Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 13
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TRANSCONTINENTAL WILL ROGERS SKYWAY'' ROUTE , ,_**** -- --· we wish to express our a p p r e c i a t i o n lo our f r i e n d s (or their sympsthy .nd lor t h e many f l o r a l n i e r i s sent for '""""' "' M". A n n i e Nickel'. Husbsnd. Bob N l c k e l l . M r and Mrs R a n d a l l N u k e l l Mr and M r j Hnberl Mekell Mr and Mrs. To.u N i c k e l l Miss P a u l i n e N i r k e l l Mrs. A l l e c n Sprasue Mr.i Florence Marlcy Mrs. Dolly D e a l h e r a i e NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D j ""'"p'*"-"^ '. route will rim \ f i^ DMI-.^«I A I-:_ .·_ · , . ~. aj( * P'lots in fixing their positions. T'n 60V. STEVENSON 6PENrftlJNbrssfAfE"FAi DOC*--CAT»-- PBTS ***' AKC^reiflslered Cocker Spaniel pup. i FOK SALE--LIVESTOCK : ROAN m l l k l n j shorth»rn BulTcal? ~2^-2i2iSj °' tl p "°"' -I36-J luTOi^RnrARDT" j GUARANTEED WARDCAPS with your re- NOTI: Advertl.lnj copj lor otker pages is due at 12 noon the day prepubllcetion: U noon S o t u r d a y ' " on Monday NOTICE- You gel more for if storac J u r n i t u r e day sale , ihonc 177(1. f u r n i ' . u r e .pace. You C3n send your a n y t i m e f o r o u r S a l u r 'or truck or i n f o r m a t i o n i 440 x 15 E x c h a n g e $ 7 6 5 | S O O x 16 Exchange $, 6.70 ' J 6 7 0 x 15 Exchange $ 9.10 ' 7 1 0 x 1 5 Exchango $10.201 700 x 16 Exchange $ 9.95 760 x 15 Exchange. . .. $ll]3i Passenger tires Mud and Snow , Full Cap: | 6 0 0 x 1 6 Exchange i 3.90 ' 6 7 0 x 1 5 Exchange $ 1 0 . 4 5 : 710 x 15 Exchange $1 1.70 ! Other sizes available at our tire service station located at 116'.) South Block Street COMBINATION u l t r a - v l liiinp. S250CI. Very Phone IML'l-W. olet and heat l i t t l e mage. Hilton Bros. Auction House Hichway North BUSINESS OrPORTUNITT ·M-mS?S P J' YLL G U M DISPENSER N A I U R F . S M i r a c l e green is now available In 1C ball gum. Chlorophyll r u m has been n phenomenal seller at lac per package. Even grtater sales noa- "ble at Ic. ThU is not a taa. Hujc sum* spent to advertise chlorophyll nationally, chlorophyll will d c f l n a l e l y slop bad breaih raiurd Irom smoking, alcohol. halitosis c l " Chewiiij gum is most plcn ' " Sell ANTIO.UI.S. prices slushed. Many- lovely t h i n g s Come see A u m i s t only. M a r l i n s Courl. Highway 71 _Spnncdalc. _ GOOD ( l u a l i t y hay. $f(Hl~ halo" W ~ H Peterson^ phone 21)64. K a r n i l n g l o n . 1 NEW"? II." t r a c t o r mower. '., off : 1A. H Peterson, phone 2K4. K a r m I _ i n e : o n . i LOVE b!rds~~l)eTi7iifurco"lorsrtalkinj | a»e_Phone 1CB1-J. ; YOUNG male "cocker. $5 Oorions~iared black and tan hound puppies $13 pair: Boston blllldoc puppies J2S M. Dachshund $25.00. Deatons Kennel. CARPrNTIR and repair JI77-W ""QUTcSrSESVICi: ON walchri. clocks, .neclacls 1 .1 d Jewelry rspalrinf E A R L S W,TCH SHOP .lowers Cleaner.. U ,. Corner , ^-"-^^rjy^kjyiATr NEW a t t r a c t i v e t h r e a bedr'Som r a n c h I type homes hy h u l l d t r IBI.I h i o ^ k o f t c . a r l u n d A t t a c h e d itJtDai:. cen- -- . . . 7 ROOM "home ' rl'o.e " in pos«e»sion J I 2 S W A _ j o n v i t ; e . A r k OUR home and " l u r r i i t u r Phone M71-W for a re.l flY o w n e r -- f o u r room nv.drrn vineer. I lo. n r a r l l n i v r r a f L e v c r e l t Srho.,! on p . v f m e n _ C a r i a n d 1' 2!.r:5-w BV o w n e r - * room m o d e r n ".1 BAIJC--MAI, aMTATt SMART COUNTRY HOME a "7 !'·· 'l«ht In town Scno c ii, " 'fo ar,.i V. ""'" ' "lien suttly osks Six fraeious rooms with bath on m a i n I/oor w i t h connecting Italri to two eoiy thret room apattmtnu tsch with private bath. ?h« two * p a r m t n t a also havt fround J«vtl P ' : v j ' e e n t r a n c e s There's a small cow ham and som« f r u i t for hoiru lue In ^.^diMon, this property com- rtisids , h e a r t w a r m l n i off yon- derish vl»»- It is a prlvllan to o f f i r l h l » t i n e p r o p e r t y at only j n ...... w h l c h " '" '«"· I""" Its rock FIVE FINE ACRES FOUR SPECIAL" "VAIUES" "" i f M.r ' r " m l""- EXTRA SPECIAL , - . v i n g room r x c e l l r r . t c n n b r . u l i f u l lol A Sin MO " T0 SE1 ''' Hv Ai:i;i: u M I . H "" ill l i t ) - room I...J u l j t e d t h r o u e h n - . a W'nrd N.'h'iol U.N'IMPr1OVF.n on lood rostf *; mlla east of n o r r h 71 hljhway.' riect/i- r i ' y n a ' u r a t fas and r l t v -vntej. st prop.Mv ed«f Onljr JI.180 00 MODERN SMALL HOUSE Ttt'O hedroom.. llvlnj room, kl'-hsn and o^mnle'e h s t h . Nlei lot, S»»140 . only j: 7.VJ no ' * i I-«t us show you Phon* 7U '^MMOND "" | tve Phone H n Hammond 137J i J A_ JirvisJHOW NEW 5 room houst. modtrn u t i l i t y : lvr.?»"'_'_" G "' C1 ·"""·" ; MODERN 5 room houw. hardwood : floon. nice shad* and lawn 2'i b o r - k i Pott O f f i c e Inqulr» Twln- Kbs lee Cresm Wejt Emms. Sprlna- ''*'-. Ark you one REALTY , S P E C I A L L Y I'KICEl" Wcsl Fork. LEWIS HR'OS "BASEMENT anl 11?^ , Stl "lI 'or 1C per cne! will include almost everyone in Ihe United States as a prospect. We will Instruct and SECURE jood lo c.i ions w i t h o u t extra cost. 100 ma. ?J'« ; ""'' 7 rn U1 lo S] ' m m o n t h l y . KH..., cash required. Address P 0 J3ox_,04l._oklahoma_City. O k l a " j y VOUR~~FUTURE" ' -- .. ^ . ' n i p l i n u n t a r y copy of our directory of luslne.v;es for sale in ,,, w ". S. A. w r i t e N I C H O I S TM AS | Hi «"Wsy_71_si £OCIATES. 100 W. Monroe Street. I PEACHES, Bell Used Kelvinator r e f r i , Used Crosley r e l r l B H n ' . o i Used GE r e f r i g e r a t o r Used Hotpolnt dishwasher Used Bendlx washer Used Maytag walker .'.'.'. Used F.leclrohix cleaner Used Economat_Bondix LATE model wash J 75 . 5 6!l . . . 4 S3 .. SI?J . S 63 . $ ?.3 S 25. $110 ! FOR RENT--MlSCKLLAXEOUi MOIJKRN housr. south of Gfce"ru7mT _ on _7I Mrs.__ £W Barker Sis'oO UNr-uS¥iSHKil~2~fol?nT~«TS l?, 11 . 1 ^ 1 ,,,^ t ' oc ' t rrom campus Phone _ ' . -- ' - « , U11..C.I J. D. Eagle, Realtor. NORTH GAftliXrQ'D AREA p a v e m e n t ' r i l A - C I 'o' P a y m e n t s '" s S.« montl CRAVENS CO. N E A R ' C A M P U S TM * ' ' ·, ICXCELLINT location on Buchanan i s:ree: Three bedrooms, part bas«- ! m - n t ploi two lsr» second noor ! rooms t h a t can bt rented la s t u dents This is a well built horn* and has had food care Owner U l » a v i n « and we ran o f f e r thlj hom« at t b n r r a l n Hurry --. RITTER AGENCY I t r. Cmter Pn irn-,HJ--U;TW _; 5 liOOM n" house. ^ 711 ATTRA CT1VELY apart nent. l7 decora iet~mode7n South Church. Pho rrphTV.Tv- "-"'""-' F ^" MS AND R TM^ = bl t U U I T Y JUST L I S T E D ro .? ^"hwwi Arh.n.«- u.t i* -u.* N K A I I L Y n r w t h r p r h"rirnn h * yOU our ctlfl!e* »roup d( Ibt- . w u h l o v r l y roml.mnr.n,, i i n n e .Id S*!.,,TM vtfl111 §H al » '·«»· ««» * '! ranch*! furnished J -- room . Bills paid W a l k i n g dU- nrc Employed couple. : l n3 Weil jjprlng. ___ TWO-2 room furnished apartnienta and two .1 room unfurnished apartment*. " lrC "" Unh ' er '" '' '' hont ig m»chint $271.50.' t'OH ileeping room Unt floor. i- )t · · · -- · · · " " · - » n m D . . i i i ( i l U B U U I J i r *-( | . i U , j . S. e . l i v !LiTM r ?.K''". r » lor .» ll '9?. P l ? ' - l '"· P'lvlo bath and entrance.'^: ployed ptrson 2113 Weal Sprlni. -- ^ . u . v , . i w u u i acpMr«lor 91.1 UU ,.form rocker J8.50: 7 jood Holt cluhs J balls anil bag S12..W: clean f r u i t yed pfrson UPiNTSHED ,-ery HELP WANTED MAN nnd N ·ifc for jnTjd a n d y n r .... c h i l d r e n , will coniidt i n n . Modern l i v i n R c i u a r l e r s a n , ·vaecs. F a y c t t e v i M o M o t e l . 5T: ""."""«'. " VIll; of Geor fi'a and A l - crtas. Brlnit basket, you pick. Rog. land Orchards. 5 miles east on Itiofi- wsy 45. ^i mile norm. T u r n at siRii PORT-A-Crlb," Jlb.oO.""u65-W~ rnorn- Ings^ T SAVE money--Save EISENHOWER CONFERS WITH CONGRESSMEN HELI^WANTED--MALI FOR E^ T . CUT TERS FOR M A R K F T Knp KA S!5|: "ELPERS TO T R A I N - J i A , R K F M A N A G E R S A N D HY CLERKS TO W O R K IN CJROCERY. GOOD S A L A R Y l J S ^'« A ,?r INSl;RAN CE FOR FAMILY -- HETIRfMF'vJT 1 ,? P A I D VACATIONS T0 -... « KSIIIIIT^--winvc iime run?nniie -our weekly heir supply at Cresccnl Oru« Stort. Inc. Drive In. 290 West Mountain. U N K U R N f g H E D a p a r t m e n t , block of University campus Phone FURNISHED four room Sf u n f u r n l bed-large apartments Red Bud 6«1 Whltham. Phone IT'S cooler . apartment! are nice, scenery is w o n d e r f u l You'll like Rockwond A p a r t m e n t s Phone 295J. ive'st TRAVELER'S oaut and Balbon seed mixed. 2 miles n o r t h Karmjnjl ; oii_A._n. Tedtord. S'i CU. f t . Uelu»e'Phllco"rcfrljre"r»to7. Columbia sns ranee, living room sulle. bedroom suite. Simmons mattress and box springs. All l i k e new Also onk d i n e t t e set. Going i n t o service. Must sell. 673 Assembly ·* FURNISHED a p a r t m e n t . 305 N o r t h ^Church Pjipne .1133W atwf « HELP WANTED-- FEMALE EXPERIENCED cashier, n pply-fi J?lk.FcrBuson__C,feieria. | DEMONSTRATOR. pi«7"puln d r e n s wear. Lintsrie. Hosierv mendous line. Great earni.uis T t i f - N u t Jeans has just Hunt's. 'chlT- i Tre- E.x | H _°_5C'LH£ycJe 1 _Phonc 2531-J. ·hlte t u r k e y broiicrl~Pho:ne WANTErTA^ON... earnings. Exclusive t e r r l f o r ? "Kuii or pan lime. Needed In Fiye'ltevillc nnd In cnmniunilles In South W a s h - ington County. W i l t . Ml« G a r n e r . ----~~Jii«££!i~!2i!£l^TM_-^ SITUATION^WANTED B SR 5 "" n " " """""work. Phone .'anted, plumbing and gas fi'i- [^_O^Box; 1 gj. Fayctlevi 11 e LOST AND FOUND AT H A L F PRICE All Art Objects IMPORTS FROM DENMARK JANSENS H i g h w a y No 71. Jtist south of the West Fork Road SKRVICES qpFRRED HOUSBWOrik' by the liour. Phone UTLEY COMPANY, INC. SSfrln , 2nd m* n I'M and m o n l h l y p a y m e n t s of n n l y s« M r^er m o n t h I n c l u d i n g Insurance and WIIKIN5 REALTY CO. ·02 Worlh CollffB Avfl AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A BMlt Pie** to B^ BUSINESS" K ?o r r R |,rm r " ' row ' n ' ""'"MS t" FARMS - RANCHES WILSON REALTY I l l DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS Lumps- and Occnslona] Furniture. Custom-made Slipcovers and Draperies n Specialty BARRETT QUALITY SHOP S22_ Wcist_nlcksnri SKWINU. formals .suits and sports' __wenr_Ueaaonahle. Phone 3015-M. VOR paper hanger or p o i n t e r , phona W M o u n t a i n SI. Phone :6f,.-! LISTINGS WANTED m,e, GS W """ d " n J " na 3 h" 1 TM WILSON REALTY CO. I'hnne 2fiC3 Obituary The Courts Aliek Ebcnczar Cowthon Alick Ebenezer Cav/thon, 77, died in his home near Spnngdale list night at 0:4S a f t e r an illness in Metcalf County, Ky., and had 4he home; four daughters, Mrs. Dilla Hendrix of Highfill, Ark., Mrs. Minnie Rone of Barnsdall, Olda., Mrs. Cecil Wool?ey of - ^pringdale, and Miss Alma Cawthon of L i t t l e Koc-k; three sons, j Jesse Cawthon of Seymour, Mo., j Pete Cawthon of Springdalc, Jack ! Cawthon of Mercede, Calif.; 23 I grandchildren and 19 great grand- i children; and one sister, Mrs. Alice ' Ford of White Wright, Texas. , funeral services w i l l he conducted tomorrow at 2 p. m. in the Baptist Church at Johnson by the ^ev. Ewcll I.ORtie. Burial will be in the Shariy Grove cemetery under direction of Kelson's Funeral Home. Municipal Court Mrs. Tolberla Smith, 20, of West Fork, was lined $5 and costs a lotal of $16, on a charge of. disturbing the peace. Dean Calico, 34, of Springdale, was fined S25 and costs, a total of 542, and sentenced to one dav in jail on a charge of ing. Tommy Manville Says 10th Wife Is Chosen Mam.ironeck, N. Y.-MVAsbos- tos heir Tommy Manville. said yesterday he had chosen Cnrrine Daly, 21. to he his loth wife. lie and the hlue-eyfil Brooklyn blonde met last i'ue'-riay M a r ville. 58. -was divorced "by his I B r o w n billfold. : HOO-J. Reward. i. 75c each. Phone 5152 . . .. modern house trailer, sleeps 4 For Informallon. Gulf Service Sla- lion. Hunlsvllle, Ark i HANDWOVFN RUGS--15 of them I at one-half price JANSENS--Just south of the West Fork Road. Hi-way 71 2-11 Inch b o t t o m Inter- w. For sale at reduced t W h i t e l e y Service Sta- j 1957. KIIN-TILI Venetian blind, and iluml- num window screens anc* awnlnn South locust Phone 1016 ,,,,,_, DITCH DIGGING FOOTINGS-- w a t · r. g«a .4B4 a* 1 ditches, avptle tank h«l*a Dl»i! and tuck fllllnal. Call :Ut trr Davis jMj GOOD as ne n a t i o n a ! plo price. See a lion. Phone BERRT LOST. 1 white faced steer m prrl_jiryan Walker. 1257-.T I.OKT-rilack and~l)7oVn~,ron t e r r l r r . hns c o l l a r , bv nari Roy o F i d l r r . P r a i r i e Grove ^71 _R C v.-ajrd. LOST, gold v/aTrh chain on ' car a;r- ; "NOBILITY Stive*?" Call ELIZABETH JANES EVENINGS POULTRY ! IDEAL MAHRESS CO, Qualily n»w mattrei. and mottreii renovating. Phon* 3036 401 WEST OICKSON J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, We?,l Fork . . y s ninth wife. Fr.mccs Roddy-Eden, i CHERRY PROMISES -CONTINUED moil PAGE ONE M a t h supporters in the crowd. Colled Against Film Producers Hollywood - f/Pi - Members of the Screen Writers Guilt} and the A u t h o r s League of Ammra railed r , ·· . :-."" a - s l r i k c lorl Hy against the alliance Ulenn, an employe or the Inter- · of television film producers national Paper Company, was in- i The a l l i a n c e comprises 13 mem- yitcd to pick out questions for Ihe i her firms and the walkout may i judge to answer. It was impossible | interrupt production of more thin i lo answer all questions on hand i half of the filmed TV pro-rail's w i t h i n the remaining radio time. ; marie in Hollywood. Afler doing this, Glenn said the question. 1 , may r,ave been "screened" before he got them. One of Cherry's radio announcers then invited Glenn to co j FOB SALB--HOME NEKDS ! OPEN STOCK DINNER WARE SEE OUR FRONT WINDOW Lewis Bros. Co., Inc. I FARM with 5.000-]0,000 broiler iDaS I within community distance of K « v - I ^^g^^"""' *"" '· WANT TO RENT 2 BEDROOM house, un'lurnlshed VT-' ,,,,,.... -, Hospital. Call ! EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING Land clearing--saving your topsoil. Heavy duty discing. Brush rake--ponds. H. H. JONES, Confroetor 5.17 E. Lafayette. Box M.1 Un,vcr;lt; Cation phon ( UN fay«itmrtjte_ _ BULLDOZING" EXCAVATING Roads, Ponds, Clearing N E A R L Y N E W ~~ RANCH frame 2 bedroom snd de""!'""." u l 'M»'M under the tries W o n d t r f u locallon with nice view. i«. "JX l f" phl! n. eomhlnatlon livini- room-dlnlnii room, tile,. b , « " h o m . , , 2 5 KINCAID COMPANY 20,000,000 Pollcyholdtr. 20% Savlngi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE 'Sovingi for preferred rlikt* C*t trut Fact! The Rifler Agency L «"" Rtol btaM s 16 Eoit Ccntw - "J X Ura*l S. McCall The body of Israel S. Mc-Cs!!, ather of Mrs. E. C. Thiry of Old A common (ern, bandr-rl nn .Inly ' S. I!):-:, st K.istprn Ece Rock, Me!, j was found dead in A n - z u - t , 10,17 --- ,,., 'if the mniith of the Xico. ' ' El Dorado, receive q u c M o n s , w "t Afrir.i. rs;.-,blKliinc the f a t ' "n Ihe telephone, pick out t h o s e ' ' ' had rrnssprl iho A l l a n t i r he v.'nnted and hand them to the jurice. G l e n n declined. He said he had lo po to work. c "y Lake Road who died Friday, ,, _ . _ . v -«s sent yesterday afternoon by i "retry bOOO T f l C K If Moore's Ftinern! Chapel to L a w - ' · · - i"encc, Kan. Funeral services will ne held tomorrow at 2 p.m. in Lawrence under the direction of lh» Bumsey Funeral Home. i . «· Ls. JUSt Right Mr». Alic* T. Jon«» Springdale .(Special)- Kiinernl services for Mrs. Alice T. .Innes. who died Saturday morning in i ,, , City Hospital, w i l l ' b e conducted if'"TM""! tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the char,er' K ' n was ' TM the Callison - Sisco Funeral Horn* by the Rev. Eugene Jones of Gentry. w i l l be In the *PrlnR Creek cemetery. Pullbearers will be j. T Beard, Darrel Beard, Wario fieaui, Her- Mrt Jones, Gene Downttm and Ivan M,-.bry, grandsons of Mrs. Jones. 'Hip«teh for Ehrnhowrr Norfolk. V.i.-r/P)-The Norfolk- ledger Dispntfh today announrert ' J* tupport of Gen. Dwlght D . , f-lwnhowrr for president. "We hf- ' »v« t h n t t h e country w a n t s « ·hang* In it. (jovornmont," Ihe '*per uys edltorHlly. | Helena. Ark-MFVErnrst M i l l e r had f i n a l l y learned a new trick on his hirycle. He could turn around on Ihe scat and ride backwards. Young M i l l e r was Ircated at a hospital for minor head injuries. He ran i n t o the path of a car w h i l e new trick. The lii- The f i r s t child of a President born in t h e U'hitc H m i f e was Esther r i e i p l n n r l . Her b i r t h look place on Scptrmhcr n. 130.1. S, , r-r, years earlier her molhcr had mar- ricd Grover Cleveland In the famous Blue Hofun. i Flivcr, ' GAS r.-inR.-. i p a r t m r n t CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMAL! Phono "oIlMI J353 raytiLTilU, Arkinui Joplin Rendering Co. ' a n c « . l:!1 n. n i l ranf-oV SS.'i l Hyfn"' f h I ,' C O n f l r d rt ' fr .'K''faTor. W i l l wla/Tci. bow,' irom ^"S'lm"^!."^ 'ur?TM' 1 "'' S205 ' rl '''' r ' c «»''n'". Oklahom.1 T i r o t, Supply .... _. . .1'hinc 161 _ K i l l M J l i K 7 c u h i t It Tin e x r - M r m ;nndlnon Call 3M8-J. R al i. ·J', rillr nolls chold~np7(l.', rail ·"iir Fuller Brush rtr.ilrr. who u i Vote For Clint Shook for COUNTY TREASURER Ht it our uncle, and we know him at a good honist man. Ernftt and Juanita Standlty 'or hy Sl.inr;i- r.'TO-llKI. ·, 00-8.1)11' K n l i r r i var.-ttion. H - 2 tn ft-in FOR SAI.R--AUTOMOTIVE""" !»!.! H.YMo'trril ,lol,7x~r;nli n ~h77r,'-r ·sVplTS-MOHTH rfanhrmik'"«piirn"i' - I 000 .'ictu.l nillf,. 904 N (·,,"",, ' | ASSnnTEb""h'o'dT"'rha«Vir'iind nwu I p A r ^n'° r ' M , , ch ' vr " 1 '" """ Korn ' A . _Kt-lixnii,it)|f,^pl, f , n( . 19K21 'TMK--Top rain price "tnr7lf«n""m^'"l i «on:h of S p r m K r U l p V'tiniic '.'il'i i' '^^ tR 9,°,' M rorlt veneer Lou o( bulltlns. new V e n e t i a n hlindi. $w · per monlh. Phone SOI. Sprinjdale ! _!r?. In . 8 _!oJl_''.JP:_?'_?_K_i P m VERY nice 3 bedroom house! ilfhlj. I THREE ~7oom"~furnl»hed apiTTmeTit. ! . U N F U R N I S H E D 3 room~,c'"mi^od"e7n ' fiftHi'iT"";- S n° £S r """"" * h "'"« ' i l t l l l l l e s . Call 986 day or 3057-M _ n i g h t . _ ^ _ FURNISHED spa"rlmenT~fo"r~3~iteks ' _£nlj._2133-W._ wrens ROOM fu'rnUhS~or~5n7u1r7nahed~ln home w i t h mother and M year old «ir J I 5 per m o n l h U t i l i t i e s paid _CalJ_9S6 d.iy or_M57-.\1 ,,l«ht 1 HOLLINCSWORTI! a p a r t m e n t " 3~i,, ' J room f u r n i s h e d or u n f u r n i s h e d _ N e a r _ I i n l y e r i i l y Phone ;'!7-W A P A R T M E N T . lhreV"Yoom.rr,d h a t h · nicely f u r n i s h e d , p n v n v e n t r a n c e 1 I location l ; i n l i l c s p a i d ' I * r o u p l e *""""·* 3 " " : t5l.p'SE In «"r"o7"rn~ H ", rdw TM1 "onrs. n n j y Phone I9j7. M o d e r n . A d u l t s wood flnoK w i t h r r t r l n e r a t o r v « r v _ nlce_ A d u l u only._ Phnne 13.W NICK apnrtrn--'. i b l o c k ' l m m cam- piu. J J liqne 2R89-J ^f r '! V . n i c ',. 2 '"''"·m~fTl'rniahc.l~aiwrt- " E X C A ' V A T I N T B U L L D O Z I N G Grovel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M. P A T T O N Phoru 249 """MAnRi.B~ R E N O V A T I N G Cotton M » t l r t t K ( Built Into G u a r n n t c e r f Innerspnnn Hollywood Bedt Mede To Ordfr ONE DAY SERVICE--PHONI 1774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 South tail St Who's VVhT For Service Consult You' Classified ^Service ^Directory Just arrived--one PH.LCO ONE H.P. AIR CONDITIONER This will cool up to 580 sq. ft. rooms with normal height. Easy window installation. These have been very hard to obtain. Only one of these received. LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. R!PRESENTATIVI.r WANTED i, age 35 to 60, to list, show and sen turms, -., business Resort Properties to people our National Advertising brings to you. ^ A profitable, permanent connection with the World's fj Largest Advertisers of Country Real Estate -- in busi- ~ ttnnnn y e a r s ; Leaders share °f earnings in excess of v^ $10,000 yearly. .»- - i Preference given to applicants located, or who can~2 i locate in town or on main highway. A Strout Representative will be in Fayetteville Thurs- I °°y- August 14, one day only for personal interviews, j Address all inquiries to Box L-49, care of this paper · ' STROUT REALTY _ "·VA'SB 7 !! BEAUTY Sllol- W. M.adow-I'hone 300! lncleis JS.M. _Col(l wava Si Of) rAi't. nkAuvt »Mdt i 3 NICK room« f u r n i i h e d for men jiiT rionnca Olctan* "s'x""" .,""' ' rt00r l'"''l«nn~SuKri ' '^" nnr)) 7 1 TMP E ~ l '/"" l ''~c«r" rxceTicni' ^ s ?MMwr~ Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO I Phont 666. 208 North Slock k o house, newly " 1WO ·P'flm' """" 1 _ liinTlofiSs. Private" e"m lar«e 1 room e f f i c i e n t v _i!'rj»\l t e r m 7M.J APXHTM"iNT""/urnl.hed ''" k " '"""' BKAUTY SHOP RM.IAall.1 WOM tiL HhOM 7H CAM; CAItK f ' r . r ' r ' h l i d r ^llufji-y. 6 . ' I j 6.'IJjveri-it Phone 1I71J NKWI.V h n i u e P h n n - (If r nrmM In .tfffpr.soi '.HI.1-.I.? -SITNCEK f o u n d a t i o n s , surilcal SU P'.rt. V i v i a n r.n-en. :z year. serv Ice PhoneJH J. JJ| N Cut Spencer 127Jmith HOMK K f r n u p w i t h lhc limes--rrrl * TIME* dall;. STorr rten\ anpoi I n t m r n i a t n p l r V up a n d r Immitry w i t h i e r v l f ^ ..... ....... aruir wn « a a n . i T i or dry Pnr« irunnable Pnonf I O A r u . . r 3M I JO t. Mountain St. BUY A GOOD USED CAR ^ AND SAVE : i 1951 Buick Special 4 door, has only 1 1,230 actud! ' miles. : 1950 Buick Super 4 door, has 13,483 actual mile* 1950 Buick Special 4 door. 31,000 miles, clean in every way. 1950 Buick Special 2 door, you will like this one. 1949 Buick Super 2 door, low mileage and a nice one S 1948 Pontiac 2 door, "real slick." | All the above cars have radio and heater *" and Automatic Transmission. * '-i 1939 Oldsmobile 2 door $150.0t ^ Remember no reasonable offer is ever refuted. 1308 HATLEY BUICK CO. Phon«21-

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