Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 4
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 4

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 11, 1952
Page 4
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y«rtfr»fit . . _ . JIM U IM ·nMnd 11 ihe po,t offj,, ,, Mi., u Sfcnnd-Clm Mil! Malttr. ·MI C. Owharl, Vk* »T-I timta! T«l It ' TMt AMOCIATKD A "«'« l « t ' , p «*» »« *«cluilvtl» entitled la 'r r , r ,'P ubllcali TM " ·» -H-W. du r »irh«t to It or not oth«wU« credited !n thu f * ndM «"° "» 1(v »i n 'V PubUihrt hereTM AU nghu o( republic* lion of iHckl dla. itcho noreln ore .1st, t««rv»d. SUBSCRIPTION *AT« Mill THE WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round ·» BMW ..i of uslnj ) U5 f of Haro--Trum,n- C " min| P«»W*nti«: ramp.:« n is one """ Pr ° b " m ' '"'"« «"'««"- u " ' 7lrt» ranntlu . 8U momiu ......... On» mr _ All mill p.viMf In'.ilvliic. Mrmb«r Audit i *f CtrtuUttm And we know ( h a t all IHmps work tn- ffMher for good tn (hem t h a t We God to t h f m who are t h e called according to his purple.-- Roman? S:28 ·U. S. Price Tap After v - h a t must have betn q u i t e * chore in Arithmetic, the U.S. New., and World Report comes up with the word (hut country is worth one trillion dollar. as is. t.o.h. on the hoof. That figure- includes bufldinps land eQinprm-nt snd good... It does not include oil. co ;l | and other underjrround mineral? perishable consumer poods, military as-' Mts, land-improvement costs, and work* of srt. «f^L d ::,T?!:.!»!!. b :'«»!'!"»««TM much whisUe-stoi l.,t u.~l, I, "J/" ""' H ' 8T « 0t i n »"»""" '·«i ween wnen hit cindidale for Ihe Senile wi« wowed under Or they can me toe, l i t t l e and run the n«k of gelling Mr. Truman sore "^H^VX"^TM xTM^:^^^^ Iy inert wa, much bad blood beiw^n'thTM^" there', always hk,ly ,o he when the o l d " TM. There'. hecn U no badT ""* '"' "" lh """' · lid Stevenson-so far. Bui there could he"'TM" questionably th, presioent was piqued when .Stevenson held back, i, fi r s , refulcd in I u n hlT^'r^Vr' " W " !mart U r t l " TM Ma i s P«rt He had to get away from t h a t he «a. Truman's man. Now. however. Ihe governor i the ilmost immediate problem ot how m u r h ,o UM . M r Trum , n . 5 n , " · cumpiigner 1! he uses him in nrfirr. hr c ]|fco!y to gft s;^mnA^ , m« of hosi.:m. rorrtiption If he dcifrn't. he passes ur who h«« a erf,, f n l l n w m i and t h e bin ,-, ry p n p u l a t i r knou-s how to campaign. Thil ,s the prorlnr M e a n w h i l e Mr Trun-an u r h i f m s at ihe bit. litcnllv r a r m ' to co * * * An amazing deal v. hereby snn.r n' ;h American oil companies ijreed r n ' ' i , V in competition w,th the British i n ' t h e Ei«. and whereby all company pooVd the r . trc-Hum pi. , n V«ne ;U e!a i. revea r d ' i r h' / and ».,,h j, hor . an h a s urge tr, ...,--.. billion: other building* S188 billion'- factories, stores and offices. $113 billion-' marhmes, factory enuinment, railroads etc.. XI10 billion; soodo in factories, stores pnd warehouses X110 billion; mi to., annli'. anew and household eouipment, $103 hil- Jion. ami g«ld held in this cotintrv plus'as sets abroad, $44 billion. · Actusllv these items total onh- $968 Wlinn, but what's a few billions here or »ere when you've pot a chance to make a man. like Incle Sam. a trillionaire? f^ The n m .? t ?. Urtlln ? 'h'np to emerpe irc-rri all the fipures is that the national jyealth has more than doubled since 1!Mn I has almost doubled sine* 1944, when t h e f.trure stood at *49JUbillion. _ Intereftinir al»n i,« th« Mrrentin ratio , , , » TM I » M mini i n^ riB- ,. -"'';· hot n Public and orivate. A.« of 'he end of last year th« public debt--fed- Ihe nriv,*,*"^ IT 8 '-?"** * 241 hi 'ion. and we pmate debt ijiin** phy»ic*l ...set. *.« *2(0 billion. TO|«t»tr th«y wtrt S3 « p»r cent of our national wealth. That would seem to make tii . . w-h n . W '« Ch S * R J ° hn S W h i t e House to publish In the Middle East, for mvsnr, Duteh-Shell Comranv , Br,: ?hln u ,rh b' me MH- '"'I C "," °' - - » the Mellon f a r m iy ,,, ritt;bur s h to their control over i.fsn.npn.nnn h s * rrc , t r , wail oil over a 12-year period Likewise, ronnniie. th. Federal Tr»d» CPP-- missions report. -Under the An,lo-Ir a n l a n - N e w j, rs . y ^nAHd-s^^- ron rar, An^lo-Ir.nian turned over to the two A-MricJr' ST^Tr'V } nm -TM M ° h "«" «« Km,TM" on over a 20-yetr f o n t r j r t pcn.-id -Thus ihese rontr.rtf resui, ,,, !h rilv ,, 10 . ^, bt, P " r r n P/ K u ' v a i t snri "i" " ' - '" he buveri and the seller?. ,nd in effect ,' v " them mu.ual » n d contmuint tniereVts in fA H^f/ ,'K" ; V " a p ' riwl o! ""·"' -Mrs " corl tinu«d the Federal Trade rorr.n-.,«,o-, The sirmfirance of the mmract. ,« lr ,.,., TM,'r, n h !?' rtir ' tro1 nf thf M|H1( '' »t r,.-:; «H ."·;^ nc «i ly 'he rrovi-ion. reMnc-'.-- and icontroilinj the markciinn of oil " ' ' h Th, report then tells how the Gulf O,l m. T P«ro .rrefi, not to sell it, of! ··,,,,, pf 5. ,.- , n A m e r i c a n oil companies mav be up who Of Fact n lOttm AND STEWAIT AL8OP Washiti|!on -- The way both i peatedly voted with the South major parties ire sniffing nerv-! erners on civil ri«ht» inuei u" ously at the civil rights issue pro-1 has oppoied cloture, and en »h vides the least edifying spectacle Senate's l a b o r subcommitt. of this campaign. The candidates I which was considering the Hu have got to decide soon just how phrey-Ives fair employment bnt" badly they need the Negro vote. I Nixon joined Sen. Litter Hill «. ind just how fir they will to to I Alabama in oppoiinj- the h-n |C ' "· ,, lThu '. «M Republican vit« pr« President Truman himself h a s ' dential candidate would havi , often said privately thit the Ne- do a public ilipflop ion. froes gave him the mirjin' of vie-! The curious fict Is thit Steven lory in 1948. by voting for him in i son's problem is easier thin Ei«.n sufficient numbers to provide his ; bower's, despite the preiene. . ' illm majorities in Illinois, Ohio i Sparkman on the ticket For ,1? «nd California. According to the i lime beinf, Stevenwa has plaveH Nesro leaders. Negroes feel even i down the civil rights isiue Mean more deeply about the civil r i g h t s : while, many Southern 'leirt. sjue this year than jn 194S. and i like Sen. Richard Russell ef Ceo/' more of them will go to the polls : gia, Sen. A. Willis Hobertson O f h a n ever before. There are more : Virginia. Gov. Hugh L While , than 3.000.000 in the key Northern i Mississippi, a nd the list into t£ Utes which could |o either way, ] fold. Gov. James r Byrne, ', ncluding more than half a mil- South Carolina, , re declaring for on in New York, more than a . Stevenson. Stevenson elector, Jm hirri of a million in Illinois and ' appear on the ballots in thest anrt ' no V u"' 8 ' and we " over 2no - other Southern states d 00 each in Ohio. Michigan, i alrforma and Maryland. j With the South thu. tid.ed uo The way Dwight D. Eisenhow-| Stevenson will then b i" ' i.h fh, Si, · h S(teV TM S ° n d e a i i t i o " '° m a k e a T hts 1? W l o r i n g federal civil Lodge and his allies are clearly much more worried than they //oo; .Time /7/es r S t. Augus! 11. | 9?2 , Thlrtj Years A?o Tixiay I,on 7h r. n:3 - r -? C - r f '" {!vs! .? R!i "rnival celebra- actrri:ei 'bv "5 "r"-l-'r.'f nfTM*'* a " d *' 1! Ch "' Federal Trad in the world with a trillion-dollar price tap on it e.vr*pt »h* Unrtfd St, tt , ? W'ad* Jone« · -- -- · » ---Modern-Day Advertisiiifr Thirty« »yt on* of this countrv't i^ursnce companiw. with t nice " in !hf ;v;iiire\ve;-'p; X r n ,."p 0nio a . ?. raf " * lmt "'- :h l4--- i '-' h -s lMr! '" rU:lner5 v ' trf n "it hr-'ri'--'·.,,' ' ' r f a v f 1:p :he bo "' hunt to oMbem' " "° enthusiasts, an even dozen * * * Twenty Vrir. A t o Todar ·f the Pure j t e company Drought in a gas i well at Bentonville today, throwing the business ' o f M ? C a fUr °" ° f excitemfn; - w hen a denth ; oi joo iw* w»j reached *"?" «u * ' i ; from the hole'and later'loosmed the ^"in^ I Wooing it partly out of the well After sfime'dif- i Iicu!,y. the well war capped and a jet put on the ' Teji Year- Ato Today (XnrTKvei: A r k a n s a s Times. August 11, 1942) One way to help build Fayetteville popula- w^to'^r/VVch^^,-^^ i ? nrwh S - V t ? c 1 h7nce n 'o a " Ve!:Vl!! ' ' h ' ! WMk ' " !qUir ' with^-n^e^" 0 "' 0 '-^^"^"^ w u n unuersity ana business school as well a« with high school authorities Two notables from Los Angeles are amo-c Faettev,!i e newcomers Thev are R I. Hea h " ! ,' r ' r l rhief o! P° !i " ·" Los Angeles, and his w i f e Dr. Essie Heath, a practicing phvsjcian in Los Angeles, who also plans to re'iire 'The two rommt inland from war-thre-.tcned Californi»' coost have purchased the John Henbest farm ard plan to resiac there in quiet and ?eclu«io- Questions And Answer* ~'h h , iC Mh th ' cp . untr "' l«««i Jcjuanum? -,he John Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. n m (he public «!. r»n an adv»rti.e- IMfttlM ° Thst was the berinnin* of a national ad- h« £ P»«»ni-bv the companv whith has produced dramatic rwult*. ' In keeping wrth the tone of its first ad .'uhsequent one* are notable for their « "matl 7h r t i ^ b U t at tim " Iff l matter has boot dynamite. These health messages. Jonen i-vH r- '-n: " v '« ^- ·-.'" ::;' '/ ' " : ' n! '' ! or more. -Ubcr bu:- A-Oniy 30 to 40 r er ,«,t O f each , t,cul»rly St.nd.rd ,nd Shell of Standard . ertd into .freemenu desisnea -I. The v.nual elimination of dependent f.ctor in Veneiuel, for omsice schor! hour» w o r k in occ-o-C- ot-her than factory err.rlo- ·--- -· OCC -P-^ ·' rarer orjar.ic or inorcanic ^a'ler 1 aRcr' ;0 Sen ntl H 1 enrv ill r P ,K g , n T "J 1 ""! er lhan the 1948 plank - TM* ^"'e and hi f ri'ies -re , , L ° dge -' ^'^ wluch S0me of lho « do-e sssglsliilliS' Dixiecrat." ind pictured Sparkman as a sort of Simon Legree ' Since it is no secret that Steven- siders it much more important fSr i fng "' Vmnl V °' e h u n t - 'rial states, where the Keero vote is concentrated, rather than an outside chance of winning s sra'-i "ring of Southern states I , Moreover, the Lodge'group i = ' I convinced that the Democratic! j nomination for i ice president of j , Sen. John Spaikman of Alabama ' j gives the Republicans a lea! opportunity to recapture the bulk of the N«pro vote. Since he was v : «- ! Med a few days ago bv a Nejrrn | delegation. Eisfnhow-r',:,.^,: ,,, be thinking of tekinr" Lod'e'' advice. But after wha' he has a l ready said on the suhjert it w:'l not be fisy for Eisenhower to reverse himself. · Eisenhower's runninc m a t e Sen ' Richard Ni the Xecro voters. espec. T1J , ,,,.. "use there has already been so much stomach - turning political cynic-.-m wh?re their civil rights a i e concerned. The Southern oligarchs have seized on the civil rights issue to maintain themselves in power Many of th* .\or.herner? have used the. issue 1 as a sort of political flypjper, shouting for unenforceable legis- chanre of passing, in ord'er to cstrh Ne ? ro \otes. Under these cirrumitinces. it is Juit pe««ib. th?t the best strategy for both Eisenhower and Stevenson is to My what they really think. \ n «* hem? the kind of men they are t'. - also possible thit this'is pre- . and gvoa aiwotirse are '«-5 of virtue.--Imak Walton Th. bwt is the *rt^Tt~B.»iamin After nil there is but one race--h,, mamty.-George Moore TM»-hu- F^'-:on nf :h« East,r. V e-'e".-J.*i-*' i'.-*.*''''"'. -Vf-.t Cr»-a, and oi Standard" , ' v " ; ' - ' r ' ·t-i.-r er.terprise.- The Ja»;,ce Depirtn-.tnt h,« - orind Jurv to THK STtlRVi L . . , | . f__, k J.C3CM t. w -.irlVI. riJSK' f.°t»,1TM£ '*, "·«"··· '- 'tali " '° ?,;-*^j" i*'. r "* »·"" »·· k!lf* *** ' 3 * rt ' ··· »r»» ^oik! r I. ,^ y k .[T" ·r,v."*r "* '-'·"'"«"«i«- «I3»:» *n4 M?T Mr« P n-.,..» . .-O.EI frltH ,f h r r t.ui.r't *' · · · J! [^UTilE FRENCH wakened early thst first ir.crr.;r.g la Kiige- ·Ue. cejpite the fac; -.hi: she »ad er anc Rranci had talked .-::. the ·=-?? ..-il! ho-ors !«for» rano f.irted bsci to Capitol As ihe or^sed her eyes tie · a-ATi was , a . s . bf|:rjiir. s to Hrtd -..-·: !-:«in-.?rs of lift; mtc -Jit ;y. A sr.': coc: !iy bre«e -.-J.-SM a: :he spncjftj chinu ···apfs ar..i bc.-e i eowery tra- rir.r? ir.-i- !. s Ft -..--rr-. mir.sled »nth -t aar..^ wet srr.cil o.' e.e river. 'rr.CM.-.E.-e a rrc^:»r crowed in- ""'*. G - c . u '"f rroi-ai-iT Sieve's" -.! s.V:::d re=-.eab*r i dog's'; only yesterday." He tipped u? h:i ^~-o o!a brown hat wit.- :he on it. a^d picked up :-e oa- = a?ain and r-uliea the bo3t ort into Jie stream. "They smell like they're ill dead." Laurie rep::r-d. . _ . Liurie wis. aware of .- ouick j'r"^." · h * ***·» *o irws- K ^ w « n n '"ling cf shew p;, SiU re see djdnt hurrr sJle'd never b« : E h e lciv sd the river, the sreti! ani j ible to citch him. A splash of icy j t h e f f - ] and tte sc-j.-.d c: it n i»-iter on h« (ace from the bath-·' rnuii be sorr.c:h:c| s-he r--l tip, a hsjty brush or t»- c 'bented from t;r f i t b e r the ,- t ber hiir and i couple of e-cp«rt *bo-jeht : iSaubt with a Lja-jck at her aicuth ! "Is that th. *,* h - ^ w _. ,and rt. WM off. dow* the stairs'the last fme 'l*-^*.?--TM .'Sii^'^tS'i-f" 1 " gerneis ^?.r^- ;M """·* «-- d^^crt^ IW."!^' '^" ^ ; tha: TC ' to *« * at the edge of a* «-TMf foiTo^g. K', T V' £h '"·" ^ S! '*TM e "'' j^ 1 ^ ^^t^^-^A^-«i:.t .'^^"AScf-^C 1 ' ^'^."s :: .n^^ for me;" s « -: fcoos uio it and think iVe :c: a i · i ·- x « fa' chlnnei cai OT jr.y" iioe ·JKE cre^^aj of the carlccks 1 ^*:;?':".. ^.. ! ^r £d :"-* ; ctiMd for ta umaa: inj thenjrrtr; ?o'-" a sec"-^'-- ·""'-'-·-.'·'" **gin i|:iio is tbt boa: was puIJed fce'l- h '= *-·-«' """ "~ ' An;it :tov»rd the tiai. The dip of the: \"^-'V.' ,,'/'_ .cars sounded rkj-thaiic a tse ;co ^:1 ^"^' ^-f-'-s ·--«- «!41a«st. · dirk blur le the cue ,?. ^* e C "' M °- ; 5 =crajos 'tried fraduaHy :ato «.-st the . . ipt of the beat ind thea Steve's T · 'Tt-r ,- · · -- hunched over the c^rs. '.L^.:-,--^:::.^ ^«S ·««-· : -- lace, he »·« i D«ir Miss Dix: We are ,w 0 j pris. ased u. snxious to ect «ome sort rf p,rt-time work. W. have ; thouth'. of many thinss lo do bu; ' mat of them do r.ot seem ' our ; -ype. \Ve ;o to priva;. schools and ' our - f «:hers are weli-to-rio attor-.' i r " y? C and L i Answer: Your fa'.her* a-« --'=n : parent? of . COLIP cf f: r f".clV« '' i snoh= The rr.rre arduo-js ·,, o-k vo-i can find « e .x,«'v -,-h,i vTM n c f d I to n-.-ercn.-se the ides t h a t vn u can [Pick snd c^oot.. A! 15. -j-ithru: , trainins and with darn little edul ;c3tion and ^ no 5Pr .se. any work ;s you can ;?:. so it rratffu!!y, F ro- ' f:?n; froii its Pr --. r :.n.. e you ·have rr.ors to offer. lived at. home with hef. isktel u! to com, with them. We did td' our ' sorrow. \Ve have no priviey -my sifter even uses part' of trie closet . and nresser in our roem. She works . dunnsr the day. corner home and ooesn t do a thine to help. We pay half t h e expenses. v,t j hav. nothing to say about runn j n g the house, except to do the work Do' you tnink we should go hy ourselves apain? : DISCOUfL^GED PtGGY Answer: Under your pr«se-' 'iving conditions you are iuit go-' '"f to turn into a houjeho'd drudee f p r y0 ur sister -- is s ^- parelly your mother wis' Get cy »s fast as possible tad bick to- your own home. I Dear Mus D;\: Dunn; mn^t e f the ; 4 yeirs 1'vr been r-=.rried ; w e hive lived =:one. When mv . mother died this spring, mv un '., : married s:s!er and brother. Bock to School fwgnphy 4Thi« one fott 'o nursery u , **** » TIM1B «- 'An :1 rot '*·'«' 'Vullnt Uc- h,« HOUZOKTAJ. :Towirdthe sheltered side, 3 Contrition t Stripped S Wit jotl of Greece «,,.^. * VYliat the 8 Adhesive -- teacher did for cuti at " Female »he«p ·chool m«i INime of i 12 Malt beverage corrxocitlOQ 13 PupiU ill in ^ Region lio* lOWT^at pupils HArujen shouldn't bt J!Hrst jTSJers H Esser.tlil count te --^ bting UThote who 1'MiiJt i blrd'j tike oXizzt home U Rich girl 19 French 20 Mike hippy revenue II Spread to dry ·' 's borne -"·--·- !4Unbltiched Thom»on Te Siil Washinr.on - ijp - Llewellvn t. Thompson, new American irabss- sanor «nd United Stiles high commissioner for Aurtrii. siils fox ienni todiy to take over his new post. A »Wtr te SS Five-dollar bills (coll.) :t Malicious burning 2" Mourners -8 Rooms in harms 19 Direction 31 Landed property 33 Waxet MCalm 25 Mice tntrtDce MClampt 41MutieaI mntctitien 4! tXmf«licat«d 43W1M 44 Hell 4« Unit* ' . 47 Pen name of Chirk* Uml 48 Mitur* SO Unit a( wire meafuroBtnt 3J Ten vein .J4 Sclwe! period JJ Dropsiej 39 Employ 37 Throw 40 Weathercsck j """«*. ; · U faplied i without wordj ·:4SMa!e thkken 49 IV.ttrUiiuncet .51 Hlfh priex J3 AflditiOCll $J AfTff* 1 it Tar fear that 57 fc (Scot.) 1 What rtUdrw otU tntkaMMt ' 5 ' '5 S ·° ·IH b ^* 1 9- ^ 5 ^ fH ·· 1 1 $H IT i r k P J ID p n ^ r «-] ·

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