Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 4
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August 12, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 12, 1952
Page 4
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IMS ··»··«·«*· im» it, im Cater** M th* *«tt Kfk* ·« FiyttMvtUa, Ark, u; aVtoad-Claii Hill Matter. ·tt*t. O*«r«it VV* Pm-OtiMMj MaMft* T* H Wyll*. I4tm MMBOI OP TMB AWOCIATCD PMM HM AMocteMd Pmi ii excluilvely entitled la ·M UM l«r republkiiion of ill ntwi diip*tch*i ·ndlted to It *? DM ptlMrwlM credited in thii puer **d *|M tn* local MWI published herein. . All rlfhu of rtpublk»tion of tp*ci*l dto- aatcbtt htrtto »r« alto ftr W**k (·T tmitmt HOI rKi I* Wirtinitw. Itptoe. kU4ir« .·M Attlt MM*. 0*I«T A ···VI cl CUUMUV* Ulfm UMH MWW; (·n ·Mill « i » ·»*» IMWUB : ;.:" {SB 1C «»«u» .._ .~...~~.~ " TM IJS M«nk*r Atritt Who ahal! separate ui from th* lov« of Christ? xhall tribulation or diitrui, or p*r»«cution,-or famhie, or nakedness, or peril, or aword ?--Romans 8:35 Care For Mentally III That ArktnwB mental institution! need attention badly Is an admitted fact. Both candidates for governor have used the issue in the present campaign, each promising to do something to improv* th« ·ftuation when possible. A recent study of mental diieaM haj b*en made by the American PtychUtrie Aacociation, brinfi to light dome irit*r*ttinr fact*. TJier* are today about · half million patient* hi mental liutltutloni In thit wuntry-on* out of wry MO population. TIM incMwic* of mental dlwas* it about on* hi to, which means that on* out of ·very 20 people now has a mental dice***, Ml had it or will have It. Mania! hmpital* all ov«r the land ar* overcrowded, and many tuffereri can not .fttin, · The American Paychiatrfc Asaoclation ·ays that about 45 per cent of the patients in mental hospitals are in the old-age group--"with or without psychoses," as an aaeoctBtion spokesman explains. He mean* frankly that many old people are being placed m public mental Institutions be- caw* rising ooiti of living have made It tmpoMlbl* for their relative* to lupport W* r*ad of an ·xplorntlon being mad* fcyaiaamofYal* University scientist* wortriBf w th »upport of * f.78,000 grant from th* U.S. Public Health Service It I- InvMtifatinir the angle of relationship between m*nUl diieaae and economic itatu*. , a»d report* it ttaa fodnd a niftier rate of t w*r*ni*d person* fn the lower »oci*l-«co- | BOtnto elan*** *nd mor* wurotic* in th* : Miner. About 40 per cent of all mental : Hoepital patient* ar* Kvhiaophrenict, and ' tn* di***** itrik** most heavily at young- *r people, it i* reported, i , Positive conclusions drawn from the ·tudHs *o far ar* *c*ree, but the scientists lufftft that the lahre number of seriously deranged persons in the lower economic iToup may be because, they couldn't afford to have, or continue to have, th* necwaary ; treatment, and so th* dims** became progressively wor»*. Most of th* poorer case* were in state hmmjtals, while M p* r rant of the more well-to-do had privtt* car* Generally, the report shows, as the eco- j nomic level of the patient was higher the , quality of th* therapeutic treatment he r*. i cerved was better. : It can be recognlted «s a fact that Ari Kansas, lik* many oth«r states, i* dolni - lew th*n Is possible for this (rroup of it* Unfortunate citizens. It would behoove our troyernor, who*v«r h* ii, to spend th* time : ana effort neceaaary workinf out some : program of improvement alonu this line. : t A !r* yg remwnl *« 1 that a pollen sneeze 11 an ill wind that blows nobody good. m *" Bmwrs °n himself when painting his own home would be : enough for a second coat, : _« , m * n remar "»d hi* divorced ·' S?"* 1 ^ " h * wont for « v «r be saying nice , tMng* *bout her former husband. THE WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round ·r DMW rtAuoN Waihinfton-- » Ru*tiin ithlcttt In th* n- t Olympk* had otto hilf it v*rMtll* » " " "--But All Candidate* POM With Figh" ctnt » Kremlin propagandist! "reporting" th« gamei, th* Soviet! would h»vt b«n in my winner. At It happtMd, Ruuli managed to flnlih tec- nnJ to United State* (Korinc Sm polnti to our 110) chltfly by piling up i blf ««rly Itid In wo. mtn't gymnutic events in which th« Unlttd StitM didn't compete. In practically al! miior ·port.. Including barketiil), American milt ith. IttM clearly outshone their Soviet rlvali. Howtver, radio Mojcow performed tome amailnf ftiti of mltrophonery ta diitort th« ri. aulta. Afttr contlnuoui blaiU it Olympic rtfl- ciila (or "fivarltlim" ta the United Sutti-- *vtn while we were behind en polntt-- UM infenloui Ruiaiini ooneoctx) a ipeclll "icorinf iytt«m" of their own for Mtelllte llittnen. Here Is i brief rundown of Iron Curtain report! on the Helsinki conteitj ai monitored by our Stale Department: On July it (while th« U.S. wn thrntminf to take the lead) tht Moacow Home Service reported thit "unfiir judging fivori th« U.S. in the Olymplei." A diy later, tht Mtelllte Wirww radio quoted unnamed rinnlih pipera 11 Myini that United statn refereei win "liuolently" chinUm decliioni wh«nev«r they win detri- mentel to the U.S. teim In wreitllnf event. " Uter, the Buchimt Romania Libra headline a future article "Dlshoneit Proce*d!n«s Arouiln* Indignation Of All Sportimen," th« tnemi of which wit thit "i whole uriM of urn- pirn of rcinhalllzed countrln have resorted to downright iteallnf of vletorlei atulned in aporti «icount*n by representative! of th* oountrlft or Sociallwi." While Muuli wai ahead on polnti, Hadio MOJCOW quoted the Taw New York corrtipond- fnt as reporting that the Korlng of 10 points for flrit place In ithletic evenU (itandard ilnce 1«IO) w» "embarra«»ing American iportimtn beciuM It placed th* ioviet M fir ahead." Th* MOKOW radio hotly iccujed the U.S. of trying to tubeUtyt* another icorlng lystem, giving ·even point! (or (Int place. However, when Kuiali fell behind, Soviet broMkMUn adopM th* aeven-polnt icorlng ·yit«m UMmHlvM, thui trumping up a. final n«r* of KiiHlt, 4M point), and th* United Mat**, iM polnti. Iran Curtain llitencri were tv«B mor* ranfUHd when the Soviet tibulitlon wu liter changed to 4M polnti each for the U.I.1.R, and the U.S.A.-* tie. Tm IMM] a ilmpUr techniqu* to write off th* d*clilv« American victory. Wh*n th* U.S. forged ahead, th* Soviet newi agency limply *ult UbuliUng th* icon, explaining It wu in- UmWd *nty In "IndlvMuil vtetorld" and thit as tor M Tie* wu eonnriMtf "then wu no team wlnrwr In th* INI Olympic!." * * * Pn«ld*nt Trumin'i MM of calling Congms back to consider riling prk«i ihould be iccom- pinled by tome clote tcrutlny of operations in- tlde hit own Office of Prlc* Stablliution. While Congresi dewrvct i lot of blame for th* price (hotel*, there hai ilto b«en Incxcuuble neglect If not iibotigi, Inild* the agtnty lupowd to pell** price.. "^ On* thing that happened wit that Kllli Arnall, th* efflcienrt ex-govemor of G*orgU, came Into OPS with th* Idea thit hit predcrtuor, Mike Di Selle, hid built up in *Hicl*nt orginlution. Thit wu not entirely tht cm. Ai · mult though AriMll truit*d OPS official! to operate tlMlr own, uwr didn't. Another thing wu that Pretident Truman nwchtd Into Ort t« ur*e UM ippolntment of his old Kansas friend, Emmett O'Malley, Jr., son of the mm who went to jail with Bosi Tom Pen- d«rfait for rooking th* people of Miuourl in connection with in insurance eompiny icindal. Whil* th* crlnw* of i fith*r should not be visit- ·d upon hli ton, nevertheless the younger O'Malley, now In charge of OPS enforcement, has been tax and politically minded. Among other things, he dropped the big binder twin* price coniplracy case which his prtavcwior, Ed Morgan, hid spent 150,000 preparing. AIM dropped without tough prosecution w«r« th« herwmeat scandal cases in Illinois probably th* greatest food scandals in the nation. Another Interesting OPS official Ii Edward F. Ph«l»«, director of OPS pric* operations and on* of th* kiy men in the entire price picture Phelpi wai formerly assistant secretary of the Nattenal-Amerlc.n Wholesale Grocers Association; ilto vice president »nd director of the Waplta-PlitUr Company, on* of th* largest food manufacturer* and wholMaUn in th* South- · «e"«"ti** to hive cloa* friwdihlps Intld* th* Niuonal-Arairlcin Wholtwlt Orocers A*nclitl«n for which h* one. worked. On* of 5J« ·"*·«* il M. L Ttulm*. tncutlv* vie* pnsi- d*nt of this orgtnUation. who com*, to Wish- Ington tram Urn* to time where h* attend! pir- tta* it th* Miyflowtr In company with Phtlps. Hoetrt D. Cunningham ind hli wife. __ Cunningham Is in accountant hlr*d by rntlpe on th* r*comm*ndition of wholesale gro- cwr Toulme, and · very chummy relationship tetrni to exist b*tw**n th* Cunnlnghtmi, OPS Executive Phelps. and Toulme. Regardless of what may be the cause and ef- f^fi *%£ " ont ef tht "fcn-Price idvocitcs Insid* OPS. And his Influent* It Important. He wai made · member of Di Sallt'i Decontrol Commute*, at which time he opposed putting a labor r*pres«ntitlv* on the committe*. though labor 8C "' TOnlumtrl ' w " iJi"^!!*'' lf P " i j dtnt Truman wantt prices Time »^.. t ^.^. JUCTJO Atm-M socarry- ·tabillied, he should not only give thought to calling Congrtu back, but ihould also let In order his own house which is charged with keeping prices down. Bennett Cerf A Hollywood itarltt't attrition wu driwn to in elaborate--and hideous--bed in in intlque shop on Sunset boulevard. "An amiilng piece of furnltun," enthuied the salesmin. "In this bed Jlept King Louli XIV, King Louli XV, and King l*uU XVI!" "That's odd," mused the itarlet Wouldn't you think big-shot! Ilk* thit could afford to sleep In separate b«ds7" * * * A henpecked husband (so aggravated I cas- that he was reputed to cackle in his sleep) bought i shiny new s*dan, and of course his wife stepped right up behind the wheel. Unaccustomed to the n*w dashboard arnngiment, howev«r, th* confess, 'I really don't know what to do with this thing^ -it's very simple," uld her husband resignedly, "Just imagine I'm driving.' * * W In Denver, a ,lady consulted her doctor about n«r husband! hiblt of talking In his sleep. The doctor proposed a remedy to make him slop. "Oh no, objected the lady "I only want something to make him talk more distinctly." * * * "My husbind," boaited Mrs. Nussbaum "is How heard every Sunday on the radio from coast to cont." It turned out that Mr. Nussbaum was th* man who coughed the entire time the Symphony Orchestra was broadcasting. Mrs Nuss- ilHSi'M 0 ? · llo " nlev " 1 '«"« ^ asserting in ttnool that the Red Sea and the Mediterranean w«r* connect*! by the Sewage Canal * * * A young lady from the Bronx landed « job in I big Broadway night club and by way of celebration brought home · imill bottle of cham- P*gn« to share with her family. She had bare- jy popped the cork when her mother ran to tht telephone and called tht doctor. "You ihould come quick, ordered mama. "Sadie's got ui drinking shampoo!" · * * * Jack Carson says thit the only money that goes as far as it did twenty years ago Ii the dime that rolls under the bed. of the I. Otl.kt. ,. ,!.,, fct r* fr«. k. HI r AURIE FRENCH wondtnd I living to eloae to reality hi mid* her father and,Stev* bot seem entirely difertnt from lay other men th* had ever known. Steve sidled the boat la towa, · clump « willows, caught hold of tht trot line and began workin t acroti · d**p pool, lifting th me ind bringing up the hook one at i time for retailing. "Mini handing mi thit bucket?" Laurie thoved tht bucktt within hit reach, "Ughl" She wrinkled n*r not* again. Stev* laughed. "I thought you came along to help bait hookt." He pufftd gently it hit pipe. "If you had brought nice, clttn minnows I wouldn't mind," Laurie taid. 'Fish haven't been taking mln- nowt M good last thrt* or four dayi," Stive said. The mitt wit beginning to lift now and tht river flowing toftly by th* boat wu tilv*ry In the new morning light. A Heron flew by and upttmm a tuh jumped and Ml H *v*f-wid*iilng circular rlppl*. Laurl* trilled n*r hand In the water, already warming. "Could w* *o twlmmlni today?" Stev* noddtd. -Might I don't think UM taMni'i g o i n g to b* much nod lodty. Half the kalti ·r* lilU en thU iiot. There inl ·v*t) aiueh im running th* red el tht llntt." H* turned tht boat ind headed Mck dowMtntm toward hit dock. L*urt* fell hli eyte itudyln* tut. ·* ··**«·* what conclutlon* hit Jen* Hknt ippniul had brought ·VM rev em tel* ftur ·»*, Stive?" the aiktd luddenly. "Nope. Give It up. W r o t enough to that I got what was eat ing me out of my system and the quit. A lot of guyt wrote books about the war for that reason. I'm working on a t h i n g about tht Civil War now. I teach history you know." Ht bint bit attention to tidllng the boat In against th* dock ai then threw th* boat chain over piling. It clanked loudly in tht ttillMtt, th* tound echoing and n-cchoing acrai th* water. The h* jumped out and reached for Laurie. Sht ftlt again tht warm strength of hit calloused brown land as she stepped from the rock ing boat to the dock. She stood there silently for * nomrat, witching u Steve go nek Into th* boat and bulled himnlf with th* but buckets, almost, u though ht had forgotten her pretence. "Whit time do you uiually go twimming, Steve?" the ·id presently. He tipped beck hit hit and trilghtened up. "We'd but wait until the tun't bid a chanct to wtrm the water--say about 11." "Okay." She smlltd tt him ind hen turned and turted off. "Tell Louis to come along," he ·lied after her, "ht'i beta itchia *r iwlmming wMthcr." Questions And Answers Q--Who selected the Mven wonders indent world? A--Antipater of Sidon listed the works of the first century B.C. He made hit list from the ijre«k guidebooks used by the sightseers of tht period. Q--How did the Capuchin order of frlart receive its name? A--From the pointed hood, or capuche which ii part of their brown or gray habit. Q--How many feet of silk fiber may come from a tingle cocoon? A--Sometimes a single silk thread u long at 1000 feet is wound onto the reel Q--When were rowing race! between Oxford and Cambridge Universities Inaugurated? A--In 1M». It became in innuil event in 1896. CJ--Are the German shepherd ind police dogs the same breed? A--The german shepherd dog ii often called the German police dog. Q--For how many yean did Solomon's Temple stand? A--It lasted less than 400 years. Q--Who wrote the play "Rip Vin Winkle" which Joseph Jefferson used? A--Dion Bouciciult. ^-Dld Charles Goodyear ever serve a prison A -- Ye! . h « b«g«n his experiments with rubber while he wai in prison for debt in Philadelphia. Q--Did a vice presid^it of the United States ever resign? A-^Iohn C. Calhoun was the only one He he- signed the vice presidency in 183J ind entered the Senate. ·IWIato S«f cbaFaTffieTinle aha unfolded h*r napkin. Mrt. Jtnner h*r fith«rt nouMkMptt, cam* and poured her coffte and put out freih pecan rolls on a plate. "I hope you'll have as much fun this summer u you did the las time you were here, Laurie. Steve ind I often talked about it how you took to the life of a rivtr n like you were born to it." "I did have a wonderful timt I don't imagine Steve appreciate! me too much though. I taggec after him everywhere he went, anc once or twice when he wanted to work on his book and I tormented him to go swimming with me ta- tead." "You fancied yourMlf In love with hi*) thit summer, I believe." "I'm ifraid so," Laurie taid ·ughing. ·AURIE felt Uk* runntof th* rwt of the way up th* path to htr ithtr't house. Sht ftlt hungry and flUed with txhlliritlon. What wgodtfful - purely wonderful rummer it wu *oiog to bel Louli Frttwh had a book propped i the trttkfut table, but when Uurl* CIM ta he folded It up nd told It Mid*. "Well, my dear," he MM. "1 dMal l*ok for you bt«k TI time tor tfMkfait with M. m'v* b**n down htlpln* Stev* rum hit lint*, bavtn't you?" Hit im eyn twi»ki*d at htr. L*m1e Mwked * lltu* ·* *· [JER father sipped at his coffee in tilence for a moment. "So -ou're engaged to be married, -auric?" "Yes. In October. It was supposed to be this m o n t h , but I hanged my miAd." "Why?" Laurie dinned again. "I wanted o spend the summer here with ou." "That's v a r y flattering," her ather said. They uniled it eich ther. "I hope It't worth the tacri- ce, if it was a sacrifice. Didn't letcher object itruuouily." "Rather. But it wu mother who '·I retlly furloutl" Louit French liughed. "Oh yet, Emmy would hite your wintlng to come here." Thtn wai another email MUM nd thta Ihty begin to talk about irloua people whom Uurl* re- nemhewd (ram her previous rUlt Htr fatker M ld at last, "Well, did Stev* h*vt any lutk (Mi morn- ng with hat llntt?" "No, ind a* MM t* a* you to com* iwlmming with ui it 11." "Good. Ill phen* tht store t on't be down this morning and can get tome work don* on tht m tool" "Why D*d, you i c u n d Ilk* a ttle boy ibout te ilty htokyl" 1?" ht ralMd hli browi and ' In frank admlulon. . Matter Of Fact BT JOtXPll AND STCWAIT AlJOf Washington -- Secretary of D*- f*n* Robert A. Lovelt hai jut told ui thit tht British ind French art doing their belt to meet their planned d*f*nt* goaji. So much it no doubt true. But it ii also certain that · major critic in western defense planning it th* fint great ittut which the next president will have to face. And it is far from certain that the crisis can b* delayed even until the next president Ukts office. Meanwhile, hard new look! at previoutly approved defense plant ire being taken both in Europt ·nd in thii country. French representatives hive been telling- our lovtrnment that they cinnot beir li«ir economic and military bur- em much longer. They have been demanding greater aid in Indo- Chini and elsewhere. Slmultan. outly representatives of the Brit- ih government have been saying hat their military and economic urdens art also unbearable. They ave suggested informally that the lanned balance between ground aval, and air strength in the ntern alliance be tharply ilter- The United States Air Force planners, as it happeni, have been thinking Hong precisely the time lintt. Gen. Dwight D. Eisehower's plans for European defense call for the creation of some 87 divisions, Including reserves. The Air Force planners do not believe that it Is possible to match Soviet ground itrength, for a tort of 1914-style defense of the continent. The Air Force believes tht So vlets can be out-matched in tin air and in the new weapons whereas even 97 divisions woult not balance the vast Soviet ant satellite ground forces. Yet the effort to create a great western ground force could drain to much western strength thit superiority n the air, and in the new weapons, could not be achieved. The Air Force plans therefore call for a reduction In planned ground itrength on the continent to be- ween 30 and 40 ready divitlons, coupled with · gre«t increase in ir strength. Something of the same sort is ;nown to have been discussed by he British chiefs of staff. This ew thinking undoubtedly lay be- Ind British Prime Minister Winton Churchill's recent rather mysterious references in the British Parliament to "reihaping" defense concepts. At any rate, the cards arc now on the table between this country and its European allies. And there is no doubt at all that European defense clans are going to be re-examined from top to bottom. calling for a lurching «n*Iyiii of th* American detent* tffort it b*. ing prepared. It will profe;Uy M submitted shortly to th* National Security Council and tht Pre,i- dent. Thii paper recommend* tht recruitment of a board of civilian experts of rtal ttatur*, to prcpot* ntw ways, however revolution. try, to pep up thii country') rate of rearmament. The need for this new look it our rearmament effort il clear Take, for example, the cut of the mutual ttcurity program. More than $17,000,000,000 hu been appropriated for Ihit effort to arm our allies. Six and a half billion dollars wai appropriated back in (50 and 105.1. Yet hardly more than $3,000,000,000 worth of weep, ons has actually beta delivered abroad. Facts like these caused, our officials of th* mutual tenuity program to suspect that tht military were preventing a fair thare of our total armi output from going to our allies. They made a careful check, and found out they wtre wrong. The real explanation lay in the general failure to turn out weapons and equipment in anything like the planned volume. There are, moreover, no signt of a sudden welcome upturg*. in production in tht near future. On the contrary, the effects of tht steel strike are still to be fully felt. At the same time a new look Is also going to be taken at the whole American defense effort. A paper The plain fact is that thi» country, like Britain and France _ il- though for different reasons -- hai not don* what it expected to do. The "miriclei of American production," so confid«ntly forecast when the American retrmi- ment effort began, limply have not occurred. The view is generally held that the propcwd roeximin- ation of our defense *ffort will lead to the. eoneluitaei. tfcit th* whose vast machinery of tht Defense Department Is in danger of breaking down. In ihort, th* n«w look m»y well lead to i root-ind- branch revision of th* unification let, by th* next Aolminittratlon and the next Congress. Thus the next president may find on the White Home doorstep the need for completely revamping the American defense establishment, as well it · gre*t crisis in Western defense planning. And he will have to deal with both these tremendous problems quickly and eKfeetlvely. For the time when the American atomic lead will be cancelled out by the grow- in? Soviet atomic itockplle il rathtr rapidly approaching. Whatever changes are made in detente planning, the Western alliance must be ready for this time, with real strength in being both in Durope and in this country. And this time will almost certainly come before the end of the next president's term. DorothyDix yean I have been married ant "?,;· l «ro over 40 and have tix children, ranging from 8 months to 18 years. Some time ago I left my husband determined that 1 would be happier without him. 1 have the children, who are split up among relatives I know my husband loves me and the children dearly, and h« has promised to do everything possible if I will only return to him. I think he is striout in his intentions but my people advlt* against it; they say it will not work out and the children are better off without him. He hat a bad temper, flying into tantrums easily, but we did have * nict home. K. M. C. Answer: You are easily one of the most foolish women I have ever heard from, judging from the facts presented in your letter, which I have had to abbreviate! You admit that the original cause of the trouble between you and your husband was your own in- tion where you feel you ihould be the one to forgive! Temper tantrums are certainly a tmall fault compared to infidelity -- ur art all our standards of decency being thrown overboard these days? You're a lucky person to b* given another chance, and I hope you take it and profit by your letson. Surely, in spite of your relative!' opinion, the children will be better off together with their partnu than divided among variout relations. Howard M. Grounder built the first Amtrican air raid ihelttr in 1940 at Fleetwood, Pi. The concrete structure with If-inch walls oad movable bunks iccomttodit- ing fix people. Cartoonist Frank Henry Tempi* Bellotw, in 185J, drew the first picture of "Uncle Sam", whos* Jrtginal was Samuel Wilson, i U. 5. Army Inspector of provisions. Screen Comediei.ite , **·«'*«· «G»P**ipoint ISentn TSJbtltan -- ·MMdiOMe, PtlfutBut 1 Mutton SHtr--_ (She is In "The usually Greatest Show include* on --_" tinglnc H Oily kiteaM » Allowance URepttt for watt* ·PPMrane* lOOIympiio M Remote from Hodden point of 12 Lathi attachment 13 Eaten away ISSUggtrtr HFrom I* Abstract being 30 Anointer 17 Bustl* II Cylindrical J2 Hindi** 2 J Stings 24 Tot/ 2» Ceremony 2« Prayer M Shrub te Z»Approtth MMata* 41 Smooth "Creek letter MDepOM* M Lifting devicei 17 Type of fur II Pointer U Diner U Greek tombttOM 14 Set up UDectrmea 17 Perfume* MQuell «Florid* (ab.) MSwittrtvtr 44 Tear 47 Burden anew MSbovtl M Egypt tan tun god 40 Unfettered MMaHdftt M Dibble « Point of *· ·»«»»*·** HCtNmh MWeM Mttjuali VBtnCAI. 1 Tarry 1 "tumid Mr IHwl 4 Powerful

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