Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 9
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· ^ ^ Rainfall Alleviate! Drouth Over Wide U. S. Area To The Voter* Of Washington County A$ our campaign comes ro a close, I again ask your help at the poll, _ and I would like for eoch one to consider this little meiMge o per- lonal solicitation for your vote for County tax Collector I hove tried to show, with eaeh day's work, how very much I appreciate the great responsibility you have entrusted to me and I would like to rhank you for your co-operation and your pa- Hence as I have tried to serve you. On the basis of the experience I have had and the way we ho*e handled the work of the office I earnestly solicit your vote and support on August 12th. respectfully submitted, Ralph L Taylor Scattered shuwers on the Ctmrt] Plains westward from Illinois, in the Northern Great Lakes region and in the Rocky Mountains , brought eool«r ttmperaturts It | was fair In the Far West, «xctpt I (or clouds and rtrlztle along the I Pacific Coast. . I Freak storms Sunday flailed two areas separated by almnt the width of the continent. A ntar- , cloudburst sent a wall of water 50 to 7J f««t high rolling down the bed ef an ordinarily avail er«k near Yikima, Wash. A mother and htr five-year-old son were missing In the wake of the flash flood that carried away seven houses. Fsur either persons were injured. The flsod «nd high wind caused damage to trees, power lines and highway!. A two minute, IS-mlles-an-hour wirioJatorm tore down houses and small buildings, tress and power lines In Moniriouth County, N j and damagu four big planes and mstallatisns at McGuire Air Force Bast at Fort Dlx. R|itn In the South over the weekend did little to erase the scars left by the Drouth. The i- NMTHHHI AiKANUi Total Of 5? Candidates On Ballot For State, District Offices In Vote Tomorrow L i t t l e Rnck-l/TVThree ,.,., ... wide contests ^oversni'Mowerl h \ the fiery oratory of the givernnr'V. race, will appear on the ballot in tomorrow^ Democratic run-off primary, along w i t h contests fnr district and county offices. A total I of 52 candidates w i l l he. on the . ballot in tomorrow's Democratic | run-off primary, alone w i l h contests for district .ind county of- Ceorce PatterTM.,; hi« r^n jv,l Jr.. faces F. r. Arree tor the sen i ltori«l nomination. I Hire, l,l,t,d Other dljtrir. T , rn , nr , r , ndl natev C'rcnlt .Ttirlsc Andre'" P.'.nn Th.rd R.F.D. Seven ly JACK CARLISU The nin Tuesday night extend «d to all _ seemed to its on RFD Seven and about the same it --*···· ·*··«· v. 1 i«c vi UULII. i in showers came too late to save most of Dixie's crops. The drouthrcost to Southern crops and livestock has been estimated at mote than a half-billion dollars. The Courts Municipal Court Clarence Allen Arnold. 28, of Springfield, Mo., was fined $4fl and sentence/! to one day in jf\ Saturday morning when he pleaded guilty to a chart* of drunken driving. He was arrestfd Friday afternoon by city police after - four-mil« chase on Highwa north. all points. The people from Ar nett south also had a nice rain a day or two before that one. There vere also a couple of other show- ,ajrs up around Hazel Valley that entirely missed Fayetteville. The bridge o\;er Kin's Ford has 4 brand new floor. They w e n t out there the firit part of the week and put a new rioor in the north end of the bridge, and last Saturday they came back out and iinished the job. That bridge ought to last as long as 1 do now . . . And I the old Stone Bridge gol ?ome repair work too. The south end of it was re-floored last week. The rest of it ran wait a while. Now what -in the world is "Fes- fices. A total of S2 c a n d i d a t e .^^. llk '^TMo^eT'!Z;° r no^rt; countv offices Including .stale House of Reprcscn'ritivo ,iml sheriff In 75 counties. Clih Hat-ton «nd T. .1 O n t r v who survived a f o u r - m n i i p r e f e r - ential p r i m a r y race for a t t o r n e y general have waged one of the most heated campaigns In the state races. Supreme Cnurt Chief Justice G r i f f i n Smith faces Nelll Reed of Hener Springs in his reelection bid and Paul Chamber.' of Helena is pitted against Kohl* Gill of When Oran Whitehouse told hif Blytheville for Democratic n.. grocery store he was all s't to I L """nutleeman. The I n c u m bent, rr. R. fl. Robins of Cam- Frequently mail ... .,, tu ,,,,,. t h a t , but as I have over 300 families on the home, it is pretty hard lo recognize everyone's handwrll- jng. Today a letter came back that had been sent lo Louise and Edna McColl of Portland, Ore. I c i n 't quite remember t h a t handwriting. so I guest it will have to go to the Dead Letter Office--unss the sender reads this and sets me straight: otherwise you will get your letter back in an official envelope--and it will cost you nickel. . Milrr.iv Kcr-d S i x t h d i s l r i r l . First . ttc.lrv Howard «nd A P 'I H . s t r l c i - p. ( iinninch.ini l i v h i o n Steel Houston ,in.l IT, and J. S. Smith. Fourth district: J, I. Cimtr l«d Roy Gean, Jr. . ..; . fifth district.- Chlam Kw4 «jtd Sam ForH Seventh dutrlct; T C. Cn»w« T .f Sllvey. -'E l e v e n t h district W. E. Anr.- s'rnnc .iml O R Hunt. I 2 t h '1,-fnct. flnyd flry,,, , n ,j Or. F.. .1. Rvrrt. 1.1'h r h s r r i c t Wayne .fewell and M a r s h a l l ^Shackleforrt. Jr. H t h rti.lrret Jnnw and .inhn i. Turtle nth H . r t r l c f : .r. W. B«t UK! , . . I » t h d.strlet: J. o. Chtniy and : i M. Mnck. J l t h ' l u t r l r t - Dough Hradlty ari . M a r v i n Melton. · 2.Mh t i n t r i c i C. T.. BeH an^ . L.'imar T to'!jjer^. - Slth · -inrl d ' « l n c t : James P. F.. C:.irne s . Bale* N i n t h ·ind P. C. nIi*H d A" r ^' .mrt H A. Tu St^l^ senato Third distrir i s i r i c i - W i n f r e H l a k e : Wiley W. Beam | MOORES FUNERAL CHAPEL all s't -cst up and enjoy some g [ home-made ice cream. He had just ordered an ice cream freezer for t h a t very purpose. However 1 , il has been nearly two months now and no freezer yet; and it is Just coming from Fort Smith. The D. F. Brooks irot in last week after a nice long vacation mostly fishing, I h e a r -- i n Canada. Be Sure You Vote Tomorrow Your Vote and Influence Sincerely Appreciated fcOY A. SCOTT Candidate for County Judge WASHINGTON COUNTY QUALIFIED BY EXPERIENCE' Subjeel to A,,|e.n .1 the Democratic Primary, Aufual Ulk THANKS -- Roj/ Political Ad Paid for by Hoy Scott , -- . Most of the time was spent in t h e Lake of the Woods country, a n d Mr. Brooks said ( h a t they had ' real l i m e and c a u g h t a lot of fish. he first I have seen sinve s lha! a sign of anything? cue?" I see that il is advertised at the Wallace Shofner place ai 40 cents a pound. It was 50 cents _ , for a cduple of days and then went 71 | now,-, to -10. It must he some sort ' of grass or hay. for on the same notice Mr. Shofner offers rye grass at a dime a pound. ·Mrs. Buena M c K i n n o n seems to be one of those folks who h a v e | more than t h e i r share of trouble · Just last week she went lo C a r - 1 Sherman Paschal! is building a tnage MO., to spend a fev.- days new front porch, and it looks like | .with her son and while there she a very good job. The outside is was getting out of th e car up brick, and I t h i n k he intends to inere. fell and broke her ankle, rour concrete in the mddle \nd J. M'" b 5? u * ht b a c k ln b«r last week I forgot to menton that daughters, Mrs. M a r g a r e t Price, I Fred Parker overhauled his front *.io Is taking care of her. I a m l p o r c h . . Good job, too sure t h a t Mrs. McKlnnon would Saturday, while 1 was tellin appreciate notes from -omt of hen Mrs. Dess Chandler to t h a n k Fre mends v-ho may not have h e a r d ' Wllcox tor cutting down that seed or ijer .a'.eit misfortune. I ling peach tree that had leaned j down over the mail box, Arvl YOUR VOTE AND SUPPORT WILL BE APPRECIATED Lloyd McDonnell for Tax Collector L»tt week I hsd some f interesting detective work. I had 4 very important looking letter address- Pd to William Bryant. The front of the envelope was almost entirely taken up v.-ith i n f o r m a t i o n about Mr. Bryant. It seemed that he used to live in the Hazel Valley community several years ago, and the party who wrote the letter was very anxious that it be de| livered to Mr. Bryant--wherever i he might be. I found out t h a t he j had ;old his place lo Charlie Moore. Charlie Had had his address but had turned it over to the Biok of llkins. The next day I stopped in the bank as I drove through Elkins, got his address (I hofe) iM sent the letter on. I hope Mr. Bryant receives the lei- Hugh Pond, retired carrier f r o m Route Four, took a ride around my route Friday. Mr. Pond Hutchens same over to the ca and bought two money orders; one for the REA and the other lor 1 f u l l year's subscription to the Time:. He said he was tired of w a l k i n g ever to Luke Stout's home to read t h e paper. Mr. Hutehens had come down to Chandlers' to build Des; a chicken house,(fox- proof, i t h i n k ) to keep his laying hens. I thought Dess was a good enough mechanic to build bis owii chicken house. Don't forget to vote tomorrow for somebody. From what' v/f art reading about the gubernatorial candidates, if half of it ij true, ! we are indeed lucky t h a t only j one of thernjvil]Ibeelected. j Frank Pace Honored He;*elberg, Germany-'/rVArmy I Secretary Frank C. Pace, Jr., was : honored at a military review here Saturday while tourist Margaret Truman looked on. Pace arrived e r a y . r ond car - r ried the m a i l nearly 43 years and l . l r u m n Ioc *ed on. Pace arrived remembers "away back when " He I '"· tjermany '"' ni «ht for a 4-day seemed lo enjoy his ride around ·' IllLi^* r ' T i^jnstallations. seemed lo enjoy his ride around i ^-^~RFD Seven, hut said t h a t he had ! ~ " had all the mail-carrying he cared for. 't is a good idea to put your return address on mail, but "RFn I Seven" is a rather vajrue address. Has Been My Pleasure To Cooperate With the People of Washington County A Program W« Want to Continue And It Has Been My Pleasure " Sid McMath Condidotc for Governor August 12th Political Adv P,, d for by Henry Woods, Campaign Bill Sm*M«iVh»il"hii U) ram on the shoulder of his uncle, Jot ;' Marshall brothers' 300 acres of i torn near Koplng, Mo. They're »e*klnf a bumper corn crcp t* , tomp«te | n i ne Missouri P tfm . »rs' Association's annual con Kld contest. In 19» they f v '. r .*A td " M bu »ltls ptr acre; , M 1158, J23 bushels and in HJt, _1IM husheli. den. declined to seek reelection Four chancery jlldReshin, are to be nominated in tomorrow's election, two prosecuting attorneys, one? circuit, judge and 1! state senatorial posts. In the 19th district Senate rtc e Candidate J. T. Center's name will not appear on the ballot it) one of the four counties In the district His opponent, W. E. Fletcher, won » Supreme Court ruling removing his name from the Lonike Coun- '·· ballot became Counter's nuall- I Am Grateful ro the voters of Washington County for rira tr*| mendous lead given me in last week's primary? I KIPIAT that I am not a candidate of any Individual, group or interest. Your continued vote end .u.pert in r h. run-off will be sincerely ep- predated. William L. Bush CANDIDATI FOR COUNTY JUCXJI Political ad paid for by William L. Bush. Lincoln, Ark. trlct. Bob Bailey, Sr., Is seeking C H I R R Y The People who supported Attorney ferit ral Murry . - - Congressman Tackett . . . and Mr Holt and me, in the first primary, had-o common purpose . . . to restore Integrity to our State Government. Many, many others, who havi previously supported the present Governor, now realize that the fight whrch we are waging is based upon a principle Higher than the personality of the candidates. Again, I say to all of you who shore Ih.s common cause . . . | need your continued help through the day of the election -. . . ond the days thot follow so that we may not only be victorious in the electron, but also that we, together, may seek to solve the problems of our State Government. With humiNty and a deep sense of responsibility tor the confidence you have placed in me, I thank you. FRANCIS CHERRY Political Advertisement Pallor by Francl, Chtrr/. Jonwboro. Are.

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