Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 8, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1952
Page 9
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Backs Ike NO*THWEST ARKANSAS TIMES! LOST AND FOCND CLASSIFIED ADS · lr: .1 «nl» ptr war* llngla l. ·ertioa. Three consecutive Insertions '.cenu per word Mlnlniusj erderjUe. I.FCSAL NOTICES «y Dr. bull In Slnji Jo« Rector. Chapel , Phone. ! LOST--J.r.. vicinity. _660-\\'-!. FOUND-Blue Tick hound~ahoiit~2 LOST--Lady's Btnrus walch. Phone Spnngdale 4234 or Times n l f l c f . I R1TIIATION WAN11CO BABY sitting ItlSR-R. or housework. Phone MOtTHWBT UKAMW TIMB. tavMtovM., Mmmm FrW.y, A^gvif i, 1*52 WANTED--Refined hiuineu girl to ·hart- a p a r t m e n t . Closr in nicely - ^jjrimihj'jd^jnmici paid Call 72. fOK SALE--LiVesTOCE MOPftSED C O N S T . T U T . O * . U ~ FOR *!'»-AUTOMOTIVE AMCMDMCNT NO C "" B n HKSni.VEU m lh» St-nitf ot trie Stat* of Artintar and D» thf Route of RfDrmrntatlvet. a Mainntv _j " **· ·"·ui'-nrn'eiuvri. · tvjflinrirv : « AH rhf Mrmbw Eitrtefl to Each n/»S.* Arrwint rhfreto: ' Thai IhP rnllnwtr.t IF ncrrb* pro^li i ** In im * n| 1mcTii to thr Con- irtnitlon m thf mult* of Arkansas »nn t 'f m Wns itihrnlltpfl (o th* tMcrtnr* w Ihf Cf,,( f « OT jtporftvai or ftfrr-Hfin »' thf nf,i craornl Hurllm, for Brtf»v ·jnranvfF »r»l Vnntom. tf n m»loiit» "i »hf elerfnr? t/ntinf thfr*nn at I *uch an ·ifrfton »nnjt wrh am*»nrt- 2 er Y- ^ " m * ·M" b^com* * oart w thf Constiintton ot the Siatf o* Arkansa*. trvwlf SECTION l Cammiailen CriiU*- Mtmpjjra--Poweri. fhert It neiry cn»alM) · State Hlfthwav»inn whtrh ihftii n* vmrd with til the powers and duties now or nereafitr impo»o hv la* tot thf idmimrtri- nnn o, iht* Slstp Michm-a* O*n»rtnn»nt. tnfttthvr with Bi | HW .. rt nrmxHr? «r orniwr to enanit* th* Omm1«(nr. or anv of in officers or emnioT-rs to carry out full? and rfferttvelv the rexiilations anrl law* relatlni lo tht ev ""^wav Onarlmcnt SECTION 2 Qualifications and A p. oo in l mint of Mimbera--Term* o* Offict t* Fir§t CommiMion. Within l«i 3iy* rrer the cnnvrninf of the General AriernDiv of thr Stale ot Arkaniir in fh * w " r 19 M. thf Governor. By and wim Ihe advice and consent ot the -·fnaif. shut! aoooint five wrsnn* who au»t1'1«1 Herfnri of the Stale to constitute the State Rithtvav Commii- ainn fnr lerms of two. four. *lx eieht ·nd ten veir* resMrtivelT rhe termt OT the rn»rsi;ns so aprwinl*»o shall he iplermtned n» mi , The CommiMinn- «rs tn he aonninfed from the State a' larRe; provided nnwrvpr. that no rwo Cornmlislfinerf nhali be inDOlntcrl In the rvent of rejection by the '· Senate of a person whose name h*» I btf-n sr» submitted, the Governor thai) | w f t h i n five dayi after receinl of written notice from the Secretary of the Senate of tuch rejection ?uhmit the ' · n a m e of anothff iDDolntee to fill inch vacancy fn th* event the Governor should within five dan thereafter fail to apooint or fall to tubmlt fo the Senate for confirmation the name nf any person to ht anonlnted. (he Senate *hall proceed to make the anointment PERSONALLY ENDORSED USED CARS '48 Old Sedanet. '49 Chevrolet Pickup. '46 Hudson 4-door. '41 Pontiac Club Coupe. '42 Chtvrolet Coupe. '41 Ford Pickup. '41 Cadillac 4-door. '41 Plymouth Coupe. '41 Hudson 2-door. '40 Hudson 4-door. '38 Ford Pickup. OZARK MOTOR CO. Springdole, Ark. I HIDING hone in fine condition, ' ".Kin.. ^.J"-" 1 " C "mhe RKGISTEREp Hampshire rany a n d i %£*-l'«?L'EJ l °TM u '*" *""·! REGISTERED Hmniwhtre wiTh S ' 5 weeks old. Si III. R c g i s i o r ' d n i n l t · pfittcd Poland C h l n n 11 wee lea Gw!- -*»-TnrffJ.!r\Xi^ P. Q KOK^ SALE-- MlRnEU,A.\EOUS For Sale PIPE 1000 ft. 2" galvanized pipe. Phone 1937-W FOK XAI.B--RRAL MTATB "Brother, summer can't get her* loo fa*t fur me." WANTS A FARM I UNITS tnd · good home. 1 icr* of linrt in F'lyettevill* on 71 Nicely r u r n i i h e d c e n t r a l hp.imr buemcni nHrriwnod (lion A food pitct of I ' . n p f r t y it 12.1000 r n c u m b r a n c e of |9..00 Wh*t do you h a v e ? $1500 DOWN B A L A N C K $.100 s e m i - a n n u a l l y . An a'- , t r a c t i v e rock ventered "home 3 ! rooms, w i t h r u n n i n g water and b a t h , f i x t u r e s ready tn set In 40 acres 100 yards olf s t a t e h i g h w a y Ism c o n - I c r a t e cellar, c h l c k i n houses a l l : practically new. All buildings In liSM Ct """" on ' * n l r t d "' l o r | NEWLIN REALTY I roiiK AUK MODERN. 4 room home Lot (Hrx3l7 f t Plenty ahade. Priced to Mil. Phone .1073-W or u r l l a J H shartr Hoil'.e ». f'ayetteville. Ark n»« UTAH NOHTHEAST SECTION , 1 BEDROOM, l i v i n g room a-.nlnf ' rooio. k i t c h e n glassed in rwirch : Corner lot NIC. hark y a r d for chll- . WASHINGTON SCHOOL DISTRICT "'.'^.^^""^'I'.i'"- »'»'"" : ·" .. room I r a m t home. .....^vm, plaatertd walU. wowllnu-n- ig llrnpiace Attractive dtJlgn jrge shadt trua 4-i lo.n. CHMltt leaving city. Prlctd right (or fulek J i m Pho HOLDER REALTY'CO. i CRAVENS CO. JiiL' 0 ! 1 TM' ,9. S '/!^ h 'f ! '"One l« PhOM VVH- O 701 N " SEE THIS" * BEDROOM horn* in h i g h l y reiiric'erl d.itrict All roomi lar|c k i t c h m w f l l *iippli«rl u-lih mhincta and d m - Inf »in«re. tniry h i l i wllh rloiel ' batfti. one w i t h t u b and i n o w r r I 1M1 OLTJS club coupe, sood condition. Phone I642-J. '37 DODGE. SECTTON 3 Ttrmi of Office of Mcmben. Unon the expiration of Ihe foreROine ftrms nf taid Oommisunnp's a successor shall n* aunointrd bv th* Showing his Republican leanings nd Kansas loyalty, Grant Nutter, and a half months old, of V i c h i t a , Kan., exhibits 1he "I i ?· ""·'·'"' ai1 . 1 ar ''" J "*· "unoiniea DV m»? Like Jte" S lo K n stenciled on ! S'sV^n 'S !!,' ,""!£' n ?Tn"'vVr"/ is diaper with textile paint. ! v 'J3 ich '*"" ^ *·" veair rhal) th*r^ ---__- . . ._ -- i fl 't*r tw for *ach memhrr of the . . CommiiBion. mmm--i^^^^^^^^^+^^ ACTION 4. Removal of Metnbrn --Hearmu-- Review ana Appeal. A Com| mlsstnner may be removed bv the Governor onlv for the simr" came* | as anplv to other constitutional officers after · hearmB which mav b^ r»v viewed by tht Chancerv Court for the first District with rizht of tpneai therefrom to the Supreme Coun. Furh BY owner-1948 dnor HudJion Super S«x in very sood condition. Good iires. radio and tic a 'Cj^_Phone SOS. Family c a i . Excellent 185^ ^pne_^0« STANDARD S P E C I A L S j ' 5 0 Chevrolet 4-door. Power- I Glide, radio, heater. Dark blue $1545 *~ '50 Nash 4-door Ambassador, with overdrive, heater, sun visor. 2-tone green. .$1495 I'50 Ford tudor Custom. Heater/ sun visor. Black finish. One LARGE halt's ol oat*, jitst 400 ]eft Phone 31B2-J -. AT HALF PHICE All Art Ob]ects IMPORTS FROM D E N M A R K JANSENS Hinhway No. 71. juat fiouth ot the West Fork Road TFEE-ripcnod B cTTe S~ peaches. 31.3 miles tast of dalp on highway 68 u m i l on Habbcrlon r o a d . ' J o h n T? llafp' _Sprin«dalr ' . . ---_-Ich~piionT 56:: STEEL clnlhcs line po«l. sTurdTly ; 464. yimco and FOK RKNT--HOSntUANTOIlH I THREE modern apartments, lurnlahrd Garhaje disposal, venlian blinds Good ]orst]0n.v £45.00 lo 16000 monlh. u n l l t l n paid Phone ion Evert! E. Campbrlt. Occupancy 16th D U P L E X BETWEEN Wasnmnon School Catnnui Hut cute otUfl, all on l bin b r a i i t i l u l lot w i t h lovely view All Thii $12,500 A t t r a c t i v e Six Room Home CLOSE m r p n i r n l . near .chno churches, nice m a r k e t and rfn store On a corner lot w i t h bo p a v e m e n t s paid Just $12,000 Home and Income B A R E L Y oil Campus and c i t y bi r o u t e , vhry c o n v e n i e n t to n«w scho system, loo Has 7 rooms, llreplac nardwood lloors. modern bath an shower, lull basement d i v i d e d In rooms, has bath, l a u n d r y tubs ar p n v a t e entrance: Ideal (or r e n t l n to students. J 13,000 Suburban Home CONVENIENT lo .r.d. school ... Campus, hai S bedrooms, moder bat* and k i t c h e n A l l on a spado M'Mins; with native trees and prtt aunset. $7850 BATES-REALTOR Telephones IQC-llrhan Holland 3IM , Lou rloseu and storage. Av.nin«s on all windows Large lot, Irvtl and well landscaped A t t a c h e d gsrage A buy at 114.500. well Imancert WHEELER REALTY CO. REALTOR ^iS. 75r_, . clntlies built, painted. Supply Co. f and September 1. _ . _ WHEELBARROWS-conTractor bcr tir - r u r - l»r«e capacity. Phone 4H. ^ e capac _t_itnco_Supply Co. Ubituary r. j. Nolen Moore Funeral services for Dr. J. Nolen j 1oorc, who died Tuesday, were ondncted yesterday a f t e r n o o n in ; he Walscn M o r t u a r y by the Rev. ! .. ._ ,,,,,,,,,, ohn Asbell. Burial was in Ever- I i" 0 " '."« "rtttni re n r p m c t o v v . ! i"' ''' "' "· m ' m . , Hie novtrnnt or the inal court ana "" 1 ' l u r h " ' - " 1 " am '' " "" owner Plymouth $1395 aiiRie. round, rein, rod Iiiiinedia'e delivery. Phone 464. Flmco Supply 4-door Special S"fT. modern hou.e lIlie"r. sleeps 4 Deluxe. Radio, heater. M.-.- T,° r . "if!!TM? 1 .'.?". 9H" Service sta- roon f i n i s h $] 195 '49 Pontiac 4-door sedan. Ra- CLEAN 3 room furnished duplex p r i - 2 ROOM furnished a p a r t m e n t bills paid. J32M. HO N o r t h Levirett Phone 2331. 1 ROOM f u r n i s h e d a p a r t m e n t n e a r U n i v e r s i t y . P r i v a t e b a t h and entrance, hardwood floors, nice re- fnteralor. plenty of builtlna. Phone Pallbearers were Lloyd Crits, Dr. larry C. Otwcll, Fred S. Raedels, [erman Greathouse, Roy Scott, nd Morris Collier. ideon Morgan Rintr Rogers - (Special) - G i d e o n organ Ritter, 04, retired farmer nd custodian of Springdale City all, died yesterday morning in a ayetteville hospital. A native of owell, he operated a f a r m in file ebron community until six yoars o, when he moved to Springdale. He was a member of the Wesley Methodist Church of Sprinjdale. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Nora Ethel Heagcrty R i t t p r ; one son, Maurice Ritter of Br-ntonvillp; one daughter, Mrs. Neva' May of Springdale; three brothers, H a r l a n Ritter of Healing Springs, and Cliff and Nolan Ritter of Santa Ana, Calif., and one sister, Mrs, Roxie Rife of Bentonyilie. - Funeral arrangements under direction of Burns Funeral Home j ire incomplete. · ' i b " "ritlni rmutst of ' lt5 TM«ntwrs that a mpm- memlKt. o, the Commission should be removed therefrom, proceed when In session, lo hear an» and all evidence pertinent to Ihe reasons lor removal, rhi number or memera whose removal is so requested shall be entitled to be heart) in the mailer and to t* represented before Ihe Sen. ate bv legal Counsel rhese proceed- tn*s conducted bv Uie Senate lhall he nubile and a transcript ol the fesrimonv so heard shall be prepared and preserved in the loiirnal ol the Senate. The takinc ol evidence either orally or br deposition shall not ot hound hv the formal rulti ol evidence. Uoon the conclusion ol th» hearing. Ihe Senile, lltllnt al a body in executive session, mav remove said member or members ol the Commlt- tton bv · majority volt conducted ny secret ballot. SECTTON J. Vacancies-Flllino. Va- canctea on the Commission due to restcnalfons. death ot removal f h i t l be Iflled by appointment ol the fjnv- emor lor the unfsnired term wtthm t h i r t y days from the date ol such vacancy upon f a i l u r e 01 the Governor to till the vacancy w i t h i n thirty davs. Ihe remaining Commissioners shall make Ihe appointment lor the unei- Plred term. SECTION ». Th« Commlsiioo shall ·DPOint » Director of Highways who ahal) navt Fucn duties a* may be prescribed by tht Commission ti By ttatule APPROVED: March SO. 18SI. Secretary o* C. Li HALL dio, heater, new jeat cov- «« $1395 '49 Nash 4-door Ambassador. Radio, heater and overdrive. New tires. Low mileage $ 1 1 9 5 '48 C h e v r o l e t Fleetmaster 4-door. Radio, heater and new tires. Extra nice $1045 '47 Mercury station wagon. Radio, heater. Clean. . . .$895 '51 Ford Pickup. Radio ond heater. 650 tires, miles J1295 '51 Chevrolet Pickup. Deluxe cab. Radio, heater. Dark maroon finish. Like new $1345 MANY OTHERS We B u y - S o i l - T r a d * Do our own Financing S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Center Church Sts. SHOP the ca«y way "lor yiur wcViT- cnd supply of beer, wlnts and 11- tiuors. Drive in. air conditioned (.rcsct-nt Drut Store. Inc., 290 West M o u n t a i n . 8" CRATTsSlAN r.leclric Tland saw Used very little. Call 2355-L-3 a l t e r NKVV SMALL ilv-t- nty directory, half price a n t i q u e Stpit Phone 2248-W. way pia'no HANDWOVEN RUCS-25 of them nt one-half price JANSKNS--Jiui south of the West Fork Road. Hi-way 71 MODERN duplex. 2 bedroom u n f u r n - ished n p a r l m c n t . hardwood floor* tloor furn.-icr. p l e n t y closets, b u l l t ins. Across horn Leveret 1 . School i w i t h i n 1 blocks nf University Call 3ISO-.I 684A Garland. MODERN 4 room house. 3 blocks from University. 1M4-J J25.1III U N F U R N I S H E D 3 Toom~?nd 3 f 4 2 W - 2 ' r ° m """""· P "°"' B R A N D new two bedroom hmise" screen porch, al! modern 1 mile' n n r i h of Un|versMy_l J ho^e 2S73-L-3. ItOOM n e w l y decoraTcd~mod t rn 862 N. OLIVE STREET COMFORTABLE two bedroom bun f i v e or al n,, Th . o o u y 4" G.I. EQUITY _ - . . . . . ^ LOT In realrtcletl res: dentlal area North of U. of A riv line rooms of btauly and durahlllt) onl.v (wo year, old and b u i l t t h, r t \ ,'l wclfl '«'''ns. Gltamln nardwood floors, roomy cloatu, in kil.-hen bullllna. Insuleltd side wall and cellln«s will keep you cool the' M M f'* "i" m l n l m l » your hea y." J". wlnl "- Also, there is si a t t a c h e d (ara« and u t i l i t y room and a number of ahrubberv and p l a n t l n y a . Total price Hl.7SO.ot). E q u i t y approximately Bajsnct In clu.tlni principal. 4". Interest, taxes and Insurance only 15500 ptr month Let ua show you Phone 78] HAMMOND RFAITY en Eve Phone H D Hflttimnnd 13T2 1 Jarvli 15K1W 711 Soulh -ui aicu niontrn . k «- . -. Church. Phone N E A R CAMPUS _ ONE and two room f u r n i s h e d apart" mem. Ground lloor. I'honc 1510-M-3 542-J. *m '!""*" *'l - JI "' ' ""j 2 j'eara old. _Tc[cphori.a -""" *" " T r t r t r t : SA "VE "P~o 'i. 7,000 ; inrliidiiif nails connsctions, 5^ n lu ^ tubinc. fewer pipe, wiring nnd mis- cellaneoiu cIcctriL- supplies. Shcrwin- williamx paints and vnrnishe*. donrn. windows, moldings of all kinds. Mctnl roofing, acplic t a n k , tI«rc!rlci] paint mixture, tuhcatni isidinj. Broadhurst Company FESCUE Mr drKi ; ~3~l7"rTc ! l e a n e d""ROe ja^s^iU' Tipton ' p h '° n e RABBITS-Whitc N f w ZealarTd"~"Ei'- celient breeders, record to *how · IBO hutchct. PhoM'_30Z"i-R or 286S-J. PRACnCALLY new InternitionaMTn- aurn 7 fi. rii.i c . Good as new 2-H int'h hotiom I n l e r n a t i o n a l plow For ·ale at rcducrd price. S*e at W h f l e Iry Service Sl_at_.o_n^Phnm»_i9S7 _ 'NOBILITY Silver?" ATTRACTIVELY furnished .1 apart nem Bills paid. Walkini dli- tance Employed couple. 203 West Spring. NOTICE ANYONE Mr. a plea*** day sale For phone 1770. Mn 4 Nora Sftay , Lincoln-(Spccial)-Mr?. N n r n Seay, 60, died t h i s morning nt her home in Cane Hill. i Wf|T|fr | She is survived by her h u s b a n d , ! I i U I lit-- j J. J. Seay of Cane H i l l ; t w o I YOU get " dauRhters. Mrs. C. H. Undcrson of i Dutch Mills, and Mrs. Clon Reed ' of Cane H i l l : nn? snn Russoll S(*ay of Springdalr; four si^tpr.^, Mrs. Olive Cnrmack nf Van Huron, Mrs. Ethel U l l e m of San Bernardino, | .Calif., Mrs. Clem Clozier of South [ P a s a d e n a , C a l i f , and Mrs. Ora i Kimbrough of Monrovia, Calif.; i inrf 5fv?n grandchildren. i ' Funeral service?; will be held '· ''Saturday afternoon, August 9, at | ' 2 p. m., at Morrowtown. Burial, | under the direction of the Lugin- j buell Funeral Home, will be in the ; Bethesda cemetery, : knowins the present ad- Walter L. French. Sr.. or Mrs W. L. Trtnch, Sr.. nd it to Ibis papei;. for your f u r n i t u r e through our aurtioni. Always i food d e m a n d for good n i - i t n a n d i S E . Lots of jtorage ipaee You tfnd j o u r f u r n i t u r e in a n y t i m e for our Sn truck or information PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phona 666. ^ 208 iNorlh Block BUSINESS OFPORTlfNITy DUE to other interests musl rcni nr lra.ip complete broiler feeding p l a n t JBOfrO capaci,.v. AH e q u i p m e n t . p l e n t y water, n a t u r a l pas. G o o d It rower availahic A v a i l a b l e Sop:em- brr J. This u a money maker dose to town. Lease by month per head ur^ per pound. Address Box 631. Fay- DOG3--CATS--PKT8 three kittens. Phone Hilton Bros. Auction House HELP WANTED--MALE 3020-W-2. aiT'S _ b ." 1 "- '"'^ P'P'i J ROOM modern "house for couple 920 10 2 inch. Copper I _Hc.]|y street. 1'honc 3077-R ,nd mis- UNFunNjsHUD-,, a ^ pfti ,--fT^g hy ni'lli W:iLson. TWO-2 ronm f u r n i s h e d apartinentji and two 3 room i i n f i i r n i i l i R d n p n r t m e n l * One block from U n l v c r j t t y . Phone .1031. FOR aTM^n^VooinrTlMriioor. rlote in. private bath ..i^ e.iLrnce. Fm- _P'g.yeri_pcron. 203 West Spring. NjCfiji_rggrn clou.' in. Phone 1957. UNFURNISHED 4 room ·"pTr'fnTem ·i\, blocks olf square Phone 1438 FUIWTSHED newf ver Call ELIZABETH JANES 9? EVENINGS IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new maftreii and matlreii renovating. Phona 3036 401 WEST FOR SALE OR LEASE 104 ACRES .1 miles Northwest Sprine- dnle 20 acres in corn, balance in pasture 2 houses, srnrir A d a i r y barn f u l l y equipped. 1 mt West on Elm Springs Road. 1 1-4 mi North Rt^3 Sprln,dale. Mrs. Jimmie At- The Courts WOULD YOU Like to represent us in Washington County? This is what you do. ] Answer the requests from peo- 1 pit who want i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t I our Completely new type of Hosp i t a l or Medical Care Insurance. W r i t e t h r i r a p p l i c a t i o n [Municipal Court j Four men fill charged with , , l l l t : ( n ( ., r H p p l j c a u o n l o r | | speeding by city pnhco wore fmr-d H O S P l T A U Z A T I O N - M K D I C A L - jL^ruk"^ or ACCIDENT .nd I I mVH Fred? Ball James D Myers"' HEALT " INSURANCE. j * n d A. H. CarneF. '; *^ n ' s ' 5 w h a t you gel: · In a f i f t h c i t y cas-o -Ine H. Locb rnCT Tft A I l l l k l / ^ j was finod $2 on n charge of r u n - r K t t I K A I N I N b ( n l n g t h r o u g h a red t r a f f i c pi«nal J. D. York, Fayottcvillc. was finod $10 and costs .a total of $if). when he pleaded g u i l t y to ·, - - - -- » charpcs of a s p a u l t and b a t t e r y and s n l a r i p " positions as supervi5ors dl!,turbin^ the pcarr. Ho was art n e n lo s t «*c managers. rested by Sheriff Brut-o Cnclor and Chief Deputy Sheriff Louis i Downing. : TWO collie puppies irce. Phone 4-F-ll Wtai fork. AKC reeiitcred Cocker Spaniel pup- ^^ej^^nv Bob Stuut. Phone J6S6. rouLTir utilities ·j decorated ip/irT- f u r n U h c d . Phonr mrnt. __i^nM UNFURNISHED a p a r t m e n t , one-hiif ·M« Ck ° f L ' n f v e r s i ) y c^nipus Phone FURNISHED four room ap.irtmentj, 2»5^W. u n f u r n l ' h e d -- U r j ( f irtment... Red Bud l whit ham. Phone IT'S cooler ·ccnery jj apartments »re nice. wonderful. You'll hke n e r u . o u h e Rockwood Apartments. Phone 2»5J FUHNJSHED atpariment, 305 N o r t h Church Phone .1i32W after Str Str on t. Three bcdroonu. pirt"lw7' ...^..i plui two Itrfe tecond fiooi roomj t h a t cm be renled to J»5 i, Th i"J 3 " we " bulu h --- "*tvin and .* C * r * Owner " l RltfER H AGENCY CAMPUS SPICLAir from er only ' " w · t ""'l i El«h| room house suitable lor larit f a m i l y or home and Income. N e w l y 'Irc-oralod. bMcnunl, double aiaraie nimediale poaacaaion. W« have h«) WHEELER REALTY' oT ^f~5!JiL. *lr __Phont_ IM m n nt i 10 , 1 ' 1 Oo " 1 income,"for"jood niie club, tourist courl. »n»r»«..«. setup. Okl. rite ' ''"'"'« with broll.r Bo, 305. Watonln. BY i «!· ;ner--rour room moi led In porch. One e TM.*. c . n ° o1 ' ouUldt "TMJ A"TM" ".'""·: .n"«trn. utility SKItVICES OFFMED CAnpENTtK'and_ repalr~1477-W. F lS ITM*"" hsnl " "'" P"l"nierT phone SUN-TILT Venetian bllndi and aluminum window screens anc 1 awnlnis free caMmatM Gabe Cot-per. 4*1 Siulh Lrrusl Phonr 1016 FOR RENT--OR.LKAgE__ FARM w i t h;ooO broiler spare L ' wilhln community distance of F«y- c t t e v i l l e Wm. Landrum, R o u t e 1. j BRObbER hoTisei^ 10.000 capaclfy. __-_TM_.f'"-' J D'CCIHG rfX)TINGS-w a I e r, ( as and sawar ditches, septic tank holes Dl and back fllllnt oil 2MI. LAWN mowing. Phont fsiOJ alt"er ~4 P equipped. A d j o i n ' c l t y ' l i i ts. J'hone WANT TO RENT SUPERIOH BROILER CHICKS CtiaT- ley Dealey. The Rarn. Highway 71 ^Soim^Phoneiaij ° FOK SALE--HOME NERDS DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS Lamps and Occasional F u r n i t u r e . Custom-made Slipcovers and Draperies n Spccialtv BARRETT QUALITY SHOP 522 West Dickson 2 HEUnOOM houmr unfurnished VT- ""S'M 4°' Veu ' rani Hospital. Call 3 OR 4 hodroom unfurnished houst ·vilh garat,-. Prek-r Washington or Jefferson School district. C a l l SpHiiSdale.43B4. collect. mckV" 14' STAIRWAYS [17.-io. Set of r o i i u w d y lii.urs-hytiirps _2. r . on i'J72-W. for J GAS range. SIM 95: Raj; rnnfir~5:;y";jl: a p n r t m r n t g«s range. 51(4 9.V high oven gas range. 55.00. table t n n «.w ranie. SJ4 K. H o t p o i n i i-lccTir raime. S21 9. 1 .. nil ranEr. s.::. fw. i ic- : SS.H was rnrh t n $19.50 cninmis.Mon on a p p l i c a l i o n -- \a'' r b o n u s every t h r e e m m u h s -- p i o m o t i n n lo FOR RENT-- MISCR'.LANEOUS . NICELY furnished 3 room a p a r t m r n I on North College. Strictly private ! hills paid. Phone 1RS7-M. j RENT" or ieas~9~n~o,rthi7~7~r"ooir . f u r n i s h e d hotuse. newly decorated L n n be uo«:r1 as two a p a r t n i c n t i I _..l'lione_:_Ca-M. . NICE 3 room apartmentr~unfufr7ish~ed , | _Phnne_2710-L-l. ' MODERN~ho~usc~75Tilh of Green lind ' _on ;i._,Mrs. JW. ^Barke-2 BEDROOM "nousr.~modcrn~7Sr3ie ! a i l a r h i d . Be vacant A u u u s t l 1 . Call i OKKfcE rooms foT"reTiL~Sce TfX i r ----^·^^- ^ ^H i BERRY J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, Weil Fork EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING Land ilearinR--savins; your topsoil. Heavy duty discing. Brush rake-- ponds. H. H. JONES, Conductor M7 K Lafayette. P.ox i n University station Phont I486 gm.._One acre _Cajj"";i» i modern, fin . garden sp LSS,.'-«»?··· ' IN No and I iwest Arkanaaa, new home lintss, or home only Would" ..«c .uod 25 (t. or laritr trailer on '^Tlmea *"" "°" L '"' iorahN "s room "house, hardwood tools, nice shade and l a w n 2'- me It ONLY $I5~OOOW) i BEAUTirUI. S U B U R B A N 3 lovely I bedrooms ! b.ths. lirri aininf · room w l l h p i c t u r e w i n d o w l i v i n g ; room lixz:'. m t e h f n and breakfast I area, wllh ample cabinet ipace T Basement w i t h u t i l i t y room snd fa. ' rsge. N a t u r a l c«s deep well w i t h lood pressure j s t e m All this snd us acrel located o n l y 400 yards olf paved hlthway Just 31 imlu from r s y e l t f v l l l c This is a r r « l buy and tha owner w i l l f i n s n c r Shown by a p p o i n t m e n t only HOLDER REALTY CO. [01 N. CollAi*! phone 1039 Cvr O. H. Ctn.llle P h n n . 1»T. W A N T E D :. EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS WE hav* buytr., for w«il Ioe«l«4 two and three bedroom horn**. W« h*v» an ouutandlrtf record for tht ial* of homu luterl teluilv«ly with ui Our many yean of t«p*rHne« and our factiuiei for financing qualify ui in five you ccmp«t«nt adviei and Mrvfre Pl*»t« calt ua If you want lo Mil your property, Ulley Company, Inc. UALTOR9 I.EMDEKS IWgUHOM Cull H I, UIKy. 2H1 H n ieT J. J Pyeall 23113. H. Mil FARMS AND RANCHES ton Northwwt ArkaniM' b*«t lei ur~ *how you our choice *roup of iUt- Ings coverlof all ilz« famta intj IJTLEY COMPANY, INC. ^ REAI.TOKS LINDEHi INIUBOIU ·· Call J 3 Pyeatt Z203. FtM m II. I. Utley 12m. Rea 1107 Open For Your Inspection Wt win hold onen home from 2 u n t i l 5 Sunday alternooo August 10. at *acn ol the lollowlng plnrej II you are interested In purchasing prop, e r t y do not f a i l to meet onn of our representatives and dlactiss not only the following properties but tht many lutings which we have. 622 Douglas 1 BEDROOMS, floor furnact. hardwood floors. Venetian blinds, screened in back porch, haseinen! garaie large lot. Immediate possession Generous terms. 920 Vondeventer NEW Adams addition--3 bedroom hardwood Iloora. a u t o m a t i c floor lur- nact. a t t l e fan. lot 70x150 A btautl- ful home, well financed small dow- paymtnt. Suburban * ACRES. 3 btdroom home h a r d- »opd floora, fireplace, plaslertd "alls. Urge l i v i n g room garagt srolltr capacity, two olner small lullrflngs. on blacktop I mile, eait on Highway 14 Well f i n a n c e d W i l l oonslnVr trade. T. cordially i n v l t t you to Inspect hes« nropiTlles and discuss the dt- talla w i t h ua. The Broidhunl Co. ·11 N Coll«e Phone HIT | AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A Btttn PUc* ta l« r "ttotpoint II H. Block DEALER Pk. It* 200 Y*on of Strvla 20,000,000 ' Policyholdtn 20% Savlngi MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Sovingi for preferred lUb* Cft the Fact* The Ritter Agency KM! btaw BUY A GOOD USED CAR I AND SAVE « 951 Buick Special 4 door, has only 11,230 actual miles. 950 Buick Super 4 door, has 13,483 actual miles." 1950 Buick Special 4 door. 31,000 miles, clean in every way. 950 Buick Special 2 door, you will like this one. 949 Buick Super 2 door, low mileage and a nice one. '948 Pontiac 2 door, "repl slick:" - ,,*., = All the above cars have radio and heater " and Automatic Transmission. 939 Oldsmobile 2 door . $150.00 ' Remember no reasonable offer is ever refused. HATLEY BUICK CO. 0 E. Mountain St. Phone 213 A r k ' ' , Twln- WANTED ' LISTINGS on .1 bedroom homu. WILSON REALTY Phone ZM.1 H nOOMs'*ci.TMp l lfl"?~'/Sh l ad 10 at-commodate ZK atudenu, and' ·!- i f a d y leased for tht comlni school year at ,25000 r»r month plus other revenue. This home haa been com- Plt:ely renovaled In the last 3 years inr"! H U ,'",. *«" 11 "" «hap«. New forced air heatinf ayal.m. wialher "·ripped and insulated. loU of clnatt ami storage Ipace. f u r n i t u r a practically new, Includlnf Inneraprlni mnttresses. Located only I block from the Unlverally on Clark Ave Out of (own own«r aaya SELL Zasl- ly financed, with «ood terms. Shown by appointment only. Call A U C T I O N R E A L E S T A T E o n y . all HOLDER REALTY CO. 7 11 N. "BULLDOZING EXCAVATING College H Gam ble Phone ln.19 Phone 1(75 metal ice boxes from S.1 On up i... . SMV'"* 1 ""' $ 2 4 M ' C l c c l n c »»«""·.' gjr, Oklahoma 1:ie t S u p p l y ' la Phone I f i l ; If , Roodl, Pond», Clearing GA ,?l G A,"P.'r.', mrn '' 321 w -" Center : OlIN K A R N E S - Ell IS WILSON 3162W 2619J rncy lor s t u d e n t WHAT YOU MUST BE HONEST-AMB1TIOUSJiO.N'DABLf: Oromyko M«l» Qu«n Ovcr -' a »ri l i a v " «r London - I/T) - Top-hailed A n - : This is where .vnu gel f u r t h e r drei Gromyko, Communist R u s - . i n f o r m a t i o n -- w r i t e a b o u t yourself sia's new ambassador lo Britnin . t o G- N- A L L S O P--Supervisor rode in a gilded royal coach to , Pyramid Life of Kansas, 406 D;ip- jBi-TkinRham Palace Thursday and ;' t l s l Medical Arts Bldg., Little presented his credentials to Queen · -!"-^.ArJj" s '-''-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-...... (Elizabeth II. ForeiRii Secretary; HKIr WANTW)--FKMALB Kden introduced Gromyko to t h e , -Wine queen. The R u s i i a n envoy **S" AVF ^?|,^. rpM ^;" 1 , 1 , vrr «- G r pent 20 m i n u t e s nl the palaro. · - · ' CABH MtD DEAD AMHAL5 C«0wl till . r u . v r . r pnn hmr. N t r d c d In K n v c l l c v : J | find i n r o m m u n i t i r * in South W««h- in«ton Counly W r i l r Mm O*rner. __Box_4^t.__Forj^_Sm]lJi WAlTRrSS, H t f l l n C«(c, SouTh""School Street. GlSiTlftr rlMnlnt Apply" $Jn.£"c.?,T- fff Shop, corner Rrtionj «nd Moun..'*^_. _ VOUNO l»dy for ult^vork iiort. P r f f ^ r t n c f f i v » n ;o r«n AA.«ljii in o f f i t f l work A p p l y ir j own hinriwriimi. j u n n f ·«* *nrt j n i » i l i r i r « l l o n f . P O. Box Mi F«y. I f t i f v i l l * , Ark. 35-Piece DINNER SET GOLD DECORATFD Made by SAIEM $13.50 Older items ovoilable in open slock JLEWJS JROSJO, lnc._ NKWLY tipholttert'd ctfa nnd Chair. A hnntnln «t $39_Cnl1 ^ftM Y t:il fl 'fprriKrrnlnrr'K'i'oit Sell or irartt for km.illcr r I room e f f i lall icrm ;5».. C; l o r " r e n t on ' mtm" ilrfft _Mx3'l Hoy_o .Fidlrr. P r a i r i e Grove f-rm LtASK. laVge'hniiW in "exVellfnt __husjnes5_]qi;a!lon J'hoi.c 24BO-J nmN'I.SIIKrj four-ro"om apHr:ni,. n !"jii.t: fi!f_L'nivers^ty campus, phone 2.1L4-.I P I I R N I M J E U 3-rnnm ' a i i a r t r n e n t r v e i looking U n i v e r s i t y campiu. Pnor.r Sil.VKn.M'AN"ApT"ll"8o"NuVth"colfpie 2 h e d r o n m . I ' , h a t h C ""d haseni:nt f n r n a i ' t heat "rrler a d u l t , no peu i i S O O per month. Mrs Silvcrnun _30B N o r t h W l l l n w ^ p h o n e Ol.S SI.KKPING roorns7~jirn ; ate e n f r a n r r . n r w hathroom. .11! West M o u n t a i n a l a r ft.. 'if) 3 ROOMS u n f u r n i s h e d . u[ut.iirs~ niotl- _ f ' r 'i _Clty_biis G r r r n l a n d Phone 569 Ar'ARTMr,NT""furntihed."~ai«o" large hou.irkceplni room. Hills paid. n;ar ____ ETCAVATTN"6 B U L L D O Z I N G Grovel, Fill Dirl, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N __fhon»_249_ ""MATTRETS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Mattresses nmit Into Guaranteid Innersprmga FOR SALE OK Huhway 45 rasl in.lde r l l y Mmlls. 8 acres w n h Ian, modtrn l"lj,,c. all r l i y cnnvfnlencas f » c f p l scwrr. p l r n l y of shad* Larf* snnnit In hack yard This would make a v f r y nlrt sub dlvisjon and have i"niy of l a n d l e f l for present home. «nii!rt ronsHer n're s m a l l home m "fell REALTY Co! l _-?! Call I.ADOr. rtlnlnj room sTi'itr- riintii 910-J-l nuotf HkiiST off hcii'rr-' ia~HiiSn l a n k , copntr plpinf anrt a u t d m a t l c ronlrol JMni) fhr,n. J4« I ' , arrrs. ( n__ Cill_ : ·li your hnii5rhilti"fl Fiillar Brush dealer. iihit'il'; in rxrilfrnt ' --'·" ' "" :,rrr^ 1 l'hfn r i m N I S M K I l ' a p a r l n i e v.-tte halh U n i v e r s i t _ .'i'i7-M.4 a f t r r ft NKWI.Y" decorate'd ?~ro~o"m use In .Ifderaon School Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 120 South Kill 1L " QU ICk~SKRVtCE wairhM, clorki, ipfcticU rrpilrint RI/S WAI ON Jewelry a ,,d odfrn i s i r i c t nrtji." ri'fl f.vf .vrnir w«n:* prnmp' nnd mnr- ICi? * l t r n t m n nnn M U M . P h n n n 2-iii-R i; DO'i on. ,s'M r i i i i f r Pru*h rtp*lrr on vaniimn. n - 2 to il-ifl APAnT.VJKNT for'~rrnt. p'lionr id^T-M ! ndo.M f u r n i i h f d «p»rtrn«nt." p n v n t c , h*ih AUfi hcrlrrtrmn in p f i v n t * h^m^ \ re- I ' u r r a Collije. Call f l e c f r l e " u t i l i t i r s i»i« 1141 2040-R liter J 30 p uri.h . B A R I - S WATCH SHOP vJLq^Pjf'i-'^r'« Cl»nnfn. is E C«-nttr CSTJTK ,, . . . « . . , , . thrirf h.*(lrooni rVnph lypc h n m f t hy h u i i d f r )ym hinck ft" G a r l » n r i A M j t c h f d (uraitfji. trn- W A N ! « crtol plif.-r~onTM»rr'nic Mfjl?". p n f t v * h ' N f » r i y f u l l y mnfjcrn I.'-- p r i f p nwni* kdvini P h o n t Block Evenings I.e SI Phon* 13 \V n ("row M20-W-J Biker [Ml-R Who's Who For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory The following described residence ·" for sale at Auction Friday Evening, August 8 7:30 P. M. on the premises, rain or shine | A good duplex, frame coniiruclioo, 2 complstt bolhi, oflocrwd-.' , garags), corner lot, nice shade Ireei, only four years old and'in'-' BBAIiTT SHOPS COLVA jBT^iS uWsHoF 204 w M«dow_phont xm .»L»ch|n«iM. MM. COM »a»e «.oe BCAOTY IHUT MUA»LI WOttl CHII.n CAKR CABt for rhHdrtn In my K2| L«v«r«tt. tt] Komi Mn. iiM I H U (MMMMIH, awglol is Vlvlkn Grttn. .. _Phon, 7M.J. an f, Cnmiien Unlrenllj H i. Will furnijh o good horn* ond olhtr __. will pay for house. Located at 926-928 Weil Stone Street. F villt, Ark. Acrosi from New High School. Will Positively be sold, subject to owners approval : NO BUY BIDDERS TERMS: Mortgage of $5200.00 con be assumed by purchaser. 10'" down, 30 days to pay balance of equity. The Broadhurst Company North College, Phone 2487 Sponsors : See or call us for additional information ^ and pre-sole bids. COL. GLYNN E. WRIGHT, Auctionwr Chas. Womble and Vaughn Pickird,

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