Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, August 11, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 14 Read by over 25,000 Doily ortfjtoesit 10CA1 POMCAST-- i r 'J" !t ' v ,"i!* " 1d vlcll "'r m o o r lnudv wlih irallered !hund«rjhow- r m hnv)-. tonijM , n j omorrow Cxil»r. IUln/*ll .01 Hlch 'mMMiuri. yatniliy ti: lg» ft oon today *7. Sunrui* J.M; »unwet Tfc« Public Interest It Tfce Fini Concern Of Tfc/i Newspaper /OIUMI 91, NUMIH 16 AtMdoM Pratt UMM| Wm FAYETTtVIUI. MKANSAS, MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 11, 1*S1 AP Low-Down Motoring Campaign Nears End ^L^ _ |^_ · _ _ « Missing iGovemorSays Cherry Promises Cosies Fans ny flr yu rea i DJ Q \AMIA diva**!*** To Hnlt Plnnc ! * Some Surprises In Radio Talk Says He Will Win "Unless They Steal The Election" To Halt Plans For wedding'As Ever, Says Gen. Ridgway Serious Weoknesses In West's Buildup Declared Evident N o r m a l . Ill . i.q-i - The hride peeked from h r r bedroom w i n d o w a n d said, "I do." i n t o a portable microphone. The bridegroom ami l!ic rest of the wedding p a r t y . stood belo\\ j on t h e porch. ! I t happened this way because! lela Ten Eyck was ordered to bed I Camden. Ark. -MV C h a n c e l l o r '^ lh . c "'? s ' e5 f ' v r h ° u r s ^' nre ' , Francis Cherry declared lodav t h a t ! hei ', ». h « l "" ! ' 1 ch "' l ^ n """ling , I he would defeat Governor M c M a t h I - vc ? crda ' lo Jerorw . ^- D TM'" Sup, erne Headquarter... Allied in tomorrow's Democratic r u n o f f , f c i I"TM"'-' ""rr.cdl.v arranged Poweis in Kmnpe - ,/!, - Gen. ; ° h a TM W ° dd '" K R U C S s "'"*'« M a t t h e w B. RiriRway s » l d Monh , l r n m thl ' ''huri'h l n »«·»' home. The autos above arc the victims of a road which collapsed over a subterranian sewer in Philadelphia, Pa. As the pit began to widen, several hundred residents of the immediate area were ordered to leave t h e i r homes No Need For Special Session Now, Says Price Stabilizer Vote Returns To Be Broadcast Blind Couple Lose A g a i n To Robbers -* Wushington-m-Two of Presi- Baltimore - (/P) - "Why must j dent Truman's top economic chief- somebody keep stealing from us?" primary "unless they steal Ihe election." i In the first of three t a l k a t h o n s ' Ej .,. ki carrying her wedding gnvvr I on this election eve, Cherry told : a n t t c a n » , n K a bouquet appear- I South A r k a n s a s radio listeners · p(i ,,, her'window jusl long enough, and a visible audience on Ihe Ouachita Counly cnurlhousc lawn ; here: _ | "McMath bas been spending , money in unbclicveable a m o u n l s | ' in an effort to win Ihis election, i The average citizens knows Mc- Malh is going tn be deleated unless Ihcy slcal the election." I Cherrv. who advised A r k a n s a s , I-;""' ""''k-OT-Shoolings, i voters "don't t u r n olf your radios · ?TM ^ "'° m «*TM"TM- '"'"' i lonight." said he had devised sale- | hl ?. hwliy »«" 1 " t -' i TM\ .««'" '»"- ' g u a r d s asainst a stolen elechon. rr " a " r °" s m l s h a p s ch " mcd He mid voicrs lo mar!-, then bal- : lots in i n k , t a k e someone to Ihe polls w i t h them, make and keep for the exchange of 11 Lose Lives In Arkansas day Ihe t h r e a t of war is si.., ,,., big as ever, and t h e r e are serious weaknesses in t h e west's b u i l d u p lo meet t h i s t h r e a t . The supreme commander of Al- , lied forces in F.urope declared \ Ihcre is doubt as lo whether I h e ! western A l l i e s could reach t h e i r i 1952 goal of SO divisions--25 ac- livc and 2.1 in reserve--and 4,000 the for it unless prices keep climbing ; closed for the weekend a f t e r 2 at a rapid rale. And Sen. John '. p. m., Saturdav and emptied the Sparkman of Alabama, the Dem- ! cash box. The'loot included $126 j tains were al odds loday over i whether Congress should be called I into spe.ial session to lighlen price i ccnlrols. In the latest repercussion to Price Boss Ellis Ai nan's rccom- Elcclion rclurns lomorrow n i g h t mcndation for such a session, £co- w i l l be broadcast from the TIMES! nomic Stabilizer Roger Pulnam office by slaff members of Radio said last night he saw no need Station K G R H . Returns w i l l start coming in about 7 p. m., and reports w i l l continue through t h e ' night until the results are definite.' ocratic vice presidential nominee, An Associated Press leased wire I said he felt this is nol the proper w i l l be open at 7, which will bring ' time lor a special session, in the latest returns from all ovcr i Other opposition was voiced by Ihe slate, and rcprcscntalives of j a spokesman for the American Ihe TIMES will report returns Farm Bureau Federation and by from the county courthouse as | Rep. Jacob Javits (R-Lib-NY). Ihe come in to thtroffice of the in the meantime, new standards being set up by Arnall's agency, ""*' the Office of Price Stabilization, ] apparently assured higher r e t a i l ' prices as a result of the steel, a l u m i n u m and copper price boosts recently granted. Al! of these developments were c o n t i n u i n g ripples Irom the storm kicked up over the slcel price dispute, settled J u l y 1!4. The Office of Defense Mobilization, on t h a t .. record of the number on their Baltimore - (/P) - "Why must : b a l l o l . "You do lhat," he said, "and we'll rio the rest. Someone may imd himself in the penitentiary. .Stealing an election is as bad as stealing money." Asked About Charges Several times at bis t a l k a t h o n here Judge Cherry was asked about charges made by M c M a t h in last m i n u t e newspaper adver- The question was posed today by Mr and Mrs. Ben L. Bond, both totally blind, after t h e i r magazine and cigar stand at the post office here was robbed of $50(1 ovcr the weekend. Last April, ?225 was stolen from the Bonds. · This time, someone forced the door to the stand after it lives of nine Arkansans over thr weekend The drains incrca.sod to 20 the stale's violent d e a t h t o t a l for the week rndmg Sunday m i d n i g h t . At M a l v e r n , a Louisiana man. brooding over t h r recent death of his wife, k i l l n d his 21- vcar-old d n u g h t e r todav thrn y h n t him.volf tn d e a t h . Hot Spring County Sheriff Rov T,a vwi,k ,o ported. Travwiek ' i d e n t i f i e d the If People Are No Longer 'Tooled Would Remove "For All Time" Selfish Forces In State Llltlc Rock - ilfi - On-. Sid i M c . M a t h ln|ci r a d i o listeners ' t h r o u g h o u t Arkansas today that he . would he nominated (or a third trrm tomorrow- bv voters who will r e f u s e "in keep Another blind date . w i t h a voice." I "The voice" \t nnr of McMitlh's many designations--none of them | complimentary -- (or Chancellor | Francis Cherry of Jonesboro who I opposes him In tomorrow's runoff ! p r i m a r y . The reference was M the R i d g w a y also said he favored I wo year's m i l i t a r y service -two ' s n m l thing European nations are lo discuss in Paris Tuesday amid indications they w i l l not adopt i). "The most serious deficiency to rtalr." R i d g w a y said, is the S H A P F . ' J o h n . _ . r b u i l d u p in the logistics field. The ! naturalized American citizen, was problem of b u i l d i n g waiehouses, j reported to have escaped from the scheduled Iroop i n s t a l l a t i o n s and a i r fields · Czechoslovakia j a i l where he is broad and complex, he said, i servinj a 10-year sentence lor and "I haven't had t i m e lo en i n t o ! pionage. Czech o f f i c i a l s s a i d j remainder o f ' i h e day. m a i n l v eon- the almost i n n u m e r a b l e details of j Hvasta fled the j a i l J a n u a r y 2 a n d 1 f e r r i n j with delegations of sup- thai program." | t h a i they do nol k n o w wheic he porters from various sections of Hvasta, 25, is from Hillside, N. '"· Cheny radio talkathons, which McMalh has repealedly assailed as Intended to hide his opponent from the public McMath spoke over a sutewjdf ( a b o v e ) , Czech-born, radio nelwork between 9 and 9:13 a. m. Another network speech vim .... | scheduled lro m KM u n t i l 9 to- ivas · night. M c M a t h said he would be c s - , i n his headquailers most of the / - » ' , , , °" , lh ,". f TM'"--" I'm s . '° f TM' h tm "TM of Brilish and i o.v may not br Mr\ nm 'TM" "»'·' ' county clerk. Name Of Missourian Among '10 Most Wanted' Washington - i J'l - W i l l i a m Alerfe Martin, 42, of Joplin, Mo., fought for the killin.s of a Kansas deputy sheriff last J u n e 2.T ' earmarked to pay a candy bill today. j "Thai's just another of the nn- Thc Bonds have operated the * r u c -lateincnls he has made. - ...wspaper a n v e r - ,, A ·t-i-J'car-old Dermotl. Ark Th|!n f ' , , ' lisinjr. Each t i m e the 4,'i-vear-old N ''«''° w"s shot lo dealh al Der; k n , ' ,, . .. ,^ , ,u I chancellor answered about lhc .',oil Saturday night d u r i n g an in- m ,eT o? ^Ve.^ , S a!nsl !he I stand for 20 years. Fire Fatal To Gateway Nan W. J. Mills Dies When Home Burns . | Cherry drove lo El Dorado for another t a l k a l h o n loday and w i l l ; be on the air in a s t a t e w i d e broad- tasL tonight. It was Ihis nighl -I nT^^ -«* -- i .*MS SoHUvul;; vcstigalion of reports of a prowler in H residential district of thr city. City Marsh a 1 Burl Davis said the victim was Krnest Coir, an ox- convict. Davis said hr shot Cole when he failed to slop a f t e r the marshal fired two w a r n i n g shots. Much King, right, son of Mr. west has diminished. In preparing the defense against such a I h r e a l . he said, there wrre "serl- nus inarienuacies in sevcial vila! categories." Refugee Says He Fled With John Hvasta ; not (o miss. '· "I'll have d t a l k a t h o n , an M · dress and I ' l l give you some surprises--plenty of surpries." The judge wouldn't say \ v h a t the , date approved a half-billion-dollar put on the FBI's list of " i n most wanted men" Monday. The FBI rlciicribed M a r t i n as an expert housebi raker and c;ir t h i e f . It said he possibly is heavily armed, and | Wednesday. Ha handed in his res- is believed lo be t r a v e l i n g with a ; ignatitm and urced the president woman companion, rcrihaircd l i k e ; to order a speiial session of Con- himself. ! g n. if . Truman look no price increase for steel--55.2 ton lor carbon steel and a SC».6.i average for all steel. A r n o i l called on T r u m a n iUartin has ;m arrest record in Missouri. KansH=, I l l i n o i s and Oklahoma dating back more than 20 yrars. rfrs finscrorinls were found on an automobile amandonrd near Olathe, Kan., on J u n e 23 al the scene of a pun b a t t l e in which Deputy Sheriff Willard Carver was shot and killed. Greek-Bulgarian Border Reported "All Quiet" the resignation, but said he war considering a special session. OPS spokesmen said they expect to issue the new price standards within a week or 10 days. DAV Head Says Korean Yet Under-Appreciated Rogers - (Special) - The body of W i l l i a m Joseph M i l l s . 67, was found burned thi.s morning in liis home at Gateway a f t e r fire oVs- Irovpd the house. He lived alone. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence F.clen. who l i v e nearby, disco-, ered the house in flames Ihis morning af- nl uon- i 1C'' h e a r i n g w h a t they though) :tion on I sounded l i k e shots. The Rocers last Fire Deparlmenl senl Assi.slnnt Driver Jacl Connel and his son. S£t. John Connel, to the scene with a booster pump, and they used waler from the Frisco water t a n k al Seligman lo help control i Ihe flames. I M i l l s incorporated the town of i Galeway a number of years a^o. j n n d opened the first trading post , t ,,,,, UJ ,,,,,,,.,_,,,,,,,, | Ihere. He had relired from husi- . "hones;, clean a n d decent govcrn- i ness anrl resided at his foui-rcom mcnl." predicted he v,-ould win bv i Boslon-WVEwing W. Mays, o[ . house. T.i.OOO to inn.not) votes I L i t t l e Rock. Ark., national com- ! Ini esligalors reported l h a l last Q ufr i c( | By McMathite Ark., was kiled when the swing in which he was playing loppled over and crushed him. Bill Jon*";. 60, a f a r m e r l i v i n g - .- -,,- . .._ ....... l l l t five miles from Nashville, ended I surprises would be, but it was be- ' his own l i f e w i t h a pistol Satur- j ! i e \ c d his program would i n c l u d e j day. according tn Dr. Tom W. j a broadcast of the t a p e recording ' C h a m b e r l a i n , acting coroner. I of t h e debate between Cherry and M c M a t h las! Thursday. The two exchanged v.-ords a f t e r t h e governor barged in on Cherry's lalk- athon at Helena. Cherry w i l l he n:i the H I T tomorrow morning, but t h a i hroacl- cas! i=; planned as a n "open house" from his home. Cherry w i l l have two radio ses- :.ions t o n i g h t , the f i i s l Irom 5 lo 8:30 p. m. and the second from fl to i n p. m. '·We'll h a v e e n t c r u i n m e n t t h r o u g h o u t the evening," he said, "hut I especially advise the people of Arkansas lo be lislening to the period beginning at 9." Cherr.v, who says he's the un- orihodox c a n d i d a t e " because he promises no jobs or favors--only Plate. S»ri Frtf(, r*oled The governor declared that Cherry has "talked the people to doalh--and hasn't Maid anything. He fooled enough of them the lime lo sel inlo the runoff, but he won'i fool them aRflln." "The first limr." was the pre- fcronlial primary on July 29. when McMalh led the ticket ind Cherry rin second, some 9,000 voles behind McMalh asseilrd the "people are n-omg tn vole for a man ihim- srlt) who can mix with them, I m»n who can and will fight lh«ir Heavily Bombed 150 Planes Of Allies In Attack ... . ,, I/n .,, . S 7'"' K"TMa-f/P)-Allll!ri fighter^ mbcrs , loda - 1 ' l u r TMd a bid North , a n c TM m i c a l f 1 *"" ml" ' mass n ' r a f " n K , f ' ar "f '« " rnncenlrated , "* w l l h hl * h explosives and ''". bomb /' . " F "' h "" FOIT ' said 15 ° Athens. Grcecc-(.'Pl-A government spokesman said today "complete quiet" prevails along the Greek - Bulgarian border, where Greek troops used machine guns and mortars last week lo clear Bulgar delachmenl from 300 yarn-long Gamma island. The spokesman said no more Rulgars had tried to land on the tiny island in lhc Evros River, a patch of grass and brush over which Greece claims sovereignly Greek troops fired inlermillentiy for three days a f t e r two Greek u l t i m a t u m s failed to dislodge the Bnlgars. Bulgaria contends shifts in the course of the Evios have marie the island her propcity. m a n d e r of Ihe Disabled American 'Tuesday the rear end of the house Veterans, says "lo be killed in Ihe , was discovered b u r n i n g , and Ihe Korean War vou almost must be - f i r e w?s put out. Three men were I killed outright by the shells l h a t i w i t h him al the time. Sheriff John S . U J| P ° a n d ' ; hit you--or you have a good: Black said. The sheriff said the committee chance of sun ival." . | explosions heard bv the neighbors . F. Burns was vesicating as. was the s h e r i f f . l s . .He said yesterday t h a t "with hel: could have been shells going off in n i icoplers and rioclors attached to ; the fire. ). ; front line units, the wounded GI Coroner W ' in Korea u s u a l l y is on an operat- --·:--.-·-- ing table wilhin 20 minutes a f t e r being hi:." Mays said also "lhc Korean veteran is the most u n d e r appreciated man who ever burc arms in defense of this nation." Decrease In Forest Fires Is Reported Campaign For Blood Danalions Planned Washington - I/ft - An i n t e n s i v e d r i v e for blood donations from throughout lhc country is gelling under way. The Office of Defense . _ , Washington - f/P, - The Forest' "* il TM Uo ". *«**'"« "V Tresi- Pou.,ry Market - l^^^^^^^^^^ «Z I co-operative public - cut down ' su l"? n . rlcdr , b v "TM · v '""" ; ' 1 *"The poultrj market today «« re-! forest fire damage last rear. M-rlismg Council, ported b y l h c Universily o f A r - ' T h e A?riciiliure D e p a r t m e n t : " ' -- · -- · · · kansas Institute of Science a n d . agency said from !!5fl lo the Technology and the Dairy i n d j number of forest fires in the na- Poultry Market News Service o f 1 lion dropped 21 per cent. The area ''. '' ·--·--' burned over declined from 15.- 51H.540. acres in 11)50 In lO.TfU.OM . C a m p a i g n i n g candidate* for j f o u r Washington C o u n t y office..-- A t Camdcn. Wayne G l e n n , w h o i d e n t i f i e d h i m s e l f as a Mc.Ma'.h member of the which endorsed the governor, stepped up to t h e · microphone to ( uc.-lion C h e r r y . . TM" The exchange soon developed m!o ' an a r g u m e n t over whether the committee was decided in a d v a n c e ; '.f m e e t i n g w i t h thr I w o c a n d i dates t h a t it would get b e h i n d . M c M a t h . ! The crowd wa; prcdnmin.-m'.ly . p r o - C h e r r y . It booed G l e n n nr.i c I and cheered a n u m b e r of Cherry's ' anvvers. Cherry has said repeatedly thai t h e committee of AFI. leaders did nol reprc.cnt the f e e l i n g r,f r a n t and f i l e u n i o n labor In A r k a n s a s . Olher men i d e n l i f y i n g themselves as union members harl s'.norl up and voiced support of C h e i r y before Glenn ar..;wcrrd the .iud^r'5 q u e s t i o n if there were a n v Mc' CONTIM.'F.n ON PACE THTHTEEN James Barker, J r . .10, of R o u t e 2. Benton, was k i l l e d S a t u r d a y night when the truck he was driving overturned on H i a h w a y 70 about 17 miles west of L i t t l e Rock. A .17-year-old woman died in a f a l l from Ihe back of a truck on Highway 70 three miles wesl of Palfeline. Mrs. Elizabeth Callahan of Earle was r i d i n g in t h e 1 , """ """ "" r ""' r sala " u hack end of a truck driven by her r' a "f' ""-I' 1 "'"* Marine fighlcr- a h a n bombers, heaped deslruction on the chemical plant near Namsok. which is a h o u l 30 miles norlhwest of the battered cast coast port of · Wonsan. i Returning- pilots said great _ : u | v j | _ r.louds of black smoke hung over l i f i e d Tilmer Keels. 38, Little Rock N'egro, as the victim of a I r a f f i c accident on Highway 67 near the capilal i.-ilv. Keels was killed when Ihe car in which he was riding overturned. James R. Jackson. 44. of I.epan- lo. A i k . . died of electric shock w h i l e working on an automobile in bis garage. Munich, Gernmny-tP)-A O.erh ; icfusee said today John Hvasta \ escaped w i t h h i m and four olher prisoners last J a n u a r y 2 Irom i Czech prison where Hv)6lit, a n ; ·*«.·· ".«i. American, was serving · ^O-yur i '" lll _"' ' Itian wt i" h»« the enur- ' '" pr«ent a program and op.--.., »H who . wool* imprte our t that Pr»5«««." 1 and "our vote." he continued, "will b* not alone an expression of faith in me. but an expression of your f a i t h in our program of progress for Arkansas." McMath yesterday predicted hr would win by sn "overwhelming husband, Louis Callahan. Gordon Lee Parham. .10. Perry.. Ark., man, died from injuries sllf- ' fcred when he came in cnnlacl with an electric wire near hi home. j State Trooper Ed Coward iden- ' .. . .... the building.. area, which a m o u n t a i n side. Japanese Minister Says I Rearming "Too Cosily" Hiroshima, Japan - /Pj - Japan's Sundav night. Petha Peers. 15. of Little nock. ,.,,, from injuries suffered in an automobile accident onlJ.S. H i g h w a y 67-70 near Litlle Rock last Friday night. | finance minister thinks his coun ImogrMie | try is loo poor lo rearm. In a lee- '"~'~ '" wt -" l() vi, i»tn. am. me tol- dicd ; lure in t h i s atom-blasted rity last j 'owing May was sentenced to three 47,000 Draftees In October To Be Called Wafhington-/I'i-The A r m v tn- d;iv r a i l e d for 47.000 draftee'. In October. This compares w i t h 30.000 asked for .September and would bring lo (132,000 Ihe total called by Ihe A r m y since i n d n r lions resumed in Septembci, 1950. Berlin - l/l'p - Marz.iret Truman ronV I h i o u s h lhc Russian zone to Berlin Monday for a two-day visit ar. p a i l of her K u r o p e n n lour. spy charges as l h a n im b u i l d i n g armed mi?ht. i " vasla 's sentence to 10 years. Ikeda estimated it would cost I '·'· s - oHicials have stcadfaitl-. J a p a n more t h a n 1 1 billion dollars ; rc l ' clr -'l the Czech t" M-I up an A r m v of :,| divisions ' '""""ndcd. I an Air Force of s.ono planes and a N a v y t - i m i l a r in strength to the I one Ihe c o u n t r y had diirms thr P a c i f i c war He said nearly Ihrer b i l l i o n w o u l d be i r q u i r c 4 a n n u ally to inaintain such a force. Tht Weather Partly cloudy A i k a n s a s -- Partly cloudy this .. , afternoon, lonight and Tuesday tllv "ions this year and 98 to 98 b w i t h w i d e l y sraitercd t h u n d e r 1!) '' i1 showers; somewhat cooler extreme northwest tonight and north announcement of Auguit Hv.isla escaped January . ,,.._ l h a l his whereabouts since arc unknown, Thr story of t h e e.icpe was told in an interview by J.irosbv Burec, 30, who said "four prominent political prisoners" fled at the same · · " " - lime as himself and Hvasla. , ^ a j n r l ' v '"/""ove for all times ii. , !,, i - i - A ik "' SPl ' Bh Inrcts that have re- He ideniil.ed Ihe prison as one . lar d fd the process of our stale." But he cautioned his follower? against overconfidence and uraed them "to forget your business, get a baby sitt»r. forget your f a m i l y and forget everything except win. nlnn Ihe election."' Wife Am*H( Shaken The governor spoke at a rally o( Pulaski County McMath workers . in the Skyway of the Lafayette Hotel, where he has his Little . Pock headquarters. i Other speakers Included his : wife. Ann. and his campaign man! aser, Henry Woods. ! McMalh said that "a week ago ,,., ; thin * s looked pretly dark." Bui village. Burec succeeded in m.ik- ! adtl '' t1 'hat Ihe volers hae) since ing his w a y across t'.ie heau 1 ^ ' ^ urnef * °ack to him. He said "the guarded Czech bnrde.r into West P c °P lf "' Arkansas were Uken in Germany. | by Francis Cherry's talkathon, but HvasM. 25. of Hillside. N. J., nou/ they've found out what it is-- w-as arresied by C.'zech secret |;na ^ c v t r e "-''th front room ques- lice In October, 1R48. am. the fol- lions alul barl rnom answers" He .ilto naid his compliments to the "special inlerMis" which he says are backing Cherry. And he oscribed his opponent as an "escapist" who is ''afraid of nrrsonal conlact with people" and "too frightened to meet him in fincn debate." Seen Big Mirrln A f l e r the r a l l y . McMalh saM al n news tonference that he woulc win bv ,W"00 votes. He had marie lue same prediclion previously McMalh said t h a t on tonishl'i Washington - i/Pi . Gen Omar broadcasi he would review accom- Bradley loday predicled Ihe N'orlh plishmcnn of his four-year ad. A t l a n t i c Treaty nalions will f a l l m i n i s t r a t i o n and describe how hij short of their goals of .",0 m i l i t a r y al Leopoldov, 30 miles northeast of Bratislava, where only prominent prisoners or those considered especially dangerous were held. By Burcc's account: The six fugitives slipped out unnoticed by guards, late in Ihc planned to meet again, but never , gioups of inree al a river t'.vo · miles away. HvaMa wont one v.-ay, while Burec went ano -r. They planned to mecl again, ·» . never were nble to locate L-..I olher t h e r e a f t e r . j Burec expressed confidence, | however, t h a t Hvasla has mil beeo I shol 01 lecdpiumi and said he probably \-as h i d m j in some small I *-,*. ... .,,,^ ,,iuin-i;id5ien rity last i " ...O.Y v*«.T M:iin:iicca io tnree , night, Hayalo Ikcda said the jov-' y e a r s in prison on charges of cs: ernmcnt should conrenlralc on I Pionagc. A f t e r an anpeal, n second I i m p r o v i n g l i v ing condillons rathcl ' " i a l ln April, 1950. increased ! Bradley Doubts Arms Goals Can Be Met the U. S. Department of Agriculture. Norihvves) A i k a n s a s area: Mar- in 1951. ket sleady to f i r m ; demand f a i r to good; offerings light on all sizes; supplies of heavy sizes very r h o r t ; most t r a d i n g centered on broilers or fryers between 2 1 ?2.115 Ibs; prices f. o. h. f a r m re- pnrled to 2 p. m. -- broilers or fryers all u eights ( 2 ' j - 3 Ihs), 3f)-Sl. Four Washington County Contests Jo Be Settled Tomorrow Swerves To Ills Death South H i l l . Va., - i.Tt - Mclvin i:. Criilchfiold. Jr. of Soulh Hill, swerved his Jeep yeslerday in an effori to run over and k i l l a snake on the highway. The Jeep went , nut of control and overturned. 1 Young Crulrhfield was killed. Vote Tuesday ! those of county .Hideo, tax c n l l e r tor, c i r c u i t clerk and t r e a s u r e r - w i l l get t h e i r answeis f r o m t h e . people tomoriow. as votoi.i go to i Ihe polls in the A r k a n s a s Demo, crntic r u n - o f / p r i m a r y . Voicrs in this county will m a r k ballots containing the names of candidates lor 25 slate, county and district o f f i c e nominaunns. as u e l l I p, rl(r .. ,,,,;.... ri as names of c a n d i d a l e s for juslues , s^it placed .wo ·ountv o f f i c e ? arc to he selected in tomonow's p i i m a i v . Koi seven of those oflici-. the c a n d i d a t e s h;.ve no opposilion. The county lace w h i i h ha' stirred the nw! interest is t h a t for the county nidge's o f f i c e being vacated by Counly Judge W i l t drier, who is not scekini; reelection. The present countv clerk. Roy A. Scott of Fayctlcville. and a returned veteran of Korea, I.I Col. B i l l Bush, are opponents for .Indue m f i i - t ; m d R a l p h Taylor, seeking hir f o u r t h t e r m ?s l a x collector, is opposed hv Lloyd M r C o n n e l l . county em- ploye who designed and i n s t a l l e d the p i i i c n t tax lecoids system. Seeking Ihe r i r c u i l rink's office w h i c h Oreer i« v a c a t i n g are W S. Bronwn. F.iyeltcvillc a b s l r n i - tor. and .Jackson O. Dyrd former stale Revenue Department cm- of the poll t a x i n ' i s V j ' l s " « " " r i - " plove now in Ihe U. S. A r m y . | ouiremenl for v o t i n g tomorrow Clint Shook Is seeking a f o u r t h and an o f f i c i a l advised voters to Irrm B.I counlv Ironstirer and Is i rarrv (heir poll tix recriols to the St.-ite repie'entatives, John W M m n l - v . position No I, and C h f - lon Wade, position No. 2; r h e r i f f . Biuri; C n d e i , c o u n t y i l o r k , Paul C'. D a v i 5 ; l a x asse-.soi. Oeorae Mr. Connell; rnr-incr. Fdmnnd Walson; ,in! Mir"cvor. Pass M u l i c n i n flr»n-I,'p Ordered | Cairo. Kg.vpt - i,1', - Pieiniei .._ , A l y Maher remanded l.i.vt n u h t "P l h a l K e y p f s f i o l i t i c i i l p,,|-ties ""r clransr themselves of coriuplion f i n e e.Minrlion. Thr man who h i m in nf.'i.e, M a i Cen Mn. Timed N'aHinb. followed up u»- ".ith a call for IrcisUlion lo sr "the peoples Ir. ing p.'o.'ram could he specderi to com- Diction d u r i n g the next two years He said he w o u l d discuss a proposal -- f u s t announced at Iht news conference -- for a Cover- nor's A d v i s o r y Council to be set hcn 1 am re-elected gover- He s^id members would bf selected by various groups--inclurt- iii" i ' g n r u i t u r r . R u r a l Electriti- c.ilirin Admimstralion, p r i v a t e now er. labor, oil industries, medicine, insurance, finance, eiuca- ] lion. Iruckers. railroid* and olh- · ' n s -- and would meet wild him Wahtnjilon-/T*-A ,?roup of Chi- nnce a'month lo discuss "the man- c.i8i and Southein A i r Lme^ her in which vour slate'l business · rt .. _ . , , ' --.-...... piloli srnl a spokesman before a is being conducted." id elo^o at «"nT" m P,±."'.-: Civ " A(lron » u "" "·««' ""''mi: M f M a t h will makf morf r.din today lo opnosr a proposed mer- , talks tomorrow -- election day. H« grr of the lines wilh Delta Air w i l l v o t e at h i j lf|al · !-'"«'.'·· I Hot Spnn««. ol thr peace and pariy comm'i'u'e'r: ' TM" "I 1 ",'" 1 '"·'?"'' ln 1h " men from Ihe various t o w n s h i p s i n a i i n c f ""') ci" Dtmocrnlic nominees lor 11 , Oi err f r o m Ihe i ace. 1 opposed hv John K i r s c h . d r p u i v , poll., w i t h them for posi'i'l've'irlrn'l · ' · · f and b a i l i f f for Ihe part f i v e l i f i c a l i o n . Prlnled l i « t » of poll I n x J *" pavers a i r provided al vndns ' -·'··'-·- unopposed on the pl»ce... bul lhes» lists «omMimis hallo) are: . c o n t a i n errors and onm«irtn«. | Vote Tuesday

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