Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 8, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1952
Page 10
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labor League Again Urges HcHath Support; President Of Negro Group For Governor Or Tk* AwocUltd Prni) '- A lUlement ijsued yesterday by flit AFL't League for Political Ed- lhan any previous governor in recent years." M«t» Adrtnc.nunl I. S. McClinlon. pre,,,,,,.,,. ,,, , m; Voung Negro Democratic Association of Arkansas wrote in a letter to Neiro voters: "Our race has advanced more during his iMcMath'si three and -tii-try in the August 12 run-ofl The union stalompnt, signed rr i rfl -'· W- Mowery, the league's predi ilcillon feiff'irrned'its support'of. rtci11 ' **'" ] '" P a r l : Covernor McMlth /or the Demo- "The .ludce Cherry men who at- «r«tic nomination for governor. . ' ' · . And the president of the Vuunc. Ne«ro Democratic Assocnition nf. Arkiniic urged Negro voter!, ini tupport McMalh against Franci Dulles, Nixon S- Join Eisenhower In Plan Making "°"' Fi ' 1 -" lcr «·'" "' 'he 0|,poVi- lion lo Governor McMath'V reelection 1* because r!f his attitude - toward our people" l?mpt In speak for labor arc cither! McMuth receiver) a un-inlmriK 1 mil even members of the AH, m\ endors"men from I ,,,"-1 · « i " , h Join The March For Better Government Vote For Noble Gill »Educator · Businessman · Farmer DfMOCkATIC National CommJtteenian TMl Mnrtftmtnt P«M F«r «NI, Mil. Ark. ! of n,r AFL." ! The polilcial division of the | r . B f. H . || UJJII T a |K American Federation of Labor, "·H ''f* « "Ml IfllK also noted Cherry's charge that its! members were Jiand-rilcked. ThelQugf i r r - j ' j Handling Of Foreign i Policy By Democrats ! To Be Criticized Denver -ifl'i- GOP Presidential Nominee Dwight D. Eisenhower, his running male, and John Foster Dulles--international affairs specialist--get together today to organize a campaign attack on the Democrats' handling of foreign policy. Eisenhower and Sen. Richard daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jam«i McGec of Sprlngdale, and Mils Betty Jacqueline Huey, 18, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Huey ! of Winslow, Route 1, have enlisted in the Marine Corps at th« Marine recruiting station here. Miss McGce, a graduate of Springdale High School, was co-editor of the high school paper. Both young women" have reported to Parris Island. H. C., for six weeks recruit training. They will he promoted to private first ciass at the end of their training and given furloughs. The group of Northwest Arkansas fishermen who went fishing : in Canada on their vacation have I returned to their homes. They arc I Nolan McCamey, Hoy McC'amey, More Justice Resignations Believed Near District Attorneys Outside Washington May Get The Axe An cdibl* from Ivory. jelly can be made) *· twin Mr. -rea* Tehran, ,,.,,.,,,,,,,,, offered our interest?;. Cove flip contrary, McMath, direct Premier Mohammed it sa , , flank answers on every question and issue concerning lahor in dls- tim-t contrast to Judge Cherry who gave us no definite assurance of any cooperation with our labor pi oblemx. I "We ilahon will cxprci-s once 1 again our continued faith and con- f'dcncp in our present governor Mossadegh':!) Nixon ii note to British embassy, the company can submit its claims to Iranian court':. from lire West Coast "c *»* t« the first inlciifivc study of foreign policy ^pccts of the campaign since the bearers w e r e EVERYTHING M PIUMIINO m* fumm FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMMMINT AVI. The Rrilish government holds c;OP manrlarrf SI per cent of the stock in Anglo- '?,,,, ilantldlcl Iranian, a one and a half billion , , concern. | Out of the session is likely to The Iranian government de-! c o m c a decision nn the ext tnnnded immediate payment o'fj wh ' 1:l1 Eisenhower will sir Ike out money due it by the oil company against the Truman adminislra- and r the release _of $38,200.000 inllion in that field. As European V/infred Pearson, Willis Sha\.-. I Bobby and Dennis Shaw and j Bobby and Donnie McCamey. j They were accompanied by Mrs. Willis Shaw and Mrs. Nolan McCamey. Mrs. Wilson Martin v.-as In ernoon. I he title of the program was "Our Daily Bread." Mrs. Boe Matthews. Mrs. Leroy Amos and Mrs. Buford Lewis were appointed as a nominating committee and are to make a report at thr- next meeting. The Rev. Roe Matthews is holding a revival meeting this week. Washington-Wi-A new lop-level resignations round the Vote for John Kirsch For Waditojton Comfy Treasurer Subject to Democratic Primary August 12 Political ad paid for by John Kirsch, FayelteviD* Iranian hanks. assets in British Buckner Seaman First Class and Mrs. Carlton Mhnon of San Diego, Calif., are visiting Mr. Mhoon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Himme Mhoon, on a 14-day leave. On Ills return Mr. Mhoon will be assigned sea duly in the Korean area. Cpl. Harris Dean Osbornc ofj Buckner, who has been stationed ,.,,,,,.,,,, . · in Germany with the 142nd Field I , . rs °' fflr "ample, lhat "the Artillery Group, Arkansas Na J lcadlrs of lh « administration '" , . . - · ·« i "' Enola. Mr. Matthews is the decision on the extent to j pastor of Ihe-Caudle Avenue Bap"'" ' " " ' list Church in Springdale. Darrell Ford, an employe of the Steele Canning Company, became ill while working Wednesday afternoon and was taken to the Veterans Hospital by a Callison- Sisco ambulance. Ford lives at Lowell. defense commander until last June 1. he had a hand in development of the North Atlantic collective security program sponsored by the administration. The general has endorsed the aims of that program, but Dulles --after the foreign policy plank had been drafted last month--reported him in (omplete accoid with the platform's sharp criticism of many phases of the Democrats' handling of international affairs. ; Charge Peace "Kosl" In the plank the Republicans Justice Dcnnrlment was reported in prospect today, and the ax is exiiected to fall too on r.omc U. S. distr:ct attorneys outside ',Vash- ington. At the same time, a icln'ively j unknown atlorney--Ross L. Malone of Roswcll, N. M.-- .vns sht- ed to take over the's No. 2 spot succeeding A Devitt Vane?h a:, deputy attornev gen- fra l. « Vanech resigned Monday to seek the Democratic nomination for the unexpircd term of the late Son. Brien McMahon of Connecticut. . Impending new changes in the department now headed by Ally. IHHISIOS IS VHtr COMMIUKD ·uy Yours From o Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP VOTE FOR LLOYD McCONNELL For Tax Collector Because: 1. He developed the system of tax collecting now used in Washington County. 2. He restored hundreds'of acres of land to the tax books of this County. 3. He has a progressive program for the office which includes sending the taxpayers their statements so payment may be made by mail. Political ad paid for by Wade Flncher, Fayetlcville for the past week, left Wednesday for their home nt Nile?, Mich. Mrj. Maxino Elzie and J. B. I j accompanied them. The Rev. Bazil Ledford will be ! guest speaker at the Baptisl I Church Sunday morning and evc- ' nlng. he cr-noral ""° ".v Congress. has indicated, how- Vote For Inve.iilcatlnn Toronto-(/T)-The Iflth Inlerna- tional Red Cross Conference overrode Soviet objections and voted 69 lo 12 lasl niRhl for an impartial Investigation of Communist chargM of U. S. germ warfare in Korea. HUDSON . . . TROUBLES? SEE BOB HALL AT WNITELEY'S GARAGE - ' l without as teacher. Dr. Westermeier has been on the faculties of the Buffa- I lo School of Fine Arts, the Univer- | sity of Buffalo, Cornell University St. L o u i s University. Loretto Heights College, and the University of Colorado. He is now with the Historical Office of the Army Chemical Corps. Dr. Westermeier's book. "Man Beast. Dust: The Story of Hodeo," was published in 1947 and reprinted in 1948. He has written articles for the Encyclopedia Britannica and Britannica Junior, and for numerous scholarly and popular Mr and Mrs t n v -i magazines. He has had one-man cuse, Buffalo, and Richmond, Va. ever, that he is ready lo lei fly administration policy loward the Far East. In that field, the GOP platform gives him much ammunition. Yesterday, Eisenhower spoke out against appeals to prejudice and bigotry in political campaigns. He said "those are the tactics of the Communists." Springdale Gen. James P. McGrancry were forecast by informed sources as amounting to a virtual c l e a n sweep of officials left over Jrom the regime of Ally. Gen. J. Howard McGrath, and before him, Tom Clark. The departure of Vanech l e f t the eighth major vacancy in the de- The Lutheran Ladie., Aid met! f'fT'",'' '°P echelon-starting last April 4 wiih the firing of McGrath «t the height of President Truman's government " h o u s e cleaning" campaign. M c G r a t h ! stepped down after he had first' fired New-bold Morris, his special i ''house cleaner." Behind much of the shake-up ,, the Justice Department has been the investigation launched las spring by a special house ju- ! diciary subcommittee headed b^ Rep. Frank Chelf (D-Ky) and Rep Kenneth Keating (R-NY). Chelf and Committee Counsel Stephen A. Mitchell of Chicago were rc- ported backing Malone for Mc- a friend of Mitchell. Malone is a member of the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association which has been seeking more voice in the selection of department personnel The association advocates stricter non-political professional standards for government attorneys. STRAIGHr Tuesday afternoon at the parson age, home of the Rev. and Mrs. William H. Ludv/ig. At the close of the meeting refreshments were served. The W.F.M.S. of the Church of the Nazarene met Tuesday afternoon at the church on West Kmma Avenue. We'll Open for Business. Dr. Wesfermeier To reach AI University Okla. Mrs. Neil also visited another sister, Mrs. Garland Bell, At last KENNETH ROBERTS Greatest Novel! Throbbing alive to the wild beat- beat ofa thousand voodoo drums! DU£ ROBERTSON ANNEFMNCIS Starting Saturday U A R K Tlmn rrldiy "The Sellout COOL ROYAL Tenfre A Set. 2 FIATURIS Dr Westermeier's appointment | to the University faculty will be- j come effective September 10. ; who is a patient at Hillcrest Hospital at Tulsa, Olcla. Robert Treat, son of Mr and _ Mrs. Buford Treat, has been se- j ,, , "~ . / kcted to play with the FFA na- Beekeepers To Meet tional hand at the Royal Live- 1 At D -r i sleek ?hnw v.-hich is scheduled to I A ' KOgCrS I OOOV be in October. The Friendship Club held its annual family picnic at Lak lar.ta Thursday evening. M charge of the program. ,, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Price of ! SI. Louis are visiting Mrs Price's mother. Mrs. W. A. Clay-pool, ,-ind her two sisters, Mrs. Eileen Nel. t.on and Miss Naida Claypool, on West Emma Avenue. icio us Ro * ers ' 'Special) - The North- ke Ala- I wost Arl "nsas Beekeepers Associ- rs. Guy ?!' on was to m «« »' Rogers City · I Hall today with Harry L. Foster of Gravette, associttion president, WILDING AND REPAIR CAWNIT AND Mill WORK ·f All Kin*. FF tOY KINZER 554 WaN St. Phon. 2019 ;am SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 Sorry we inconvenienced yott, but now you can enjoy our new · AIR CONDITIONING · Come in and inspect our remodeled kitchen, too. You'll find only the best food prepared the way you like it! Heinle's Steak House Highway 71 South of Springdal* . s uuy "- ........ ....... Wilson and Mrs. Enos Rogers were! Hal l toda - v with Harry L. Foster in charge. The program was to consist of panel discussions on bee culture and agricultural practices in relation to the use of bees. J. E. Crit* of Fayettevillc, Soil Conservation Service supervisor for Northwest ' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Condra, who live south on Highway 71, l e f t ' Arkansas, was to speak Wednesday morning by plane for i The NABA was organized, here j Hallnnnre, Mrt.. where Mrs. Con- ' last year, and has grown rapidly flra v.-ill enter Johns Hopkins i -- · · , Hospital to undergo a very deli- 1 23 Paroles Approved : cntr- operation. j Tuck( , r Prison Farm Ark _,.p Mrs. Ll.a I-a.T,uhar of Grove -The slate Board of Pardons and I Mi cot was returned home Wed- i Paroles Wednesday approved par- bctli H-'"?/iT g i ,, m ' hC ?' Z a "i °'" for 23 TM n TMts. »«l recom- uctn iiuaoital at Prairie Gr.ive! mended the granting of one (ur- wlicrc she had been receiving treatment for an Injured arm. Two Northwest Arkansas women, Onah LaFern McGee, 18. lough. BOWL FOR PLEASUR* rirnBenton Bow'ing Lanes--Adv «. CHARGES ACROSS .THE SCREEN! ...*-TOME SATURDAY ldti *She Hoi Th« Army Going Crazy *Tht Wackiest Wac in Khaki . . . MARIE WILSON IN She's in the Army it iht will kMp y*g In tNKhw mn4 Ih* ] Army in hot w«t*r i )f Miniaturt ^ Monkey To the Voters of Washington County Tht County Treasurer is the County's Banker, somewhat in the relationship your own banker bears to you. Just as your own banker must account to you, the County Treasurer must account to the County for every cent received. o tui lo' fh * y *° r 19S1 ' * hi$ Offi " '««'»«* "id accounted for $2,943,188.09. There ore over 85 separate accounts into which this amount was distributed. Some of the accounts are: County General, General Road, Common School, General School, Collectors Unapportioned, State Police, Improvement Districts, Hospital Construction, Social Se- cunty, Withholding Tax and Game and Fish. This office is responsible for receiving the money belong. ing to each of these funds and is responsible for disbursing same m accordance with the provisions of the laws of the state. My accounts while I have been your County Treasurer have been audited by the State Auditorial Department twice annually. I take justifiable pride that the Official Audit has in ·ach instance found my accounts to be in order, and with an Excellent Rating. I cite the above for the purpose of showing that the duties of your County Treasurer involve v-ry large sums of money and must be carried out in exact compliance with provisions of law. Upon the basis of my qualifications and proven ability to do this job for you correctly and accurately, I respectfully solicit the support of the voters in the Democratic Primary on August 12. CLINT SHOOK FOR RE-ELECTION AS COUNTY TREASURER Pnlltlrd ntv. paid for by Clint Shook,

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