Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 18, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1974
Page 11
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·Bdtevc/torflot/ METRIC} PASS IT ON I A HOUSE ON ISLE9 DES SAWTtS IN THE WEST INDIES, MTHf SHAPE Of A SHtP A BUNCH OF PANAMAS THAT WEIGHED 223 IBS., 70Z. Submitted bg SHAVE THEIR HEADS -USIH6GIAS fKOM A BKOKCH Borne +**T~-.%\t,,t l^l««.-w«Map» Brisbane, Queensland, Australia FRANCES DRAKE Your Dail Horoscope Korttiwtrt Arketntas TIMES, Friday. Oct. 18, 1974 "·' PAYITTtVILH, ARKANSAS LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Varicose Veins Are Rarely Reversible 11 SIGWftL-- SHE'S I G O O P f U P Y IWHfiT'SfiOlHG -THEV1U WAVED I \MTH THE j i ON HEKE? WHAi .K COME TOMIOHr. A SHIRT, CKWPUUT' A 11 AR VOU UP T0?y| BUZ. EVERV- THING'S fi)OSK FALL?. EARL* AS VSTORM CLOUDS GATHER. *W ffiMNPS M6~- WHATS *nAT5w THINK WN OUTO, SETflW OUOWt PONT IT? I'M SPHERED THAT fllN T BLESS HIS HEART !1 I'LL HflVETO GIVE HIM A LEETLE PAT OMTH'HEflD TflTER'S GOT ft LEETLE SUSPRISE PER VEIMTH 1 HOUSE, MflW WHAR WOU'LL BE PATnN'HIM CAINT BE A HAIRLESS OOS / FOLECATff-/WJST } BETH'OPIfJKfM' / /OBVIOUSLY NOT HLWAUTf--I'M / AFRAID ir WAS AW OUriMS OF 6o OP YOUR REt-Anves, THE BUS AHEAD WAS TIPPED WTO THE THAMES Are Ihcre any special exercises that can keep varicose veins from gclUnfi worse'.' Mrs. S.R., Mo. Dear Mn. R.: When varicose veins are present it means that changes and weakness ot Ihe muscular walls of the veins have already occurred. Rarely are Ihesc changes reversible. Sometimes, when an u n u s u a l reason for varicose veins is found and removed, there may be some improvement. Exercises cannot change the physical structure of the veins themselves. In some form, exercise can be beneficial to everyone. It is accepted lhal exercise stimulates the blood circulation and may therefore prevent the moderate stagnation ot blood that occurs in some cases of varicoslty. The upright position of mai imposes a great burden on the veins of the legs. The additlona pull of gravity further inter eres with the proper func ioning of the tiny valves in the veins. Exercise is not a substitute for the beneficial treatment, now in use .against the fatigu and cramps associated with lei varicosity. Support stockings, elevatior T the legs at frequent intervals luring the day, even for a'few ninulcs at a time, will h e : l p he return flow of blood through he veins. Prolonged periods of .landing or sitting, or driving n an automobile should be avoided. Tight girdles also nlerfere with blood circulation. There are now many ways o determine if the superficial veins or the deep veins jara ifteclcd. Each case must-be studied individually to determine blood flow efficiency. With these findings the doe- tor, in collaboration with ,.the surgeon, can decide on the best form of treatment. Sometimes, local injection of small varicositles are very Affective, Positional exercises are not curative, but are used in oilier forms of treatment.; When it is established lhat deep or superficial varicjtee veins are causing symptoms that are too distressing, surgery is advised. Unfortunately, many people delay the operation because they feel this method is "loo radical." Tt should be emphasized lhat surgery, performed before complications occur, must be considered "conservative" treatment rather than "radical." Look in the section in which you your birthday comes and find what your outlook is. according lo the stars. GT 0USY AND BRIMS ME SACK A DOZeN HIDES,' ul IK a ui ec THAT'S A tor ?F HIDES.'--WMATARB you MAKING--A N£W TePEE Of? A NSW DRSS ? GOT IT! YOU'RE SOINS To MAKe 'EM. . INTO 0ANPA5BS / .IO-1 BUT riE CAN SET STUBBORN IF YOU PONT HAVE AM APPOINTMENT l l al WHAT MADE YOU SAY A THINS LIKE THAT? r BOO-HOO-HOO-NOW YOU; woN'reo our WITH ME BECAUSE YOUTHIMKl'M CH,BOO-HOO'HOa' THE BATHROOM SCAt-E SAID I GAINED , A POUND FOR SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Don't mix business with pleasure and don't try to force issues. For the present, it will be better to let things take their course. TAURUS (Apr. 21 lo May 21) You may have lo revise some plans, change tactics, discard certain ideas but, in the final analysis, what you do well now will produce substantial dividends later. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) An excellent day for making new contacts, putting unique ideas into action. Influences also favorable for romance and travel. CANCER (June 22 lo July 23) Faced with a decision regarding your home or career, lake time lo In ink things over. Leaving everylhing slatus quo or the time being jusl MIGHT be your wisest course. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Do not conclude a matter before all facts are known or full chance for research given. You might be tricked nto inaccurate moves if not wary. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Don't cross others without ample reason. And, as with Cancer, it may turn out besl f you wait a bit before making decisions--giving t i m e f o r added factors to appear. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) Personal relationships under something of a cloud. Be especially tactful in situation: where money is involved. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Someone may try to involve a personal prohelm. clear ot the siluation-- as instinct probably warns B. JAY BECKER SAG1TARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. ") Your self-confidence and wise should be at a peak now, so lake the inlliative and go after what you want. Stumbling blocks will fall by the wayside. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) Don't let your impulses dominate logic--especially in situations where finances are! nvolved. Recklessness with money now could prove disas-| trous later. : AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) E x c e l l e n t Influences e n courage intellectual pursuits, c o m m u n i t y interests a n d written matters. Day spells action. Plan--and--act--wisely. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) A period for some inlrospec- lion. Through reflection, you will get a clearer view of the road ahead, to make plans for further accomplishment and satisfaction. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a high order of intellect, a strong will, great practicality and self-assurance. Your business acumen is extraordinary and you could be mosl successful in a managerial position or. in the financial world, as an investment counselor. You have a great love of luxuries and will work in- stintingly to altain them. Then, when you've earned the money, needed to satisfy your desires, you're likely to go into a tailspin wondering whether to spend it. Just one of your more w h i m s i c a l characteristics! Extremely versatile, aside from business, you could excel in the field of law, statesmanship, writing or medicine. On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) 1. You are declarer wilh the West hand at Six Clubs and North leads the jack of spades, which you win with the king. You return a club. S o u t h following low. Would you play the ten or the queen at this point? 4AK873 VAKQ · 63 * AQ109876 J102 * AKQJ *2 2. You are declarer wilh Ihe West hand at Seven Hearts and hold the K-J-0-8-6-5 o ftrumps you play the five to the ace North produces the deuce and South the three, and when you play Ihe ten South produces the four. Do you play the king or do you finesse? 1. Either play may fail or succeed, depending on Ihe di: Iribution, so, in choosing which card lo finesse, the besl thing lo do is play according to percentages. In attempting to discover the proper percentage play, you start by eliminating from the reckoning those hands where your play makes no difference Thus all those hands where N o r t h has the K-J-x. or x-j or x, or K-x-x, or J-x-x, a n d so on are disregarded. The out come is the same in all theft ~ases, whatever you do. The hands meriling attention are those where South has -K-x- x, J x-x, J-x-x-x, or K-x-x-x?he first two may be bypassed jecause South is as likely to hold one as the other, and.'ths en will gain exactly as often as the queen. The third case is also ignored because you lose two tracks whether you play the teij- OE .he queen. It is the fourth case that nakes the queen the better play [lian Ihe len. This is because you lose only one Irick ; by playing the queen, but J,wo tricks by playing the ten. ."And so, Ihe queen is the correct,per. centage play. 2. In the absence of qlues indicating otherwise, you should play the king. South will' be dealt x-x in 20.35 deals ou£ o[ 100. and Q-x-x in 18.65 deals out of 100. I tis therefore better to go up with Ihe king- -because that is the winning'play in the long r u n . .,, However, the advantage of playing for the drop is so slight that almost any clue indicating that North is somewhat more likely to have a singleton than a doubleton should be enough to induce you to finesse. ^ Crossword By Eugene Sheffer ACROSS 1 Vehicle 4 Amazon estuary 8 Droops 12 Money ot account 13 Sour H Lake -15 Noisy demonstration 17 Be concerned 18 Cord 19 Blunts 20 Uttered 22 Fly 24 Bird shelter · 25 House finches 29 Land measure 30 Chairman's mallet 31 Chinese leader 32 It flows in Texas; . 34 Blockhead 35 Level 1 36 Hindu garments 37 Garden tool 40 Neglect 41 Faucets 42 Purple willow 46 French river 47 Malayan nervous malady 48 Feminine name 49 Entreaty 50 Chaste 51 Letter DOWN 1 Male swan 2 Macaw 3 Voted 4 Actor John 5 Pain 6 -- Grande 7 Fuss 8 Safe 9 Russian sea 10 Young lass 11 Perceives 16 Be fond oE Avg. solution time: 25 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle, 19 Actress Arlene 20 Blemish 21 Skin orifice 22 Lucky number 23 German river 25 Rant 26 Pay off the mortgage 27 Spanish painter 28 Drunkards 30 Furnish 33 Situated between Africa and Arabia 34 Platform 36 Reek 37 Halt 38 Bucket 39 Church part 40 Smell 42 Knock 43 Australian bird 44 Goddess of. dawn 45 Thing (law) PONYTAIL "I had a really DIFFERENT kind of date last night...the guy had some money to spend!" HOW TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD BY TELEPHONE Dial 442-6242-Ask For CLASSIFIED DEADLINES: CIAE9IFIE! WORD AW -- fa Start Sand a? ar* accepted ant]] p.m. Friday. -- To start Monday ar» accepted mm AitlO a.m. Saturday. -- to start Tuesday Uiro Saturday «· accepted until 4 p-m. on the toy before publication. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY (SPACE) AS* ' -- lo slarl Sunday art accepted', vntfl 4 Thursday. -- lo start Monday art accepted. BirtS 4 p.m. Friday. - to ifart Tuesday thru ftitarday ;*r« accepted notu 4 p.m. two day* publication. Classified Office Hours Are; Monday through Friday, 8:00 4:00 p.m. Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

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