck-i.-Pi-Judgc Francis . Cherry, nominated for governor in ! yesterday's r u n o f f Democratic pri- i marv. probably w i l l name his sur- ccvor as 12th district chancellor. | Cherr's second elected term in I the j u d i c i a l post won't expire un- 1 t i l December 31, 1954. It was considered l i k e l y thai Cherry will wait u n l , I he officially becomes . novel noi·--or Immediately before --to resign as chancellor. Then h« can appoint some one to f i l l hit - tf. ilip ('nnMin'-rrs." Ij; Di llaiold A. i't- cil Uu.jniMs .-\ilmin-j unexpn-rd term. If ht ihou^4 IT i.-li::!:.-,r.. .iiirl |)i H u s h G W a l c i : « i « n beforp he b«com« iwe "( t h e 1,'ni t-i..:ty o[ I l l i i i o i s . w h o ' G o v c r n u i McM»lh could h;is O I K Y | ui. viiituiK prniouor appointment, of m..rkeli:is M I h p L'numil.v o f . Under the Arkanui WnitltU- IIR tho P.ISI t w o . lion, whoever is appointed will man, Stephen A. K ,,, nell ,nd Sheriff John SI. Kn7Siro Franrr A m c i n a n l i c i B h t r - r Si-.. |{ - nvprt o f f I h K p o i l I;.-'! n i c h t \ u l h e i g h t A n T - . Fiench Ah force Mill-hell. t n i f n ' ·/f'-Thc t h e l i m i u shoi|iin; ,,;,,,,,. ,epor, , Tho [or providing good as- of nir irh,indise within ol the ,,e of their es- ts .,,,,| ( nr m -ikm- o,^r., n n. pleasant'" the dur cummers. The \ l u d y . w h i c h 15 one of ,1 srncx of economic studies bcinK in:idc in A r k a n s a s l;v inc BUICIIU of R u M n e s ami s.owrch. u n rnm nbt.uncd i n t e r IP rtpnl n .··entalu · n i i . v i n K . v i l i c shoppcn. Ref r o m infor- i.idu,i(e st»» \ i t h n irorr- ()( Kiyctte- , not br clifiblc to run for *n tive term. T!M Arkansas-- Partly deufly t n l « afternoon, lonliht and TKur»*ii'; scattered mostly daytime tnfi. dershowers; ili,hlly wanMf MTtfe portion thlt intniMk W

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