Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 11
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Boys Club Teams To Play Prairie Grove Th* FijrttUvllte Boyt Club will*offer · double-header baseball a ' 1 tnetion Friday evening at the'' Fllr Grounds, Stirling at 7:30 ! The Midfet League All-Stars win- . n«f» ot five out of seven games : thif wuon, will tangle w i t h the Prairie Grove midgets in the opener, ind the Boys Club senior team will pl»y Prairie Grove in '· the nightcap. I fh« fiyetteville Midget League All-Stir team has registered Cards And Reds High schools Get it ]-l 2-4 Ready To Opcn ' ' Fall Grid Drills $im»f ISPOR.TS ren »tid Prairie Grove this season | tor ir.d boa»ts an unusually pntent lineup. The pitching staff if haadtd by George Alexander, who has « no-hitter to his rredit. and Dortey Jones, a strong right- hander. The Boys Club senior team, second placers in the Washington County League, abo have a fine lineup of local stars. The first j Cincinnati - i f ] . Frink Killer earned ih'e C i n c i n n a t i Reds an tnriM n ,,.r twt c,,,Th \r'~ i,' c -. e v f n h l T a k i" a double-header here ; Kayetteville High School, along tonw over Fort Smith, Van B u - 1 yesterday hy registering a 4-2 vie- with all other prep schools tory m the second game. The "' Cards rallied for three runs in the n i n t h inning of the first game tn win, 3-2. j with a new state high achool, Cardinal sldrter Cloyd Buyer rul!n ? '"at does away with spring ! replaced in the fifth, was the loser j PTM' 1 ,'.TM- · i in the second same. Credit for the nullrins rnjr-h n,-,.,. w._.. ,, ! opening game Si. Louis win vent , lo r i g h t h a n d e r Mike Clark, .vho | replaced Vinegar Bend Mizell CflW*. state who field lootball will open practice lor this fall August 20. This is in accordance NWTHWBT ARKANSAS TIMIS, feycntvill*, Arkomen. M«ndoy, Auguit ||, 1952 Middlecoff And Boros Tie For "World" Title $25,000 Top Prixe At Stake In Today's 18-Hole Playoff ] ) Chicago - I/PI - National Open il Strikeout Whiz Has Rugged Time In Major League Debut Pittsburgh - (*) - B«shful Jton i He'i a major |«iftM pitch*'in I e ."!.'!v 30 .l j l"l:?. ld 4lr '. k ° ut « f - i ' l | h t , with more txotritKt."'' . glame will be c five-Inning a f f a i r »nd the second tilt will last seven frames. This attraction IE being staged to provide the public with an opportunity to see the Boys Club members in action. practice. Bulldog cojch Harry Vandergnff has issued the call ior candidates tor the team and expects the ma- pority of the players to repon in t h e eighth. Kenny Tiaffensberger : ' soud P h J' sical shape. was ihe loser. | Elsewhere in Northwest Arkansas the call has gone out lor candidates. A slrong team is expected at Rogers and at Springdale and SPORTS ROUNDUP j Champion Julius Borns jind | wealthiest striker of 18.12. I Mlddlecoff. met today In a temporarly forgot about his ulcers oday but it will be some time he- fore he forgets about hi» major Mgue pitching oebut. Necciai, who «et an all-!ime record by striking out 27 batters in une-innlng game at Bristol, Tenn., a»l Way, wa» clubbed for se eri runi md I I hits In six i n n i n g s 1 jeslerday In hl« debut ai;am-t th »l. Ltuii 1. CineiHflil! I __ ri»ST BAM! · T. Browns Defeat \ Tribe, 6-3, On Marsh's Homer LOUII ; ah r h nenni*. M 4 0 1 Borkow'i Scnocn'l. L'h 4 1 2 Adams. 3h 4 n .1 Miiilal. cl I n 1 Marshall, rf 3 n 0 Slaiishlrr rl ( 1 2· Kluizr 1. ih .1 n n Lnwrej'. I f 4 1 1 Adrock. I f . 1 0 0 Abrarruv If 4 0 2 H a t t n n . 2b 1 0 0 Seminick. c 1 n r M ' M H ' n . BS " n o Faffens'r. p 1 0 n cEdwirds CINCINNATI c l ' ,ab n h ailoam bprmgs is hoping to come r ' thisTal 1 a " TM proved a KS r esation Talbot Picks Boudreau As Pilot Of Year; Says Keep Eye On Cards 4 0 1 , . I Sisler. bGlavi.Tno C l a r k , p M i z t l l . p Tntati 2 n t 2 0 0 35 3 10 TptaU 0 0 0 i /""M t --f* ]]/|ChisoxTrim Tigers Twice J--Singled fnr Fusselnun In 6 b--Rar, ior Stanky In Sth. r-Llncd out for R.fnsber«! Chicago Wh By GAYLE TALBOT New York-(API-Win or lor, our nominee for manager of the year is Lou Boiirdreau of Hit Bos- Ion Red Sox, who his more Imagination than all the rest of them put together. If Art Larsen, Ihe tennis screwball. Is serious about having reformed and does nothing to ruffle Ihe game's brass between now and next fall, he will be a cinch to ac- St. Loui»-(^|-Freddie Marsh's i first home run of the season-- ' good for three run t in the fourth I intiinf -- provided the w i n n i n g ! margin yesterday as the St. Louis Browns defeated the Cleveland Indians, 8-3, to further frustrate the Tribe's efforts at overhauling .,,,,_ a , the front-running New York ! f i - cincinnaii 7. BB--Mi«n"?.' 3 ciark' u i 3 Yankees I J* af ^rtsbrrgfr ! SO-Mirell .1. Rif.' Th i j j .u ftn'h.rspr 2. Clark 1 HO-Milfll 6 The lots ended a three-game in 7 inninss; ciark i in 2. R s, ER-winning streak fi " ' **--·· - - .. _ .. f .riui= PQO non on3--3 C i n c i n n a t i . om no 000--2 E--Von« HBI -Adsmj. R r m i n i r k . Slaiirnler. Siiljr J 2B-Adcork. Bor- Kow'itl. Schn.ndUt. Lnwre.v. Hi?-- Semlnirk S-M.r»hall. DP-Schotnd- "*,; \!f""» ""I Sisler; Riffiruberg- »r. McMillan ,nd Kluirewski Adamt. H a t t o n and Kliuzemki. I,f f t -- St Louis rom P an y our Davis Cup squad to Cnictso 1, DITHOIT the Inciisns and dropped them two full games j back of the Yanks, who were I rained out of a game with the Bo- · cox. I Southpaw Bobby Csln was the winner, chalking up his eighth | win of the season. St. Louis tagged ; Bob Lemon for 11 hits a n d : snapped a streak of five straight ! wins for the Tribe ace. I 1L LMlll «. (.Mill* 1 eilVILAMD I ST. LOUIS ib r h ab r h Mitchell. I f 5 0 3 Zarilla. I I 4 1 1 Avili. 2b 4 0 1 G'dib'rry. i b .T 0 1 ! B r o o k l y n 4 0 0 Nieman. rf · - · 4 1 1 Courtney, i _ _ 4 0 1 Delilnc, c f WMtlikf, rt 4 0 1 n.vck. 3b Giynrt. Ib 4 1 1 Young, 2ti Tipon. c 3 1 0 Mar.'h. SA Leltlon. p 3 0 l i D p m ' s t r i . j aMiiuki i o o ciin p 3 D o ' Clark 0-0. R.ffensbtrscr ·'''·· * · and Dancoll T--2-16 SECOND CAME P' 1 nuij. n-30 rnl ' n i _ ? 3 * Cincinnati . . . 1 1 0 0 ? n o o x -- 4 7 1 2 H;''er H W P l - nr i 7ossi; Boyor (LPl Brechccn and n Hies. How They Stand Berry, Hatdel Dropo. I b Mul.m. II Baits, c · b i CHICAGO ab r h J U S Jod'iuei. 3b 4 1 2 4 0 2.Kr»ruch. 3b 5 0 1'Kox. 2b 3 1 1 Minoso. II 3 0 6! 3 0 1 Mete"*°rf' l b Cubs Kayo Necciai; Win Double-header From Bucs, 9-5,4-3 Pittsburgh - (J) - The Chicago Cubs humbled the Pittsburgh Pirates' new strikeout star, Hou N'er- ciai, 9-5, in the first game of a t w i n - b i l l here yesterday, then went on to edge the Buc, 4-3. in the .second game. Necciai, who sprang to fame last May by striking out 27 baiters In ,, ,, -- ~..= ," ncl - hit no-run game In the Class of the most remarkable players ' D A PP' a c hian League, was pound- Chicago Cubs. The Cubs won the Cary i game 9-3. . , , . , , · . ' '*·! I" Iht Piralrj'dressing room « f hole playoff for g o l f s biggest ; lei the contest, the shv vmi,, e -t,.r prize the 525,000 t.ip payoff of the ! from nearby Monon fi ahe'.'i vhr, 'world meet. | posted , 10-8 minor league slat* The showdown will resolve the i before getting called up tn t h e big deadlock Mlddlecoff and Boros time, remarked created by finishing . the S90.000 Tsm O'Shanter show yesterday wllh identical 278's. 12 under par. Some sharp bickering marked Porker Gridder Men Bullet Wound In Neck "EvtrylmiF I turned around Franns J. Long. Razorbac* quartet-bark from Pine Bluff. if reporter! recuperating satl!rattnr.» i!y from * bullet wound in hi$ n *ck suffered late Friday after-i I · norm. · the high-pressured chase a l t e r ! m , 7,. ' h * jet the Ml over ' hart lh ' :in lf ' ot ' " tl i , , ,,g ns | "" ilil 'I'glbiilty thl» fall ana "'· " Pr° b «°l« runner-uj* r a |;. r behind AlI-Conf«M ,., ·-"""· MfHun. wii wounded I was locking for them to s t e a l »t porahontas promoter George S. May's rich endowment, which includes! $12,9001 "i was looKing lor them in s t e a l ; a t pocahontas while enroute horn* second-snot bundle for the loser 1 " 1 ' «nlrl off my back. That f i n t I fro-n Si. Louis with hii parent* i n n i n g ; didn't even know which : and sisters : w«y home plate wav j Mrs F D . Long, the boy'i nioi sislcntlTM--" 1 ' 1 ·" ' h H l "'·""' rnn -:'"""· !tslfd lh " lh « ""rd an ex-? infield Isn't quite good enough. Must not Eddie Joost, the A's ball-hammering shortstop, be 01 of the modern crop when you 0 o (i j consider that he was sent, down 3 o ?! to the minors in 1947. presumably ed for 11 hits in six innings In his 2b - ? 2 S ^"," d d. p i S S K " tlow 32 i s Totals major league debut. The Cubs scored seven of their, nine run soft i him. The first game reaiured home j o o l ' runs by Hank Saner (his 2 6 t h ) j o o : So loni at Hollywood, haven of j »nd f a l p h Kiner ( h i s W n d ) each I l l o I ritlsbnrgh cast-offs, continue to I wi| n » man on. Bill Serena also! :e 3 31 lal " 8im al the Pacific Coast ' n i t °" e ft "' 'he Cubs. of today's playoff. Three players--Dave Douglas. j .lack Burke nnd Ed Furgol. who shared lesser loot -- comolained that Middlecoff flowed up pn coedings 45 minutes to accomo. d,i|» televising of the finish. This t u n .irulr'ted t h a t the dclav. or- dnred by meet sponsors, cooled off t h e i r games as they stood around leaning on their clubs. Douglas was the foremost f i n - isher in the post-Middlernff threesome, winding up »t 279 in l f i f t h olace tie with pre-meet favorite Sammy Snearl, to' collert $2iJ!p. Douglas shot a closing (IJ. Third snot, a stroke bfhlnd the deadlocked Mlddlecoff ant! Borot. was shared by Argentina's' Roberto de Vlcenzo and the J6-no1e fd j s i s l c n t l v you j u t t as well hang up : plosion am thought it wa» a tlri , n . | your shoes. If you rtmi'i »ei them j blowing out. FrancU, who wat "-'·° Ut *"£'* not ' oin|: '° !li "'- n "' ' driving, told hlj father to take th more like t h i s and I'll be back In : wheel and the car wai «afely halu the minors." : .^ · The Cubs Jumped on the young! An examination revealed thai righthander for (!·.,, r u n s ,,, n , f : t h e bullet hurt passed throurt first I n n i n g ,nd .dried single t a l - 1 Lona's neck and embedded Iticlf in the upholstery of the car. Ij pinch- wan a .38 slug. By The Associated Press NATIONAL LEAf.tE V L Croundf.d out for Gru.v in siT," " 000'TM 010-1 Doky. cf ·men, 3b 4 1 ^ ' 3 o i St. Louis ... P h i l a d e l p h i a . Chicago 0 ii ( l ; Boston .. 4 1 2 3 1 n Ior --- 70 -.. 62 _ _ _ f!3 .._ 51 ... 44 ... 4fl -- 32 Fctj Hg'V^slt'S: Sri'^fW .633! .end 1 .573 | .sns i .423 i .418 .283: -. and ...., Robinaon; Berry. - Fcd-rnlf ,i ld Gray St. Louis 100 CUi 02x--G E--Leitifln. RBI--Dfbing. Mitchell ?.. Mirih 3. 'Roten. Nlcmin. D.vck 2R-- Ofliini, BOone. Dyck IIR--Marsh. ·oitn. Sac.--GoIdaBsrry. DP-GIynn. B6on« «nd Glynn. Ltft~Cl*vciind fl. ·t.'Louf* 3. Be--Ciin 3, Lemon 1. SO --Lemon 4, Cain 5 H A- ER--Lemon S-3: Csln .V3 Winntr--Cain m-7i. Ltw-t -L*mon (13-31. U--Froue. Hurley, ·otr ind Napp. _T--Z:12. T--7,752. Boys Club Midget Loop Ti Open "Lifflt World Scries" On Wednesday Fayetteivlle will have t "Little World Seriei" starting Wednesday, August 13, pitting the Iwo top teams of the Boys Clubs M i d - . get League in a best three-of-fi-el games series. The games will be PI. Louis 3-2. Cincinnati 2-4 ! Chicaeo 9-4. Pittsburgh 5-3 i New York at Boston 2 post-' I poned, rain ! Brooklyn at Philadelphia post- ! i poned, rain ' 9-I.1i. t!-- Sumnicri. s T-::10 IICOND OAMI ). I.onr- McKlnlej League flag. President Clarence Rowland's circuit will have some difficulty selling Itself ,, , lh jrd major league. The hottest news in shooting circles, we are informed, is t h a t a Butch company has perfected an all-plastic shotgun shell which is transparent, impervious to rain and almost loo pretty to *honl Just when we thought our house gue»t from London had baseball down prelly good nfter several ckicm i, BAMt CHICAOa I PITTtBUMBH ,, ab r I' ab r h Brown. M 3 : 7 sirlckl d ?b Baumh'z rf 4 2 . 1 t : i n a l ss Herman 1 !, rf 4 I 2 Met'vk-h ih S n u r r . If s i : Birllr't ' n , A l M C l l . C 4 1 0 Klnpr I f Fondy. I b 4 0 1 Bfl] r f Strcnu. Zb 4 3 3 G a r a n a . c Jackson. 3b 3 0 I Wall! cf M a r k e r p 4 n n Merron. 2b Lcfnaru. p 0 n 0 Ncccitii p !»FIU Gerald I M a l n . p 'bUiivia P ! Jjj'"-''?.' 011 ""·''""· h « 'lOPIted US ! TntaU .17 ! 14 TotSfj .i o l 4 2 3 3 I 2 : o o 5 2 3 5 0 2 5 0 1 4 0 1 j 0 I | 2 0 0 , ( i n n 1 a lender, .tlm Ferrler. who' e«ch nnrketed a tidy $4,000 for their · 277's. j Mlddlecoff. .1l-ye«r-oM nro of \ five years, ''as won JI5 J3B to lead the nro golfers to date. If he -I'ould t u r n bark the 3'-year-oId Ooros. Middlecnff 'will h » v e clinched one of the vear's biggest money grabs since the wir-ttme era of Byron Nelson, with gome $4n.nno in the bunk. Ironically, w h e n Mlddlecoff | lies in the second and third Necciai was lifted fo hitter in the sixth. The Ar'Kinsas athletic departt But it w » , n t the first t i m e t h e ' ment reported thli morning th»| Cubs shellacked the -Wh,, K l d . " ' i h . plaver's physictin hid It.tid . spring exhibition game the o iJ OUr ., run *' f " ur h i l s " nrl f n " r ^i't t h a t Long would probably *« plaver's physictin hid t h a t the wound w«s not ierloili cff (!ecclal In one innini · r e,dy fnr football practice in j Joe oaraglpla. who caught Ron-! month. ' ' · nlei debut, commented: j a ! _ ''It was just first-day Jltteis.i A 8!»»s factory wa» let up nw* __ . Ja-nertown. Va., In HM, II yeari Orleans, who rallied to wm by a i h r f n r e the landing of the PilgrlmaS stroke over Joyce 7.i-ke of Water-I It w*s destrover* In ford. WIs., MS to 32(1. I by Indians In 1622. 41 .1 1 AMERICAN i N'ew York _._ 154 ! Cleveland 62 W L Boston 57 Washington 57 Chicago 58 Philadelphia 53 St. Louis 47 Detroit 37 Sunday's Results Washington 4-2, Philadelphia 2- Chicaio 3-5, Detroit i-4 St. Loui? (5. Cleveland 3 Boston at New York po.-tponed..' rain Pet .582 .584 .584 : .523 ! .518 j . 5 I 5 1 .428 ! .333 Ted Williams already has check| ed out as a full-fledged jet pilot and chances are he will be In the Korean skies by early f a l l . When someone asked Bobby Shantt If the A'» gave him a bonus for algnlng, the molecular marvel exclaimed: "Bonus? I was glad .lust to get » job." Jim "Dusty" Rhodes, the borne Washington -(P)- The Philadel- run hitting rookie who breathed plua Athletics and Ihe Washington I new " fe i n t o h e Giants, almost Senators exchanged 4-2 decisions | wasn ' ! Bought up from Nashville m their Sunday double-header bec " us '' his record indicated lhe big news -was lhe Nats' win i cou ' cln ' t h l t £or distance, over Bobby Shantz, pint-sized Chicago Pittibi , h ' Shantz Loses As A's Split With Senators a-Sliultd for ..... b - S a c r i f i c e d for M a i n In Slh 511 " oon -. R B I - H e r m a m k t , --,. s . .. Strpni 3. .latkion. Mclkovich Kln-r 3. Bell G»ra([lola :B-Hernnrukl M r t k o v i r h . B a u m h o l t . Garailola 3B --Strickland Hit--Serena, K l n e r Sauer. S-Uavn. DP--Mfr.on. Strickland a n d B a r t l r o m f : (Jarafiota a n d Strirlilaild. t,olt~ChlcaSO S Pllu- burgh 12 BB-Necclal 5. H n r k - r J SO--Necctai 3. Hacktr 1 M a i n t*onard I HO-Nccclal I I In «. Mim i, '.". ?i. w ' l . k ! 2 5" I- Hacker 14 in he i was Introduced at. t 1 ^ first tte yesterday as Hie 19S2's ton money- winner he nulo^ed: "That'll be t*r last time you'll' hear 'that this year." Then hf proceeded tn shoot · o o o ; phenomenal round of 31-33--64 |ie best since Lloyd Mann-urn fir"d » Tain record-maklnj 92-11 --63 in the 1916 world. Boros, who won the 1JS2 Na tlonal Open as an unheralded pro nf only three years, wat again a pressure-defying contender. As he fashioned a 31-35--67 to match Ihe 278 of the earlier-finishing Middlecoff. The overshadowed but atlll lucrative "world" women's pro mi-et vent in i silver-haired Texan, Betty Jameson of San Antonio, who stood off rugged Patty Bern of Chicago bv a itroke to p l a y e d a t t h e County Fail-' Grounds starting at i:3ti. The opener, matching the sea- .SOUTHERN ASSOPfATtON »on champion Giants with t h e : W I, Pet league runner-up, will be fol- A t l a n t a _ SS 54 5fi] lowed with games on Saturday, C'viitanooga M August 16. and Monday, A u g u s t : New Orleans (H lo. Wednesday, August 20 anil Mobil? _ _ 62 Friday, August 22. are llv dates · Memphis ".".II""" P2 fourth and fifth games, ; Nashville .1 55 55 54 '· miracle man of Ihe A's, who was I seeking h,- 31st v/in. He picked . up his fourth loss instead. Connie Marrero hurled a five;- Chicaso oco nn4 noo Plit.'hnrch pun no? ion-- Mlnner iwpi. Linnard and Pollpi ( L P i . Friend. Garagmla «on and McCnllcufh e- I h i t t e r it the A's in beating Shanlz · - ' Dld yon know that, by afficinl rules, a golfer who fears llj-ht- nlng may break off play and leave : ' lhe rnurae without penally 3 ny- WpPrk F n i n \ / C time (he iky start, , cl | n , up? j V eCCrx C n J O y S I I 14 ! I 7 14 I Chlii: ' - - A n d it might be a good id , for the lf "" ded - : Little Rock The runner-up team "'ill he t h e . Birmingham winner of a tilt between the I Sunday's Results i , r ^ ' ! New Orlfart! l of the teams not fig- 1-3 di'vM'.' 1 , 1 ! 5 ^" V' 111 bt evenl " divided to bolster the participating teims' regular lineups. 54 54 fin 62 fit fl« 69 .533 .508 .500 v.'ho allowel 10 hits. Rookie Harry m " ke * nnte tha ' the St. Louis , Eyrd, with help from Bob Hooper I C a r d i n a l s are closer to the Ns: :n the eighth, posted his 10th win I " nnsl Lf - K KW top than the G i a n t s i.'i the second game. The loser was I wpr ' a vcar a 8° today, «nd I h n l ; bpec Shea. I they have a new pitcher nameri Wa,hi BII . n ,. wiilajeifhia j Mike Clark up from Houston who -?- . _ lroks rou sh..' ........ uc · BUUU l U ^ f l I O I I A J**. I I n ±re,. lh , n ? h . L ^! La ugh At Old Defending champion f r a n k R l r a n n h a n of Toledo. Ohio. loomed off with his third (itrai|ht "world" amateur crown with a record-breaking 2oO. He finished nine strokes ahead of Bill Carnn- hell, Huntington. W. Va Wader over the fi r ,t three roundi. ' The "world" women'f 'amateur , f 1 TM nl n | ' n w « national collegiate Pal Greenberq ! 'i^^- Ann V1 ""»"'«- ANIMALS REMOVED PROMPRY Quick Sanitary Service Fjycttevjlle Rendering Service Call Collect No. 1819 KM,* Y*«r' Firm un4 Ranch Sanitary BASEBALL TONIGHT 8:15 Fayetteville Chicks vs. Tontitown Gropers Fairgrounds Park WAlNINttTeiT .433 ·' ni.1 If 4 .0 o Runnel, " v ' ' Chattanooga A t l a n t a 10-0. Little Rock 7-1 Memphis 8-4. Birmingham 2-1 Nashville. 7-1. Mobile 4-n Astroth. c" Shantz, p * ' 0 K l u t t z '? _ , l"',r rc!ro JD 2 5 Totals Intermediate Swimming Class To Be Held A Bed Cross intermediate swim- 4 2 i j ming class begins tomor'ro'i- at 9 I g j i j . m. at the City Pool. All who hold beginner's certificates are J { J ? " 2 2 0 0 3 o ] John Audubon. lilver wire to band 1803. used. Thorpe Takes It Essy ' ? Fain""?'.' a broorl of, Henderson, Ncv - i/Pi - Jim ^ lli by. YOJ iw. ·· / vi j J. nd j as a r '' 3 " 1 ' of! athlete'of yesteryear who suffer- MichaeL"?! wis nrst Blrd-banduig. found t w o ' ed a heart attack last week, w a s . ",'ip'hu'e \ j al home from the hospital today -. Marrero i ... TMTM bm und ' r flr " lfnr ' 5 ornf ' rs to t a k « : ii-,?.* ??; in we TIMES--!t paya. things easy. returns Panarflla. St. Louis-(/F,-Bill Veeck. t, ry - gn-lucky owner of the St Louis Brnrr.vs, ij enjoying a laugh at the expense of his old pal Hani Creenberg, -general manager the Cleveland Indiana Greenberg recently charted the major's master showman of tryini lo knock the Indians out of the American League pennant race b; Iradirr- "good" players to the Chicago »-lte Sox. Sunuay the lowly Brn'.vns "em- -- - harrassed" the pennant hungry structoif, Miss Sharon Rise and ~ rilw ''V beating Bnb Lemon 6-3 j A victory would have moved 'V Indians to w l i h i ^ a game of / ; pace-setting New York Yankee! The Yanks and third-place Bos ton were rained out. 30 yards. This class will be t a u g h t by authorized waier safely in- Joel Whitelev. " and Duff j T-t.49 Philadelphia 0101001111-4 i o n Waanlnfton ... 000 010 100--2 10 4 "yrd IWPi. Hooper and M u r r a y nd Bmdsham. Sh« a For Progress in Politics Vote For PAUL CHAMBERS Candidate for Democratic National Committeeman · Hi ii not th« candidate of any indi- vidual, any group or any sptcial inttruti, and is paying the cost of hit own campaign. Pmltlcal id paid for by Paul Chambers, Helen*, ArV. M»ertt» |n Ue TTMT!!--It M LISTEN! 1 havc A MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE for you the Voters of Arkansas. It means everything to YOU and THE FUTURE of YOUR STATE - Hear what I have to say to you at 8:30 to 9:00 o'clock tonight over KGRH and KBRS. (Signed) Your Governor, Sid McMath Political Ad ft for by t. K Heerwag.n FOR FOOTBALL THRILLS IN 1952 See Your Arkansas Razorbacks in Action UM thit .pplieatlon blank _ and purchoM your tickth ot one* I ' (NUMBER PBlCE",nrKETS . i D E S I R E D omct RICORD (Do riot write In this ipacet SEC. I ROW | SEATS I_!3JW_ d'l Day) I A. fc M. J.60 ·Oct. 1! -- Baylor ^H'i^Ki'X 0 ' "'"iaippi I 3.80 'JlSZ^L- Texas A. ·Night game. ·Price includes ill Federal and S t a t e -,,,. mad.^M'ik' mU " *" '"'""t"""" 1 *" »«rm«nt for tlcketi, ntherwU, no tmtntlom wffl W eh.ri. of lie U liiclu4*4, llckali will k. milltd ., ,,»,,,-, rUk . AddtM , .,, ,^^££""*** ATMIITIC 0»HCI MANAGH, IOX 1J6, UNIVIMITY STATION, MYITTIVIUI, AM. PlIAII CHICK IF YOU ADI: Club SM^Ium Alumni Nomi StrMt CJty II

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