Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 12, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 12, 1952
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W PAGES TOPAY by ever 25,000 Deily §rfemsag fKmetf iOCAl KMtCAST-- rlouay and « trmtr tonlrht inn lii- morrow wild *r.ll.r.d itlwmtitfc · h Tftcr of run Mlfh timpentur* f.'.Miy »:; tow n BW » iSu, ,4 lunrm I:M, lUnHI 7:11. VOIUME «1, NUMIER 17 Prau LMwd Win T*« Public fftfereif It Tfce Fint Conctrii Of Tfc/s Newspaper fAYlTTtVIUi. ABUNSAS TUESDAY IVININO, AUGUST 17, 193J A», King .n4 tlU Cape Girardeau, Mo. - (/pj - A Dixie Greyhound bus was swamped by a flash Hood near here early today that sent a torrent of water through it, throwing some of its 18 passengers into panic. An eldfrly Negro passenger was missing and presumed drowned. Bill Thompson, about 30. of Eulaula, Ala., was credited wilh saving three passengers who were. I swept off their feet by the swift current after leaving the bus. The big bus was swamped about eight miles south of here near the town of Ancell, where a cloudburst turned normally-quiet Ramsey Creek into a raging torrent. Water poured over U. S. Highway 61 at a depth of five feet at one time. Mrs. S. R. Cook of Cottondale, Ala., a passenger, said most of the passengers were asleep or dozing Thelma, Ala., kicked out a rear window and several passengers climbed oul and were promptly when the bus was almost swept swept off their feet by the strong off the highway. current. Thompson, "I thought we would die." she said. "We got so much water -it was gushing in every place. Most of us were standing up then. Some were trying to open the emergency door." Mrs. Cook said several of the ,. - , one of the passen-' gers, waded into the flood a n d . found several persons struggling i in the water and shouting f o r j help. Fellow passengers said! Thompson, after t a k i n g oft most] of his clothing, dived into the 1 flood and rescued three persons. ing to get out of the bus. | j^ "he^ate*'TM Clm * iSg *" hushM The machine was left tilted at The bus was bound for Memphis MM With Cherry; McMath ' GOYCrnorSayS ;j apan Rcpol1s Much National Treasure Missing, Hints Nomination For Occupation officials May Be Responsible For LOSS Third Term Sure from St. Louis. The flood t h a t 45-dcgree angle off a shoulder of the highway, water swirling through it and over the passen-1 bus also washed sm - j tracks, delaying Tech Sgt. Hugh M. Ware ofinassenger trains. swamped t h e over railroad several Frisco Two Killed In Plane Crash Near Garf ield Man And Child R 0 j n O f Great Value In East Arkansas Reports From Top Leaders Over State Predict Victory Are Found Dead In Wreckage Pilot A Resident Of Davenport, Iowa, Papers Indicate Rogers - | Special I - A man and a child from Davenport, Iowa, were killed in Ihe crash of a two- place plane two miles southeast o f ; , . .. · Garficld, about 12 miles from here Ii rMk thc ,,.".»,«·,«: - - . Extension Service spokesman said Little Rock-(/P)-A Mississippi County agent described heavy rains that fell ihere yesterday and today as "a $5,00,000 rain." Greene County also had a heavy rain. Greene County got 3.7 inches of rain and Mississippi County received 3:02 inches yesterday. Although the northeastern and other parts of the stale got rain yesterday, most of Arkansas still needs a good general soaking to AFL Says Wage Hikes Not Cause Of Price Rises Atlantic City, N. J.-(yp|-Thc American Federation of Labor shorty before noon today. The man was identified by Coroner W. F. Burns as William I. Martin, in Little Hock. ' "" """" the hi!h tost of ' lvin * and frciM Lightning accompanying t h e j "'ThcTound!*** amirt.H 1033 Wesl Rushoime Slreei^a^ jtorm^ in^norlheaslern^oiin. w n a t shoujd bf ^X cnport, Iowa. Thc child was unidentified early this afternoon, but it was believed she was the man's daughter, about'fght years old. Both bodes were badly crushed. A half dozen persons living in places and killed nine steers. Jne The home of Mrs. Abbey J. Williams of Peach Orchard in Greene County was hit by lightning. It was destroyed. Mrs. WIT received when she tried to save some of her belongings. Lightning also struck a tree on Ihe farm of Harry Wright near , n ,, - - - - - 1 M a n i l a in Mississippi County and ·in* fall off and thc | kiMed ninc yomf ^ em It was the first general rain to problem. The council stated definitely, however, t h a t wage in- crcases had nothing to do with 'There irnff Justification what- Bj LEON HATCH Litte Rock - i/Pi - Gov. Sirt McMath said Ian night he was assured of a third term nomination in today's r u n o f f Democratic primary, and declared thai opponent Francis Cherry all-catty was "preparing an alibi for his coming defeat." Cherry, McMath averted, "is! stating now t h a t all the election] officials are indecent people who arc going to sleal the election." The governor said Cherry was 1 getting ready lo say "I was rob|bed." i I McMath spoke over a statewide j I radio network, but only pan o f : ' I h c 30-minule program was de! voicd to the governor's speech. Approximately half the time was ; occupied wilh transcribed tele- I phone reports from M c M a t h Jead- ' ers in various sections of the state | and recorded comments made by persons at previous McMath speeches at Prescolt asd Helena on why they were going to vote for the governor. One of the telephoned reports was from Garland Arringlon of Joncshoro. Cherry's home city, who declared: "The change in Craighead Counly and Jonesboro is hard to believe since Ihe governor came here lo speak last week. The people here feel like they must have someone with a program, someone on whom they can depend. Cherry who carried the cwn'y by a bi? majority in (he lirsl primary- is in for a hie surprise when ed." Tokyo-(/Pi-A Japanese Parlia- ] and studded w i t h five large dia- nient committee today said it has ' monds," the committee said, confirmed that a large q u a n t i t y of j Tnc TMpress gave thr crown In Japanese nationa, treasure is , Xl^T,^;" 1 ' "" *" " missing and that receipts by or- I Most of Ihe treasure was bought cupation officials for some of it by '.he government for war use or arc "extremely unclear, and fig- contribu'-d by citizens ures; do not jibe." j Thp m m m i j| M Mld , he Cc . nlra| The report said much of the , Materials U l i l i r a t i o n Association hands. "We have confirmed thc loss of a considerabl large q u a n l i t y of precious metals and diamonds, including the Empress Nagako's crown made of gold and p l a t i n u m pounds I of gold and ,,.,. ,,,, kilograms (300,000 pounds) of silver. "Receipts by the occupation for these items are oxlrrmely unclear and figures dn not jibe. Thc receipts arc available at Ihe com- millee." Thc veiled reference to Ihe occupation had special m f n i f i c a n r r anT'mcTah""" Pri:C ' nU '. J5wel! '' " n " " TM me *' lh! ( ' nd o' lh lio ." 1 ^ 0 '°' lowin « : . ,. " i ' " » J^ne's'e 1 documenT't'o rarne in.999.37 carat* in diamonds. I at Ihe end "2R.7m.49 kan (240.000 pounds) nt* Jonesboro Judge Takes Campaign Into Voting Day Cites Evidence Thot Opponent Brought Up Personal Issue of p l a t i n u m from the national mint. "5.12.MS k i l o g r a m s B.r CAKI, BELL Jonesboro. A r k . - fjp - Francis Cherry of Joncaboro, kept hit gubernatorial campaign foinf Veiled wording also was tvpu-,1 '. "* M u . n lo "" l "- v ' ! run -"' f nrl- · ' m ary. In succes-irm and in three of a Japanese government report. In these, the uglier the charge thc ( 1 . 1 1 0 : more Indirect Ihe wording Large Number Truman And Stevenson Meet Of Voters Tum ! ln Washl ' n 9ton; President's Out In City Role ln Compai ' 9n Uncertain Balloting Heavy All Over State In Primary Fayettcville volers flocked lo the polls loday in \vhat may be the heaviesl vote in Ihe city's history. Up to 1 p. m., a tolal of 1.644 ballots had been casl in Ihc township, in Ihe Arkansas Democratic run-off primary. ' At Ihc same lime during Ihe B.r The Auwlalrd Freai 4 Prcsideni Truman and Adlai E. j I Stevenson meet loday in Wash- j I Inglon for hislorlc t a l k s during which Ihe Illinois governor miy ask Truman nol lo sleal his Ihun- drr m the presidential campaign ahead. Stevenson's packed visit lo the capital -- particularly his prlvat* t a l k with Truman- lo be a sharp test of his Reader Can't Miss An Issue Miami. Fla.-r/D-The luxury liner SS Sllverstar. which cruises I between Havana. Miami and Vera six-hour Cruz, radioed from the- high seas In have newspapermen meel her when she docked last nijrhl. j diplomacy. ; Th " w »» l h « Picture different Arkansas cities yesterday »nd last night, the 43-year-old Jonesborn chancellor dropped these political bombs: 1. An accusation thai his opponent. Gnv. Sid McMsth. would make an unsuccetsfu! effort to steal the election. 2. An a f f i d a v i t which he Mid proved McMath himself Injected » personal tragedy Into the hiiter campaign to "pbv on the sympathy of the voters." 3. Anpearance on Cherrv's statewide broadca«t I nJoncsbnrn last ! night of the three candidates who were eliminated from the governor's race in the preferential primary, telling their ^importers Ihey will vote for thr Judge. Three Vi.lUn Iiitradieetf U. S. Rep. Boyd Tackell, Little Bock Allorney Jack Moll and Atty, Gen. Ike Murry marched onto thr stage at 9 p. m.. four hours after Cherry had Marled hii five-hour election eve talkathon. Their ao- m.ted by Police Chief Holrnan" i dock , wh( , r , hr mK an nff|di| flf and the ' '"« comp«ny which manafes the I ' - -- -- j-^.w.^.i.ui, wnat- i -- ; soever for attributinK th* present I , ° thers v ' r| " forecast victory f o r j primary, 1,087 persons voted at 1 , « --- i**«tjn -·- ..i./i.v ,.,, . p. m., and in 194B the number was price spiral to wage adjustments," McMath in their areas included: only 47S l t " i d '., . . ""· -Jnhpnie Mae Mackey. a! Skies were cloudy most of Ihe I h e blame belongs on big busi- I Hot Sonngs school teacher: S l a t e ! morning here, but there was no ness and "profiteering right down ' Re P- Eugene Flecman of Manila · rain the line, from the wholesale to the j Mississinpi County; Verl Hurls-! The vote at 1 p m bv nrecincts retail level," said the council. i m?th of Harrison; County Judge! was: precmcu Ward One 234; Ward Two A i npth of Harrison; County Judge! j William Enfield of B c n l n n v i l l e ; ' Milton Dye. a farmer, said he was in his home just turning on the radio, when he heard the plane explode in the air. He ran outside, and reported 1n the coroner that he noticed a . craft tea down into some trees on the Scott Wilson place. . f a l l ovei : ^,m s ^^ c'ou'mv,' A 12-year-old boy told Burns a f f e c t i n g evcry f a r m . *', n « j mc he and some companions were ! 5. It was t h c f i r s t rain ,,, , n coun . p aying in a barn loft on the Bar- j , v Fince ,, unc 9 when ,, , h | old Snodcrly place, when thcy|; c i| heard the plane and wcnl out to | Harold Hicks. Greene County !-,}}' » T , M ·' "' " "" '""' mng. . me tide of t h i s watch. The youngster said the I aKent , sai( , t n p r a i n wj| , m a k e ^ Stale Acheson ashed Communist. campaign has definitely shifted in r n l l n n f u l l an* .K. ,,,.!,.,_. ·_:.. V-*«nialOVakla today for keeping! nU |. ,,,.,,.. .u. ..:.:.._. _ . . . To.ay's balloling represen.ed sizable increase in number of vot- do. The Illinois governor is rxpect- j ert lo tell the president he will be i glad to have his help -- but not I to such a degree that his own Czech Government Under i Heavy Fire Of *che$on Over Truce Tilb Site N. campaign efforts will b* forced lo secondary play on front pages and in newscasts "'A A« " K u c n ; l n a n "' i'rcsrott:|2on: Ward Two B 18.5; Ward Three 1 Aside fr .h Munian, Korea-f/Pi-Thr U. '^ . Attorney Dave L. Ford of Fort j A 258; Ward Three B 177; Ward ·· nlner : "TM, . ' ,'* '* ""' command Mid today thr two or ,, i t ' ou r 248; Prairie township box A · , on .iJ-rf,! ,. ,L~"*, ^ 5ll ' v " 1 "| three jet planes which flew over i m u m . m s aitacKs on Cherrv .. Says TMr Changinr I MO; and Prairie township Box B | rharor, of .nln. o/ i?,- hrush "' f l n «' Panmunlom truce talks site i "vicious and injidiom misTMTM McMath s,id "these are the kind I M2 - I lie" » · canTr R 'P ub "«« 1n » th« Sunday In vloialion of Its n e u t r a l - ' · '-- I ""°' (n " m !"«P"- of reports thai havp been coming ] ElsewRere in Ihe slate, the A*-,'Truman admlnislrali H ' "' proba ' ! ' J ' were United Nationi .-- _ _ _ _ . ..... .,», tv -, (sue m«n electtd. B.v their vote, the owple of Arkansas have chosen Trancin Cherry to make this change." Xfurry declared that the intM to he decided in today's election Is 'whether decency and honestr. n to he restored to the utate house." The attorney general de«crib«d McMalhs attacks on Cherry as , lfril cf . , 'i.i^'ii.^ u i ^ i navp neen coming ' -^*?J*"?° : i n »" ?«· «"«· - - t h P tidr of this f° .Dentation*: to try tn make pianc's engine was "missing," and that attar an explosion was heard the small craft swooped down low, md( . ure to about 20 feel, apparently pu1!-!t u r e s tn revive in about "zo'davs cd out or the dive somewhat, and ( cotton full and the soybeans fair. i He added that the late corn will " e ' b ° U ' r e p o r t e d escape of ! ansas h a v , m a d c u p lhci ,. to continue thi, pro* am w - k . i . ' p j i , , K j n u i .03 ,, i t - - - - - - · · - - - - n, uu; MU , u i w r M u i n panL n then struck thc trees on a hilltop. - tatc . Fort Smith recorded Burns reported Ihe body of the ; j nc hes of rain, Dardanelle in the pilot was thrown clear of (he I we st a trace, Pine Bluff and El wreckage. The body of the child I Dorado in the southwest none as was found head down in the t a i l ! well as none in Augusta. assembly part of the plane, he I · -said, wilh Ihe Ship broken in ,wo J^j p^ j^ Oyef Rivsr At Memphis iMemphis-(/P)-A young woman plunged 115 (pet from the Mississippi River bridge here late yesterday and disappeared beneath the muddy water. Inspector Pete Wiebenga, from papers found in -er car, identified her as Miss Kathryn Ruth Smith, 28, of Memphis. Witnesses told police thc wom- and stopped her car on the bridge, walked to the siderail and jumped. ! The while dress she wore billowed mature "and t h a t he exDectV iiaV J " hn Hvasla ' 2; - former American definite . i . a i u i r n u n i i m i ur C A p e L I S pas- c a i ] n r f r n m ^ i~,«i, · , u i u n i t e . . - ... v./..u.nj^ tiu.i |ji I I K I H m ' ires to revive in about 20 days.! "f/' '°TMj* CZCC " p " ? TM camp., , h a t is buildine oar slate and in- In the northwestern paht of ,he tha! V^ry^S^nl^g^nU ! ^f" "" *"**«* TM« "^ - n ». I ,, » _ , _ . - . . ; u f i i i E - ' of '" n u r A f l P r Blaring Kansas voters were turning out in near-record numbers despite mur- . ky skies which dumped rain on j scattered sections. I In L i t t l e Rotk 4.781 voles had been casl by 10 a. m., compared I lo about 4,000 al Ihe same time . , that Cherry , °" '"« ««l primary Joly 29. lion was one of travagance and wane." Tukett Net "DteUUm" Tackett said he never would Mve been a candidate for governor ".had I been in favor of cAn- tinujtion of the activities of the- present administration." He added o v e r n m , The CAA station at Drake Field in Faycttevillescnt two men to the scene of a crash of an airplane near Garficld about noon today after the station was informed of the crash by the TIMES. The sla- tion reported it had a radio report from a two-place ship (an Ercoupe) about 10:30 this morning, with Ihe plane reporting il inlendcd to land at Drake Acid. The CAA informed the pilot he could come through some overcast make a landing al Ihe field, but no other word was heard from the small ship. Kefauver Says Some Party Voters Alienated This afternoon the CAA said lhat according to reports from the the manner in which he was trcal- ed in Ihc Democratic National Convention has "alienated some Dcmocralic voters." - , -, ,*.,,,,- , c t u , n it was me nun T he ta " '^nncssean-obviously number j i eap ,,. nm thc b ,. idee sjncc H was j not ycl recovered from the strain br , efly on t h e w a t c r bcfor( . sank. cT*ed h ^?H:V;' h 'h"±!l ,_By.P"'-record il was the f i f t h opened 1949. | Refugee Says Bishops In Communist Prison Munich, Germany. (/Pi-A Czech night refugee who says he escaped from Iwo Czech generals in Ihe crashed, as the license corresponded. Papers in the belongings of the pilot indicated he was a research engineer. Restriction. Lifted Tehran, lran-(/P)-Prerr.icr Mos- sadegh acted lo heal a split in Nationalist ranks today by withdrawing a bill extending martial law in Iran another monlh. Bui he said Ihe Jid would be clan.pcd on again if disorders break oul. Poultry Market -- The poultrj market today al reported by Ihe University of Ar- kansat Inititute of Science and Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market News Servie* of the U. S. Department ot Agrieul- ture. Northwest Arkansas area: Market steady to firm; demand fair lo good: aupplies reported short on all lizcs with heavy sites very setrce; trading lighl to modei le; prlres f o b . farm reported lo i p. m.--broilers anrt frvers. a l l : t e r . weights (J^-S-Vi Ibs) .10-31, most-: The Council win meet 'v ·"· ' M n n r t a v ' ' men! said Hvasta. who formerly! resided in Hillside, N. J.. made i his escape from a camp near Bral- I islava on January 2. .-it ui iuiic MIILC H was · , . t r a f f i c in December,'" h l s . ""successful PI ., -. ., _. rl " d " For Mor ' Tmr McMath reviewed thc two-term program he has cited oflcn before in thr campaign and said he needed another lerm lo coin- plclc. it. "I shall continue lo fight foi your program," he said, "and I shall invite the assistance of ev- j- pin .,i ,,, ,,, ,,, - .. cryone to help me do Ihis job in- Springfield III.-MVSen Estes I eluding those who may have op- Kcfauver of Tenne.ssec said today j poscd mc in lhls campaien . the manner in which he was treat- .., harbor no rcEcn ; mcn t and 1 feel no bitterness because of ihc personalized campaign lhal has been waged against me, even up lo Iho last minute. My one and only interest is In heavy balloting in Forl Smith.! . P i n e B l u f f reported 2.823 voles' , by 10:-'iO a. m.. almost double Ihe ' vole of two weeks ago, and North L i t t l e Rock reported heavier vol- , ing. ! . R a i n a! Blythcville ana Jonrs- boro, held down balloling this morning, however- it was 410 in : Blythcville at 10:4.1 a. m. and 1,283 in Jonesboro at I I a . m . Two Killed, Third Hurt In Wreck Near Newport , , . . ' · , The statement w a s i n * note His busy schedule In Washing- I from Col. Charles W. McCarthy ton called for a briefing on the senior U.N. command liaison offi- intcrnational siluation by Truman, cer. to Col. Chang Chun-san, top i Secretary of state Acheson. Oen. j Red liaison officer, delivered at i Omar N. Bradley, chairman of t h e ' Panmunjom in response to a Red ! joint chiefs of staff. Mutual Se-i protest. curily Director Averc.ll Harriman! The note jald "This overflight . . , a n d others; a luncheon wilh t h e , is regretted. 'Ou rside will make , P ., rf i u adm ' m "«tlon." He added president and his cabinel al t h e ' continued efforls to prevent oc-i , ,, woul1 nnt dic t«te to his | While House; anrt later, the a l l - currences of this kind " I '°" ow ' r5 - but thai "I sm casting I important private lalk wilh thc ' ·-- -: my vote ' or rr » nci « Cherry." - ~ - ' J -· ' - - ' The congressman said the "spe- cial interest" charge McMath ha* leveled asainst his collective opposition "Is just i phrase borrowed from Hurry Truman." ., . . , _ . ,, Cherry has said on numerous Manila-WVGovernment ' . . . . . . «"'"» important private lalk wilh thc presidcnl. Elftehhttwrr-Klihe Confer On Ihe Republican from Gen Hwigbl D. Eisenhower scheduled a conference today with Allen Kline, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Il is another of a series of lalks on agri Mofo Oulliw Chief Reported Cornered Iroops reported loday Ihey h?-e con.e,- ... ., .,,.. , v . 0 WJ t«ms un ajtn- ^" Datu Kamlon, Morn outl^ u* cultural mailers. He already has j chief, and his followers on the conferred with eight Republicans! "uthoa«l end of Join Island in thc members of the House and Senale Southern Philippines. " "' "* Green-clad Philippine infantrymen, supported by artillcrv a n d planes, stormed Kamlon's hideout Agricultural Committees. He said, "We found ourselves in very general agreement." The congressmen said in a siale- mcnt t h a t Eisenhower "is going to present positive, forward looking f a r m policies." One said Eisenhower told him he favors continuing some form of price sup- prcsidcnlial he thc f u l u r e development of our '" : state anrt thc prosperily and well ntvcn unv. /iaiai Stevenson would : bcin(t of n u r '.,,!. ,, * : er, win the November election. , Th ^ ,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,. l,,j ,,, k . ^ . J ' N C Kefauver made these comments ! during a news conference before -leaving here by plane lor Nash- ' ville, Tcnn., after two long talks '' with Stevenson ycslcrday and lasl ' Newport, Ark.-(/P)-Two persons were killed and a third i n j u r e d . ,,. seriously today when a truck P° rl 'or f a r m products. rammed inlo a bridge abulmenl | Kiscnhower said lale yeslerday "Ihc oullook is nol for a durable world his banditry in the Sulu Archi- : i pelago. Later he rcnertd. ; ] ifvr bandits were slain lodav, Ihe Army reported. occasion* ihtt his onlv special interest is in the people of Arkansas. ' Affidavit Beat . Cherry's supporters read the ·xplosive a f f i d a v i t on the air from El Dorado during hLs talkathon there and again at Jonejboro In the written oath, L. E. Isom said McMaih's forces Jiari goltcn him on Highway 67, three miles south i "thc outlook is nol loo bright" of here. Dead are Dorse Wine Mill ' " , ?cnals, 48, both j Americans gam a heller under- r said todav he had i Newport tarmers. Thc accident i standing of the problems involved '-P- H N PAGr ' Two n f | Pn e n TM during a heavy rain. Uj"-.«mvl. 7 4/i/TilSg::t Johnson Man Injured When Car Overturns a Communist prison al Leopoldov I*.^. · t i n , wilh American John Hvasla re-{11011111 [tillM HUfl ported today he saw three bishops and jdil. Session Ot Council Delayed For A Week Last night's regular City Council meeting was postpone* u n t i l next Monday because four of the city's eight aldermen were 0111 of town. The remaining fnur aldermen did nol conslltule a quorum. Those present in addition Mayor Powell Rhea were . to In Motorcycle Mishap Flfnsberg, Germany -I/Pi- Cap. Kurt Carlsen came through un- .Little Rock-'/P'-Oov. Sid Me Math's three former opponents lined up solidly behind Chancellor life tragedy into the campaign. M c M a t h had accused Cherry ot bringing up the subject. The judge has repeatedly refused lo answer questions pertaining lo Mc.Malh'i ncrsonnl life and ha.i charged t h a t McMath "sacrificed his family" bv planting the question. , : Isom previously had been idcn- '"'. "f Johnson, titled as Ihe man who stood up auffered two broken legs shortly' during McMath's appearance in · -. ij-.-y \,hen Ihc c a r . Jonesboro last week and asked he was driving went out of con- i him whai was so "horrible" in his Irol and turned over on Highway ] life that Cherry refused lo dis- | 68 near Hindsville. Delails of Ihe.' cuss. Isom swore that the question i accirlenl were not available. i was prepared, written down and i At City Hospital attendants said Riven him by McMath's support[ b o t h legs were broken arxne the | ers. He said he was and itill is a a n k l t ' ; McMath supporter, but that he re- Jack Holt on Cherry's t a l k a t h o n I Thr 4.1-vear-nM j, j- .aid his aa' T *~7T"- ^"led being a part to this phase d,m«ed one o, the mo,, bilter program had hern more* f u l "» . M «* T r u m q n V.SlH j "'^"Td'"''! , hlnk ,,,, campaiint in recent A r k a n t a a hia. lm.H i« n .,...r. i. -m.wui A ' l : i ^ k i · i I L n t i r ' v '«id. I think this was Both Candidates For Governor Well-Endorsed; Campaign Made Up 01 Charges And Hot Denials T h e men Jack Burge. Laverne I l e f l l n , Dale Kent and Dr. Max McAllli- scathed from his slorm-to.sscd or- j Krancis Cherry last n i g h t deal with Ihe sinking Flying En- | thiee c a n d i d a t e s who wore defeat terprise. but he d i d n ' t do as well ert in thc p r e f e r e n t i a l primary w i t h a motorcycle lasl n:gh!. ' · · · The m"lorcycle skidded and turned over en routs from Copenhagen lo Rollcrdam. and Ihc skipper broke hi! collarbone. Carlsen w a j laken to a hospital and f i t t e d with a plaster casl. Then he resumed his journey by train, lellmg police he was in I hurry lo gel hack in hi« new ship next ih* Flying Enlorprur II, w h i r h if two weeks ry's radio "talkathon" l o u r g e their supporters lo vole for Cherry in today's r u n o f f election. M c M a t h recently endorsed by President Truman In hli re- eltclion bid and supported by both Ihe CIO and AFI.'j Political League. ...u..i .uiiti i f M u x i d m nao nern more l u l l y o u t campaigns in recent Arkansas his- j lined in anwers to 30,000 que- A i r l i f t MciHOriol , y | lions l h a n in any elec- In Ihe first primary Cherry g a r - 1 lion c a m p a i g n : denied Ihe ques- nered some 91,000 voles, w i I h lions weic icieencd lold thr gov- McMalh holding a 9,000 vote m a r - 1 ernor personally t h a t :he f a r m " ' l o - m a r k r t accusation w a n a "lie:" refused lo ans-.ver nuestions about McMath's personal I r e a n d s a i d Ihe only Inlerrsl he hid . dockM In Rnttrrrtam. The a p p p i u a n c e of Rovrt T.irkrtt. A t l v f!en. I k r . . I Murry and former Ally. n e n . governor switched campaign lac- tics and in fuhling, shouting fist- wavmi oratory accused Cherry of having no program; hiding behind "ihyiler lawyers" and "Florida promolers" who tt'reened l a l k i - Ihon quextions; p l a n n i n g to a b a n don f a r m - l o - m a r k p l mad b u i l d Ins; icfciTing lo Mc.Malh'j privalr l i f p hv "innurndo" an' 1 hcmc sup- !oMcd by ".vpecial Inlerpjls " I one of thc most outrageous things : ever pulled In Arkansas politics. Berlin . I,P) . Mariaret Truman, I If anyone was for McMath before In n«'lm for » two-da v Slav, pair, i 'hen. I can't see why they would a visll lo Berlin'.' a l i l i f i memorial! -' 'or him now." Tuesday Miss Truman was a c - ' Several Speak - I profM- ; was Ihf people of Arkansas j Mathewsnn and Brig. Gen. Ma Voitrs, jn^nf lo Ihe polls br- i Berlin Militarv Iween « a. m. and 8:30 p. m. CST.j The memorial was erected today. al«o will jflect nominees | honor of American and Brill of I h P l » t r Suprrmr Court. Derhn-' rrrx Ing nn Ihr urMI d u r i n t I n c r a t i r n a i i o n a l c o r n m i t l r p m a n , Soviet hlokade of Ihe cilv anrt SiKlh rti.«!rlrt cnnrrrviman.' l»««-4». " jobs or favor. I ' CONTINU chan«e MM*

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