Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 9, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 9, 1952
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14 PAGES TODAY Read by evtr 25,000 Daily IOCAI POIICAST-- Fivrivlll inf vlclnl'y el««r " pir'lv rloudv tnmiM »nd tomorrow ' " h ''"tntf In (Kme* Intent it Tht fint Coiietni Of Tfcis Ntwspap«r AiMdated Pr*M Umd Wir* AKKANSAI, SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST » McMafh Declares Opponents Out The Governor Keeps Cool Pump Placing Means Partial Wafer Cut-Off Ruthless Effort Said Being Made; Evidence Presented Little Rock-(VPi-Gov. Sid 'McMath last night said he doubted that any Arkansas governor besides himself "has been so continuously harrassed and Investigated and obstructed by selfish, designing interests." i He declared also that members I of the "defaming brain trust" of Chancellor Francis Cherry, who opposes him for a third term nomination, "have deliberately set o u t ' to ruin me by the most ruthless campaign of insinuation and con I demiiation in the history of Ark- ' ansas." " | And he said that "Francis Cbcr 1 ry would like to have you believe, lha.1 I have a persecution complex I . . . that my charges that every ef- i fort is being -made to frame and' m ""··'^·^^·^···(^^·^·^^^^^^^^^^^H Bta ' defame personally have little ba-jGov. James F. Byrnes of South Carolina fans^Mmsc^Ht^!!.! , sis in fact. . that there really is If per after addressing the slate's Democratic contention £ coSi? ' not an organized, vicious, under- S. C. Byrne.- in effect asked the voters of South Carolina to uTooV; "' cover whispering campaign going ! Ihe national Democratic ticket headed bv Stevenson «nj s =, '"PPort , on throughout the slate, conducted ' : ^i^Koj^rtJ^rkman.^ : by innuendo and insinuation and ! f m f t mm led by Francis Cherry himself." I 11 f AllliniMAA Mftmharr VA!A| T» McMath made i. clear _ al- I " ^WIIHUIIBB ^010311 10160 10 though he didn't say so in as many words--lhat, in his mind, Ihe "whispering campaign" was based on his father, Hal McMath, by his wife. Ann. Mrs. McMath was exonerated. Water users living noith of lown- , ship Street--those in Johnson, at ! the University Farm, and north j of the north city limits--hart hesl lay in a supply of water bcfoic 8 a. m. tomorrow. At lhat time ; advises City Engineer .John Mai haffey, water will be cut off and . will remain cut off in these areas | for several hours. The city will install new pump Columnist Says Evidence Lacking In Bishop Case Declares Furloughed Prisoner's Statement Not Substantiated wa *vt can Before And After The Bombers Col. fte"^ A^fS Governor Using Lies In Campaign l Orand cut off. and the work will con- .linue over a period of several I hours. A used pump has been obtained by the city, and a starting motor borrowed from the Mid Continent Petroleum Company in Tulsa. The Pump l.-'l!) 1 «".'"' a 'nunu^'Jo 1 i cZmn he mams, while at the present ' the maximum is 600 gallons a minute. Stale Disaster Area, Says Chairman Blonde Defends '"'Wine Bath Act" As i New York - If} - A blonde who did a -\vine bath" act in a Coney Island nirlfc show-until authorities closed il last . and even historical. The blonde, Tiiv.a, yesterday i loid Supreme Court Justice A n - ' thony J. DiGiovanna- ' "My presentation takes us hack : i to the year 200 B.C. in the city of : Dtpa r Athene r:^««i, ..... t u_i ____ ,- . ^^-I'ci u.i Cites Letter Exchange .McMath ckrlarcd he had ";!,,. unassailable truth that all of mv charges against Francis Cherry and the corrupt and selfish interests who hav e joined with him. . are true." McMath's evidence turned out to be an exchange of letters between John F. Wells, publisher of the Arkansas Recorder and no ad- 1 mirer of McMath, and J. Alvin Kugelmass, whom McMath referred to as a "nationally known writer." The governor held up a photo- slalic copy of what he said was a letter written by Wells to Kugelmass, author of,,,an article about McMath which appeared, in the Kivvanis magazine, asking KugeJ: mass about his sources for some ! information used in the article. ' Kugelmass was quoted as reply- . in:; critically that Wells had lift- ! ed sentences out of context, been guilty of "the most superficial strategy in snipisn." and. "giving the wrong impression." in reviewing the article in the Recorder. Said McMath: "Johnny Wells, Cherry's boy. has made it very evident that here is irrefutable proof that he and Cherry nnd other members of Cherry's defaming brain trust have deliberately set out to ruin me by the most rulhless campaign of insinuation and condemnation in the history of Arkansas." j cusation was made in n Admits Mistakes Mide : Bulgarian protest to the The goveror said he had made ' Nations, mistakes in judgment al times! Bulgarian F o r e i g n Minister during his administration but "no j Minacho N'eyUhev cabled the U N governor ever lived who has had a that shells and mines fell on Bul- perfccl administration." j g a r i a n territory during the Greek He explained- in more detail -* Little Rock -/!)- The chairman :of the Agricultural Mobilization ! Committee today defended the 'Croup's action in recommending · t h a t Arkansas be d e c l a r e d a Stevenson Names Close Friend Party Chairman Republicans Hold Foreign Policy To Be Main Issue B.v The Amnclntpd Prwn) Democratic Nominee Arilai Stevenson held closer rein today in criticism from some o f - , raiT fnr lhr presidency while , i Republican leaders | drouth disaster area. : J. L. Wright, of the PMA. an- including COP state's counties who appar- · , platinum I en , 1 * "** TMth disfavor on the . ?°TMnee n w i g h t Eisenhower, i his'vi^er 'anTa'skec iTrio , nH actipn, said the commillee made !"««* ""-ip, policy as the prime ' h n oncv |1, him hv wUe the n»i»nmrwntt,4,ii-- i , , . issnn . ,iiu,ii.\ to nim oy ueslern Ulah, has found no evidence to corroborate Bishop's statement that he contributed f 1.300 lo an Arkansas senator in return for a 90-day extension nf a Ifl-dav Christmas furlough. John f.. Fletcher, Arkansas Gazette columnist, said yesterday in his 'The Arkansas Angle." Bishop's own brother, H. E. Bishop, of near Surnner, Wash., failed t o substantiate T u c k Bishop's story that he receiver! the furlough. Fletcher reported. Fletcher gives this resume of the case: "Bishop was g i \ e n one o.' 150 Christmas furloughs by Prison Superintendent Lee Henslee on December 19. He left Cummins : prison farm with $550 in his pocket. During several years he had accumulated $1.887 from monthly pensions sent to him by Ihe federal government as compensation ' for an injury suffered when hit : by a laundry truck during the first World War. "Records at Cummins show lhat he had sent exactly JI..100 to a sister, Mrs. Eugene Eidsnn of Springfield, Mr-., to keep for him. A balance of $'!5 was left at the farm when he departed. "Registering at the Grady Manning hotel. Bishop telephoned to In photu ahove i, shown the Oi.el.lal IJcht Metals CompanV, mam : I P^nt in rorlh Korea prior lo Ihe niRhi of Julv :IO-3| when 8" U S · H-2D bombers sl.i e ert the I 3 , sc!t air Mrike ot the v,.,,.,,£,,,,", ^\ m ',^ ! t^ge,. n lower pho'.o ,s sh,,«n all lha, ,-emained'of Ihe pi n a ,e the '' 'mr! ,"· TM'rt r . rT ?" ll ' la " " linl " lcd "" m rcnl ·""«""·=«" "v or, 00(1 i..,unrl.i of hivl, ,.rpio. M vrs on this mil,l;,rv-impo,.|,-, m farlorv four units from :he Man.-hunan border. ' iaum loui the recommendation here last ,,, v,,, wu ,, ,as! . M o n d a y because "more lhan 40 week--says Ihe skit is educational ! TM mlle5 hn d indicalcd that crops and even hicfn,-;,.^i ! had suffered tremendouus dam- i, Ur 'Sht said 14 members of the IB-man committee attended the '" '"* Illct ; Alhens. Greek mythology I beautiful and educational"" I Giovanna reserved decision. ! Charges Made I Against Greece I Bulgorio Complains i To The U. N. of -- -^^,, o,,i,, the United States i expected. Agriculture. He issue. Stevenson select Wend. Stephen A .,,,.,, ,, Chicago, as chairman of the Dem ocratic National Committee The Illinois governor's choic, was approved yesterday hv the Executive Committee and full ratification is Union. A f t e r deducting SS nf Ihe Sfi.!6 cost of ihe money transfer Mitchell of | Mrs. Eidson sent SI,MS December | . . . | did not say what four members Thus. Stevenson lieutenant in a kev pul another pnsilinn. The of Louis| various government agencies. ! The department h as s i n c e 'classed Arkansas as a drouth o'is. aster area, making farmers in the stale eligible for federal loans on (heir crops. j Washington County f a r m e r s .voted last month not to seek feri- icral aid and were prepared t o ' foreign policy vveather the drouth wilhout gov-: the campaign. i "Whether some one shook him down for a bogus RO-da.v self-extending furlough while at the Grady Manning, as Bishop now claims, is a question for the Grand Jury to decide. Bishop said he endorsed the \Veslern Union check and handed It and 19th Red Fighter In Six Days Of Air Battles Shot Down I Remnants Of NoahVArk Stress Forrirn Policy At Denver. John Fosler Dulles announced yesterday that he Eisenhower and the GOP Vice- Presidential Nominee Sen. Iljch- ard Nixon of California, agree crnmental spending. Wright said. "They've n got United Nations, N. V -cVP.-Com- ' ' 1 ' ic everybody eise in the", muni'i Bulgaria charged Greece Some people get the ".TOIIK last night vith "provocative" and Mgressive' 1 action in shelling t h e ' l ! s a v o l u n t a r y proposition. i ,. T . eign nol ne^-'n °,',"' · ' Ihe check shows that it bears only a single endorsement- thai of W. T. Bishop. "One physical fact is thai no record of such clemency ever lien- i reached Superintendent Henslee * re! j at Cummins. If any bona fide le 0( paper had been issued, Henslee I would have had lo know about it. for- Otherwise, he would h a v e been disputed Island of Gamma on the Greek-Bulgarian border. The ac- pression about (his design It's a v o l u n t a r Farmers rion'l hav loans unless they want to. It's ... ,,,._ formal . not charity. United "The blanket action had to be Dulles, one-time adviser to Sec- ' 'o annlv for r ° la ' T "' S ' ate n ° an Ach """. ex- i "° dppl f0 ' Pressed strong doubt thai Steven- ' son was experienced enough · in : making grave decisions." i "General Eisenhower, through! than at the talkathon earlier this ·week why he did not so before, the Hizhvvay Audit Commission and submit to questioning. "I didn't do it because I am on Ihe F-v ros of our basic rights -- the right o. · _ an individual to a fair trial before ! Bu| Sarian territory. Bolh the courts of our country. Thisi tnes ha ''e claimed it. trial was an Arkansas Joe McCar- . * thysim - type of trial in which the I ' LJ' I -i Audit Committion witnesses were LOScS MIS LlTC allowed, to make any statement.': they pleased. But when the highway witnesses were called, they wore allowed only lo answer 'Yes' or 'No' to questions. If they were allowed, to h a v e a lawyer, ho, by the commission's rules, was nol allowed to rpcak. It was a trial by implication and insinuation ck · signed to destroy me. a part of their well-planned Political Murder, Inc." Army's attack" Thursda t'i'.y spot of land in the River. It was nnl clear whether he v as · · · » · . .'..-. i-i charging lhat shells overshot their : those stales. target and landed nn the Bui- j Governor Me Math has said he ganan s:dc of the river or whether ' will s«k similar aid from the . nullcs said. He declared thai onl'v Eisenhower's election could block i Soviet domination and avert a -aisnt any move to destroy one - -- *- .,,11 ." "juriiiur ' f ',, was referring t o the island a s president f o r Arkansas ' ' To Win Contest President Truman recenllv took separate action from the Agricul-, ,, ,,,., lure Department in declaring third World war Tennessee and Kentucky disaster New Policy Advocated areas and allocated s.l.OOO.OOn A Democrat Sen Lvndon Inhn from h,s emergency f,:nd ,o aid. son of Texas, chairman of the iSenalc Preparedness Commitlee lold a Texas American f.»gjon convention at Dallas vesterday: I "Someday. somewhere t h e American people will insist upon a new policy. It will be a riarin- policy. a courageous nolicy that strips aside the defensive posture in which we have slood loo long" Another P.rty Sought New Attempts To Avert Rail Strike Scheduled i- of ihe 10-day furlough December 29. And that's exactly what hap- . pened. Records show thai Hens- j lee labeled Bishop as an escaped ,-nnvict ,^-cember 30 and began ! a nationwide search 'or him." , Still quoting Fletcher: ! "Bithop boarded an American Airplines plane at Adams Field on i Ihe night of December 20 and flew . to Reno. Nev. There he trans- ' ferret* to a tram and went to Tacoma. Wash He proceeded from I Tacoma to Sumnei, Wash., a distance of 14 miles. Then he got tiansportation to the home of his, . brother, a smelter worker . . . Bishop arrived al his brother's home Christmas Eve." Fletcher sa.vs Tuck Bishop tt.ld ' j his biolher he was on a 10-day j . Christmas furlough, and had tn be ' ! back on December 29. The column ' reported that while at Sumncr Ihe furloughed man b ught a pistol from a harware store, and on ' Seoul. Korea-i/l'i-The U.S. Fifth I Air Force saui Am-ii-ian Snhre' I icl pilots rhot down nn:, Comi miinst. MIG today--the l!)th in . si.-; .straight rhiys of'hjng vic- ' t lories ngnin.rl Ihe Russian-built Search Object i Th Air F "«" ^^ triumphantly; I : announced prior In today';: j.-t bat- · lie over \nrli, Ki.le.-i Ilia! nut a simile Allii.l p|:,,,e w.,. lo^t m :ien:.l (-.iiv.hat tin.. i,...;i v.'tck. il,,...·- I cvc.r I.M.-I v.i-i,. |,,..| | 0 ,. nm ,.,. I i:niui|.| lire :,nd f., a ),, unirnrirl- '"I '·:.'! ,·· Aiiiencan S.-,l,ics dam- . .'i^ed I'.} ('..iiiitiiini.. I ictr. S'wll A l h r d li;!hli-i-b.,n.bei · in. ib.v i,.:,-nl;,,i,,..| ,, p.i, ,- .·n:.,.n I ( ..M..n.|iii:t -.uilply :,nri · I.ilanhul. Turkcy-./P,-A Kiench expedition headed bv Polar e x - plorer .lean ric R:c|inr S.ilurd.,-.- lieRnn nn ascent nf Mi. A r a r a l ',,i searc'h of possible icmains nf Nonh 1 ; ark. Tradition gives Ml. In Northwest Tin key near the frontier, as Ihe spot when' the Ai i; grounded a f t " r the florid .MibM| f .,| The chance that ienin.,nls ol ihe vessel were preserved aim. i;,,! mountain lone has inlrigur-d theologians and .'irchoolorjists An American croup headed bv Aaion Smith fruitlessly sp.ncbeil Ihe mountain In 1041). .Smith s.iid time limitations prevented a thor- ouqh examination of Iho entire area. . . , .-i Pilots i,.,,,,,|,,| M buiklin.^ rlc- Mroveil ami f,, llr ,\; nY . n ,,.,[ i r ] ., hi'mi.. Rnkel ,,nd jrllietl r,j..olmc ··itl.'ick i,:i f.,ii, .1,,,.,,, per,in,ulH troiiu .·.·,!,,·, nlr.ill'in: . l:,-;ir the 3H'.h Figure in China Lobby Case Is Replaced Huntinglon. W. Va.-l.T.-A carnival worker was killed last night n. what was described as a "con- tist" lo see who could stav on the tracks as a train approached Coroner Robert Barren said he was told the man was knocked j" "" ; more than 100 feet hy a Baltimore ^e pubHc iVe'^',""'"''" ""' I and Ohio passenger train. He said hC . P , l l c "*'«·· carnival workers told hospital at- ' w hnllrs hflfr re that deci- ' -J s "n .» walkout definitely had been .lr«go. abnu, 100 ; J^TM"" f, *"" his , JTM 1 "" ^ .persons-dissatisfied with the I ,1, , C l " l c a v c lhrn '° * fl 1 Democrals and the Republican,- h Cummms oy December M. voted to form a third party T h e ' "" stlrond lh TMsht I might vote came at a rump ses..inn a f - . ""1, f:0 , bSck al ! " 1 '" [er the main sroup, assembled lo : H T . I* P ,T r " !lJ ' h ' hrrlhrr look into the third-partv ideas rle- , Z*, Bl5non ""' not "i(n- cided to S ive it flirlher" thouchl " a r " ) - dii ' furlough during the Kirby Walker, a Chicago -,,. j thrcc ria VSj^ wasja Sumnei. agreed to" federal Clnccr ' ssifl "I'nv at the confer- rn " " ar e gravely concerned w i t h socialism in both major parlies." i m ei nere Monday with union and New York Central Railroad officials in new attempls to avert a strike threatened against the roads lines cast of Buffalo. The oo-again-olf-again s t r i k e .hreal. boiling for the past week simmered down ymei-dav when union officials i tcndants of (he "conies;" and said another man v. as involved. The . victim was identified as Virgil F Burkhart. L'S. set for The 12 noon Monda llnions involved " H u k « Killed Manila - i./P, - Thirteen Com- the munist Huks were killed vesler- ' Washington -i,Ti- A key figure : -, in th« "China lobby" case is being : JnOOflflq StflTS To Be replaced as military .ittache to the p,--,-,!. i. TL- u i Chinese Embassy. rfCVQlent ThlS Month The Kmbassy announced yester- v rl;,y that a successor has beer. 1 !! w Y "rk -i/Pi- An aslronomer named to Brig. Gen. Peter T K , |VTM lcls meteor showers during ' " fx ! fow nich!s arcom- hy a " urr . v " "flying ' ' All am independent unions. The thiedtenofl walkout .sletrr. from a two-jeai- dispute over back pay claims and working conditions. Arhfuon, Aides Return San Franciscn-f/TV.Serrp'arv of S t a t e Dean Acheson and his aides' l e a v e today for Washington a f t e i ! a night's lay-over in San Fran- Cisco. They are icturiung from a week-long conference in Honolulu designed lo strengthen the mutual Austialia and »w Xealand. . P«. Rut II said the move was rnuline--that attaches usually I ' , ' ' 'serve two years and Pee has served four. The "China lobby" rase ..entered around charges hy Senator Robert R. Coles, chairman of ihe Hi.vdon Planetarium of Ihe Americ,:n M'iscum of Natural History, said last night t!iat melenr par- licles, also knnvn PS Poslal Clerk So Careful He Attracts Explorer s7 y s McKinley Motion; Charged With Rifling Mail Short-Chonged 28 Yeors B "' 1 ful he Vote Aug. 12 Uoslon-(/Pl-F.xplorer Bradford , Washburn says thai for 28 ve.irs shooting Alaska's Ml. McKinley has 'been short-changed. It's really M feel or more higher lhan the 20,270- fool altitude shown in a 1921 government survey, he says Washburn, director of'the Boston more-fT j-He was so care- attracted Ihe cops. Police said d posial clerk charg. the sidewalk. They said ihey noticed he tore Ihe strips ,-ery methodically and ;?« w »^^ add n '^ | J^ . lo charily organiz ns a n z a i o n Uonors, he expltmed, rarely ex pected receipts. One postal inspector said Ihe , · ·!'«- mi .ii*iu i nc ,.i,isrum 01 science, leponed l a s t ' ncf « nrt *r,l hadn't been too careful night that preliminary rnmputa.' s *'- w «1« Poolt and Palrolmnn ne»k S h ", h ' lvp -- VMr »»"'" of the Kdwm Taylor said Ihey were in prak by the museum iivc » ' l e n - Iheir ,.r when lhe v Mw . :.." 'altiiud'e'" f nr ~McK",nle'v's »fulh peak of 20,320 feel. ·loel Patrick. m« up p»per . posul clerk, lear- it on mcnts, .saw Ihfy looked like check paper and confronted Putrick *Mh them. '·ater in his car police laid they ffiunrl «boul ,10 opened letler.i Chaiged with theft and rifling of .1.1 pieces of mull. Patrick Frl- waived « hearing before and wan re- Two Arkamans Will Confer With Eisenhower Denver-l/Ti-Two Arkan.^in ...||] he in the Soulhern ileiegaiion which will confer w u h On Dwight D. Kisnhovve r M,,,,,),,... The sr-tcjon is expect«f| ,,, ,|,,_ tr-rmine Ihe extenl in which the general will eampaign in the South in a move n MV me traditionally Demncr;,tic slat-. m(o lhp GOP column in the November elec-tion. The meeting wv: annnunceil .ve.-terr|av bv C.,,:: Sherm.,,, Adams of New Han.n.'.hire. Ei-rn- hower's political r-hixf n f ..t.,ff i r . said members nf the qrnup wj'll include Vrn, Tin'lall of Kliir^ai! Ark . fhrector nf A r k a r - a s CV.i- Teiif for F.isenhover Club- durina the pre-tnnveiition rainn.iis,,. and ·leff Sor, k of Frencbir.air.- RHV,., Ihe GOP nominee for c/ivcinor ,,f Arkansa... Brannan Says Drouth Won't Mean Price Hike Wa.-hinston -',1'.. S-, ,K,,, V ,,· luirr I',,, ....... hr fl ... not believe the v.,.|(.-i,if.,.| dinuth v-'lll c-rti.-e f,!hci a Ic.r.-l s ; ,.,. ·.,._,.. "i a materiHl i:-c m i,,,, | ,,,,,,. n.uiindn| m ,, ,.,,1.,, i,,in, ..·.,....,· la.'t n.rh: In ,.. ,.,...,,, ,,,. , ilr ilimith ;i, the S'liiihe.,;: ;, M ci ,\, ·· f.nglanc! would he c.flse! by /.urn pindiictu.n m '..;,;·, .-...,.,, I'nceSUnil.z,., Ml,, An,.,!l p,e. d.rled just the,.: That lnn,| Prices w e r e g n m c higher asked ah-nit 1 ,:;.. s.iin: "Mr. Arnall p rut,'led in his o»u opinion" but he disagreed with i! Sllkn .Slid Sighted Manila - (/7' - rncnnfun-.c.-l i c - pnrl.l leeching heir lodnv tolrl ol . untden'ified suhmnnnes hemp sithled In Philipr.m- ie,n!ir,,il waler in (he Southern Philippines., The I'.S. Ki^hll, A r r n v ir.p nr toH AMi,.,l tiiKip- t',rluv twi,-e Inst ,-,,1 : .-iclv.incc. po itir.n to M-tillcrv-siip- j poitc-d Chin- ·· i,,,,, p ,:,, t ,,( p an . muiiiom. .-it,- of the tiui-e | An nvi'i i/, ein-n:'. ,·..'.,:.,on w r.n ti»- lull before- 'l.iwn. i r'!..i:r--.|i,,poi',.-| ,\n;cd r.Miers · ii'l'ic.k ,t m liiid-mi.inmi; hut lo-t ' it bi.fnie n.,on. Chine-p -iiiilleiv f i r e d .l.lllin shell., ,,. ,.i,| jr .n,| ,,[ , ho Hcrl ; (ll ,i, | Con Ki. i, nz |||,,t ((,,, wm-lo-e rat'fi nf .S:,l,in jds lru;,!|y ,,,,;., .'thnli! ,",-! over the sticraki'lg M|(; t the pnM : ix d'iv:- pn.-;ibly b-,".V bc-.-n th" i,,o:.t Minc'-ful nf the ' w.-,, for f N' fi-l;ter pilnls hnemj "Drflant" IN. t.,i. u ;; .-,],- romir.H'.Hrr in ·K,-ie., n Or,, c~r.,, O. B.,r- '·u.-.. atlrihuted t'-e Inch l-.i! of Rn t | p!;.iK r . In an cnr-my ge.' L uic nf .-!··- /lilll'T 1 "Ouil,i3 t|.,. p., , v ,. r . a . ·· |, r , ,,,, I "'''" '·'"·" v ''·"·!· ''. i\\," '· br, flShlei;; n.c.:r than ,,,,,.,1 ||e al.-.n l"..k the h h r i t v ,,[ mmir.r; ',.,smith nn ;, I,-.., ,,,., ...o,,.. Thl , B'vMue i", · him ] 3 Mir;-, d e ' t i o . - . ; I'd ;,,.(! I'l o,,r,.ai-d without t!-.. j The An Forci.. il Complete Disregard Of Truth Charged By Chgncellor H o t Sprlngs-f^-.-Chanecllor . ranas Cherry asserted today thai G/iv Sid McMath had rejortH In "lies" in his bid for a third term nomination Candidate Cherry, v.-hn wa- to go lo Ne-vonrt todav for the first of lhr»e talkathons during the d»y. said. "I n^ver knew a man who so completely disregards thin, tb ". In ,-,n int-rview. h- denied Math s charge in Little Rock that he -^.i.o cln-ctlni: a 'vicious, undercover rumor camnaizn about · personal tra»edy' in McMath'i life "I !'.M him to hii face at Hcler,.i the oth^r day that it's a lie" Cnenv said. "I toM him he · hi ought It up himself.. If he'll come io rnv lalkathon again I'll tell him again that i' a lie. "McMath i; just Irving to pray on Ihe sympathy of the people That man sure wants to be governor to bring that up." Ch-ny aho refuted McMath'n stalcment lhal John Wells, publisher of ihe Arkansas Recorder in Little Hock, was supporting him adding- "I don't kno-.T anybodv who fought m« harrier than .loliny Wells." Accuiitioni Dtnitd At his lalkalhon In Pine Bluff Sluttgarl and Hnt Springs yejler-' day and last nlghl. Cherry al,-o laid the lie to accusations listeners I told him MrMalh had made.. One of there was that Cherry · had distributed circulars lambasf. "IB U. S. Hep.. Bnyd Tackett. who , losl oul in ihe governor's race a t ' . Ill" preferential primary.. I "I have never circulated circular about Tackett or anv other c.mdidale." Cherry nald. "McMath cin-cilated them himself.." Cherry said at Hot Springs that he favors union labor. "Union hbor has done more to i sis-' Ihe living standards of the American people than «ny other single factor." he declared. The chancellor charged that » cftmmittce of ATI, officials who had endorsed McMath were "hwk- Ing after their own dc»ls" rather than representing rank and file laborer?. A question was asked m lo whether Cherry favored legislation further restrlclini; labor unions. Ife answered: "I thought labor unions had been restricted enough already -- I don't see how they could be restricted any further." The candidate from .Tonesboro whn broadcast his talkathons in steaming hot buildings noted that McMath hid been tolling r.he peo- pie that no one knows Francis Cherry, and added: "McMath and I went to Law School loqcthrr at the University of Arkansas. He knows me and what's more I know him." H£;£nti Truman Intrusion In reolv to another rjuestion. Chcrrv said he is going to support the Stevcn^nn-Sparkman presidential lickel because, "I'm a Democrat " "I don't have a great deal of admiralTM for Truman, but 1 think the Democrats can do » bettor job lhan the Republicans." Cheny was asked why he criticized President Truman in as much i,', hadn't criticized him He an,.w:reii. "Tciman omn down here and s.ti.-i the other candidates were no r,ood; that the people ought to X'Ote lor McMath. I resented that verv much " This remark w a s met with cheers by the throng of people who greeted Cherry at the Hot Springs air- . pnrt and accompanied him to the f talkHlhon in a blocks-long motor- ^ cad-. Ano'her listener called in to fav !hi,t trc governor of Oklahoma had endorsed McMath, and Cherry commented: "A lot nf people out of Arkansas s- cm to think th" people of thir. .-tale lic-H help in picking their ti'ivc-i r.'.i. I think they ran pick · .'.upr-ifmlK-er, Widnrv,!.,..- I..- i|, r : Kil,-;',...,i ,.,, I ..;,,,. ,,, -·,,,.,, ,.,,,.. i I ' - ' l K..II-, ·.· ;·), r,., ,.,.,,,!.. . ,,,, , t ' r _ !,,,ve,| nn h,, N ,,,i . 1,,,-e in, I Jill, f'-el .,[ t.;,,.|, ;,,.,| .. ,,,,.,| 12 ,,. .,,,,,, ' " · " ' ' ':·'-'· "'I tiuee k-. trunk ' Learler S u r r o n d u r i li. I'.. A ii.i:.,i:o'i. Mi The Weather ·\,\ ... l'..|!l\ i l - i ' l ' l v 111,. a f t e M - o o i , |,,h; :: l,t ,,,,[ Sunrl.n: u ''"'' · . ··!" 'K'l lluin'lc: -.IUIHCI - "»·· ·' : ' r " ..... " "id tonight and u, Ihe v.;ith poilion S l u,d.i\. Nn inv.., :,t lempei ,!iie .-haini-, ' S.-,,tt,.,ed s.V,u,,, M,,, in ,.v then- .. Municipal J;id;e Lloyd Darnell fieicriberi Chc;:y'? revp!ion in Mi-Math's honi" t'Ktn as "the big- t;r^t tn'^l M.v- ever been given any. one i i Hn-. Sprmcs." C r e n v i.i.iicd both Hot Springs :-.n:l Oailand County in the prefer- entul piim.irv. Violent Death Toll i In State Reaches Nine I..'.'.o Rnrk-i.-TVArkansas' v;o- Ic.-:'. de,-r.n : ,11 ii,r the week end- :IIR Sunday midnight rose to nine }e»tci,-uy with the .talh of t-.vo per .-or..-, in sep.iiate accidents J .'.' Bimiie. nn Kl Dorarfo bo.,-!.- l-"p»r. v .is killed when his car ni^.T.i a bridge »nd overturned '"··: Ai:heimer. Ark. Deputy Sicrlff Pmk Booher Mid Boone, K. .ipparxntly lost control of the _ D .1. Noszinger. 47, « Wnodruft County nee f.irmer, w«j electro- luted uhen he touched »~]bl»*f' 'me in a field ne.r hit homt, «mit :: r.-.ii.-i north of BrinW«y, Vote Aug. 12

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