Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 9, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 9, 1952
Page 8
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9, Ittl JIM AND HOME NEWS Conservation Grassland Program Followed By Frank Mayofte; Five-Inch Grazing Sfeund To Be Most Beneficial To Animals !*7^" ~"(OI UH liiiL- *"*" "" Ctoyir WiUl * * ood *""* ai::£.-«uM«' ttvtti stfttilit. with «*O. ·. Army. * total of It rv* v. twm/i · IVIBI M *· 7WTV ·M U 4i*«, trMk Miyott* ehatt -·t CWrka Mr MtaWUhltv MM *f Bmford*. Fr.nk. whc .Iranh. whohu all mr'the world, ha of land id) *'fl5!i' t *! tau »*««r J«. 'boo y.«fcht miles wen of r.ttttwlllt wtth tion frtMU the' WathUifton on "««*u»ly aetl eonMrvtUon dlatri .·ila for ceol weather frasees a " 11 ""Uw trcsm. His com . pmfrim when flnlihed w lttiU approitmateir CO acr wafm weather pasture plan ' 1 * in tb* Oiarki then wMthtr fruit*. M. 7 two-third, of hit Vgiturt ·*·*·**« »f 40 arm of btM .·U-W** 11 " |Ttt«. ·! -,rt .Hi 1 tot, "This btrmota ft** *» · «"-» » -t -w«h i tht.putun with "ttot aloac h. nitjli MI ._,, ----- .- wish-' liiil giUMlllr. At prttatTt hTZ JS- ·*mt · few cows fw ntHlWMtltel ^STJi 1 caSS or bad. -- of Nt to 1,OM pound, of nitrate of Mda per am. He v/ill UH ··Ih summer and winter temporary pasture, a. n*tdtd with tht number of anim.1 un|U he will bt (·tag. Hi. not WMtbtr art frteBt and clovtr, along with somt orehard gran and clover. Onm Work MMM HttM Bttf and dtry cattle have been union worker, for yttrs. A dairy man who spent ttver.l nights ou n tht pasture with a stop watch came up with some anuzlnt facts »bout the irailng hablta of a cow He found that · a cow will put in ad average of TH hours every day eating whether It's on short grass or long grass. Northwost Arkansas Farming By Job* I. Smith I "L "Tj~Z--^ "**· *!*· t»»W VCTVUV should be nutorUlly lacre.Md. Peas, Beans Easily [Protected From Weevil Infestation It Is difficult, to kttp weevil. JUL?. dry ·*" trid btin§ unl *» i definite proteetive measure, are taktn. To prevent lost of ptti or bttn., Mrs. Mirgaret H. Brown- Apple tort C«ts.iig CoKUeraMe TMs Ye*, County Agent Warns Rust of cedar and apple trees, of Fermate of Karbam Black and Uon inn in fontral consider It ground and I tect seed by one astures, but tht methods recommended ,,, ,« of'««. B Vf V 1 ?! ""?"*· Un Jt«»'«y College of Agrleulture. 01 ground for fall, winter, -.--. . paiturei by th ~-- j ww..v«j,« W | nfi icuilUlW. The standard method of protec- '-- '1 to '-· · · has caused considerable loss on susceptible varieties. Some unsprayed trees have been to seriously affected that they have lost many of their leavet, Carl Rose, county agent, said today. Rust of cedar and apple Is one pf the most conspicuous diseases In Arkansas. Signs of the disease on the cedar are very different from those on the apple and related specie.. On the other hand symptoms of this rust on the crab apple, hawthorne, red haw, and one and one-half pounds of wetta- ble-sulfur (2500 to 4000 mesh) in 50 gallons of water, instead of liquid lime-sulphur or wettable sulfur in the cluster bud and calyx sprays. Fermate or karbim black should not be mixed wfih lime, lime-sulfur, or copper sprays. When cedar trees are valuable and not too many it may be\practical to apple spray. This application on cedar should consist of one-half galon of Elgetol in 50 gal- -- flvt-ineh _ our period a cow can get 123 pounds iiuld* of Mr; that Is ... for 50 pounds of milk. On Inch gr.u. during tht TA hour parted, she oan t*t only 41 OVUM., which is enough for only M pound. *f milk. MM jittt won't pui In ,*** time to tat more *".*» «·»« mort milk, which *, httiutt It la ta! »«""i"k"" ··""""· I "» :I '· 10 lumigate the Mtd with I * uince » r * «imiitr to those on the For those who have btef cattle, carbon disulflde (hinh-llfe) in a * pp1 '- ""« " id ' " f. !!t;.^ §h T Pl 1 0thi v n * * " fht cont ""«'-- °n« 1«W ounce la Apple le.ves, fruit, an d «ca- - _, .. wlmtr P»« l ure in cheap- tnough for eight cuble feet or a 'tonally twigs «re attacked Usual n«s of the resulting animal prod . M gallon barrel. For , m , n '* during May and June ,.d even r pasture is becoming a m o u n t s , one teaspoonful is lll * r . orange-colored spots de- m.l.YK.V ,1 ttfM "t of ani- tnough for an eight gallon con- v ' lop on the apple leaves. When mall that they are no longer tainer, or half a dozen drops to a th « l«ves .re badly infected they Just maintenance pas- quart. . turn yellow and will fall off pre- ...n.i.T-? , to P. rodu « «ub- Fumigation should continue/for maturely. This weakens the tree ta££L * K', ., V" fht ' nd lo }' h ° Ur ' " « tem P"«t«« of 70 ·"·« reduces the number and sizr produce substantial amounts of degrees F. or higher. After fuml- °' the fruits, Rose said. Infected and wool. gallon the seed should be thor- »PPie« usually are slightly de- Arkansas agronomists have oughly aired and then stored in formed, and a greenish or yellow Inun..... wltn "*. *°" nc « of the a tig ht container to prevent a discoloration of the flesh often ex- intense summer .heat as well as fresh attack from weevils. Use of tends to the core. «t/T.r .°K'","'" n l°'!! er J": £ r*/"! 10 " "«"«* or '«»- .. Simil.r but smaller eld* or shrub killer is the mostiD in much cheeper but th« kill in practical means. Almost every slower. Danger of .pray-drift from 2, 4-D injuring nearby gar- farm home has poison ivy growing somewnere near the house- on trees, in fence rows, or in shady woods nearby. To protect sensitive pcop'e from the scourge of "poison attack," spray all poison ivy foliage im- - ,,,,,. nu£i , c ,,,, mediately with Animate or 2, 4-D, | after each use , - ar- den plants and flowers is also greater. With cither chemical, follow the directions carefully,- the agent said. Use the spray equipment for this material only. Wash the spray can. nozzle and host thoroughly Rose advised. Animate, a nonpoisonous tree and shrub killer will kill poison ivy within a few days. A second application may be necessary later this month or in September. Thick barked trees will not be njured by spraying the foliage of - . ,,,, «,,- p . ois ° n |V X Sowing on the trunks Ions of water in late winter or . ' e trfes ' Rose sa!d - I v v should early spring while the trees are ! 2* r * moved . however, from ten- still dormant. der . thin bark, Kees IP ems) in* TJMR8 tstr. · . can . to*. Mt-tmtnMlnf tat not r UH^trtant. Thty divide this hour day into two shifts, 4H - ··"·*-- -- ' A thrtt - -n try that kind of production, » must get away from the "little ··UHH.IICT «i wnjcn x Jot" of winter pasture that gives fumigate seeds. For small us cattle an occoslontl taste of fruit jar. may be used. In something green. He must think " of an acre of winter pasture per YOUR VOT1 TO M-HOMINATI RALPH TAYLOR AS YOUR TAX COLLECTOR II OMAtLY AmtKIATID I. M. -- -- · · - | -.···"-. uuk finmiier spois than _ _ Deans or ptas may those on the leaves occurr oicn ,.._,,,«. during winter on cause trouble. Peas or bean, for on the fruits, the agent said More pasture « durine summer tatlngmay be. tainted and plant- spot, tend to be on the bl «n«r oastur. if . , I in, TM* m . y ,,,,, .ermin.fe. ,,,, of tne frui , whi , e rust liana is a convenient doe. not cause a rot in «ti,.». container In which to store and- the injurie. on the fruit may «Te lots, as entrance-ways for rot-pro. ....,, _,,,,. .,, any duclng organisms. .___ the container 'should be ab- on r«t.r t r «- ti, . solutely gas-tight. Since carbon \ K £?" 'w^ he rUS ! occurs -^, . · · t .dlsUlfide is highly inflammable, ? low ,r likf .,i\?* ^"f,"" 0118 ' Wt plants that can be used for the fumigation chamber should be "TM,*[T. "SL * '' * TM ced "- wlnttr putun are plentiful. Rye »^y from all bulldinis. m«t notu^hf. r^h," «* ^ "" Ar rye-rttch are good. Oats are Heating Is . convenient way toKHLH?^M g *"" ' r " n totttta,; in Importance esoe- destroy weevil, in small lota of ,, y " chlljr with the development of the «»·· «r beans kept for eating. Damagei caused by cedar apple AfkWin oat-a good winter grar- Heating is likely to dertroy gem- 7," m " y "* Deduced by destroying u - oat. The Ttaveler n oat can be i"«tlon of seed kept for planting *', * d ' r lret! w"* 1 '" « quarter «.. until the Arkwln seed .re Exposure to direct sunlight for m '' e °* tht! «PP'« orch.rd, if pos"-" several hours in shallow pans on ",, Collect and Destroy cedar hot day is effective. A slow oven **T from cedir * rees in th « « with the door propped partly open Ip y n *' Hot * "dvised. Grow can be u»ed. A double boiler can S 1 TM v "'«t'« °' «PPl*s such _. also be used. Twenty minutes »t I ,,?_!!?*_ Transparent, Winesap, 150 degrees is the desired trtat ment. Fall lime To Kill Poison Ivy Control Program Is Recommended The best time to kill poison ivy Is in the summer time or early autumn, County Agent Carl Rose! sai? today. Spraying with a herbi- I , , ked trees or young trees before spraying. Use 2, 4- % GALLON Vnilii Ice (rein 63c Hotlond ITM. Ucktr S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-VANTRESS CROSS DEUWAM HAMP CROSS Established Over 25 Years Truck Deliveries la Many Localities 5CHIKHTMAN HATCHERY U.S. APPROVED PUL10RUM CLEAN Pbon* 347-2R For Prices And Delirerr Dale* BOX APPLETON CITY. MO. r w n see are avallable Wheat also makes excellent winter pasture. I*r thoH who bermuda for 1 summer pasture, rye grass ind mttdlng crimson clover c.n bt used to give winter pasture on tht Mm* ground, and the ber- muda gran will be benefited rathtr than harmed. The same Is trut for stricet and common les- Ptdesa ground. Rye «nd re- ·ooalnt crtm»on clover should eovtr that ground In winter. An- ""·l l"P*dtM gither. nitrogen in summer but tht ground loses some «f It in wlnttt. Uspedez. ground ·hould alwtyi be covered with ·omt gnu In winter, preferably lyt ittH or reweding crimson ttovtr. Serice. lespedet. land ·hwld alw the same rye Iriat and mttdlng crimson clover a winter. Johnson meadow e»n alto UM tht same winter If poulblt f.rmtrt .hould ^report tht ground for oats, rye and vttch, and wheat as early in Au- gjt-nr'p»l»IMt-.:F«rtlltttr should WEEKLY BRORER REVIEW Northwest Ark.ns.s market gener.lly ste.dy to firm, closing ste.dy to firm Thursd.y, August 7. Supplies of broiler, or fryers over two .nd three-fourths pounds short of the good demand, lighter sizes adequate for the demand. Closing price, one cent higher to unchanged. Batesvillt-Flornl area market steady to firm, closing steady to firm. Supplies over two and three- fourths were short, lighter adequate, demand fair to good and closing prices ont ceat higher to unch.nged. King David, Grimes Golden and Red Delicious. Ben Davit, Jonathan, and Golden Deiid ou , are susceptible to the disease. Apple trees may be sprayed using a mixture of one-fourth pound Veterans Support Bill Bush _"IIHOm L. DUSh in th.t camnnmrt IM Ikf^^.. _ _ j . . _. Col W i u * ' " Bn ' "PPOttd Lt. Polilical .d paid for by Kor«n V.t,,.« of I36ih F.A. Bn Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory FMFIAFMrYTri CDUS\kJr .···.,._»- / EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS I Letter to Senator McClellan.. Honorlble John L McClellan Room 430, Albert Pike Hotel Little Rock, Arkansas Dear Senator McClellan: Little Rock, Ark. August 4, 1952 CITY HOSPITAL OAS. PhtHM 21M · SttltlPIH ·UtlHSnt TtAJN KM CTVIl 1200 SMVKX 1OK IEOUTAMAL -- ·TANDAJUD COUMn FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE Mm M rATTTTEVILLE. AlUCAmAS rBO * E · M. a DAVH. PRO. CITY WATBt PLANT. Phont) 721 UOHT AND POWHL Photi. JlOtt ·UTWAL INMIHAHCC WW. Phont) 75 "V KXJCE. Phtm 31 AMT* AUTO GtASS t MMRM SHOP ,,, *"«*n*ilt Glaas Inslalltd Olit. Tahlt. -- Plait «'-- l*«r ntrfnrfn.. O^f^. ALL WOWC CUAWUITEED *VT« It ab ° Ut thc c °nversation which we had know much about Politics but as u $lE*Z/£ wo d ** inte r^ d ' as y° u st »id s back and in winning two elections at once. that * y° un « man w «h a proven and energy of McMath and, in my opinion, a Christian man . d n . a t t a C , k c d ? nd SmCafcd f ° r the rest of his Iife ^r wha^are ·dmittedly political purposes. I want to express my appreciation for your support and help on certain legislation we arc interested in. I still feel though tha? we Zn of M^V^,^^ " * timc ' If 1 thou « ht th " ^e el£ ion of McMath would be the most terrible catastrophe ever to come o this state, certainly I would be opposed to himV his record for the past three and one-half years indicate that this is not so I am sure you will understand, therefore, why I personally shall continue to support the governor in this race. P X Sincerely yours, ) J. Albert Hopkins AUTO YETTEVILLt AWE. PHO1TE 774 AM C«i ofisl Trwfa WiSbirrjfoflCoMiityFwMn Mafwlfire Imurinee Organized 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance Phoa.,80 209 North Block Strwt (TAHO- CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Formtrly Fowler, Fruit and Hew, Stand) ·THE BIG LITTLE STORE" SINES BODY SHOP SMI Conn. M7 W. Dkbon PH.,,. |N JOHNSON PUIMBM6 AND HEAIIH6 CONTRACT OR REPAIR Corn., Sprin, on d OTIZENS UUNDRY DRY QEANERS Quality -- Service Phone 2146 Phon. in **"· Srvic »- '^ 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency ° li. 6 ·MCMV SttVIM -- Tlnill WALKER AUTO SERVICE ALL CCHLEGE, FAYCTTEVIUi. ARK. PHOHE T7I ·· FtjriMff *IMtH A*y«tlHmtr.t H M ftr b, Htm? Wood., C«r,. Mf,,, UttU lUek t LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "«/»fcf on t»» HlwtY--Klgkt on tin Prict" ·NK.COLUCOK raoln: , lilt Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNBROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY «OUTM MM WUAM LltJIJI SAM'S LIQUOR STORE MM« 74V Mrf SIGN AND ELECTRIC TAXI FAYCTTEVILLE MILK CO. ' Q3£/ O-K TAXI CO. d^^E^k ?" C^" «» MW onipMd wlih 1 R*dl« a* tin T«m ttnipptd wlih I-W.T · Watt wrrkt. For T)M N«w ROYAL it ,. j if

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